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-- Wednesday, May 6, 2015 --

  • One Hit Wonders. 05/06/15. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A prank call to a phone sex line using Tracy Morgan audio clips, Natalie Maines performing a cover of Pink Floyd's ''Mother'' in the Howard Stern Show studio.

    Howard started the show talking about how he was going to try to finish his breakfast. He asked if Fred and Robin ever get into that song ''Plowed'' by Sponge. Fred said he has. Howard had Fred play that so he could eat his breakfast. Howard said he has this song on his playlist. He said it's one of his favorites. Howard let the song play while he ate.

    Howard said this song makes him want to cry. Robin said maybe it's the lyrics. Howard said it just creates a mood in him that makes him nuts. Howard said he thinks he's singing about the end of the world. Howard said he doesn't know what the lyrics are even though he doesn't know what they are. Robin said he must have known them at some point. Fred said ''world of human wreckage'' is pretty devastating. Howard didn't know what else he was singing about. Robin said if they shut up she'd be able to hear it. Robin said maybe in his subconscious he knows. Howard said he's also singing ''Say a prayer for me'' in the song. Fred said he's obviously drowning based on what he's singing. Howard asked if he's talking about being buried. Fred said he thinks so. Robin said there was something else but they were still talking.

    Fred had another song to play for Howard. He played a cover of ''House of the Rising Sun'' by Five Finger Death Punch. Howard told him to play it but after 3 seconds he wasn't digging it. Howard said it has to get him right away or he's out. Howard asked Fred how he knows this one. Fred said he tries to find interesting covers. He said it was on the top rock songs of 2014. Howard said he's kind of digging it now. Howard said it's pretty cool actually. Howard asked Fred to send him that one so he can put it on his playlist.

    Howard asked about Sponge and if that was their only hit. Fred didn't know. Gary didn't know either. He told Howard Steve Brandano is saying they had a song called ''Molly'' and another one called ''Gel'' that were hits. Howard had Fred play those. Howard wasn't liking those so much when he heard them. Howard had him play ''Plowed'' again. Fred said the band is still touring. Howard said it's just this one song. He said it's like that band Hum and that great song they had. He said they had just the one. Robin said that's why the Beatles are so great. Howard said she's right. Fred said Hum was doomed because of the lead singer's problems.

    Howard said he's thinking about Letterman and going on next Monday. Howard said he has no idea what to say to the guy. Howard said he wants to say something meaningful to him. He said that he thinks Dave is flipping out actually. He said that he thinks he's fine but he's not. Howard said Dave doesn't have the emotional equipment to retire. Howard said he may become a Bruce Jenner. He said he may become a woman. Howard said that's the rumor. Howard said he's going from talk show host to woman.

    Howard said this song Plowed is so great. He said that you have to look at the Stones and how they have so many great songs. He said like 80 percent of their stuff is great. Robin said there are some that only have one. Howard said Sponge needs a smack in the head. Fred said they're going to be playing in Queens soon. Howard said they should go to the show and just yell out the name of this one song. Howard asked what else they do after that song. Fred said he doesn't know. Howard said they should do an extended jam of this song. Robin asked if he'd go out of his house to hear just one song. Howard said he doesn't think so.

  • Game Of Thrones Discussions. 05/06/15. 7:10am
    Howard said he went out to a dinner party last night. He said he never does that on a Tuesday. He said that he and Beth went to dinner first. He said he put on a suit and tie and he was so fucking tired by the time he got home. Howard said he was home by 8:30. Howard said he did see a lot of cool people there. Howard said Beth fell aright asleep. He said he didn't release his poison.

    Howard said he watched Game of Thrones last night and he has no idea what's going on. He said they never do a group scene. He said he can't understand what's going on with that show. Howard said it's just boring. He said he's hanging in there because everyone is watching it. He said they're fucking up a good show. Gary said they watched the last scene and Mary said she had no idea what just happened. Howard said he has no idea what that was about either. Howard said he doesn't know half of the people and the Khaleesi has more clothes on than Robin does this morning. Robin said he has to stop with that. Howard said she should be taking her clothes off. Gary said they hardly take their clothes off at all. He said even the wife of the new king doesn't get naked like she used to. Howard said the girl who did take her clothes off is an older woman. Howard said he would fire that woman who plays the Khaleesi. Howard said she's a fine actress but she used to be nude. Gary said her body double is pretty hot.

    Howard said Brad Garrett's girlfriend was really hot yesterday. Howard said he was looking at pictures of them. Howard said that she is hot. Robin said they've been together for 7 years. Howard said he has that move telling her to go find another guy. Howard said that guy is cock strong. Gary said she said she knows he doesn't mean that. Howard said his pimp hand is strong.

    Howard said that there are pictures of her on He said Ronnie would say that she's ''fucking hot.''

    Jon Hein came in and said he doesn't understand the problem with Game of Thrones. Howard said he thinks if they gave a quiz to anyone who watches that show they don't know half of the names of the people on the show. Howard said he doesn't even know the name of the dwarf guy. Robin said she doesn't know half of what's going on either. Howard said he knows Jon read all of the books. Jon said it's not about that. Howard asked who would read a book of that shit. He said he'd rather read the bible.

    Jon said that there are a couple of things that are bothering Howard. Howard said that the nudity thing is part of it. Howard said they have to see some titty and ass. Howard said even cock is shocking. Jon said they do compensate for that with the brothel scenes. Howard said that's not enough. He said they have to do it with regular characters.

    Jon said that Ronnie was saying he had the same rap with his girlfriend that Brad Garrett had with Isabella. Howard said he heard Ronnie and Brad were bonding over that. Howard said Brad asked Ronnie what he does. Ronnie was telling him that she should get a younger guy but she just needs it from him. That led to Howard and Fred doing their Ronnie voices and saying creepy sexual stuff.

  • High Pitch Eric To Get A Service Dog? 05/06/15. 7:20am
    Howard said they asked the Wack Pack how babies are made. He said that Ronnie thing reminded him of that. Howard played a clip of Big Foot explaining how a pregnancy happens. He compared it to pot plants. Then they had Asian Pete explaining it. Then it was High Pitch Eric and Howard said it sounds like he has cum in his mouth while he's explaining it.

    Howard said High Pitch Eric was interviewed by Jon Leiberman yesterday and Eric has been approved for a service dog. Howard said he wants that stopped. Howard said that they had to take his last dog away from him. Howard said the dog was so fucked up they had to find a home for it. Howard said Eric can't take care of a dog. Howard played a clip of Jon talking to Eric about the service dog. Howard said he'll sue the therapist and the service dog people if they give him one. Jon asked Eric if he's going to walk the dog. Eric said he will. He said it's an emotional support dog. Howard said they can't let him have a dog. Howard said he wants a full investigation.

    Leiberman came in and said that Eric started a dog walking business that never took off. He said this situation is that Eric has applied for a service dog and his therapist has given approval for it. Howard said Eric doesn't take care of his dog. Jon said he was told that he has a friend who hires him to work at a pet store and Eric has proven himself at the store. Howard said that's only for a few minutes. Jon said Eric claims he's getting food ready and looking for a bigger apartment. Howard said the authorities had to take the last dog. Jon said Eric thinks he's ready now. Howard said Eric isn't ready and not capable. Howard said he has to have him come in there and talk.

    Howard said Eric had a cat and it chewed through a screen and ran away. He said Eric isn't capable. Robin said he can't even take care of himself. Howard said the psychiatrist doesn't care. Jon said they think Eric would get more of out having a dog than the dog would get out of it. Howard said imagine the luck of the draw for that dog getting Eric as an owner.

    Jon told Howard about Eric taking care of his fish and how he watched it 24 hours a day. Howard said a fish is fine. He said if Eric gets a dog he's going to ban him from the show. Howard said he can't take care of the dog. Howard said Eric doesn't have anyone to help him. Jon said he has Joey Boots. Howard said Eric should dress up Joey Boots as a dog. Howard said it's good that he goes to a pet store and plays. He said he can do that every day instead of getting his own dog. Howard said a dog will cost him 2 grand a year in food alone. Jon said Howard is paying for it. Howard said he doesn't want to pay for it.

    Howard had Wendy the Slow Adult on the phone and she said that you have to train the dog. She said that she has cats and her mom watches them. Wendy said that she wants to get rid of some of them because she can't afford them. Wendy said her mother is the one buying food for them. Howard said Wendy sounds like a genius this morning. He told her to go clean her diaper now.

    Jon said that Eric has trouble walking on his own and Wendy brought that up. He said that he has to walk the dog like that.

    Mariann from Brooklyn called in and said she'll cut Eric off too if he gets a dog. She said that his last dog was neglected. She said that she doesn't understand who would give him a dog. Howard said that these psychiatrists don't understand. Howard said this guy sees him come in and he checks right out. Mariann said it's all about the mighty dollar. Mariann said she really will cut Eric off if he does this. She said that he can't take care of himself.

    Howard said this is tough love. Howard said this is good. He thanked Mariann for that. Jon said that if the dog gets into junk food that's laying on the floor of his apartment that's another problem. He said he will keep Howard up to date on all of that. Howard let Jon go and played some of his rap singing. Howard said that guy is insane.

    Howard played another clip of Medicated Pete talking about how babies are made. Then he had Beetlejuice explaining it.

  • Child Birth Or Orgasm Game. 05/06/15. 7:30am
    Howard said they have a game he wants to promote. He said it's called Child Birth or Orgasm. Howard said he'll play a clip and Robin has to guess which one it is. Howard played a clip and asked Robin if it was a woman giving birth or an orgasm. Robin guessed orgasm. Howard said that it's an orgasm. He replayed the clip. Howard said Robin is very good.

    Howard played another one and said he doesn't have the answers there so he guessed child birth. Robin said she thinks is sounds like an orgasm. Howard played it again and it was child birth. Howard played another one that he thought sounded like a fake orgasm. It turned out to be a birth.

  • Saying Goodbye To David Letterman. 05/06/15. 7:35am
    Howard took a call from Jim from Raleigh who asked if he's going to try to start his friendship back up with Letterman. Howard said he doesn't know. He said he will be on Monday and he has a lot of questions for him. He said he's sure Dave has some for him too. Howard said that he wonders what the fuck Dave is going to do. Howard said he doesn't have any friends. Howard said he tried to be friends with Dave but that got off track. Howard said they were so close but so far.

    Jim said that they were contemporaries and they're both A-list celebrities. Robin said they should be vacationing together. Howard said he's pretty reclusive himself. He said there are a bunch of reasons they're off track and he'll take responsibility for that. Howard said that he can think of two things that he did that screwed it up. Howard said that he's in a different place now but there's much water under that bridge. Howard said he thinks he and Dave share a lot of common ground but he's not sure they'd be close off the air.

    Howard said he does appreciate Dave a lot and it would be fun to talk to Dave. Howard said he has never spoken to Dave other than on the air. Howard said they're not that close. He said they have spoken on the telephone a couple of times. He said it's not something that will happen.

    Jim said that Dave tried to call him after one of his appearances. Howard said that was all business. Howard said he's convinced that Monday night will be the last time he sees Dave. Jim said that's depressing. Howard said there's really no other opportunity to get together. Jim asked if he could pick up the phone and ask him out to dinner. Howard said he'll tell an interesting story on Monday night so tune in to hear that.

    Howard said Dave is done with the whole thing. He said he doesn't think he wants to go out but he has to. He said on Monday he won't be running around in a dress. He said this is how he's going to say goodbye to the guy who was so good to him.

    Howard said the worst thing about radio is the thing that's the best. He said radio is local. He said if you fail in a market you can get up and go somewhere else and try again. Howard said it's such a bad thing. He said you rip the hair out of your head. He said imagine you do all of this stuff and climb to the top of the ratings in Washington DC and then you get to New York and have to start over. Howard said the people at NBC hated him and wanted him out of radio. He said they plotted to fire him. Howard said this was all in a movie so you know it's true. Howard said they really were open and aggressive about it. Howard said he was at the worst part of his life. Howard said he was getting the shit beat out of him at NBC. He said they were yelling at him saying he wasn't a good announcer and the stuff he was doing on the air was horrible.

    Howard said in 1983 or 84 he got a call from David Letterman asking him to come on his national show. Howard said no one was doing that for radio guys. Howard said David was a fan of his. Howard said Dave asked him to come on the show. Howard said he went on and Dave treated him like a rock star. He said he interviewed him and gave him national exposure. Howard said the next day because he did so well on the show all of his bosses lightened up. He said they weren't in love but they gave him a break for 2 or 3 weeks. Howard said it was like a guy on death row being given another few weeks to live. Howard said things went to hell in a hand basket and they didn't like what he was doing after that. He said that's what he's going on David's show for on Monday. He said he has to thank Dave and say goodbye. Howard said Dave might fall asleep during that story if he tells that. Howard said that the audience just wants laughs so he may not be able to tell that one. Howard said he had to take a break after that. Howard said Melissa Rivers is coming in today. He said he's really going to depress her today talking about her mom. Howard said that he feels that Joan had a lot of life left in her. He said she was healthy. They went to break a short time later.


  • Fake George Bush Calls In. 05/06/15. 7:55am
    After the break they played some audio of Fred the Elephant Boy and Quentin the Stutterer singing Kumbaya from a Christmas bit. They also played a song parody about Howard Stern to the tune of ''Imagine.'' They also played a prank call Sal made to High Pitch Eric with High Pitch Eric impersonator, Matt Jacobs. They played The Beatles ''Strawberry Fields'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he has George Bush on the phone. Howard said they haven't heard from him in a while. Howard picked up on the phony Bush and said that he was criticizing President Obama recently. Bush talked about that and said that they can suck his ass. Bush blamed the earthquake in Nepal on Obama.

    Howard said he'll stick with this a little bit longer. Bush told Howard that Michelle's diet plan isn't working. He asked Howard if he's been to a mall lately. Howard said he'll stick with this just a little longer.

    Howard asked Bush about some other things and then bush went off on Howard for not voting for him and other things. Howard let him go a short time later.

    Howard said that he went out with a bang. Howard said he didn't even know why he called in. Howard said he's not sure why he called in either.

  • Religious Nuts. 05/06/15. 8:00am
    Howard said Mike Huckabee wants to be president. Howard said he used to watch him on FOX News. Howard said that he seems to be a nice home town kind of guy until he starts talking about how anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage he is. Howard said he likes the guy but then he starts talking about that stuff.

    Howard played some audio of Huckabee talking about how the Supreme Court can't overrule god and things like that. Howard said that this gets the right wingers crazy and then it fires up other guys. Howard said he has audio of another guy who is on radio. Howard played that clip and the guy was talking about the supreme court defying god. Howard said that we're pretty sure God isn't real. Howard said we created that to make dying easier to deal with. Howard said this guy is Dick Wild. Howard played more audio of him talking about how there will be swift consequences for the United States if we continue this. Howard said this is no different than what ISIS tells their followers. Howard said that they say if you do this, if you do that then this will happen.

    Howard played more audio of this guy Dick talking about a sweeping fire coming across America. He said that's what will happen when the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage. Howard said these maniacs get fired up over the stupidest shit. Robin said that's why she can't understand why he watches FOX News. Howard said he loves it. He said he watched Anna Kooiman doing her news this morning. Howard said that she is so hot.

    Howard said he spent a fortune on clothes and he didn't fit into his pants. He said that he didn't eat anything at dinner last night. He said that they brought him some Risotto to try and he didn't want to but he ended up eating the whole thing. Howard said he can't avoid it. Howard said he had to pull his pants up high because he wasn't able to buckle them. Howard said his belly was bulging over his pants. He said he had high waters on because they were pulled up so high. Howard said he went to that party like that. Howard said it was a fancy party. Howard said he bought so many clothes and now he doesn't fit into them. Howard said he had to stop running because he has such pain after running.

    Howard got back to the religious nuts. Howard said that these people used to go after them when they were on the air. Howard said that they raised money by telling their followers they wanted to get them off the air. Howard played a clip of a woman talking about why she does what she's doing for god. She said that his hand of protection will leave this country if this gay marriage thing goes through. Howard said these people think that god loves this country the most. Howard said that the other countries think the same thing. Howard said this woman thinks that if we pass gay marriage then his hand comes right off. Howard said he was apparently very cool with slavery. Howard said raping women and all of that was fine. It's just this gay stuff that's pissing him off. Howard said these people didn't have a problem with all of that other stuff. He said God was on our side when we killed all of the Indians.

    Howard played more audio of the woman talking about how she's going to be there protesting until the verdict is in.

    Howard said he has a clip of a news reporter saying ''fuck'' accidentally. He was trying to say ''food truck'' but he said ''fuck''. Howard said Nick Kroll yelled out ''Baba Booey'' at a Dodger's game. Howard said that he was there to throw out the opening pitch and he threw out a ''Baba Booey'' too. Howard played that and Nick got in two Baba Booeys. Howard said that's a 10. Robin said that was an 11.

  • Wolfie Interviews From The Fairy Festival. 05/06/15. 8:15am
    Howard took a call from Wolfie who asked if he has a junk drawer in the kitchen like everyone else does. Howard said Beth is in charge of all of that. Howard said the only stuff he cares about is his office. Howard said he has his closet organized too. Howard said he doesn't care about the kitchen. Howard said Beth cares. He said she cares about the overall look of the house. Wolfie said he had no idea that's how it was. Howard said Beth takes care of all of that. Howard said he bought some paintings and Beth asked if he wanted to put them in the kitchen and he never even thought about that. He said it took him a while to adjust to that. He said they did put them in there and they work in there. He said they look perfect in there. Howard said that he was only thinking about putting them in his office area.

    Howard said as long as he has Wolfie on the phone he'll play some of his Fairy Festival interviews. Howard said these people dress up like fairies. Wolfie said they're into nature and they're way out there. He said he was surprised how strange they were. Howard asked what it cost to get in. Wolfie said it was 20 bucks for the day.

    Howard said these people hide in their house and their parents don't understand them. Howard said they stand around in drum circles and things. Howard said it makes them feel special. Howard said a lot of them have very strange voices and they must look strange too. Wolfie said that he thinks they were turned down by every other group and this is the last thing they could find.

    Howard played a clip of one of the interviews Wolfie did. The guy wasn't able to speak very well. He sounded like he was speaking under water. Howard asked how old this guy was. Wolfie said he thinks he was in his 20s. He said the best way to describe him is that he looked like a younger version of Gargamel from the Smurfs. Wolfie said he's heard that interview 3 times and he still has no idea what the guy was talking about.

    Howard asked about the drum circle and what that's all about. Wolfie said they have music playing from the time they start until they're done. He said guys are dressed in drag and it's pretty creepy. Howard played some audio of some of that music. Howard said this is the music of the unemployed. Howard said Gary's trumpet would fit right into it. Howard asked Fred to play that but he wasn't able to find it. Fred said sometimes it's hard to find. He eventually found it and played Gary's trumpet over the Fairy Festival music.

    Howard played a clip of a guy who called himself Gammamouth the Troll. Wolfie spoke to him about fairies and the guy said he thinks they are real. The troll was explaining what's wrong with this world today. Howard did his impression of the guy and goofed on his speech impediment.

    Howard played another interview Wolfie did with a guy at the festival. Howard asked if they ever do role playing there. Wolfie said that does go on there. Robin asked where this fairy lore comes from. Howard said he thinks they just make it up as they go along. Wolfie said some people think it's real.

    Howard played another clip of a guy saying he believes in vampires, fairies but not wolves. Howard said that's the one thing that is real.

    Robin said the genius there is the one who put the festival together. Howard said he's the smart one. Howard said there isn't a bit outlay of cash there. Wolfie said this is like the 20th year that this has been going on too.

    Howard played another interview Wolfie did with a guy who said that he believes in this stuff and he believes in shadow hunters too. Howard said this is why he's anti-bullying. He said these people were bullied and now they believe in this stuff. Howard said that they also talk about Slenderman there. He said that he looked that up and it's really creepy. Howard played a clip of a guy who was dressed up like Slenderman. Howard asked if he was creepy. Wolfie said he was. He said that when you hear what he does for a living that really creeps you out. Howard played that and the guy said he helps out at elementary schools. Wolfie said that guy is teaching your children.

    Howard played another clip of a person making the sound that a fairy makes. Howard said he's thinking about the parents who wanted to have a child and this is what they grew up to be. Howard played another person making fairy sounds. Robin asked if they were real then wouldn't the impressions sound similar?

    Howard played another interview where Wolfie thought he was talking to a man and she said she's a woman. Wolfie said that she had a moustache. He said that she wasn't hefty or anything. He said she just had a moustache. Howard said that's such a great insult. He said he's going to do that when he runs into someone who is stuck up. Wolfie said she sounds like Fred's impression of Nicole Bass. Fred did that voice for them. Howard was cracking up.

    Howard played some audio of Wendy the Slow Adult doing her Freddy Krueger voice and said that's a fairy. Howard asked Wolfie where that was at. Wolfie said it was in Pennsylvania. He said if people want to suggest other events for him to go to they can find him on Twitter @ThisIsWolfie

    Howard had some audio of some kids saying where they think he was from. One kid said that he's pale so he must be from Antarctica. He had some audio of some kids talking about Robin too. Then they had audio of kids talking about what they think Benjy eats based on his photo. They were all saying he must eat a lot of junk food. Howard let Wolfie go after that. They went to break after that.


  • Melissa Rivers Visits. 05/06/15. 8:40am
    After the break they played a clip from ''Private Parts'' the movie with Paul Giamatti and Howard doing the ''WNBC'' call letters. They also played a Jack and Rod Show bit with Sal and Richard doing an interview with a woman who says you can make a fortune with pets with Ronnie clips commenting on her book. They also played a song parody with Darth Nihilus clips in it. They played T Rex's ''Bang a Gong'' and then a Baba Booey song parody (Brian Scott's song) as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said Melissa Rivers is there. Howard said she looks good. Howard said her mother would be pleased with the way she looks. Melissa thanked him for that. Howard said she is now the true grown up because her mother was always mothering her. Melissa said her mom was like a teenager and she was the adult. Howard said he didn't realize she went to the university of Pennsylvania. Howard asked if she got high SAT grads. Melissa said she did. She said she had a lot of extracurricular. Howard said he's impressed by people who go to the University of Pennsylvania. Howard said they don't take many students. Melissa said that's true.

    Howard asked if they came up to her the day of the funeral asking if she wanted to write a book. Melissa said it was close but not that day. She said it was maybe 3 weeks. Howard said that has to be a tough call. Melissa said they called her agent actually. She said her first reaction was no but then they asked if she wanted to do an advice book. She said that's a scam. She said they wanted her to write about the advice her mother would give her. She said then they told her how much they'd pay. She said that she was laying in bed thinking about what her mother would do. She said her mom would have been upset that it took them 3 weeks to get to her.

    Melissa said her mother wanted to write a book called ''Comedian Dearest'' with her. She said she wanted to write the book and have it come out after she was gone.

    Howard asked if there was a bad aspect to Joan being her mom. Melissa said that she could be overbearing at times. Howard asked if she ever wanted her to stop crawling up her ass. Melissa said that one time her mom sent her an email from the airport saying that she was upset about not being that close. Melissa said she called and told her that she's in all of her business. She said that she's so deep in her life and that's the problem. Melissa said that if Joan could have been in Howard and Robin's life she would be. She said she tried with them and Gary too.

    Howard asked Melissa about her mom sending Johnny Carson her as a baby saying that they didn't know how to thank him so they gave him their most prized possession which was her. Melissa said she doesn't have a recollection of that but it might be the root cause of her abandonment issues. Howard said that she has been in therapy and part of that has to be about it being a joke but she's part of the joke. Melissa said that it's funny. Howard said it is funny but that's tough. Melissa said that her parents wouldn't have given her away. She said that she has to go call her therapist now.

    Howard said when Melissa called him to do the eulogy at the funeral that was based on her wishes. Howard said that she wanted a big funeral. Melissa said that her mom said she would haunt her if she spent a lot of money on a funeral. She said that she really didn't want her to spend money on a funeral. Melissa said they were very close with Preston Bailey and she told him what she wanted. She said she just told him to go and take care of it. She said she wasn't able to deal with that. She said that he knew exactly what she wanted.

    Howard said he was moved by a lot of the people who spoke and by the bag pipe player. Melissa said her mom liked the bag pipe thing so that's why she did that. She said that the rabbi said it wasn't very Jewish. She said she wanted it anyway. Melissa said one of her mom's best friends was the one who snuck out the New York, New York. She said Howard was amazing too. Howard said he felt like it was such a responsibility. Howard said that's why he went to her beforehand. Howard said he did go to her at the funeral and asked her if she wanted him to do this. Melissa said it set the tone. She said that it's weird that a vagina joke set the tone.

    Howard asked if Melissa had to say no to some people for the funeral. Melissa said there were a hand full. She said they weren't famous though. She said that

    Melissa told Howard one of the people was a friend that Joan had a falling out with and he wasn't calling to find out how she was or anything like that.

    Howard said Joan was on his show 82 times. Howard said she was coming on his show when she was on The Tonight Show. Howard said that he couldn't even believe that number. Melissa said that has to be how long he's known him. Howard said he was thrilled that she would want to come on often. Howard said some people didn't get it but he thought she was the greatest. Melissa said that she loved working with Howard. Howard said one of the things is that a lot of people abandoned her. Howard said that the strangest thing was when Jay Leno took over the tonight show that he carried on Johnny's hostility toward her. Melissa said she talks about that in the book. Howard gave her a plug for the book which is called ''The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation''.

    Howard asked Melissa about running into Jay after the funeral. Melissa said that it was very fresh and Sarah Silverman told her that Jay was going to be at their table at a dinner they were going to. She said that this was her first public appearance after the funeral. She said Jay was right across from her and he looked right at her and then looked away. Howard said ''What a dick.'' Howard said maybe he didn't want to upset her. Melissa said you'd think he'd come over and say he's sorry for her loss and ask how she's doing. She said that it would have been closure and the right thing to do. Robin said if anyone should have an attitude it should be Melissa, not Jay. Howard said Jay probably wanted to do what Johnny would have done. Melissa said the guy has no courage. That's what she was thinking.

    Melissa told Howard that Jennifer Lawrence was against Fashion Police but she came up to her and told her that her mother was funny and that broke the ice.

    Howard asked how Joan got away with being on Fashion Police and got away with it but other people do it and the chemistry goes so wrong and it doesn't work. Howard said that show may not be able to be pulled off by anyone but Joan. Melissa said they are returning in September and they were talking about how to make it work and it just didn't. Howard asked if she's angry with Kathy Griffin for giving her the show and then she walked away from it. Howard said maybe she should have tried harder. Howard asked if she should have tried harder. Melissa said it just wasn't a match. She said she doesn't want to get the call. Robin asked if she's upset with Kathy. Melissa said she doesn't even think about it. She said she doesn't think that she abandoned the show. She said the ship just never sailed.

    Howard asked Melissa if she knew it wasn't going to work right away. Melissa said she did. She said that they only did 6 episodes. She said they tried to make it work for the 6. She said after 7 they were going to reevaluate. Howard said that everyone was throwing each other under the bus. Melissa said she had to ask them not to discuss this stuff on social media. She said that it goes back to her mom. She said when her mom was there it was like a family. She said that the whole thing fell apart when they lost her. She said they were all fighting and it just didn't work.

    Melissa said there were days when she would go home and just cry when it was going wrong. Howard said Kelly Osbourne was upset with Kathy being named for the show. Melissa said it just never worked. She said they were trying to put it together and it just didn't work. Howard said Kelly was part of the show and maybe they shouldn't have brought Kathy in. Melissa said nobody voiced that in the beginning. She said they all walked in from the start with a good attitude. She said the problems started from before they were even on the air. She said that things were said. Howard asked who didn't show up for rehearsal. Melissa said that everyone at one point or another. Howard asked if it was Kelly. Melissa said that it traveled rapidly through the building.

    Howard said she must have had a nightmare on her hands. Melissa said she loves the parking guys at E! because they had her car turned the right way for her to get out of there. Howard said that she just wanted to keep the show running. Melissa said that she wondered how much shit she had to eat over there. Melissa said that she was getting calls from everyone on the show and then the head of the networks.

    Howard said the question is why bother? He asked when it became that important. Robin said it was for E!. Melissa said that they had to create a show that felt familiar but also completely new and different. She said they rushed back into it but it was award season. She said they're getting back into it now and asking what they want to do.

    Howard said his advice to her is that they need a leader. Howard said Julie Chen is a leader on The Talk. Howard said Barbara Walters was the queen bee on The View. Howard said if you hire a Kathy Griffin or whoever, she has to be the queen bee. Howard said she has to bring in the queen bee. Melissa said she was treated like that. Howard said that the other women couldn't handle it. Melissa said she just wasn't the right queen bee. Melissa said some personalities just don't work together. She said Kelly went out and Juliana went in. Howard asked if she has spoken to Kathy since then. Melissa said she hasn't spoken to her since the last taping. She said that she feels like the show is her mother's legacy and she was dragged into this. She said that her mother's name was brought up after it all went down.

    Howard asked Melissa if she had to have a lunch with Kathy Griffin or Jay Leno, who does she go to. Melissa said that's a great question. She said Leno. Howard said that's pretty wild. Melissa said she wants him to apologize. She said that Kathy is Kathy and they have a 20 year relationship. She said it is what it is and no harm no foul.

    Howard said Kathy did seem like the right person for the role. Howard said that it's tough to step into those shoes though. Melissa said that job is very hard. Howard said it is. Melissa said her mother had a warmth about what she said. She said that she loved celebrities and how they dressed up and looked ridiculous. Robin said she did that non stop too. She said that she'd do that when they were out together.

    Howard asked about the snub by the Oscars. Howard said they have an In Memorium thing they do every year. Howard said Joan was in movies, she directed and made movies. Howard said they celebrated the Oscars and covered the red carpet for them. Howard said she was a prominent person there. Howard asked why they snubbed her. Melissa said that she didn't see that coming. Howard said he didn't either. Howard asked who would think they would snub her. Melissa said that she didn't think they would mention her. She said that's just the way they are. Melissa said that everything became a fight after her mom died. She said that she didn't expect anyone to pay tribute.

    Howard said he loved Joan and even when he was nobody and she was on top she supported him. Howard said that's what he loved about her. Howard said she helped others. Howard said that's cool. He said that's why he was proud to do the eulogy.

    Howard asked what's going on with the lawsuit. He said it seems like a perfect storm of horrors. Howard said Joan was in good health and so spry. Howard said he felt she would have lived another 20 years. Howard said that's the mind fuck in all of this. Howard said Joan adored her grandson Cooper. Howard said she cold have been around for all of that. Melissa said she thinks she had a good 10-15 left. Howard said that she had this operation and it seemed unnecessary. Melissa said it was for acid reflux. They were going in to see why the medication she was taking wasn't working.

    Howard asked Melissa about the lawsuit and where that stands. Howard said that she's not suing for money. Melissa said that they're all saying that her mom left her $100 million. She said it's not that kind of money at all. Howard said that she used to talk about how broke she was. Howard said she never had the big payday. Melissa said that's true. Howard said he assumed she had money. Melissa said she had plenty but not $100 million.

    Howard said the apartment is for sale. Melissa said it is. Howard said that isn't selling. Melissa said it's there and it's being shown. She said she's not going to lower the price yet. She said that if it was $100 million she had she would not be on a book tour. Howard jokingly said shame on Joan for not leaving her more.

    Howard said in the will they also say that her cousins are getting some money. Melissa said of course. Howard said hopefully it's a little something. Howard said Joan also said in the will that if they contest the will they are out. Howard said that's brilliant. That was there to protect Melissa.

    Howard asked who got the dogs. Melissa said Jocelyn got them. She said that she doesn't need the stipend for the dogs so they are going to The Hamptons and things like that.

    Howard asked if Melissa believes in psychics and things. Melissa said she hasn't been to one. She said they all crawled out of the woodwork to talk to her. She said she had 5 or 6 people come up to her saying she had come to them. She said that her mom didn't come to her. Howard said there are so man people who fall for that nonsense. Howard said they just fuck with your head and try to get money out of you. Howard asked if Joan did that with Edgar. Melissa said she did.

    Melissa said that people who worked with them were saying that Edgar had come to them but he never came to her and her mom. Howard said that Joan thought she had a ghost living in her house. Melissa said that she believes. She said that sub basement is spooky.

    Howard got back to Fashion Police and asked where Kelly stands with the show. Melissa said that she left so she's no longer with E!.

    Howard talked about some of the people who came to the funeral and how he was focusing on Donald Trump. He said he was laughing so that was a good thing. Robin said that Donald had tributes to Joan on Celebrity Apprentice. She said that brought a tear to her eye.

    Howard said the craziest story is that a doctor took a selfie next to her mother while she was laying there. Melissa said that is allegedly true. She said they filed a very detailed complaint and that particular fact has been validated by an outside investigation. She said it wasn't a selfie but a photo was taken. Melissa said she doesn't need all of the noise with this case so she goes into a personal blackout with the whole thing. She said that he whole process is very slow. She said they have filed and they are waiting for them to respond. Howard asked if they have made an offer of a settlement. Melissa said not yet. She said it's too early. She said that there is never a slam dunk lawsuit either.

    Howard said he thinks her mother would want her to sue. Howard said that he thinks Joan would tell her to look into it. Melissa said that's what she's trying to do.

    Howard gave Melissa another plug for her book. Melissa asked if he read the dedication. Howard said he doesn't have a copy there. Melissa asked where Gary is. Howard said one thing she gives in the book is her mom's schedule. Howard said he can barely move but Joan was working constantly. Howard read some of the things she did during her week. She still did stand up and she had meetings, work, press and hung out with the family too.

    Howard asked what Melissa did with all of her mom's jokes. Melissa said they created a database with them all in it. She said that she has a gift for Howard. She said that they have the cards that her mother had her jokes on.

    Howard asked if she regrets dropping her father's last name. Melissa said that she was a little angry at her dad for killing himself. She said legally she is still Melissa Rivers Rosenberg. Howard said that was an angry act. Melissa said that 20 years later she realizes that it was an angry act but hey...

    Howard asked Melissa about her father and how he handled things with the two of them. Melissa said that he had the smarts to walk away from them when they would fight and come back and deal with them later after the dust had settled.

    Howard asked if Melissa is dating. She said she has a boyfriend. Melissa said that this story is very nice. She said that one of her very good friends stepped up for her and she never saw him as a care giver. She said that he never saw her in this way and after a while they started going out. Howard said that things change when someone dies. Howard asked how long she waited to bang this guy. Melissa said she doesn't know. She said it was longer than a week or two.

    Melissa said she has something for Howard. Howard asked if she gave her mom makeup and hair when she was in the hospital. Melissa said she did. She said she had her in a nice bathrobe too. Howard asked who visited there. She said everyone did.

    Melissa gave Howard one of Joan's cards that she typed her jokes on. Howard said this is one of those legendary cards. Howard read the joke which was about her vagina and how it's only good for suctioning her to the ground during an earthquake. Melissa said they were looking for the one he told at the funeral but they weren't able to find it. Robin said she's jealous. Melissa said that those are the only cards she's giving away. She said she knows her mother would be happy about that.

    Howard said Joan was at his wedding and she was so bad there. Howard said she was out of her mind. Howard said Phoebe Snow was there and she got up to sing and Joan told her to sit down. Howard said he told her that it was a friend and she had to let her perform.

    Howard asked where Joan's ashes are. Melissa said it's at her home in L.A. Howard said Robin is too shy to ask for them but she wants some. Melissa said that she'll give her some. She didn't know that her mom had given Robin some of Vincent Price's ashes. She said her mom's are in a box. She hasn't taken them out since she got it. She said she just can't deal with it. Howard said he'll come over and help her out. Howard said he keeps his dog Bianca's ashes where he can see them. He said he says hi to them once in a while. Howard said he wants her to go home and take her mom out of the closet. Melissa said she hasn't done anything with her father's box either.

    Howard said she could put one ash of Joan's in her jewelry and sell them. Melissa said they should go direct response with that. Howard said maybe they can put a joke in each locket. Howard said that she has said a lot today. He said it was great seeing her. Howard gave her some more plugs and wrapped up with her. He said that Jay Leno is waiting in the hall to ignore her. Howard said he didn't plan that. Howard said he hopes Fashion Police gets back on track. Melissa said it returns in September so they'll find out then. Howard wished Melissa good luck and let her go. They went to break after that. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Howard Takes Some Calls. 05/06/15. 9:55am
    After the break they played a prank call the guys had fake Mitt Romney make to a pet store. They also played a song parody about Ronnie Mund. They also played Noel Gallagher performing ''Don't Look Back in Anger'' in the Howard Stern Show studio as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said that's a good song. He said that song by Sponge is good too. Howard said that was interesting talking to Melissa. Robin said Melissa thought she wasn't that funny but she thought it was great. Howard said that Melissa doesn't have to be funny. Howard said that he asked for the ashes for Robin. Howard said that he's not sure she'll get them. Howard said Robin loves having ashes for some morbid reason. Robin said Joan did it too. Howard said that he's not sure what's wrong with Robin. Howard said he'll stick to that story.

    Howard took a call from Wheels who said that they were talking about Letterman earlier. He asked if he would go out with Jimmy and Letterman fishing. Howard said that Jimmy isn't that close either. Howard said he's not sure how Letterman would end up in that group. Wheels said that Letterman likes fishing.

    Wheels said that Howard was talking about the mother in Baltimore who hit her kid on the street. He said that she has six kids and you have to crack them sometimes. Howard said when no dad is around you shouldn't have six kids. Howard said lets say she lost the dad. Howard said that's a tough load for a women to handle. Howard said he had help raising his kids. Howard said he knows how difficult it is. Howard said even in the most challenging days he never thought it would be right to hit his girls. Ever. Howard said it humiliates a person to be smacked around. Howard said he understands that the crack across the head is a short cut but it leaves a damaging effect. Howard said if that's how she raised him it's going to lead to problems down the line. Howard said he doesn't think that's the first time it's happened. Howard said if that's parenting on the street then that's what's going on at home.

    Howard said yelling at kids and calling them a mother fucker is not good for the kids. He said that kid was out rioting because his life at home isn't good. Howard said that's his theory.

    Wheels said that you have to smack the one boy out of the 6 kids around. Howard said that's not the right thing to do. Howard said that it is not good mothering. Howard said he can't condone that. Wheels said he's not a black mom. Wheels said he thinks she has to do what she has to do to correct the kids. Howard said his mom hit him with a hanger. He said he learned that he didn't like women very much. He said he loves his mother dearly but she was limited too. Howard said you don't take a hanger to a child. Wheels said he's right.

    Howard said he has learned to love women and appreciate them. He said that hitting thing is not good for a young boy. Howard said if the woman in your life beats you with a stick you have to do a lot of work on yourself to get over it. Howard said that kid is going to need a lot of help.

    Wheels said his mom raised 4 boys after a divorce. He said that she had to deal with the four boys except on weekends. Howard let Wheels go a short time later. They played him out with his theme song by Little Mikey.

    Howard was wondering how things are going to go when Bruce Jenner is in a ''Who Wore it Better'' and he beats some girl out. Howard said that maybe it's an aging actress and she's at the end of her game. Then she loses to Bruce Jenner. He said that will be it for her.

    Howard said Jimmy Kimmel will be on all day Monday. Howard said that he is also shooting Letterman on Monday afternoon. Howard said he's going to go say goodbye to Dave. Howard said that Robin should come too. Howard said that she needs closure too. Robin said she does. Robin said she certainly won't see Dave ever again if Howard isn't going to see him.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he wanted to know if he would interview the leader of ISIS and what his questions would be. Howard said he would interview him. Robin said she would hope that he'd do what they did in that movie Seth Rogen was in. Howard said he would kill that fucker. Howard said first he'd do the interview and then he'd thank him and take a picture and pull out a machete and slit his throat. Howard said he would first ask how he wanted to die, a gun or a knife. Howard said he thinks everyone would want to kill the leader of ISIS. Howard said he might just skip the interview and get right to the killing. Howard said that if it wasn't for the oil money they'd be fighting with sticks over there.

    Robin said that Tesla announced a whole house battery. Howard said that Howie Mandel has a Tesla. Robin said they don't have a long range. Howard said they're supposed to be nice. Robin said there is no place to recharge. Robin said there are no stations here. Howard said it seems like we should get that going.

  • Robin's News. 05/06/15. 10:10am
    Howard said he didn't realize how late it was. He had Robin start her news after they played her in with a song parody. Robin told him to stop it. Howard said this is the greatest. It was a song about her jugs.

    Robin had Howard play a clip of a woman known as Rapping Granny who just died at the age of 101. Howard said that their rapping Granny was something else when she sat on the Sybian. Howard said she was 90 something and she had never had an orgasm. Howard said she wasn't kidding either. Howard said back then women just lived in misery and didn't think about their own needs. Fred played some audio of Rappin' Granny on the Sybian. Robin said this woman was Ellen Albertini Dow. Robin said she was in an Adam Sandler movie rapping. Howard played more of their Rappin' Granny on the Sybian.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he was going to do something about Jeff the Drunk but Howard didn't understand what he said. The caller said that he can't believe Jeff is falling for that shit with the model. Howard said that Jeff called yesterday and said that he had a girl who wants to meet him. Howard had Jeff on the phone so he said everyone thinks he's an idiot for falling for that. Jeff said they're all idiots. He said he's not the idiot. Jeff said he spoke to her yesterday. He said she called him. The caller asked if he had a big cock. Jeff told Howard to get this idiot off the phone. Howard said he doesn't mean to make fun of Jeff because it's too easy.

    Howard said that it's a little bizarre that this woman is a super model and she's been in contact for 3 years but hasn't visited. Jeff said that she doesn't want him desperately. He said he never said that. Robin said he said that she's his bitch. Howard said that this girl could date anyone she wants. Howard said she isn't interested in him. The caller, Vince, was going off on Jeff and Jeff was talking over him. Howard said no one can understand him anyway. Vince said she's going for a drunk with just one arm who lives in a trailer that was given to him by his mommy when she died. Jeff said he never said she wanted him.

    Shuli came in and said that Jeff sent him some more pictures of her. Howard said now Jeff is back peddling about the whole thing. Howard said he almost doesn't care about the whole thing. Shuli said he thinks the girl is legit but the girl is using Jeff for something. He said she may want to get in on the show to promote her selling of erotic photos. Howard said he doesn't want her on the show then. Howard said if she starts banging Jeff then they'll have her on.

    Vince told Jeff to have another bottle of booze and he can imagine doing some other wild stuff with people he has no chance with. Jeff said this guy should be a comedian. Howard said he has two bores on the phone. Howard said they both come up with inane stuff. Vince said he's changing Jeff's name to Gull E Bull. Jeff said he's changing Vince's name to Asshole. Fred played dueling banjos while the two were saying stuff about each other.

    Jeff told Howard to stop it. Vince would say something about Jeff and the banjo thing was playing while that was going on. Shuli said they have to do it like a black battle. Each time one of them would say something they'd all yell out ''Oooo!'' or something like that. Vince said he's going to send Jeff a gun so he can take himself out of society. Jeff said he doesn't want to talk to this retard anymore. Vince told him to cut his arm off and beat himself with it. Jeff said at least people know who he is. Vince said he's a pathetic, low life, loser drunk. Jeff said he has a lot of followers on Twitter. He asked Vince ''Now what mother fucker?'' Vince didn't have much of a comeback for that but Jeff did. Howard said he really has to go do news. Vince asked to be kept on hold. He said his radio is off being repaired. Howard did a live commercial read and then went to break.

    After the break Robin read a story about Isaiah Thomas and how he may return to New York to coach a women's basketball team. Robin said that he was found guilty of sexually harassing an executive at the Knicks years ago. Robin said that she's not sure what the fascination is with this guy. Robin asked why they would want to hire him to run the women's basketball team. Gary had a theory about it and they think it might be a way for him to get back into the Knicks. Howard said no one really has an answer. Robin said

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if he thinks they'll ever try to get Bruce Jenner in Playboy. Howard said he likes his thinking. Howard thought his connection sounded like he was out chasing storms. Howard said if Playboy got Bruce it would be the biggest seller ever. Howard said everyone wants to see what's going on there. Howard said he'd pay to see that. Howard said it would be a slam dunk for Playboy.

    Robin read a story about Bruce Jenner and how his children were informed about the gender reassignment. Robin said there will be another special about the whole thing. Robin said there were some clips played on the Today show yesterday. Robin had some for Howard to play. They talked about those clips and how the kids have to adjust to something like that.

    Robin read a story about BB King and how his daughter thinks he's being kept away from his friends by his manager. Robin said his daughter thinks he needs dental treatment and they're not giving it to him. Robin said they hope that BB King is okay because that doesn't sound good. Howard said he does that part in that Primitive Radio Gods song he likes. Howard said he only likes that part where BB King sings ''I've been down hearted baby...'' Howard played that song and said he really feels when he hears that song. He said some people cut themselves to feel but he gets that from listening to songs. He said he listens to this one often. Howard said if he was there now he'd have Fred blow him. Fred said he might have to.

    Robin asked to change the music and move on. Fred played a cover of ''This is Beetle'' by a choir. Howard said that's a good choice. Robin said that's not what she was talking about. Fred played another BB King song after that. Robin said that's not it either. Howard played Jamie Foxx singing the national anthem at the Mayweather Pacquiao fight. Robin said on Tuesday's Ellen Degeneres show Jamie was on explaining what was going on there. He said it was a little off on the telecast. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said that she has her dog's ashes in her bedroom. She said that it did good for her. She was saying something about Joan Rivers when Howard cut her off and said that was enough for today. Howard said he knows he'll hear that cackle at Letterman next week. He said he does love her.

    Robin had Howard play a clip of a song by P. Diddy. Robin said he's been busy. Robin said they say he's the richest person in Hip Hop according to Forbes. Howard asked if it's more than Jay Z. Robin said yes. Robin said they say he has a net worth of $735 million. Robin read about some of the other people on the list. Howard said Nick Cannon has his own headphones now too. Robin said Jay Z is on the list at $550 million. Howard said that he has that combined with Beyonce's money. Robin said 50 Cent is at $155 million. Howard said he bet Mayweather in the fight so he is worth more than that now.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Melissa Rivers gave access to the eulogy speech, would he play it for the fans. Howard said she video taped it. Howard said that he didn't know they did that at the time. Howard said he didn't care. Howard said his mother was upset that she didn't get to see or hear it. Howard said Melissa sent him a copy that he said he would destroy after playing it for his mom. Howard said he did destroy it. Howard said he doesn't think they would release that. He said that's Melissa's call. Howard said he didn't do it to be on TV. Howard said the eulogy does exist on video.

    The caller asked about Sofia Vergara being stuck in that battle over her embryos with Nick Loeb and he's the same guy that Ivy Supersonic was trying to hook Elisa up with. Howard said he didn't know that. He let the caller go after that.

    Robin brought up Mike Huckabee and how he's trying to run for President. Howard said that he likes the guy but once he starts getting into that ranting about abortion and stuff he can't get behind that.

    Robin read a story about Josh Ozersky who started Meatopia. Robin said that he was found dead at a hotel on Monday. Robin said they say he was in town for an award show. Robin said that he was a meat lover and they don't know exactly what the cause of death was. Howard said he heard a herd of cattle actually ran over him. Robin just kept going with the story.

    Howard took a call from High Pitch Eric and asked if he's getting a dog. Eric said he spoke to Mariann and Joey and he will not get the dog. Howard said he's his hero. Howard said it's best that he just go to the pet store and get his fill of dogs there. Eric said now Howard has to do him a favor. Howard said he's done a million for him already. Eric said he doesn't want to do the show with Matt Jacobs. Howard said he has to. He said he needs a High Pitch Eric if something happens to him. Eric said Matt is a piece of shit. Howard said they have to work it out like men. Eric asked when they're going to do it. Gary said they're working on it. He said they know Eric is available. Howard said that they have to sit down and work things out. Eric said he'll do it if they buy him pancakes, eggs and sausage. Howard said they'll do that. Howard said maybe a sensible breakfast. Howard said eggs and whole wheat toast. Eric said scrambled eggs and a bagel with locks on it. Howard said maybe they can do that. Eric also asked for the NY Times and a coffee. Howard said that's fair enough. Howard asked him to please not get a dog. Eric said alright and wished him a good weekend.

    Howard said they asked Eric what animal he would fuck. He played a clip of Eric talking about how he'd want a bear because it's warm and cuddly and they could share the food. Howard went into a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about how more and more people are accepting of homosexuality now.

    Howard took a call from Jeff the Drunk who said that it wasn't funny that he didn't hang up the phone on that guy Vince earlier. Howard had Vince back on the line with Jeff. Jeff asked what Howard's problem is. Howard just laughed. Jeff said that he can't even get his thoughts out with this moron. He asked what the fuck Howard? Vince kept talking over Jeff and Jeff got upset screaming at the guy. Jeff hit a number on his phone to beep him out. Jeff said that he's not talking to that fuck face. He said he's talking to the other fuck face with the big nose. Howard said he has to go. Jeff told Howard to have a good weekend. He told Vince to go fuck himself. Howard said he'll put Vince back on hold. Howard said that was a double header.

    Howard picked up on Wendy the Slow Adult who said High Pitch Eric doesn't know how hard it is to have a dog. Howard cut her off saying Eric said he won't be getting a dog. He told her to go clean her diaper again. Howard thanked her for her concern. Howard said she's very concerned about the dog.

    Robin read a story about hedge fund managers and how the top guys made a billion each. Howard said that's the job to have. Robin read about how much some of these guys are making and they were over a billion.

    Robin read about how Prince is going to do a concert for Baltimore. Robin said it's going to be a peace concert.

    Robin read a story about the officer killed in the line of duty in New York City. Robin said that people are coming to give their condolences at the police station. Robin had some audio clips of people talking about that.

    Robin read a story about John Kerry visiting Somalia. She had some audio of Kerry talking about visiting there. Howard said nothing burned him up more than when he was running for President and the republicans were questioning his military service. Howard said they somehow twisted it that he was some sort of coward. Howard said that was some of the weirdest part of politics he's ever seen.

    Robin read a story about how the head of the French magazine that came under attack for cartoons of the prophet Mohammed was in New York City last night. Robin said they had beefed up security there because of that. Robin said everything went off without a hitch though.

    Howard took a call from Jeff the Drunk again. Jeff said he has to stop doing that with the guy on the phone. Howard asked Vince what he says to that. Jeff hung up. Vince said Jeff is a loser and he always will be. Howard put Vince back on hold. Robin said they may never hear from Jeff again. Howard said he hopes he calls back.

    Robin read a story about the water conservation rules that are in effect in California now. Robin had some audio of someone talking about what they're suggesting. They are asking people to let their lawns die and not water them.

    Robin read about how to exercise while working because sitting in a chair for more than 90 minutes at a time can affect your health.

    Robin said that Manny Pacquiao is making noise about having another fight with Floyd Mayweather. Howard said he thinks they'll do it and it will make a ton of money. Robin said she's not going to buy in again. Howard said he thinks she will. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around 11:10am.

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-- The Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Howard On Letterman. 05/06/15. 11:10am
    Jon Hein started the show talking about what happened on the show today before playing a ''What You Need to Know'' with clips from today's show. Jon said that he wanted to clarify that Eric is not getting the dog. He asked Rahsaan what the poll question is today. Rahsaan said that they're asking ''Will Monday Night Really Be the Last Time Howard Sees Letterman?'' The choices are
    • Yup - unless letterman comes back to do Howard's show
    • No way - they are both social butterflies

    Jon said that Howard believes this will be the last time he sees Dave. He said that Monday will be the final appearance for Howard on Letterman's show. Jon said that he wants to have a serious conversation with Dave and he'd like to see that heart to heart. He said you rarely see that. Rahsaan said he has never seen any of Howard's appearances. He said his last will be his first. Jon said that it sounds like Robin will be going and Jason will go to take pictures. Jon said Gary is going too. Jon said he wonders what this means to Howard personally. He said that Howard explained it this morning about how Dave had him on early on before anyone else did. Jon said that Howard sees Dave hanging it up now and he may wonder about his own retirement.

    Jon said before he takes a call he wanted to talk about Game of Thrones. He said that you need to pay attention to it a lot but he's not sure what Howard and Robin are talking about. He said he thinks it's still one of the best TV shows on.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that he doesn't think Howard is going to hang it up. He said he thinks Howard is going to try to cut through the bullshit with Letterman and they're going to see a real TV moment with the two of them. He said he thinks it will be reciprocated. Jon said he thinks people will get choked up. Jon said that there is a mutual respect between the two of them. Jon said that Howard may hang it up soon and both Dave and Howard have been the best at what they do for a long time. Jon said he had to take a break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Vinnie Favale Calls In. 05/06/15. 11:20am
    After the break Jon said they had Dave at the birthday bash in the clip before he came back. Jon mentioned the poll they have up and how this will be an interesting one for sure.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that Howard seems to be very retrospective on his own career. He said maybe he's thinking about this own exit. Jon said he's not sure that it's an exit plan in the next 6 months. He said it may be a few years down the road. Jon said that you do think twice about it. Jon said that Howard wants to do more of his hobbies and he may want some space. He said that he doesn't think he's going to stop the radio show. The caller said hearing Howard talk about it is interesting. He said he hopes Howard is on for many years to come but he's interested in seeing what the rest of the crew do.

    Jon had Vinnie Favale on the phone. Jon said that they won their demo for the night. Vinnie said he thinks it will be up higher when the DVR ratings come in. He said that Howard brought up the ratings the other morning and that's his Achilles heel. He asked Jon if he saw it. Jon said he did. He said he knew what it was going to be like because he knows Vinnie. He said they had a ton of Howard and a ton of great moments from the show. Vinnie said it was a dream. He said when you look at 33 years of the show Howard is right up there with the constants of the show. He said Monday is going to be great too. Vinnie said that he doesn't think that Dave is retiring. He said he thinks he'll do other things. He said he hopes Dave does Howard's show.

    Jon said he read an article in the NY Times about Dave and how he might come back if CBS comes up with something for him to do. He said it's not like Dave is picking up and going to Montana. Vinnie said he did an amazing interview with Rolling Stone too. He said that should hit the stands on Friday.

    Jon said he thinks Howard will stick around for a few more years. Vinnie said when Howard retires it's going to be a huge deal. He said he wonders what those end of days will be like. He said that they will have a huge parade of people coming through. Jon said that everyone came when Howard was leaving terrestrial radio. Jon said that they're going to take that and mix in the birthday bash and that's how it will be. He said he thinks the last show will be Howard and the guys and they'll all cry and just sign off. Vinnie said that will be amazing.

    Vinnie asked who is coming on Monday. Jon said that Robin, Gary and Jason want to come. Jon asked how they prepare for someone like Mariann showing up. Vinnie said that Mariann was offered tickets but she turned them down because she wants to be outside when Howard walks in.

    Jon asked who else is going to be on Monday. Vinnie said he doesn't know actually. He said it might be enough just for Howard to be on. Howard said Vinnie has been there a long time. Vinnie said some of the guys have been with Dave for 35 years. Jon congratulated him on the success of his special. Vinnie said you should watch Dave now while you can. Jon let him go after that.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked what the chances are that Howard could get Dave on his show. Jon said that they had a great time with Dave on the birthday show. He said if Dave is in town then maybe he'll do it. Jon said he thinks it would be as good or better than the Seinfeld interview. The caller said he's looking forward to that if it does happen. Jon said they had Dave on during the birthday show but Howard struggled with it because of the big audience they had there.

    Jon took a call from a guy who brought up the Nick Kroll Baba Booey thing and if he thinks he did that to try to get on Howard's show. Jon said he doesn't think that's the reason. He said Nick is a big fan of the show.

    Jon said he wanted to change subjects and talk about something else. He brought up Jeff the Drunk and said that he wasn't boring today. He said he called in multiple times to talk to Howard and Vince upset him so much that he said he won't call into the show anymore. Jon said he doesn't think that's the end of Jeff. Rahsaan said he agrees. He said that they've had other Wack Packers say the same thing and they end up calling in eventually.

    Jon said they also heard about High Pitch Eric's dog and how he has decided against it after talking to Mariann and Joey. They went to break after that.

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  • Wrap Up Show - Melissa Rivers. 05/06/15. 11:40am
    After the break Gary was in the studio with Jon. Jon said that he wanted to talk about Melissa Rivers visiting today. Gary said he was happy to see her. He said it reminded him of how much he loved Joan. Gary said he said this after the show. He said when Melissa sat down she almost seems to be taking on Joan's mannerisms. He said it's like watching Michael in the Godfather becoming the godfather. He said he sees so much of Joan in her. Jon said that she is her daughter. He said that she has always been in the shadow of Joan and she's carrying on her legacy now. Gary said he doesn't think that her legacy is appreciated as much as it was when she was alive. Gary said that it's one of a kind thing to get one of her joke cards.

    Jon said there was so much revealed today about her relationship with her mom. Jon said that she revealed a lot of the chaos going on at Fashion Police. Jon said that they were talking about the queen bee thing and he thinks that Howard is theirs. Jon said you need someone in charge. He said when Joan left they didn't have that person. Gary said that Joan came up with all of that and it was her vision. He said when that person goes away then people see that hole and want to fill it. He said then it gets weird.

    Jon said that Joan was always very busy. Gary said she was one of a kind. He said that one thing that she passed down to her daughter is her hatred for Jay Leno. Gary said people pick on Jay and there is a reason they don't like him. He said that Jay wants everyone to like him but no one is that nice. He asked Jon if he thinks that Jay should have walked over to her and said something. Jon said absolutely. Gary said you always have to brace yourself for the idea that she could have said ''fuck you'' to him. He said you have to take that chance though. He said it's the right thing to do.

    Jon said maybe Jay was carrying on the Johnny Carson thing. Gary said that maybe he thought that she was picking on him too so he didn't have her on. Jon said he should take the high road there though.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks that Howard has 1000 percent responsibility to stay on the air. He said it would be selfish for him to retire now. He said no one is there to take over the air. He said no one is there to take over on Sirius. Gary asked about what Howard wants and his mental health and all of that. The caller said he has a gift and it should be shared with the world. He said that Howard looks up to guys who did things until they couldn't do it anymore. Gary said he doesn't think Howard should do it until he dies. He said he heard a clip of Imus recently and he sounds very weak. He said he doesn't think Howard wants to be like that. Jon said he's not going to wait for the next big radio guy to come along. Jon said he should do it because he wants to do it.

    Gary said that he compares it to athletes. He said they stop because they can't do it anymore but there are some who just stayed a little too long. He said his memory of them is flawed because of that. Jon said he hates to see an athlete who moves to another team when he can't play for their other team.

    Jon asked Gary if he's going over to Dave on Monday. Gary said he is. He said he loves Biff and he loves Rob Burnett. He said that he and Biff just looked at each other and laughed when they saw each other. Gary said that he wants to see Vinnie too. Gary said he hasn't gone every time Howard goes there so he wants to go.

    Jon asked Rahsaan how the poll results are. Rahsaan said that 82 percent of the votes say Howard and Dave will not see each other. They spent a little time talking about that and then wrapped up the show. Jon got in some plugs for Sternthology. They ended the show around 11:50am.

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