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Mark's Friggin' Night of Comedy with The Murderers Row - June 20, 2002 (Alternate title: Damn! Anne Marie is Hot!)

When I was down in Atlantic City to see Stuttering John's comedy show (May 31, 2002) I was lucky enough to meet the great Jim Florentine ( who does those great ''Terrorizing Telemarketers'' phony phone call CDs. Jim, a fan of the site, told me that he was going to be appearing in a comedy show with KC Armstrong in a place called the Stone Tavern Brewery near my home in New Jersey. He invited me and my girlfriend to the show to see them do their comedy routines.

The group of comedians, known as The Murderers Row, do mostly XXX rated material. Howard has talked about KC's disturbing child molesting material on the show a few times. Although a bit disturbing to most people, I knew that I could take it. Some people I know would have walked right out if they heard stuff like that so I had to be careful about who I brought with me. I ended up bringing my girlfriend, my sister and my brother-in-law to the show.

The Stone Tavern Brewery has a relatively small room where they held the comedy show. There were maybe 50-60 people in the room. I guess you could call it an ''intimate setting.'' As soon as we were seated we heard one guy, sitting at a table of 10 or so, blurting out comments at the top of his lungs. Some of it was actually amusing for the first few times. The problem was he never shut up. Apparently he's a regular at the Stone Tavern Brewery so no one bothered to shut him up. We'll call him ''Big Mouth'' from now on.

We had a little time to kill so we ordered dinner and sat around for a little while. I scanned the room a bit and saw three really hot women sitting behind us. I didn't recognize her at first but it was the beautiful Anne Marie from the Stern show and her two hot friends.

The show started out with Jimmy ''Big Daddy'' Graham as the host. He introduced the comedians and tried to deal with Big Mouth the best he could. Jimmy, a pretty heavy guy, had some funny material but the Big Mouth kept yelling out stuff kind of throwing him off course once in a while. The other comedians in The Murderers Row included Scott Demo, Sean Sexton, KC Armstrong, Jim Florentine and Rev. Bob Levy ( Scott Demo was funny but Sean Sexton's stuff was really disturbing. There was a few rape references and strange stuff in his act. There were some funny moments but I could tell that my sister and brother-in-law were disturbed by his act. He had me laughing though. He had a little trouble with Big Mouth heckling and yelling out crap during his act and ended up breaking the microphone when he slammed it on the stage at the end of his act.

KC Armstrong went up and did his thing. He does a lot of child molestation and killing humor in his act. It was actually funnier than I thought it would be. He does his famous ''YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!?'' bit where the whole crowd responds ''WHAT DO YOU HATE!?'' and he says something like ''I hate it when I'm having sex and the crib breaks!'' KC managed to work with Big Mouth pretty well. They both have a similar delivery as far as the yelling thing goes.

Jim Florentine was a little thrown off by Big Mouth's yelling. He kept trying to get into what he wanted to talk about and Big Mouth would just yell something out throwing Jim off course. Then Jim gives a plug and the crowd kind of goes silent. Some of the audience knew the site but seemed thrown off by the mention. Jim mentioned me a few times and apologized for the dirty show we'd come to see. No apology necessary, it was funny. The whole crowd went crazy when Jim did his Special Ed (''I've got mail, I've got mail...Yay!'') retarded character that's been featured on Comedy Central's ''Crank Yankers'' and on his ''Terrorizing Telemarketers'' CDs. He said whenever a joke fails all he has to do is do his ''Yay!'' and everything is okay.

After Jim pointed me out in the crowd and got off stage KC came up from behind me and said ''hello'' and complimented the site. I had to introduce him to my sister because she thinks ''He's hot!'' and had to meet him. He had to take off so I didn't get to talk to him for long. Meanwhile Jimmy Graham was doing a little more of his stuff before he introduced headliner Rev. Bob Levy.

Reverend Bob Levy was the final performer of the evening. He was friggin' great! He's appeared on the Stern show a couple of times but never really let loose like he does on stage. He had people laughing hysterically as he picked people out of the crowd and goofed on them. He also dealt with Big Mouth very well. The crowd cheered after he gave Big Mouth a tongue lashing with some quick comebacks for his dopey comments.

Levy kept mentioning Anne Marie during his act. That's when I finally figured out that it was the Anne Marie from the Stern show that he was talking to. He was telling her how hot she was and how hot her friends were. He said he wants to make her his third wife.

Levy was also asking some of the women in the audience if they had ever had their asses licked by a guy. When he asked the women if they would let him lick them after the show I figured he was just joking around. Little did I know he was serious.

Levy also picked me out of the crowd and told everyone how great the site was. He even quoted something I'd written about him when he appeared on the show back in April. Back then KC told Howard about Levy's ass licking but they couldn't describe it like that so I got the impression that he was eating their doody or something like that so I wrote ''This one guy Bob Levy apparently eats a woman's doody or something like that at the end of his act.'' Bob thought that was pretty funny and mentioned it quickly in the show.

As Bob was ending his time on stage he asked the two women in the crowd he'd been talking to about the ass licking if they were going to come up and do it. One woman didn't want to but an Asian chick agreed to do it. Bob said he was going to lick some salad dressing out of her ass but he couldn't get anyone to bring it up to him. He grabbed a bottle of A-1 Steak sauce, poured it down her ass crack and licked it right out of there as the crowd went crazy.

When the show was over Anne Marie came over and introduced herself to me. She complimented my work and told me to keep it up. She said that she's impressed with the detail of the site. She used to log the show and apparently told Jim Florentine that she was jealous of the amount of detail I get into compared with what she used to do logging the show.

We ended up sticking around to talk to Jim Florentine for a few minutes. A couple of guys in the crowd came up to tell me how much they enjoy the site. I realized how many people rely on the site to keep up with the show. Even Jim said he used to read it when he couldn't listen to the show.

Reverend Bob Levy walked by as he was going to the bathroom and said hello. He spent a short time goofing around and joking with us before he ran off to go ''take a shit.'' My group had to get home to get some rest so we said goodbye to Jim and headed out. I ran into Bob again on my way out so we spent a little more time talking before I had to leave.

If you get the chance, go see one of The Murderers Row comedy shows... if you can take some bad rape and child molesting jokes (they're just jokes!).

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