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-- Friday, July 22, 2016 --

  • Friday Replays. 07/22/16. 7:00am
    Here's what they replayed today:

  • Gwen Stefani. 07/22/16. 7:00am
    First up on today's replays they played the Gwen Stefani interview from Wednesday. Here's my rundown:

    Gwen Stefani Visits. 07/20/16. 8:45am
    After the break they played a phony phone call the guys made to a radio show where Lee King Snatch taught the host some Japanese phrases. They also played a Jimi Hendrix song with Gary clearing his throat clips in it and then Jon Hein singing the Laverne and Shirley theme. They played Creed's ''Higher'' and Fred played a couple of Jason's ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' drops and Gary playing trumpet during the song. They played Ronnie Mund's ''Get down on the floor'' song and Sour Shoes as Gary, Artie, Scott Ferrall and Mad Dog Russo singing the National Anthem. They played a Jack and Rod Show bit where Sal and Richard talked to an author with fake Hillary Clinton.

    Howard came back and said he's very excited to have Gwen Stefani there. Howard said she's a judge on The Voice and she's had a very prosperous career. Gwen came in and said this is weird. Howard said it is. Howard said she's had 3 kids and her body is rock solid. Howard said that she has had to work at it over the years. Gwen said she just had a baby 2 years ago. She said she doesn't work at it as hard as she used to. Howard said she dresses great and looks great. Howard said she has it all going on. Howard said she's the lead singer and everyone is looking at her. Howard said it has to be tremendous pressure. Gwen said the exercise is a spiritual thing now. She said it's amazing to be in a place where you have somewhere to go. She said she's not thinking like that. She said she is just getting to a different place.

    Howard said Gwen was chubby as a child and she became a swimmer to stay thin. Gwen said she didn't want to be fat. She said in her family history she's Italian and they had some weight issues. She said she didn't want to be that girl. She said she got on the swim team and she's had to work at it her whole life.

    Howard said she didn't dream of being a rock star. He said that was her brother's dream. Gwen said she's not sure it was even his dream. Howard said her first concert was Emilou Harris. Gwen said her parents were really into music. She said that her dad played guitar and her mom was in a band with him. She said it was like a folk thing.

    Howard asked if her life is crazy now. Gwen said she did a show last night and the kids were getting off the bus at like 2:30 in the morning. She said they were in Philly last night and she's doing Jones Beach tonight. She said this is the first time she's doing shows in 7 years.

    Howard asked Gwen about being the lead singer of No Doubt and dating the bass player. Gwen said that he was a massive fan of Howard's back in the day. Howard asked if the band stays together and she's still working with him and she has a song about him is it weird. She said it's still weird. Howard said that song is ''Don't Speak'' and it's about breaking up with the bass player. Howard played some of the song. He asked if it's the best feeling to have a hit song like that. Gwen said Howard has to know that feeling. She said it's so unbelievable. She said that she had a run of tour, record, make a baby and repeat. She said that she went on that tour and she didn't plan on doing it. She said they had to do another No Doubt album and she had to lose like 50 pounds and she was exhausted. She said that she was so tired. She said she just wasn't the same after that. She was depleted. She said it took 3 years to do that next record.

    Howard said her brother was really into music and he wanted to start a band. Gwen said her brother is like a genius art guy and he sat up all night drawing and doing things like that. He was a real artist. Howard said he was an animator for The Simpsons. Gwen said he did Ren and Stimpy too. She said he was a layout artist. She said he's so talented. She said it wasn't him that started the band. She said it was another guy who was into Ska music and he started it. Howard asked if she was known as a singer. She said she wasn't. She said that the first show they did was a talent show. She said they did a cover song. She said she had the lyrics on paper. She said her thing was making the dress. Gwen said that she was more about the dress. Fashion was big for her. Gwen said she didn't know anything about fashion. She said she was kind of anti-fashion.

    Howard said she formed a band called Apple Core. Gwen said that's right. Howard asked if they were good. She said they were awesome in high school. Howard asked if she was popular in high school. Gwen said she wasn't. She said she was the chubby girl who grew up over the summer. She said she was a band geek. She said she wasn't unpopular. She said she was very passive. She said she wasn't bullied though. She said she was into people who liked music.

    Howard asked if people were shocked she was up there singing. Gwen said she doesn't think anyone noticed her at all. She said it just happened. Howard asked if people were shocked that this happened. Gwen said they probably were.

    Howard said Gwen really loved her parents. Gwen said she was very sheltered growing up. She said that it was kind of like the Brady Bunch with no divorce. Robin said it was like the perfect family. Gwen said it wasn't perfect but it was very good.

    Howard said she's only been with like 3 men in her whole life. Howard said we think of women being with a lot of guys but she's really only been with 3. Howard said he figured she was having a wild life but she's really not. Gwen said her parents fell in love in high school and they just wanted to have kids. She said they were very supportive of their 4 kids.

    Howard asked if the parents were supportive of her being in a band. Gwen said they thought it was just a hobby. She said that it was hard for her in school because she barely graduated. Howard said it was a hobby but she wasn't making money with it. Gwen said that her parents supported her but she had to pay for her own car and things like that. She said she worked at Dairy Queen and a department store. Howard said imagine you go to Dairy Queen and see No Doubt there. Howard said if she stayed here she'd be a manager now. Gwen said no way. She said she's not the manager type.

    Howard said that Jimmy Iovine found the band. Howard said Gwen became the lead singer after the other one committed suicide. Gwen said that there was a guy in the band who said they needed keyboards in the band. She said she's still blown away by everything that's happened. She said that they used to listen to Howard back in the day and she's blown away that she's even sitting there.

    Howard said the odds of having a hit song are so low. Howard said it has to be a huge thing. Gwen said it's insane that Howard made it where he did. Howard said he's an alien so that's why that happened.

    Howard said it sounds like the band name wasn't even thought about that much. Gwen said that they did think about it quite a bit. She said she wasn't a big part of the decision making. Howard said the lead singer kills himself and she must have been shocked. She said she was. Gwen said that he shot himself. She said she's not sure where he got the gun or anything and it came out of nowhere.

    Howard asked if she was uncomfortable going up and singing. Gwen said she was fine on stage. She said she just did it. Howard asked if she felt any guilt. She said it wasn't like that. She said it was over a long period of time. Gwen said this guy in the band got his girlfriend pregnant and he had to leave so she just did it herself. She said that you have this thing where you just connect. She said that she was connecting with people and it felt so good.

    Gwen said that she and Tony were in love. She said that she had to keep that hidden from the rest of the band. She said when the guy died they all found out about it. She said her brother was her best friend and they did everything together so everything was weird. Howard said it must have been exciting too. He said it's like forbidden love. Gwen said it wasn't about that for her. She said that they were already a band and Tony came in to audition. She said as soon as he got out of the car she was in love with him. She said she doesn't know why. She said he was a really funny guy. Howard asked if things are normal now. Gwen said there have been so many variations and evolution. Howard wondered if he regrets not staying with her. Howard said that the success may have caused it. Gwen said she doesn't think he has regrets. She said it wasn't meant to be. She said she has an obsessive nature and she was obsessed with him.

    Howard said it has to be hard for a guy in a band to stay with one person. Gwen said it really is. She said the guys were excited about getting girls and being in a band and she didn't have that so that's what broke them up.

    Gwen said that the were doing everything together and the last straw came when they were doing a show at a place that became a strip club. She said that they were in the scene of Ska. She said they almost always played for a lot of people. It's like a built in scene for those kind of shows. She said once they were out on tour they'd play for like 5 people.

    Howard asked how Jimmy Iovine found them. Gwen said it was so long ago that she's trying to remember. She said her brother was doing the bulk of the writing but she'd write with him. She said they'd do rehearsals all day long and he would stay up all night writing more songs.

    Howard said the first two albums weren't hits. Her brother decided to leave the band and go animate The Simpsons. Gwen said he wanted to go back to school. She said they were destroyed by that. Howard said that he would think for her that would really hurt. Howard said today if she was starting out she'd be a solo act. Howard said everyone today is doing their own thing. Gwen said she was so naive that she's not sure she could do that. Howard asked if her brother quit because of the money. Gwen said it wasn't about that. She said he had to compromise with the record company and all of that. Howard said he respects people like that. Gwen said it's hard to describe what he's like. Howard said it sounds like he's a hippy. Gwen said it's not even that. She said he's very eccentric.

    Howard said it really starts to happen on the third album called ''Tragic Kingdom''. Howard said her brother leaves the band around that time. Gwen said that Tony broke up with her around that time too. Howard said he thinks Tony must regret breaking up with her. Gwen said she doesn't think so. She said she thinks that things have worked out really well for him.

    Howard asked if they had to work things out after the hit album. Gwen said it never felt like a business was taking off. She said the evolution was really slow. She said that they were the opposite of popular music. Howard said the song ''Just a Girl'' was her singing about asking her father not to be so tough on her. Gwen said that Tony left her and Eric left the band and then she just started writing songs. She said she didn't know what she was doing. Gwen said she just found a focus and a power. She said it came from heartbreak. She said it just came out of her. Gwen said that she wrote some stuff and called Tony to listen to this really mean song about him that she wrote.

    Howard asked Gwen where she was when the song came out. Gwen said she remembers writing stuff and feeling empowered. She said it really changed her a lot.

    Howard payed some of Gwen's song ''Just a Girl'' and asked if this put them on the map. Gwen said it did. She told Howard about the song and how weird it was to have this power. She said that she remembers driving and her dad being worried about her and worrying about herself. She said she just wrote the song and never thought anyone would hear it.

    Howard said that Billy Joel has talked about how he won't do certain songs because he's heard them too much. He asked if Gwen has that. Howard said she stopped doing No Doubt songs for a while. Now she's doing them again. Gwen said the band is fine with it. She said that she hadn't toured in 7 years and she's not sure if she'll ever do it again so she wants to do something that represents her where she is now in her life. She said it felt weird not to do songs that she wrote. Howard asked if she went to the band and asked for their blessing. Gwen said she thinks they're so grown they just do their own thing and it's understood. She said they all have families now.

    Howard asked if she ever brings the kids to the shows. Gwen said they're just seeing her now as Gwen on stage. She said years ago when she wasn't doing anything the kids would tell her she needs to have a hit. When she did have a hit her son didn't react the way she thought he would.

    Howard said it's a very different you when you're on stage. Howard said it's a freaky thing to see that. Howard said you want to keep them away from that. Gwen said they've been exposed to so much though. She said that her son was photographed just about every day of his life. She said he's used to that part of it. Gwen said her son wanted to go to a meet and greet and she wasn't sure he should go. She said it worked out though. Gwen said a girl showed up with Multiple Sclerosis and she was explaining how you can help other people by using your god given gift. She said Howard has kids so what's it like for them. Howard said it's not easy for them. He said he has 3 daughters. He said they're in Witness Protection and he can't find them. He said a lot of times he would be appearing and he'd want the kids to see him but you have to keep that in check. Gwen said you really do. She said that she asked Kingston to just hang out in the bus and never see the show again. She said she doesn't want him to have to watch the show.

    Howard said it has to be tough for kids growing up with a famous parent. Gwen said she got to talk to Stella McCarntney and Mick Jagger's daughter about what it was like for them. Howard asked how they dealt with that. Gwen said she thinks they just had good parents.

    Howard went over some of the big hits Gwen had with No Doubt. Howard asked where she was when she had the first big hit. Gwen said they'd call into shows and ask them to play their songs. She said she remembers going on tour for the first time and how it never stopped. Howard said her brother must be upset that he left and they became a huge hit. Gwen said her brother really doesn't care. She said she'll introduce him some day and he'll see why.

    Howard said the fourth album comes out and there are no big hits out of that. Gwen said she was just writing and not editing herself. She said she didn't realize she had to do that. She said she'd write the songs with the band because she doesn't play. Howard asked if she regrets that. Gwen said she does. She said that she wrote Simple Life on the guitar and she's not sure how she did it. She said Howard plays a little bit. Howard said it is just a little bit.

    Howard asked if she feels she has to stay in touch with the younger generation with music. Gwen said not really. She said she hears stuff that her kids like but that's not what it's about. Howard said the whole divorce was so public. Howard said that it leads to great music but it's tough. Gwen said she knows Howard went through the same thing and he knows what she's been through. Howard said he does. Gwen said making Rock Steady was a triumph. She said that's what she needed. She said she collaborated with a bunch of people including Prince and Dave Stewart. Howard asked if she felt Prince was hitting on her at all. Gwen said she wishes. She said that he wasn't coming on to her. Gwen said that she was so honored that he called her. She said the fact that she was even in his brain is an honor.

    Howard asked what she called him when she worked with him. Gwen said she's not sure. She may not have called him anything.

    Gwen told Howard about writing ''Waiting Room'' with Prince and how he told her he had to rewrite it. She said she got to his studio and he was super sweet showing them around. Howard asked if they speak the same language musically at all. Gwen said he's on a whole other level. Howard asked if he played the new song for her. Gwen said he did and it was almost like the Batman soundtrack. She said that version of Waiting Room is what he played. She said she went into the booth and stayed in there for like 8 hours. She said that it was one harmony after another that he'd feed to her and she'd sing it back. She said she's not even that good of a singer. Howard said he doesn't think her songs are that easy to sing. She said she doesn't have a big range. She said she can sing in tune but it's not a big range.

    Howard asked how long the recording session was. Gwen said it felt like a couple of days non stop. She said she stayed in touch with him over the years. She said she was so nervous one night that she performed with him. She said that he was probably wondering what he was thinking performing with her. Gwen said Prince did tell her some interesting things. Howard said he thinks that she could have been Mrs. The Artist. Gwen said she was too much of a fan and she was too intimidated.

    Howard asked if she was single at the time. Gwen said she's hardly ever single. She said Tony broke up with her and she was out of that for like a year. Howard asked if she ever had a weak moment with Tony while they were on the road. Gwen said when someone isn't attracted to you then it's hard. She said she was in a band with him and it was a phenomenon. She said that she'd see girls dressing like her and looking like her. They were called Gwenabees. Then she'd see her ex-boyfriend with a girl who looked like her on his lap. She said she wondered why this was happening to her.

    Howard said it's amazing that Joe Parry and Steven Tyler can't get along but they stay together. Gwen said that they did it too. She said they loved the music and loved the band. She said she loved Tony so much that she was fine with just having a friendship with him.

    Howard said Gwen came out with ''Hey Baby'' and it was nominated for a Grammy but didn't win. Gwen said she did win a Grammy for something. Gary told Howard that they did win for that. Gwen said the whole thing is just crazy. She said she can't believe they even went to the Grammys.

    Howard said she did a song with Pharrell. Howard played some of that song. Howard asked if she went out and bought a bunch of stuff when she made some money. Gwen said that she would go on tour for like 2 years and come home and her parents had all of this stuff they saved up for her. She said they were all over the world playing. She said it was exhausting. Gwen said they would work so hard and they loved it. Gwen said she moved to L.A. and her sister lived with her for a while. She said they had so much fun.

    Howard played more songs and said they had a ton of hits. Howard asked Gwen about trying to get into acting too. Gwen said she auditioned for Mr. and Mrs. Smith and she feels like she almost got it. Howard said that can upset the band. Howard said Mick Jagger wanted to be an actor. Howard said David Bowie did too. Howard said you have to focus on the band. Gwen said she did a movie with Martin Scorsese. She said she got her toes wet with him. Howard asked if she was upset that she didn't get Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She said she knew Brad Pitt was involved and she would have loved that. She said it happened as it should.

    Howard asked how she met Gavin. Gwen said when they were mixing Tragic Kingdom they went to work on it and they put them on tour with Bush. She said they didn't fit with them but they went out and did their thing and they were opening for Bush for 15 minutes. She said they were so excited doing it and that's when she met Gavin. Howard asked if it was love at first sight with Gavin. Gwen said it wasn't like that. She said she went with Tony to the show and Gavin invited her or something. She said she met Gavin and she saw him and thought what a man he was. She said that it wasn't that kind of feeling she had with Tony but she was in a rebellious place. She said that she had this new found power of song writing and all of that. She said she was in a crazy place. She said then Gavin got her phone number. She said she thinks he stalked her.

    Howard said he was driving around one night and saw the two of them walking down the street outside the Trump building. Howard said he thought that was a big power couple. Howard said that Tony was her first and then she's with Gavin and she marries him. Gwen said she remembers what Howard is talking about seeing her out. Howard said he saw it go down at the time. Gwen said that was their first Paparazzi moment. Howard said he was in a big limo and he was looking out and saw them walking. Howard said he was like ''Whoa.'' He said that he knew Gavin a little bit somehow. Howard said he thinks he was on the show and he interviewed him there. Howard said he still emails him. Howard said he didn't even know how to email him after the whole thing went down. Howard said it was very mind blowing that they broke up. He said he thought of them as a great couple. Howard said he thought of a Paul McCarntney song where he sings about taking your lucky break and breaking it in two. Howard said he thought they were great together. Gwen said he's going to get her going there.

    Howard said he's so sorry that it all went down. Howard said it's tough. Gwen said it's been an unbelievable journey. She said that it really did rock her world. She said that her parents never had anything like that. She said they were helping her with the whole thing. Howard asked if she got bitter toward men because of that. Gwen said not toward men. She said she wondered why she was so unlucky in love. She said she has so much love in her. She said he's going to make her cry. Gwen said she remembers seeing Howard with Gavin and he really liked Howard. She said she doesn't want confrontation and she was afraid to come on the show. She said she was having a good time today being there.

    Howard said he saw them at the Brad Grey wedding and he didn't think she wanted to talk to him. Gwen said she was scared of him a little bit. She said she thinks Howard is amazing though. She said they listen to Howard from when she was a kid. She said it's been her whole life.

    Howard said going solo can be tough. He asked her what that was like for her. Gwen said it was great working with these other artists. She said that it was her favorite stuff she ever did when she was collaborating. She said that she thinks that all of this stuff just comes from God. Howard asked if she's religious. She said she guesses she is. She said she wanted to do music that wasn't Ska or punk or whatever. Howard asked how she got into the collaborating thing. Gwen said that Tony knew she wanted to do something like this and he wanted to produce it. Gwen said these days with pop stars you work with writers and choose your songs. She said she wanted to write her own stuff. She said for her everything is about her story and sharing it. She said the pressure to go in the studio on her own with these masters of the moment was so big.

    Howard said the solo songs go big too. Robin asked if that was surprising. Gwen said it was scary. She said she wanted to do it and it was the most creative period of her life. She said she was free to be her. Howard went through some of her solo songs and asked about working with people like Dr. Dre and people like that. Howard asked if she knew it was a hit right away. Gwen said she was blown away that she got to work with Dr. Dre. She said that she had trouble talking around him. Howard asked how she writes the songs and Gwen told Howard how it worked for her and Dr. Dre.

    Howard asked what a Hollaback Girl is and why she sings about not wanting to be that girl. Howard said he thinks she would want to be. Gwen said she's above that. Howard said he has to work on that. He said this was a huge hit too. Gwen said they knew this one was going to be a hit. She said that she did this one with Pharrell. Howard asked how this one was created. Gwen said that she had done another song with him and No Doubt. She said she wrote this one in New York. She said it was like 3 days of work. She said it's like hell. She said Pharrell is so talented. She said he comes from a different planet. She said she knew what she wanted to write about but he just comes up with a beat. She said all of a sudden they just wrote the song. She said that he came up with the melody in minutes. Then he goes to have lunch and leaves her on her own to write the whole thing. She said the last part they wrote was the banana part. Howard said he learned to spell banana from that song. Gwen said she did too.

    Howard asked if Gwen thinks about how it can be an idiotic thing when you spell out banana in a song. She said she just goes with her gut. Howard said it worked for that song.

    Howard played more of the solo stuff that Gwen did. Howard said the collaboration stuff really worked for her. Howard said it's a big decision to do something like that. Gwen said she had pressure on her and she wanted to have another baby. She said she was already 38. She said she got pregnant the month she got home from touring with that album. She said she got home and got pregnant when she was supposed to do the No Doubt album.

    Howard said she did a song where she yodeled for the first time. Howard played some of that song. Howard said that's a big risk. He said that's being a trend setter.

    Howard asked if it was tough to write with No Doubt after doing the collaboration stuff. Gwen said it was because she was out of ideas. She said she didn't have the inspiration in her. She said she was just depleted. She said she had done so many things and she had so much output and there's only so much she can do. She said she just wasn't able to do it. Gwen said her tour manager told her to go on tour when she was 4 months pregnant. She said that she felt responsible for everyone. Howard asked if she'll never make another No Doubt album. Gwen said don't do this to her. Howard said he will say it for her. Gwen said he needs to stop it right now. Gwen said she was just burned out when they made that album. Howard said she was turned on by working with other artists. Gwen said she just wasn't feeling good after that tour. She said there was a lot going on.

    Howard said he was shocked that she went on The Voice. Gwen said she was too. Howard said when you look at music and you think about going on a reality show you have to think about what people are going to think. Gwen said she was drained from doing the tour and then the No Doubt album. She said she was feeling ill and it wasn't a good time for her. She said she was trying to write and the last session she did was with Pharrell. She said that she had to take time off. She got pregnant a few weeks later and that was her spiritual awakening. She said she had a Jewish guy come to talk to her about helping her through this stuff. She said she gets pregnant and she wasn't even looking for it at the time. She said she didn't do anything and then gave birth. She said she was desperate to do something musically after that. Gwen said she didn't go on tour and then she got pregnant and it was disappointing for the band but not her.

    Howard said he likes that they still tour. Howard said a lot of bands don't do that now. Gwen said a few weeks after she gave birth she called Pharrell about his song Happy. She said she wanted to impress the kids so she wrote to him and he invited her out to do a show. Then she got the call to do The Voice. She said it was Gavin's manager who asked her to do it. She said she had just given birth and then she gets the call and her niece told her she should do it.

    Howard asked if it was weird for her to go into a hit show like that. Gwen said it was. She said she wasn't familiar with the show and she needed something different like that so she did it.

    Howard asked if she feels she has to cheer the other person up in a marriage. Gwen said she did because her parents were like that. She said that they've been married for 50 years.

    Gwen said she's so grateful that she got The Voice. She said that it's been a great thing for her. She said she was ready to step away from herself and help someone else. She said it's so inspiring to be around music like that.

    Howard said it's nice to be able to help someone young out. Gwen said it helped bring back her confidence. Howard asked if she saw Blake and fell for him right away. Gwen said she didn't know who he was and didn't really think about it. She said she was told about Blake and Adam Levine and Pharrell. She said she didn't know Adam either. Gwen said she didn't think that Pharrell was going to do it but he did. She said there was so much going on at one time.

    Gwen said that she wasn't into country music so she wasn't into Blake Shelton. She said the first season she was nursing so she wasn't looking for anything like that. She said they had these microphone like things and they would say it was tie for her to breast feed and it was embarrassing. Gwen said it was a perfect job though because she was like 15 minutes away from work.

    Howard asked if she ever feels like she has to tell these kids they have to go out and tour before they have a hit. Howard said there is no shortcut. Gwen said she can't relate to it but it's a new time and she understands that. She said that the world is a different world now. She said she says if you're meant to be Michael Jackson then you're going to be Michael Jackson no matter what. She said it's like Kelly Clarkson. Howard said it's amazing how The Voice just keeps going and going.

    Howard asked about spinning around in the chair and seeing someone who doesn't have ''the look'' and how tough that is. Howard said you almost want to say that you have to work on your look. Gwen said she thinks that she brought that to her team. She said that's why they work with certain people in the way they do. Howard said it would be great if they could spin around full circle and fool the contestant.

    Howard said it's been an incredible story line for the show now that she's with Blake. Gwen said this whole year has been crazy. She said it's been about a year and a half since she found out the whole thing. She said she didn't know what she was going to do. She said she was in hell. Gwen said she was going back to The Voice with this big secret and it was one of those things where she didn't want anyone to know what was going on.

    Howard asked who she went to with that. Gwen said her parents and god. She said that it was a big awakening for her. She said Pharrell helped her out a lot. Gwen asked Howard if he tried to work things out. Howard said they did. He said it's mind blowing when you can't work it out.

    Howard said Blake worked his way in there. Howard said he would have swooped right in there too. Gwen said it wasn't like that. Howard said he would have had her over to work things out at his place. Gwen said he's so stupid. Howard asked how romance happened. Gwen said she got back to The Voice in July. She said she didn't know Blake at all. She said that no one talks to each other back stage. Howard said no one came near him at America's Got Talent. Howard said he told them not to fuck with him. Gwen said she had a new baby so the only time they'd talk was on camera. Howard said he knows what that's like. Howard said that Heidi once asked to learn how to meditate in his dressing room but he said that's never going to happen. Gwen said you get to know people on the set. She said she got to know Blake that way. Gwen said she had this huge weight on her and then Blake did his announcement and then she was in shock herself. She said it felt like he was exposing her. She said during that time he came to her telling her that he was sick from it all. She said she had to talk to him because that was going on with her too. She said they started this friendship and it was incredible that god put them in that position at the same time.

    Howard said this led to her making great music too. Gwen said that he wrote a song that he sent to her. She said that she wrote back. She said then she made this record. She said she went from not being able to write anything to writing this whole album. Howard said she wrote an album but then she trashed it. Gwen said she didn't write it. She said that's why she trashed it. Gwen said she was looking to do something and Sia sent her a song. She said that they can send you one but then they can take it away from you. She said she did a song with Adam Levine and then she had songs she was trying to make. She wrote a song called Baby Don't Lie. She said she wrote a little bit on that but she didn't feel it was right.

    Howard asked if this new album came pouring out of her. Gwen said it did. She said she was feeling bad about the whole thing and she just went to the studio to work. She said she felt like such a loser. She said she was driving down Santa Monica Boulevard and crying thinking about writing a song. Howard said she must have felt vulnerable.

    Howard asked Gwen about the song ''Used to Love You'' and if it upsets her when she sings it. Gwen said it does. Howard played some of the song from the album ''This Is What The Truth Feels Like''.

    Howard said that's a pretty raw song. Gwen said that she wrote one song that showed her that she could do it. She said she wrote the song ''You Don't Know Me'' and it showed she could do it. Howard said that reality hitting you like a ton of bricks has to be tough. Gwen said she went into some other sessions to do songs and they weren't giving her the chance to write the song. She wanted to use the gift that God gave her. She said that's what she ended up doing when someone gave her the chance.

    Howard asked when she played Make Me Love You for Blake. She said she wrote one called Obsessed first. Then she wrote Splash and then she went to a different producer. Howard said Blake must be feeling great about this. He said she's really spending a lot of time on him.

    Howard asked if she's afraid of heartbreak again. Gwen said this is like the Howard Stern psychotherapy session. Howard said he's had her there for like 2 hours. Gwen said she's going to feel better after doing this.

    Howard gave Gwen some plugs for her tour and asked her about who she's out with. Gwen told Howard about the new band and the new dancers. She said she never thought she'd be on stage ever again but she did some shows last summer in the height of what was going on with her. She said they didn't know about it.

    Howard asked if she has a little southern accent now. Gwen said that it's southern California. Howard said she's becoming southern now that she's dating Blake. Gwen said it's fun to be introduced to different cultures and that's what this is. She said that her thing is living in the moment. She said she feels like that's one of the things spiritually that she's doing.

    Howard said Blake seems like a good guy. He said the love making must be incredible. Howard said they have to take it slow and see where it goes.

    Robin said they didn't talk a lot about fashion. She said that she still sets tongues wagging when she's out there. Robin said she really dials it up. Gwen said she always loved that. Howard said he remembers seeing her when she came out in a bra top with the great abs back in the day. Howard said he looked her up on Twitter and her picture there is Blake. Howard said whenever you give over your Twitter account to someone else that's something. He wondered if they'll get married. Gwen said she feels like she's on the Howard Stern Show right now. Howard said she is. Howard asked if Blake got down on one knee and asked her to marry him what would she do. Gwen said she's not answering that. Howard said that means yes. Howard said he now pronounces them Judge and Judge. Howard gave her some more plugs and wrapped up. He gave her a plug for and her tour.


  • Pokemon Go. 07/22/16. 9:00am
    Next on today's replays they played a segment where Howard talked about Pokemon Go. Here's my rundown:

    Back Live - The Pokemon Craze. 07/18/16. 7:00am
    Howard and the guys were back from vacation this morning. Howard started the show talking about the Pokemon craze that's going on. Robin asked what the heck happened. Howard said they went away on vacation and all of this horrible stuff went on. He talked about Baton Rouge, Nice France and the coup in Turkey. He said then there was Pokemon. Howard said from what he can tell it's a video game that was turned into a cartoon and you didn't hear much about it. Then all of a sudden they put them in a virtual world and now you go in the street to see them. Howard said there's a map and you can go to Robin's house to find one of the Pokemon characters to kill. He said then you battle it. He said there are people obsessed with it and walking over cliffs because of it. Howard said they're in a frenzy to find the characters. Robin asked if we're grown up. Howard asked if she's asking that around there. Howard said he sees one between her legs so he has to capture it.

    Howard said there are gyms that were locations for Pokemon characters but then he read that somehow the app thought the Westboro Baptist Church was a gym. Howard said he sees a Gigglypuff. Then he said ''Oh, that's Benjy.''

    Howard said before they went on vacation they sent Chris Wilding to a Pokemon convention. He said it gives you douche chills. Howard said it must be an escape from the reality of our world. Gary said they say that the app has been downloaded 15 million times and it's being used as much as Twitter right now. Howard said he would play a video game because he doesn't want to walk around and be in the real world. He doesn't want to go to a gym at the Westboro Baptist Church.

    Howard said listen to this horrible incident. Howard played a prank call Richard made to a guy telling him he's playing the game in the neighborhood. He said that he sees Squirtle in his living room. He asked if he can come in and capture it. The guy said he didn't care. Richard mentions some Pokemon Characters and tells the guy he wants to come in and capture them. The guy told him to lose his number. Richard keeps going and then calls back after the guy hangs up on him. He gets hung up on again soon after.

    Howard said he looks down on Pokemon because he's a Candy Crush fan. He doesn't even know what that is. Robin said there's someone there who has someone in his life who loves it. Fred said his wife plays it and she's addicted to it. Fred said she falls into the demographic of people who are addicted to it. Howard said she's married to Fred too. Fred said there are many who aren't married to him and are addicted to it.

    Howard said JD is addicted to it too. JD said you put 3 shapes together and it's fun. Howard said he wants JD to describe the game to them. He said that will be fun. Howard said he knows how it'll go down. He did his impression of JD talking about it. Howard said JD loves anything with candy in it.

    Howard asked JD how you play the game. JD told Howard that you ''have a thing''... and Howard stopped him. Howard asked if he missed them for 2 weeks. JD laughed.

    JD told Howard there's a box shaped with other shapes with blue and pink and you move 3 together... Howard said Beetlejuice would describe it better. Howard said it's funny to hear him talk about it.

    Did Robin Rest On Vacation? 07/18/16. 7:10am
    Howard said he has to play this game ''Did Robin Rest During the Break...'' He played a bumper for the game. Howard asked Robin if she rested. Howard asked Fred what he thinks she did. Fred said he thinks Robin didn't go to a shithole but she went somewhere no one else would go. Howard asked Benjy what he thinks she did. Benjy said she saw her on Facebook once. Robin said that might not have been her. Benjy said he'll say she did go to a shithole.

    Howard asked JD what he thinks. JD said he thinks she spent a week somewhere. Robin said of course she spent a week somewhere. Howard asked if she stayed home or did she go parasailing over Mt. St. Helen. JD said he thinks she went somewhere.

    Howard said he's going to say that since she had a bad time after her last trip that she didn't go away this time. Howard said she had clogged ears and all of that. Howard said he'll say she stayed home for 2 weeks.

    Howard asked Robin what she did. Robin said the answer is ''Robin stayed home.'' Howard said he knew it. He asked what he wins. He asked if he gets $500 cash. Howard played the bumper they had for the game again.

    Robin said she wanted to make sure her ears were clear for flying in the future. Howard said that's what won the game for him. Howard said Benjy cheated by going on Facebook but he didn't get any clues there. Howard said JD played but they just don't know what he said.

    Pokemon Convention Clips. 07/18/16. 7:15am
    Howard said here was a Pokemon convention up in Montreal. He said this is the hoopla that goes on at the convention. He said it's held in a tiny room the size of the lobby there at Sirius. Howard played one interview that Chris Wilding did with an attendee who was talking about a character he came up with and how he fought this Pokemon character. He was going on and on about how he fought it. Howard said this is what happens when you crack down on bullying. Howard said this is the kind of guy who is supposed to be shoved in a locker.

    Howard played more of the guy talking about his Pokemon stuff. Howard said you know none of these guys have touched titties. Howard said that guy's battle cry was like the Rambo of Pokemon. Howard said he thinks they'd trade it all in for one chance to fuck a chick.

    Howard said in this next clip they asked these guys to name as many characters as they can in 20 seconds. Howard played one guy rambling names of the characters the whole time. Howard said he can't even name that many people who work for him in 20 seconds. Howard said in the next clip the guy does the same thing. Howard played that one and that guy did the same thing.

    Robin said no one should know this stuff. Howard said the only person who should be able to do something like that is Leo DiCaprio naming all of the chicks he banged this week.

    Howard said imagine the parents of these guys. He said they're adults. Robin said they have to get the parent's information and talk to them after meeting these people. Howard said that George Clooney can't be playing Pokemon. Howard said good looking people don't play.

    Howard played another interview Chris Wilding did with a guy who talked about his favorite Pokemon and did an impression of a sound they make. Howard said even if he did play it he wouldn't admit it. Howard said he'd be a self hating Pokemon player. Howard said he makes fun of them because he is one of them. He said that's why people think he's Pokemon-phobic.

    Howard said those impressions are impressive. He said those sounds make vaginas dry up all over the country. Howard said his favorite Pokemon is Squirtle and Tan Mom.

    Howard played another interview where a guy said he would rather have Pokemon than have a cure for cancer. Robin said he thinks he understands cancer. Howard said the guy is right. He said cancer is impossible to cure. Robin said it is not. Howard said don't argue with the guy on tape. There is no comeback.

    Howard said Pokemon cures one thing. Premarital sex. Howard said it makes people happy though.

    High Pitch Erik Periscope Clips. 07/18/16. 7:25am
    Howard said he's tired already and it's their first day back. Robin said it's just one day that he could come in rested. Howard said he's not into the job anymore. Robin said he wasn't playing Pokemon. She said he was listening to High Pitch Erik tapes. Howard said that's right. He said he was doing that and talked to Robin during break. Howard said someone has to do it.

    Howard said Erik was on Periscope and even that's fucked up. He said even that is annoying because it cuts in and out. Howard said he has bad Periscoping. Howard played a clip of Erik talking about how the violence must stop. He said don't throw rocks and bottles at cops. He said they're there to protect you. Erik was talking about that when he got cut off. Howard said Erik got cut off and started up again. Howard said he gets back on and Periscope cuts him off again. Howard played that clip where Erik is talking about guns and Obama and he gets cut off again. Robin said Erik said ''People guns kill.'' Howard said he thinks he was saying people kill, guns don't. Howard said he has to play it again. He replayed the clip and Erik said ''People kill, guns don't'' but then he repeated it and said what Robin thought he said.

    Howard said Erik gets on again and now the audio is really shitty. Howard played that clip and Erik's signal was bad so he was all choppy and repeating. Howard said this is what he was listening to over vacation. Howard

    Howard took a call from a guy, Chad, who said he was talking to Erik over vacation and Erik was trying to learn to play Pokemon. He said he became annoyed immediately and said he wanted to stab Gonzo over it. Howard said he was just calling for peace in that clip though. Howard said that these guys are inconsistent. Howard said Chad's connection is more annoying than Erik's. He said it's like he's doing Morse Code and talking at the same time. Howard had Chad say something and it was beeping at the same time he talked. Fred played some beeping to go along with Howard talking.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said the whole concept of the Pokemon game is to go out and exercise. He said you have to walk a certain amount. Howard asked why it's important to get people outside. Howard said maybe let people stay home and motivate themselves to go outside. The caller said that will never happen. Howard asked if he's a Pokemon player. The caller said he is not.

    Howard said he has to take a break. Robin asked if anyone gets good at these games. Howard said that they do. He said they can make money playing some of these games. Howard said he thinks the only thing you get good at is virginity. He said you never lose it. Howard said he can't imagine anyone getting laid from it.

    America's Got Talent Insider Info. 07/18/16. 7:30am
    Howard said they got the real Underdog Lady to do an announce for who they have coming up on the show today. Robin said she saw Suzanne recently and she was shocked at how much she's aged. Howard played the clip and Underdog announced that Nick Cannon is coming in today. Howard said they let Underdog give him a couple of digs in that clip. She mentioned that he was a former America's Got Talent judge. Howard said he still hasn't watched the show this season. Robin said she did and it's okay. Howard said it's the same show. Robin said she didn't care what any of them said. She said she never cared what a couple of them said but now she doesn't care about what any of the judges say. Robin said she found it hard to believe anything that Simon was saying. She said he's so insincere. Howard said the show is doing well in the ratings. He said he told her it would. Howard said after 4 years it was enough for him. He said it doesn't matter who you put on the judge panel.

    Howard said some dude sent him an inside scoop from the show. He asked Gary where that memo is. Howard said he has to ask Nick about it. Howard said it was probably Howie. Howard said he thinks people are tuning in for Mel B's tits. Howard said this guy sent him a note and he claims to be an America's Got Talent insider. Howard read the note and the guy said Simon Cowell is out of control and he show up late to every show. He read that Simon also tries to get Howie cut out of all of the shows. Howard said the guy said they let Simon do whatever he pleases. He said that this guy thought he would like to know all of this.

    Robin said she saw Heidi Klum interacting with Simon's kid on the show. Howard said there's something terrible about Simon in the letter. He said he farts and blames it on Heidi. Howard said he really doesn't give two fucks about the show. He said that some people don't even know he left. Howard said he did the show for 4 years and it was probably too long. Howard said Nick is coming by to promote the show. Howard said he loves Nick. He said he's going to talk to him about what's going on with him and those spoken word things. Howard said Nick's dad died so he has to talk to him about that. Howard said his dad used to be on the set of the show. Howard said he talked to him about OJ Simpson. He said he believed that he was innocent and he had the proof. He said he was a really nice guy though.

    Howard played a Nick Cannon spoken word clip where Nick was doing his thing and there was bongo playing. Howard took a call from a Robin Spoken Word caller. The guys in the back were playing clips of Robin talking and bongos playing with her. Howard let that go for a minute.

    Howard said Spoken Word Robin is on fire. He said she puts Nick Cannon to shame. They started to play the same clips so Howard gave up. Howard said they're going to fire Robin and bring in Spoken Word Robin. He went to break after that.


  • Hit 'Em With The Hein. 07/22/16. 9:45am
    Next on today's replays they played the segment where Howard talked to Jon Hein and Jason about the ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' thing they have going on. Here's my rundown:

    Remembering Garry Marshall. 07/20/16. 7:00am
    Howard started the show talking about the opening theme song and how he wishes he could have come up with a cool name like Rob Zombie.

    Howard had Underdog Lady telling them who is on the show today. She announced that Gwen Stefani will be in. Robin asked if she can get up for that. Howard said she's not a real announcer. Howard said he's very excited that Gwen is coming in. Howard said he thinks everyone hates him but it turns out she must not. Howard said she told Gary she doesn't hate him. Robin said he thinks this all the time and makes stuff up. Howard said he's so paranoid. He said he always thinks people don't like him. Robin said he's done that with J-Lo too. Howard said he doesn't think she likes him. She said something nasty about him. Howard said he's not sure if that was just in his head. JD said she was on Watch What Happens Live and said she wouldn't have sex with him. Howard said that's normal and the right answer. Howard said he met J-Lo at a wedding and she was married to Marc Anthony at the time. He said she kept backing up like when the villagers saw Frankenstein. Howard said Bill Clinton turned his back on him at a fund raiser once. He said he was back stage talking to Bon Jovi and Clinton turned his back on him and didn't say hi. He said then he heard he was a fan of the show. Howard said he just thinks everyone has a problem with him. Howard said his sense of reality was gone years ago.

    Howard said Gwen has a fascinating life and he'll be talking to her about that. Howard said he has to talk about the death of Garry Marshall. Howard said he was very nice to him. Robin said he created Happy Days. Howard said he started out as a joke writer and worked on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Howard said he wrote for Make Room For Daddy, Lucy's show, the Dick Van Dyke Show and more. Howard said he adapted The Odd Couple for TV too. Howard said he wrote the pilot for Happy Days. He said Ron Howard got his start doing that. That led to Laverne and Shirley and then Mork and Mindy and Joanie Loves Chachi. Howard said now Scott Baio is a speaker at the RNC.

    Howard talked about other things that Marshall did over the years. He directed Pretty Woman and many other things. Howard said they have had Garry on the show. He said in addition to all of that Garry did something personally for him. He said when he was working on Private Parts he would talk to Garry and he would answer questions for him. He said Ivan Reitman stepped in and figured it all out. Howard said he had like 20 some drafts before that. He said Garry would take his calls and give advice. Howard said he once sent him a guitar effect pedal thing as a gift. He said he has a binder he gave him for Private Parts too. Howard said Garry was 81 years old. He said he has 3 kids and six grand kids. Howard said it's sad that he's gone.

    Howard played a clip of Jon Hein singing the theme from Laverne and Shirley. Howard said that's some delivery. Howard wondered what he was thinking putting him on the radio. Howard said he thought he'd be a good guy on radio. He said just listen to that delivery though. He played the clip over and over and goofed on Jon's awful delivery. Robin said maybe he should have doubled that.

    Howard said when he heard that he knew he had to give Jon a job. Fred played it doubled up. Howard said there you go. He said he's a ball of energy and a ball of Cholesterol all rolled into one. Howard said he hasn't heard a delivery like that since he gave wallpaper a job there. Robin said maybe Jon and Suzanne Muldowney should do a show together.

    Phony Phone Call, Jon Hein Clips And More. 07/20/16. 7:10am
    Howard played a new prank call the guys made to a radio show using clips of him talking about his wardrobe not fitting. The hosts of the show didn't know what to do with the caller. They hung up and kept taking calls from Howard talking about his ill fitting clothing.

    After that Howard said he loves the way the woman says her mother listens to that show. Howard said she's probably the only one listening.

    Howard took a call from Spoken Word Jon Hein who was doing a tribute to Garry Marshall. the guys in the back were playing clips of Jon talking about Jumping the Shark. Howard said his web site is owed to Garry Marshall. They had Jon saying ''Yes Sir'' and not much else. Howard asked him to do the tribute to Garry again. They had Jon talking about Fonzie jumping the shark again. Howard asked if he likes having sex with Gary Dell'Abate. They had Jon say ''yes sir.'' Howard asked a few more questions and they kept playing ''Yes sir.''

    Howard said he might as well play this now that he's talking about Jon Hein. Howard said Jon has a TV show. Robin said it's a sports show. Howard said his partner on the air says ''Hit 'em with the Hein.'' Gary said Jason actually started it back there in the office. Gary said it really annoys Jon. Howard said Jon hates it. Howard said it's getting on the air now and Jon really hates that. Howard asked Jason when he started doing that to Jon. Jason said it was a few months ago. He said Jon leaves at the same time every day to do the TV show. He said it became a thing and got more and more annoying. Howard said if he lets on that it annoys him then it makes it worse.

    Howard asked Jason if he thought he would forget about it or something. Jason said he thinks Jon thinks if he ignores it then it will go away. Howard asked if he emailed his co-host to do it to him on the show. Jason said he thought it would be funny.

    Howard said he heard JD hates the whole thing. JD said Jason thinks that it's the new Baba Booey so he wants it out there. Jason said that's not true. Howard said JD hates it. JD said Jason thinks it's a big thing but it's just one guy who picked up on it.

    Howard said that this guy Ryan Shuling picked up on it and used it on the air on some show. Jason said that JD is trying to keep this off the air. Howard played the clip so they could get that out of the way. In the clip this guy Jeff Moss calls in and does the ''Hit 'em with the Hein!'' thing. Howard asked if Jason is doing it because Jon is so low energy. Jason said that's it. Jason said he has to be all worked up to do his show so he does that for him.

    Gary said Shuli told him that whenever he interviews JD about Jon Hein he won't comment. Jason said Jon has some weird hold over JD. Howard said he got a note about Jon staring at his computer out there because he hates this.

    Howard asked what's up with Jason and Jon. Jason said it's so funny to him. He said it means nothing but it makes Jon so angry.

    Jon came in and Howard said he doesn't look happy. Jon said he's not left with much of a choice with this. He said if it gets people knowing who he is he's okay with it. Jason said that's not true. He said one of their production assistants said it and he turned to him asking what that even means. Jon said that Nik Ruckert is the guy who came up with it. Jason said that he asked not to come in with it. He said that Nik started it and he kept it going. Howard asked if he forgets to say it some days. Jon said he does but he'll just walk out.

    Howard said he thinks that Jason is saying that he should hit them with the Hein energy because he's so even tempered.

    Jason said his wife asked why he was being so mean to Jon and he said he's not calling him names. He said it's just nonsense. He said it just amuses the crap out of him. Robin asked why Jon hates it. Jon said he gets it now and he never should have led on that it annoyed him. Howard said he should come up with something that should annoy Jason.

    Gary said Jason and Jon like each other but Jon sees Jason as an annoying gnat. He said he does anything to get under his skin. Howard said he hates seeing two pear shaped men fighting like that. Howard said he doesn't think that Jon really likes Jason. Jon said he hates people who get off on just annoying the fuck out of people. Howard said he thinks that Jon could just clobber the fuck out of him. Jon said he could have hit him with the Hein many times if they weren't at work. Jon said the fifth time he heard that he really wanted to hit him with the Hein.

    Howard asked if Jason and JD are good friends. Jon said they really are. He said he and JD are very close. Howard asked JD about that. JD said he really likes Jon too. Jon said that he and JD go out to dinner with Ronnie often. Howard asked about people hanging around his desk. Jon said that his desk is near Gary's office too so he's sort of the waiting area.

    Jason said that if Jon is late to work he'll call JD and JD will leave him on speaker for like an hour. Gary said Jon is also the only guy who has been near JD's apartment. JD said he's only been to the building but not inside. Howard asked if Jon feels more fatherly to JD. Jon said they're both into TV and sports and they have a lot in common. He said they've been friends for a long time. Howard said that's shocking. Robin said maybe it has to do with the fantasy football thing. Jon said that's part of it. He said they are sports fans in general too. Howard said he got a note saying they have fought over sports. Jon explained that.

    Jason said that Jon has turned his back on JD at times so he thinks that JD is afraid of losing him as a friend. Gary said sometimes they'll argue over teams that compete against each other. Gary told Howard what they'll argue about and how they'll fight about jinxing each other.

    Howard said there is nothing more competitive than sitting and watching sports. Howard said he didn't know Jon and JD were so close. He asked if Jon and Gary are closer. Jon said they are but JD is close. Jason said it's such a weird thing between them. He said it's almost like an act they're doing. JD said he didn't know Jason was so obsessed over it. Jon said next to food Jason finds him most fascinating.

    Howard asked if JD would ever say ''Hit him with the Hein.'' Jason said no way. Howard asked if he'd do it for money. JD said he'd do it for 5 grand. Jon said ''Thanks friend.'' JD said he can't see himself doing it anytime soon. Howard said he won't do that to JD. Robin said he'd lose a friend.

    Jason said Jon can't stand being told what to do by anyone. He said he's a professional and he doesn't like being told what to do. He said the new TV show has him being told what to do with his facial hair and all of that. Howard said he has to wear that beard until Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with the Jets. Jon said he thinks it'll be decided in the next few weeks.

    Howard asked if JD brings his girlfriend on the dates they go on. Jon said he does. He said she does more of the talking but they're very comfortable with each other. He said they hold hands and all of that. Howard said Ronnie is like 42 years older than his girlfriend. He said JD has his first girlfriend so that must be awkward. Jon said it's fun. Howard said he can just imagine what that must be like going out with all of them. Jon said JD and his girlfriend are really in love. He said they're great together.

    Howard said this is JD's first real girlfriend. Jon said she's great. He said they hang out with Richard and his wife too. Jason said that she's a great girl too. He said she's normal. He said JD has had other girls who were kind of weird like JD. Howard said JD had a long dry spell between girlfriends. He had one girl early and then nothing until he got on the show. Howard said he's glad he got one. He said it made him kind of normal.

    Jon talked about Ronnie and Stephanie a little bit too. Jason said things are good now but when he drops dead Stephanie will have nothing. He said it's a legal issue at this point. Howard said he has to marry her or something. Jason said it's called being an adult. Jon said you can see why Ronnie, JD and him don't like hanging out with Jason.

    Howard asked Jason about his weight and found out he's wearing pains with a stretch panel in them. That got Jon Hein laughing. Jason said that's coming from a guy wearing a picnic table cover. Jason said he joined Weight Watchers and he's trying. He said he has talked to other people who have lost weight on that. Jason said he's been doing it about 2 weeks. He said he's keeping track to figure out his points per day. Howard asked if he goes to meetings. Jason said you do it all online now. Howard said they used to shame you into losing weight by weighing you in front of everyone. Howard said they'd do it in front of the other ladies. Jason said that would be so embarrassing. Jason said he'll look into it to find out if they still do that.

    Jason said he went to the doctor and got some blood work back that was okay but not great. He said it was in the middle area. He said that he figured he should do something. Jason said he used to have an old doctor who would tell him everything was perfect so he didn't change. He said the new doctor isn't so forgiving. He said he's trying to take it more seriously now. Howard said we'll see what happens. Jason said he knows what will happen. He's going to go ''Hit him with the Heiiiiiiiin!'' Howard let them go and went to break after that.


  • Sports Talk. 07/22/16. 10:30am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where the guys talked sports. Here's my rundown:

    Tara Reid, Phone Calls And Imus. 07/18/16. 8:15am
    After the break Howard came right back said he didn't give Benjy a chance to defend his co-star Tara Reid. Howard asked if he worked with her at all. Benjy said he worked with Ian and Stacy Dash. Howard said it has to be weird to be in a movie like that. Howard said Stacy Dash was in a huge move and now she's working with Benjy.

    Howard said Ian Ziering was in 90210 and the show was huge. Howard said now he's in Sharknado. Howard said he's grateful for it too. Benjy said it dos great every year. Howard said he pictures Ian at night talking about how he had it made but now he's working with Benjy.

    Howard said it has to be disastrous when you have Tara Reid coming in and she won't talk about anything but Sharknado. Howard said they have a half hour slated with her and she insists on only talking about Sharknado.

    Howard said you'd think Sharknado would be the last thing Tara would want to talk about. Howard said it's the worst fucking movie ever made. He said that's the campiness of it. Howard said people don't like watching it, they just like talking about it. Howard said she wants to stick with that.

    Robin asked if Howard could have gotten into a fight with Tara Reid like that. Howard said he's not sure she'd be invited on the show. Howard said if she wanted to just talk about Sharknado he'd play a game to see how long he'd last with her. Howard asked how it was working with Ian Ziering. Howard said poor Ian. Howard said he's probably upset about working with Tara Reid. Howard said the pecking order is insane.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked who Howard would rather see himself talking to between Don Imus, Jay Leno or Simon Cowell. Howard said maybe Simon. Maybe not. Howard said he ran into Imus on the street. He said he doesn't really hate Imus. Howard said it was just weird when he worked with him. He said he wasn't that friendly until he got ratings. He said then Imus wanted to be his friend. Howard said he was nice to him because he wanted to learn to do radio. He said he was in there studying him like a lab rat. Howard said he'd rather not talk to any of those guys. Howard said Leno was kind of dicky to him but he doesn't hate him either. Howard said he doesn't think the way he treated him was appropriate. Howard said he wasn't interested in a friendship with the guy. Howard said Imus is fine. He said he wouldn't mind running into him. He said he would ask how he's doing. Howard said he doesn't know Simon but he knows what he did. Howard said he can't stand any of them really. He said he doesn't want to run into any of them.

    Robin asked if he is gracious when he runs into them. Howard said he was when he ran into Imus. Howard said they saw each other and shook hands he thinks. Howard said he was cordial. Howard said he doesn't hate Imus. Howard said it was weird because he was dressed as a cowboy in Manhattan. Howard said it was hard to say hello because he rode off on a horse. Howard said it looked like he was about to go out ranching. Howard did his Imus impression a little bit.

    Howard said when they worked with Imus he would show up in a parachute outfit. Robin said he was in a jump suit. Howard said when they left NBC he was dressing like he was a rancher. Howard said they didn't know him during that period. Howard said he's a perpetual cowboy. Howard said he might live on the moon now. He said last time he saw him he was dressed like an astronaut.

    Howard said Imus saw Wolfman Jack and he tried to become him. Then Imus met him and tried to become him. Robin said that's what you call reinventing yourself. Howard said Imus worked with Bernard and then got another guy. Howard said he has worked with a bunch of different people.

    Howard said that Imus copied his show and used to call his mother. Not his own mother, Howard's mother. Howard said he would hire his girlfriends to work there and they'd get double scale. Howard said he doesn't hate the guy though.

    Crying Basketball Fans. 07/18/16. 8:25am
    Howard said he has a few more things to play before Nick gets there. Howard said during vacation Beth's brother Dave and his kids stayed with them for a while. Howard said his kids are 10 and 12. Howard said their nephew is really into basketball. He said he was wearing a Kevin Duran cap. Howard said he was going to get rid of it in a couple of weeks because he's going to Golden State. Howard said he doesn't get that. Howard said the kid is into Lebron too. Howard said on the web there are people crying over Dwyane Wade. Howard played some audio of someone crying over him leaving the Heat. Howard played a couple of people getting upset about the change.

    Howard said Shuli told him that he cried when Magic Johnson retired. Robin said she used to be a big sports fan. She said when the whole team left Baltimore she didn't cry. Howard played another crying clip where a guy was asking KD to come back.

    Shuli came in and told Howard about why he cried over Magic Johnson. He said his dad took him to see a Lakers game for the first time and he became a fan. Howard said being seen crying like this is very weird. Shuli said he cried while watching The Deadliest Catch once.

    Howard played a clip of a song about Kevin Duran leaving the team. Howard said there's a lot of N-word flying around in that song. They talked about some of the insults the guy had in that song. Howard said there's some harsh shit going on in the world.

    Howard said that he's a basketball fan and he loved the Knicks back it the day. Howard said he was way into it but he doesn't recall crying. Robin said she was a huge Baltimore Colts fan but when they moved out of town she didn't cry.

    Various Bits, Clips And More. 07/18/16. 8:35am
    Howard thanked Shuli and let him go. He said a bunch of the guys there went to a Yankees game before they went on vacation. Howard said about 19 of them went and it cost them like $100 to get a shout out at the stadium. He said they gave them the name Dane Gulberry and they did it. Howard played a clip of the announcement. They wished him well. Howard asked who put this together and why did it cost $100.

    Will Murray came in and said for 100 bucks they'll say any name you want. He said they had a meeting to figure out what to use. He said they had to be kind of disguised. Howard said that they gave a hundred bucks and they said Dean Gulberry. Howard said he has the crowd audio too. Howard played that and the guy read it perfectly but no one gave a shit. Will said they were all laughing like 3rd graders.

    Howard said the guys were calling Will lame for leaving after the third inning. Will said he has two kids at home so what can he do. Howard said he would do the same thing. Will said he missed some big stuff but he doesn't care about the Yankees.

    Howard said he has a clip of a guy named Bob Walk at the Pittsburgh Pirates game failing off his chair in the middle of a game. He played that and the guy is calling the game when he falls out of his chair. The other announcer is laughing while he keeps calling the game.

    Howard played a Jack and Rod Show bit where Sal and Richard had fake Hillary Clinton talking to their guest. They had her falling off of her chair while talking to the guest. They went to break after that.


  • Evil Dave Calls Evil Dave. 07/22/16. 11:00am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard played a clip of the guys calling Evil Dave with clips of Evil Dave. Here's my rundown:

    Lady Gaga Interview 5th Anniversary. 07/20/16. 8:20am
    After the break Howard came back and said he should say that this is the 5th anniversary of when Lady Gaga made her appearance there for the first time. Howard said they set up a Steinway piano for her and she sang this song. Howard said it was such a great moment. Howard said her grandfather had died 6 months before. Howard said she sang ''Edge of Glory'' and told them about it being about her grandfather. Howard played some of the song and said that it was probably one of the best shows they've had.

    After playing the song Howard said he loved that she did that there. Howard said he thought it was maybe 2 years ago. He said it was actually 5. Howard said she said she would show her breasts if he showed his penis but that didn't go down well with him. He played a clip from the interview where she talked about that.

    Howard said in the email people talked about how great Mila Kunis was on the show yesterday. Howard said someone wrote that he loves Mila more than JD loves his spoon collection. Howard said someone thought that she is a good mom too. Howard said he got that feeling too. He said she talked about how she does everything with her daughter. Howard said that's why he got that feeling. Howard said his mother didn't do anything with him. He said she would take him shopping for pants and not let him wear jeans.

    Howard said a lot of people loved Sour Gary yesterday. Howard read some of the comments about Sour Shoes as Gary yesterday. A lot of people enjoyed that. Howard said a lot of people looked on the web at the video of Sour Shoes in his diaper. Robin said that was disturbing. Howard said a lot of people said that. He said they loved him as Gary but they were disturbed by the baby thing. Howard read a few comments about that.

    Yucko The Clown Calls In. 07/20/16. 8:25am
    Howard took a call from Yucko the Clown who said High Pitch Erik was out there a few days ago and he shot something with them. He said he's such a diva. He said they had to feed him so they had a pound or two of mac and cheese. Then he got a splinter in his finger and started crying over it. He said a friend's wife came over and tried to pull it out. He said Erik was looking down her shirt and moaning. Howard asked why they were doing a bit with Erik. Yucko said they have a Brickleberry comic book coming out today.

    Howard said he went from having a cartoon on MTV (Comedy Central) and now he's making Facebook videos. Yucko added ''...and comic books.'' Howard said they had a TV show and then turned it into a comic book. Howard said he knows he's busy so he doesn't want to keep him. Yucko said after they finished shooting they asked Erik where he wanted to go. He wanted to go to IHOP. He said he ate 9 pancakes after the mac and cheese. Howard asked if it's disgusting to watch. Yucko said he lost his appetite.

    Howard asked how he's doing. Yucko said he's going to Comic-Con to make some videos. Howard said he's not saying anything that will make him money. Howard asked what else he's doing. Yucko said he's doing a signing at Golden Apple Comics. Robin said he's signing his comic book. Howard said you know he's going through that Brickleberry money. He said he heard that he got fat. He said Shuli told him. Yucko said he's the only person to move to L.A. and gets fat.

    Howard took a call from Yucko's Career who said that he's got a Periscope show coming up and it's going to be awesome. He said someone's going to hit him with a Jooooob! one of these days.

    Howard asked if Yucko is still living off the Brickleberry money. Yucko said he's fine. He said they're working on some pilots and stuff. He said there's no need to worry. Howard thanked him for the call. Yucko turned angry and said ''fuck you'' and honked his horn as Howard let him go.

    Evil Dave Pranked By Evil Dave. 07/20/16. 8:30am
    Howard said people liked the picture of Gary and his dog where a fan put Gary's teeth in the dog. Gary said that those were just big teeth. They weren't his. Howard read some other email about the coughing game and other things.

    Howard said he has a very interviewing phony phone call to play. Howard said they called Evil Dave with clips of himself. Howard said they told him that the real David Letterman wanted to talk to him and he doesn't seem to catch on. Howard said it's fascinating. Robin said this may be a good way to tell how you're doing mentally. Howard said if he did that with Robin she should be able to catch it.

    Howard played the clip of Evil Dave getting the call from himself and thinking that it's David Letterman. In the clip Gary calls and tells Evil Dave that they have the real Dave there. They put him on the line and then play clips of Evil Dave talking to Evil Dave. Dave never catches on. Even after they played Dave telling him that it's a recording of himself. They went to break after that. As they went to break they played a ''Ronnie Mund School of Dating Etiquette'' bit.

    Today's show was over around 11:15am.


-- The Wrap Up Show --

  • No More Wrap Up Show Rundowns.
    As of May 23, 2016 I'm no longer doing a rundown of the Wrap Up Show. This is mostly due to my complete lack of interest in the new format which started in 2015. That's when they stopped having staff members sit in on the show and started having celebrity ''superfan'' guests. I've tried for over a year to get through the show every day but I finally got fed up and stopped listening to it completely. Very often I found myself zoning out during the interviews Jon and Gary were conducting. In recent months I was including my frustrations with the show in my rundowns. I don't want to do that anymore so I'm stopping. This is just for the Wrap Up Show. I can listen to 4 1/2 hours of Howard Stern and never get tired of it. On the other hand 45 minutes of Wrap Up was feeling like torture.

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