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-- Friday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Comedian Godfrey Sits In. 07/31/15. 11:00am
    Jon Hein started today's show introducing comedian Godfrey as his c-host today. Jon said he went to a taping for the Cosby show years ago and Godfrey was the warm up guy. This was when he was on CBS and not the NBC show. Godfrey said that he had only been doing comedy for about 3 years when he got that job. He said he was getting like $1,500-1,800 a week to do that. He said Cosby was right there and he was cool too. He said Cosby is a cool ass dude. He said he's got an arrogance but not a bad one. He said that he's the first black dude to have his own network TV show. He said once he walked into his office and this was the year he lost his son. He said he and this guy Mike Epps were roommates. He said the apartment was crooked. He said Mike would kick the shit out of the refrigerator. He said one time he went in because Cosby would let you go in without knocking. He said he said hi to Dr. Cosby and asked for some advice. Godfrey said it was awesome. He did his impression of Cosby telling him what he has to do. He said he has to put his ideas on paper. He said it was Cosby telling him all of this. He said he told him that he had to watch Sinbad.

    Jon asked if he did his Cosby for Cosby. Godfrey said he did. He said he was running up and down doing his Cosby and getting laughs. He said then the laughter went a little higher. Cosby was dead behind him for like a minute and he didn't know. He said Cosby told him he doesn't sound like that.

    Jon asked what he thinks about Cosby and what he's going through now. Godfrey said he doesn't know. He said he's been doing comedy for 50 years now. He said he's an idol. He said Richard Pryor looked up to him back in the 60s. Godfrey did his Pryor impression talking about that. Godfrey said when there are 40 something women coming out... He said even when there were 15 he was like ''something's going on.'' He said what's funny is that he had a lady in his agency who told him what happened to her when she was on the Cosby show. He said she told him that it was just her and Cosby and he had told her that more people were coming. Godfrey said she told him that she got grabbed and man handled but she escaped and ended up laughing about it. She got out of it.

    Jon said it's amazing how many stories you hear now. Godfrey said Hannibal Buress was the one talking about Cosby and talking about how he could be a rapist. He did his impression of Hannibal. He said women were thinking that people will believe a man and not a woman when it comes to something like that. He said that's why they ran with it.

    Jon said Hannibal talked to Howard about it. He said that Janice Dickinson did too. Godfrey said she's nuts so she's the wrong person to talk about it. Jon said where there's smoke there's fire. Godfrey said he'll ask people when he's on the road if they think Cosby did it or not. He said it's so divided because people don't want to believe. He said Cosby doesn't have a rape face. He said if it was Samuel L. Jackson he'd believe it.

    Jon said they'll get to more of that after he plays ''What You Need to Know'' about today's show. Jon played that and then said they're all over the place this morning with all of that.

    Jon said one of the clips was Jillian Barberie talking about how everyone there thinks they can get her. He said that she is very nice to them so that might be why. Godfrey said that's the thing with hot chicks. He said even her last name is like Barbie. Godfrey said with hot women they say hi to you and they look like they like you. He said they're hot and they're looking at you and you think they like you. He said if an ugly chick says it then you want them to stop looking at you. Godfrey said this is science. He said it's like a bee that goes to flowers. He said they're attracted to flowers. He said we're attracted to attractive women. He said we automatically like them. He said sometimes it's bullshit. He said they're friendly and they know that dudes are going to think they have a chance.

    Jon asked if the move is to treat them like anyone else. Godfrey said that's the move. Jon said it's easier said than done. He said being hot is like a rich man. He said a rich man is everyone's type. He said you become the pretty bitch. He said when you're super wealthy you get ass like Trump. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - More With Godfrey. 07/31/15. 11:15am
    After the break Jon asked Godfrey about the people Howard has had on doing impressions and how he's asked them about honing their impressions. He asked how he does that. Godfrey said when he was little he could do Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali. He said Carson was a big deal to him. He said that he did that and that freaked people out. He said it's a black man doing a white man. Godfrey said he knows a guy who does great impressions but this guy did a Christopher Walken whispering. He said he was trying to do Stewie from Family Guy himself so that guy told him how to do it. He said he just had to learn how to say ''Brian'' in the right way. He said watching Darrell Hammond was a great way to learn too. He said you have to practice it and you spit it out. Jon said that he's doing Howard Cosell and Carson too so he's able to do some impressions that most people wouldn't think he'd be able to do. Jon said a lot of people can do the Walken impression. Godfrey asked if Jon can do it. Jon said he can't. Not very well anyway.

    Jon said even Alec Baldwin did an impression when he came in. that led to Godfrey talking about what he's seen Jim Breuer do. Jon said they had to take another break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Damon Wayans Jr. Sits In. 07/31/15. 11:25am
    After the break Jon said they have Damon Wayans Jr. sitting in too. He said that he saw him out in San Diego at Comic-Con. Jon said he and Godfrey were talking about Donald Trump earlier. He asked if Damon thinks he has a shot. Damon said why not. He said we need a cartoon character as President. He said if he does become president and he shows how little it means to be president. Jon said that's what Alec Baldwin was saying earlier this week. He said that this country may vote the guy into office. Howard said he is very entertaining but he wonders how much longer this will continue. Damon said it's like Schwarzenegger being governor in California. Jon said it's like Jesse Ventura being governor too. Godfrey did his Jesse Ventura impression for Jon too.

    Jon asked if he has ever done an impression that he just wasn't able to do. Godfrey thought about it and said he doesn't think so. He said that Dean Edwards started doing Denzel Washington and he was so mad at him. He said he has a more subtle Denzel than Dean. He said he got that one and Dean had his.

    Jon said Damon does great stand up and wondered how he does the character thing. Damon said he doesn't do many impressions. He said he does a shitty Chappelle impression and a shitty Katt Williams impression. He said his voice is too high. Damon did some of his Chappelle impression of Chappelle. The guys thought it was actually pretty damn good.

    Damon was talking about doing comedy and how you can do impressions but you can't take other people's thoughts. He said that's not cool. He said there are black comedians who will take a white comedian's material and do it for a black audience and vice versa. He said that's not cool.

    Jon asked the guys what they think about this Periscope thing. Damon said it's not cool. He said that's the way they make a living. He said people are taking away from his being able to make money. Godfrey asked if he has tried Periscope. Damon said it's just super weird. He said that he had a friend show him how to use it and it's weird. Jon said that people want to see you doing something behind the scenes. Damon said it's taking away from the mystery and star power. He said you work hard to become a star and it's taking away from that. He said now you're just a buddy instead of someone you want to go see. Godfrey said it's just stupid to do it if you don't even have the numbers. He said you need millions.

    Damon said he's heard that some people are kicking people out of their shows for doing the Periscope thing during their shows. Jon said he would imagine that it could become a problem.

    Jon took a call from a guy who sad he's a fan of Damon's. He said Godfrey is great too. He said he needs a Beetlejuice impression. Godfrey said he actually has one. He said he doesn't want to get beat up by Beetlejuice though. Jon said he can't reach his face so he shouldn't worry. The caller said Godfrey has to practice saying ''Who, me?'' The caller said it was great to hear Beet on this week. He told the guys some of the wacky stuff he was talking about this week. He said it was fantastic. He said he didn't miss a beat. Jon said it's so true because when Beet comes in and he's on it's the best. He said sometimes he's in a bad mood but not this time. He said he is the king of the Wack packers.

    Jon said that they were talking about hot women and how you can't help but be mesmerized. Damon said Beet was in Scary Movie 2 and he didn't think he was going to live that long. He said he was so crazy and drunk all the time. He said he was one of the first guys he saw do cocaine. He said that was years ago too. Jon said he thinks Beet drinks now but he's not sure about drugs. Damon said he remembers seeing how tiny his head was. He said they hung out and it was a lot of fun.

    Godfrey said when he watched the Stern show he thought it was cool seeing Beet. Jon said he's 46 years old now. Jon said he tells you other ages but that's what he really is.

    Jon got in a plug for today's Sternthology and gave Damon and Godfrey some plugs as well. They ended the show around 11:40am.

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-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Sherrod Small Sits In. 07/30/15. 11:00am
    Jon Hein started today's show introducing Sherrod Small who was sitting in today. Jon went over what they played today and then played a ''What You Need to Know'' about today's replays. After that Jon asked Jon Leiberman what they have in the poll today. Jon Leiberman said they're asking ''Who From The Show Should We Send to North Korea As An Ambassador?'' and the choices were:
    • Sal the Stockbroker
    • Fred the Elephant Boy
    • JD Harmeyer
    • Ronnie Mund
    • High Pitch Erik

    Jon Leiberman said that High Pitch Eric has texted him over 30 times overnight to talk about his feud with Elephant Boy. He said he'd like to send him to North Korea right now.

    The guys talked about JD and the Bryan Cranston thing. Gary said he thinks JD appreciates that Cranston talked about him but he doesn't like the spotlight being put on him.

    Gary said that he'd like to send Elephant Boy to Korea. He said on the channel 9 show they played a prank on ZsaZsa Gabor and told her that Elephant Boy was a producer who was Korean.

    Jon said Dennis Rodman went to Korea and they made this documentary about it. Jon said he thinks Rodman's heart is in the right place but it's not the right thing to do. Gary said North Korea is looking for any celebrity to validate them and Dennis is the only guy who is willing to do it. Sherrod said that Hulk Hogan will be next.

    Jon said Dennis Rodman dated Robin Quivers. Gary said he doesn't think that they dated but they went out on one date. Jon asked if that's the one that got away. Gary said he doesn't know about that. Sherrod said he's surprised that he went out with her. Jon said Robin has dated a few personalities. Gary said she has dated Penn Gillette and Jim Florentine. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Alec Baldwin. 07/30/15. 11:10am
    After the break Jon said he wants to talk about Alec Baldwin. Jon said that he sounded pretty happy breaking down his life with Howard. Gary said he thinks his family has mellowed him. Jon said he also said he'd only do an interview with Howard or the Wall Street Journal. Jon said he's had issues with other media outlets. Sherrod said they have messed with him. Gary said the thing is that if they poke him he's going to poke back.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said a couple years ago they were talking about the best guitar players and Gary mentioned Lindsay Buckingham. He said Howard blew that off. Jon cut him off and said they're trying to talk about Alec Baldwin. He hung up on him and moved on.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he felt like Howard was getting pissed off at Alec cutting him off during the interview. He asked if they felt that too. Gary said he thinks it's interesting because Alec does interviews now on his own show. He said there might be a little bit of that going on but he doesn't think Howard was irritated.

    Jon asked Sherrod about doing his podcast and how different that can be hosting. Sherrod said when you're interviewed by someone you don't let go of the driving the show thing. Jon said that Glenn Beck did some of that too but you don't do that when you're in Howard's house.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked if they ever thought about giving Alec a bottle of water. Gary said he had a bottle right next to him and he asked his people if he should bring water in. He said he was told no. He didn't want to step on anyone's toes. Gary said sometimes people will order coffee and one day he was standing there waiting for a moment to hand it over and Howard just told him to give him the fucking coffee.

    Jon took a call from a guy whose phone cut out. The guy wanted to ask how Elephant Boy got his name. Gary said he sounded like the Elephant Man so they gave him that name when he first started coming on the show.

    Jon Leiberman said he can get about 80 percent of Elephant Boy's words but Gary seems to get it all. Gary said he took Elephant Boy on a dial-a-date once and it was crazy. He said the music was really loud and he was the only one who could understand it. He said Fred was feasting on the chips at the table and he was talking and spitting food. He said Elephant Boy is completely unaware that he's even doing that.

    Jon got back to Alec and said they were talking about his love of Manhattan. Jon said that they were talking about the characters in the city and how they're returning now. Sherrod said he's seen some of them. He said they're moving out to Coney Island now. Gary said he heard people on the train talking about the Naked Cowgirl. Jon said that things do seem to be changing. He asked if DeBlasio is getting a bad rap. Sherrod said he thinks he's getting a bad rap. He said it's pretty much the same thing it was 4 years ago.

    Gary said it's hard to tell for him. He said that he's not sure if it's just because people don't like DeBlasio or if it's really different. Jon said when you're in that position you have to have a good sense of humor about that stuff. He talked about how Giuliani was able to do that.

    Jon Leiberman said they have the safest big city in the country, hands down. He said if you measure quality of life by that then they're doing well. Gary said he's heard people saying they're seeing the beginnings of the thread and that's what they're worried about.

    Jon said in New York it seems that most people have respect for each other. He said it never erupts like people think it will when something happens in another city. They spent a little more time on that and then went to break.


  • Wrap Up Show - Sal's Morning Ritual. 07/30/15. 11:25am
    After the break Jon brought up Sal tweeting about a cream he got and thanked someone for sending it. Jon said that made them question why he did it. He said it made it look like he was looking for something. Jon said Sal puts in a good 90 minutes preparing to come to work. He said he works on his hair and his beard and all of that.

    Gary said he prepares in the evening. He said he puts out his shoes, socks, pants, underwear and a shirt. He said he gets up in the morning, takes a leak, takes a shower, gets ready with his other stuff and gets dressed. He said he's out the door. He said that he could be sleeping for that 90 minutes.

    Gary said Sal's Achilles heel is his skin. He said when he gets nervous he gets a thing on his skin that looks like a basketball. He said Sal has a crazy ritual and he has crazy rules from his wife. He said he has to spray his hair outside of the house. He said at one point he was running through his hallway spraying it. He said she told him to take it outside after that. Jon said he's not sure what he's doing.

    Jon asked Jon Leiberman if he has that kind of ritual. Jon Leiberman said he goes to the gym every morning. He said he puts out his clothes like Gary does. He said he moisturizes at night. He said he also raps. Sherrod told him to stop that. Jon said he thought Jon Leiberman was retired. Jon Leiberman said he as kidding. He said he doesn't really rap anymore. He said he has retired. He said he retired because his performance was poor. He said he has friends who would agree that he was good back in the day.

    Gary said he doesn't want to get too far off of this. He asked if maybe the guys made him perform to goof on him. Jon Leiberman said it's a possibility. Sherrod said that he's sure they know the streets and music at the frat house. Jon asked what his name was back then. Jon Leiberman said it was ''2 Live Jew.'' Sherrod got a laugh out of that.

    Jon said he thinks that Leiberman took it seriously. Jon Leiberman said he did. Sherrod asked if it was like that Oklahoma on the bus song. The guys laughed.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked if Gary ever forgets to do stuff because his kids interrupt. Gary said that no one gets up that early. He said it can get interrupted though. He said there are times when his ritual gets messed up if he forgets his phone or something.

    Jon said that he doesn't want to wake up his kids at 4 in the morning. He said you don't want to talk to them. Jon said if his ritual gets messed up it can really throw him off.

    Gary said they brought their kids in one time and both he and Jon left their phones in the car when they brought their kids in because they had messed up their ritual so much.

    Jon asked Jon Leiberman if he has the results of the poll. Jon Leiberman said it's the tightest poll in the history of the show. Jon said it always seems to be like that with him. Jon Leiberman said that the results are 7 percent for Elephant Boy, 16 for Sal, 19 for High Pitch Eric and a tie between JD and Ronnie with 29 percent. Jon said he was refreshing the poll and it was 30 percent for JD for a moment. It was back to 29 a minute later.

    Jon wrapped up the show and gave some plugs before ending the show around 11:35am.

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