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  • Thursday Replay Show. 10/19/17. 7:00am
    Here's what they played on today's replay show:

  • Billy Corgan. 10/19/17. 7:00am
    First up on today's replay show they played the Billy Corgan interview from this week. Here's my rundown:

    William Patrick Corgan Visits. 10/16/17. 9:00am
    After the break they played a phony phone call Sour Shoes made to a radio show as Richard Simmons, ''La Cunte Calda'' song and Julian Velard's cover of that song, a ''Great Moments in Cock History'' bit, a Ron Howard ''Jump the Shark'' and Hit 'em with the Hein clip, David Bowie's ''Across the Universe,'' a phony phone call Sal made to a pizzeria where he asked for a nice delivery boy to bring his order, Crackhead Bob singing ''Had a Bad Day'' and Green Day performing ''Welcome to Paradise'' in the Howard Stern Show studio.

    Howard came back and said that William Patrick Corgan is there. He's no longer going by the name Billy. Howard said he doesn't blame him for changing his name. Howard said he'd do the same if he could. William laughed. Howard said he's going to call him William Patrick Corgan. He said it's better than Billy Corgan. Howard said they have been down this road with him before. He said that his dad's name was William. William said he was little Bill. He said that he changed his name to Billy in an act of defiance. Howard said he didn't want to be little Bill. William said he wouldn't name his son after him. Howard said you have to give kids their own identity. Howard said he's a well functioning human being. William said he looked at Robin when he heard that.

    Howard asked if he is happy. William said he is. Howard asked how he got happy. William said he found love, religion and fatherhood. He said that he tried the Brady Bunch meets Disney and that wasn't really real. He said that he had friends who found happiness. He said that most of his past relationships were a form of addiction. Howard said he's always trying to figure out what love is because he didn't have that as a kid.

    Howard asked if William lived with his grandmother. William said he did. Howard said his father got addicted to heroin and he had to bail him out. Howard said he's surprised he would bail him out. William said his father was too. He said he was sitting in a dorm with 300 other men and he had an attorney show up.

    Robin asked why he bailed him out. William said he was trying to be the son he wanted to be and not what the situation was asking for. He said that was more important to him. He said he wants to be that kind of person.

    Howard said he loves to hear about guys who won't bail out their fucked up parent. William said it was good for his father because he got sober and it was the longest term of sobriety. He said things got good for a while and then it went bad again. He said he's still around and he isn't close to him. He said he doesn't need to be anything for his father. He said that he has met his son a couple of times but it was difficult. He said that the parents and grandparents showed up for his son's birth but not his dad. He said that he had to show up. He said that's where it gets weird for him. He said he has forgiven him for a lot but not for this. He said he should have been there for his kid. William said his kid didn't do anything to him. He said he knows he loves the kids but he doesn't do what you think he should do.

    Howard asked William what he named the kid. William said it's Augustus. Howard said that way there's no confusion in the house. Howard asked if he's married. William said he isn't but he was once and it got stupid when they split. He said she came after his songs and she wasn't in the room when he wrote them. He said that it's a weird concept. He said that the lawyers say it's part of your property. He said that he'd never do that if he was on the other side of the fence.

    Howard asked if his wife wonders if he can really love. William said she has it figured out and tells him to just do what he wants to do. He said it's the most honest relationship he's had. He said he's not pretending to be something he's not. William said he doesn't have a single happy relationship he can point to in his life. He said that there was a lot of weird stuff in his life. He said TV as a kid was his natural thing. He said everyone on TV looked so happy. He said you can't judge that it's not real.

    Howard asked William when he wrote the love songs he must have been guessing. William said he was. Howard said he was trying to figure out what emotion is. He said he had to close them down growing up the way he did. Howard said he has some of the most feeling songs ever. William said that's from years of suppression. He said he had to invert his creativity and make it all go inside. He said the butterfly feeling was inside. He said if it came out someone would smash that with a hammer over and over. He said he was treated so weird as a kid.

    Howard said he has quoted his song lyrics ''The world is a vampire'' in therapy. He said that it's an endless loop of vampires. Howard said that is such a great lyric.

    Howard asked William what he thinks when he sees Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington throwing in the towel. William said it hurts at a really deep level. He said he never met Chester but he did know Chris pretty well. He said Chester had a great set of pipes.

    Howard said he knows that the rock and roll hall of fame isn't a big deal to him but he would have thought that they'd be in it with the amount of songs they've put out. William said he's not bothered by it. He said it feels like high school all over again. He said he knows he's not in the right hallway. William said it's weird to him. He said it's not a complaint but things happen that shouldn't happen that no one can explain. He said just look at the Weinstein thing. He asked how a guy like that can subvert authority and the law and get away with it over and over. He said if you're in the entertainment business you know that's the way the power structures work. Howard said he doesn't get any of that shit. He said it's mind blowing.

    Howard asked William to get back to the hall of fame. Howard said he's going to mind people of some of his bigger songs. Howard played some of his older stuff like ''Cherub Rock'' and said that's some great stuff. Howard played ''Today'' and said that's a great song. He said there should be no question that he should be in the hall of fame. William said that Sabbath didn't get in for years and KISS didn't either. He said he would be totally cool with people going in ahead of him. He said he has a list of about 12 bands that he'd be fine with going in 20 years ahead of him.

    Howard asked if he's getting along with the band now. William said that he is. He said he was thinking about it the other night. He said they gave him this faith that he didn't have with his family. He said they were following him when no one else did. He said without them in the beginning he wouldn't have had anything. Howard said Robert Plant is coming in tomorrow and he has to talk to him about the band. He said that William's band risked their future with him. Howard said he feels that way about Robin, Fred and Gary and even the guys who have come in later. He said they're putting their careers on the line for him. William said that they didn't question it at all in the beginning. Howard said Robin always had his back. He said it brings him to tears. William said he has the same emotion about his band.

    Howard asked if he has talked to the band about that. William said he has. He said he was talking to Darcy not too long ago and apologizing for the way he acted. He said she told him that he had to be that way and it was so healing and made him feel so good to hear that. William said that people can lie and deceive you and you don't know it. He said you fight really hard for creative control with a record deal. He said they tell you that you have it but then they say that they don't have to release your record. He said they lie to you. Howard said he had that with Program Directors too.

    Howard played more of the Smashing Pumpkins stuff. Howard asked how long it took him to write ''Bullet with Butterfly Wings.'' William said it wasn't that long. He said that it scares him to think about losing lines. He said he has a recorder that he uses now for that. Howard asked if he wrote stuff down back then. William said he would write down the arrangements and stuff. Howard said they should just play ''1979'' with just him and acoustic guitar. Howard said fuck the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Howard said that he wrote this in a flash. William said he did. He said that it came out quick and it was something that didn't work in the studio. He said they tried it one last time and he got it the way he wanted it. He said he's going to play it now the way he did back then on tape. William said this is what told him he had something. William went right into the song after that.

    After the song Howard said look at you. He said he has to learn how to do that. He said time is running out. Howard asked William about not being able to read music. William said he can't. Howard asked how he learned to play. William said he taught himself. He said he has a brother with special needs issues and he'd come home and had to watch his brother. He said he had nothing better to do than play guitar. He said it was weird that his mother left him alone at 9 with a 7 year old special needs brother. Howard said imagine doing that to a 9 year old. Howard said that's a burden and responsibility. William said he has PTSD from that. He said he didn't know what he'd do if they had someone break in.

    Howard asked how old his son is now. William said he's 2 and he had him at 48. Howard asked if he waited that long on purpose. William said he kept finding crazy bitches so he thought it would never happen. Howard said if he had the burden of watching a special needs sibling at that age he'd have issues too. Howard asked what his mom was doing. William said his mom was a stewardess and she was flying around the country. William said he knew what was going on. He said she had a boyfriend who was a therapist she'd go see at night. He said she'd just leave in the middle of the night. Howard asked how he's functioning. William said he's a good parent. He said he loves his son. He said it's just a natural thing. Robin asked if his parents didn't love him. William said he doesn't know about that. William said his son has a strong personality. Howard asked if he'll let him go into music. William said he just wants him to be happy. He said he has an interest in music though. He said he sat him at the piano from an early age. William said he wasn't allowed to touch any instrument in the house when he was a kid. He said that it was just a ''don't make any noise'' kind of thing. He said his son would sit at the piano from the age of 3 and he'd bang on the keys. Howard said he didn't know he played piano. William said he can't really play. He said it's not very good.

    Howard said that he has to play more to remind the hall of fame people. He played ''Tonight, Tonight'' and said that still gives him chills. William said he still gets chills too. He said it's a cool song that he's happy he wrote. He said that one took some time. Howard said there is a lot going on there. William said it was complicated. Howard played some ''Zero'' and said come on. He said this is good too.

    Howard asked if he has written any songs about his parents. William said he has and he was playing one last night called ''Now and Then.'' He said it's brutal. He told Howard what some of the lyrics are. He said they're so fucked up. He said he'd do better by killing himself by doing them a favor. He said that was from a solo album from about 2005. William said he had a friend who hung himself and when kids are exposed to suicide the kids around them have more of a chance of doing it. William said that was one of the most messed up things. He said that he just disappeared and you just heard rumors. He said his sister eventually confirmed it.

    William said when he was at a Hollywood party one time he was introduced to a woman who speaks to dead people and she looked over his shoulder and said someone was there. He said it was the guy. She knew his name and the whole story. William said she told him that he was with him all the time. Howard said he has a hard time with that bullshit. William said that she told him that he was very grateful and she knew who he was and what happened. He said she looked over his shoulder and went through the whole thing. William said all of this information just came through. Howard asked if he's a believer now. William said he always has been. He said he's not a skeptic. Howard said he's one of those conspiracy theory guys. Howard said he's been on Alex Jones' show. William said what he doesn't mind is that there are people who want to know the truth. He said that's fine with him. He said that he's not an expert with structural steel or anything but he can question what happened on 9/11. He said people can question things and it doesn't bother him. He said that he's okay with the 9/11 stuff being questioned.

    Howard said the reptile people thing that Alex Jones talks about really just gets him. William said he has a story that he won't tell about an experience he had. Howard said he wants to know more about that. William said he was with someone once and he saw a transformation that he can't explain. He said he saw it. He said he was totally sober when he saw it. Howard asked William if he was talking to someone and they changed. William said he was. Howard asked how it happened. William said that's not how it happened. Howard said he wants to see this. William said imagine you're doing something and you turn around and someone else is standing there. Howard asked if it was a different person. William said they told him that it did happen but they wouldn't explain. Howard asked if the person was famous. William said no. Howard said good. William said it was one of the voting members of the Rock and Roll Academy. He was joking.

    Howard said he was with a woman once who took her makeup off and she transformed. Howard said he didn't know who it was. Howard said this gives him hope though. He said he wants to know there is an afterlife and maybe this kid was really there with him. Howard said he's also telling him that there are supernatural things.

    William said he will tell him about something similar. He said he was working on a book and working with this thing that helped him. He lost 8 days of work one time and his girlfriend had turned and saw his mother walking through the kitchen at 25 years old walking though the kitchen. William said this happened at the time he lost his book information. He said it was a wired ripple in time. He said that he didn't get his work back but it all happened at once.

    Howard asked if he's afraid of this person's power so he won't tell the story to them. William said he'd rather tell the whole story in context. He said it's hard to tell it in this way. He said that it's like the Matrix or something. Howard asked if he still knows this person. William said no. He said it's a kind of evil person. Howard said that's depressing. William said people treat the bible like it's a fairy tale but he thinks that it's based on things that happened but with people who were exposed to less knowledge.

    Howard said the new album is called ''Ogilala.'' Howard asked if it has meaning to him. William said it's just a made up word. Howard asked if it's like Baba Booey. William said that's sacred at this point. Howard said his dad used to yell ''Oyay, oyay'' and it made no sense. William said he just used it because it was a fun sounding word. He said he was happy about what he had made.

    Howard said he wrote this song ''Zowie'' and asked about how to pronounce it. Howard and William went through that and it turns out it's pronounced like David Bowie pronounced his name in England. William said that he loved David Bowie. He said he was such a great guy. He said he was on the same label as him and they'd run into each other once in a while. He said he was at his 50th birthday special at Madison Square Garden too. Howard asked if he talked about music with him. William said that he'd talk to him about anything but music because he didn't want to be that guy.

    William said he did ''All the Young Dudes'' with Bowie. He said that he asked him why he picked that song and he said that he was reminded of him because of the lyric ''picking stars off of his face'' and he took that.

    Howard played some of the song ''Zowie'' and asked if he was thinking about Bowie at the time. William said he felt like he was there in the room with him while he was doing it. Howard said he was a great guy. He said he never got to interview him. He said he was on a birthday show and he did ''I'm Afraid of Americans'' and he just performed at the show. He said he was kind of bummed. He said he thinks he was afraid of him. William said that would have been a classic if he had interviewed him.

    Howard said the new album is by William Patrick Corgan. William said that he did it really just to irritate the press. He said that people call him anything and it's really not something he's demanding. He said you can still call him Billy on the street. Howard said Robin wanted to be called Ophelia but that didn't work. Robin said Fred changed his name and didn't even tell them. Howard said he changed it to Eric. He said that doesn't make sense.

    Howard said William is going to do another song called ''Aeronaut'' and he was trying to figure out if it was real word. William said he thought it was. He said he wrote it for his son and he thought it was kind of fun. He said Rick Rubin produced the recorded and it was great working with him on that. Howard asked why he was shocked that he would work with him on it. William said he was kind of down at the time and he wasn't sure he'd want to work with him. He said he was worn down by the whole trip at that point. William said he sent Rick some songs and he picked this one but had him slow it down and it turned into this. He played the song for Howard after that.

    After the song Howard said his voice is strong. He asked if he does anything to work on that. William said no. Howard said people say they can't perform in the morning. William said he did a 2 hour show last night. He said that he did the whole new album and a bunch of other songs. Howard said Billy Joel hates it when people start signing along with his songs. He said he did one show where he stopped and said ''I can handle this'' when people started singing his songs.

    William said that he played at a place that's a Jewish temple. He said that it was a nice place to perform.

    Howard asked if he ever covers songs. William said he has covered Space Oddity. He said he's doing Neil Young stuff too. Howard said he loves Neil Young. William said he can do it now for him. Howard said he would love that. Howard said he would love to hang out with him. William said they talked a lot about virtual reality with him last time he hung out with him.

    Howard said it must be crazy when you get to hang out with Neil Young. William said he has been invited up to his house. He said he was there with Marilyn Manson and Lou Reed among others. He said Neil had a teepee and he was looking around and seeing this and thinking he really has to remember this moment. He said Lou was in the teepee and wondering what was happening.

    Howard asked what song he covers by Neil Young. William said he does ''After the Gold Rush.'' He said he had a friend tell him to try it and it seems to work. Howard asked him to do it for him. He said he wants to hear that. William went right into the song.

    After the song Howard said he loves that. Howard asked if Neil has ever heard him do that. William said he just started doing it so he doesn't think so. He just did it for the first time last night. Howard asked if he thinks it's better to do a literal version or try to do your own thing. William said it's better to do your own thing. He said you'll never be able to do it like they did it. He said if you make it personal the emotion can come through. He said Neil might laugh at it if you try to do it like he did it.

    Howard said he has to get in that teepee with him and Neil. Howard asked if he watched the fight with Marilyn Manson. William said they are good friends and he did. He said the private Manson is a little different than the public. He said it's not a lot different. Robin asked if he's doing okay. William said that he is. He said his girlfriend gets on with him well and she's taking care of him.

    Howard asked if he got off social media. William said he did. Howard said William posed on the cover of a magazine with a cat. William said he did. He said that he did that for a charity thing. He said that Anderson Cooper ran a piece on the eve of his record coming out and he insinuated that he was a has been because he was posing on the cover of cat magazines. He said he didn't mention that he was doing it as a charity thing. He said he thinks Anderson is a globalist piece of shit. He said he stands by what he wrote. He said social media is a full time job now. He said he had to get off of it. He said if you can't be a pro then get out of the game. He said he had to get out of the game.

    Howard said it is kind of shitty what Anderson did. Howard said he has talked to the guy and he thinks he's nice. William said he is playing for a team that doesn't have his best interests at heart of America's best interests at heart. He said there are people who are sold on the thought that we're all just going to get along and ignore what's going on around the world. He said they're living in LaLaLand. He said he believes in the American vision of the dream and he is going to stick with the Americans first. He said he's not going with that globalist shit. William said that he believes people like that are working for other people and not America. He said that he went after him over a cat magazine.

    Howard asked if he's still involve with the N.W.A.. William said he did buy the franchise. Howard said he was involved with TNA for a while and he was the head of that. William said they fired him after 3 months. Howard asked why they would do that. William said that 1.8 million wasn't enough. He said they tried to steal his money. He said he got his money back and invested in this other company. Robin asked what he's looking to do. William said he wants to build it back up. He said it's a brand that people know. He said it's not an easy business. He said trying to sell someone on wrestling isn't easy in Hollywood.

    Howard asked William if he's involved in the wrestling story lines. William said he was with TNA but now he doesn't want to be involved. Robin asked where they can see his wrestlers. William said they just started so it might be spring before they'll start doing shows.

    Howard said he really should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Howard said he loves when he comes in. Howard gave him some plugs for the new album and said you can go to for tour dates. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.


  • Takei & Weinstein Scandal. 10/19/17. 8:15am
    Next up on today's replay show they played a segment where George Takei sat in and Howard talked about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Here's my rundown:

    Back Live - George Takei Sits In. 10/16/17. 7:00am
    Howard and the guys were back from vacation today. Howard started the show talking about how excited they are this morning because it's Cocktober and George Takei is there. George said they have rearranged the room in there. Howard said he's over by Fred today. He said that's his own little corner of the world. George said he has Fred there with him now. George wished him a good Cocktober.

    Howard asked George if he has any special Cocktober announces. George said he has some recorded. Howard said he will have them later he guesses. Howard said they're going to have a special Cocktober event with George. He said last time he was in they had Jason Ellis. George said that was a glorious birthday party. Howard said George is 80 and he sees him as a spry man. George said he did have a hip replacement 2 months ago. He said he's Titanium Man. Howard asked if it feels better. George said it does. He said he was doing a musical called Pacific Overtures there in the city and he had a long cross from one end of the stage to the other. He said he had to walk slow and he had a pain in the groin and small of his back. He said it was torture. George said he went to a doctor who gave him steroids and he had to go back a few times for a new supply. <>Howard asked if he was able to wrestle Brad. George said it was so bad he wasn't able to do that. He said he was able to do him though. George said he had the surgery done in Los Angeles. Howard said it's great that they can fix the hip like that. Howard asked how long it took to walk again. George said it was 6 weeks. He said that you're in a wheelchair for about a week and then you do therapy. He said he was working with a walker and then with a cane. He said the doctor told him he made a remarkable recovery. He said he was fit before that so that helped.

    Howard asked if he can walk fine now. George said he can and he's pain free and walks much better now. Howard said he's going to be doing some great Cocktober stuff. He said he's going to pick out the greatest celebrity cock of all time. Howard played a Cocktober song parody. They had another promo to play after that too.

    Howard said they have more cock than George could ever dream about. Robin said he has missed a few Cocktober events. Howard told him about a couple and said he'll get to see a couple of cocks today. Howard said just wait until he sees these guys. Howard said they had some guys in there who sang for them. George said he's sorry he missed that. Howard said they'll have more for him today. He played another Cocktober event song.

    Howard said they'll find out what else George is up to. He said he's sure he's doing something with internment camps. George asked if he knows a guy named Keith Heisler. Howard didn't know the name. George said he did an episode of ''Fresh off the Boat'' and he had something to do with it. Howard asked if the character had something to do with an internment camp. George said they don't know about his character. Howard said here were Japanese American internment camps. George said not in the show. George said the episode was written by this Keith guy and some of the events in the episode were inspired by him on the show.

    Howard said that he had a dinner party over the summer and he pronounced guacamole like George told him to and people looked at him like he was insane. George said that he's saying it the way Hispanic people say it. Howard said he's never heard it that way. George said only Gringos say it the way Howard says it. Howard said he also corrected him on Tsunami.

    Howard asked if he's producing a film about internment camps. George said he is. Howard said this is another projects about the internment camps. Howard said he tries to forget about what his childhood was like. He said George is on a mad tear with this internment camp story stuff. George said people don't know about it to this day. He said because of that horrible things happen and we repeat it. He said it's a timely issue. Robin asked when they have repeated it. George said they have a crazy man in the White House so that's why he's bringing it up.

    Howard said they have a man in the White House who talked about grabbing pussy. Howard asked if George ever grabbed anyone by the cock against their will. George stayed silent. Howard asked if he ever harassed anyone. George laughed. He said some people are kind of skittish or afraid and you try to persuade. Howard asked if they have to call the police. George said he never grabbed anyone. He said it's not about sex, it's about power. Robin asked if he did it at work. George said it was in his home. He said someone might come to his home and he might give them more than a gentle squeeze. He said it didn't involve power over the other.

    Howard asked if he ever did it to anyone on the set of Star Trek. George said that he did do some stuff with someone consensually.

    Harvey Weinstein Discussions. 10/16/17. 7:15am
    Howard said he's following this Harvey Weinstein story and he's not sure how he had time to produce movies. He said that there's almost no woman who hasn't come forward with a story about him. Robin said there were tons of women with Cosby and tons with Harvey. Howard said he thinks that Harvey's numbers are triple or more of Cosby's. He said Cosby had to go through the drugging thing. He said he heard a story about Harvey jerking off on Angie Everhart while she slept. Howard said it's so pathetic. George said he doesn't think this kind of thing will ever stop. Robin told him to stop it. Howard said he agrees with George. He said maybe something good will come out of it and someone will think twice about it before doing it.

    Howard asked if Harvey ever got anyone to be famous wit his power. He said that his wife was a model and she was told that if she fucked this guy she'd be on the cover of a big magazine. Howard said that some people go on to be big after being on the cover of this one magazine. Howard said his wife didn't do it but she looks at the cover wondering if they had to do something with this guy. Howard said he has daughters and he thinks about this going on. Howard said he has talked to his kids about stuff like this but maybe not specific stuff.

    Howard said they had Harvey in there and he asked him about doing the mogul thing asking chicks to blow him for jobs. Howard said there were rumors about it but there was no evidence of it. Howard said that's why he said it. Howard said Harvey flat out denied it. Howard said they have it on tape. Howard played a clip of Harvey denying it and claiming that it doesn't work that way in Hollywood.

    Howard said he knew he was lying. Robin said very few people will just admit that. Howard said he knew a girl who told him years ago that she had met with Harvey and he had come on to her and she laughed. Howard said she was laughing about it and said she got up and left. Howard said she made it seem like it was no big deal. George said it goes on with men and women. Howard said there's a lot of pedophilia going on too. Howard said oddly enough no one has come on to him.

    Howard said nothing would be more pathetic than getting someone to sleep with him for a job. Howard said he just jerks off. Howard said he did it last night. He said if Harvey had just done that he'd be fine.

    Howard said he's not sure how Harvey had time for this. He said it must be easy to make movies. Howard said his wife has never seen him naked. Howard said he has half a dick and a belly and cellulite. Howard said he hides it from his wife. George said this is too much detail. Howard said he has spent a lot of time keeping his wife from seeing that. He said Harvey allegedly asked women to watch him shower. He said that's not the way to get them to like you. He said they're supposed to be naked, not him.

    Howard said if he could have an honest conversation with Harvey right now that's what he'd ask about. He said you don't want the women to look at you. He said he'd think you'd want to look at the women.

    Howard said that this is weird. Howard said he wonders if it's some fetish he has. He said maybe his mom used to bathe him or something. Howard said he's not sure how you get naked in front of a woman and have them watch you shower. He said women don't get turned on by that. George said that he's repellant. Howard said his wife is so gorgeous. He sad that his wife designed his wife's wedding dress. Howard said she was the nicest and most attractive woman. Robin said she had to know who she was married to. Robin said he wasn't nice anywhere. Robin said she married a pig and she had to know it. Howard said she's all fired up this morning. Robin said she helped him with his disguise.

    Howard said the question is if she was doing him at all or was it a marriage of convenience. Howard said he's not sure what was going on there. Robin said they had kids so someone had to do something.

    Howard said he learned in therapy that wanting everything isn't good. Howard said he counts his lucky stars that Beth is into him. He said he's so fortunate. Robin said she thinks there was a lot of pain there with him and everything was about his stature and power. She said in the long run it wasn't about him. George said there are powerful people who hire people to abuse.

    Howard said Harvey is a dream crusher. Howard said after Rose McGowan came out someone else came out and said that she met with Harvey and he harassed the shit out of her. Howard said she gave up and tossed away her whole dream after that. Howard said that's why he's a dream crusher. Robin said he wrecked the ones who went along with it too.

    Howard said they were wondering if they could hear a tape of Caitlyn taking on Harvey and Harvey runs out of the room. Howard played a bit they created with fake Caitlyn and fake Harvey.

    Howard said he heard Harvey is at some rehab in Arizona. Howard said he thinks he's going to go for a couple of weeks and ask for a second chance. Howard said he wants to be treated like Roman Polanski. Robin said another woman has come out and said it happened to her with Roman too. Howard said Harvey was kicked out of the academy. George said he's in it and he voted against him. Howard said Roman Polanski is still in it. George said he's fighting it legally. Howard said Harvey is only the second guy to be voted out. Howard said the other guy was voted out because he traded his screeners. He said they don't really kick a lot of people out.

    Gary said that his story is great. He said that this guy who was kicked out was going to be in The Godfather but he lost his job to the guy who played Sonny. He said he ended up trading VHS screeners and he got kicked out for that.

    Howard said that everyone eventually gets off on this stuff. He said Cosby has gotten off. He said that Roman Polanski is doing fine. Howard said Harvey probably thinks that he's going to go to rehab and come back. Howard said he has been going to therapy himself for 18 years and he has to tell you that it takes a tremendous effort and self awareness to change. He said it's really tough to hang in there with it. He said it's really expensive. He said it opens your eyes to the way of doing things.

    Robin said she thinks that Harvey is lost. She said it might be too late for him. Howard said he should go off to the peace corps and help people.

    Howard took a call from fake Harvey who was asking Robin about how her slot is and things like that. Howard talked to fake Harvey audio clips for a short time. They had Harvey saying some of the things he said in the press.

    Howard asked if George has anything to say to Harvey. George asked if there's a role in his next picture. Fake Harvey said yes. Howard said he might have to blow him. Harvey said he is starring in the Bill O'Reilly story so that's why he did what he did. Howard said George will be over very soon. Howard let fake Harvey go after that.

    Robin wondered if the company is going to survive after all of this. Howard said he's not sure. Robin said there are people who are asking for their movies back after this. Robin said they want to go somewhere else. Robin said the company is looking to change its name. Howard said they say that the brother might have turned him in. Robin said he's denying that. George said his brother voted against him to get him out of the academy.

    Robin said that Harvey and his brother haven't spoken in years. Robin said that they had a terrible relationship. Robin said that now his brother thinks that Harvey is dragging him down with him. Robin said the brother said Harvey doesn't seem to be remorseful either.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked Robin if the women in this case have to have some kind of protection when they come out. He asked if they're guilty for waiting 10-15 years. Howard said they get scared and they're alone and think they can get ruined. Howard said it's not their fault at all. Robin said when you're in that position you can lose your job and the guy who did it keeps his job.

    Howard said he's glad this came out and they're doing something. Robin said she's glad that they have a voice.

    No Visitors Please. 10/16/17. 7:35am
    Howard took a call from a woman who asked him to go on Sandra Bernhard's show. She said she used to love when she came on his show. She said it would be so fun if Howard did that. Howard said he has to get an invisibility bubble there. Howard said Sandra has a show on Radio Andy and she saw him in the halls. Howard said she asked him to come on her show. Howard said he does 4 hours on his show and he wants to say no. Howard said he runs around seeing these people who do everyone else's shows. He said he loves Sandra but he didn't want to get into a whole thing in the hall. He said he doesn't even want to do his show, never mind her show. Howard said he just said ''Yeah we have to do that.'' He said he basically lied about it. Howard said she sent him an email and he just deleted it.

    Howard said if he wanted to get rid of a woman he'd have her watch him shower. Howard said look forward to him being on the Sandra Bernhard show. Howard said Jimmy Kimmel is in town doing shows from Brooklyn and he's not looking forward to doing that. Howard said he can't say no to Jimmy. He said Jimmy says he can say no but he has to do it. Howard said he's doing it on Wednesday. Howard said he just got a hair cut for the show. He said Ralph will be picking his outfit. He said Wednesday is going to be a long day. He said Beth is going with him too. He said if he sucks it's just too much.

    Robin said Jimmy hid her in a room there and only Flavor Flav found her. She said that no one else knew she was there. Howard said he loves Flavor Flav but when it's 10-15 minutes from doing the show you don't want to be in a conversation with anyone. He said that Flavor is fine but he needs time to collect his thoughts. Robin said Howard was the only one she didn't see. She said she saw Mariann from Brooklyn but not Howard. Gary said Mariann has her own section with the Wack Pack there at the show. Howard said that's fine.

    Howard said he has people outside his door but someone might ask to come in to say hi. He said he can't say no to people like that. Howard said he needs Steve Harvey to write him a memo.

    George told him to tell his security people that they're his shield. Howard said they don't know how to do it. Howard said his security is Ronnie. He said he doesn't know what to do. Howard said Ronnie doesn't know how to get rid of anyone. He said he just opens the door and asks if it's okay. He said that he should tell them that he's getting ready and people can't come in.

    George said that Ronnie is an intelligent guy and he should be able to figure it out. Howard asked where Ronnie is. Ronnie came in and told Howard that he turned Flavor away last time. He said he went away and came back later. Howard said he doesn't want to see anyone there this time. He said he's going to be in his room getting his make up done. Howard said there's too much socializing going on at Jimmy's show. Howard said he doesn't like it. He said no visitors. Howard said Ronnie is going to tell people that he's in there meditating. Robin said she's not going this time. She said she was treated terribly last time. Robin said they know how to keep her out of Howard's room.

    Howard said he doesn't want to say hello to anyone. He said if Oprah stops by what odes he do. Ronnie said he's going to tell her that he's meditating. Howard asked what he says if President Trump, Clinton and Obama show up, what does he say. Ronnie said he's going got tell them no fucking way. Howard said he can't say that. Howard asked if Beth can get in. Ronnie said no. Howard said she gets in. He said he doesn't get it. Howard said he doesn't understand.

    Howard asked if Jesus shows up. Ronnie said he'll check. Howard said no that's not it. He said he's got to turn him away. Howard asked Ronnie who can get in to see him. Ronnie wasn't letting anyone in to see him. He said if Zombie Jerry Lewis shows up then what. Howard said h doesn't want to see him. Ronnie would have let him in. Howard said he's behind schedule.

    Howard and Fred did the guest thing and Fred was playing Ronnie telling him who he'd turn away. Howard asked about a bunch of people and he was turning away his mom and people like that. Howard said it is Cocktober so they're going to have a lot of cock fun after the break. Howard played a promo for Cocktober and went to break. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Name That Splooge! 10/19/17. 9:15am
    Next up on today's replay show they played a segment where Richard played Name that Splooge. Here's my rundown:

    Name That Splooge With Richard Christy. 10/17/17. 7:20am
    Howard said he should take a call or something. Howard said maybe he can have George Takei do an announce even though he's not there physically. He played one of the announces he pre-recorded.

    Robin said George was still flying high after yesterday's show. She said she saw him after the show and she went to say hi and get a hug. She said that it was great to see him and George was still talking about those penises he saw on display. Howard said he had cock on the brain. Howard said he was trying to bond with Robin. Howard said she's the only person in the studio who might be into cock. Howard said he might be hornier than Ronnie. Robin said she thinks he's right. Howard said George is really into cock.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he loves that they get to talk to Robert today. Howard said he's been waiting a long time to talk to him. The caller said he can't wait. He said this is awesome. Howard said they have a lot of ground to cover with that.

    Howard said he should get some Cocktober stuff out of the way. He said he thinks they should honor it with Richard Christy. Howard said he claims to be heterosexual but he's not sure. He said they're going to play Name that Splooge with him.

    Howard said Richard is very familiar with porn stars and their loads. Howard had Richard come in to play. He said it's time for Name that Splooge. Howard played an intro for the game.

    Howard said Richard claims to be straight but he studies porn stars and their loads. He said he claims he can name porn stars by the sounds of them cumming. Howard said he's going to play clips of 80s and 90s porn stars and Richard has to name them. Howard played a clip of a guy cumming and told Richard some of the guys who are in this game. Howard had a list of about 10 names.

    Howard let the clip play and Richard guessed it was Lexington Steele. Howard said he's correct. Howard said he's very good.

    Howard said that Lexington Steele is the guy that Scott the Engineer agreed to take anal from. Richard said Lex wasn't into that and wasn't happy that they wanted to use him.

    Howard said they're playing more clips with Richard. Howard played a clip and Richard guessed it was Manuel Ferrara. Howard said he's correct again. Richard said he's French and he says ''Open your mouse'' with his accent when he's telling the woman to open her mouth.

    Howard said he's not sure anyone else could play this game. He said he's 2 for 2 and should be ashamed of himself. Howard played another clip and Richard guessed it was Rocco Sefretti. Howard said he's correct again.

    Howard said he's pretty amazing. Richard said he thinks he gave Savanna from Scores her big break. Robin asked if he's the one who puts women's heads in toilets. Richard said Sal is a fan of that. Howard said he seems a little gay to know this stuff. He said he should know the women. Richard said he went through a long drought of no sex so he got to know porn.

    Howard played a clip and Richard guessed it was either Randy West, Randy Spears or Tom Byron. He said he's going to say it was Tom. Howard said he is correct again. He said what a talent. Howard said Richard has said he identified with Tom as a kid. Richard said he looked kind of normal but he had a real big wiener. Howard asked Fred what he makes of this. Fred said he baffles him with his knowledge. Richard said he and his buddy that he bathed with would watch this stuff. Howard said he's like the Ken Jennings of porn.

    Howard said Richard is 4 for 4 so far. Howard played another clip and Richard guessed it was one of the Randys. He said it sounds older so he's saying Randy Spears. Howard said he's so sorry but that's wrong. He said it was Randy West. Howard said he was doing so well.

    Howard said he read that Richard says that he doesn't like him so much because he shoots small loads. Howard said that's kind of gay to know that. He said it's very fucking odd to him. Richard said it's in straight porn. Richard asked if Robin likes big loads. Robin said she doesn't care about that.

    Howard said he's going to play another one. He played that and Richard knew immediately it was Peter North. Howard had a fact about Peter who came up with his porn name because a peter is a penis and it points north when it's hard. Howard said he's Richard's favorite because of his loads. Richard said he's been around since the 80s and he looks great. Howard said Richard is gay.

    Howard played another clip an Richard knew it was Randy Spears immediately. Howard said in 2015 he left porn and found religion. Howard said Richard only got one wrong out of 7.

    Howard said Richard said he would receive a load from Peter North. Richard said he wanted to have him jizz on his back when Seth MacFarlane came in.

    Howard said Richard and Sal actually had ideas for Cocktober that they rejected. Howard said Richard offered to blow him to show his loyalty. Richard said that still stands. Howard said that's gay. Richard said it would be the greatest thing ever if he did that. Howard said not for him. Robin asked how that's not gay. Richard said it would be radio history.

    Howard said Richard and Sal wanted Jon Hein to wrestle them and rape them in the ass. Richard said it was a contest to see who Jon could rape without them getting away. Howard said that's usually how gay sex begins.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked why it took them this long to figure this out. He said it's genius. He said they need more Richard and Sal.

    Howard said Richard and Sal wanted to pee in a cup while doing a hand stand. Robin said that's funny. Howard said Sal wanted to collect loads from everyone to weigh them. Howard said Richard wanted to draw boners on a piece of paper. He said Richard and Sal wanted to see who could fuck their own asshole.

    Richard said when he handed Gary his paper with his cock outline it was like handing over a bio hazard paper.

    Howard said Richard and Sal pitched and idea to have Jon Hein guess whose cock was on his head. Howard said he doesn't know why that was rejected.

    Howard said Richard and Sal are the Laurel and Hardy of gay comedy. Howard said they also pitched the veiniest staff cock. Richard said he has a blue one on the top of his. Robin said it's interesting how much he thinks about this stuff. Howard said he has seen Gary's dick. He said he went to the gym with Gary. Gary said they played racquetball. Howard said he didn't go near the shower. He said Gary didn't mind and stripped down in front of him. He said Gary whipped his clothes off and got in the shower. He said his cock was out and it was pretty big from what he remembers.

    Howard said Richard and Sal had all kinds of stuff with guys getting naked. Howard said he had to shave his balls the other night because his balls looked like a Billy goat. Howard said he just used shears to do that. Howard played a song parody about ''Cock in your asshole'' and wrapped up with Richard. Howard said he's going to take a break and get back to other stuff.

    Richard said he has another idea. He said Sal would sing Elvis songs into his cock. Howard just went to break.


  • Al Michaels & Big Foot. 10/19/17. 9:40am
    Next up on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about Al Michaels and Big Foot. Here's my rundown:

    Kina Grannis Cover, Phone Calls, Clips And More. 10/17/17. 8:15am
    After the break they played a George Takei bit with George singing a song for Cocktober. Howard came back and said he's a very lively guy. Robin said he might have to be crowned the King of the gays. Howard said George really knows how to knock it out of the park.

    Howard said he had never heard of this woman Kina Grannis but she did a cover of a song that was great. Howard said he's not sure how to pronounce her first name. Howard said he thought it was cool when he heard it. Howard played the cover of ''Creep'' that she did. Howard said he's not sure if she's a big deal or not. He asked if anyone knew about her. He let the song play but no one was coming in.

    Robin said she's considered a ''web artist.'' Howard said that's how he found her. Howard let the song play and said that she's the Cocktober artist of the day. He said he likes her.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he's a pharmacist and listening to Erik's meds makes him sick. He said he should come in before November 10th because if he has that surgery he may not make it out of there. The caller said it was nice listening to him while he was alive. Howard said he hopes nothing happens because it is fun listening to him.

    Howard said that's not good news. Howard said he has a Big Foot phony phone call. He said Shuli checks in with him all the time too. Howard said maybe he should play a little of that.

    Howard said Al Michaels was announcing a game and tried making a Harvey Weinstein reference and had to apologize for it. Howard said he was trying to make a reference to something in the news and it didn't go over well. Howard said you have to be careful with that. Howard played a clip of Al saying that the Giants were coming off worse than Harvey Weinstein. Howard did an impression of Al making tasteless jokes.

    Howard said they must have gotten a hold of Al rapidly because he came out with the apology immediately. Howard played a clip of the apology. In the clip Al said he was being flip about someone in the news and it wasn't meant in that manner.

    Howard did more of his Al impression and made more tasteless jokes that he could have said. Howard said Al was trying. Howard said people would watch even without the commentary so just play it safe. Robin said she likes to have a commentator when she's watching tennis.

    Robin said that she was watching tennis and they said they needed a nickname for a player and one of the guys suggested ''The Hebrew Hammer.'' Robin said she wondered what that means.

    Howard said Al must have been read the riot act after that comment. Howard did more of his announcer impression and had people talking about tennis and making tasteless jokes about Venus Williams. Robin said the sad thing is that no one is watching tennis so no one gets corrected.

    Howard had more references about tennis that he went through. Howard said he knows he could keep his job if he had that announcer job. Howard said he just wouldn't say anything. Howard said just shut up.

    Howard kept going with the tennis announcer tasteless comments. He said the apology is also very vague. He said it wasn't very clear about what Al was apologizing for.

    Howard had his announcer talking about this tennis player and making crazy stuff up. Howard was calling a game and making comments and then apologizing. Robin said the thing about tennis is that they go to hot spots like China and Russia. She said they talk about what beautiful cities they're in.

    Howard said he has another good announcer thing. Howard said this guy Dick Stockton is reading from a teleprompter and he read a direction. Howard said it might be worth playing twice. Howard played the clip and Dick read about how he was supposed to read the final two bullet points. Howard got back to his tennis game call.

    Howard said he really loves Al Michaels. He said he just has to move on to the next thing. Howard said he was stellar during the OJ thing. He said Peter Jennings didn't know he was being goofed on and Al had to straighten him out on that.

    Big Foot Update. 10/17/17. 8:30am
    Howard said he was talking about Big Foot. He said Shuli got the rundown on him. He said Shuli calls to make sure he's still alive and well. He said this time he called and Big Foot was smoking weed. Howard played a clip and Big Foot said he was smoking weed and he's getting a medical card for it soon. He said they can't do a thing about it.

    Howard said Big Foot wants them to help him become a competitive eater. Howard played a clip where Big Foot talked about that and he was bragging about eating more than his uncle did. Shuli asked if he wanted to be a competitive eater. Big Foot said that's what he's talking about and he wants to be in a contest. Robin said the professionals really work at it and they do it fast. She said they're not going to wait to see how many bones he collects.

    Howard said Big Foot still has the squatters in his house and they answer his phone as ''Big Foot residence.'' Howard said the squatters are helping him out and giving him tissues and stuff when he needs it. Howard played a clip of Big Foot asking for a paper towel to wipe his nose with.

    Howard did his Aqualung song thing where he says things about snot running down Big Foot's nose. Robin said you know things are bad when you're squatting at Big Foot's house. Howard said Harvey Weinstein might end up there.

    Howard said that Big Foot told Shuli about using used tissues to wipe his ass. Big Foot said he's trying to be ''asservative'' (Conservative) by using used tissues. Howard was grossed out by that. He wondered if he ever got a booger stuck up his ass from that.

    Howard said he claims he has ESP too. Howard played a clip and Big Foot said he knows when things are going to happen in the future and he doesn't think nothing of it. Howard asked if you can imagine using used tissues to wipe your butt. Robin said no. Robin said she can't imagine being able to see the future and ending up like Big Foot. Howard said you'd think he'd know that squatters would end up in his house.

    Howard said they made a phony phone call to an internet radio show using Big Foot audio clips. Howard played that and in the call they had Big Foot saying that their phone was muffled. They had him complaining about not being able to hear them. The host of the show kept going but eventually gave up on the call. They hung up but the guys called back with more clips of Big Foot complaining about gastritis and then more with him being unable to hear them. Howard went to break a short time later.


  • Best Celebrity Cock. 10/19/17. 10:10am
    Next up on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard did a best celebrity cock bracket. Here's my rundown:

    George Takei Judges Celebrity Penis. 10/16/17. 8:00am
    After the break Howard came right back and had George do an announce. Howard said he's there for Cocktober today but he can't be with them the whole month. Howard said it's good to have him there today. George said it's good to be with him periodically. Howard said George has projects in the works and he loves Cocktober. Howard said George has grabbed cock so he wonders how that works. George said that they were gay. He said he doesn't think he has had any straight men. He said they're fundamentally gay. Howard asked if he'll see a guy and he tells them he'd like to grab them. George said if they're in his home or he's in theirs then they know they're kindred. Howard said he might grab balls or something. George said they might have had to do some persuasion.

    Howard said they're going to have George judge some celebrity cocks. Howard said they have a bracket of cocks to judge. Howard said their friends at have helped them out with this. Howard said he's looking for the microphones for these guys. Howard said the people at have gone through a lot of penis images and picked out a bunch for this. Howard said they are experts over there at

    Howard said they have porn stars Austin Wolf and Johnny V. Howard said they're naked for George. George gave them an ''Oh My!'' Howard said these guys are porn stars. Howard said Austin is known for his muscles. Austin said he hopes so. Howard said he also has a girth 8 inch cock. George said he has an interesting tattoo over his naval. Howard said he has never seen a cock so big. He said he's envious. Austin said he may have fluffed himself up a big. He said George does it for him. Howard said he's some specimen. George said he's gorgeous. Howard asked if that's the biggest cock he's seen. George said he's seen fatter ones. He said his is lean.

    Howard played a clip of Austin banging a guy in a movie called Beef Squad. George was upset he didn't see the video. Howard said there is no video. Howard asked what the knocking noise was in that. Austin said the other guy was about a foot shorter than him and the bench was slamming against the lockers.

    Howard said Johnny V is also there. Howard asked how long he's been in porn. Johnny said it's been about 5 years. Howard spent a short time talking to him about being a porn star. Howard played a clip of Johnny in a movie called ''The Trainer'' where he plays a trainer. Austin said he's in the scene too. Howard asked about taking it in the ass and things like that. Howard played the clip of Johnny moaning and taking it in the ass. Johnny said he's a loud one.

    Howard asked if George is that vocal with Brad. George said there was a time when they were but now it's more subtle. He said back then there was more passion. He said now they're comfortable. Howard said the guys are from He gave them a plug for that and said you can get half off with promo code ''Cocktober.''

    Howard said it's time to celebrate Cocktober. He played an intro clip for the segment. Howard said they have a mission now and George has to pay attention. Howard said he's busy looking at the cock in the room. George asked what he wants him to do. Howard said he has to judge the cocks on their performance. Howard said they have Jason Seagal and Orlando Bloom. Howard said he has to choose between the two. George said that he's sure that Orlando is more substantial but he's not in full in that photo. He said he's picking Orlando over Jason. Howard had the guys move Orlando in the brackets.

    Howard said next up they have Michael Fassbender and Robert De Niro. Howard said that Fassbender showed it in Shame and De Niro showed it in 1900. Howard asked who he's picking. George went with Fassbender.

    Howard said next up they have Daniel Craig and Justin Bieber. Howard said Craig showed his in Love is the Devil and Justin showed his in public. George said that he's going to pick Daniel Craig.

    Howard said they have Eric Andre and Shia LaBeouf. He said that Shia showed his in Nymphomaniac and Eric showed his on his own TV show. George picked Eric Andre in this round.

    Howard said it's time for a break from that. Howard asked George what he thinks of Johnny V's cock. George said he is his type. He said he has a great physique and a great cock. Howard asked if he's Harvey Weinsteining now. George laughed.

    Howard asked if Johnny has had the casting couch thing happen. Johnny said maybe. Howard asked if Austin has. Austin said no to that.

    Howard got back to the brackets and said they have Orlando vs. Daniel Craig. George said he's going to go with Daniel Craig.

    Howard said they have Eric Andre and Michael Fassbender. George picked Fassbender again. Howard said now they're going to find out who is the best penis in Hollywood. Howard said you can cut the tension with a cock right now. George asked why they have a black belt on. Howard told him to stay focused. Howard told him to concentrate on the Hollywood cock. George said that he's going to go with Michael Fassbender. Howard thanked him for that.

    Howard said that he has to thank Falcon Studios for sending the guys over for them. George was saying it turns him on that Johnny was kind of shy. Howard asked if Austin took anything for his cock today. Austin said he did last night. He said it's still kind of working today.

    Howard thanked the boys and gave them another plug before letting them go. George also copped a feel before they wrapped up. Howard went to break after playing a song parody.


  • High Pitch Erik Update. 10/19/17. 10:40am
    Next up on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard played clips from High Pitch Erik's internet show. Here's my rundown:

    High Pitch Erik Internet Show Clips. 10/17/17. 7:50am
    After the break they played Bad Company's ''Feel Like Makin' Love,'' a George Takei message about William Shatner being a huge dick and a Stern Show Masters bit about Tan Mom.

    Howard came back and said he does love the wack Pack. He said he was watching the High Pitch Erik feed on the internet. He said Erik has his own thing and he's so fascinated by the guy. Howard said nothing happens for the most part. He said he sits in his room and it's really more like a jail cell. He said it's tiny. He said that he's so fat and he's jammed in a corner on his computer. Howard said it's fascinating and he's not sure why. Howard said he's watching this thing and he's not sure why. Howard said he was on the phone with some guy and requesting stuff for his stomach stapling that's happening in November. Howard said he wants an iPad and balloons. He said he's like a 4 year old.

    Howard played a clip of Erik talking to a friend asking for the balloons and the iPad for when he's in the hospital. He told the friend he wants the iPad so he can look at porno.

    Howard said Shuli is going to cover the stomach stapling thing if it happens. Howard asked how that's going to happen. Shuli came in and said that Erik was offering him to stay over at his place the night before his surgery. Shuli did his impression of Erik asking for all of this stuff for his room.

    Howard played a clip of Erik lighting up and smoking and then coughing kind of like Jeff the Drunk. Howard laughed as he heard him coughing. He said he's like Jabba the Hutt. Howard asked how that's fun coughing like that. Howard said the weed is so good that he has to do it. Shuli did the impression of Erik like he was Jabba. He said he likes how he tries to talk and he chokes on the words. Howard said he might be his favorite. Howard said he becomes more masculine when he smokes and coughs.

    Shuli said Erik gets more masculine when he gets tired from walking too. He did an impression of Erik talking that had Howard cracking up. He was doing the voice getting lower after smoking and then asking him if he wanted to stay over.

    Howard said he watched Erik taking like 50 pills in his room. He said some fans call the cops on Erik too. He said the cops show up at his door. He said they come in and say they got a call claiming they need to check on him. He said Erik starts listing the drugs and pills he takes. Howard played a clip of Erik getting the cop visit. The cops were asking if he had taken pills. Erik said he has night time meds. Howard said he has case the size of a suitcase that he shows them. Howard played more of the clip and Erik was talking about his pills and vitamins. He was going through all of his pills showing them what he has going on. He has back pain pills, stool softener, heart burn pills and more. The cops smelled weed and asked about that. He said he did smoke. Erik continued to go over the pills. He named a ton of stuff.

    Howard said imagine the cops that have to deal with this. He said Erik quickly mentioned Howard Stern and Blue Bloods. Howard played more of Erik telling them about the show he does online. He said he's on radio. The cops asked what he does. Erik then said he is on the Howard Stern Show. He said he's also on Blue Bloods. The cops figured out he was High Pitch Erik. Erik said that his fans told on him for smoking weed. The cops were telling each other who he was.

    Howard said it's still illegal to smoke weed but the cops are ignoring it. Howard said he didn't pull the clip where Erik was checking his Donnie Wahlberg doll for a penis and he gets angry when there isn't one.

    Howard said Erik is going to get this weight loss thing. Shuli said that he's down to 387. He said he is losing some weight. He said the doctor says he'll have to come in later to get the extra skin taken off. Howard said he thinks he's going to gain weight after the surgery.

    Howard said they took drops of Alex Jones and called High Pitch Erik and told him that Alex was up there and angry at him. Howard said they really go at it in this call. Howard played the clip of the guys calling Erik and telling him that Alex Jones is upset with him. They put him on and Erik started cursing him out right away. Erik argued with the clips of Jones for a few minutes.

    Howard said he thought Fred was going to go into something. Fred said he's sorry about that. He played a JD bit into commercials.

    Today's show was over around 11:00am.

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    • Howard's Intelligence, Preparing For Kimmel And More. 10/18/17. 7:25am
    • Cheating Husband Advice. 10/18/17. 7:40am
    • Pick The Pouch. 10/18/17. 7:55am
    • Who's Cardi B? 10/18/17. 8:30am
    • High Pitch Erik And Underdog Updates. 10/18/17. 8:35am
    • Ronnie's Sex Toy Review. 10/18/17. 9:10am
    • Bobo's Military Service. 10/18/17. 9:20am
    • George Takei Clips. 10/18/17. 9:40am
    • Entertainment Reviews. 10/18/17. 9:45am
    • Wendy Place The Face Game. 10/18/17. 9:55am
    • A Few More Calls. 10/18/17. 10:10am
    • Robin's News. 10/18/17. 10:15am
    • To Be Archived Later This Friggin Week.

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