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Mark's Friggin' Night of Comedy With Yucko the Clown, Reverend Bob Levy And Others - Sunday, May 25th, 2003

Yes, I went to yet another comedy show. I had to see this one because Yucko the Clown ( was appearing with Reverend Bob Levy ( For those who remember, they were the two finalists in the ''World's Meanest Listener Contest'' on the Stern show. Bob ended up winning but Yucko was a close second... ''Number 2'' as Levy likes to call him. I hadn't seen Yucko since a show in November 2002 so I was looking forward to seeing him again.

Since the comedy show was at The Millennium Comedy Club ( down in Clementon, New Jersey, almost 2 hours from home, we decided to go down to Atlantic City for the day since it was kind of down that way. Not really, but it was only another hour from there to the comedy club. My girlfriend and I spent the day at Caesar's Casino and then headed up to the show later in the afternoon after losing a few bucks at the casino.

We got to the Comedy Club, which is actually a banquet room in the basement of The New Century Diner, and went in. Greg, the guy who runs the show, told us that Bob and Yucko were up in the diner eating so we went up there to bug them. Bob and Yucko (without make-up) were there eating with comedian Geno Bisconte and Paul Dell'Angelo. Yucko's lovely girlfriend was there as well. That's right, Yucko's girlfriend. Yucko later told me I could call her Susie the Clown. Anyway, after getting over the shock that Yucko had a really cute girlfriend, we sat there with the guys while they ate and traded one liners with each other. When they were done eating we headed down to the comedy club so the guys could start drinking.

As we were all sitting around bullshitting, I noticed that there was one comedian after another coming in and talking to Bob. It turns out there was a total of nine comedians going up that night! Nine! Here's the lineup: Geno Bisconte, Joe Kearny, Steve Hombolt, Joe (from the Millennium), Paul Dell'Angelo, Mike Rainey, Eric Todd, Yucko the Clown and Reverend Bob Levy... Whew! That's a lot of comedians. The room was filling up pretty well for a Sunday night before Memorial Day. Shortly after 8 o'clock they started the show.

Geno Bisconte was great as the host of the evening. He did some really funny stuff and helped move the show alone. Most of the comedians were great as well. There was only one bomb for the night but his time on stage wasn't long. All of the other guys were really good though. One of the highlights of the group, other than Bob and Yucko, was Mike Rainey. That guy was friggin funny. The other guys were good too but that guy just had some great stuff in his act. Disturbing stuff but funny. It was even funnier because he was talking about his homosexual thoughts and other strange stuff while his parents were sitting in the audience. Eric Todd was also much funnier than the last time I saw him in a tiny little club at a Ramada Inn back in July 2002. He had about 10 minutes on stage and downed two bottles of beer while he was doing his act. Geno Bisconte pointed that out when he went up after Eric was done.

After all of those guys were done, it was time for Yucko, the anti-Semitic, racist, angry, drunken clown. He went up and killed with his clowny act. It's definitely not a clown to have to a kids party though. He plays with giant inflatable penises and dildos and goofs on people in the crowd. He got the crowd laughing pretty friggin hard. He and Bob Levy make a great pair for a show.

During the show Yucko's girlfriend... geez, that still sounds weird... was telling me how much she enjoys the web site. She said she's actually able to read about what Yucko did on Howard's show before he even has the chance to call her to tell her about it. She was a very nice person and I never got the chance to say goodbye to her that night. She may have been packing up Yucko's filthy clown suit or something like that when we were leaving. Anyway, here's what else went on...

When Yucko was done it was time for Levy to do his thing. As usual, he killed and had the crowd dying with laughter. He was doing shots with some people sitting up front in the center of the room. He gave one really hot chick a couple of free shots just because she was so friggin hot. He told us earlier in the evening he wasn't sure if he was going to do his infamous ''eating heiney'' bit but he did end up doing it with Yucko and this kid Joe who works at the club. The woman had no idea what she was in for when her friends volunteered her for the job. When Bob told her she had to pull her pants down in the back about half way, she had a horrified look on her face. Yucko, who was holding his giant, inflatable penis, told the girl they had to come down just a little bit so they could get the dressing, and their tongues, down the crack of her ass. She agreed to do it and let all three of them get their licks in. First Bob, then Yucko and then young Joe. All three had blue cheese dressing on their faces when they came up from the volunteer's rear.

After the show my girlfriend and I hung around and ended up getting even more of a show. The crowd thinned out a bit and Bob and the guys sat down to goof on each other a little more. Then Bob asked everyone if they wanted to see this retarded magician do some tricks for us. We then had a 15 minute show from this guy. He did some really cool card tricks and other illusions that freaked some people out. One card trick was really creepy because the guy revealed the card Geno Bisconte had picked by steaming up a mirror out in the entry hall of the club. You had to see it...

After the retarded magician's show everyone was just hanging out bullshitting. There's this cool old dude, John, who works at the club who clears tables and stuff like that. He's this really skinny guy who's missing a few teeth... in other words, he's an easy target for Levy. It was all in good fun of course but the guy was drinking a bit and started rambling some stuff that just wasn't making much sense. He was also making some odd noises. Yucko had come back after removing his makeup and started to show off some of his other talents. He does some great impressions and picked up on John's toothless way of talking. He did a couple of impressions of him that had me almost pissing my pants. John took it all very well and didn't seem to mind the goofing around. He was such an easy target that even I was able to get in a joke that went over pretty well. They were joking about Bob getting oral from John and someone asked Bob if John ''spits or swallows.'' Since he's toothless, I just threw out a quick ''He dribbles.'' That went over pretty well and got a few laughs from the small group that was there. I had a couple of other jokes about him but I didn't want to offend him or say anything that was any dumber than that. I figured I'd quit while I was ahead.

My girlfriend and I had a long trip ahead of us after that so we headed out around 11:30. Everyone seemed to have a great time at the show. I know I did as I always do at these shows. As I said earlier, Yucko and Bob make for a great show. If you see that these two ''World's Meanest Listnener'' finalists are appearing anywhere near you, get your ass out to see them. Check out Reverend Bob Levy's web site,, to see where they'll be appearing.

Here are a few links to some of the comedian's respective web sites:

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