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-- Wednesday, August 24, 2016 --

  • Howard's Prostate Exam. 08/24/16. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A Baba Booey song parody, a phony phone call the guys made to a Chinese restaurant using clips of Robin speaking Klingon, a song parody about Sal Governale being a turtle, Don Henley performing ''The Boys of Summer'' in the Howard Stern Show studio.

    Howard started the show talking about how Benjy loves him so much. He said Fred told him he was staring at him with love. Fred said it was like a guy looking at Margot Robbie. Howard said it's Margot Robbie in a good outfit. Howard asked if she plays Harley Quinn in that movie Suicide Squad. Benjy said that might be why she's dressing the way she has been lately. Howard said she should get used to guys looking at her because it's not going to last forever. Howard said she should enjoy her beauty.

    Howard said he passed gas to see if Benjy would hear it. He heard it even though he had his headphones on. Benjy said it was a very smelly one too.

    Howard said he makes his doody once a day before or after dinner. He said it goes down around 4 or 4:30. He said it's a whole big thing. He said today he has to go to the doctor for his physical and he has to get the finger up his ass. He wanted to empty out this morning. Howard said if you feel like something is coming on later it's a weird thing. Howard said he's trying to figure out what to do. He said he will have his yogurt and his lunch. He said he doesn't want to push though. He said he's got baby wipes with him just in case. He said he's like a chick getting ready for anal. He said he's all uptight about the finger in his ass. He said he's not sure how gay dudes take a cock in their ass. He doesn't know how they do it.

    Howard said he went to the skin doctor and he removed that thing he had on his face. He said it was wart like and he sent it out to get it checked. He said it might not even be enough to get it tested.

    Howard said he doesn't want the finger in his ass. Robin said he spends more time thinking about it than the length of the examination. Howard told himself not to think about the finger in his ass. He asked who cares if there's a finger in there. He said it could be a fist or a cock. He asked how he knows it's not a cock. He said he's so filled with dread every day. He said today it's worse.

    Howard said toward the end of his day he gets a finger in his ass. He said he might even have a half a doody in there so he can be more embarrassed about everything. Howard told himself not to think about the finger in his ass. He told himself to just pretend it's Fred's finger.

    Howard said Robin took a whole cock in her ass and it wasn't so bad the first time. Robin said it was a shock. Howard asked how she got through it. Robin said it was pleasurable. Robin said she wouldn't ask for it. Fred asked if it was all at once. Howard said in her book she described it. She had it at a hotel. Howard said she was so turned on that he went right in. Robin said it was like any love making. Howard asked if he went balls deep. Robin laughed. Robin said she thinks the whole thing was in there. Howard asked if his balls were slapping against her. Howard said it's not the balls, it's the groin. Robin said that is a funny image.

    Howard said that's a big cock. He said she took it like a champ. Robin said she wants Howard to do the same. Howard said it's not fun getting that done. He asked Robin what she did when that guy left. Robin said she didn't know the guy but one night she was at home and something kept hitting her window. Howard said it was his cock. Robin said she saw him standing under a lamp light saying he thought he had dreamt her. Howard said she let that douche bag put his dick in her ass. Robin said they exchanged numbers and eventually went out again. Howard asked how he found her window. Robin said he stood outside after he left and he figured out which window was her's. She said they had sex again after that but it was vaginally. Howard said it's weird if the guy sticks it in your ass first. Robin said remember Frank Gifford. Howard said he's a little side tracked with that. He played a song parody about Robin getting it up the ass.

    Howard said he's going to sing that during his exam. Robin said now he has something to think about. Howard said he dreads it every year. He said he feels like he just gave this rap to her a week ago. Robin said she understands. Howard said he just wants to move on and get it off his mind. Robin said she has no sympathy for him. Robin said after she read her operation report she never wants to see those people again. Robin said they know more about her than she knows about herself. Robin said they had to keep moving her around so god knows where they were. Howard asked if they showed up at her window throwing rocks. Robin said thank god no.

    Howard said he dreads something in his ass. He said what kills him is when they did Prostate Karaoke the other day the guys weren't that rocked by it. Howard said Ronnie heard a finger is better than the probe. Howard said Ronnie was told the finger is better because they can feel for lumps that the probe can't see. Robin said maybe he should have both. Howard said he's not sure what he dreads more, talking to Benjy or the finger up his ass.

    Howard said someone was saying that some celebrities get together for their prostate exams. Gary said it was Steve Martin, Tom Hanks and Martin Short. Howard said that's disgusting. He said they don't do it at the same time of course.

  • New Lee King Snatch Phony Phone Call. 08/24/16. 7:15am
    Howard said he has a phony phone call to play. He said they have that guy Lee King Snatch calling this woman Kathy again. Howard said in this call they get Kathy to say some crazy things. He played the call and Lee had Kathy thinking she was speaking in Japanese by saying ''Pumping Robin's Back Door'' with a Japanese accent. He had her say another phrase which was ''Lets suck Robin's twat lips'' with the heavy accent again. Kathy said it no problem not knowing what she was saying. She also said hello to Harry Gash. Kathy said that man is delightful after getting off the line with him.

    Howard had Lee King Snatch on the phone after that. Howard said Kathy never sees that stuff coming. Lee said it's like his own personal attack on Pearl Harbor if Pearl Harbor was a terrible internet show. Howard asked Lee a few questions and asked if he knows actual Japanese. Lee had him say ''Bald dumb shit got no brains'' which meant ''Bobo asks strange questions'' in Japanese.

    Lee taught him how to say Benjy is often tardy by saying ''Go fuck yourself Benjy Bronk'' with the heavy Japanese accent. Lee taught Robin how to say I am a newswoman by saying ''Suck my huge black titties.'' Howard spent a little more time with Lee before wrapping up.

    Howard said they have other people doing phony phone calls. He said there's a sports show and they do shout outs. Howard said they got them to say Boner and Stinky Bush with their shout outs. Howard played that clip and the guy read the names that were spelled out in strange way.

    Howard said they got another show to say Robin's Camel Toe and a Special Healing Hose thing. Howard played that and then went to break.


  • 30th Anniversary Of Gary's Caps Revelation. 08/24/16. 7:30am
    After the break Howard came right back and asked Robin to say suck my huge black titties. They pulled the drop from earlier in the show to play.

    Howard said Medicated Pete is there to make an announcement. Pete announced they have Howard's point of view and special guests coming in. Robin asked who is there. Howard said he's there. So is Robin.

    Howard said it's the 30th anniversary of finding out Gary has caps on his teeth. Howard said it was so great because he assumed no one knew he had caps. Howard said they're better now but they're still pretty bad. Howard said you can see the top of the gum line on his teeth. Howard said that's the goofiest part of Gary. He said you see his full gum and the top of the teeth.

    Howard said he started goofing on Gary's caps at WNBC and Gary asked how he knew and who told him. Howard said it was very obvious and Gary asked if he was serious. Howard said it's an obvious thing. He said they're huge tombstones in his mouth and they're completely exposed. Howard said it's obvious. Howard said it's like asking how he doesn't know that Stephen Hawking can't walk. He said they talked about it on the air after that. Howard said Sal did the song ''Tainted Teeth'' before he worked on the show. Howard played the song. Howard said that's one of the early parodies Sal wrote. Howard said Sal was so full of promise then.

    Howard said Robin sang ''The Green, Green Caps of Gary.'' He played that too. Howard said there are so many songs. Howard said they had the band America in and they sang ''The Boy With Horse Teeth.'' Howard played some of that song too. Howard said it was amazing that the actual band sang that song. Robin said at one time those songs were the favorite. Howard said Robin outstripped him about 2 years ago. Howard said now Gary sits on top of show business. Howard said he hopes Gary inspires everyone to brush and floss. Howard said happy anniversary to the revelation.

    Howard said they once used audio book clips of Gary talking about his teeth and caps to make a phony phone call. Howard played the phony phone call where they had Gary talking to a woman at a dentist office about his yellow teeth and his bad breath.

    Howard said congratulations to Gary on that. He said he was shocked they knew he had caps. Howard said Gary thought he was getting away with it. Robin said they knew the first time they met. Howard said Gary is busy buying bags for his vinyl collection.

    Howard said on Labor Day they're going to turn Howard 100 into Booey 100. Howard said they'll have all kinds of Baba Booey shout outs happening that day.

    Howard said the first Baba Booey shout out was Captain Janks calling C-Span. Howard had the clip where Janks asked a guy how he feels about Baba Booey and the guy had no clue. Howard said that was the first one ever. Howard said it's the first documented Baba Booey shout out in history.

    Howard played a clip from 30 Rock when they threw out a Baba Booey during the show. Robin laughed at that. Howard said David Letterman had a Baba Booey in a top 10 list. Howard played a clip of that too.

    Howard said the history of Baba Booey is going to be terrific. Howard said they have celebrities commenting on the songs and all of the great moments. Howard said it's all Baba Booey all Labor Day weekend. He played a Baba Booey song parody after that and laughed as it played. It was to the tune of a Led Zeppelin song. Howard said this is one of his favorites of all time. He said it's simple and classic. Howard said put this on and play it loud all weekend long. Robin asked what's better than this?

    Howard said in 2003 Captain Janks pranked Dan Rather after the space shuttle Columbia exploded. Howard played that prank call where Janks said he was in Texas and he hear a loud explosion and a big piece of metal landed on his property. He said they believe it's one of Baba Booey's teeth. Howard said some people thought that was stepping over the line but Janks asked how else he's going to get on the news.

    Howard said the most recent Baba Booey was Sarah Silverman saying Baba Booey at the Democratic National Convention. Howard played a clip. Howard said that was a big moment. Robin said it's reached heights they never could have seen.

    Howard said his favorite Baba Booey moment of all time is the OJ Simpson call. Howard said it was 1994 and Peter Jennings was covering the chase. Howard played that clip next. Howard and Robin were laughing through the whole thing. Al Michaels chimed in during that prank call too.

    Howard said poor Peter Jennings. He said rest in peace pal. Howard said Al didn't give him his due by mentioning his name. Howard played a Baba Booey song parody after that. He said all Labor Day Howard 100 becomes Booey 100. Howard said they'll have tons of Baba Booey songs playing that weekend. Howard played another song parody. He said they'll have songs galore. He said it'll be tons. They went to break after that.


  • Sternac The Improbable. 08/24/16. 7:55am
    After the break Howard came right back and took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn even though people ask him not to take calls from her or Bobo. Howard said he likes them though. Mariann said today is a perfect day for Sternac if there are no guests. Mariann asked if she would be good on Match Game. Howard said sure. Mariann asked Howard to do the Sternac thing again. Howard played a song parody about Mariann over her talking. Howard said he thinks he likes to hear from her because she's so upbeat and loves the show. Howard said her calls are horrendous. He said Bobo's calls are better. Robin said she doesn't dupe them with a question of the day. Howard said he'll do the Sternac for her.

    Howard got into character where he does the Johnny Carson Carnac parody Sternac. Howard has answers to questions that are in an envelope that Robin opens for him. Robin did an intro for Sternac the Improbable. Sternac said this bit never gets old. Robin said she's giving him the envelopes. Robin said they were kept in a place no one goes, her email box. Howard said he's sent her like 5 emails about things and Robin doesn't read them.

    Robin said no one knows what's in the envelopes but he will figure out what's in there. Sternac was ready to go. Sternac had the first envelope and said ''Microsoft.'' The question was ''Name two words to describe High Pitch Erik's penis.'' The next one was Pokemon. The question was ''What does George Takei do when he gets drunk in a gay bath house?''

    Sternac said the next answer was ''1492.'' The question was ''How does Wendy the Slow Adult count to 10?'' The next answer was ''The Liberty Bell, the Grand Canyon and Kim Kardashian.'' The question was ''Name 3 things with big cracks.''

    Sternac said the next answer is ''The Who.'' The question was ''What will my staff be known as when I retire?''

    Sternac said the next answer is ''Jerry Lee Lewis.'' The question was ''Name 3 of the many men George Takei fucked in his single days.''

    Sternac said the next answer is ''Four score and seven years ago.'' The question was ''What is the first line of Melania Trump's next speech?''

    Sternac said the next answer was ''Different Strokes.'' The question was ''What was Riley Martin's official cause of death?''

    Sternac's answer was ''Jason Bourne.'' The question was ''What does Jon Hein wish never happened?'' Sternac said he loves inside humor.

    Sternac's next answer was ''Adele.'' The question was ''What do you buy when you can't afford a Mac?'' Robin said these are lame jokes.

    Sternac's next answer was ''Army.'' The question was ''How will Jeff the Drunk's arm taste?'' That one cracked up Howard and Robin.

    Sternac's next answer was the last one. It was ''9 11'' and the question was ''What time did Benjy get into work this morning?'' Sternac said goodbye to everyone. They went to break after that.


  • Ronnie's Naked Women Tweets. 08/24/16. 8:15am
    During the break Howard pointed out that Benjy hasn't stopped eating. Benjy was eating fruit. Fred said he's like Houdini with his food. He said one second it's there and you look back and it's gone. Benjy said this is his final day of eating. He's going on some diet or something.

    After the break Howard came right back and said he looks at Benjy and wants to throw up with the food orgy going on over there.

    Howard took a call from a guy who had a really good phone connection. Howard applauded him on that. The caller said he has counted Ronnie's tweets with naked women. He said he got to 187 and had to stop counting. Howard said he asked Ronnie what's up with that and he says he's retweeting people. He asked what the difference is. Howard asked if he's Ronnie Guccione or the Penthouse of Twitter. He said Ronnie told him he's just retweeting. The caller said it's like 15 a day. Howard said it's goofy. He said he's tweeted a bunch of times during work today. Howard said he just wants a security guy driver who doesn't want to be famous. He said this is all he wanted years ago. He said he wondered why he didn't get appearances.

    Ronnie came in and said he doesn't do that during the show. Ronnie said it was at 5 this morning so he can do what he wants. Howard asked why those naked women. Ronnie said he has a ton. Howard asked if it's quality control. Ronnie said there's a couple of guys who send him naked pictures. He said there are two and they send them every morning. Howard said this is what he does. The caller said Ronnie has tweeted over 40,000 times. Howard said he's like Bad Grandpa in real life.

    Howard said he thought that there were more than two guys. Ronnie said they had a hole thing with the Hot Chick of the Week so he had to end that. He said one girl was advertising that she was part of the show so he shut that down. Howard said now he's retweeting women. Ronnie said he'll put up a picture of the girl has a hot ass. He said no pussy pictures though. Robin said he's Playboy, not Hustler. Ronnie said that's right. He said it's too graphic. Ronnie said this guy Emilio puts up a lot of stuff. He said he's got cancer or something. He said he thinks he's sick and can't leave the house. Howard asked what this is leading to. Ronnie said nothing. Howard asked where this is leading. Ronnie said it's no thrill. He said it's a time killer. He said he just kills time doing it. Howard said he should read a book. Ronnie said it'd dark out. Howard said he must like the fame. Ronnie said he has a lot of followers. Howard said he must enjoy it. Ronnie said he's not getting paid for it. He said it's just fun.

    Howard asked if he gets a thrill from seeing the naked women. Ronnie said they are hot. He said he won't put one up that's not hot. Howard said they did find a vagina picture. Howard asked what she's doing in it. Ronnie said it might be an ass picture and you see her vagina sticking out a little bit.

    Brent Hatley came in and said you can see her beaver in the bent over picture. Ronnie said that's not his fault. Brent said that's a beaver shot. Ronnie said he's not putting vagina up there. He said you're not seeing her red, puffy cunt. Howard said it's still vagina. Brent said this was recent on August 18th. Howard said he will put vagina on there. Ronnie said it's very slight. Brent said it's not at all. He said it's the middle of the shot.

    Howard asked Brent what he thinks Ronnie's end game is. Brent said he might be showing he's young and hip and cool like one of the guys. Howard said he might be right. Howard said Brent studies Ronnie. Brent said he's fascinated by him.

    Howard said Ronnie puts emojis next to the girls. Ronnie said he doesn't write anything. He said he only retweets. He said sometimes he'll answer someone and use the devil horns. Howard said he uses that emoji and the ''Yeah duu'' thing.

    Howard saw the picture of the woman's vagina. Howard said that's vagina. Ronnie said he's not posting it as a vagina picture. He said he hear he posted another vagina picture on the 16th too. Howard said he's coming off like a douche when he does the emoji thing. Howard said he's trying too hard.

    Howard said it's not even the naked pictures. He said it's the devil emoji. Ronnie said he's responding to people. He said he's not commenting on the picture. Brent said he is though. He said the response is under the picture. Ronnie said now he's lying. He said he'll respond to someone but not under the pictures. Brent said his Twitter handle is RMLimoDriver69 so he has the 69 in there too. Howard said there's the other vagina shot. Howard said this one's vagina is hanging like a cock. Howard said she's got a great ass but that's not on his Twitter account. Howard said that chick may have balls too.

    Howard said he's just saying maybe Ronnie should rethink this. He said he knows a guy who is the guy sending him titty pictures of girls. He said it's not Ronnie but that's what the perception of Ronnie is. Howard said he also loves posting naked pictures with women holding coffee. Ronnie said he's retweeting that guy's stuff. He said he likes an ass and he'll retweets it. He said he likes the coffee stuff because it's saying good morning for the Stern Show.

    Ronnie said he's not posting women with their legs spread. Brent said he's posting the rear burger stuff though. Ronnie said Brent used to be the dirtiest guy on the air. He said now he's calling him out on it. Howard said no one can take their mind off of him. Howard said Ronnie isn't sure why he's retweeting Emilio's pictures. Ronnie asked what the big deal is. He said he's just having a good time with everyone. He said it's like being on CB radio years ago. Ronnie said it's the same shit.

    Howard said they should call the FBI on Emilio, not retweet him. Ronnie asked what the guy did wrong. Howard said nothing that they know of. Ronnie said he makes the guy's day because he's sick. Howard said Jerry Sandusky blocked Ronnie because he thought it was sick. Ronnie said he hates it when there are no guests on the show.

    Howard read some tweets that Ronnie posted about some girls. He had 4 devil emojis. Howard asked what that means. He was talking about the Swiss Volleyball team. Ronnie said it's just a bad boy thing. Howard asked if he's ever given 5. Ronnie said he doesn't know. Ronnie said he didn't know Brent was so busy studying him. Howard said that guy Jared from Subway even told Ronnie to calm down with that stuff.

    Howard said Ronnie's devil emojis mean he wants to do something evil to those girls. Ronnie said don't put words in his mouth. He said it's a goof. He said it's just a bad boy comment.

    Howard asked the caller, Nick, what he makes of all of this. Ronnie asked how old the guy is and what he does. Howard said he's 36. Nick said he works in the insurance industry in Boston. Nick said if you're over 30 you shouldn't use emojis. Ronnie asked if there's a law about that. Howard said Ronnie has tweeted over 30,000 times on his Twitter. Ronnie said that's right. Nick said he's a weirdo.

    Howard said his friend Emilio is on the phone. He took a call from him and it was one of the guys doing a Ronnie-like voice talking about why he does that stuff. He said he sits around looking at naked pictures and then sends them to Ronnie.

    Howard took a call from King of All Blacks who said he didn't jump to this conclusion lightly. He said he has figured out Ronnie. He said what he's trying to do is separate himself from Howard. He wants fame but not from Howard. Howard said that might be it. Nick said this is coming from a guy who tweets pictures of feet all day. King said he's street famous. He said he's not show famous.

    King asked if Ronnie's girlfriend gets jealous of this stuff. Ronnie said no. King said that means she doesn't really like it. Howard said he thinks she's fine with it. Brent asked if he's ever had a threesome with her. Ronnie said that's none of his business.

    Howard asked King if he knows who drives Jimmy Fallon's limo. King said no. Howard asked if he knows Colbert's driver. King said no. Howard said he doesn't know Jimmy Kimmel's driver either. Howard said Ronnie is building something.

    Howard asked what the Ronnie thing is they have on Jason said they have Ronnie typing on his phone with some old timey music playing.

    Howard took a call from Ralph who said that Howard said he doesn't want a driver that's famous but then he makes him more famous by talking about him. Howard said it's fascinating to him. Ralph said it is fascinating. Howard said Ronnie bills himself as a ''Star of Satellite Radio'' in an appearance he's doing. Ronnie said he didn't come up with it. He retweeted it according to Jason though. Ronnie said he didn't write it. He said the people at the place they're going to be wrote it.

    Ralph asked why Ronnie why he's not on Instagram instead. Ronnie said he doesn't want to be on there. Ronnie said he's only on Twitter. He said he's not on Facebook but someone took his name and made an account. Brent made another comment so Ronnie said he used to get shit blown in his face. Brent said he was the one putting the shit in the fan. Brent said Ronnie is one of the most fascinating people on the planet.

    Ronnie said he has fun doing it. Robin asked what's fun about it and what the thrill is. Ronnie said he puts up other shit. He said Natalie Maines is all over with the Flat Ronnie. He said he retweets that shit too. He said it's every time she does a concert. He said he retweets Jillian Barberie's shit too. He said he sent her a comment about giving her some vitamins and put the devil horns. He said she loved it and retweeted it.

    Brent said the other thing that's fascinating that Ronnie is proud of being compared to Lenny Dykstra. He said the rest of them there would be insulted. Ronnie asked when they're going to do the show together. He said he knows the guy is off his rocker but it would be a great radio show.

    Howard asked if Jillian and Natalie like him because he only shows vagina from behind. Howard said maybe he should put some big, gaping holes on there. Howard said Natalie sent him some Flat Ronnie pictures. Howard said that whole thing was a goof. Ronnie asked if he should be upset.

    Howard said Jon Hein hates ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' so much. He said Jim Lee put it on the cover of a Suicide Squad comic book. Howard said Jon said he wouldn't hang that in his house. Howard said it's kind of normal to hate something like that. He said Ronnie embraces this stuff. Howard said he's an older guy who is talking about red cunt and other weird stuff. He said he's like Bad Grandpa. Howard said he's into cock rings too.

    Ronnie said he got some cool cock rings in the mail. Brent said he was so excited about it. He was showing them to everyone. Howard asked if he watches Ronnie all day. Brent said he's always asking people ''What's your fucking problem'' and saying fuck you to them. Howard said Ronnie doesn't get it. Howard said he told him to stop it. Ronnie said he's being a real asshole now. He said he doesn't do it when guests are there. Howard said Ronnie is the security guy. Howard asked him to stop that. Ronnie said he'll stop talking to everyone if that's what he wants.

    Howard said he's not punishing him. He said that's perfect. Ronnie said he won't talk to Brent anymore. Howard asked why he has to talk like that to people. Howard said maybe talk politely. Howard said he doesn't need a comic for security. Robin said they have seen each other so much that there's nothing left to say. she said he started humming while she was humming and he didn't even realize it.

    Howard asked Ronnie if he ever saw the movie The Bodyguard. Ronnie said he did. Ronnie said he ended up fucking her. Howard said he did that because he wasn't busy posting cunt pictures. Howard said listen to him. He said he's making a point. Howard said the reason Kevin Costner was cool is because security guys should blend in. He said you shouldn't know they're there. Howard said people shouldn't know he has a security guy. Howard said Kevin Costner didn't say ''fuck you'' to anyone. Ronnie said he doesn't tweet during the show at all. Howard said he's going to remake The Bodyguard and Ronnie is going to be the Bodyguard where everything goes wrong. He said the girl falls in love with him but it'll be Tan Mom. Ralph said maybe Nicole Bass should be the woman. Howard said watch the movie and imitate that. Ronnie said he does watch it.

    Howard said that in his version of the movie the woman gets shot and Ronnie is busy tweeting rear vagina pictures. Howard said he's going through those pictures and tweeting out the ones with just the right amount of vagina. Howard did his impression of Ronnie.

    Howard asked what the story is on the cock ring. Ronnie said Doc Johnson sent them over. Howard asked what he has there. Ronnie showed Howard what he had. Ronnie said it's got two motors on it. Brent said he uses them too so he knows about this. Ronnie said Brent has whips and chains too. He said he's into S&M. Brent said it's been years since he did that. Ronnie said this is a 3 ring set. He said you can use two. Howard said if he did that with Beth she'd freak out and leave him. Ronnie said he has a rechargeable cock ring too. Howard said look at the size of that thing. Brent explained how you can bring it up to a woman and not shock them.

    Howard said they can bring in Richard to try them on. Howard said they can see how they work. Ronnie showed something that looked like a shoe horn. Brent said he thinks you put it on and it massages your taint at the same time. Ronnie showed another thing that had a male and female oil kit. Ronnie said it was a wellness kit. Howard said he has a nice gift there. Ronnie said that was from Doc Johnson.

    Richard came in and said Ronnie can wash the thing when he gets done with it. Ronnie said he can throw it out. Howard said he's got Ronnie's cock ring on the phone. He took the call from The Lump who joked about the cock ring thing.

    Howard said Richard is putting the cock ring on. Howard said maybe Robin will put it on. Ronnie didn't know how to put it on. He said he should read the instructions. Richard said it has a USB thing where you plug it into your computer.

    Howard asked if he's getting hard over there. Richard said that's the whole point of the thing. Ronnie said that's what they do. Gary said there are some buttons on the side. Howard said that's enough of this. Richard turned it on and said that's crazy. It was making a humming noise that they got on microphone. Howard said he can take it home if he wants to. Howard said he can take it home and stick it in his girl's hole. Richard had them stick the microphone back down there. It was still humming.

    Howard had Sal come in because Richard needs him. He said he's turned on by the cock ring. Sal said he's going to pass on this one. Howard asked Sal to come in. Sal said please no. He didn't want to come in. Richard said Larry is going to get jealous. Sal said he's not going to touch that thing. He said it's disgusting. He said his dick looks like a red sausage. Richard said it feels cool and had Sal touch it. Sal did it and said it was wonderful. Richard wanted to press it against his ass cheek. Sal said no way to that. Sal said Richard looks so happy. Howard said Richard has a smile on his face like he's so happy. Gary said he looks like a slow adult because he's so happy. Howard asked him to just let him rub the tip on his ass cheek. Sal said he has 3 kids. Howard said through his jeans. Sal said he's going to pass. Richard did it and Sal let out a ''Oh!'' when he felt it. Sal ran out of the room. Howard said they need to take a break anyway.

    Howard asked Richard if he has any theories on Ronnie. Richard said if you press the button again it pulses the cock ring. Howard asked if Gary can feel it. Gary said he has an idea of how it works. Howard said this is how a circle jerk starts.

    Gary said he unfollowed Ronnie's retweets just so he doesn't have to see the naked pictures. He said that way you can still see the other weird stuff he posts. Howard said his whole point in bringing it up is that he's not sure what his game plan is. Howard said he understands he wants to see naked women but he's not sure why he retweets it.

    Howard thanked Ralph for calling in. Ronnie thanked Nick for bringing this up. Ralph asked why Ronnie if he has a no vagina policy why did he post those pictures. Ronnie said they're ass pictures. Robin said he's saying that the ass is so great that it's unintentional that he had the vagina in there. Howard said this is the simplest thing.

  • Memet Bangs A Married Chick. 08/24/16. 9:10am
    Howard asked if they heard about Memet. He said he was on one of those dating things and he fucked some married chick. Howard said he fucked her like 7 times. Howard said he thought he was swearing off married women. Memet came in and said that girls hit him up on Facebook and Instagram and stuff. Howard said wait until you hear this. Howard said it's not cool to do that. Memet said he knows that. He said this woman hit him up on Instagram saying she was coming to town so they met at her hotel. He said she was super hot.

    Ralph was still on the phone so he asked if Memet worries about the husband. Memet said he felt bad doing it. He said she was in from out of town though. Ronnie said one day he'll get in trouble. He said he knows. He said if he's on the phone with her then the husband will find out. Memet said so what. Ronnie said he doesn't know who the guy is so he has no idea what he can do. Memet said maybe they have an arrangement.

    Memet said they go to the hotel room and she was wearing a very sexy cocktail dress. She had very sexy panties on too. Memet said he was at the hotel bar and he was very nervous. He said he pretty much popped a rod immediately. Howard asked how big her boobs were. Memet said they were mid sized but they were very nice. He said she was fully shaved too.

    Howard asked about meeting in the bar. Memet said he had a Jack and Coke. He said he thought that it might slow him down. He said he jerked off before going to see her too. Howard said he used to do that too. He said that it didn't help. Memet said same thing for him.

    Howard asked if guys were hitting on her. Memet said the bar was kind of empty. He said they were messaging really filthy things to each other before they even met. He said they were exchanging sexy pictures and stuff. He said he doesn't send out dick pictures though. Ronnie asked if he sent pictures of himself to her. Memet said he did. He said they were tasteful sexy pictures. Ronnie was getting at the point that the husband will find them.

    Memet said they met and they had to have small talk. He said it was tough because they had done this other stuff. He said she was way hotter than he expected. He said she's the kind of chick he'd marry if she wasn't married.

    Memet said they went upstairs after the drinks. Howard asked if he told her that his dick isn't that big. Memet said ''What?'' He said he never lets a girl see him soft. He said it won't come out of his pants until he's chubbed up. Ralph asked who suggested they go up. Memet didn't get to answer. Howard asked to see a picture of the chick. Memet said he'll come off like an asshole if he does that. Howard said just show it to him. He said he showed it to everyone else there. Howard saw it and said ''Oh shit!'' he said she is fucking hot. Memet said she's even hotter in person.

    Howard asked who she looks like. Ronnie took a look and said she looks like a porn star he knows. Brent said Kristin Stewart almost. Howard said he can't figure it out. Memet said maybe Jennifer Lawrence. Ralph said just put it up on Memet said no way.

    Memet said he should be going to hell. He said he got up to the hotel room and there was a spread of cheese and crackers. He said he asked if she ordered it and she said her husband actually ordered it for her. He said that didn't stop him. He said the marathon sex after that was great. He said it went on all night. He said as soon as they got to the room they were going at it. He said this isn't the first time it's happened either. He said they were going at it 2 or 3 minutes into the room. He said he came really fast the first time. Howard said he came so hard that he came in his own face.

    Memet said he didn't use a condom that night either. He said he couldn't find the hole according to Ronnie. Howard asked Memet if he went in bareback and pulled out. Memet said he did. Ronnie said he has to be careful doing it without a condom. Memet said he doesn't do that with just anyone. Howard asked if he does the sniff test down there. Memet said he knows he's coming off as a douche talking about all of this.

    Howard asked how he came on his own face. Memet said he was really charged up and he was in the missionary position. He said he was going longer then he thought he would. He said he was going several minutes of hard and fast. Memet said he's coming off like such an asshole. He said he's finally getting laid though. Memet said he pulled out and was going to go on her stomach but he was so horned up that he looked down and it went straight into his eye instead of her stomach. He said it dripped down. He said she laughed at him but he wasn't laughing. Ronnie said it's like a hose. Memet said he ran to the bathroom sink to rinse it off.

    Howard asked how long he waited to do it again. Memet said that it doesn't take him long to get going again. He came all of those times they had sex. Ralph said that's crazy. Howard said when he was 19 or so he dated a chick in Princeton and he came 5 times in one night. Ralph said he never did that. Howard said he started in the afternoon and went into the night. He said those were the good ol' days.

    Howard asked Ronnie how many mistakes he's making. Ronnie said it's bad to do the communication on the phone. He said the thing is that if the husband has any suspicion then he's going to check the phone and it'll be a bad scene. He said she's going off on her own to New York and he might be following her. Howard asked if Memet is in love with her. Memet said he would be too. Memet said he's not going to talk about when he might see her again.

    Brent asked if he needs things like this again to get off. Memet said he tries to meet normal girls and they want nothing to do with him.

    Howard took a call from a manly sounding woman saying it was so hot when he came all over. It was Yucko the Clown doing the voice and honking his horn. Memet said that he's seen the woman's husband in pictures. Yucko said Memet posts model pictures on his Facebook and he and Eli Braden go on and post really dirty things. Memet said that's part of the reason he can't date normal girls. Howard asked why he lets the public in on his Facebook. Memet said he thought Yucko was a friend. He's not so sure now.

    Memet said the more your wife is on Facebook and Twitter the dirtier the texts are to him in private. Howard asked if she puts down her husband at all. Memet said they didn't talk about that at all. He said that she mentioned that his dick was bigger than her husband's though. He said he felt bad for the husband.

    Brent asked if he feels bad for the husband. Memet said no. He said put yourself in his shoes. He said if a hot woman like that came on to you then you'd do the same thing. Howard said he'd never do that. He said that's just not right. Ralph said this is so regular now and you never know who is going to be in the hotel room. Memet said that they went to her room. Ralph said you don't know who will be in the room though.

    Brent said that you never know if a guy is going to be in the closet watching. Ralph said he thinks Brent has done that. Brent said he didn't though.

    Memet said he's looking for a normal girl but she's not out there. The guys said he's not into that and he's looking for this kind of stuff. Memet said he doesn't know.

    Memet said that he's got a warped view of marriage now. He said a lot of women reach out to him like this. Howard said he's got AIDS on the phone. AIDS said that he got Memet with that 7 times. Memet said he's fine. Robin asked if he got a blood test. Memet said the doctors know him by his first name now.

    Ronnie asked what he's going to do if he got her pregnant. Memet said it can't happen. Ronnie said he can get her pregnant if he went in there without a condom. Memet said the chances are very slim. Howard said he has to have a talk with him about sex. Memet said he needs a condom that gives you some feeling. Ronnie told him to try a cock ring. Memet said that won't stop the pregnancy thing.

    Howard said he was born by the pull out method. Memet said he might come off like a dick but think about what you'd do. He said he's thought about this woman a lot. Howard asked if he liked her personality. Memet said he did. Ralph asked what the craziest thing he did with her was. Memet said it wasn't anything too crazy. He said you don't do that when you're with someone for the first time. He said they had a nice bubble bath. Howard asked if that was after the third time. Memet said it was the 4th or 5th. Howard asked if she saw his dick soft. Memet said they were fucking in the bath so she didn't right away but she did eventually. He said that as long as she sees it hard first it's fine.

    Howard said according to planned parenthood there's a 27 percent chance of getting pregnant with the pull out method. Howard said he's never even shot a load in his own face. Ronnie said he was probably already shooting out before he pulled out. Memet said he read about pre-cum and how the sperm in that is dead. Howard laughed. He said now he's being an asshole. Ralph said if he keeps that up he's going to knock someone up.

    Howard asked if she was on birth control. Memet said he didn't ask. Robin said that's an asshole move. Howard said he really is the Gangster of Love. Howard said he has that tattoo that says that. Memet said it was sarcastic when he got it. Fred played the Steve Miller song. Howard said he has Memet's baby on the phone now. He took the call and let the baby say hello.

    Memet said he knows people are going to hate him now. Howard said he's just worried about him. He said he's on his team. Memet said it's hard to turn things like this down. Howard said Ronnie saved him from the catfish thing that one time. He was going to take a bus up north to meet some woman who turned out to be a dude. Memet was going to a remote cabin to meet her. Howard said in his defense it was a very pretty dude. Howard said the picture was a dude. He thought he was going to get laid. Ronnie said he saw the picture of the girl who was so hot. He said that he could have gone up there and they may have never seen him again.

    Ralph asked how he found out it was a guy. Memet said they looked up the pictures and they were 20 years old and all over the internet. Ralph said he's 29 and he should be smarter than that. Howard said he found out she wasn't a girl when the girl showed him his cock after he was finished.

    Howard asked if he thinks that she'll leave her husband and he'll marry her. Memet said no way. He said that she has a family and she's still married. He said maybe in some way he's providing the one thing that's missing from the marriage. Robin said he's going to get all caught up in this if he keeps doing it. Howard said it's Memet's service. Howard said thank you for your service.

    Ralph said he loves how he says he wants a regular relationship but he's involved with this. Memet said he goes on dates all the time but the girls don't like him. He said they don't call him back. Howard said he has to take it slow and go on dates. Howard said nice girls aren't going to fuck him on the first night. Howard said it might be two weeks. Howard said his thing is that he feels he has a bad personality and girls will bail. Memet said he does. He said he's too nice or a loser. Howard said he works on the Howard Stern Show. He's not a loser. Brent said everyone there likes the guy. He told Memet he has a good personality. Ronnie said he has desperate women who want to get laid. He said he'll never get anywhere other than maybe get killed.

    Ralph asked how long ago this was. Memet said it was days. Howard said sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. Ralph said he's making this into a thing. He said he's having a relationship with this woman. He said Memet is a mess. Memet said he's just playing it by ear. Robin said there is no way the woman is leaving her husband for him. Memet said she does fine on her own so she doesn't need the husband. Robin said she's not leaving her great lifestyle for Memet.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said Memet has this whole aura about him and if he thinks he's helping the marriage he's putting himself down a hole. Memet said he's fine. The caller said she's been there and he has to change his whole image.

    Howard took a call from the woman's husband who said he's helping the marriage so much they should send him off to help Sharon and Ozzy. Howard thanked him for the call.

    Ralph said his point is that Memet is swimming in waters he shouldn't be. He doesn't have the experience to be dating women like this. Memet said he thinks she'd tell him different if he talked to her.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said you'd have low self esteem too if you came in your own face. Howard took a call from Sour Shoes who was doing his George Takei voice. He asked him to come over there and break up his marriage too. Howard said George is in love with Memet. Howard thanked George for the call but George said he's Spoken Word George. He did a spoken word poem for Memet. Howard said that was a wonderful poem. George said he's in a pool of Bukakke and splashed some of it around.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said Ronnie has to be gay. He said he's constantly obsessed with cock. He said he used to be just like him. Ronnie thanked him for the call. He said he's gay. Howard said Ronnie is open to everything. Ronnie said no. The caller said he knows Ronnie is gay based on the way he talks. Brent said he's sure Ronnie is into women. The caller said no way.

    Howard asked if Memet is okay. Memet said he's just playing all of the stuff in his head that just went on. Howard said Ronnie was going to let Richard blow him for money. Ronnie said it was for the money. He said a blow job is a blow job. He said he'd just lay back an take the cash.

    Howard said Memet just went into a funk. Memet said he knows people are going to think he's an asshole. Howard said everyone has done stuff like that. Memet said it's hard not to do these things. Ronnie said he's such a scumbag. Howard asked if he's going to cry. Memet said just put yourself in his shoes. He said you'd do it too.

    Howard took a call from Shuli doing his Tan Mom voice. Tan Mom said her husband can jerk off in the corner while Memet fucks her. Howard said Memet will cum on his own face too. Howard let Tan Mom go after that.

    Howard said they learned a lot this morning. Ralph said they learned that Memet is a marriage saver. Ralph asked if Richard still has the cock ring on. Howard said he's over in the corner with that. Howard said that girl was hard to resist so he'd have a hard time with that too. He told Memet to go wash his face. Howard let everyone go and went to break.


  • Fake Caitlyn Jenner Calls In. 08/24/16. 10:00am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he should have peed during the break. He said he spaced out and he was just hanging out. He said he can hold it a little longer. He said he has Caitlyn Jenner on the phone. Howard picked up on fake Caitlyn who said it's a bunch of bullshit that her show was canceled. Howard said he loves her show. Robin said it's the ratings that get a show canceled. Howard asked if she's upset. Caitlyn said she cut her cock off and she can't even get a 2 share.

    Howard said he thought the show was a little preachy with the politics. Caitlyn said she had some plans for next season where she'd poke Lamar Odom's balloon knot. She had some other plans for the show that she told Howard about.

    Howard said that was Caitlyn Jenner everyone. Caitlyn said she had to do Prostate Karaoke first. She started to sing and her voice went up when the probe went in. Howard let her go a short time later. She kept saying goodbye. Howard eventually got her off the phone.

  • Wendy The Slow Adult Calls In. 08/24/16. 10:05am
    Howard said Wendy the Slow Adult is upset with Gary for talking bad about her. He said Gary isn't even sure what he said to her. Howard played a clip of Wendy talking to Shuli about that. In the clip Wendy said she heard Gary saying things about her on the Wrap Up Show. She didn't remember what he said. She said it was the day Jimble Kimble was in. She said that she didn't like some of the questions Gary talked about her. Howard said Shuli asked what Gary can do to make it up to her and she said give her $500. Howard said it is repairable.

    Howard had Wendy on the phone and she was yelling about something. She hurt her foot or something. Howard got her on the line and she said she's just chilling having some wine coolers. Howard said she has no idea it's too early to be drinking. Wendy said she has two bottles. Howard asked if she's drunk. Wendy said she's playing with her titties too. Howard said he has a note about her drinking Seagram's Peach Wine Coolers. Howard said that's not a good idea. Wendy said she's in her bedroom. Howard asked how that's legal for her to drink.

    Howard asked Wendy if it's wrong to have sex with a married person. Wendy said no. She said it's okay. Howard asked why she's mad at Gary. Wendy said she heard him talking about how he hates her and she didn't like what Jon Hein was asking him.

    Howard said Wendy is drinking and it's not good. Gary said they went back and listened to the Wrap Up Show and found nothing. Gary said he's not going to send her the $500. Robin asked if she's sticking with that amount. Wendy said she is. Gary said he and Wendy had a good 5 minute conversation and he really liked her. He said now this. He said he was told by Shuli that she was at a flea market asking for money and a guy gave her $5 and she pulled out a wad of money and added that money to it.

    Howard asked if Wendy thinks she is smarter than High Pitch Erik. Wendy said she does. she said he's a moron but she could beat him. She said she's smarter than him. Wendy said he made her friend Lisa mad and now she wants her to punch Erik out for her.

    Howard said Wendy had a 61 on the IQ test and Erik had a 66. Howard said that's pretty good. Gary asked if she knows what 5 plus 5 is. Wendy said 10. Howard asked her to spell Robin. Wendy spelled it correctly. Howard said she might be able to beat him. Howard asked her to name 3 states. She was able to do that with New York, New Jersey and Florida. She said she had a big shit in her pants earlier. Howard said she's doing that because she's kind of out of it an lazy. She said if the power goes out there she will run into the wall looking for her flashlight.

    Howard asked if she graduated high school. Wendy said she did and she's the only one in her family to graduate. That med Benjy laugh. Howard said he has to go. He let Wendy go. He said everyone loves Wendy the Slow Adult. Howard said even her phone is retarded.

    Howard took a call from Jim from Raleigh who asked if Howard has been on the air longer than any other broadcaster. Howard said he's sure there are other guys who have been on longer. Howard said Imus has been on longer. Howard said he might be the most successful radio broadcaster. Howard said he'll Google his name once in a while and ask the mirror on the wall if he's the most successful radio guy of all time. Howard said he'll do that on Google. He said they say that Rush Limbaugh is the most successful but that's just not true. Howard said he can't come to satellite and bring the kind of numbers that they did. Howard said morning radio is the most competitive and he was arguing with Google about this. He said the paper he was in was supported by terrestrial radio. Howard said Rush could never do what he did. Howard said he'd have some subscribers but not a lot. Jim said Rush is not funny at all. Howard said this was in Talkers magazine. He said the article is horse shit.

    Jim said Rush just followed what Howard did. Howard said the guy has some success. He said he can't take that away from him but he's not the most successful. Howard let Jim go after that. Then he did a live commercial read.

  • Robin's News. 08/24/16. 10:15am
    Howard had Robin start her news after playing her in with a song parody from Little Mikey. Robin started her news with a story about Lenny Dykstra starting a feud with Mickey Rourke. Robin had a clip of Lenny talking about how Mickey owes him 30 grand. Robin had a clip of Mickey saying he'd kick Lenny's ass if he sees him. He said he'll knock his teeth out again if he sees that punk ass bitch. Robin said Lenny was on the Drew and Mike show and said there wouldn't be a fight because Mikey would have to kill him. Robin had a clip of that too. Howard played a song parody with Ronnie and Lenny talking dirty.

    Howard took a call from Sour Shoes who was doing his Gary impression. He had Gary sleeping and dreaming about Jon Hein, shrimp and other things. Sour did his impression with Gary snorting and clearing his throat. Howard told him to go back to work and produce the show.

    Robin read a story about Truman Capote's ashes being up for sale. Robin said that they're going up on auction in September. Robin said he left the ashes to a friend and Johnny Carson's wife. They were stolen and recovered twice. Robin said after Carson died it was decided that they'd put them up for sale. Howard said maybe just bury them somewhere. Robin said she's fine with her's just being put in a dumpster.

    Robin read about a man who raped a woman and left his wallet at the scene of the crime. Robin said the woman was abducted while on the phone. Robin said the woman was forced behind a bush on the lawn and was forced to have sex. Robin said they found the man's wallet nearby.

    Howard played a clip from a FOX channel where they gave a ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' during a broadcast. Howard said it's an epidemic. Howard said that was some transition. Howard said he didn't know the audience would catch on like that. Howard played another ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' from a news report. Howard also played a ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' song parody. He did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about a study that was done that found work happiness can have a large impact on physical and mental health later on in life. Howard said he worked at an ad agency for a week and he looked green. Howard said it's the worst going to a job you hate.

    Robin read a story about a former FOX news co-host, Andrea Tantaros, who is claiming that behind the scenes they act like a sex obsessed cult at the network. Robin read some details about this case. Howard said the whole world is nuts. He said he used to watch that Andrea Tantaros on the news all the time. He said he wondered what happened to her. Howard said he heard some stuff about what went on over there and went over some of that stuff. Howard talked about how he used to like Bob Grant because he was a good broadcaster. He said he didn't agree with the guy all the time but he was a good broadcaster. He said it's the same thing with FOX News. Howard said Ronnie could take over for Roger Ailes over there at FOX News. That led to Fred doing his creepy Ronnie voice talking to the women about icing their nipples and things like that.

    Robin read a story about Larry King's wife having an affair. Robin said she was thinking she might be the woman Memet was with but she's older than that woman. Robin said the National Enquirer is claiming that Larry's wife was cheating. Robin said she allegedly texted her boy toy a picture of herself exposing a breast. Robin read more details about that and the Enquirer is sticking by their story that it went on.

    Robin read a story about how the government is going to be buying up surplus cheese to use for food banks and charities. Howard said welfare cheese was the biggest insult when he was growing up. He said people used it as a rank out.

    Howard took a call from Tan Mom who said she was just in Los Angeles filming a movie. Howard asked what movie it was. Tan Mom said she was in Animal House. Robin asked if they're making that again. Tan Mom said yes. She said she plays Babs in the movie. Benjy wondered if it was real or a porn. Tan Mom said that they're making it for the older remake of the movie. She said it's hysterical. She said it's the cast as if they were older. She said it's a sequel. Howard asked if she's nude in it. Tan Mom said she's not but she's doing something in the future that will be funny as hell. Howard asked if she has any dialog that can tease the audience. Tan Mom said she walks in and one of the guys pulls her down and picks up her shirt and starts pouring shots on her. She said then the whole crew comes out. She said guys do shots off of her. Howard asked when it's coming out. Tan Mom said they said it will be toward the holidays. Howard said now he has a reason to live. Howard asked who directed it. Tan Mom said somebody took over the movie. She said the other guy gets a part of it. She said he's the one who came out with it.

    Howard said Benjy can't find any information about it. Tan Mom said it's not out yet. Howard said he's going to go do the news now so thank you for the call. He asked if she has any scenes with John Belushi. Tan Mom said nothing. Howard let her go after that. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about how Epi-pens have gone up in price by 400 percent. Robin said they have been more affordable in the past. Robin said people weren't strapped when they needed one. Robin said the government is asking why the prices have been boosted from $57 in 2007 to $500 now. Robin said that it could put a crimp in someone being able to save their own life.

    Robin read about the Zika virus popping up more in Florida. Robin said it's spread to the Tampa area. Robin said the person infected there did not travel to Miami or anywhere else. Howard said we should be able to eradicate this. He said this is America. He told Obama to make it happen. Howard wondered if we all stayed inside for 3 weeks if they could stop it. Robin said they don't just bite people. They bite deer and things like that. Howard said they need Seal Team 6 to come in and take care of it. Robin said just wear repellant and it'll work. Robin said that stuff works. Howard didn't think it did. Robin said she has to wear it because she gets bitten a lot if she doesn't cover up. Robin said she asked Captain Dennis if the traps are working. She said he told her they do.

    Robin had some audio of President Obama talking about the flooding in Louisiana. Robin said he toured parts of Baton Rouge yesterday. Robin said the floods killed more than a dozen people.

    Robin read a story about Donald Trump and how he's thinking about changing his immigration policy. Robin had some audio of Trump talking about how the laws have to be followed with any immigration policy. Robin read about how Trump is talking about Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. She had some more clips for Howard to play. Robin had some Tim Kaine and Joe Biden clips to play as well.

    Robin read a story about Demi Lovato being accused of lifting from someone else's work. Robin said she was called out by a band called Sleigh Bells. Robin said that band has turned it over to the courts. Robin had some audio of the two songs. Howard said he wouldn't rip off either of the bands. He played both and said he loves when people fight over a shitty song. Howard said Richard's penis is on bongos in that. Howard said he hears a similarity and they're both shitty. Howard said he might dig the Sleigh Bells version more.

    Robin read a story about how parents should explain to their kid's teachers that they have autism. Robin had a clip of a guy talking about how to do that. Howard said his parents used to meet with teachers to tell them he was a moron.

    Robin read a story about an earthquake that happened in Italy that killed at least 4 people and leveled buildings. Robin said the buildings collapsed on top of people. Howard said that figures. He said that's the one country he thought about going to with Beth. Howard said now that won't happen. Robin said they say some of the towns just don't exist anymore.

    Robin read about the TV show Power that 50 Cent is in. Robin had some audio of him talking about a sex scene he did. He was on Jimmy Kimmel's show talking about how he showed full frontal. Robin said he looked pretty big in that scene. Robin wrapped up and Howard ended the show around 11:05am.


-- The Wrap Up Show --

  • No More Wrap Up Show Rundowns.
    As of May 23, 2016 I'm no longer doing a rundown of the Wrap Up Show. This is mostly due to my complete lack of interest in the new format which started in 2015. That's when they stopped having staff members sit in on the show and started having celebrity ''superfan'' guests. I've tried for over a year to get through the show every day but I finally got fed up and stopped listening to it completely. Very often I found myself zoning out during the interviews Jon and Gary were conducting. In recent months I was including my frustrations with the show in my rundowns. I don't want to do that anymore so I'm stopping. This is just for the Wrap Up Show. I can listen to 4 1/2 hours of Howard Stern and never get tired of it. On the other hand 45 minutes of Wrap Up was feeling like torture. Hit 'em with the Hein!

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    To keep the loading time of this page a little shorter I've filed the rest of this week's news in the archives. Click Here to view this week's archive.
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    • To Be Archived Later This Friggin Week.

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