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-- Wednesday, October 21, 2020 --

  • Robin Upset With Howard Over Simone Dinnerstein. 10/21/20. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: An announcement from High Pitch Erik about Matthew McConaughey being on the show today.

    Howard started the show talking about how it's time for him to wake up. He said it's one of those mornings. Robin said she didn't get any sleep last night. She said she's very cranky. She said that her brain got a hold of her when she laid down to sleep and it was about the start of the show yesterday. She said they were talking about the Simone Dinnerstein concert. She said Howard can say anything he wants when they're talking but Simone said that she heard her name comes up on the show and she's told that she's a joke on the show. Robin said she told her that they're making fun of her and not Simone. She said that yesterday grey crossed the line. She said that she felt that Howard trivialized her accomplishments and the time and energy that she has cultivated her art. She said she has to correct that now. Robin said she went to Juliard at 16 and she was a child prodigy. She went to London as a young person and she wanted to study this music and keep it alive. She said she has dedicated her whole life to that. She said that she has had number one albums on the Billboard charts. Robin said she doesn't need this show or her to get an audience. Robin said she has her own following.

    Robin said that the guy who is putting this concert on is a huge fan of Howard's and of the show. She said that she knows that she and Simone are friends. She said that people like her can't perform because they have closed down every concert hall in the world. She said all of her concerts for a year have been shut down for a year. She said she was supposed to be performing at Columbia university but they shut everything down.

    Robin said that Simone works in classrooms with kids and she knows inside and out what music can do. She said she has a student who is an Afghan refugee. She said she did something to find a family to take him in. She said that she found a family for his roommate as well.

    Robin told Howard about giving a student a piano that someone passed along to her. She said that she's also gone to Cuba to open doors. She went over what she did down there. Robin said she cares about the world and about people. Howard said alright. Robin said she's a stellar performer. She said that's who he's making fun of.

    Howard said what a speech. He asked if she rehearsed this speech while laying in bed. Robin said this is all she heard all night. Howard said that she put him in his place. He said he's a huge fan of her's now. Robin said that he's patronizing her now. Howard asked what it was that upset Robin. Robin said that they were talking about it being a fund raiser. Howard said that wasn't making fun of her. Robin asked if it's a fund raiser when Eddie Van Halen gets on stage. Howard said he wasn't making fun of her.

    Howard said he was talking about the ticket prices and how you can pay what you want to pay. He said he wasn't making fun of her. He said that people will pick $10 if they can pay that little. Robin said that Radiohead did something similar and people paid top dollar. Howard said he doesn't believe that.

    Howard said he hasn't seen Robin this upset in a long time. Robin said she was upset about Siegfried and Roy. Howard said that's right.

    Howard said Robin may not sleep tonight after this. He said he has a story about Simone Dinnerstein that she may not know. Howard said Jason's wife plays the cello. He said that she's a concert level cellist. He said she's a fan of classical music. Jason said she plays on violin and cello. Howard said yesterday he spoke about Simone and Robin to give them a plug. Robin said he never even said when it was. Howard said people can look it up on the internet.

    Robin said that he said some comments about her that bothered her. She said he didn't give the date. Howard said it worked because Jason went online and bought tickets. He said Jason got them for his wife. He said he was going to buy the $10 tickets and figured that might be wrong. He said Jason bought the $25 tickets. Jason said he did. Howard said the best part is that he bought 2. He said he bought one for him and one for his wife. He said that they're going to be watching at home though. Howard said Jason is the weirdo, not Simone. Howard said that's a knock against Jason.

    Robin said there's a sneer there. She said that she did not sleep because of him. She said he has to apologize to her. Howard said he is sorry about that. Robin asked how her friend gets shrapnel. Howard said she's right there.

    Jason said that he's seen people paying the lower amount. He said that he knows how musicians struggle. He said that he has to prop up his wife's music. He said he wouldn't have thought twice about paying $50 for tickets to this concert.

    Howard said he thought he was doing a good thing but Robin thinks it's terrible. Jason said poor Howard Stern has to deal with this first thing.

    Howard asked who he can goof on. Robin said she's not sure which of Howard's friends are saving the world. Howard said he got a plug in for Robin's latest venture. He said he will no longer talk about her. He said he's done. Robin said that they were talking about if she makes any money. Robin said it's no one's business. She said that some people do things out of love.

    Howard said he will delete from the replays any mention of these concerts. Robin said she didn't ask him to say anything. Howard said he'll delete it and they'll never hear it again. Robin said punish her and do whatever he wants. Howard said he wants to take it out. Robin said she got to say who Simone is. She said he can delete this too.

    Howard said he has to go to the fans who are charged up over this. Howard took a call from a guy who went off on Robin for whining about this. She said she makes fun of Jimmy and people like that. Robin said she's defending a friend. Robin said that she doesn't make fun of anyone. The caller said they only know who this Simone is because of Howard. Howard said he thought he was doing good but he has to rethink this.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said that she didn't take offense to this at all. She said she went online to find out more about it and wasn't able to find anything. She said that Robin is so off today. She said she feels really bad.

    Howard said he got attacked. Robin said she stands behind him every day for everything. Howard said he feels kind of bad about this but he's taking it.

    Mariann said that no one ever said anything bad about Simone. She said it wasn't a slam. She said that she thought about it too much. Robin said she thought about it from Simone's point. She said she would have been devastated if she heard that on the show for the first time.

    Howard said that Robin was making fun of Ralph yesterday. Robin said he was making fun of her curtains.

    Gary asked if he can get an apology. He said that he went to Jeff Probst's house and he hurt his feelings too. He said he'd like an apology for upsetting Jeff. Howard said sure he can.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that they have to edit the first 17 minutes out of the show and start over. Howard said Robin has to bring these things up because they have a close relationship. The caller said grey should start the show over again. Robin told him to crawl back into his hole.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he has never felt so uncomfortable listening to the show. Robin said that life can be uncomfortable. Howard said that he has decided to edit out the first 45 years of this show.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that this is the year of hypocrisy. He said that Robin jumps on anything the show brings up. Robin said that this was about her career and her life. She said she didn't want to trivialize that.

    Howard said from his point of view he brings things up on the show and tries to get some interest in it. He said he was trying to put a spotlight on it. He said that he thinks he's helping Simone when he brings her up. He said he's envious of people who can play piano because he can't play. He said this is what he does on this show. He said he's always promoting Simone because she's Robin's friend.

    Howard said he played this on the show once. He said this wasn't to knock her. He said this was to give her a plug. He played a bit they did where they had Robin singing along to some piano music.

    Howard said this was a way to get her name out there. Robin said up until yesterday she felt that's what it was. She said yesterday they got too close to criticism of Simone.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that when he makes fun of Simone he keeps him listening. He said if he stops making fun then he's cancelling.

    Howard said Jim Meyer is on the phone. He said he's upset and he's the guy who runs this company. He took the call and fake Jim said that he's upset too.

    Howard said King of All Blacks is with Robin too. Robin said she must be wrong then. Howard took his call and King said when he was doing that yesterday he didn't think nothing of it. He said then he thought about it and he was dissing Robin in a weird way. He said he felt it and he has to agree with Robin. Howard said that wasn't his intention. He said he didn't mean to diss her. Robin said she's there to speak up for herself. King said grey can joke about stuff on the show and it's funny. He said now he's lumping Robin into it. Howard said he didn't think he was making fun of Simone. King said he didn't. He said he should have given it more respect because it was Robin. Howard said he hears Robin and she's his friend. He said he's so sorry he cost her sleep.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said she has to defend Robin. She said she's a good sport about so much. She said that she loves her and she thinks she's the best. She said that if she's upset they should be fine with it. She said she's so articulate and she thought it was amazing. Howard said Robin is much smarter than him so if she's seeing something then he must have done something wrong. He said he does respect her and her intelligence. He said he'll think about it and maybe he'll get it.

    Howard said some of the listeners think she was wrong but he thinks she was right. He said so does King of All Blacks. He said he respects Simone's art and intelligence. He said maybe he's secretly jealous of her. He said anyone can do what he does. Robin said that's not true either. She said she would never say that. She said Howard invented what he does and no one else can do it.

    Howard said he hosts penis contests. He said he's not doing what Simone is doing. He said that he has to tell you that he's not someone to make fun of that. He said he was walking around with his chest pumped up from that penis contest. He said he felt like the whole world was with him. He said when you compare that to someone who can play concert piano that's nothing. He said he's not that talented. He said he hasn't helped anyone.

    Howard said Robin brought him right back down to earth. He said that he does apologize. Robin said she never said anything bad about the penis contest. Howard said he is. He said he wants to be marched trough the streets and whipped. He said he interviewed a guy who wants to be a dog yesterday. Fred played a clip of Sal saying he wants to be a dog.

    Howard asked when this concert is. Robin said it's November 15th at 2. Howard said there's nothing funny about that. He said she's right. Howard said Jason just bought a $10,000 ticket to it. He said what a start to the show. He said he feels a little bad now. Robin said he shouldn't feel bad at all. She said she got to say how she's feeling and she hopes he's okay with that. Howard said he is. He said there's nothing funny about an Afghan kid playing piano on a piece of paper. He said for years he used to play drums on his desk and no one came to his rescue. He said he wishes someone had.

    Howard said he wants to say something about humor. He said there was a poor boy playing piano on a piece of paper. He asked who would make jokes about that?

    Howard said he found a poor Syrian boy who was playing drums with dried feces. He said he took the two pieces of doody and started to drum. He said he read about this poor Afghan boy who wanted to be on radio and used a piece of paper to pretend. He said that he could have stepped in but he didn't. He said that he sees himself through her eyes. He said that he is not a good person.

    Robin said that she was going to tell Howard that when Simone plays people listen quietly. She said they don't vomit out in the street after. She said they don't pee in a doorway either.

    Howard said when he performs people call and tell him he sucks. He said he reads it on Twitter all day. He said he thinks that people agree with her. Robin said she never said he sucks. Howard said he's going to hell and Robin is going to Heaven. Robin said she doesn't want to go there without him.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that Robin is taking this the wrong way. He said she may want to apologize to the Olive Garden workers that she insulted yesterday when Howard said she works at Olive Garden. Howard said that was a joke that fell flat. He said that musicians are struggling now and he made a joke about that. Howard asked if she's working there or not. Robin said she is not. Howard said he has no idea where she's working.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Robin knows who she works for. He said he has ripped many of the staff apart. Robin said this wasn't about her. She said it was about Simone. She said that she wasn't there to defend herself.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that this isn't helping. Howard said he's never going to talk about this ever again. The caller said there were some funny things said yesterday during the penis contest. Howard said not to belittle what Robin said but he has to move on to other things. He said he has Trump and Biden lined up.

    Howard asked if he's still on the shit list. Robin said he's forgiven. Howard said she has a big heart. He said he has always said that about her. Robin said that she didn't think it was malicious. She said that anything can happen on this show. Howard sang a song to Robin about the lesson he learned today. He sang that he crossed a line and that won't happen again. He said that her friend has inspired him to take care of an Afghani child. He said he has decided to open an orphanage in Afghanistan. He was singing all of this to her. He was repeating some of the stuff Robin told him and he said that he's remembering what she said 5-10 minutes ago.

    Howard said he has to move on. He said he has plenty to say to her though. He said he has to take a break so he can get to Trump and Biden. He said they'll get to the big debate after that.


  • 'Trump' And 'Biden' Debate For Ronnie. 10/21/20. 7:45am
    During the break they played a 888-9-ASSHOLE song, a Sal Governale Tips for Connecting to the Afterlife bit, Jon Hein audio book clips prank call a restaurant and Beastie Boys ''Intergalactic.''

    Howard came back and said he loves these guys. He said he didn't always love them. He said he watched that special of theirs and started listening to their music. He said they had them on the show years ago and it wasn't very good. He said he didn't take them seriously but he should have. He said he's kind of bummed out about that. Robin said one of them is dead now. Howard said that's because of cancer.

    Howard said that he has to get to this debate. He said he's not sure if Ronnie is decided yet but Trump and Biden feel that he has influence on the public. He said he has over 200,000 twitter followers and they feel if they can win his vote that he carries some weight.

    Howard got Ronnie on and said that he could help them out if he can be swayed. Ronnie said he's not sure if they can sway him. He said his mind is not made up yet. He said everything changes every day. Howard said he has to say something serious. He asked if he's doing okay. He said he seems depressed. Ronnie said not really. He said he has a lot on his mind right now. Howard asked if he wants to talk about it. Ronnie said not right now.

    Howard asked if he has offended his friends. Ronnie said he's offended many of his friends but they don't give a fuck anymore. Howard asked if he's really undecided. Ronnie said he's undecided about everything. He said he doesn't give a shit if he votes anymore. He said he's feeling like Sal.

    Howard said he has a ton of shit going on too. He said he has a lot of bad stuff happening but he's not half as down as Ronnie. Ronnie said he's not down. He said he can't go to sleep at night sometimes. He said there's a lot of crap going on and his head is spinning. He said he's like Robin. Howard said Robin's head spun in just one direction and that was toward him.

    Ronnie said last week it wasn't that fun for him. He said that it was good for the show but not for him. He said it's people getting on his case about things. He said there's other shit going on too. He said they all have shit going on.

    Howard asked Ronnie Puppet if he's upset too. Ronnie Puppet had a few things to say about how upset he is. He said the fact that he can't draw a clock keeps him up at night.

    Howard said he's glad to hear that Robin called Ronnie. He said he doesn't have to call him himself that way. Ronnie said it's like he has a handler. Howard said he called someone and asked if they spoke to Ronnie and that was okay with him. He said that he's a little bit of a piece of shit that way.

    Howard said they have to get down to this. He said that the two most important people in the world want to debate and win Ronnie's endorsement. He got fake Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the line.

    Fake Trump said he hopes that Howard doesn't speak over him like Chris Wallace. Howard said that he was going to say that he's not going to talk over Donald. Fake Biden said good morning. He said that he'd never back out of speaking to the American public. Trump said they have to get to the meat of this.

    Howard asked Trump why he backed out of the debate last week. Trump said he'll only do a Zoom debate if he can look at Robin's titties. He went on a rant about how well he handled Covid and all of that. Biden went off on him about spreading his droplets all over everyone. Trump said he's so cured they say that he's too cured and they're going to give him more. Trump talked about how beautiful his symptoms were.

    Howard said he has to interrupt. He said that they're there to win Ronnie's vote. He said Ronnie was decided but now he's undecided again. He said that he does carry a lot of sway with the audience. Trump said that they all know Ronnie is voting for him and he just doesn't want to say it. He said that he is working for Robin who is horny for Biden. Biden said that this man doesn't know who Ronnie is voting for. He said that they can win the elderly dildo lovers vote. He asked him to say he's voting for Biden.

    Howard asked if any of this has swayed Ronnie's vote. Ronnie laughed. He said the only thing he's learned is that Ivanka is hot. Trump said she definitely is.

    Trump said that he'll deport Jason to Fatfuckistan if Ronnie votes for him. Howard said here's what he's going to do. He said he'd like to give each of them time to try to win Ronnie's endorsement. He gave the microphone over to Biden.

    Biden started to talk and Trump interrupted and said he'd deport anyone shorter than him to Mexico. He said he'll make Howard drive him around too. Ronnie said okay to that. He said he'll take that into consideration. He said he did like that Jason thing.

    Biden went on to talk about what he can do for Ronnie. He said he can give him health care to help if he gets a prolapsed anus from the dildo use. Ronnie said he's already covered. Trump said that he'll deport Chris Wilding. Ronnie said he doesn't care what he does with Chris.

    Biden said that this is American Ronnie and he sees he loves his country as much as anyone. He said he doesn't see blue or red. Trump said he's so red he's known as Red Rocket Ronnie. He said they're going to put 69 stars on the flag and put dildos on there too. He said that no one is going to burn that flag.

    Biden said that Trump has refused to condemn white supremacists. He said he can't vote for a second term. He said there won't be anymore bagels if he gets elected again. Ronnie said they need bagels.

    Howard asked Biden to give some last words. Biden said he's going to bring civility back to the White House. He said they will be able to yell about women's genitals again in the Zoom Happy Hour if he's in office. Howard had Trump make his final speech. Trump said vote for him and he'll let him sniff Ivanka's used panties. He said he has them right here. He sniffed and told Ronnie what they smell like. Ronnie said he's got his vote if he gives him Kayleigh. Trump said that they have confiscated sex toys at the border and he'll give them all to Ronnie.

    Howard let Biden say a few more words to try to convince Ronnie but it wasn't working. Biden said they are real men and they admit to stuff. He said that Trump wouldn't admit to putting a dildo up his ass.

    Howard said what a debate. Trump said this was the best one so far. He said the ratings will be through the roof. Howard said both of them have done such a good job. He said that they have made some good points.

    Ronnie asked when Kayleigh is getting there. Trump said she can be on the Amtrak in an hour. He said that he needs him locked in. Howard said that he can't force Kayleigh to have sex with Ronnie. Trump asked why not.

    Howard said he noticed in the background that Biden has books on his shelf. He said he's not sure if Ronnie likes that. He said Trump doesn't have any books. Trump said he doesn't have time to read. He said no one reads books. Howard asked if Ronnie doesn't like the books. Ronnie said he's not sure what kind of books they are. He said they could be porno. He asked if he works on the Bubba show with the ''here's the deal'' shit. He said that it's all ''here's the deal.'' Biden said it again. Trump said he's 78 years old and after 78 comes 100 so who wants a 100 year old in office?

    Howard thanked the candidates for their call today. Robin said if Ronnie changes his vote does he have to say who he's voting for. Howard said he doesn't know. Ronnie said everyone went silent. He said here's the deal. He said like Biden said you have to produce Kayleigh before the election. He said things can change if they don't come through for him.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said she was told this was happening and she thought it was real. Howard said it is real. He said that Ronnie is basing his vote on the Kayleigh thing.

    Howard said he has to thank Biden and Trump for calling in. He said what a debate this was. He thanked them for not mentioning any of Robin's friends. Trump said she's a wonderful lady the piano player. He called her Nina. Robin said it's Simone. Biden was rambling about what he's going to do about Covid. Trump said don't worry about it, he's already had it.

    Howard said he learned a lot today. Ronnie said he did too. Howard asked if he's going to endorse anyone. Ronnie said he's going to wait to see what happens. Howard went to break after that.


  • Fred's Accidental Appearance. 10/21/20. 8:20am
    During the break they played a bit with Ronnie Mund as My Creepy Grandpa, a phony phone call Kidd Chris made to George Takei as Ricardo Montalban, a Sal Governale statement about not voting and Veruca Salt's ''Seether.''

    Howard came back and said he was reading that Netflix has canceled the series ''Away'' and he's bummed about that. He said it's in the top 10 of their shows. He said he thinks that Covid and the price of doing the show are extraordinary. He said he hopes they reconsider that. He said that he's dying to see them living on Mars. He said they just get there when they end it. He said he was all excited about the show. He said he loved Hillary Swank in it. Robin said their stock took a beating yesterday. She said they didn't hit targets for earnings. Howard said he thinks they don't want him to be happy. He said he wants that show back on.

    Howard asked Fred if he has something to say. Fred said he hit a button that he didn't mean to hit. Howard asked how he's doing. Fred said he's good. He said he's sorry that Robin is upset about her friend Simone. Fred said that he thinks that Simone was upset that Robin said she would save him over her. He said that Simone got pushed into the ocean and died and that's what she's upset about. He said he's not used to what Robin said this morning. Howard asked Fred not to turn on his camera accidentally again.

    Howard asked if Fred talked about Eddie Van Halen. Fred said he did. Howard asked what he said. Fred said he was a great player. He said he'll leave it at that. He went through what he said when he did talk about him. Howard asked him to turn off his camera now. He said it was good to see him. Fred said that Ronnie has to make a decision soon. He said that he thinks it's kind of lame that he can't decide. He said he should have a fucking opinion about something. He said a lot of what's going on is because of the guy he voted for in 2016. He said that maybe he loves getting people sick and people dying from Covid.

    Howard said everyone is on fire this morning. Fred said it kind of pisses him off. He said this is about saving America. He said guys who can't make up their minds like this are the problem. He said that Trump is nothing like them and he got his money from his dad and his dad saved his ass every time. He said no one has a dad like that on this show. He said that Trump is going to make this country go bankrupt. He said we have no relationship with any countries in Europe. He said Trump pisses all over Germany and France. He said he just doesn't get the loyalty to Trump.

    Howard asked why it's so difficult for Ronnie. Ronnie asked Fred why he has to tell anyone who he's voting for. Fred asked what the fear is. Ronnie said maybe he's voting for Joe Jorgensen. He asked if he even knows who that is. Fred said he does. Ronnie asked why he has to say who he's voting for. Ronnie said maybe he's not happy with anyone. Fred said then take a stand.

    Fred and Ronnie went back and forth with that. Fred said he won't stop talking to Ronnie if he votes for Trump but he doesn't get the loyalty to the guy. He said the fact that he's not saying who he's voting for says a lot. Ronnie said that's bullshit. He was yelling at Fred over that. He said the more you ask the more he won't say.

    Howard said Ronnie is an open book about everything but this. He said that's what they're confused by. Howard said there are only two choices and he can't decide. He said Ronnie knows what to do and he talks about rubbing his dick in Stephanie's ass cheeks to get off. Ronnie said he did that last night. He said she's not even on her period.

    Howard said Ronnie makes his decisions simply. He said that he has no shame about any decisions but this one. Fred said that Ronnie even goes out and gets bagels when Covid is going on. Ronnie said that's right. Howard said that he sticks things up his ass but his vote is too personal.

    Robin said that when he looks at a dildo he knows if he wants to put it in his ass or not. She said that's easy for him. Howard said Fred is very passionate about things. He said that the country feels like a Trump casino to him. He said everything in America is bad right now. He said people are stuck in their homes and out of work. He said people are struggling with the right thing to do. He said people are being ridiculed for wearing masks. He said he thinks Fred is saying that it's time to take a stand. Fred said that's right.

    Fred asked why Ronnie joined the air force. Ronnie said he didn't want to go to Vietnam. Fred said that he didn't try to get out of it. He said that he didn't have a dad that could write a letter to the draft board. He asked what he thinks about guys who did that. Ronnie said they were scared of dying for no reason. Fred asked about their friends who had to go and serve in the miltiary who didn't come back. Ronnie didn't answer. Howard said this is a heavy show today.

    Howard said that Fred is saying that he should be proud of his vote. He said maybe he's afraid that if he says he's voting for Trump that he'll get attacked by people on the show. Fred said he doesn't know. He said he has friends who voted for Trump and some are still voting for him. He said he doesn't hate the but he hopes they wake up. He said he grew up blue collar and he didn't have anyone go in to take his SATs for him like someone he knows.

    Howard said Fred asks about people who pay to have their SATs taken for them. Fred said how about the guy who doesn't pay his taxes or pays off a porn star to stay quiet. He said that Ronnie works his ass off and pays his taxes every day. He said that his dad paid his taxes after working hard every day. He said that this guy thinks he doesn't have to pay taxes and he can do whatever he wants. Howard said that this is something. Robin asked if this is swaying him. Fred said he doubts it.

    Ronnie said he's not sure what's true or not. Fred said he has been very respectful of him. Ronnie said he has. Fred said that some people may not handle him the right way. He said he respects Ronnie and he respects Ralph too. Howard said he just wants to know if he respects Ronnie. Fred said he does. Howard said he just wanted to make sure.

    Howard said there's a lot going on here. He took a call from a guy who said he just turned on the radio and heard Fred going off. He said he feels bad for Ronnie. Ronnie told him not to feel bad. The caller said that there are people who are educated and they're afraid to give their opinion because they'll be bullied by people like Fred. Fred said he's not bullying. He said he takes it that this guy is a Trump supporter. The caller said that's not the case. He said he thinks he's a moron but we don't have a good option. Fred said you have to pick a side. Howard asked if Ronnie agrees with Fred. Ronnie said no. Fred said it should be people for America, not for Trump. Fred said there are people with Trump flags driving around. He said he doesn't see them doing that around other times of the year. He said it's all about Trump and Trump loves that. He asked what grey have done for America.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he think that Ronnie is going to vote for Biden and he's not saying because he thinks he's afraid of losing his NASCAR friends. Ronnie said that his friends aren't like that. He said that they're not going to stop talking to him because of who he votes for unlike people there.

    Howard asked Ronnie to give a list of the staffers he's upset with. Ronnie said he's not going to do that. Howard said Gary thinks he's upset with him. Ronnie said who cares. Gary said he thinks he's on the list. He said that he was texting with him and he's supposed to text him today. Ronnie said he's busy today.

    Gary said that he said that he told Ronnie that he'll continue to be his friend even if he votes for Trump. He said that he doesn't think he believes him. Ronnie said that he was never his friend before. He said that if he feels that way then he was never his friend to begin with. He said don't be his friend because they were never his friends. He said he has no more to say about this. He said he's going to sit there and stew about this again for a whole weekend. Ronnie hung up or closed his video window.

    Howard said to argue with Fred they have Benjy. Fred said he has no patience for him. Howard said he'll let him talk. Fred said he loves Benjy but he's the ultimate contrarian. He said you say something and he says the opposite. Benjy said he doesn't always disagree. Howard asked Benjy to say what he wants to say.

    Ronnie came back but he was muted and yelling at no one. Ronnie got back on and said that Fred said that he loves Benjy ''but'' and there is no but. He said if you love him there is no but. Fred said there is though.

    Gary said that Ronnie must love everything about Stephanie then. He said he can't dislike anything. Ronnie said that's the deal around there. He said there's always a but there.

    Howard said there's no unconditional love there. Fred said that if there's unconditional love there then why isn't Ronnie married. Ronnie said they are getting married but in due time. Fred asked if that's because he can't read a clock. Ronnie said no. He said they have plans. He said none of them will know about it when he happens.

    Howard asked Fred what his thoughts are on Ronnie. Ronnie said this happens every fucking Wednesday. Howard asked if no one from work is invited to the wedding. Ronnie said no. Robin said that she's upset about that. Ronnie asked who cares anymore. He said he doesn't give a shit. Fred asked where it's going to be. Ronnie said he's not going to say. Howard said mark your calendar for 2047 for his wedding.

    Gary said Ronnie is the king of ball busting so what's the difference here. Ronnie said this isn't ball busting. He said this is true shit coming out. He said this is the way people feel and this is coming out this week and last week too. He said it's enough.

    Gary said that Fred is just upset with his vote. Ronnie said that he doesn't know his fucking vote. Fred said he's just assuming which way he's voting. He said he should be man enough to say who he's voting for. Ronnie said he doesn't have to tell anyone. Ronnie said they're all trying to tell him which way to vote. Fred said he is not.

    Benjy asked when Fred last fucked his wife. Fred asked what that has to do with this. Benjy said that's personal information. Howard said they're done with Benjy. Fred said it was two weeks ago. Fred said that Benjy throws his vote away any chance he gets too. Howard said he thinks that Fred thinks that it's the patriotic thing to do to vote right now. Benjy said that used to be the conventional thing. He said people kept it quiet. He said that Ronnie wants to do that and they're not letting him.

    Gary said he was against Benjy coming on because of this. He said he's a black hole. Benjy said yeah.

    Howard said he doesn't think that Fred was saying that he doesn't like Ronnie. Ronnie said those words never came out but he does. Fred asked who is going to win the election. Ronnie said he doesn't know. Howard said he thinks that Fred is saying that he wishes he'd take a stand as an American. Ronnie said he's heard it. He doesn't have to explain it to him.

    Howard said he thinks that he's going to invite Fred to the wedding. Ronnie asked how they know it's going to be a big wedding. Robin said she and Fred don't take up much room so it doesn't need to be good.

    Howard said if they get into Benjy it's going to take away from the Fred and Ronnie thing. He said thanks to Benjy and let him go.

    Howard said that he wants Ronnie to have a good weekend. Ronnie laughed. He said he'll be like Robin laying on his pillow tonight.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that Ronnie has to stand his ground. He said keep doing what you're doing. Howard said all he's doing is not giving his opinion after giving his opinion on everything the paste 30 years. Howard asked Fred what he has to say to sum this up. Fred said that everyone should wake up and use some brains and make the right choice and vote. He said don't sit at home. He said go out and vote. He said this is way too important. He said if you're a Trumper then go out and vote too.

    Howard said Ronnie is hurt. Ronnie said he's sick of the piling on shit. He said he's sick of it. Gary asked if he's coming to Happy Hour this week. Ronnie said he has shit to do. He said if he's there he's there, if he's not then he's not. He said don't cry if he's not there. He said he's so fucking concerned. Gary said he's still mad at him. Howard said he can hear it. He said he won't even go to Happy Hour. Ronnie said they all have him figured out. Fred said he is pissed. Howard asked who he's not mad at. Ronnie told him to stop it.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that she lives on the border of Mexico and they still have the kids in cages thing going on. She said the bottom line is that there have been a lot of abuses with this president. She said it's every day that he does something egregious. She said we're on the verge of losing democracy if this guy wins again.

    Gary asked Ronnie if he's aware that there are 545 kids that Trump took away from their parents and they can't find their parents. Ronnie said he's aware of that. Howard said that Ronnie is upset with him about that. Ronnie said that they think he doesn't know what's going on. Gary said he loves Ronnie so call him when he's ready to talk. Howard said everyone loves him but he's reading between the lines.

    Howard told Ronnie not to take this so hard. He said they're just having a discussion. He told Ronnie to go have a good weekend. Ronnie said he has to go watch NASCAR.

    Howard thanked Gardein for sponsoring the show today. He got in a commercial for them.

    Howard said now Gary is upset with Ronnie. Gary said that's right because he can't have a conversation with the guy. He said that he doesn't think he's stupid like Ronnie said he did.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that Howard is so right. She said that trump has ruined his life and he's still going that way. Ronnie said he never said he was voting for either one. Howard wrapped up and went to break after that.


  • Matthew McConaughey Visits. 10/21/20. 9:05am
    During the break the played a ''Behind the Music of Beetlejuice'' bit, a phony phone call Sal and Richard made to two pizzerias putting them on with each other, Robin singing ''Chandelier'', a phony phone call Sal and Richard made as Fred and Ethel to a radio show to speak to a governor, a Ronnie ''Du'' song parody, Ben Stern's ''Proper Modulation'' song and White Zombie's ''More Human Than Human.''

    Howard came back and said they love that song. He said what a man Rob is. He let that song play for a little bit. He said they're taking a break from the fighting and get to Matthew McConaughey who has written quite a book (Greenlights). Howard said he has lived a life. He said that it's good to see Matthew. He said that's a movie star. Howard asked how he's doing. Matthew said he's relatively good. He said it's been a while since they did this. He said it's been 5, 6 or 7 yeas ago. Howard said he had to get along without him all these years. Matthew said that Howard has been doing quite well without him.

    Howard said he could have written a book and been superficial or done something in a meaningful way. He said he's thinking about his winning the Oscar and what a big deal that is. He said that he got up and made a speech and thanked his parents. He said he acknowledged his parents and he thought about what a relationship they must have had. He said when he reads the book he reads that his father abused him. Matthew said no. He said he made it 50 years to where he is now. He said he wouldn't call it abuse at all. He said that he may have gotten what they consider things that you shouldn't' get today. He said that he got the belt. He said that they were never injured. He said that the question is why grey got in trouble. He said he earned every one of those things. He said it was saying he hated his brother and for lying. He said those were good reasons to get in trouble. He said that he learned a lesson from that. He said that you can't say you can't do something.

    Howard said he doesn't want to knock his dad but would he give his kid an ass whooping. Matthew said no but he's chosen a different way of doing things. He said that his parents were raised in a way tat was even more violent. He said that's how they communicated.

    Howard said he describes his parents being so volatile that his father broke her finger 4 times. Matthew said that it wasn't just her putting her finger in his face. He said she would bang her finger on his forehead. He said that she would admit that she instigated all of that. He said she would say she wouldn't change a thing about it. He said it was a different way of doing things. He said that's not how he parents. He said that he and his wife don't want that kind of relationship. He said that he likes a slow moving river with some rapids along the way.

    Howard said he describes how he saw his parents make love on the floor after one of their fights. He said this is crazy stuff. Matthew said his parents were married 4 times and divorced 3. He said that this stuff looks abusive but the love was tested the most during those times. He said that the ugly stuff never had a chance of puncturing that.

    Howard said maybe it was unintentional but he felt bad for the sweet boy he was. He said he thinks he wrote something profound here. He said maybe this is all subconscious but this shows that this shit was crazy and it can fuck a kid up. He said to see your mom's finger broken and thinking it was love is out there. Matthew said what he said was that those things could never break the love their family had. He said this wasn't abusive. He said that he has stories about things that were loving but maybe not as many. He said he loves telling those stories about the violence. He said it wasn't abusive. He said that he wasn't scarred from it. He said he wanted to run away and his parents packed his stuff and helped him pack. He said he ran off and came right back home.

    Howard said he has to bring up this stuff. He said that he used to answer to the name Matt but his parents beat him because he answered to Matt instead of Matthew. Matthew laughed. Howard said he got the shit beaten out of him. Matthew said he don't get the shit beaten out of him. He said he went to the playground and he got slammed to the ground by his mother asking what his name is. He said that he answered to Matt and she told him not to ever answer to that name. He said he was crying and the kids were looking at him. He said he doesn't remember pain from that. He said he remembers that he was given a name for a reason.

    Howard asked why that's okay. Matthew said that he doesn't answer to Matt. He said you can call him that but he won't answer to it.

    Howard said he once said to his brothers that he hated them. He said that's an emotion a child feels but he got another ass whooping. Matthew said this was at his own birthday party. He said that his mom started the party and he got his butt whooped for saying ''hate.'' He said his parents didn't allow any slack on that. He said you could say shit, fuck or whatever and you'd get soap in your mouth but you can't say hate.

    Howard asked why Rooster gets to be called Rooster but he can't be called Matt. Matthew laughed. He said that his brother was a rebel. He said that we all see things differently. He said that he saw things that way and he's not going to change. He said that you can call it abuse but that's not going to change the way he saw things. Matthew said that he never asked his mom to apologize for what they did.

    Howard said he read that he put a Cracker Jack tattoo on and he got beaten so bad his ass bled. He said that's really bad in his eyes. He said that he can't imagine that. Matthew laughed at his analysis of this. He said that the tattoo was a friend of his. He said that his friend's dad gave him an ass whooping.

    Howard said this book is going to blow your mind. He said he saw pain in this. He said he had fist fights too. He said he had rites of passage with his family. He said that Rooster had a fight and he knocked his father down on the floor. He said that his father gets up and says ''That's my boy!'' Howard said this is crazy stuff. Matthew said it is but it's beautiful. Howard said this is wild life he has led. He said he barely leaves his house but Matthew has seen every crazy thing. He said it's amazing it didn't drive him crazy. Matthew said he just keeps on keeping on.

    Matthew said his mother has regrets. He said that she has a list that she writes down but she forgets them after going to sleep. He said she's 88 and she's doing great.

    Howard said that Matthew's first rite of passage he flunked. He said he got caught stealing a pizza at 18. He said he thinks he failed it but why. Matthew said he did fail it because his father knew. He said that he asked if he paid for the pizza and you know they know you didn't. Matthew said that he was lying about it and his dad knew. He said he dug a hole with his lies. He said then his dad asked one last time. He said he asked if he knew he was stealing a pizza. Matthew said that he lied again and he got a backhand. He said he went down but not because of the backhand. He said it was because of the lactic acid in his legs. He said that he was being a coward and didn't pass the test. He said he wasn't a man in his eyes and he should have just admitted it. He said if he had admitted it then his dad would have talked to him about it and it would have been over.

    Howard said he describes a story in the book about his father turning to him and telling him he can hit him as hard as he can 4 times. Matthew said it was 4 to his 1. He said that his hands felt like Paper Mache. He said that if he would have done that good one his father would have said that was pretty good and it would have been over. He said he wanted him to take the challenge. He said it was the same night that he had lied. He said he saw the pain in his eyes. He said that he knew he was lying about the pizza. He said if he had just given him that one good one he would have been good.

    Howard said he feels sad by that story. He said a dad telling you to punch you in the face is harsh. He said that's a hard way to be brought up. Matthew said he doesn't feel that way about it. He said there was a lot of good times too. He said that overrode the bad times. He said that his love was tested. He said Howard wasn't there for all of that.

    Howard said he thinks that he's one of the best actors ever. He said that he is amazing in so many of his movies. He said he steals so many scenes. He said he's so great with Leonardo DiCaprio where he's talking about jerking off twice a day to relieve stress. Howard asked if that was a scripted thing. He said go on Google and check out that scene from Wolf of Wall Street. He said it's the greatest thing ever. He asked if it was scripted. Matthew said what he put in that movie was about 3 times longer than what was scripted. He said he worked for 3 weeks based on one line that was written. He said it turned into 3 lines. He said he read that one line and he was wondering who the fuck that was. He said it was written that this was the secret which was cocaine and hookers. He said he started rapping and wrote things down. He said it was Leonardo's idea to put it in. He said he riffed on a bunch of stuff.

    Howard said that scene is so great. He said Leonardo is sitting there with his boss and he's there as his boss filling his head with so much shit. He said when he turns to him and asks how much he jerks off and he says 3-4 times a week and he tells him it has to be 2 times a day. He said that was brilliant.

    Howard said he's thinking about this book. He said Matthew lives on the edge. He said maybe that's because he had this upbringing where his father put his ass on the line. He said there's a story in the book where he spends the night in a cage with a mountain lion. He asked how that happened. Matthew said he was on peyote. He said he went out on a hike with this shamen. He said that they went back to his house around 10:30 or 11 in the morning. He said he had this cage with the mountain lion in it. He said he was thinking he could get on the same frequency of the mountain lion. He said he lowered his voice and did his thing. He said about 30 minutes goes by and he starts scratching its chin. He said he moved into the cage about 30 minutes later. He said he sat down while this thing is pacing back and forth. He said it moves its way toward him and about 45 minutes later it touches his hand. He said 2 hours later the thing was laying in his lap purring. He said he hung out there for about 3 hours and then got out of there. He said later on the wondered what the fuck he was doing but it worked.

    Howard asked if he had any fear that it was going to eat him. Matthew said he did have some fear but he knew that they were communicating at the time. He said it had also been fed so it wasn't starving. He said that he didn't think it was hungry.

    Howard said he must have thought the mountain lion was less crazy than his parents so that was okay to try.

    Howard said this book is the craziest thing he's ever read. He said he had a story about getting into the ring with a fighter in Africa. Matthew told Howard a story about this group in Africa and he went hiking through there in 1999. He said that word got out that there was a strong white man that was named David. He said that's the name he gave himself. He said that they were interested in this boxing thing that he mentioned he did. He said he gets to a village that he went to after a hike and the people in the village heard about this strong white man. He said there were some guys challenging him so his guide told him they wanted to wrestle him. He said then the two boys ran off. He said there's this guy Michelle who steps up and wants to wrestle him instead. He said that he was the champion of the village. He said this guy points to this area so he sees this big dirt pit. He said that he was telling himself that he has to do this or he'll regret it the rest of his life. He said he walked over to the pit. He said the guy grabs him by the waist and he follows his lead. He said they ended up wrestling and they went on for a few minutes. He said that he's bleeding and sweating and hyper ventilating. He said the other guy is barely sweating. He said the chief tells them to go again. He said they go for another 2 minutes and he gets the guy in a Boston crab. He said that round was a tie. He said Michelle ran off and the crowd cheered his name. He said the next morning the guy walks with him 14 miles with him to the next village and doesn't say a word. He said he goes back 6 years later and the guy who walked him there and back was Michelle.

    Howard said this is unbelievable. He said he's afraid to even run into someone he knows on the beach when he goes for a walk. He said Matthew has the world at his fingertips and he's fighting guys in Africa. He said this is unbelievable.

    Howard said in the book Matthew earns his father's respect when he steps in and hauls off on a bouncer in a bar who accused him of not paying his bar tab. He said he beat up that bouncer and his dad said that he was going to be okay. Matthew said that he knew the young one was going to be okay after that. He said that was a rite of passage for them.

    Howard said that he's no pussy. He said he can fight. Matthew said he doesn't like to fight. Howard asked if he has beat up a lot of people. Matthew said he takes up for the underdog and that's why he fights. He said that he stood up for Ronald Hatley who was called a nerd. He said that he stood up for Betty Rice in 1986 because she was a Gothic girl. He said he got into a fight for a black young man because people were getting on him. He said he was just taking up for underdogs.

    Howard said he's like Batman. He said he's such a pussy himself. He asked what it's like to be a real man. Matthew said he doesn't like to fight and he's not looking for them. He said he'd rather have a wrestling match in the middle of Africa just to see what happens.

    Howard said he wants to tell people that the reason he was in Africa is because he has wet dreams that are non sexual. He said he imagined himself floating on his back in the Amazon and he came just imagining that. He said that if that happened to him he'd call his shrink but Matthew went to Africa. He figured he should float on his back to find out why that was. Matthew said in early 1992 he woke up from that dream. He said it was a nightmare he was having. He said that it was an 11 second dream. He said that he came from it. He said he woke up wondering what the fuck that was. He said then he gets to 1996 and has the same dream again. He said it's 11 frames and 11 seconds and he came again. He said someone or something is telling him something. He said he had to investigate this.

    Matthew said he went to the atlas for Africa and starts looking for the Amazon. He said he finds out that it's in South America. He said he went to Peru and hiked for 28 days and floated the Amazon. He said he had fulfilled the dream. He said it was all great until 1999. He said he had the same dream again. He said that he was in Ireland at the time and he had to chase down that other part of the dream with the African tribesmen on the river. He said he gets in touch with this guy and they go to Africa. He said he went on this trip and they went into all of that and it fulfilled that dream and he's never had it again.

    Howard asked if he cleans up the bed or does he have people for that. Matthew said he thinks he was pretty self reliant on that. He said that's not for other people to take care of. Howard said if he had a wet dream like that he'd just jerk off more. He said he takes such risks.

    Howard asked if Matthew ever says to himself that he's this famous actor and he could have a cush life and not do these things. He said he could lose his looks or his life if he keeps taking risks like that. Matthew said he doesn't think about that. He said these are character choices that have helped form him. He said that he has things he's always wanted to do in life and he can't curtail the fun that he's having. He said he has to live his life first and the job comes as a byproduct of that.

    Howard asked if he's critical of actors in Hollywood because of the way he lives his life. He asked if he sees the people who are caught up in the fame and they just want to see how much pussy they can get. Matthew said that's what some people want. He said there's worse ceilings to have. He said that he has this line in his book that says one man's appetite is another man's indigestion. He said he has had his times where different things satisfied him. He said that he's been a hedonist. He said that's not who he is but he had that experience. He said that's one of the great things about Hollywood. He said there are so many options. He said that you can get lost out there. He said he has said yes to things because he wasn't able to do them before.

    Howard said one of the interesting things he did was making the decision to never do romantic comedies again. He said he was being pigeon holed with that. He said that he describes that he got an offer to do a romantic comedy and he turned it down. He said he kept saying no but they offered him $14.5 million to star in this movie. He said this is ballsy because he said no. Howard said that's a lot of money. He said that's a lot of freedom. He said that might be more balls than sleeping with a lion. Matthew said he would say so. He said he was enjoying the romantic comedies but they were the only roles he was being offered. He said it became a thing with him being shirtless on the beach. He said he was getting pigeon holed into that. He said that they weren't offering him the other movies. He said if he can't do what he wants to do then he's stopping what he is doing. He said that he didn't know how long he was going to go without work. He said that he and his wife talked about that. He said for the first 6 months nothing came in but those comedies. He said when he said no to the 14.5 that sent a message to Hollywood. He said nothing came in for the next 14 months. He said his agent said the phone wasn't ringing.

    Matthew said 20 months later he was thinking about other careers. He said then someone has a new good idea to put him in a drama. He said that no one had seen him in anything so they wanted him now. He said that all of this stuff came up and it went back to back to back. He said it took 20 months and it was a scary time for him.

    Howard said there's no greater drug than being popular in Hollywood. He asked what his agent did. Matthew said he told his agent he wasn't going to do romantic comedies anymore and he said ''fine.'' He said it was very quick so he called him out for that. He said his agent said he works for him and not the people in Hollywood. He said that he had his back.

    Howard said that's nice that his agent was thinking of him and not about a paycheck. Howard asked if his parents should have beaten his ass over turning down that $14.5 million. Matthew said his family did ask what he was thinking. He said it was work and they wondered what he was doing. He said they knew that he had made up his mind though. He said they test you to find out if you're being real. He said that they knew.

    Howard said one of his favorite things was ''A Time to Kill'' and he wonders what happens when someone like Kevin Spacey has a scandal. Matthew said they didn't remain great friends but he did reach out and they had a wonderful conversation about those allegations. He said that he just wanted to check in and find out what was going on. Howard said he has had friends who were in scandals and he's not sure what to do. Matthew said it's tough in a lot of ways. He said that you can't just white out the good interactions that you had with that person. He said it can illigitimize some people. He said it's a tough tight rope to walk. He said that his experience with Kevin was wonderful. He said he's a very talented actor too.

    Howard asked what happens after he does a film and if he feels like they're family. He asked if he can just walk away from it. Matthew said it happens with every film and you become a tight family. He said that you make life long friends and acquaintances. He said you want to talk to them every week but everyone moves on to do other things. He said when you do come across each other it's great to see those people. He said that he has made good friends like Cole Hauser and Woody Harrelson. He said that they stay in contact. He said other people they're just happy to see each other later on in life. He said you leave the set thinking you're going to be hanging out every weekend.

    Howard said when he did his movie he was so happy for 4 months. He said that he doesn't talk to those people now. He said that's most of them anyway.

    Howard said he figured that Matthew and Jared Leto would be friends for life after Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew said it's very intense for 4 months. He said that's your entire world but then you go off and do other things. He said he and Jared stay in touch but they aren't tight. He said he can call him any time. He said he's not over for Thanksgiving dinner or anything like that though.

    Howard said he doesn't feel like he banged his co-stars from his movies. He said so many guys get so tempted. He asked if he made a decision not to shit where you eat. Matthew said that it just organically happened. He said there are people who get married after doing a movie together. He said that when they get married they'll do another movie together and they're not near as good together. He said it's the one where they met that's good.

    Howard said he watches Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Garner or someone like that with him and he would be so easily seduced by that. He said that he would fall in love with the second lead in. He said that it's just so tempting. Matthew said it is. He said you are in that world too. He said you're all in the same bubble. He said you see each other in the morning and hang out on the weekends. He said it's easy and natural.

    Howard said it's amazing that he avoided that. He said he's sure that some of them were attracted to him. Matthew said he's had certain circumstances where that might have been true. He said they worked things out. He said that they've kept things professional.

    Howard asked if it's hard to be a married man in Hollywood. He said it has to be. He said everyone bows down to him. Matthew said that he wrote about Hollywood in his book. He said fame is for rent. He said that his wife and family are non negotiable. He said those things are the things that he has watered in his life and those things grew when he watered them. He said that he has looked at those other things and he doesn't go there. He said that his family is the most important thing in his life.

    Howard asked how his wife keeps her sanity in this whole thing. Matthew said they know each other and they're fans of each other. He said they trust each other and believe in each other. He said he might be hard to live with but not because he's famous. He said he obsesses over his work at times. He said he's very professional and so is his wife.

    Howard said that after ''A Time to Kill'' comes out he becomes huge. Matthew said it was over one weekend. Howard said he had to figure everything out after that. He said he did something he admires. He said that he checked out and went to a monastery. He said Matthew had to figure out what this fame thing is. He asked why that monastery. Matthew said he knew he needed some kind of walk about for himself. He said he was meeting people and he was getting offers for work. He said he had nothing 3 days before. He said that they all loved him after that movie. He said he found a book where they had these retreats listed. He said that they show you where they are and what they're all about. He said that he read these things and found the place that was right for him.

    Matthew said he found this monastery and this guy gave him his cot to sleep on there. He said he wanted to talk to someone there about his scattered mind. He said that he and this Brother Christian went for a walk. He said they walked for 4 hours. He said he confessed for 4 hours to Brother Christian. He said that guy didn't say a word to him. He said they end up back in the chapel and he's summing up. He said he's crying and snot's coming out of his nose. He said for about 15 seconds there's silence. He said he looks up at Brother Christian and he says to him ''Me too.'' He said that's just what he needed to hear. He said that he was able to forgive himself after that. He said you go through tough times and you think you're a sinner but it's the human condition. He said that helped him when he said that to him.

    Howard said this guy was out in the desert with him for 4 hours and shut up and listened to him. He said this guy is a remarkable guy. He asked if he stayed in touch. Matthew said he actually did and he married him and his wife. He said he talked to him a week ago. He said his family has been there too. He said the guy is the abbot there now. He said they're beautiful people and they have stayed close.

    Howard asked if drugs are important to him or is it something he can take or leave. Matthew said it's take or leave for him. He said he's not really a recreational drug guy. He said he found a guy to do the peyote thing as a spiritual journey. He said he's not a big drug taker. He said he has tried a lot but he doesn't get the residuals of it.

    Howard said that there can't be a bigger high than winning an Oscar. He said it must be great to look Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio in the eye and say ''I beat you!'' Matthew said that it was a beautiful night. He laughed at Howard talking like that. He said he has 3 kids and he remembers his kids asking what he won that trophy for. He said it was for the work he did a year and a half before. He said that work he was doing a year and a half ago was awarded by his peers later on.

    Howard asked if he thinks he'd let his kids act. Matthew said he would. He said that he had a sense of who he wasn't and who he didn't want to be. He said that you can't really find yourself there. He said that he'd want the kids to know who they are and who they're not before they went out there.

    Howard asked if he stopped talking to his mom after she gave a tour of his house to Hard Copy. Matthew said that he didn't talk to her for about 8 years. He said that his mom wasn't the only one on the phone. He said that he'd have conversations and what they talked about would end up in the paper 3 days later. He said she was sharing his personal stories with the paper. He said then he found out about the Hard Copy thing. He said he called her up and asked what she did. He said she told him she didn't think he'd find out. He said they went through a time where they didn't share. He said they talked but he had to watch what he shared.

    Howard said that you wish that your mother would be on your side and take all of your considerations. He said that has to be hard to deal with. He said it's tough. Matthew said she became a different person. He said she was still his mom but she was different. He said that no one is perfect. He said that he has forgiven her. He said it wasn't her fault. He said it was a strenuous relationship for 8 years. He said his mother is great. He said it was a tough time when he'd talk to his mother. He said they went through it and got past it.

    Matthew asked if Howard changed or did people around him change more. Howard said he went into therapy because he has in him what Matthew has in him. He said he would tell his therapist stories and he'd laugh. He said the therapist would say he doesn't see why they're funny stories. He said that he had to change and open his eyes. He said the strength to cut your mother off for 8 years is a lot of strength. Matthew said she was the one person who he relied on so that was tough. He said he hears Howard. He said the way he sees things and he sees that his eyes light up. He said he's not denying that they were rough and sometimes violent. He said that he has learned a lot from that. He said that he understands what he has been though. He said some things people think is abuse. He said it wasn't to him though. He said to them it wasn't either. He said that's his truth.

    Matthew said that we have to have a sense of humor. He said just because you laugh at something doesn't mean you're denying it.

    Howard said his book is called Greenlights. He said that's based on the things in Hollywood that are green lit. He said that those are things that he opened himself up to. Matthew said that the red and yellow lights will turn green or reveal their asses in them. He said he wouldn't be talking to Howard if he hadn't gone through the things he went through. He said he got Greenlights from his father's death and things like that. He said there are lessons to be learned from these things. He said there is some sort of green light asset in every red and yellow light.

    Howard said his book is unbelievable. He said his dad died fucking his mother. Matthew said that he said that for years that he was going to die that way and damn if he didn't do it. Howard asked if he was inside and dropped dead. Matthew said he never asked. Howard said wake her up and ask now. Howard said he will breathe heavy when he's fucking his wife and he wouldn't mind going out that way. He said he'd be honored to fuck his wife and die. Matthew said what a way to go.

    Howard asked what happened when his father died. Matthew said that he heard that she ripped the sheet off of him when they were carrying him out of the house. Howard asked if he had an erection. Matthew said he died when he climaxed. Howard asked his mother called and told them that. Matthew said he should have his mother on the show. Howard said he should. Howard said what a way to go.

    Matthew said that his dad woke up frisky at 6:30 in the morning and he had a heart attack and died from that. Howard said at least his dad saw some of his fame. He said he was shooting Dazed and Confused being shot. Matthew said he was alive 5 days into what he started might be a hobby turning into a career. He said everything else before that was a hobby. He said he'd do stuff for a year and move on. He said the acting was that one thing that he kept doing and his dad knew that.

    Howard asked if he wrote this book during Covid. Matthew said he started 2 years ago. He said he edited it more during Covid. He said he did a total of 52 days. He said that he edited it for a year or so. Howard said he didn't hold back.

    Howard said the one question he didn't answer was if men are afraid to have intercourse with his mother. Matthew said he dares him. Howard said she must be wild in bed if she killed his dad like that. He said this is an unbelievable book. He said he suggests you can relate to him. He said he slept with a fucking lion. He asked if he was high in ''Dazed and Confused.'' Matthew said that there's one scene where Slater handed him a real joint. He said the rest of the time he was straight. He said that he was high in the one scene where he said ''Watch the leather, man!'' He said Slater had made it real in that scene. Howard said he figured he was high the whole time but it was acting.

    Howard said he's such a good actor that he's not sure he'd be real with him. He asked if he can be real friends with someone. Matthew said it's not being fake. He said it's just being more of yourself. He said it's retuning it. He said he's recalibrating himself. He said that we have all of these things in us. He said it's just tuning the equalizer. He said it's not deception.

    Howard asked if he's playing the lawyer in ''A Time to Kill'' does he got to court to find someone to emulate. Matthew said not at all. He said he has studied people for roles but not for that. He said that he was thinking about things like ''What if this was my daughter.'' He said that's where he went for that role.

    Howard said that's a great movie. He said he brought him to tears in that. Matthew said Grisham just wrote another book and it's good. He said that it's a sequel to that. He said he was asked if he would go back to that role. He said that would be interesting to go back to that. He said that could be tasty.

    Howard said that he heard that Woody Harrelson was offered that role and John Grisham turned that down. Matthew said that Woody didn't get approved to play Jake and he still gives him shit about that. Howard asked if he just calls and tells him he lost the best role to him and hangs up. Matthew said he does leave him messages like that. Howard said that must be great. Matthew said they laugh their asses off. Robin asked if he ever tells him that he's going to give him a role. Howard said they worked together in True Detective.

    Howard said that this book must be a big highlight for him. Matthew said that it is the truest permanent extension of himself that he has ever put out there. Robin asked if he was asked to do this or did he do it on his own. Matthew said he wanted to do it. He said he got a ghost writer and they were going to do a 50 page hard back book and it was going to be an inspirational book. He said that he got pulled off the project so he loaded up his car with steaks and bourbon and went off to write it. He said he came back with what he has there.

    Howard said he has a life so he doesn't want to keep him much longer. He said he probably wants to go to bed and have a wet dream. Matthew said he'll take them when he can get them. Howard said it's a great book and he thinks he should get into therapy but he thinks he has it figured out so there you go.

    Howard said he wants him to tell his mom he called him Matthew and not Matt so she doesn't have to beat him over that. Howard thanked him for doing this. He said get his book Greenlights and check it out. Howard let Matthew go after that. Howard said that was great.

  • Fan Feedback. 10/21/20. 10:40am
    Howard read some fan feedback about the prettiest penis contest. He read some of that feedback. He had some stuff about the winner and about the judges in the contest. He read some stuff about Nikki Glaser and how good she was. He read some feedback about Matteo Lane and how good he was as a judge. Howard said look at some of his stand up because he's very good.

    Howard said Ralph was the third judge and people are convinced he's gay now. Howard read some feedback about that. Howard said someone asked if Ralph is more gay than Matteo Lane.

    Howard gave Matthew some more plugs and said he's such a great actor. He said that one of his greatest performances is in ''Wolf of Wall Street.'' He said it's so great. He said it was an honor to have him on the show. They wrapped up and ended the show around 10:45am.

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