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  • Wrap Up Show - Michael Rapaport Sits In. 05/22/15. 11:10am
    Jon Hein started today's Wrap Up Show show saying he was joined by Gary Dell'Abate and Michael Rapaport. Jon asked what happened to his introduction. Michael said he mocked his typos last time. He said there was no car service and they have abandoned all gift bags and everything else. He said the only other person who shows any appreciation is Steve Brandano. He said he is a great artist but he thinks he may have been mocking him. He said he did a drawing for him last time and it was a drawing of Joey Slotnick. He said he's not sure why he would do that. He said that's what he's gotten out of this. Michael said he's told to get there at 11 and they start late too.

    Gary said he had to go look up Joey Slotnick. He said that's a great gift. Michael said that it's not a great gift. He asked what the fuck is wrong with him.

    Jon said he did nothing wrong. He said he read what Michael asked him to read word for word. Then he said that he blamed him for reading something wrong but he read it exactly as he wrote it. Michael said he has people looking it over. Michael said he hasn't reread it yet. Gary said they should refer to Michael as fan favorite from now on. Michael said that's the kind of thing he wants to talk about. He asked where Benjy is. He said that he wants to get that cocksucker in there to talk. Gary said he's heard Howard talk to him. He said he has asked for Benjy and some Wack Packers and he gets nothing.

    Jon said he asks for a lot on the show. Jon said there are a lot of requests but he's not just happy to be there. Michael asked how long that drawing took to do. Jon said it was probably 6 hours. Michael asked for something good. He said that he should draw him.

    Jon asked who Joey Slotnick is. Gary said he's the guy who owns the comic book store on Big Bang Theory. He said he's a funny actor.

    Gary said Brandano drew him something a few years ago of a super sad Rex Ryan. He said that it's a great drawing. Jon said you can see some of Steve's drawings @SBrandano on Twitter.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that they have a poll to put up. He said that he wants one for ''Most annoying Wack Packer'' and he thinks Michael will win it. Jon asked if he understands why he's considered a Wack Packer. Michael said that's not good. He said he appreciates the consideration. He said he passed on the poll though.

    Jon played a ''What You Need to Know'' about today's show. Jon said they have so much to talk about and they won't be having a poll today due to technical difficulties.

    Jon said that Jim Breuer was talking about the Rolling Stone article where he was rated at number 139th out of the whole cast of Saturday Night Live. Jon asked Michael if he lets negative stuff affect him. Michael said that Jim Breuer is enormously talented. He said when he gets good reviews he takes them as a pat on the back but the bad ones he takes the same way. Michael said if it's a good reviewer that he respects he might take it more seriously. He asked who really gives a shit anyway.

    Gary said in Rolling Stone it has some relevance to some people. Michael said they were done for him once they went to the new format. Gary said that when you see it in a list it seems real. Jon said that you want to generate controversy with something like that. Jon said they will never have a consensus on something like that.

    Michael asked who the guy was that wrote the list. Jon wasn't sure who it was but he thought it was a single hipster who wrote it.

    Gary said that people wrote about David Letterman and there were a couple in the past couple of days that were really negative. He said he was surprised to read that and how the tone was that Letterman was a liberal left wing elitist. He said he was kind of shocked by that. Jon said he thinks that it's people just trying to be noticed. Jon said you have to respect what Dave did and the love and respect he gets from industry and non-industry people. Jon said he hates that people write stuff just to get noticed.

    Jon asked if Michael is a hipster. Michael said that he's not one at all. Gary said he doesn't think you can be over 40 and be a hipster. Michael agreed. He said it's a new wave of people who are the selfie generation. He said it's not cool to be a hipster.

    Gary talked about how Dave went off on John McCain and he thinks that's why people think he's left wing. The reason he did that was because McCain didn't show up on his show. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - David Letterman Discussions. 05/22/15. 11:30am
    After the break Michael was asking for a stand up desk. He said he's standing up now and he thinks the shithole they work in needs them. He said they should be afforded that. Gary said they have them. Michael said he thinks they need an upgrade back there. He said that they should have better desks. Michael said he's trying to get things in order for them and they're fighting him. He said Gary is the only one who has a little hovel and he deserves better.

    Gar asked if he realizes there isn't an N in his last name. Michael said he's not saying an N. Gary said he's saying ''Gary Dell'Abonte.'' Michael asked what his middle name is. Gary said he has two. One is Patrick and one is Angelo. Michael said that's fucked up. Gary agreed.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked Gary about being on Letterman a few years back and if that was one of the two or three highlights from his career. Gary said it was one of the highlights. He said it was the first thing he did on tour. He said he made Dave laugh once. He said that he was shocked he was even invited on. He said when you're back stage you're so nervous. He said you can't hear what's going on. He said they just push you out there like they're pushing you out of a plane. He said the Today show was pretty amazing too.

    Jon said Michael was on there too. Michael said he was on maybe 3 times. He said the first time was shit but the second time was okay. He said if there was a third time it was okay. He said he was a little intimidated by him and his father told him to tell him to fuck off if he gave him a hard time. He said he had that in his ear the whole time.

    Jon said Howard was on Letterman and he always did something different. He said he's not sure how Dave felt about shaking things up but Howard thought it was okay and Letterman played along. Gary said he thinks Dave enjoyed having Howard on or he wouldn't have had him on so much.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he has a beef with Michael. He said he complains about the gift bags and stuff. He said he should be bringing the bags for getting him exposure on the show. He said he should show some respect. Michael said he sounds like he has his thumb up his ass. He told him that he should get on a pogo stick and if he gets near a bridge to just keep going.

    Gary asked if he thinks he should be showing more respect. Michael said he's there to help them help themselves. He said that they're not taking advantage of some things there. Michael said he thinks this show could take off and they could take it somewhere else. He said that this guy Rahsaan is there and he's never heard a word from him. Rahsaan said that he loves his rants. He said he's like one of his home boys that he grew up with. He said he doesn't take anything to heart. He said it's funny. Michael said he appreciates that. He said that's a civilized, adult exchange.

    Michael said that if they take anything he says seriously on the show then they have to look at themselves. He said they don't understand what the Wrap Up Show is all about.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked about sharing office space with Will Murray. He said Will got called in a couple of times this week. He asked how he felt. Jon said Will was very bummed out. He said there are so many things happening at once and Will has a huge responsibility back there. He said that they all felt bad for Will. He said it took about 3 minutes before they were joking around again.

    Jon said that Gary knows the feeling about making an honest mistake and Howard deals with it on the air. He said that you don't know that you've made that mistake until Howard tells you that you have. Gary said that in the first 20 years of the show every mistake was his fault. Gary said the thing that made him crazy was that he'd make a mistake Tuesday morning and going out the Saturday before was the reason for it.

    Michael said that he knows Gary took it hard in the past. He said he's a good bottom pig. Gary said that there was a long period of time it was just him and one person in the back. He said that you have to absorb all of that stuff. He said the fights they had were over the mistakes but then it goes on for 15 minutes. He said that he would wonder if he wanted his blood and then Jackie would write the ''repeat after me'' stuff.

    Michael asked where the fuck Stuttering John is. Jon told him to hold on to that question because they had to take a break.


  • Wrap Up Show - Roger Daltrey. 05/22/15. 11:45am
    After the break Jon said he was having a debate last night with some friends. He said Roger Daltrey got upset about people smoking marijuana up front and he had to stop the show because if was affecting his voice. Jon said that at a lot of concerts people are going to be smoking. He said he'd be surprised about it affecting someone up on stage. Jon asked what Gary thinks was going on. Gary said that it's almost legal in some places. He said people think it's legal everywhere even though it's not. Gary said he thinks more people are smoking pot. He said he can't imagine this is the first time Roger has run into that problem. Michael said he's sure this isn't the first time. He said he is 71 so maybe he's entitled to tell people to stop smoking pot.

    Jon said that he's 71 and still has that voice. He said that he told some crazy stories. He said The Who are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Michael said that it's great that they're still alive and performing. He said they still kick ass up there. Michael said maybe the people should vape it instead of smoke it if they're upset about it.

    Gary said he's taken his kids to see some of the older bands. He said that he's taken them to see the Eagles and things like that. He said he wonders how many more times they'll be able to see them. Gary said that he's going to see The Who and their set list is great. Jon said Joan Jett opens up for them and her set list is great too.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that Rapaport is the best guest they have. He said that Howard did cry during Letterman. Gary asked why he thinks he would cry about that and not tell them. Gary said he doesn't think that Howard is a crier. Gary said he thinks Dave was taken aback by the audience giving him a standing ovation as long as they did. Gary said that he's going to be sad when Howard retires. Michael said there is no last show with Howard. He said they can talk about that in 5 years. Jon asked if he has a problem with guys crying. Michael said of course not. He said he cries. He cries at movies all the time. He said he cries more than most men. He said he cried at the thought of coming there today. He said he got a hold of himself and came anyway.

    Jon said that Michael was on Louie this season and he credit on that show. Michael said you have to do that at any means necessary. He said that in acting you can be in the moment or pull something very personal to get to that place. He said it's draining but fulfilling.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he has to compliment Michael. He said he thinks he did great on Louie. He said that he should get an Emmy for that. Michael thanked him for that. The caller said he's great on the show and he loves that he gives the guys shit. He said he's a pleasure. Michael said he appreciates that.

    Michael was talking about his playlist that he sent to Gary to listen to. Gary said he can't listen to the whole list because he can only listen on his computer. Michael said it's a Spotify list too. He said he should be listening to it.

    Jon wrapped up the show and got in some plugs for Sternthology and some plugs for Michael Rapaport. They ended the show around Noon.

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-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Jake Fogelnest Sits In. 05/21/15. 11:15am
    Jon Hein started today's Wrap Up Show talking about his co-hosts Gary Dell'Abate and Jake Fogelnest. Jon talked to Jake about how he committed to the show very early by not showing up one day. Jake said in 7th grade he skipped school to go to the divorce party for John DeBella. He said he was 12 or 13 at the time. He said he also made a phony phone call and got on the air with that. He asked Gary if he remembers that. Gary said no but Jake had a show on when he was like 13. He said Jake had a show at K-Rock too so he got to see a lot of weird shit there. Jake said it was insane. He said the most sane person was JD. He said he'd come in at like 1 in the morning. Jake said he'd get calls from Sour Shoes and other lunatics who were involved with the show and in drug use. He said he turned to JD for his sanity. Jon asked if he ever got any words out of him. Jake said he did. He said he's a happening guy. Jake said he got a text from him the other day saying he wanted to make a film with him.

    Jon said that JD is very busy on social networks. Gary said that if you're not a hot chick or a celebrity you won't get a text from him. He said h can't blame him for that. Jake said he likes getting those texts.

    Jon played a ''What You Need to Know'' about today's show. He also asked Rahsaan what they have in the poll today. Rahsaan said they heard Medicated Pete mic'd up the other day. He said they're asking ''Which Staffer Would You Want to Hear Mic'd Up Next?'' and the choices are:

    • Ronnie
    • JD
    • Scott Salem
    • Sal
    • Gary
    • Robin
    • Benjy

    Gary said that's a tough poll. He said he'd like to hear JD and Sal and even Scott mic'd up. Jake said you know there's anger with Scott. He said that you will catch him with something. Jon said he would pick Ronnie and Scott but ultimately Scott. Jon said they had to take a break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - David Letterman And More. 05/21/15. 11:25am
    After the break Jon talked to Jake about his new show Wet Hot American Summer which will be on Netflix. Jake said the TV show takes up where the movie left off. He said they're playing younger than they were in the movie.

    Jon said that they are all fans of David Letterman. He said he hung it up last night. Jon said he wondered if Howard would make an appearance in the top 10. Gary said he wonders if they even called him. Gary said maybe they thought he'd be fucking annoyed and not do it. Jon said maybe they knew he wouldn't want to be part of it. Gary said he's not sure if they even made that call.

    Jon said Dave went out in that way and he wonders how Howard will go out. He said he thought it was right for Dave but maybe not for Howard. Jake said he doesn't think Howard wants to cry but there is a chance that maybe he would. He said that's if there is a big send off. He said maybe Howard will just say ''see ya later'' and leave. He said that his career isn't that organized to plan that far ahead. Gary said that Howard has said they are in talks but the negotiation may come down to the wire. Gary said they could go on vacation December 17th and they may not know if he's coming back until after that.

    Gary said he didn't see the entire Letterman show but he heard he just walked out the front door and not into the limo out on the side of the building. Gary said no one bothered him when he did that.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he hated Pitbull until this interview this week. He said Howard just killed it and made him love the guy. He said that he thinks that it's Pitbull being honest. He asked Gary if he has ever booked a guest who pissed him off by not answering any questions. Gary said not in a long time. He said these days people know they have to come prepared. He said if you don't then it's bad for promotion.

    Jake said he can't imagine someone agreeing to do the show and not commit to doing it. He said everyone knows he does the best interview at this point. Jake said that you come to Howard for the best interview. He said he's not the devil that he was in the 80s or 90s. He said he thinks celebrities have figured that out.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked how medicated Pete got the job there. Gary said he came as an intern. He said Howard asked him the same question the other day. Gary said that the theory is that the person hiring interns hated Scott and they hired Pete just to bother Scott. Jon said he thinks he's right about him being sent to Scott in a vengeful way.

    Gary said they have had so many people who were interns who have made a name there. Gary said that they had Mitch Fatel there and he told them about this guy he knew who stutters and that turned out to be Stuttering John. Gary said that Howard told him to hire him without even meeting him. Gary said they had Smelly James, Stuttering Vic and more. He said that Pete is in a long line of company.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he loves the wrap up shows. He said that he has to build a case for Howard staying on radio. He said Howard has been doing this for what seems like 200 years. He said he's doing what Pitbull is doing with his channel. He said that Howard is at the tip of the iceberg right now. He said if Howard leaves then there will be thousands of people with nothing to write about or talk about.

    Gary said the question isn't if he can still do it. He said it's if it's worth it to Howard to do it. Gary said he doesn't think Howard has been sharper than he is now. Jon said someone wanted to ask who can fill the void when Howard leaves. Jon said the answer is no one. Jake said he'd like to see what it would be like if Pitbull did that. He said that they tried to fill Howard's spot with all talk and it didn't work. Gary said they had David Lee Roth, Adam Carolla, Rover and someone else and all four of them couldn't make one Howard. Gary said the history books about radio will have a chapter about David Lee Roth replacing Howard. Jake said the only 6 weeks he worked in radio when Howard wasn't there was when he stayed at Free FM. He said he did that just to be able to interact with David Lee Roth once a week. He said that he had his uncle Manny on the show and that was his ''big'' first guest. Jon said no one will be able to fill that void for Howard. He said he hopes that doesn't happen for years.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he has been listening since the 80s. He said that when Artie wasn't around the show wasn't doing well. Gary disagreed with that. The caller said that Artie got nasty with people. Gary said Artie did 9 years on the show and the bulk of Artie was good. The caller said that Howard and Robin are arguing too much now. He said it seems like on every topic Robin is disagreeing and doesn't let it go until Howard ends it.

    Jon said he disagrees with his analysis but on Wednesday Robin was shot out of a cannon about everything. He said she was arguing with everyone about a bunch of things. Jon said it can get boring if they don't argue about some things. Gary said you don't agree with everything your wife says. He said that Robin and Howard won't agree. Jon said they had to take a break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Phone Calls And More. 05/21/15. 11:40am
    After the break Jon said Jake did overnights at K-Rock. He said he can't imagine he never ran into a perturbed Scott Salem. Jake said he went through Scott smoking, not smoking and smoking but don't tell anyone I'm smoking. He said Scott was exhausted constantly and he didn't have that much to do really. He said he has never seen someone more tired in his life.

    Gary said that they had a smoking room with some old stuff in there. He said that he went in there to smoke too and it was gross. He said he was smoking and it was just gross.

    Jon said Scott came in earlier than anyone else. He said that he was a good guy and he wouldn't be there if Howard didn't believe in him. Gary said that Scott was a sound engineer and that's why they brought him in. He said they have technical engineers there at Sirius. He said Scott even got yelled at for the air conditioning failing at K-Rock. Jon said that he gets shafted a little unfairly at times.

    Jon asked Jake about Medicated Pete and if he thinks Beetlejuice is the winner in the Wack Pack Bracket. Jake said of course he is. He said that his favorite story was from about 2000 when he went to auditioning for a movie and he walked into a room and the only other actor in the room was Beetlejuice. He said he was shocked. He said Beet booked the part in the movie ''Bubble Boy.'' Jake said he was auditioning for the party that Jake Gyllenhaal got. Gary said it is jarring when you walk in and see Beetlejuice. Jake said he remembers seeing Hank at K-Rock and things like that. He said he got stuck next to High Pitch Eric on the train once. He said it's weird to interact with Wack Packers in real life.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked if it's wrong of Howard for not doing something to have someone else come in for when he leaves. He said that the millions of fans have to find a new hobby. Gary asked who else has ever done something like that. The caller said no one comes to mind. Gary said that Leno didn't pick a successor. Gary said you do what you do and it's not Howard's place to tell Sirius who is going to replace him. Jon said Letterman wasn't involved with picking Stephen Colbert. Gary said that's not his decision to make. Jake said Carson didn't pick a successor. Jon said when Howard goes he goes. He said the chips will fall where they may. He said this week Jimmy Kimmel came on and they heard him crying about Letterman. Jon said if Howard goes away he doesn't think he wants anyone to approach his level of success.

    Gary said Jimmy Kimmel is on, Jimmy Fallon is on so where do Letterman's viewers go? Jake said they're showing reruns of the Mentalist tonight. Gary said they have to go somewhere. Jon said it's tricky with Dave. He said he thinks more will go to Kimmel than Fallon. Jon said he thinks that viewers are lazy and they may go to Colbert when he starts. Jon said the audience for late night is decreasing anyway.

    Gary said he thinks they made a mistake putting off Colbert for the whole summer. He said that people are creatures of habit and people will be watching something else by then.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that no one can replace Howard Stern. Jon and Gary agreed. The caller also said that the caller earlier talking about Artie doesn't get how it works. He said that people don't realize that the show just keeps going. Jon said that you'll always find people who say the show was best when Jackie or Artie were around. He said everyone is entitled to their opinion but the show goes on while the whole world changes.

    Gary said that Howard was able to crush DeBella's show because they never changed. He said Howard will put something to rest after a while. He said evolving is the way to keep people interested.

    Jon asked Jake about the DeBella funeral thing. Jake said the biggest thing he did was get a kazoo out and get people to do a Louie, Louie parade. He said they were right outside DeBella's studio and there was so much going on there. He said he was only 13 but that's where he wanted to be. Gary said he thinks Jake is confusing two events. He said they had a divorce party and that was really crazy. He said it was in the square where the Liberty Bell is. He said that it seems like they hired a big event planner but they didn't. Jake said that was actually clear. Gary said they got in a car and fans surrounded the car and they were scared shitless. He said they were afraid they were going to get killed.

    Jon said Philly fans are a special breed. Gary said that's for sure. He said the numbers in Philly were crazy. He said they had huge ratings there. He said that is the craziest market they were ever in.

    Jon asked Rahsaan for the results of the poll. Rahsaan said that Ronnie came in as the winner with 38 percent of the votes. He said JD came in with 27 percent. Jake said he thinks it would be a lot of him surfing the web and not as much talking as you'd think.

    Jon got in some plugs for today's Sternthology and gave some plugs to Jake for his stuff. They ended the show around Noon.

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