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-- Friday, July 19, 2019 --

  • Friday Replay Show. 07/19/19. 7:00am
    Here's what they played on today's replay show:

  • OJ Simpson Tweets. 07/19/19. 7:00am
    First on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about OJ Simpson's tweets. Here's my rundown:

    OJ Simpson Tweets. 07/16/19. 8:25am
    Howard said he has a new phony phone call or some OJ Tweets. Robin said she has to hear about OJ. Howard said on tomorrow's show they have Kim Goldman coming in. He said that her brother, Ron, was killed by someone. Howard said Ron Goldman put up a fight and probably tried to stop OJ from killing Nicole. He said he had defensive wounds but he lost his life that night.

    Howard said with OJ tweeting now it's despicable. He said you can't do that after someone has been killed. Robin said no one wants to hear you talking about the stuff he's talking about after he's killed two people. Howard said he invited Kim in to remind everyone that this is no joke. He said OJ is turning into Olivia Jade now. He said he might be doing makeup tips for the girls.

    Howard said OJ was on a tweet storm over their vacation. He said he put out videos before the debates. Howard played some audio of OJ saying hi to ''Twitter world'' and talking about how he was waiting to watch the debate. OJ was talking about how he's going to watch people who think they're qualified to run our country. Howard did his impression of OJ and goofed on his voice.

    Howard asked if OJ can even vote if he's a convicted felon. Howard said Kim Goldman can't get in there fast enough. He said her head must be exploding. He said she got called for Jury Duty once and they dismissed her because she was having PTSD from the OJ trial. He said Johnny Cochran looked over at her after the trial and almost laughed at her when OJ got off.

    Howard played another clip of OJ tweeting out about celebrating his 33rd annual 39th birthday. Howard said he makes Ronnie look like Henny Youngman. OJ was talking about how the good lord has kept him healthy. He said all the haters on the internet and TV are going to do what they do. Howard said Nicole was only 35 years old when she was killed. He said Ron was only 25. He was a 25 year old boy.

    Howard played more of OJ's rambling. Howard said he has problems with his words like he doesn't understand what he's saying. OJ said a lot of things have happened in his 39 years. Howard cut the clip off when OJ was rambling about hanging out with his boys. Howard asked who would hang out with that guy. Howard said the guy got out so just shut up. He said you're free so just shut up.

    Robin said all of the adversity in his life was created by him. Howard said OJ did a show up in Buffalo and talked about why he got on Twitter. Howard asked if Robin wants to hear that. Robin said she would like to know what was on his mind. Howard played a clip of OJ talking about how he wanted a chance to straighten out a few things. He said people are representing themselves like his manager and lawyer and he wants to get that straight.

    Howard said they say that OJ has a putting green on his property in Nevada. He played more of OJ talking about getting on Twitter to answer questions since he can't write everyone back now that he's out of jail. Howard said he's worried about being rude after what he's done.

    Howard said he likes this guy Tim Graham getting a good interview with OJ. He said at the end of this interview he says OJ is a good guy. He played some of that audio. OJ was laughing at his own commenting in the clip too. OJ said he's staying positive even with the trolls out there. He said that he totally appreciates the people who stay positive with him.

    Howard said he isn't into the trolls but he thinks the people who are trolls to OJ are just normal people. He said OJ is a happy go lucky murderer. He said only 1 percent of the money he owes has been collected. He said he's not sure what a civil judgment means anymore. Robin said he had protected income. Howard said OJ got away with it. He said you'd think he'd stay off Twitter so people like him don't get riled up. Howard said OJ is flaunting it on Twitter. He said he just can't stay out of the public eye. He said he doesn't care who he pisses off.

    Howard said Kim Goldman is trying to keep the flame alive. He said this guy is a maniac. He said the whole world is so fucked up. He did more of his OJ voice and said that he's still searching for the murderer. He said if you have any evidence just DM him.

    Howard said he never did play the phony phone call. He said he might have to take a break. He said he'll do that and then get the guys in there and find out what happened with Brent. They went to break after that.


  • Kim Goldman. 07/19/19. 7:25am
    Next on today's replay show they played the Kim Goldman interview from this week. Here's my rundown:

    Kim Goldman Visits. 07/17/19. 9:00am
    After the break they played a ''Gary Dell'Abate on Dr. Phil'' bit. They also played a JD song parody and the Rolling Stones ''Moonlight Mile'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he has Kim Goldman coming in. He said he invited her there because her brother was killed. Howard said he really feels for her and her family. Howard said he was so glad when he found out she was coming in. He asked if she has heard the OJ tweets. She said that she can stomach it but she has a hard time with it .Howard said it has to be maddening when you hear it. Kim said when you hear him laughing and chuckling. She said she thinks about his rage and violence when she hears that.

    Howard said Ron was only 25 years old when he was murdered. He said Nicole was only 35. He said they didn't get to live their lives. Howard said OJ is out there talking about football and bullshit. He said it's just weird. Howard said he heard Oprah told her to just move on. He asked how you can move on. Kim said she wanted to ask Oprah why she would say that. She said she was disappointed by that. She said they did a book about what it would have been like if OJ had done it. It was called If I did it : Confessions of the Killer. Kim said it was really important of them to retain the integrity of the book. She said he did the book on the down low and he was going to try to make money off of it. they got the rights to it from a court order. She said they were promoting that when Oprah asked her that question about getting over it.

    Howard asked Kim how old she was when this all happened. Kim said she was 23. She said she was in school at the time. Kim said she moved home during the trial. Howard asked if this ruined her relationship with her boyfriend. She said it did. She said it ruined it for her friendships too. She said that someone they loved was grieving and struggling and she didn't know how to ask for help. She said it's hard to be of service to someone when you don't know how to help.

    Howard asked how her romantic relationships were affected after this. He said it must have screwed her up. Kim said she had some trouble with it and one guy broke into tears when he realized he couldn't save her. She said some guys wanted to be her hero. Howard said one guy said to her that he'd have to play golf with OJ if he asked him to. Howard said that's just weird to say. Howard asked if he was trying to hurt her. Kim said some people are fascinated by him. she said some people just want the moment. She said some people take selfies with him and she's disgusted by that. She said that she doesn't mind the people who go on and harass him. She said she appreciates that.

    Kim said there are some people who think she should just leave him alone and she's like ''No. Why?'' She said she's not going to leave it alone.

    Howard asked Kim to tell him about Ron. She said they were tight. Kim said it was back in the 70s when their parents divorced. She said her father got custody. She said they felt happier with him and her mom didn't put up a fight. She said she did kidnap them near the end of their time with their dad. Howard asked what that was about. Kim said her mom told them that their dad didn't want them anymore. Howard asked if she's still alive now. She said she's not sure. She said she did show up when her brother died. She said she came to the trial a couple of times. She said she also told the press that their dad had brainwashed them and that just wasn't true.

    Kim said her mom refused to sign the papers to bury her brother so that was another issue. She said she was so confused by everything and she didn't know what to do. She said she didn't want another legal battle but she finally relented and let them move forward. Howard said that's a weird thing to deal with too.

    Kim said she wanted a mom and she was the one who would go aback to her. Howard said everyone wants a mom. Howard said it has to be tough to not have her mom there. He said you know she's out there but she's not there for her. Kim said she might have yearned for her more if she had a relationship with her. She said she lost her brother and she watched her dad fall apart. She said that it was tough to see her dad falling apart. She said he was incoherent and wasn't able to put a sentence together.

    Howard said he remembers seeing her dad and he seemed like he was real close to her brother. Kim said her dad did the best he could. He said her brother would walk her home from school and they'd thank their dad for being there for them. Howard asked if their dad is remarried. Kim said he's on his third marriage.

    Howard said it seems like her brother was there for her. He said he was the key to her life. Kim said he was her protector. She said he always looked out for her. Howard asked what his goal in life was. Kim said when he died he wanted to open a restaurant. She said he had plans to present to their dad. She said they were supposed to get together the weekend after he died. Howard said he had model looks. Kim said that he had taken some pictures for a friend and they thought he wanted to be a model but that's not what he was trying to do. She said that he was trying to make ends meet. She said he was just coming into his own when he died.

    Kim said that there was a source of tension between Ron and their dad. She said that they had a tense relationship because their dad had high expectations for them.

    Howard said there was a bad car accident at some point in her life. Kim said she was turning 14 in about 6 days when it happened. She said that they were driving back to their place and a car coming down the street was a drunk driver. She said he hit a tree and then his battery flew out and went through their window and the battery acid burned her. She said she was blinded for a few days. She said she remembers being soaking wet and her vision going blank. She said her brother and dad were screaming for help and an ambulance was there and came down and started flushing her eyes. She said the battery came through the passenger side of the car. Howard said what a fluke that was. He said she's covered in battery acid and her brother pulled her out of the car.

    Kim said it was overlooked a lot that her brother wasn't having an affair with Nicole. Howard said Nicole's mother had left her glasses at the restaurant that Ron worked at and he brought them back to her when he was killed. Howard said Kim thinks that he walked in on them. Kim said they think Ron walked up on something happening and he got involved and that got him killed. Kim said they found Ron's blood on Nicole so they think he was killed first. She said that they think that she was pushed and fell on the steps. Howard said they think Ron was killed first and then the killer went back and killed Nicole. Kim said they think that Ron was alive for about a minute and he may have seen this murderer killing Nicole.

    Howard said Ron had defensive wounds on him. Kim said he had 30 stab wounds. Howard said Kim didn't have any idea who OJ even was. Kim didn't know it was her brother until the next day. She said it was the following Monday that they informed them. She said once they found out who Ron was they had to call and find someone to inform. She said her step mom, Patty, came home and heard all of these messages on the answering machine. She said she eventually called and found out that it was Ron who was killed. Kim said that Patty didn't know what was being told to her. She said then her dad walked in and got on the phone. She said that her dad heard everything that had gone on and knew about the story. She said then he found out that it was his son. Kim said they told him that he didn't have to identify the body because he was already identified.

    Kim said she saw the news coverage of the murders and she saw the bodies being wheeled away. She said then she got home from work that night and her father called her. She said he told her boyfriend to be there with her. She said Joe was looking all weird when she got home. She said then she realized what he had to deal with.

    Howard asked if she believes in the death penalty. Kim said she doesn't anymore. she said she thinks everyone can be rehabilitated.

    Howard said he heard that Kim saw OJ walking across the parking lot once and wanted to hit him in her car. Kim said she did. She said she could have taken him out right there. She said no one would have known. She said she couldn't do that to her dad. She said that anyone who experiences loss does have those thoughts. She said that a lot of people have had that.

    Howard asked how sicked she was when she saw people celebrating the outcome. Kim said she gets his family cheering. She said that Johnny Cochran leaned over to her and said ''Gotcha'' so there was a lot going on. She said the jury was still in there. Howard said what a scum bag move that was. Kim said that she has wrestled with this for 25 years. She said this is one of those situations where you have a defense in court but she doesn't have to respect it. She said what they did was beyond reproach. She said that was the tip of the iceberg.

    Howard asked Kim who she holds most responsible. He said there were the prosecutors and Judge Ito. Howard said he was very celebrity conscious. He said that doesn't make him a bad judge but who does she thinks let her down. Kim said she thinks that it starts with the judge. She said she thinks he was enamored with the cameras. She said that he lost complete control of the court room.

    Howard said there was someone who raised his fist in court like it was the black power sign. Kim said that guy is on her podcast and he talks about that. She said he claims it was something else. Howard said her Podcast is called ''Confronting OJ Simpson.'' He said it's available where podcasts are available.

    Howard asked Kim about why the jury did what they did. Kim said they were just done being sequestered for so long. She said they just decided to get out of there by agreeing to say not guilty.

    Howard asked Kim about being called to Jury Duty. Kim said she was having a panic attack when that happened. She said she was back in the building after the acquittal and it as too much for her. She said she got into the jury box and then the defense called her to the side and asked if she was having a hard time being there. She said she was and they let her out of it. She said the judge took her off the jury list downtown. She said she thinks everyone should go to jury duty though.

    Howard asked if she was happy when Johnny Cochran died. Kim said she can't say she was sad. She said it's a hard thing. she said she can't expend so much energy hating. She said she does get pissed and angry at times but she doesn't spend her days trying to get people. She said she has targeted anger toward certain people.

    Howard said Robert Kardashian is one of the people in the case. He said he's the father of these Kardashians who are so famous now. Kim said she doesn't know much about them. She said that they were made part of the FX Series but they really had nothing to do with the case. She said that she thinks that he had more information about the case and he looked stunned when the verdict came down. She said that he was stuck with that guy after that.

    Howard asked what it was like when OJ was putting on that glove. Kim said it was tough. Howard said it was an awful theatrical performance. Kim said he had his hands like a claw trying to put it on. She said that he was also talking to the jury and said ''See, nothing to see here.'' Howard asked if she thinks Marcia Clark and Chris Darden did their jobs. Kim said she has had them on her podcast. She said that she has had a lot of people on the podcast who said there was evidence that wasn't put in. She said that there was someone who saw the killer put trash in a trash bag. She said Marcia didn't think they were credible. She said she's not sure exactly why.

    Howard asked if she would have OJ on her podcast. Kim said she reached out to him and wanted to see him behind bars. Howard asked if it was satisfying to her when he was behind bars for another crime. Kim said she wanted more but she was grateful that he went away for a little bit. Howard asked if she felt some relief. She said she did. She said when he was out free she had some anxiety. Then it came back when he got out on parole. She said that he commands so much attention. Kim said it's not normal.

    Howard said it appears OJ still has plenty of money and they haven't gotten much of the $33 million settlement. Kim said a lot of that went to pay off things they owed money on. She said the system protects him from having to pay them. She said he was living in Florida and he did everything under the table. She said they get some residual checks from something.

    Howard said they call the Goldmans the ''Greedy Goldmans'' on Twitter. Kim said that's what the murderer calls them. He said they should get over it and they're living off the OJ Simpson gravy train. She said he also says that they can't call it a murder and that it's a homicide.

    Howard asked Kim what she did when OJ went to prison. Kim said she sent him some letters and tried to appeal to his softer side. She said she wrote to him and she assumes he got them. She said she spoke to his attorney and they had some conversations about how things would go. She said they were worried about her safety in there. She said he also wanted her to sign an NDA and she said no to that. Howard said they said she could talk to the guy if she signed an NDA. He said if he had said something to her that he had done it then she wouldn't be able to say anything about it. Kim said that's essentially what they told her. She said if he told her that he did it she wouldn't be able to tell anyone. Kim said they also feared for her safety.

    Howard asked Kim if she thinks that he has any remorse. Kim said no. Howard asked if she thinks he thinks he's innocent. Kim said she's not a psychotic person so she can't understand the psychotic brain. Kim said that OJ puts himself in the scene and did that for the book. She said she doesn't know if he thinks he pulled the wool over everyone's eyes or what. she said he has never showed any remorse toward her and her family and how brave her brother was. She said he tried to save the mother of his children. She said that's what he should be thinking.

    Howard asked if they have reached out to him to do her podcast. Kim said they have through his lawyers. She said she has dreamt and thought about things but she's not sure she wants to say what she'd like to say to him. Howard said he wonders what she would say. Kim asked what he would say. Howard said if he had to confront someone who killed a brother or sister he's not sure he could be in the same room with him. He said the situation is so frustrating. He said it's so fucked up that he wouldn't be coherent. He said he'd want to kill him. He said his anger and rage would be too great. Howard asked what possible thing she could say to him. He said you're not going to get a confession. Kim said she thinks she'd have her rage under control. She said she was in the court room with him and he was looking her up and down and she told him not to look at her like that. She said when they were in court for the civil case she just stared at him. She said she would do that until he sat down.

    Howard played the part of OJ and asked what she would do. Kim said she'd ask him what he was doing to find the killer. She said that someone said that he has always claimed his innocence but she's not sure she's ever heard that. Howard asked what she would do if he confessed to her. Kim said she doesn't know.

    Howard said what about Kato Kaelin. Kim said he was on the podcast. She said he was interesting. She said he had just finished Big Brother or something. Howard said Kato claims that he was told to say that he wasn't there that night. He said Kato said no. He asked if that was kept out of court. Kim said that Marcia got in some of the stuff about him asking for him to be an alibi for him. She said she spoke to a juror who believed in the conspiracy theory about the evidence being planted. She said that she's not sure that anything would have made a difference with that jury.

    Howard said there were people who thought Kato was the one who was killed that night. Kim said that his mother thought it was him. Howard said most people didn't know it was her brother. Kim said Kato is a good guy and he's trying to figure out how to live in that world now.

    Howard said that Kim gave up her career and it's been tough for her. He said she's given up a lot. He said his heart aches for her and her dad. He said it's just the pits what has gone on there. Howard said there have been a lot of bad trials over the years. He said he's not going to tell her to get over it. He said he loves that she's holding it in her heart. He said it's a good reminder. He said this guy is out having a good time and it's not right.

    Howard asked if she thinks that they should throw OJ off Twitter. Robin asked on what grounds. Howard said he doesn't need grounds. He said they should just do it for Kim and her family. Howard said OJ should just lay low. He said he shouldn't be out there like he is.

    Howard said a lot of people think that Nicole and Ron were involved in some way. Kim said they were friends. She said they worked out at the gym together and there were places they saw each other at. Howard asked if there was a chance there was something romantic going on. Kim said he was involve with another woman and they had plans. She said that so what if they did. She said that people want to say that he got what he deserved because he was with a woman who was married but she was divorced and no one deserves to be killed.

    Kim said she's not sure why they got death threats and bomb threats during the trial. Howard said they were the victims there. Kim said that trial was very polarizing. She said that people don't understand what was going on there. She said they think they're all about the money. She said it was a monetary settlement. She said if they didn't go after the judgment then he'd get away with it again.

    Howard asked if she was watching the white Bronco chase and hoping he'd get what he deserved. Kim said they were angry that he didn't turn himself in right away. She said they were glued to the seat while they were watching the chase. She said she wanted him to turn himself in. She wanted the court proceeding. Howard said she never did get what they needed.

    Robin asked if she ever spoke to Al Cowling. Kim said she's not sure why but she never thought of doing that for the podcast.

    Howard said he would put a bullet right in his fucking head if she asked him to. Kim said she doesn't have that in her. She said she doesn't think that it's right. Howard said that's a very honest thing to do. Howard said he's not capable of ending someone's life. He said that's a very macho thing to say but actually doing it would be very hard. Kim said that she's not sure that would be the right thing.

    Howard asked what happened to the woman who her brother was dating. Kim said she gave her a ring that she still wears to this day. She said her brother gave it to this woman and she gave him the note and the ring. She said she also wears her brother's necklace. She said he would have been 51 this year. She said when she turned 25 it was hard because that's what his age was. she said she has a 15 year old son now. Howard asked if she's married. Kim said she's happily divorced. She said that she married a man she knew from her childhood. She said it didn't work out but it's totally okay. Robin said she has her son.

    Kim said she loves being a mom and she loves the work she does. Howard said most of the day it doesn't hit her. Kim said she still wants to reach out and call. She said it's hard for her dad. She said he'll call her son Ron because he has some characteristics of her brother. She said she's an only child now and her dad is declining in age. She said he's 70 years old now. Howard said he feels for her dad.

    Howard asked if her dad took her for her first bra. Kim said he did. She said they walked in like it was nothing. She said that her dad went into the dressing room with her and he kept the top of the box. She said he was there for her for everything. Howard said he's an exceptional guy.

    Howard said her son's middle name is Ronald after her brother. Kim said it is. Howard said Kim had to go through her brother's answering machine messages after he died. Kim said that people were calling to see what was up and then people called in sadness and desperation. Howard asked if you trow that away. Kim said they have it all. She said the tapes are hard. She said seeing footage of her brother is hard. She said they have some from a Bat Mitzvah he was at. She said that's all they have.

    Howard said he thinks she has this podcast to keep her brother's memory alive. She said that's part of it because he was kind of forgotten in this. She said she is moving on with her life though.

    Howard asked if she was every prayed upon by psychics. Kim said she was three times. Howard said he believes they should all be locked up. He said they pray upon people's dreams. He said Houdini proved there is no such thing.

    Kim said some psychics came to her but one guy she went to was blind and didn't know who she was. She said that he said something to her that it's not her job. She said that this guy knew something bad had gone on and it was murder or something. She said that he told her that it wasn't her job and then the second one told her the same thing. She said that she was more clear that it was her brother and it was OJ who killed him. She said the third one she went to didn't have any idea who she was and then she started talking about Nicole and OJ. She said she had some pretty interesting things. She said that she also told her that it was not her job. She said they all said something pretty unique. She said there were some pretty unique things there. She said they knew the color of his suit and something about Ron cracking a joke about her being ''Captain Obvious.'' She said there was something there. She said she's a skeptic too. Howard said he knows that people want to believe when they lose someone.

    Howard asked if football traumatizes her. Kim said she likes football. She said she doesn't like number 32 or the Buffalo Bills.

    Howard asked if she's dating at all. Kim said she is looking. She said she gets some interesting comments from people. She said they say they're sorry for her loss. She said that she is trying to be someone other than that. Howard said some guy was crying to her. Kim said she did have to say something if she didn't talk about her whole life. Kim said if someone doesn't ask about her family then they know who she is. Howard said lets say someone doesn't know it's her and he asks her out. He asked when she brings it up. Kim said she tells them when she says what she does for a living. Kim said she is asked about her family and at some point you can't hide it. Howard said he thinks that he'd be the right guy for her but he's taken.

    Kim said she worked on The Larry Sanders Show. She said Garry Shandling was obsessed with the trial. She said they threw her into the room with him and he was so panicked that she was there. She said the producer of the show set her up on a date with a guy who was wearing a lambs wool shirt and a gold medallion and shorts. She said he was flexing and showing off his muscles.

    Howard asked why Garry was so freaked out by her. Kim said he was just concerned for her and her family. She said she needed a job to get her mind off of things that were going on. She said some friends called Bernie Brillstein and helped her get in there. She said they put her on that show. She said it was a good distraction. She said it gave her a sense of purpose.

    Howard gave Kim a plug for her podcast. He asked if she's going to ask OJ to be on. Kim said she will. She said that she thinks it's been very cathartic to do it. Howard gave her another plug and said you can get it wherever podcasts are downloaded.

    Howard said he constantly plays the OJ stuff because it pisses him off. He said he's glad she came in because he wanted to get a sense of her and her brother. He said this is not a joke that her brother was killed. Kim said she knows that both Howard and Robin have been very supportive. She said she's friends with Jillian Barberie and she brings them up often. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.


  • New Bobo & Tan Mom Puppets. 07/19/19. 8:45am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard revealed some new puppets. Here's my rundown:

    Phone Calls And New Puppets Arrive. 07/17/19. 8:00am
    After the break they played Imagine Dragons ''Demons'' as they were coming back. Howard came back and said it's weird that the drums sound like a door slamming in that song. Fred played a door slamming sound over it. Howard said it's like Herman Munster on drums.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said she knows he goes to bed early but has anyone showed him the show ''Bring the Funny.'' Howard said no. The caller said she was watching it last night and there was a puppeteer on there and she wondered if he saw it because it was interesting to see him doing it all with a puppet. Howard said he's not sure what she's talking about. Howard said it doesn't sound all that novel to him. Robin said the others were just doing stand up. Howard said based on what she said he's never going to watch the show. She said she wouldn't recommend the show. She said she's nervous so she was rambling.

    Howard said this guy never shows his face. The caller, Brooke, said that's right. Howard said it's the whole time. Brooke said that's right. Howard asked if Brooke has a job. Brooke said she does. She said she's a house painter. Howard said that's some hard work.

    Howard said they do have to mention that Brooke inhales a lot of paint fumes. Brooke mentioned that she just read his book (Howard Stern Comes Again) and read some articles about him. Howard said she sounds hot. Brooke said some people would say she is. She said she doesn't really wear sexy clothes. She said she is thin. Howard said he's going to hang up because her phone line is breaking up. He said he wanted to ask if anyone ever comes on to her while she's working. He said she's obviously a seductress.

    Howard said Fred also works puppets and he never gets seen. Howard said Fred does a great job with the puppets. He said they were supposed to get new ones. He asked what happened with that. Fred said they take time. Howard said they must if they haven't seen them in 6 months. He said they don't seem that intricate. Jason said they just came in yesterday afternoon. He said they haven't opened them yet. Jason said they didn't want to just drop them in on the show. Fred said they're also making a puppet coat rack. Jason said they take 6-8 weeks to make and now they have a Bobo and Tan Mom puppet. He said they have 2 more in the works.

    Howard said the guy does a great job. Jason said he's working on 8 puppets and these are the first two to come in.

    Howard said there was a guy who was smuggling cocaine in his toupee. He said his hair looked like a balloon on his head. He said you have to see the picture in the NY Post. He said they say ''What a Coke Head'' as the headline. Howard showed Robin the picture and said the guy's hair wasn't even attached to his head. Howard read the article about the guy and how he got caught. He was trying to smuggle half a kilo of cocaine under his wig. He said the toupee wasn't attached. He said it looks like a bag of coke stuck to his head. He said he just plopped the toupee on top of that.

    Howard said Fred has the Bobo puppet. Fred did his Bobo voice and worked the puppet. They have the 9/12 jacket on him. Bobo had his turquoise jewelry and ear ring too. Robin said he got Bobo's teeth right too. Howard asked if the hair removes. Fred said it does. He took the toupee off. Howard asked if he has lesions on his head. Robin said yes. Howard said this guy is good. Fred said he even has the hair with a mullet. Howard said he likes that.

    Howard said he wants to see the Tan Mom puppet. Gary said it's coming in now. Shuli came in to work the puppet. Shuli did his Tan Mom voice and had her working the tanning gun in her hand. Howard questioned the puppets so they'd have a conversation. Robin wanted to take a look at the puppet. Tan Mom asked when she is. Robin said she knows her. Tan Mom puppet was talking about her husband and calling her Loser Breath. Bobo Puppet was talking about grabbing the lesions on Tan Mom's chest. He wanted to go grab them.

    Howard asked Tan Mom puppet to sing for them. Shuli did his thing with her singing her song for a second.

    Howard asked Bobo puppet some questions. He said the real Bobo is excited about this. He picked up on him and Bobo said he's very excited about this. Fred Bobo said it was a great show until he called. Howard said Bobo just called in and ruined the Bobo Puppet bit. Howard said even Bobo puppet doesn't like Bobo. Howard said he's going to play a Bobo song for Bobo Puppet right now. He played a song parody where they sing about hanging up on Bobo right now.

    Howard said he's going to get the puppets up on the app today. Bobo said this guy is amazing with the puppets. Robin said he hasn't even seen it yet. Bobo said he was talking about the other ones he's seen. Howard asked Tan Mom puppet some more questions and said they have to have a Sal Puppet so they can make out. Howard had Bobo and Tan Mom puppets make out with each other. Fred Bobo said he was sucking on her lip like JD did to Will's wife.

    Tan Mom's boob was out after that make out. Howard said the puppets are made by David Fino. He said he does a great job.

    Howard said Bobo gets dressed up to come in there. He said the puppet is dressed like that. Howard asked Bobo what's up with the jewelry he wears. Bobo said he has some stuff made of turquoise. Bobo said he got some at the Indian Pow Wow out on Long Island. Howard said he thinks real native American's wouldn't call it a Pow Wow. Bobo said they really do. Howard said he doesn't think so.

    Howard said he loves that the toupee on the puppet moves all around his head. Robin said it's always in the wrong spot.

    Howard said Bobo's favorite thing is turquoise. Howard asked him to spell it. Bobo tried spelling it and it was like ''Torquise.'' Howard said that's pretty close. Robin said that's close but no cigar. Howard corrected Bobo on his spelling. Bobo said his favorite thing is the watch he had made. He said it took about an hour to make that.

    Bobo told a story about going to this Pow Wow thing and Bobo Puppet said they gave him the name ''Fucks with Vacuum Cleaner.'' Bobo asked if they put the lesions on the puppet. Robin said he knows they did. Howard had him asking if they have his 9/12 jacket on. Shuli had him asking if it has a removable hair piece. Fred had him asking if it has all of the stuff they already talked about it having. Howard let Bobo go after that. Bobo puppet told him to go back to the wigwam.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said the Bobo puppet is great but he has to hang up on Bobo. Howard said you kind of need Bobo for this. Shuli said it leads to other stuff. Bobo puppet said unlike the real Bobo he doesn't have the ability to kill the show. Bobo puppet and Bobo were arguing about where to put your hands on the steering wheel of a car. Bobo said that it used to be at 10 and 2 but now it's 9 and 3 because of air bags. He said you'll get a broken nose if you keep them at 10 and 2 and the airbag goes off.

    Bobo said he got a head piece for his son at an Indian thing once. Shuli said Bobo once told him that he had 53 students pass in a row for him. He said then he said he doesn't count the people who fail. He said he doesn't take credit for the people who failed but he does for the passes. Bobo said that's because it was their fault they failed.

    Howard asked Bobo if he went to see the dancing at the Indian Pow Wow after midnight. Bobo said he did. He said it's late at night with the full moon out.

    Howard said Bobo's rap to Shuli was that 100 percent of his students passed other than the students who failed. Bobo said that he has a 100 percent passing rate. Howard said if he has any that fail then he has a failure rate. Bobo said right. Shuli said the other move Bobo has is that if someone is taking a driving test he will critique their driving to the parents. He said he talks shit to them. Bobo said that he will tell them if the score is low that he wouldn't let them pass. He said they ask who he is and he tells them that he's an instructor. Howard said he's the local douche. Fred said Bobo is the Jeffrey Epstein of driving instructors.

    Bobo said that they pass people too easily down there in Florida. He said that you go out and kill yourself if you're not trained correctly by someone like him... case closed.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he was bummed when he heard he was getting a Bobo puppet. He said this is going to be a nightmare. He said it's hard to make Bobo interesting. Howard said he's delighted with the puppets. He said he thinks you'll be impressed if you see them on the app.

    Howard took a call from a guy who told him he was thinking ''get this fucking moron off the radio'' but then he thinks about how this is radio gold.

    Howard said he has to keep the show on time but he wanted to take the puppets for a test drive. Howard let Bobo go after that. Robin said Bobo is so inauthentic. she said he's asking questions that they already know the answer for. She said he asked if the puppet has lesions. Howard went to break after that.


  • OJ, Emmy Nominees & More. 07/19/19. 9:25am
    Next on today's replay show they played the start of Wednesday's show. Here's my rundown:

    Previewing Kim Goldman. 07/17/19. 7:00am
    Howard started the show talking about the big day they have coming up today. He said they're all listening to SiriusXM-Pandora. Robin said they should just go to SXMP. Howard said he agrees.

    Howard said they have a big show today with Kim Goldman coming in. He said her brother was butchered and they are going to have her in to remind everyone about OJ Simpson since he's been tweeting lately. Howard said Ron was only 25 years old and he was actually a person. He said she'll be talking about what kind of guy he was. Robin said if you landed on this planet and heard OJ's tweets you'd think he was a normal person. Howard did his impression of OJ doing his video tweets. Howard said he has pictures on his computer to remind him that they're in show business. He said he has a picture of him with OJ at Trump's wedding. He said that stuff reminds him of show business. He said he never feels famous. Robin said that's not true. Robin said he acts like a famous person. Howard said he just acts like himself. Robin said he walks around with bodyguards and he doesn't go on the regular elevator. Howard said he has the bodyguards because he has this fear from growing up in Roosevelt.

    Howard said he just heard about someone who rides the subway. Gary said it was Jake Gyllenhaal. Howard said Bradley Cooper does too. He said there are a lot of famous guys who doe that. He said Kate McKinnon does too. He said there are a lot of famous people who do that.

    Howard said he has a paranoia about the world so he has to have bodyguards. Robin asked where she's sitting at the basketball game. Howard said that's not fame. He just doesn't want to be embarrassed. He said he doesn't feel famous. He said Andy Cohen and Sarah Silverman take the subway too.

    Howard said the reason he's having Kim Goldman on the show is because of OJ. He said she's tried to remind people that her brother is a human being. He said that's the problem with OJ. He said Ron was butchered and murdered. He said Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered too. He said you tend to forget about that when you hear OJ talking in his Tweets. He said they'll give everyone a refresher about Ron today. Robin said those people's lives were stopped on that night. Howard said you never know what kind of life OJ is really having but he's out there on the golf course looking fit. He said he's basically surrounded by beauty. He said it all looks pretty good.

    Howard said he has a clip of OJ talking about his birthday. Howard started it and OJ sounds like he just hit a golf ball and he's being interrupted by ''Twitter world.'' Howard said he's not in the middle of anything. He did his impression of OJ and talked about what a care free life he's having. Howard said all Ron did was bring Nicole some glasses that she left in a restaurant. He said he was collateral damage. Howard said OJ is a fucking asshole.

    Robin said someone has to be there to remind people who Mark David Chapman is so Yoko is there whenever he's up for parole. Howard said that's what they need to do with OJ. He said when he's talking to Kim she won't say OJ. She will say the ''murdering liar'' or something like that. Howard said he will go along with that too. He said that's coming up later in the show so they will deal with that later.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said that she's not upbeat this morning. She said that she's not sure why he has a platform on Twitter. She said he murdered 2 people and how can this be happening in 2019. Howard said they'll talk to Kim about that today.

    Mariann said it blew her mind that OJ is on Twitter. She said she just wants to hear about Kim Goldman. Howard said the letters Mariann writes to the NY Daily News are very good. He said she's defended him on things in the past. He said he likes that part of the Daily News. He said the letters to the editor are very good. Howard let Mariann go before she could get worked up.

    Howard said he was reading the letters to the editor in the NY Daily News and the people who write in are very articulate. He said some people were writing in about Harlem and not being cleaned up. He said that someone wrote in about Trump telling people to go back to where they came from but Trump is the son of an immigrant. He said this person is a really good writer. He said people are really articulate. He said he has never written to a paper before. He said it's generally impressive the letters people write to the editor.

    Robin said she finds it sad that he's impressed. She said he shouldn't be impressed with being articulate. She said it should be a given in this country. Howard said it's a bow to the number of articulate people. Robin said if you expect something then you're not impressed with it. Robin said she's just wondering why that's impressive. Howard asked what he's allowed to be impressed by. Fred was playing clips of Sal screwing up pronouncing words as they were talking about that. Howard said he just thought there were some smart people out there.

    Trump's Administration Full Of Dodo Heads. 07/17/19. 7:15am
    Howard said he's reading about this Epstein guy. He said he doesn't know how Trump attracts all of these people like Alex Acosta. He said he's not sure why he keeps getting involved. He said you can't pick worse people. He said he's never seen an administration with worse people. He said it's quite remarkable that he has this ability to pick bad people. He said he's never seen an administration pick such dodo heads. He asked if anyone helps him vet people. Robin said she doesn't know what's going on there.

    Howard said this guy Epstein was out and there's a lot of blame going around. He said he was supposed to check in with his parole officer and he didn't do that. He said they would let him out of jail for 6 days a week so he could work. He said at work he was having a shitload of girls visiting him. He said this guy was such a sexed up addict. He said this is sex addiction. He said you can't want it that much if you just got out of jail. He said he's got a problem.

    Howard said that's like a guy who does coke and gets out of jail and does coke again. He said it's like Anthony Weiner who can't keep himself off the internet. He said here is such a thing as a time out from pussy. He said it can be done.

    Robin said the prosecutors in the R. Kelly case say they have video. She said there is no question it is R. Kelly and he's having sex and then humiliating a 14 year old girl. Robin said there is no guarantee that he won't break the law while he's on parole or whatever he gets. Robin said they want him to stay locked up until he goes to court.

    Emmy Nomination Talk. 07/17/19. 7:20am
    Howard said Game of Thrones got 32 Emmy nominations. He said they lead the list. Robin said just about everyone in the cast got a nomination. Howard said Jon Hein was telling him some stuff. He said that horrible episode that was shot in the dark got a nomination for that episode. He said if he wins they should turn out all the lights. He said that would be awesome. He said they just nominated the guy for the worst episode ever. He said the show is getting a ton of nominations.

    Robin said everyone but Emilia Clarke got nominated. Howard said the wired thing about that is that Kit Harrington got the Best Actor nomination and Peter Dinklage got a best supporting actor. He said he doesn't get that. He said it must be because he's a little person. He said Peter was that whole show. Jon Hein said that he's always been nominated for supporting actor. Howard said he's the Al Sharpton for little people. He said it's not fair to Peter. He said he is the star of that show.

    Robin said she thinks they go by Heroin and Hero. Robin said Kit was the hero. Howard said lead actor can be a bad guy too. Robin said Peter wasn't a bad guy. Howard said he was a lead! He told Robin to stop it. Howard said how about Bagel Boss Guy vs. Peter Dinklage.

    Howard said they give Emmys to the late night shows too and Jimmy Fallon was left out again. Jon said it's the second year in a row. Howard said he's not sure what's up with that. Jon said all of the late night guys got nominated other than Jimmy. Howard asked if this started around the time Jimmy rubbed Trump's hair. Jon wasn't sure. Howard said everyone else was nominated. He said everyone but Jimmy and Busy Tonight.

    Howard said if Jimmy is listening he should call in to talk about this. He said he wants to know how he feels. He said Bill Maher wasn't nominated either. He said it is a talk show. Jon said that's the other thing with the Emmys. He said they have a wide enough range that everyone can be nominated. Howard said there will not be a host this year either. Jon said he doesn't think they need it.

    Gary asked Jon if there is a limit on the number of nominations for the late night shows. Jon said no. He said some categories go on and on. He said there is no consistency at all. He said that's not why the Tonight Show was not nominated.

    Howard went into his agent character and asked if the Khaleesi wasn't nominated. Jon said she actually was. He said she was nominated for Best Actress. Howard, as the Agent, said how about his client getting nominated. Howard did his agent for a short time talking about that and Millie Bobby Brown. Howard asked what his name is. Robin said she forgets. She said someone has to go look that up. Howard said he thinks it's Marty Gold or something. He said he doesn't like that name. He said it should be something else. He said he'll remember it.

    Jon said they have another category where they have Jerry Seinfeld's show and Letterman's shows on Netflix. He said it's a crazy name for the category. Robin said they change them every year. Jon said Springsteen was nominated for his special too.

    Howard said maybe his name is Larry Shier. He said that sounds like a real name. Fred said he represents Gayle King and a few others. Howard went back into character and spent a short time talking about his clients.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he agrees with him about Peter Dinklage. He said he was in more episodes than anyone else in Game of Thrones. He said even more than Kit Harrington. Howard said it's discrimination. He said he's calling for equality for little people. He asked why they have to be diminished. Howard said he got the short end of the stick and no pun was intended.

    Real Housewives Talk. 07/17/19. 7:35am
    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Beth turned to him and said for the cats and the shelter would he go on Real Housewives of New York City. Howard said if he was married to a woman who wanted to be on a show like that he would divorce her. He said there is no way he could marry someone who had that desire. Robin said if he loved this woman and stayed with her for this many years and one day she says she wants to go on the show. Howard said he'd divorce her that day. He said he would never want to be with someone like that who wants to live in front of the camera.

    Howard said Beth was asked to be a housewife of New York and for Beverly Hills. He said they had to remind the producers that they don't even live out there. He said if he was a complete idiot and wanted to do that he'd do it on his own. He said he'd have his own production company. He said those women don't get paid shit to do that show. He said they desperately want to be famous for whatever reason.

    Robin said she saw an interview with Kelsey Grammer and he was asked about being on that show. Howard said he got divorced when she showed up on that show. Robin said he had to make a certain number of appearances on that show as part of the settlement. Robin said she said she had to give up so much to marry him that she made him do that.

    Howard said he has some audio of Camille Grammer talking about her house burning down in the wild fires. He said Andy asked if Kelsey had reached out to her and she said no he hasn't. Howard played a clip from the show where Camille said he didn't reach out. Howard said she has bad mouthed him to no end so it's no wonder he didn't reach out. He said she had that house because of Kelsey. Howard asked why he'd reach out to her?>

    Howard had another clip of Camille talking about how forgetful it was being in bed with Kelsey. He had another clip of her talking about what a terrible kisser he was. She also insinuated he had a small penis. Howard said she also said she used a strap on with her ex. Howard played that clip too.

    Howard said you wonder why Kelsey won't talk to her. He said she's constantly bad mouthing the guy on this show. He said that's why he won't check in with her.

    Howard said as a fan of Beverly Housewives he's glad that Camille is back on. He said she came back and saved the show. He said he was getting bored with it but she's back and fighting with everyone and making it good again. He said he needs to see rich people fight.

    Howard said bravo to Andy for putting that on the air. He said that's one of his two favorite shows on the air. He said it's that and The Bachelor.

    Howard said he feels bad for Jimmy Fallon. He said there's something up there. He said the guy is talented and just as talented as everyone else. Robin said it's like Benjy being left out of Jason's barbecue. Howard said he felt bad for him and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

    Howard said someone who is angry about this Fallon thing is Bruce Banner. He took a call from him and The Hulk was in the process of changing. He went off on the Emmy people for not nominating Jimmy Fallon. Hulk went back to Bruce Banner and said he was happy to see Samantha Bee nominated. Howard asked him about Jimmy Fallon again and he turned back into an angry Hulk.

    Howard said he loves when he's calm and then all of a sudden he's the Hulk. He said he loved the Hulk on TV. He said Bill Bixby rest in peace. He said it was so great when he went from bill Bixby and turned into Lou Ferrigno. He said they should have had an actor who looked like Bill Bixby or the other way around. He said it was so great when his shirt and pants would rip but his cock would never come out. Robin said his waist always stayed the same.

    Howard said Bill was on the show The Courtship of Eddie's Father and then he was The Hulk. Robin said he was on My Favorite Martian too. She said he had quite a career. Howard said the Hulk was so good. He said he loved the stuff that got him upset. He said he'd have horrible things happen and he'd be fine but then something dumb would happen and he'd get angry.

    Howard said Stan Lee said that the Hulk was supposed to be completely unleashed Id. He said they didn't make it like that on the TV show but it lasted a few years.

    Howard took a call from a woman who thanked him for mentioning the movie called ''The Man who Killed Hitler and then Killed Bigfoot.'' Howard said it's the best. He said Sam Elliott was playing it like he was trying to win an Oscar. He said you'll never win one for that but it was good. He said it's an awesome movie. Howard said the only guy who can kill Bigfoot is Sam Elliott. He said he didn't know this about Bigfoot but he has a power where everyone dies around him. He said Sam Elliott's character has to go in and kill him. He said they never explained how he was immune to Bigfoot in the movie.

    Howard's Busy Day. 07/17/19. 7:50am
    Howard said he had a really busy day yesterday. He said he should take a break but who cares. He said he thought he came there to have no commercials. He said he's still trying to wrap his head around that.

    Howard said he took a nap after the show but then they were doing more construction. He said they take should a break from 11:30 to 12:30. He said he just needs to get some sleep there at work. He said Gary can sleep through anything. He said he slept right through the show.

    Howard said they had a meeting after his nap. He said that went until like 2:30. He said there was a lot of yapping and talking. He said they have a great crew there. He said they got together and talked about stuff for the radio show. He said they have a lot planned for the show.

    Howard said Fred wasn't here. He said he's sure he's creating something for the show. Fred said he didn't realize his attendance was required. Howard said it would have been nice if he was there. He said he gave his state of the radio show address. Fred said he's sorry he missed it.

    Howard said Fred is grand fathered in so he doesn't have to go to meetings. Robin said she thought he went to all of them. Howard said he asked if the staff had anything to say and Benjy got up. He said Benjy said he got up and said he looks good because he lost some weight. Robin asked what that's about. Howard said he talked about possibly getting a Peleton. Fred said you can get an app for that and not use their bike. Gary said it won't work the way you want it to. Fred said you'll get an idea of how it works. Howard said he's sorry he got into this.

    Howard said he was offered a Peleton bike a while ago but he turned it down. He said he'd hate to buy it and then have it collect dust. He said he'd like to try one for a week to see if he'd use it.

    Howard said he and Robin will be talking about cancer and stuff and he'll turn it to himself. He said she's going to outlive him so calm down. Robin said they had a conversation a few weeks ago and she left shaking. Howard said he called to cheer her up. He said he tells her how miserable he is and that makes her feel better. Robin said it was so dark. Howard asked what it was about. Robin said it was his view of the world. She said he went off on a tangent about what the world is like for him now with this political situation. She said he thinks everything is out of control and no one is at the rudder. Howard said it's true. He said he's pretty pissed off. Robin said she didn't want to stay there. Howard said he is really worried about this country.

    Howard said that was meant to cheer her up. Robin said it sounds very depressing to her. Howard said he makes it sound like it wouldn't be so bad to die. He said he has to take a break and then they'll be on fire. He went to break after that. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • RIP Rip Torn & Mad Magazine / Music, Politics & Exercise. 07/19/19. 10:25am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about the deaths of Rip Torn and Mad Magazine. Here's my rundown:

    RIP Rip Torn. 07/15/19. 8:45am
    After the break they played The Clash's ''Should I Stay or Should I Go'' as they were coming back. Howard came back and sang along with the song a little bit.

    Howard said he has a couple of obituaries. He said the great Rip Torn has died. He said he was the great Artie on The Larry Sanders show. He said he was in Men in Black too. He said he knew him from The Larry Sanders show. He said he was nominated for 6 Emmys for that show. He said he won in 1996. Howard said he has a clip to play. He had a clip of Rip Torn ripping Jeffrey Tambour's character.

    Howard said he did a scene with Rip. He had a clip of that scene. Howard said that was good.

    Howard said Rip was fucking awesome. He said he didn't know him personally but he was some guy. He said around 2009 or so he got arrested for breaking into a bank. He said he told the cops he thought it was his house. He said he got 3 years of probation for that. Howard said he broke in there with a gun on him.

    RIP MAD Magazine And Richie Herbie. 07/15/19. 8:50am
    Howard said the other death is MAD Magazine. He said he didn't buy it anymore but he loved that magazine. He said it was everything to him growing up. He said his cousin Jack worked for MAD and he sent him a Playboy cover on a MAD magazine. He said he thought that he should be into that so he got a subscription to it and he loved it. He said the guys at MAD even honored him with a cover. He said the magazine's time had come and gone. He said even Trump made a comment about Pete Buttigieg looking like Alfred E. Newman and no one knew what he was referring to.

    Howard said he loved Al Jaffe's fold in. He said it was very cool. He said he loved Spy Vs. Spy. He said that was a great cartoon. He said he loved that guy who drew the cartoons on the borders of the magazine. He said he can't remember his name. Howard said JD was never able to get the fold in to work. JD said he tried to get the arrows together and it didn't work for him. Howard asked if he's on the spectrum. JD said he probably is. JD said he just thought he was doing it wrong. Howard said he's never heard that before. JD said he hated that part of the magazine. JD said it was brilliant but he could never get it to work.

    Howard said his favorite moment was when they released an album of novelty songs on a plastic record. He said it was in the magazine. He said the song they released was called ''It's a Gas'' and it was great. He played some of that.

    Howard said they did a MAD show on Broadway that was really good. He said they were really big at one time. He said at their height they had like 2 million subscribers. He said then National Lampoon became popular and people stopped buying it.

    Howard said Richie Herbie died too. He said he was engineer at K-Rock. He said he heard he was ill. Robin said she didn't know that. Howard said Richie was a good guy. He said he would complain about something and Richie would come and say that they can't do anything about it. Howard said Richie was a nice guy too. He said rest in peace. He said he gave Richie his Rush Limbaugh Excellence in Broadcasting chair when they retired it.

    Robin said she saw that some women had died at the age of 35 and they dug up her body years later and found that it had no changed.

    Howard said he got into this guy Governor Jay Inslee. He said he did a really good job and he's very well spoken. He said his number one issue is the environment. He said he's the governor of the state of Washington. He said he's really into public service and it's a shame that he's probably at like 1 percent in the polls.

    Howard said Ross Perot also died. He said he forgot about that. Howard said he was 89 years old. He said 25 years ago he looked 89. Robin said she thought he'd be 100. Howard said some guys just look old.

    Democratic Debate Talk. 07/15/19. 9:00am
    Howard said he got into this song by My Chemical Romance called ''Teenagers'' while they were on vacation. He played some of the song for Robin. He said the song came out in 2006. He asked if Fred knows it. Fred said he does not. Howard said it sounds like this song by 5 Seconds of Summer called ''She's Kinda Hot.'' Howard asked where he was with this Teenagers song. He said he didn't know about it.

    Howard said over the vacation he watched the debates. He said he's ready to say that the democrats are going to lose the next election. He said they were into some crazy shit. Robin said there's so much infighting that it's not good. Howard said they're trying too hard. He said they don't need to reinvent the wheel. He said if you want to beat Trump you don't have to be off the wall saying that you want to give free health care to illegal immigrants. He said you just say we're going to get back to normal. He said we have to repair our relationships with the rest of the world and that we're going to tell Putin and Kim Jong Un to go fuck themselves.

    Howard said if you just get up and explain it to people then you can win. Howard said don't say you're against a private option for health insurance. He said they have options in other countries that have total health care. Howard said you also say that you're going to keep abortion legal.

    Howard said he thinks that all of the candidates are out of their mind thinking that saying free health care for illegal immigrants is what they want. Howard said Biden was thrown by Kamala Harris. He said he asked to be cut off because he thought he was out of time.

    Howard's Choice - Peleton Or Soul Cycle? 07/15/19. 9:05am
    Howard said he wanted to keep the TV off most of the vacation. He said he lost 5 pounds and did some painting. He said he cut back on his calories. He said he's going to go to Soul Cycle or get a Peleton bike. He said he's never tried either one. He said he hates stationary bikes. He said he had to stop running. He said when he did run he would throw his neck out somehow. He said he wasn't able to turn his head the next day. He said he met this guy his age who goes to Soul Cycle. He said he has to do something aerobic for his heart. Robin said one of these days he's going to give up and just admit he has a gut.

    Howard said he's thinking of getting a Peleton. He said it's essentially a Soul Cycle kind of thing without people around him. Gary said they run about $2,400. Howard said they should let you try them out for a week or something. Gary said there is a place you can go and try it out according to Benjy.

    Howard said this guy he met told him that if you sit up front you might inspire people to do it. He said he would want to sit in the back. Howard asked if you have to wear bike pants. He said he's not buying outfits. Gary said you have to snap in shoes like a regular bike. Gary said he had to get a padded seat and the bike shorts. Gary said Howard might enjoy it. He said you get to choose the kind of workout you want. He said the instructors can get a little annoying. He said they yell a lot. Howard said he might enjoy that. He said if he's on a bike more than 3 minutes he wants to kill himself.

    Howard said no offense but Gary is fat. Gary said he would be fatter if he didn't do this. He said it's a very competitive thing. Howard asked how often he does it. Gary said he does it like 4 times a week. He said he's never tried Soul Cycle.

    Benjy told Howard he would like Peleton better than Soul Cycle. Howard asked what information he has. Benjy said you have to dance on the bike when you do Soul Cycle. He said Peleton is in the privacy of your own home. Gary said he just said that. Howard told Gary to get him out of there. Gary cut him off and kicked Benjy out.

    Howard said he has to put this on the app so you can see what's going on there. Gary said Benjy did Peleton before him so he thinks he's the expert. Gary said he had it under control. Benjy screamed at him and said he has to talk like that when he won't let him talk. Howard said he's not going to take advice from a guy who is the size of a house.

    Howard said he's kind of worried about the bike seat ruining his sex life. He said he heard the bike seats can do that.

    Howard said he heard about this thing called Shakeology. He said that Mary McCormack's husband turned him on to it. He said he lost 5 pounds on it. He said he had the drink and it tasted kind of bad but he was able to lose the weight. Robin said it's a protein and nutrition drink. Howard said he put that stuff in and then some almond milk and a banana and some blueberries. He said then he put in one teaspoon of vanilla extract. He said he thinks that may have sugar in it. Robin said it has alcohol in it. Robin said that's what it is. Howard said he doesn't want alcohol. Robin said he might want to try vanilla flavoring instead.

    Gary said Brent does Shakeology. Howard said he's a 7. Gary said he says he lost 60 pounds doing it. Howard said all he knows is that he's down 5 pounds.

    Howard said he wants a bike like Gary has. Robin said here are other training things like that. Howard said the vanilla flavoring has 3 percent alcohol. Robin said there is also vanilla powder too. Robin said how about cinnamon. Howard said he doesn't know. He said now he's fucked up.

    Howard said he wants to get one of those bikes. He said he's sure it will just rust in his home gym. Robin said the vanilla powder has no alcohol in it. Howard had Gary write that down for him. Howard said he's going to get that bike and then he'll be ripped. Howard said maybe he should sit with his parents and just wait for death.

    Howard said Beth went down to protest this puppy murderer out in Riverhead. Howard said this fucking guy adopted a dog from North Shore and another dog from another place. He said then he beats the shit out of the dogs. He said one of them is still in a hospital clinging to life. He said this fucking retard just had to have a dog. He said no one has heard the case yet but he pleaded not guilty. He said Beth said she can't just sit by. He said she went down there and the case was put off. He said she saw the guy with his wife and they were yelling ''Puppy murderer'' at him. Howard said imagine a guy doing that. He said the anger in the guy is out there.

    Howard said they rescued these puppies from a horrible situation. He said they get them well and then they find homes and they go home to this fucking maniac. He said Beth feels so bad. He said they're afraid that this is going to be overlooked. Howard said Beth went down there to try to help. He said people go to court and get dressed up and then people feel bad for them. He said it should be the same punishment as killing a person. Robin said they do say that some people who kill animals graduate to killing people.

    Howard said he was going to go but then a pal of his said that he might ruin the case. He said he didn't go.

    Howard asked who the bigger jerk is, the guy who killed the dog or Benjy for interrupting Gary. Robin said it's Benjy. She said he just didn't leave him alone. Howard said he was on the air with him and Benjy had to interrupt. Howard said he gets nuts when he thinks he knows something. Robin said this was his moment and how dare Gary chime in.

    Robin said Benjy is the fattest guy in the office and he's the worst weight loss spokesperson. He said how about talking to Jason. Gary said Benjy walked up to him and nodded as if he was asking to talk and he said no so he walked off all rejected.

    Howard said he just wonders if he could sit in a class. He said you have to drive to the class. Gary said Howard will not like Soul Cycle. He said you have to fight for a space. Howard said he could pay people off. Gary said he remembers reading about James Taylor and Madonna fighting over a bike. Howard said that sounds like fun.

    Robin said one time Madonna came to her gym and took over the basketball court to use a treadmill. She said she wasn't able to run in the regular room. Robin said everyone was pissed because she took over the court and she was also dancing on the treadmill.

    Howard read a note about how the shoes at Soul Cycle are wet from other people's feet. Gary said that's easy enough to fix. Howard said forget about all of this. He said it's enough already. He read that they have a Soul Cycle station on Sirius.

    Gary said he's going to show Howard a picture to Howard and he'll never want to be there. He showed the picture and Howard said there's no way he'd want to be in that room. He said the chicks are hot though. Gary said they'd all be commenting on him in the class too. He said they'll talk about everything he does in there. Howard said he doesn't need that.

    Howard said he heard a story about Richard taking a spin class and leaving a puddle of sweat under himself. Howard said he doesn't need it. Howard asked how long the bike takes to get there. Gar said it's like 5 days and then someone comes to set it up for like $250. Howard said that's fine.

    Howard said he has to pee. He said he's not sure if he should take a break. Robin said he wasn't there for the blackout. Howard said he was out east and he ha some of his services knocked out. He said it took an army to get everything back up and running. He said he has to get out of Manhattan. He said he has to retire and get out. He said he doesn't like it anymore. He said he likes everyone there and doing the radio show. He said he wants to live in Florida. He said he wants to quit and go to Florida. Howard said we all know he's not going anywhere though. He said even Beth said that he'll be miserable if he retires. He said he was happy when he was off for 2 weeks. He said people think he'd have a nervous breakdown if he retired.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that she has a Peleton and she has been using it all the time. She said that you don't have to be around people and that's great. She said you can do whatever amount of time you want to do. Howard asked if she's hot now. She said she's a lot thinner. She said she tells everyone it was the bike that helped her. Howard asked if she is hot now. The caller said she looks better now than she ever has. Howard said that doesn't sound that great. She said she also does intermittent fasting. Howard said he's not doing that. He said he loves his meals so much. He said he looks forward to them. Howard said Beth forget to eat breakfast and lunch. He said he loves lunch so much he had it at 8:30am. He said he had that drink at 6 and then lunch at 8:30.

    Howard said he ate his lunch and then at 4 he had dinner. He said he was done eating at 4:45.

    Howard asked the caller who she looks like. She said she has some Kardashian features. The caller told Howard he should get the Peleton.

    Howard took a call from a fake woman (Benjy) who was giving him more details about Peleton bikes. Howard told him to just talk like himself. He spoke like himself for a short time but Howard hung up on him. Howard said you know Benjy is gross when he's doing that bike class.

    Howard said he heard Ralph was an asshole. He said they should get him on the phone. He said Jason had a barbecue and Ralph went. He said now Jason is pretty sure he can't have Ralph to his home anymore. Howard said that's his experience with Ralph too. Howard said he'll do some commercials and then get back to that.

    Today's show was over around 11:15am.

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