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-- Friday, February 15, 2019 --

  • Vacation Replay Show - Day 5. 02/15/19. 7:00am
    Howard is on his Winter vacation this week (and probably next week). So they're playing segments from the past year or so. Here's what they played today:

  • Bobo's Voicemail & Vocab - May 1, 2018. 02/15/19. 7:00am
    First on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard goofed on Bobo. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Hey Now! And Bobo Calls In. 05/01/18. 7:00am
    Howard started the show talking about how he loves the ''Hey now'' clip that Fred was playing. He said that guy was up for some sex charges or something. Robin said he went back to Arrested Development. She said the cast members there surrounded him with support. Howard said he had to leave that Transparent show though. Robin said he did. Howard said he can't keep track. He said all he knows is ''Hey now!'' He said that's the best. He said there are some people around there who won't say it. He said he'll say it to someone and they won't say it back. Robin said she won't say it. She said she's not sure why she would.

    Howard said he knows a guy from Mexico and he has the accent and says ''Hey Now'' with the accent. He said that guy loves it. He said he doesn't think Jon Hein would say it. He said he's not sure JD will say it either. JD said he'd say it. He said he loves it too. Howard said he loves it. He said Fred just gives him the finger when he says it to him.

    Howard said there are some people who won't say it and he thinks it's Jon Hein. Fred said you have to do it like 4 times and he'll give it up. Howard said it's fun to get into it. He said if you're sad you can say it sad and then there's the happy ''Hey now.'' He said there are different meanings.

    Howard took a call from Bobo who said ''Great coogly moogly.'' Howard said he's wrong there. Bobo said that he's right. He said Scott Shannon used to say it all the time. Howard said it's ''Googly moogly.'' Howard said he's wrong again and it's a bad intro. Robin said it's a greeting, not a intro. Howard said Bobo is a weirdo. He said he's so into the show and he leaves voicemails for the show. He said he does bits. He said he sits at home and calls in. He said it's really annoying and weird. He said he's not sure what he's up to. He must just want air time. Bobo said he just loves the show. He said he can't stop.

    Howard said he has tape of Bobo calling in and he's going to play that. He asked Bobo if he has anything to talk about. Bobo said his topic for today is... Howard asked why he has to say that it's his topic. He said just ask a question. Bobo asked Howard about a judge saying that a bar threw out a guy for wearing a Trump cap and he's wondering what Howard has to say about that. Howard said he's got the story all wrong. He said he has to explain it now.

    Howard said a guy walked into a bar and he is wearing a Trump cap that says Make America Great Again. He said the guy said he was thrown out for wearing the cap but the owner of the bar says he was antagonizing the employees. Howard said if someone is out of line they get thrown out. He asked Gary if he has the story right. Gary said the guy claimed that he was kicked out for the cap but the owner said it was because he was giving the employees a hard time. Howard said he wouldn't care what you were wearing if you were in his bar. Howard said the guy isn't looking to alienate Trump supporters.

    Howard said bars are built for being an asshole. He said the guy is saying he's going to sue the bar now. He said the judge said if you walk into a bar wearing that cap then the guy can thrown him out. He said they have the right to do that.

    Howard said he thinks he's answered Bobo's queries. Robin asked if Bobo absorbed those answers. Howard was doing his impression of Bobo with his weird speech pattern. Gary just repeated what Howard told him and he had to check his microphone. Howard told him not to get closer to it. Gary said he hasn't moved. Howard had him keep saying ''testing'' over and over. He played a Baba Booey song parody after that.

    Howard said here's Bobo with his voicemails. Robin asked what he called up about. Howard said he had some fake anger in this call. He said he's angry about something but you know he's not. He said he had a problem with his Facebook account on his phone. He said he's not even angry. Bobo said he really was angry. In the clip Bobo said he almost put his Samsung Galaxy S noine through the wall. He said he's really upset about it. He was sniffing a lot too. Howard pointed that out. Bobo was complaining about the passwords too. Howard said he was all angry. He said he's a douche.

    Howard said he had the sniffing thing going. Bobo said he never should have listened to people about having more than one password. He said you just need one good one. Howard and Fred did their Bobo voices and sounded like two Elmer Fudds. Howard said he'd bet his password is ''password.''

    Howard asked what's up with the sniffing. Bobo said he thinks it's an allergy. Howard said it's after he makes a point. He said he does it like Barney Fife on Andy of Mayberry. He said he was kind of limited on intelligence. Bobo asked if he's saying he's kind of limited. Howard said ''Well...''

    Howard said this next clip is Bobo calling in again. He said he used the word ''entranced'' and he didn't know if it was a real word or not. He said you can hear him trying to figure out the English language. Howard played the clip and Bobo was talking about Robert O'Neal's book and said ''entranced'' but he wasn't sure if it was even a word. Howard said they're going to try to figure out what he was trying to say. Bobo said he was enthused. Howard asked what he was really trying to say. Bobo said he was captivated. Howard said it was something like entranced but it wasn't that word. He said there's a real word close to that. Bobo said he was so entranced. Howard said the word he was trying to find was ''enchanted.'' Bobo said that's it. Howard and Fred did their Elmer Fudd voices and goofed on Bobo some more.

    Howard had Shuli come in to have Bobo define some words. He said if you liked ''entranced'' then you'll love these. Howard said Shuli has gotten a lot of air time lately because of Ronnie. He said that Ronnie lets him know that. Howard asked if he's been talking to Ronnie. Shuli said he has. He said they talked over the weekend. Howard asked if he taped it. Shuli said they apologized to each other. He said that he likes Ronnie and he hopes he likes him. He said they said they were sorry so they're back to normal.

    Howard said Shuli has an acting role on a TV show. Shuli said this Executive Producer got Eric the Actor on Legit and got Ronnie in something a while back. He said they have him as the voice of a news guy on SWAT. Howard said he would never think of Shuli as reading the news. Shuli said he only did it there for 8 years. Howard said he thought he did a good job on SWAT. Howard played a clip. You can hear Shuli doing the news anchor voice in the background.

    Howard said the guy talked right over his part. Howard asked how many takes it was. Shuli said it was one take and something added to it. Howard asked if he got paid. Shuli said he did. He said he thinks whatever he gets is fine. Howard said it's weird that they asked him to be a news man. Howard said Shuli covered the craptacular there. He said he's not Walter Cronkite. He said come on. He said he did fine though.

    Howard asked what words he has for Bobo. Shuli had him spell and define ''thesis.'' Howard told him not to look it up. Bobo used it in a sentence. Howard had him saying ''feces'' instead of ''thesis.'' Bobo said he turned in his thesis to his college professor. Bobo spelled it ''Thesisis.'' Howard said he nailed that one. Bobo said he knew he had that. Howard said he came closer to spelling ISIS than Thesis.

    Shuli asked him to spell and define conceptually. Howard said he's not going to know that. He said he should give him another one. Bobo said he's a good speller but these are ridiculous.

    Shuli gave him ''strand'' and he used it as ''there are different strands of the flu.'' Howard said he had it down. Shuli said he does this all the time. Howard said he should try that again. Bobo did and he didn't get what was wrong with it. Bobo still didn't get it even after Howard told him he was wrong. Howard asked if he wants him to tell him why. Bobo said go ahead. Howard said he can do it. He said don't give up so easily.

    Howard had him try ''strand'' again. Bobo tried it again and said having the flu he got tested and he did come up having the flu and it was one strand that put him over the edge. Howard said there is a ''strain'' of flu. Bobo said that sounds better now. Howard said now that he knows that, try using that word. He said use it in anything. Howard used it as ''my strain is clogged with hair.'' Bobo said there are millions of strains in the united states. Robin asked strains of what? Howard said he strained his ankle when he did hoola hoop.

    Howard asked Bobo if he wants to try strain or strand now. Bobo tried ''strained'' by saying he was running and ''strained'' his ankle. Howard and Robin laughed. Howard asked how he's getting through life. Robin asked how he did. Bobo said he did ''wery well.''

    Howard said he has another clip of Bobo calling in and leaving a voicemail. He said this one is his favorite. He said he won't tip you off on what he says wrong. Howard played the clip and Bobo was talking about wearing something on his head so he doesn't get a chemical reaction in the ''hair folicules.'' Howard asked how he spells that. Bobo said ''Foicles.'' Howard said that's wrong. He goofed on Bobo about spelling it wrong and saying it wrong. He wasn't close on either. Howard asked if he should tell him what it is. Bobo said he should.

    Howard said he should never start a sentence with ''that's easy.'' He said he never gets it right if he does. Howard asked what happened in school. He asked if he was a laughing stock. Bobo said he scored great on his SATs. He said he got like a 900. Howard said he had a B in lunch. Bobo said he did well in classes.

    Howard said Bobo said that his elementary school teacher hated him. Bobo said he did say that. Howard said she probably hated him because he was so frustrating. Howard asked why she said she hated him. Bobo said he didn't sit still and he didn't have his attention span on the work. Bobo said he was easily distracted and a problem child. Shuli asked what he was putting his attention on. Bobo said he was playing with Dick Tracy toys.

    Howard asked at what grade things became difficult. Bobo said 7th grade. He said he took French 1 and 2 and he got out of school early. He said he got 21 credits and he got to get out of school early. He said he took French and he loved that. He doesn't remember anything but his name.

    Howard said he has another voicemail from Bobo. He said listen to him try to say this word. He said this is the best. In the clip Bobo was talking about Sean Hannity and he said he used an interesting word. He said it was ''Apopileptic.'' Howard said he gave up on it. Bobo tried to use it in a sentence. Bobo was saying he was overcome with anger and he's ''apopileptic'' over it. He said he's never heard the word and he's not sure how to use it in a sentence. Robin said he's watching Hannity to learn something and he has no idea what it is.

    Howard said he's not sure why he's trying to use that word. Shuli said it's like a 17 minute long sentence. Howard and Fred were using the word in sentences that Bobo might use. Howard said it's apoplectic. Bobo still didn't get it. Howard said he has to go. He said the word is apoplectic. He told him to look it up. Bobo said Howard told him what it is. Howard asked if he's ever heard that word. He told him to research it and do a paper on it. Bobo asked how he spells it. Shuli told him to figure it out. Howard said he's going to spell it for him. He spelled it ''ABRACADABRA.'' Bobo said that's abracadabra. Howard said he'll spell it. He spelled it ''apoplectic.'' Howard said he would recommend to Bobo not using the word if he doesn't know what it means.

    Shuli said he was talking to Bobo about his passions in life and he said the show is number 1 and then his safety and health. He said his family was number one after asking about them. Howard said he shouldn't use those big words. He said that he should stick to a vocabulary of like 100 words.

    Howard asked about his students and how they used to stick gum in his hair. Howard asked how far in it was before they started putting gum in his hair. Shuli said he'd like to see him in teacher mode. Bobo said he used to teach for 6 hours. Shuli said he claims they used to hug him for saving lives.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said she's in apoplexy over this. She said her job is super important because kids might turn out like this in 20 years. Howard asked how she handles it when she has a student like this acting out in class. The caller said that he should have had more English classes instead of French. She said no one is speaking English now because it's so hard. She said that she was going to change the channel until Shuli started his pop quiz. Howard let her go after that. Howard played a song parody about Bobo and then went to break.


  • Oscar Coverage - March 5, 2018. 02/15/19. 7:45am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard had Ralph and King of All Blacks on the phone to talk about the Oscars. Here's my rundown from that day:

    King of All Blacks And Ralph Oscar Review. 03/05/18. 7:55am
    After the break they played a phony phone call to Tan Mom with Billy Mira as David Lee Roth singing to her. They also played a clip of Robin singing ''Unforgettable.''

    Howard came back and said King of All Blacks and Ralph were put together to watch the Academy Awards. Howard asked if Robin cares. Robin said they might as well see if anything came of it. Howard got King and Ralph on the phone and asked what the idea was there. Ralph said they did it with King last year and they did it again this year. Ralph said King was yelling at him and he didn't know where E! was. He said he had to call back. King said he Googled it. King said that Ralph list Howard. He said he's so pompous. Howard asked why they didn't just call in separately. Ralph said he went to the station to Scott's room to watch. Howard asked where the tape is of what happened. He said they told him the sound was on in the back so they don't have tape of it.

    King said he learned a lot about Ralph. He said he learned that he has nothing nice to say about any black person including Robin. Ralph said he's so silly and stupid. Howard asked King what led him that. King said he saw two black women there and they were holding hands and he was asking about having some kind of stomachs that all black women have. Ralph said that he's getting it completely wrong. He said he's not sure who he's even talking about. Howard said he saw the women he's talking about but they may not have been lesbian. King said they have short hair cuts and you know what that means. Howard said it sounds like King is racist.

    Ralph said that all of the black women weren't dressed well. Howard said all of the women weren't dressed well.

    Howard said King said he's racist because he wasn't into Black Panther. Howard said is excited about it though. King said Howard never looks at any black people in the studio. He said he won't look at them until 12. Howard said he's doing radio so he doesn't want to look at anyone.

    Howard said he's not sure why Letterman likes to do interviews in front of people. Ralph said that interview was so good though. He said he and Gary were talking about it. King was talking about it like he was there but he wasn't. Howard said he just likes to talk.

    Ralph said he was talking to King about how he went to Robin's house and how crazy that is. King said it's not crazy. Howard said he went to Robin's residence and he thinks it's okay because he was in a nice car. King said he knows Robin. Howard said he listens to her on the radio. He doesn't know her. King said he does know her. Howard said this is how mother fucking crazy King is. He said he listens to the radio and thinks he knows her. King said that he couldn't get Ralph to say anything nice about him. Ralph said that he was asking him to do that and he's not sure why that is.

    Ralph said that King is just annoyed as fuck. He said he was yelling about things that had nothing to do with what they were watching. King said they came to the conclusion that white women need to moisturize more because they age quickly. He said he and Ralph agreed on that. Ralph said he didn't agree with him on that. He said he thought Jane Fonda looked great. Howard said she's 80. He said she looked good. King said he understands she looks very well for an 80 year old. He said she's not hot. Howard said for an 80 year old she is. King said Ralph was talking like he would have sex with her. Ralph said he just thought she looked great.

    Howard said he's not sure why this tape wasn't done correctly. Ralph said Allison Janney looked great too. He said Jennifer Lawrence looked great too. Howard said she's some knock out. He said they had her in the studio.

    King said he likes a more full woman. Howard asked King who he likes. King said she's not too thin but he'd like another 10 pounds or so. Howard said no way. Howard asked who has a great body. King said Ashley something. He said she's a plus size model. He said he likes a bigger boned woman.

    Howard asked Ralph what else they learned. He said this seems like a gigantic waste of time. Howard said Juliana Rancic was there. King said she's too thin and has a big head. Ralph agreed with him on that. He said she's orange too.

    Howard asked King and Ralph about some other women there at the red carpet. King was talking about what he thought of some of the women and Ralph said that's what he was like last night too. Howard said Guillermo del Toro won so Ralph must have liked that. Ralph said he was kind of popping out of his suit. King said he should have had his suit tailor made like Ralph Kramden.

    Ralph said he liked the way the Black Panther guy looked. King said Ralph didn't even see that movie. He said Ralph loves those movies. Howard said he's off his rocker. Ralph said he wants to see it with black people. He said that he'd love to go.

    Howard asked about Michael Strahan. King said he hates that guy. Ralph said he was fine. He said he likes him.

    Howard asked about Jordan Peele. King said he looked sharp. He said he looked like a waiter though. Ralph said that other guy from ''Get Out'' had an ugly jacket on. Howard said he heard that King was harping on the idea that one of the guys had a white wife. Howard said it says King was surprised by Jordan Peele's wife being white. King said he talks about black issues and he's married to a white woman. He said that it's shocking when they do that and they have a white wife. Howard said he sees this is paying off.

    king said he would like to come in and show him how much weight he lost and how good he looks. Howard said it's hard to control him. He said they can't get rid of him once he's in there. King said he wants to critique Gary and Ronnie about the way they dress. Ralph said Ronnie dresses very well when he's in a suit. He said when he's out of the suit it's not good. He said he should always wear a suit.

    Gary said something really creepy came up about King. He said he was caught sniffing Wendy Williams' seat and he was kicked out of the show. King said that's not right. He said that he was invited to her radio show because he's on Howard's show. He said Wendy told him he looked fabulous and said she was going to have him on for two breaks. He said they were talking and when she went to commercial she got up and he sniffed her seat. He said that's all. Ralph asked what he expected to smell. King said she looked great back then and he wanted to get close to her. He said he was hoping to get a hint of something. He said he calls it essence. He said he didn't smell anything. Howard asked who caught him. King said it was some guy with a headset. He said she was nice about it. He said she came back and wrapped up with him. He said that she didn't keep him on for two breaks.

    Howard said King has a new show where he talks about abuse. King said he's a former abuser. He said it's a show about domestic violence. Howard said that's like Harvey Weinstein having a show. King said he gets 20,000 rebroadcast views. Gary said Shuli heard some of it and said it should be called ''nothing but technical problems.''

    Gary said Shuli was telling him that King was talking about how his wife would walk behind him and she'd know how to stay in line. King said that women should go back to the way they were at that time. Howard said he's an idiot. King said we both can't be quarterbacks. Howard asked if he really wants his woman to walk behind him. King said he's not trying to be funny. Robin asked what if she's a better quarterback. Howard asked if he's against the #MeToo movement. King said they're getting too strong. Howard said he should be in ISIS. He said he's so done with this. He said he'll never do this again.

    Gary said that he's looking at the ''Time to Heal'' thing and they average 6-8,000 views so he's nowhere near 20,000. He said he had one that was 12,000. King asked if he sees the one from Friday. Howard said he's out of his mind. He said that he's saying we have to heal but then he's talking about keeping his wife walking behind him. Howard asked if he thinks that we should be allowed to throw rocks at women. King said no way.

    Howard said King is out of his mind. He said get out of his face. He said this is enough. He said people are fucking done with King. King kept asking him not to let him go. Howard said he's done. Gary said this is why Howard won't have him in the studio. He doesn't know when to just go. King said he's a perfect gentleman. Robin said she's so bored with this. She asked to move on to something else. Howard said they've had enough of him today. King said he wanted to come in and critique Ronnie's clothes. Howard said he's done with him. Ralph said he did 2 hours of that last night. Howard said it's enough. He said time's up. King still didn't want to leave. Ralph said he's going to help and just hang up. Fred played King off with some music. King was still asking if he can come down there. Howard just hung up on him a short time later.

    Howard took a call from a guy who told hi mot get rid of King. He said he would rather listen to Bobo. Howard said he can arrange that. Howard said Bobo is on the line. He said he's not sure why they put King and Ralph in the same room if they don't have tape of it. He said they should have gotten it right.

    Howard said someone needs to be fired but they're not sure who. Howard said King was just on and he wants to be on again. Robin said she kept zoning out. She said she had to bring herself back. Robin said she was drifting off. Howard said that's the challenge to see if you can stay focused while they talk about the Oscars. Howard said he has to talk about his Letterman interview. He said he was excited to see Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. He said he had that big smile and just powered through it. Robin asked how you're supposed to handle it. Howard said he just did it. He said everyone believes that he did something but not Ryan. He said Charlie Rose was accused and you believed that. He said he was gone. He said Harvey Weinstein you know did something. He said Ryan you're not sure about. He said that came to a screeching halt. He said that just can't be. Howard said he's not sure how he feels about that.

    Howard said Louis C.K. is a guy's guy and everyone believed those stories. Robin said he just went away. Howard said James Franco is like ''fuck you'' though. Robin said he was out during that movie promotion and the heat died on that and he went back to his personal life. Howard said Seacrest was the best part of the Oscars for him.

    Howard said he has to take a break. He said tomorrow they'll announce the IQ test results for Brent and Memet. Robin said some guy told her that he was sitting in his car for an hour and then he found out that the results aren't coming until Tuesday. Howard played a promo for the revelation special. They went to break a short time later. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Ike Barinholtz - December 9, 2015. 02/15/19. 8:25am
    Next on today's replay show they played a Ike Barinholtz interview from 2015. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Ike Barinholtz Visits. 12/09/15. 7:55am
    After the break they played a George Takei Christmas song parody. They also played a phony phone call the guys made using clips of Jeff the Drunk yelling at a guy named Jim. They also played a prank call to a gay phone sex line using clips of Howard doing an impression of his mother. They also played Prince covering Radiohead's ''Creep'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and asked what Fred was playing. Fred said it's Prince singing ''Creepy'' from Radiohead. Howard said he had no idea. He had to listen to some of it. Howard said he likes the singing part but not the guitar solo. Howard said he wanted to hear the singing. He said he loves this song. Robin said she realized it was Prince after hearing some of it. Howard said someone told him about Prince performing it in the dark at Coachella. He said that's his thing to do it in the dark.

    Howard said someone wrote in and asked about doing the top 5 songs again since he missed it yesterday with Robin singing all 5. Howard played the top 5 and had Robin and others singing. He had Mariann from Brooklyn singing a few of the songs too. Howard said that goes right through you. He said they don't have any Autotune on those songs. He said it's draining him hearing it.

    Howard said stopping by on the show is Ike Barinholtz. He said he's on a roll. He said he's in the show ''Mindy'' and he's in the new movie ''Sisters'' with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

    Ike came in and told Howard that he's going to be on General Hospital. He was talking about Bobo and telling Howard that Bobo is the worst caller to the show. He said he's a fucking idiot. Howard asked if he wants to tell him that to his face. Ike said he would. Ike said he's obsessed with Bobo but he doesn't like him. He said no one likes him. He said they barely tolerate him. Ike said he is not jealous of Bobo. Howard had Bobo on the phone so he could talk to him.

    Howard told Ike to take a breath and talk to Bobo. Ike said he likes when Bobo calls because that General Hospital thing was great. He said that he found himself missing him when he was gone during the summer. Ike said he was angry because he missed his stupidity. He said he played a clip of Bobo pretending to fall of his treadmill and it was great. He said he loves hating Bobo. Ike said he downloaded Periscope and watched Bobo on there because Howard played that clip. Howard said maybe he's a genius because he got him to like him that way. Ike said that there is no way Bobo is a genius. Howard played a song parody about Bobo after that. Howard said that was from James Cargill.

    Howard said Ike is coming off as a fan of Bobo's. Ike said he is but his questions are awful. Bobo said that it spawns into these songs and stuff. Ike said Howard is the genius for making Bobo interesting. Bobo said of course he is. Bobo said the reason he's calling in is because he loved that Don Henley interview. He said he loves when Howard gets people to talk about the lyrics in their songs. Ike said that Bobo should call in and do it this way. He did his Bobo impression and asked a question. He asked which Wack Packer he'd have dinner with if he had to. Howard went through Elephant Boy and Tan Mom and asked if she's even a Wack Packer. Ike said that he thinks she is but Natalie Maines insists she's not. Ike said he's scared of Natalie. He said that he goes along with whatever she wants. Howard asked if she's working on other celebrities to get them on her side. Ike said it seems she is.

    Ike said that the Wack Packer thing could be any of them. Howard said he cant go with Beetlejuice. Howard said he thinks it might be Eric the Actor. Howard said he was interesting on some level. Howard said he thinks that's who he'd pick. Ike told Bobo that's how you ask a question.

    Howard asked Bobo if he even asked a question. Bobo said that you don't always have to hit it out of the park. Bobo said he had a good Fred question a few weeks ago. Ike said it wasn't that good. Howard played another song parody about Bobo from James Cargill.

    Ike said he likes the people on the fringe. He said that Bobo is like Rupert Pupkin. Ike did more of his Bobo impression asking Howard about having a threesome with someone from the show. He said when Bobo fell off the treadmill everyone was commenting and Bobo is pretending. He said people were all saying ''fuck you'' to him. Howard said Bobo never thinks about stopping his calls to the show. Howard asked Bobo if he had a question. Bobo said he did and when he started to ask it Howard said he has to go and hung up on him. Fred played snoring sounds.

    Howard asked Ike about writing for the Mindy Kaling show. Ike said they're on Hulu now. Ike said he has like one million, one hundred thousand dollars if you added everything up. Howard asked if his wife is a fan of the show. Ike said she is. He said she's been listening forever. Howard said that would make sense if two people were into something like that. Ike said that Chris Rock's wife never got Howard and they're divorced now. He said Chris chose Howard.

    Howard asked Ike about going through Second City and being on MAD TV. Ike said he was on there when he was like 25. Howard said that's why he was never on Saturday Night Live. Ike said Saturday Night Live was great. He said he loved some of the people on that show. Howard asked if he should have held out for Saturday Night Live. Ike said he was a bus boy in L.A. at the time and he doesn't think so. Howard said that you can't turn down MAD TV. Ike said he thinks that Amy Poehler held out. He said that she could have been on a TV show before Saturday Night Live but she held out for Saturday Night Live because that's what she wanted to do. Ike said Amy went to New York and started UCB there. Howard said they liked her and they wanted her to be on Ellen's show and she turned them down. Ike said that's right. He said he's not sure how you turn that down. He said that she loves Howard too. Howard said he loves Amy. He said he didn't know that story about her.

    Howard said he thinks that Lorne Michaels has something against people being on other shows like Saturday Night Live. Ike said he thinks he should. He said some people have made the change though. Ike said that he had fun for the first year on MAD TV. He said that he struggled on the show though. He said that they had some great people on the show and it was a great experience. He said by the end he was done though.

    Howard said now Ike is in sisters. Howard said that he has the movie and he's going to watch it this weekend. Howard said Gary saw it and said it was great. Howard said he's going to watch it. Ike said he hopes he likes it.

    Ike said that he plays Amy's boyfriend in the movie. He said that Tina is the wild child and Amy is the good sister. Howard said they seem to be in love with each other. Ike said they should just scissor and get it over with. Ike said that they are fun to work with. He said they're so cool too. He said they're not assholes. Howard said he thinks they're both hot. He said that Tina doesn't even know she's hot. Ike said she's coming in next week. Howard said that's right. He said he likes talking to her.

    Howard asked if it's true that he tried to turn his mom onto the show. Ike said that his mom loves Howard but she hasn't heard the show in awhile. He said that he turned the show on one day in the car and they were right in the middle of one of Ronnie's sex tips. He said he was telling his mom how great the show is these days and then he turns it on and it's Ronnie talking about cum. He said that's what his mom hears. Howard said the show is kind so schizophrenic. Howard said it can be that or him talking to someone in an intelligent way. Ike said he turned on Howard 101 and it was Richard talking about having snatch lips on his asshole.

    Howard said Ike was trying to get his mom into the show and then she hears that. Ike said his mom is like 63. He said she loves Howard but it was intense to hear that Ronnie stuff. He said that stuff is hard core. Fred played a bunch of Ronnie clips while they were talking about that. Howard said Ronnie has more Twitter followers than most celebrities.

    Howard asked if Ike follows the Wack Packers on Twitter. Ike said that's too much. He said he has seen Jeff's Periscope but he won't follow him. He said that these guys get so pissed when they get hung up on by Howard.

    Howard asked Ike about what he thinks about JD. He said he has a relationship with him on there. Ike said that JD is very good on Twitter. He said it's bright and articulate. Then he comes in the studio. Ike said that the sheets thing was gross. He said he was sleeping in feces and piss. Howard said he met JD's girlfriend last Christmas and she seemed normal. Ike said Richard's wife seems normal and nice too. Howard said he's not sure how you date someone who doesn't wash their sheets in a year.

    Howard got back to the movie ''Sisters'' and who came up with the idea to go up against Star Wars. Ike said it's like counter programming. Ike said he can't wait to see Star Wars but he won't go opening week. He said he's not going to sit next to Darth Nihilus. He did his impression of that guy who Gary Garver interviewed.

    Ike said he thinks there are people who will go to see the movie. Howard said he figured that everyone would just shut down while Star Wars is happening. Howard said Tina and Amy can open a movie. Ike said they can because they're like a global brand now.

    Howard said there are times that Amy and Tina look like movie stars now and maybe they're too hot. Ike said he thinks their charm shines through. He said you can laugh and be turned on at the same time. Robin said Tina has always been pretty. Howard said that the trend now is for these women to be naked. Howard asked if they show anything in the movie. Ike said they don't. He said Tina's tits are like the third lead in the movie.

    Ike said that they were shooting the movie up in Oyster bay and this guy Eric Green comes to him and tells him to look outside. He said he thought it was an old lady but it turns out it was Jackie Martling. He said they saw Jackie out there. He said Jackie lives out there and he stopped by to see what was going on. That led to Ike doing an impression of Jackie in a movie he did. Howard said they should have put him in the movie. Ike said he just hung around for a few minutes before they took him away.

    Howard asked Ike if he wrote the movie ''Suicide Squad.'' Ike said he didn't but he's in the movie. Howard said he never read that comic. Ike told Howard about the villains in the movie and how it's the biggest movie he's ever done. He said that the budget was like $250 million or something. Howard asked who Ike plays. Ike said that he told the guys that he was going on Howard and he was going to talk about the movie but they told him he can't say anything about the movie. He can't even tell Howard who he plays. Howard said the security is insane on some of these movies. Ike said that Jared Leto is in the movie playing the Joker. He said he was in character the whole time. He said he keeps himself separate from everyone.

    Ike said Will Smith and Margot Robbie are in it too. He said she was going around tattooing people. Howard said she is so hot. Ike said she is hot. He said she's a cool chick too. He said everyone is on their game trying to impress her. He said that his end game at best is to go back to his hotel room and shove his TV remote up his ass. Ike said Margot asked if he wanted a tattoo and he asked his wife about it and she said that if he did it would show what kind of man he is.

    Ike said that they were rehearsing and Jared Leto was sending a guy in to do all kinds of weird shit. He said this was in rehearsal a month before they were shooting. He said he was doing shit and he was hard core into that character. Ike said he likes that though. He said he'd rather not hear someone talking about the Met game the night before right before a shoot where he becomes the Joker. He said that's the way you have to play it.

    Howard asked if Will Smith is in the movie. Ike said he's the greatest. Howard said he thinks he's coming in. Ike said that Jada is hot. Howard said she really is. Ike said he and Will had to shoot almighty one night. He said it was the night of the big fight. He said that Will got 3 movie screenings during lunch to see the fight. He said it must have cost 200 grand. Ike said that they had a party where DJ Jazzy Jeff came out and performed with Will too. He said you only want to do Will Smith movies. He said his life is so crazy. He said Howard has to talk to him. Howard said he has to. Ike said the guy is super humble and super nice.

    Howard said he wonders how many times a day Will bangs Jada. Howard said look at Ike hanging out with all of these guys. Ike said he's very lucky.

    Howard said they know this guy who is a big fan of Star Wars and they had a Harrison Ford impersonator call the kid and they reveal all of the fake plot details to him and the kid cries. Howard played the clip for Ike. Wolfie was out at a convention and asked this kid some questions. The kid had some trouble talking. After playing that Howard said they called the kid and told him that he won the chance to speak to Harrison Ford. Howard played that clip next. Sal calls the guy and tells him he won the chance to talk to Harrison Ford. The guy freaked out. Then they have a Harrison Ford impersonator telling the guy what happens in the movie and the guy is stumbling over his words and freaks out about the fake plot details he just learned. The guy ends up crying over it and then hangs up. The Harrison Ford guy calls him a pussy.

    Howard said they had to call the guy and calm him down. Ike said he wonders if he'll see Sisters opening weekend. Howard asked Ike if he's in Neighbors 2. Ike said they just shot it. Howard said he's got some career going. He asked Ike if he's going to stay in comedy or will he do drama too. Ike said he'll do whatever.

    Howard asked Ike who he would save if he had to save one of either Seth Rogen or Amy and Tina if they were in a sinking boat. Ike said that's like Sophie's choice. He said he might save Seth. He said he loved when Seth called into the show from Michael Strahan's dressing room. He said that he and Seth both like weed. He said that Seth is the greatest.

    Howard said Seth is great and he talks about smoking all the time. Ike did an impression of Seth. Howard asked Ike about smoking because he can't do it. Howard asked if he gets self conscious. Ike said he likes to do it by himself at home and watch the news. Howard asked if there's a problem if he smokes at home alone. Ike said that there probably is. He said that his wife used to smoke but she can't handle the new stuff that's so intense.

    Ike said he goes to a guy who was like a surfer dude who told him that he could set him up. He said you don't have to go to a doctor to get a prescription. Ike said in Atlanta you can't do that. Ike said they did Neighbors 2 and the other stars are like 20 year old girls. Howard asked Ike how old he is. Ike said he's 38. He said it's hard not to be creepy in front of 20 year old girls.

    Howard said Ike has a lot going on. He said he has that Neighbors 2 movie coming out next May and this Sisters movie coming out next week. Howard gave him some more plugs for all of that and said that Ike is making the valid point that Star Wars will be packed and you'll be sitting next to some asshole in a Stormtrooper outfit so go see Sisters. Howard said that you can wait for the crowd to die down before seeing Star Wars.

    Ike quoted an old clip from the show and he had it close so Howard said he really has it down. Howard asked if he does an impression of Ben Carson. Ike said he does. He said that Ben has a voice like a pervert. He did his impression of Carson talking to a prostitute. Howard asked if he's into politics. Ike said he is. He said he's a big Hillary supporter. Howard said he knew that Trump's poll numbers were going to go up and he was right. He said they're up since his rant the other day. Ike said he thinks there will come a time when he won't be able to walk the streets of New York.

    Ike said he has a story about Brian Posehn seeing a guy who looked familiar to him. He said Brian kept asking the guy where he knew him from. It turns out that it was Fred Goldman and Fred told him that OJ murdered his son. Howard said that probably happens to him a lot.

    Howard said Ike is also co-writing a movie called ''Central Intelligence.'' Ike said that he and his writing partner are working on that. He told Howard they sold the script like 6 years ago. He said that they didn't make big money on that. Howard said that they wrote it a long time ago. He said that every few years they get a couple of people who might do it but then it goes away. Howard said he's also working on a movie for Amy Poehler. Ike said he is and told Howard how all of that works.

    Howard said Ike is really busy. He said he's like the new Seth Rogen. He asked if he's writing a new Police Academy movie. Ike said they wrote it already. He said that they did that for Key and Peele. He said Howard should have them on. Ike said that they kind of sold it like a year and a half ago. He said in the last year and a half the perception of police has changed so it will be interesting to see if it gets made. Howard said he'd love to see that made. Howard said they have to have Tackleberry back. Ike said he died. He said so did Bubba Smith.

    Howard said he's very happy for Ike. He said that Gary gave ''Sisters'' a 9 teeth review. Howard said he has a clip of Sour Shoes to play. Ike said he called him in the green room earlier. Ike did his Steve Langford impression talking to Sour.

    Howard said they asked Sour to do a recording of Gary saying ''Noine'' and he said he would do it but only if he could do it 109 times. Howard played some of that audio and Ike said he thinks that guy is one of the most talented people in the world. He said he's not exaggerating at all. Howard played a clip of Sour doing his Gary impression and using that ''noine'' thing in the impression a lot. Then he had Gary singing Adele's song ''Hello.'' Ike was cracking up. Sour was making all kinds of references to Gary stuff. Ike said he always mentions Sonos and Trampolines. He said he loves all of that inside stuff.

    Howard talked to Ike about the Margot Robbie tattoo thing and asked if his wife is hot. Ike said she is. He said when the picture leak was going on she was talking about how much it sucks. He said that she said that he used to send her naked pictures and she still has them. He said she's one of those freaks who does Yoga once a year and stays in shape.

    Howard asked Ike if she prepares his tax return. Ike said she is a CPA but he thinks she sends that stuff out to someone else to do. Howard said that he can tell other chicks who think he's vapid that he's married to a CPA. Howard asked if she would win the hottest CPA in America award. Ike said she could. He told Howard how he met her and how nervous he was when he met her.

    Howard said Ike must know he's a good looking dude. Ike said he knows. Howard asked how much he can bench. Ike said maybe 300. He said he can do more push ups than Scott. Howard said he can't do one before his head starts hurting.

    Howard asked when Ike got laid for the first time. Ike said he got it in high school once and then he hit a stride at 18 or 19. Ike said he was in Las Vegas when he met his wife. He said Nicole Sullivan from MAD TV was there with him and she walked over and helped him talk to her. Ike said that she gave a quick intro and said some nice things about him to get it going. Howard asked if he banged her the first night. Ike said no but he was laughing awfully hard. Ike said he would fly out to Manhattan to see her every week. He said he'd wrap with MAD TV and fly out to New York. Howard asked if he had a few girls in L.A. to bang too. Ike said once he met his wife he was done. He said that he was around 29 when he met her. He said that his friend asked what the fuck he was doing and then that guy met Ali Larter and he fell for her like he fell for his wife so he got it.

    Ike said that he reads the Yoda book to his daughter and his daughter makes him read it like 3 times a night. Howard got in a plug for his wife's new Yoda book ''Yoda Gets A Buddy'' since they were talking about it. Howard said that it's a charitable donation and it's great for kids.

    Howard said he goes home in the afternoon and he hangs out with the kittens. He said he talks baby talk with them and it's great.

    Howard said that he's been drinking mold free coffee lately. Howard asked Ike what the best coffee is. Ike said that it's bullet coffee. He said if you put butter in it then it's supposed to be really good. He said it makes you shit immediately. Ike told Howard to try Coffee Bean coffee too. Howard said he doesn't go there. Ike said he has to try it.

    Howard said last time Jimmy Kimmel was there he said that Ike was the one making fun of Robin for naming her cat Yoda. Ike said he wasn't the one who initiated that. He said he and Jimmy were at a huge party after that and they smoked some weed there. He said Jimmy's weed makes Seth's look like shit. Ike said he took one hit off of it and he was out of it. He said that it ruined the night for him. He said it's not fun. Ike said he spoke to a woman for like 10 minutes and he doesn't remember anything he said. He said it turns out it was Tony Hale's wife.

    Ike said that Jimmy turned that whole Yoda thing into a big deal. He said he didn't think Robin was crazy. He said that it was odd that she named her cat Yoda. Robin said she does too. Howard said she just had a brain fart. Howard said Ike did great today. Ike said he loves Howard. Ike said that this is the highlight of his career. He said he doesn't care what he does as long as he gets to come in there.

    Howard wrapped up with Ike and said that Gary's review of Sisters was really good. Howard asked Gary if he watched it in his screening room. Gary said he did. He said most of the staff went to a screening last night and loved it. JD said he didn't get an invite. Ike said he's sorry about that. JD said it's alright. Howard wrapped up and went to break after that.


  • Ronnie Feedback / Robin Hates On Imus - April 3, 2018. 02/15/19. 9:40am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard had some feedback about Ronnie and Robin hated on Don Imus. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Ronnie's Sex Toy Segment Feedback. 04/03/18. 8:20am
    After the break they played a ''Ronnie Mund's Songs In the Key of Pegging'' commercial parody. Howard came back after that.

    Howard said he got a lot of email about the sex toy review. Howard said people said they didn't get enough of Chris Wilding yesterday. He read some email about that segment where Ronnie was in talking about his anal sex toy. Howard said some people said they had to change the channel. Howard said some people didn't like Chris coming in. Some people like that Chris was in there and some wanted to hear from Chris instead of Ronnie. He said someone said they were vomiting while listening.

    Howard said the toy was called the Earthquake by the way. He read more email from people who were commenting on the segment. He had a ton of responses about it. Howard said he had all kinds of comments about Ronnie being gay. He read through some of that too. He had people saying that it's homophobic to call Ronnie gay over liking things in his ass. Howard said someone wrote that Beth would love to stick things in his ass. Howard said he can guarantee she doesn't want to stick anything up his ass. He said she's never even fantasized about that. Howard said someone said that he must be a selfish lover. Howard said someone said leave Ronnie alone. He said that would be a great radio show. He said he won't ask about shoving things in his ass. He said stop it.

    Howard said Dr. Drew had a good statement about Ronnie. He said he gets it. Howard had a clip of Drew talking about how it has nothing to do with his sexual orientation. Drew said he is not gay. He said some of these guys are hyper masculine when they do this. He said Ronnie is shameless and hats off to him on that. He said it's about intensity and not about orientation.

    Howard said he thinks that's a good take on that. He said he thinks it's fine that Ronnie is into it. He said that was a pretty astute comment. Robin said it is his field so that makes sense.

    Bill O'Reilly, Allison Janney And News Clips. 04/03/18. 8:25am
    Howard said he has so much going on. He said he has to play a bunch of things he has there. Robin said she's sorry she asked for that Imus stuff. She said that was a bad call on her part. She said she wants to remind Imus of something. Howard said her head just exploded. Robin said when they left he couldn't even keep WNBC afloat. Howard said Robin wasn't going to get into it. He said now Angry Robin is on the phone about Imus. Howard picked up and had the guys playing clips from Robin's audio book talking about Imus.

    Robin said think about that Mr. I-Man. She said he was so great that there is no WNBC. Howard said she just said a minute ago she wasn't going to erupt. Robin said she left her there and she was thinking about it. Howard said she wasn't going to let it out but then 2 seconds later she did. Robin said something popped up. Robin said he not only decided to change his act but he studied under Howard. Howard said he thought she was going to move on. Robin said he's sitting there pontificating about what he did. Howard said he thought she was going to move on. Howard said he's going to change her thought process. Fred played her news theme.

    Howard said he thinks Bill O'Reilly is going nuts. He said he has been claiming there's information he's going to release but that hasn't come out. He said that he has some podcast going now and he should have just went away. He said he doesn't need to do a show. He said now he's saying shit just to get attention. Howard said someone gave him a clip of Bill saying ''whiteness'' being attacked. Howard played a clip of Bill talking about how skin color wasn't an issue for a long time. Howard said that's not true. Bill was saying that now whiteness is a problem. Robin said it's like Christians saying they're under attack. Howard played more of Bill talking about how they want to get white men out of power. He said that he's getting into that Alex Jones kind of thing. He said he should get a new act. He said he should just do the loufa line with women instead. Howard said someone wanted to boycott his advertisers but they found out that he doesn't have any.

    Howard said Allison Janney said on The View that she forgot to thank Howard Stern at the Academy Awards. Howard said she was very good in ''I, Tonya.'' Howard said he would have loved it if she had mentioned him. He said he's okay with her not mentioning him.

    Howard played a clip from Ellen's show where Allison said she forgot to thank a lot of people like her and Howard Stern. She said she felt remiss that she didn't mention them. Howard said she was a theater actress and she auditioned for Private Parts and she was so fucking good. Howard said he would have liked to have heard more of Allison talking about him.

    Howard said this reporter in Philly was doing a live news report and some fan yelled out that Memet is smarter than Brent. Howard said people are taking it upon themselves to yell this stuff out. Howard played the clip of the guy doing that during a weather report. The reporter said he wanted to get on TV but he didn't get on. Robin said oh yes he did.

    Robin asked if Memet has retired because she hasn't seen him lately. Howard said he hasn't but they'll get him in there sometime. He said they don't see everyone out there in the office. Howard said they're sequestered.

    Howard said a reporter said ''snowball fart'' instead of fight. Howard played that clip.

    Howard said he thinks that Judge Janine farted during an interview with Ben Carson. Howard said she's scary to him. He said she's fucking intense. He said she's no nonsense. He said they think that she was the one who farted. He played the clip and while Ben Carson was talking someone let a fart go. Howard said he doesn't think it was Ben Carson because he didn't flinch. He said when you let out one like that you know. Howard said it might have been Judge Janine. He said they need a panel of experts to break that down.

    Howard had fake Ben Carson on the phone to talk about the fart. The guys had the fake Ben farting as he was talking. Howard said he's making him think that he was the one who farted. Howard kept him on the line for a little longer farting as he talked. Howard said Dr. Carson was denying that it was him.

    Phone Calls And Fake Name Pranks. 04/03/18. 8:40am
    Howard took a call from a guy who said he was listening to the Ronnie Sex Toy Review and he brought up Jason Ellis. He said they brought that up on Jason's show later in the day. He said that they were thinking about having a contest to see who could launch a dildo out of their ass the furthest. Howard said he'd be up for that. He said he doesn't want to put any animals up the ass but they could hide something in his ass or maybe Perez sticks his fist up his ass or something like that. Howard said maybe one of the listeners could come in and do something. He said he's not sure where they go with this. He said they'll see what happens.

    Howard said he had a montage of some times they sent in fake names to radio show hosts to read. Howard played the clip and laughed through it.

    Howard said those are great. He mentioned some of the names they got out there. He said he liked Sharon Cox. Howard said they just pulled off some new ones on a Canadian radio show. He said they got in Jack Soffalot and things like that. He said they got Pierce Theclit and Har Don. He said they sent Ronnie Sahomo and they figured it out. He said this was some station in Alberta Canada. He said they're in Balzac Canada. Howard played the clip where they got in some of those crazy names. He said they're pretty proud of that. In the clip the guys were calling into the show wishing happy birthday to their family members with the fake names. The host was also reading some of the names they sent in.

    Howard played a bit with Robin and her friend Simona Dinnerstein performing together. They had a piano playing and Robin singing along. They went to break after that.


  • Benjy's 20th Anniversary - March 13, 2018. 02/15/19. 10:10am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where they celebrated Benjy's 20th anniversary on the show. Here's my rundown from that day:

    The Benjy Tribute Finally Happens. 03/13/18. 9:20am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he has to get to this Benjy tribute. He said he wants to get this of his plate. He said he has a panel in there. He said he has Gary, Jason, Brent, Shuli, Memet and Ronnie in the studio. Howard said they're all there for the Benjy tribute. He said ie asked the guys to pick out their favorite Benjy moments. Howard said this is the 20th anniversary of Benjy being on the show.

    Howard said he has a clip to play from his first time on the air. He said he'd like a time machine clip. Fred found something to play. Howard said this is when Benjy was on the air for the first time. Gary said Benjy had been out of college but he took one credit to get to be an intern on the show. He said he may have been 28 or 29 when he was an intern. Howard said he tricked them by wearing that college beanie. Howard said he used to call him Benjy Van Wilder.

    Jason said they spoke to some of Benjy's friends and they say that he was an upper clansman in college in 1989. Howard asked what he was doing from that time until he was on this show. Jason said he had a lot of jobs like Pedi-cab driver and he may have driven hookers around too. Howard said that's interesting but he doesn't dare ask him to come in to talk about it. He said that'll just slow them down.

    Howard said he gave Benjy a job in radio and he had no experience. He said this is more about him than Benjy. He said this was Benjy's first time on the air. He said he emailed him and said he had a religious experience the first time he saw him. Howard played the clip and Benjy was talking about how his shoulder was cured after seeing him the first time in person.

    Howard said he should have thrown him out of there with the Benjy catapult. He played a clip of that sound effect.

    Howard asked if they should have Benjy in there for this. Gary said he's going to slow things down if he's in there. Benjy came in anyway. Howard asked if he's going to slow things down. Benjy said no.

    Howard said he knows Gary gets annoyed with Benjy. Gary said he odes. Benjy said he gets so condescending with him. Gary said he isn't though. Benjy said he's trying to stay positive. Gary said he's slowing things down.

    Howard said he's going to get to this and he wants the guys to say something nice about Benjy and he'll play a clip. Gary said he's a fan of Benjy's noises and his field pieces. He said he went to a pillow case fight once and he didn't want to end the fight. He said that he's not sure where that guy went that had all of that energy back then. Gary said he interviewed Soupy Sales and he ended up getting knocked on the ground and it was really funny. Howard said these days he's not interested in that.

    Gary said this clip is Benjy at a scream for peace event. He said Benjy shows up and hijacks the event. Howard played the clip of Benjy screaming at the top of his lungs at this event. He was screaming about his penis size. They were supposed to be doing that about peace.

    Gary said he has another clip of Benjy at Comic-Con where he got thrown out. He said he was screaming and making weird noises as he got dragged out. Howard played that one too and Benjy was making a whining sound and then some kind of scream. Howard asked if they get scared when he does that. Benjy asked if they get scared so Howard asked Gary what he thinks. He wasn't answering quick enough.

    Howard said that when Benjy got fingered by Perez Hilton on the air he made such a violent noise that he made Perez stop. Gary said that was one of the most bizarre things he's been involved with on the show. He said they had only 2 sets of headphones so he had to share them with Benjy. He said he got the vibration on the bed. Benjy said he was thinking of making out with Gary during that. He said that was scary because Perez was thrusting. Howard said he was making weird noises and he was getting that finger up there. He said he thought the noises were real. Benjy said it was pain and fear.

    Howard said that Gary pulled another clip from that Perez Hilton thing. He played the clip where Benjy screamed when he got the finger up his ass. He was screaming at Perez to not do it hard. Howard was telling him to go slow.

    Howard said that's the noise that Ronnie should have made when he got the dildo up his ass. Ronnie said they put it in slow so he didn't scream. Benjy said that he got a colonic once and he screamed like that. Howard asked what it was like for Gary when he screamed like that. Gary said he could see in his face he wasn't hurt but he was still in bed with a guy who had a finger in his ass.

    Howard said he had the feeling that Perez was going to be pretty aggressive. Gary said he was. Howard said the doctor found his class ring in there. He was joking.

    Gary said that Howard mentioned that he might want to start the show later and Benjy was screaming about that today. Benjy stared to talk about where he went to school to get on the show but Howard cut him off. Benjy said that Gary also wrote him a check for $100 and that's when he stopped liking him. Howard said that he's the only one who is going to ruin this tribute. He said he's going to take his jacket back if he makes one more comment.

    Howard asked Jason what he has. Jason said he loves how fearless Benjy is. He said in 2008 the stock market was crashing and Lehman Brothers was going out of business and Benjy went right in and started in with the news. He had a clip of Benjy giving a shout out to Gary's son Lucas Dell'Abate saying that's who they need out there to help. Benjy said he ended up in jail that day for doing that. He said they dropped the charges later that day. Howard said that was the same day that Sal and Richard were making out on camera.

    Jason said that one time Benjy went on the street and asked black people to tickle him. Howard had audio of that too. He played the clip and guys were asking him to get away from them.

    Jason said Benjy also crashed the Anthony Weiner press conference and he gave out his twitter handle and all of that. Benjy said he got kicked out of that too. He said he hurt his ankle. Howard said a lot of reporters were mad at him for asking questions there. He said he thinks it was some security people who dragged him out. Benjy said he felt a sharp pain and he's not even sure who hit him.

    Howard played the clip of Benjy at the Anthony Weiner press conference. He was yelling out questions and people were freaking out over what he was asking.

    Howard said he wants to know what Ronnie's tribute is about. Ronnie said this was from 2002 when Anna Nicole Smith was in and Benjy asked her out on a date. Howard said they went for it and made out on the show. Howard said that was a great moment. Howard played some audio from the show where Benjy took Anna into a room to give her oral. Howard said they went into the bathroom and they made out. He had some audio of them making out. Then someone knocked on the door.

    Howard said that people wonder why she overdosed. Howard said Benjy tried to go out with her but she really didn't want to date. Benjy said she wanted him to go home with her. He said he didn't and he really should have. Howard said he should have eaten her out. Benjy said he was working his way up to it. Gary said he saw him jump right into it with a girl he knew less than her. Howard asked what happened on the date. Benjy said that they went to the hotel room. He said they had cameras on them the whole time. He said he laid on her couch and she showed him her freckles and stuff. He said she treated her dog kind of mean too. Brent asked if he felt her up at all. Benjy said he thinks so. He doesn't remember.

    Howard said that Anna also said she was on her period at the time. Benjy said he told her that was fine. He said he would have done it.

    Howard said Ronnie had some good recall on that one. He said that Jason also said he likes Benjy's phony phone calls. Jason told Howard what he had there to play. He said Benjy got this woman to have phone sex with him as a horse. Howard said that was fun stuff. He said Benjy doesn't do that anymore. He played the clip and Benjy was asking to have phone sex as he was pretending to be a horse. This woman played along with it.

    Howard said that was some wild stuff. He said it must have been bleeped a lot on K-Rock. Jason said he has another one where he put an ad on Craigslist and they had to check on a friend who has special needs. He said that he took a year to put this one together. He said Benjy confesses to this woman that he ate his own brother. Howard played the call where Benjy did the phony phone call to this woman and tells her about this person who ate her brother. Benjy is playing the part of the woman who ate her brother.

    Howard said that weird thing is that Benjy looked like a retarded person who ate his brother. Gary said there's a PBS documentary that still airs that has Benjy playing a slow person at a hot dog stand. Benjy said he just walked up and played the part. He said he was talking about how he likes hot dogs. He said he had no idea it was going to show up on PBS every year.

    Howard asked Gary to make the point about how it's dangerous to take him to events. Gary said in 2000 they were doing a show from an MTV event. He said Benjy never knows where the line is. He said the whole thing about Jacob Dylan was not to ask him about his father. Benjy got drunk and he started to sing to Jacob with one of his dad's songs. Gary said Benjy also threw up on Robin that night. Howard had some audio of that too. Howard said that's how Robin got cancer.

    Howard said that he forgot about that. He said this anniversary is wild. Gary said the next year they were at the Playboy mansion and they saw Benjy completely naked jumping into the grotto. Howard said he doesn't remember much of what happens on the show but he remembers that. He said he did it right next to him. He played some audio of the reactions from the guys as Benjy went into the pool naked.

    Howard asked Brent what he has about Benjy. Brent said that he loves his art but he gets frustrated with him when he shows up late and things like that. He had a clip from 2016 when Benjy showed up late. He said when Howard is really upset it's great. Howard played the clip of Benjy trying to explain why he was late and how it doesn't happen often. That's the day Howard moved him out of the studio.

    Howard said that time flies when Benjy isn't in the studio. He said that was the best decision in his life. He said he can bring him in when he needs him and throw him out. Benjy said he doesn't believe that.

    Howard asked Memet what he has. Memet said he went and tailed Benjy at a Trump protest. He said this is new material. He said he has Benjy screaming in that. Memet said they had people screaming at the sky and Benjy still pissed them off by screaming. Brent said they were really pissed at Benjy. Howard said Trump should hire Benjy.

    Howard played a clip of these people at the rally banging drums and chanting. Howard said this is why he hates living in New York. He said he's up high in his building but he hears this stuff. Memet said this was in the middle of winter and Benjy showed up in shorts and a t-shirt. He said it was freezing out. Benjy said pants don't fit as well as shorts. He said he knew he was going to be moving around a lot that night. Howard said he's not even doing shtick. Benjy said it was easy to get around in them. Brent said that he wasn't cold at all. He said he was in gloves himself but Benjy was comfortable.

    Memet said Benjy was asking the screaming people to stop because they're going to wake up Howard Stern. Howard played that clip where Benjy asked them to stop. In another clip the people were screaming and then Benjy starts screaming and a guy gets in his face. Brent said it seemed like there were more people covering that even than participating in it. Brent said the guy who got mad at Benjy was upset that he wasn't taking it seriously.

    Memet said that at this point Benjy was responding with all screams. He was offered a flyer and he was screaming that he wanted flyer. Howard said that scream is prehistoric.

    Memet said the protesters are silly. He said they were handing out lollipops and Benjy stared screaming about that. He said they go upset with him about that too. Howard played the audio of that.

    Howard said that maybe they thought he was a slow adult. Memet said that they had one woman who didn't give permission to use her audio saying that he's obviously mentally channeling. Howard said he wishes they had that one.

    Memet said in the next clip the people were asking Benjy to leave and Benjy is telling him and Brent to get out of there acting like they're talking to them. Howard played some of that audio too.

    Memet said the group was following Benjy's lead when he started chanting. He was chanting about Simon Cowell and they were repeating after him. Howard played that clip. Benjy was chanting ''Simon Cowell Will Fuck Your Wife.''

    Gary said Benjy is really nutty. He said they had a guy on the show who had two kids and he let Benjy stay over. He said that Benjy had night terrors at the house in the middle of the night.

    Jason said that he interviewed his college roommates and they said that it happened back then too. Howard said his grandpa would yell in his sleep. Benjy said he doesn't think he does that anymore. Howard said no one would know because he lives alone.

    Howard said that's 20 years of Benjy on the Howard Stern Show. He said he thinks this is enough of that. Gary said they could do a lot more. He said they could get into his sex stories and stuff. Howard said that was fun when he'd come in and tell sex stories. Benjy said he'll do that. Shuli told him to take his time.

    Benjy said he just got a text that was pretty funny. Howard said maybe another time. He said they should end on a high note.

    Benjy said he got laid about a week ago. He said he was using a dating app. Howard said Benjy would tell him about going to people's houses and having sex. Gary said he told a story about answering ads on Craigslist and going to people's houses where they had left the door open and you just get in bed with them. Benjy said he only had a guy do that once. He said the guy said he couldn't' leave because his parents would find out. Howard asked when he answers and ad like that are any of them attractive. Benjy said yes. He said some of them are like models. He said he realized they were probably doing coke and stuff.

    Howard asked why a model would want to take a stranger. Benjy said that when they're hot like that they don't care about how the guy looks. Howard said women have guys coming on to them all the time. He said it's so weird to him.

    Gary said Benjy has told stories about helping women out cleaning and they have sex with him for doing that. Ronnie said he used to go to the Today show to get guests and Benjy would be standing there like a pimp. Memet said that Benjy has a rap with chicks. He said he has something there. Howard said he has a hard time believing that models leave their door open to let a guy come in.

    Benjy said he had a famous guy fuck this woman in front of him. He said that he did it and he wanted him to act like he was forcing them. He said this was a famous guy too. Howard said he's going to tell him as soon as he turns off the microphone.

    Howard said he doesn't think Benjy will ever settle down with a woman. Benjy said he can see Ronnie's point about the sex stuff. He said that he doesn't think he'd want to take the stuff in his ass on a regular basis.

    Howard said this has been a lovely tribute. Robin said one of his greatest phone calls was when he played Bill Clinton and the woman got him off. Howard said he can't get to everything.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he wanted to say he was dreading this but it was pretty epic. He said he was cracking up listening. Howard said he feels better about Benjy and that was the idea here. He said he wanted to celebrate 20 years of him on the show.

    Jason asked if he wanted to find out about his job driving hookers. Howard asked if that was true. Benjy said there was an ad in the village voice and he showed up and it was to drive the hookers. He said he was supposed to body guard them too. He said the girls were tougher than him though. Howard asked if he had to fight anyone. Benjy said no because he only did it 4 nights. Benjy said that his car broke down one night and the girl had to push the car to the side of the road. Howard sake if that's why he stopped doing the job. Benjy said the girls really liked him and they wanted him to keep doing it. Howard said he should have rented a car and kept doing it.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said this allowed him to check out all of the other channels on Sirius. He said they have a Beatles and a Springsteen channel. He said he enjoyed every second of not listening to this.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he thinks Benjy should be back in the studio every day. He said he should give him another shot.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that Benjy being there on radio is the same Benjy in life. She said her brother was in his fraternity after Benjy left school. She said that he thought Benjy was an odd bird from what the other guys told him. She said there was a story about Benjy walking into this affair wearing a tux t-shirt and jeans and he was loud and obnoxious the whole time he was there. Howard said way to ruin the tribute with a negative story. Howard said she was going on and on and he wanted to hang himself.

    Howard wanted to wrap up and Benjy said he's not sure why he has this anger for him. Gary said they just talked about the stuff that made them laugh. Howard said he's celebrating him. He said now end it. He asked what's wrong with him. He asked how he would like this to end. Benjy said he has this anger toward him. Howard said now he has to get him out of there. Howard said he's ruining the end of the thing. Benjy said they know what he's talking about. Howard said he just did a tribute to him. He said he has to move on. Brent said they're way off into the weeds.

    Howard wrapped up with the guys and did a live commercial read before going to break.

    Today's show was over around 11:15am.

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