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Mark's Friggin' Comedy Blast With Rev. Bob Levy And Jim Florentine - July 3, 2002

Is it possible to become addicted to laughter? After going to see the Stuttering John comedy show in Atlantic City and the Murderers Row XXX comedy show a few weeks later, I still wanted more. Reverend Bob Levy was friggin hilarious in the Murderers Row XXX show so I checked his site ( for some of his upcoming dates. I saw that he and Jim Florentine (Terrorizing Telemarketers) were appearing at a Ramada Inn not too far from where I live. I figured it would be a small venue again just like the Stone Tavern Brewery was for the Murderers Row show. It was put together by Comedy Blast which does a lot of smaller venues around the area.

My girlfriend wasn't around so I got my Brother-in-law and a couple of his buddies, Tom and Brian, to go to the show. On the way to the show we popped in Jim Florentine's Terrorizing Telemarketers Vol. 2 CD and laughed our asses off as Jim goofed on telemarketers. The calls are funny even after hearing them a few times.

Once we got to the Ramada Inn in Whitheall, PA we headed toward the small bar/club where the comedy show was. Rev. Bob was in the entrance so I introduced everyone to him. Bob seems to be on all the time so he started goofing on everyone within a minute. He hung out with us for a few minutes and then got us into the show.

There were about 55 people in the club and the stage was about 3 square feet with a chair taking up about half of it. It seemed like half the seats in the place were front row.

Rev. Bob told us that he had this guy Eric Todd (I think... Bob said it was short for retard so I don't know if he was kidding or not) opening up the show for them. He said that the guy will be big some day and he has some great material. Eric opened the show and did a few minutes of his stuff. He did have some funny stuff but he seemed to get stuck a couple of times. A little more practice and he'll be good though.

Jim Florentine was up after Eric did his thing. Jim was great just like he was down in Atlantic City. There were a couple of people in the audience that were making their own jokes and actually got some laughs during Jim's act. He said this one guy actually got more laughs than he did. Jim also noticed that there was someone taking notes during the show. He was an older guy who works for The Morning Call newspaper. Jim joked around with the guy, whose name is Len Righi, and said that it should make for an interesting article. He had been doing jokes about hating old people and kids which he figures will end up in the article.

When Jim was done Eric came back up and did a couple more minutes before giving Bob Levy a lame intro. Bob let him know just how bad it was saying something like ''Thanks for the great f'ing intro!'' Bob then got on the tiny stage and had everyone laughing hysterically within seconds. Bob takes over the room and just cracks everyone up. He picks on people in the audience and makes fun of them in a fun way of course. He's amazingly quick with jokes too. Someone will walk past him to go to the bathroom or something and he'll make jokes that would take others days to come up with. He'll point out their bad hair or joke about their weight cracking everyone up.

The waiters in the club were both male so Bob was kind of upset that there weren't any hot waitresses to look at. He made some jokes about the waiters being gay every time they'd walk past him. He also did some stuff about the reporter from the Morning Call who was still taking notes. Bob told him not to even bother with that part of his act because he'd need all of his paper to write about the end of his act. That's where he ends up licking something out of some woman's ass. Bob also noticed the reporter's photographer, Kedron, who had a huge camera with her. He threatened to take out his penis so she could take a shot of that. She told him to go right ahead so she seemed pretty cool. Of course he didn't do that but the threat was there.

Sitting behind the reporter and the photographer was an Egyptian guy and his black girlfriend. Bob spent a bit of time talking to them and joking about how we should check the Egyptian guy's shoes... or make him wear slippers so he can't blow us up. He had everyone dying with that stuff of course.

At one point, in the middle of the show, I had to take a leak so bad that I thought I was going to piss my pants. I was laughing so hard that it hurt. I didn't want to get up in the middle of the show and draw attention to myself or have Bob think I wasn't enjoying it. I sat there waiting for a moment when Bob wouldn't see me. That wasn't so easy since I was about six feet away from the stage right in front of him. Finally a woman walking to the bathroom drew his attention away from my general area. She joked that she was going to the bathroom to masturbate. Bob made some joke about jerking off right as I was getting up to run to the bathroom myself. He saw me out of the corner of his eye and made a comment about me leaving. As I headed for the door Jim Florentine was standing there. I shook hands with him but I was so distracted by my ready-to-explode bladder that all I could say was ''Dude, where's the bathroom? I gotta take a piss.''

I took the longest piss I've ever taken. It was like I was hooked directly up to a friggin' faucet. I rushed back in and tried to sneak back to my seat but Bob asked me where I'd gone anyway. I told him I had to take a ''wicked piss'' which he needed a definition for. I quickly explained it and he got back to his stuff since I was dragging down the fun like a lead weight tied to a helium balloon.

Bob was ready to wrap up his show so he asked for someone to volunteer to get something licked out of their ass. There was a woman who was willing to have it done but Bob said he'd already done her at another show. The woman then volunteered her mother who claimed to be in her ''40's.'' Must have been very late 40's though. The mother was a little reluctant to get up on stage but she did end up doing it. Bob asked the audience what he should pour down her ass crack to lick out. My brother-in-law's friend Brian yelled out ''Tabasco sauce!'' so that's what they ended up giving him. Bob looked like he wasn't sure if he wanted to do it or not... but once the woman pulled down her pants enough, he went right ahead and shook the bottle of Tabasco down her crack. Then he shoved his face down there and came up with a face full of Tabasco sauce. He looked like a demented clown with the red Tabasco sauce surrounding his mouth. I thought it looked like he was going to vomit after doing that but he said it was just the burning sensation that made him make the face.

After the show we hung out in the bar for a few minutes and then went out to talk to Bob and Jim out in the lobby. I met a guy who visits this site who was sitting right near me at the show. A short time later the cute photographer, Kedron, came up to me and asked if I wanted some pictures for the site. Of course I would! She gave me her card and will hook me up with a couple in the near future. I'll post them here as soon as I get them.

We ended up staying for a couple of hours just bullshitting with Bob and Jim. They have a lot of interesting stories to tell. Bob told me stories that I shouldn't repeat here. Well, maybe I can. Bob said many years ago he and Jim would pick up chicks and to get them in bed quicker they'd break all of the chairs in their hotel room and throw them out on their balcony. That made it impossible for the girls to sit anywhere but on the bed. That way they were halfway there already. They shared a few other stories about stuff they did while working together on the road. It was funny shit. Jim also had some interesting behind the scenes stories about some of the guys on the Stern show.

The guys and I left around midnight and headed home. We continued to laugh our asses off while listening to the rest of Jim's ''Terrorizing Telemarketers Vol. 2'' CD in the car. Can't wait for the third one to come out sometime in the next few weeks. He's got some great calls on those CDs.

You can read Reporter Len Righi's article ''Tasteless comics mine laughs at Ramada'' at

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