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-- Friday's Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Ray Rice And King Of All Blacks. 09/12/14. 10:05am
    Jon Hein started today's Wrap Up Show talking about what they replayed this morning. Jon said he wanted to start off talking about the Ray Rice thing. He said King of All Blacks called in with his opinion about how Ray didn't do this out of nowhere and the wife shared the blame with him. Jon asked if King has changed his mind at all or is he going to think what he's going to think. Gary said he thinks he's going to think what he wants to think. Jon said he thinks a lot of people are very head strong and it's tough to listen to people who disagree. He said King made it pretty clear that he felt Ray did something wrong. Gary said King didn't think it was 100 percent wrong.

    Benjy asked what it means if she is part to blame. He said there are other circumstances going on there. Benjy said they don't know the whole story. He said he did a horrible thing. He said he won't say it's justified. Gary said even if she was punching him it doesn't make it right. Benjy said what he did seems horrible and a crime. Gary said that a lot of women's organizations would ask how that would change what happened. Benjy said when a crime takes place you need to know what happened first. Jon said no one knows the whole story. He said that it seemed like the NFL knew more than they let on. Jon said he's getting the Watergate kind of feeling now. Gary said the cover up is worse than the crime. Gary wondered if they can trust the people who run the organization. Jon said everyone's skepticism is growing. He said that they're there to talk about the show so they won't go on.

    Jon said that he thinks King is going to stick with thinking Rice wasn't 100 percent to blame. Benjy said he heard that she spit at him and charged him. Gary said she made some move toward him. Gary said she may smack at his face and his body doesn't budge. Benjy said if it was a man to a man then it's different. Gary said it can't be compared to that. He said you just can't compare it.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thought it was interesting how NFL treats drug abuse and marijuana abuse compared to this. He said the guy beats someone and they give him a few game suspension. He said it's odd where their priorities are. Jon said they could talk about that all day. He said he wants to focus more on the show.

    Jon said there are times when there are callers like King and they can get under your skin. Gary said he hates to talk about him when he's not on the phone. He said he knows he'll call in on Monday and twist it around. Gary said King acts like he knows what he's thinking and he just doesn't know. Benjy said he thinks the same way. He said he doesn't know and he's making some assumptions. Benjy was in the middle of a thought when Jon cut him off and said that they had Jeffrey Tambor coming in so he had to cut him off and send him out of the studio. They went to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Jeffrey Tambor Visits. 09/12/14. 10:15am
    After the break Jon came back and Jeffrey Tambor was sitting in. They came back to a Jason Bateman intro and Jeffrey was upset that they didn't call him to do one. Jeffrey introduced himself after Jon asked him to do that. Jeffrey told the guys that he is the one doing the ''Hey Now!'' that they play on the show. He said people think that Howard is the one who did that but it's his voice. Jeffrey said that people think Howard is the Hey Now guy. He said they came out to L.A. one year and it was 4 in the morning. They were at the Monkey Bar. Jeffrey said he brought a date there and he kept looking at Howard and he had a twinkle in his eye. He said at the end after gunning him on the show he asked him to do a Hey Now. He said he did that and that's the one they play on there. Gary said they have cut some from the show too. He said they have different versions of it. Jon asked if Jeffrey if he's honored by that. Jeffrey said it's been good. He said he has phrases from a few shows. He said he's 70 years old and he's working so it's all good.

    Gary said that he writes emails and he starts off with ''Hey now!'' because people know it from the show. Jeffrey asked what Jon's phrase is. Jon said he's the one who coined the phrase Jump the Shark. Jeffrey said he wanted to switch up the interview and talk to him about that. Jon said he thinks people want to hear more about Jeffrey than they do about him.

    Jon said he didn't know anything about the new show Jeffrey is doing. Its on Amazon and it's called ''Transparent.'' He said that's coming on September 26th. Jeffrey said they have 10 episodes all coming at once. He said he grew up in San Francisco and they had channel 2, 4 and 7 and they had to turn it themselves. He said now they have this brave new world.

    Jon said the series is Transparent and loved Jeffrey in the dress. Jeffrey said he didn't know what it meant when he saw ''Transparent.'' He said that it's like Trans-Parent. He plays a transvestite parent. He said that he wears a dress in the show. Jeffrey said that it's about the family and what happens when they find out this big secret. Jeffrey said he just wants to take one more second and they can get back to ''Hey now!''

    Jon said that he can't think of anything like this on regular TV. He said maybe Shameless is kind of like it. Jeffrey said this is a sexy little show. He said there are some interesting things in there. Jon told Jeffrey what he liked in the show. He said there is sex of all kinds on the show.

    Jeffrey said that the woman is a woman of age, 70, and he's hard of hearing and all of that. Gary said he thought he was in his mid-60s. Jeffrey asked what the difference is. Gary said there are a few years there. Jeffrey said that there is only 5 years difference. Gary said he's 53 and he'd take 48 tomorrow. Gary said if he went to look at his IMDB how many projects has he been in. Jeffrey didn't have an answer but he did say that he was in ''And Justice For All'' and that was his first project. JD told him he was great in ''Three O'Clock High.'' Gary said he's been acting for a long time. Jeffrey said he's been acting for 50 years. He said he's been out there for a long time.

    Jon said that JD has directed part of an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He asked if he had any advice for him. Jeffrey told him what to do for the actors and told him not to be afraid of making mistakes. Jeffrey said that most actors are afraid to make mistakes.

    Jon asked if Jeffrey remembers doing The Larry Sanders show. Jeffrey said that Howard is shy and he went up to him at the show and told him he was doing a good job. He said that he thinks he's liked him since then because of that.

    Jeffrey said Howard really believes it when he tells someone they're talented. He said you can tell the bullshit. He said if you tell the truth, like they do in Transparent, then people will listen. He said if people BS then people will cut you off.

    Jon asked Jeffrey about who he learned from the most from the people he worked with. Then he asked who he was most awed by. Jeffrey said he was on stage with George C. Scott for 2 years and when he gets in his area of wondering what to do he always listens to George. He said he was his true mentor. Jeffrey said he was funny, tortured and great. He said he was a great mentor. He said George almost broke his leg trying to get him to turn out toward the audience.

    Jon gave Jeffrey a plug for the new show ''Transparent'' that's coming out on September 26th. Jeffrey said if you sign up he'll come to your house. He said he's just joking. Jon said he is ''The Hey Now guy.'' Jeffrey also said he has not jumped the shark. Gary gave him a ''Hey now!'' Jeffrey just said ''Oh god.'' He gave them a ''Hey now!'' as they were heading to break.


  • Wrap Up Show - Gavin Rossdale. 09/12/14. 10:30am
    After the break Jon came back and said JD was out but Benjy and Shuli were in. Benjy seemed upset that he didn't let him sit in during that segment. Jon said he didn't want to take any chances. Jon said he thinks that Jeffrey is convinced that every time they say Hey now! on the show that it's his voice. Gary said he thinks that's what he thought. Gary said that he may think that they took that one element and twisted it. Gary said they have taken a lot of clips from the show though. Jon said that it's the code of the show now.

    Jon moved on to talk about Gavin Rossdale. He said Bush is back and Gavin has been with Gwen Stefani for 12 years now and that's pretty amazing in Hollywood. He thought that it was a great interview too. Gary said he liked it when he said that he talked to Gwen about Facetime and she said there was no way they were doing that. He said that's what every wife says.

    Jon said Howard got another guitar for his collection too. Gary said they have Paul McCartney, Slash, Leslie West, Donovan and others. Jon said he may have a Joe Walsh but Gary wasn't sure about that. Jon asked what Howard is going to do with them all. Gary said he doesn't know. He said he knows he has a place to mount them but he's not sure what he's going to do with them. He wondered if Howard is still into playing. Jon said he thinks he still plays but he's doing other things. He said he's very busy with doing other things. Jon said he's doing AGT and the radio show too.

    Steve Brandano said that he thinks art has taken over for the guitar. He said he may be sliding in that direction. Jon asked if Gary has anything he likes to do like that. Gary said he doesn't really have a hobby. He said he hasn't learned anything new.

    Steve said he was defending Gary with the ''pieces of vinyl'' term the other day. He said that's a hobby too. Gary said he was looking through an electronics magazine and they were talking about how a turntable is a big addition to a home theater these days. He said he was happy to read that.

    Jon asked Gary about the stool discussion they had last week and if he thought about it when Howard complained. Gary said he didn't with that. He said that he does sometimes but not with the stools. He said that people use those stools all the time. He said it's not like no one is sitting on them.

    Jon has been to the theater and he thinks the stools are great. He said if you want food then you don't want to be in the comfortable chairs. Gary said you can't eat chicken wings in the chairs but you can on the stools. Benjy said that Howard was wondering why you can't watch a movie and not eat. Benjy asked if Howard has any stools at his house. Jon said he does but not in his theater.

    Gary said he invites everyone in the fantasy football league up to watch football. He said that he told Mary that he was going to have Michael Rapaport and a porn star over. He said he wasn't going to say anything to the kids until after she's gone. Steve said they will recognize her. Jon said that the kids usually want to hang out in a different part of the house. They won't with this Lisa Ann. Steve said they will know her more than Michael Rapaport. Gary said he's never seen any of her stuff. He said he did meet her and thought she was a lot of fun. Steve said Gary is out of the game but the kids will know.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he has stools in the back of his home theater too. He said when you have people over it's there to entertain and that's why it's a dual purpose room. He said he has the guys over to watch the game on Sundays and then they have family on other nights and you turn the lights down and watch. Gary said it wasn't that Howard had his opinion that got to him. He said he hated that people who listen to the show were so against it when they don't know the facts.

    Jon said Gavin Rossdale handled The Voice thing really well. He said he didn't want to step on her toes and get in her way on the show. He said she welcomed him though because they could work together. Gary said he thought it was cool that he didn't want to be that person. He said there are others that would want to.

    Benjy said that at first she didn't want him to be part of it. He said it was interesting that she went through that process and then changed her mind.

    Jon said if you're together for 12 years then you must have a comfortable relationship. He said that they're both musicians and they have managed to thrive in their relationship. He said he doesn't know of any other musicians who have done that.

    Benjy said he never feels jealousy toward Elisa when she gets work. Gary asked Benjy if she got a big part on a TV show and she was the big star on the red carpet and he was asked to move out of the shot then what would he do. Benjy said it happens to them sometimes. He said he can't imagine not being happy for her. Gary said in the beginning it's good but then after years it might get to him.

    Jon said he wanted to talk about the celerity nude pictures that were circulating. Gary asked if Jon saw them. Jon said he has not. Gary saw some. Shuli said he did too. Steve said he didn't know about it until that Monday. He said someone there showed them on their phone and that's how he got to see them. Benjy said he's not sure if they saw them. Gary said he had seen them on someone's phone and if you look up her pictures naked now they're not the right ones. Benjy said he must not have seen them then. Benjy asked if there is any guilt there when they look at something like that when they're stolen. Gary said he feels a little guilty. He said that she didn't mean for them to be seen. Gary said there's a chance they will be seen if you take them. Gary said that he felt for the purposes of the show that he needed to see them. Jon said that's like Sal watching porn.

    Shuli said he felt guilty while he was cleaning up afterward. Steve said he didn't feel guilty immediately but now he does. Gary said he likes Jennifer Lawrence and he feels for her. He said that she's like 22 years old and very young. He said he felt more guilty about that than Kate Upton. He said he has no connection to her.

    Jon said that they talked about this earlier in the week but he wanted to bring it up again. He asked if Benjy would feel uncomfortable if his private photos were out there. Benjy said he would but he'd also do it. He said he thinks he has flaws. Jon asked Gary if he would ever worry about that. Gary said he was dating someone once and they were going to make a video if they lost weight. He said they had to get to a certain amount. Gary said she broke up with him when she was just 3 pounds away from the goal.

    Jon asked Shuli what he had in the Howard 100 News headlines. Shuli ran down a few things they had. There was a story about Scott the Engineer taking up smoking again. That led to the guys talking about that for a short time. Jon said he feels for Scott because he gave it up for 10 years. Shuli said they know what his life is like and it makes you wonder why it took him so long to start again.

    Shuli ran down a few more stories and then Jon had the guys get in their plugs and then ended the show. They were done around 10:55am.

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-- Thursday's Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Eric The Actor And Remembering 9/11. 09/11/14. 10:00am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show going over what they replayed this morning. He said they are going to be joined by a favorite of Eric the Actor's today. Gary said they have Katharine McPhee coming in later. Gary said Eric says he's going to send in his receipt from the ALS challenge but he heard that it's going to take a while. He said he also heard that he had someone else donate in his name. He said that it's not clear if Eric made the donation. Gary said if that's the case then he doesn't see it as Eric donating. Jon said they have to get Howard 100 News on that story. Jon said maybe Eric was feeling generous but he's not sure he'd spend $100.

    Gary said Eric is also asking people for gifts off his wishlist. Jon said that Eric is also smart enough to know if he talks about this stuff and he plays to Howard and Jimmy Kimmel then he's going to get people to buy things.

    Gary asked if it's different when Eric does that or High Pitch Eric is asking people to buy him stuff. Gary said he sees this as begging. He said it's persistent. Jon said he sees it a little different. Jon said if you get enjoyment out of it then maybe it's worth it. Gary said he thinks that it brings Jimmy Kimmel joy to buy things for Eric. He said he would never do that. Jon said he doesn't think he would.

    Gary said he knows someone from Paramount who sent Eric some stuff after hearing him on the show. JD said he only sends out thank yous for things over $5,000 or something crazy like that.

    Jon said that Howard asked Eric if he thought he looked good in the Ice Bucket Challenge. He said Eric won't comment on that. He played a clip from that segment. Jon asked why Eric will hesitate on commenting on that.

    Jon said Benjy has been complimenting Howard and going above and beyond. Gary said he thinks he's doing that to get Howard's attention. Gary said Howard looks good and he's in good shape but Benjy is just working him. Jon asked if Howard cares. Gary said that he thinks Howard knows Benjy is shticking him.

    Jon said that he can say if a guy looks good. JD said he can say it. He said he knows Jared Fox is a good looking dude and he can say it. Jon asked if he's jealous of that and if that's where his anger came from. JD said that could be part of it.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he missed the show earlier in the week and he wonders why Benjy is checking out guys. Jon said he was just commenting on Howard. He said it's not the first time he's said it. He said he has always worked that angle. He said that it plays into Howard wanting to hear it more. He said he doesn't think Benjy would hesitate to look at naked pictures of anyone. Gary said he thinks he can say it's just goofy to look at guys but to look at women might be a different story.

    Jon said he thinks with Richard it's just funny to look at that stuff and do weird stuff on the show. Jon said Richard and Sal have offered to wrestle him a lot of times. Gary said Richard has pitched an idea to have Jon pretend to prison rape him. Richard came in and said it's not pretend. Jon said Richard has no problem saying a guy is good looking. He asked if Eric sounded homophobic to him. Richard said he did. He said it's hard to defend Eric. He said Eric might be afraid of them cutting up what he says and make it sound worse. He said they have done that in the past.

    Jon asked if Benjy has taken over for Sal in the Howard is good looking stuff. Richard said he has. He said it makes him laugh. He said it's funny when he tells Howard his body looks good. Jon asked if he's being genuine when he does it. Richard said he thinks he is. He said he obviously watched that video a ton of times.

    Jon asked if Sal doesn't admire Howard in that way. Richard said he might be infatuated. He said it might have worn off a little bit. Richard said it's Sal's 10 year anniversary working for the show this month. He said that he's keeping quiet about that stuff these days. Richard said he still admires Howard but not in a lustful way like he used to.

    Gary asked JD how long he's been with the show. JD said he's been there since January of 2003 when he started as an intern. Gary said he's trying to figure out who was there on 9/11. Jon said Jason was and so was Scott. Jon said he wants to get into that with Scott. He said he'd kill to be a fly on the window of that car when Robin was riding with Scott. Gary said that she had very limited ways of getting off the island of Manhattan. Gary told Jon how they got home and how long of a drive it was to get to Staten Island. Richard said she must have been stuck in that car for a while. Jon said he can imagine how the traffic was that day.

    Gary said that there are stories of people helping people and it was just one of the most terrible days. He said so many people were walking that day. Gary said some really sketchy looking guy was banging on his window. The guy claimed he was a preacher. He said he said no and left.

    Jon asked Scott how long that drive was that day. Scott couldn't hear himself in the headphones. Gary said that he's suffering from the same thing guests do on the show. He had to turn his headphones up.

    Scott said they had to take the Tappan Zee bridge over and then came back down. He said he was going to take her to his house but she told him to drop her off at a mall. He said she was going to call someone to pick her up. He said he felt uncomfortable doing that but he did it at the Paramus Park Mall. He said he did it but he didn't feel right. Scott said she could have come to his house.

    Scott said he had Wood Yi in the car that day too. He said Robin sat in the back. He said that he dropped Wood Yi off and then went home. He said he told his wife that he dropped Robin off and then his wife went to find Robin. Scott said he stayed home. He said he was guarding the house in case there were terrorists. Jason asked what happened next. Scott said his wife found Robin and brought her to the house. Scott said they left work around 1 and this was around 3. He said around 4 or so he thought about the bowling tournament that was supposed to be going on that night. He said he was trying to get his life back to normal that evening. Scott said he had only been in the league for a year or so. He said Robin and his wife went out to find dinner. He said he was invited but he said he was going to go to the bowling alley first. He said he was sure there wasn't going to be bowling. He said Robin and his wife found a diner and he found that he wasn't the only asshole at the bowling alley. He said there were about 10 people there. Jon asked if he bowled. Scott said no one was bowling. They just showed up. Gary said he's not sure how anyone bowls on 9/11.

    Scott said he went to the diner after that. Jon asked if Robin was pissed about being left at the mall. Scott said he had the felling she didn't want to be there either. Scott said everything was closed and she wasn't going to find a ride. Gary asked where Robin went that night. Scott said Robin asked to borrow his car. He said fine and said he's not sure how she was going to get to Staten Island. Scott said she had to go north and all the way back down. He said she kind of had to bribe her way through road blocks.

    Jon said he wants to stop Scott for a second. He asked Gary what Robin was thinking when she asked Scott to drop her at the mall. Gary said he thinks that everyone's feeling was to just get home and you'd feel better. Jason said that he was with Robin when she decided to go with Scott. He said they were watching the news and Robin was wondering if she should take that ride. She didn't jump at the decision. On asked if Wood Yi got home alright. Scott said he did.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he loves the show and he's glad he got through. He said he was there that day on 9/11 and it was just something he can't describe. He said he feels for Robin being stuck with Scott. He said he was stuck with his best friend that day. The caller said the city came together that day and that's all he wanted to say.

    Jason said the reason Robin needed a ride home is because her driver left around 10. He said that he just called and said he was leaving with or without Robin. Jon said that KC ran out of the building pretty quick too. Jon said his daughter was 3 or 4 years old at the time and she's always lived with it. Jon said that it just warps your way of thinking after what happened. He said the world is a different place.

    Gary said his kids didn't know what happened exactly. He said he hugged his son that day and he must have wondered why dad was being so weird that day.

    The guys talked about their feelings on that day. Gary said that he remembers when the second plane hit and Howard said ''We're under attack.'' Jason said he remembers people thinking it was a small plane that hit the first building. He said that they were wondering why it hadn't happened before. Gary said it's hard to tell how big a plane is when it happens. He said it was from so far away. Gary said Howard was on it early. He said Howard probably said Osama bin Laden before the news media did. They went to break a short time after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Gary's Last Name. 09/11/14. 10:35am
    After the break Jon took a call from a guy who asked what they think about celebrity fans who drop Gary's name and don't know how to say it. Gary said that they may not be big fans. He said that it's a hard name to pronounce. Jon said sometimes they nail it and sometimes they don't. He said you just let people do what they do and use it for the air. He said about 85 percent can't do it. He said about 40 percent can't even say ''Hein.''

    Richard asked if Gary ever thought about changing his name. Gary said Howard wanted him to change it to Gary Dell. He said he thought about that for about a second. Gary said it was just to make it less annoying. Jon asked what made him decide to keep it. Gary said Howard used to make fun of his name and play that Tarantella music. He said Howard used to play up the pronunciation.

    Jon asked if Gary slips into the Italian accent thing. Gary said he does and he knows that Howard's trainer, Pat, gets upset with the way he and Artie used to pronounce stuff on the show. He said Italians don't even speak like that.

    Jon asked JD if he ever slips into that accent. JD said he doesn't but some people think he has a southern accent. He said he doesn't think he does though. Jon said that he might have an Ohio accent.

    Gary asked Say to say Marinara. Sal said it in that very Italian accent. Sal said that there's a rule of thumb where you end most Italian words with a vowel. He gave some examples and talked about how upset he gets with some pronunciations.

    Sal said that even the Sopranos made him nuts. He said they didn't pronounce it the right way. He said that it's manifested into those words. He said that the rolling of the Rs makes them great lovers too. They spent a minute on that and then went to break.


  • Wrap Up Show - Katharine McPhee Visits. 09/11/14. 10:45am
    After the break Jon talked to Gary about people messing up his last name after coming back to a Larry King intro where he said his name wrong. Jon asked JD if he has a problem with his last name. He said some people do have a hard time with it. He said sometimes they just say ''Hey nerd.''

    Jon said he has people who have a hard time with his name too. He said that Dice screwed it up and so did Ron Howard.

    Jon said that Gary has gotten ragged on before. Gary said he had friends who wrote ''Dell'Abate rhymes with Masturbate'' on his class election signs.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he was going to ask Gary if he teaches his kids about the Italian stuff. Gary said they still go to Little Italy around Thanksgiving or Christmas. He said his kids love that stuff.

    Jon asked JD if he does any of that. JD said he's lucky to get home every year. He said he will go to a place called Skyline Chili if he's home in Ohio.

    Jon said now joining them was Katharine McPhee. She said she was just about to do a selfie. Jon said that she can do that. Jon said that she's out promoting Scorpion which is a new show coming out on CBS. Jon said he though the pilot was pretty good. He said people should check it out. Katharine said that Jon said that like he was surprised. Jon said he sees a lot of pilots and that was actually good.

    Jon said that Katharine came out of American Idol and she's done very well. Katharine said sometimes it works out better for some than others. Gary asked how old she was when she was on the show. She said she was 21 at the time. She said that she was going to school and then she dropped out to go to Los Angeles. She said she was doing some musicals and stuff. She said she workshopped Rock of Ages and she thought that was pretty cool while the guy she was dating didn't think it was.

    Jon said that Sal was in a film recently and he did a rap video. He said he realized his dream later on in life. He said it sounds like Smash was her opportunity to do that. Katharine said that it was the perfect opportunity for her. She said that they were developing it at Showtime at the time. She said that it was like the perfect storm for her. She said she had the right voice for the show. Katharine said that was her favorite thing to do so far in her career. She said she's having a blast doing Scorpion too though. Jon said with Idol the judges are very important. Jon said Howard is a judge on AGT. He asked how she'd compare him to the Idol judges. Katharine said she doesn't watch the show much. She said he seems to be nice to people for the most part. She said being direct is better than not. She said that she's a realist and she thinks that she tries to do things that she can actually do. She said she prefers people be more direct. Katharine said she mostly agreed with Simon Cowell. Gary asked if he ever told her she was bad that night. Katharine said she thinks he did but she can't remember. Katharine said she goes back and looks at those performances and she had a lot to learn. She said she wasn't a seasoned performer. She said she was doing most of her singing in her home.

    Jon said that a lot of people fell for her when she was on Idol. One of them was Eric the Actor. Katharine said she remembers him. Gary said she liked Diana DeGarmo too. He said that he got in touch with her mother. Gary said it was mostly her and Katharine. Jon said that he's wondering how she deals with that. He said ultimately she wants to be nice to fans. She said that's true.

    Gary asked what people said when they told her that Howard wanted her to call into the show. Katharine said that she was chubby and cheerful at the time and she thinks Howard made a comment about her needing to lose weight. She said that he's very honest. Gary said he knows. Gary said Howard thinks he's so fat he shouldn't be walking around. Katharine said she didn't want to go on the show at the time. She said she may not have been comfortable with the stuff he wanted to talk about.

    Gary was looking up pictures of Katharine on the web. She told him that she was more round back then. She said it was about 20 pounds more than she is now. She said she fluctuates about 5 or 6 pounds. JD said there's nothing wrong with that. Gary asked what she stopped doing. Katharine said she stopped focusing on certain things and kept busy.

    Jon said now she's on Scorpion and she plays the mom of a young kid who gets caught up in the whole team. Jon asked if she ever imagined playing anything like that. Katharine said on her 20th birthday she said to her mom that she had a list of things that she wanted to do and getting a show was on that list.

    Jon said a lot of people from Idol have gotten pretty famous from the show. Katharine said that she stays in touch with Kelly Pickler. She said that she's really proud of what she's done. She said everyone was very lovely on the show. She said that she imagines people are happy for her. She said she's happy for them. Jon said they're happy for her success.

    Jon asked Shuli to give them his Howard 100 News headlines. Shuli ran down a few things that they had coming up today. He ran down a few things and then Jon wrapped up the show. They were done around 11:05am.

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    • Robin's News. 09/09/14. 9:35am
    • Wrap Up Show - Scott's Smoking. 09/09/14. 10:45am
    • Wrap Up Show - Gavin Rossdale. 09/09/14. 11:00am
    • Wrap Up Show - King Of All Blacks And Kerri Kasem. 09/09/14. 11:15am
    • Unnamed Vacation Day Special. 09/10/14. 6:00am
    • Richard And Sal's Letter - January 26, 2010 / September 12, 2011. 09/10/14. 6:00am
    • Jackie's Jetty - Unknown Date. 09/10/14. 6:55am
    • Kevin Nealon - December 8, 2011. 09/10/14. 7:30am
    • Big Foot Password Game - September 22, 2008. 09/10/14. 8:45am
    • Wrap Up Show - Sal And Richard's Letter. 09/10/14. 10:05am
    • Wrap Up Show - Kevin Nealon And Robin's Dating. 09/10/14. 10:20am
    • Wrap Up Show - Gary's Phlegm. 09/10/14. 10:40am
    • Wrap Up Show - Eric The Actor And Remembering 9/11. 09/11/14. 10:00am
    • Wrap Up Show - Gary's Last Name. 09/11/14. 10:35am
    • Wrap Up Show - Katharine McPhee Visits. 09/11/14. 10:45am

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