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-- Friday, December 14, 2018 --

  • Friday Replay Show. 12/14/18. 7:00am
    Here's what they played on today's replay show:

  • Medicated Pete's Love Life. 12/14/18. 7:00am
    First on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard learned about Medicated Pete's love life. Here's my rundown:

    More With Medicated Pete. 12/10/18. 9:30am
    After the break Howard came right back and said that was an exciting morning. Robin said she had questions about how that feud would go. She said that she didn't know how emotional Tan Mom gets about her marriage. Howard said he was hoping she could help work things out. Robin said there wasn't enough time during the game to do that.

    Howard said Medicated Pete had a penis injury and he didn't mention it while his mom was there. He said Shuli has some tape of that. Medicated Pete was still there so he came back in. Howard asked how it was being in there with his mom. Medicated Pete said she was fine with it. He said she listens every day. He said she's just shy.

    Howard said he injured his penis somehow. Howard asked what's going on there. Medicated Pete said he's very self conscious about his penis. He said it's large and delicate. Howard laughed. Medicated Pete said he wants to use it so he doesn't want to injure it.

    Shuli came in and said Pete and this woman talk on social media. He said Pete texted her that he had ''banged his pee-pee.'' Pete said he was joking about that name. Howard asked what Pete did. Pete said he was naked in the bathroom and he was jerking off. He said he was hard. He said he jerks off 4 or 5 times a day. Howard asked when he starts. Pete said it starts in the morning. Shuli said each session is like 45 minutes. Howard asked if he jerked off today. Pete said not yet. He said coming up there they had to leave early. He said he didn't have time for it.

    Shuli said he's seen him wash his hands and that's like a 15 minute process. Howard asked if it hurts from rubbing it so much. Pete said he uses soap to lube it up. Howard said his dick must be raw. Pete said it can get raw.

    Howard said he must be chafed down there like crazy. Pete said a little bit. Howard said he should use lotion instead. He said use Jergins or something. Shuli said the same soap is the one that the family uses. Pete said they have a couple of bars in there. Howard said his poor mother washes her face with that soap. Pete said nah. Howard said he has to get her in there to tell her that she's doing that.

    Howard said he's going to buy his mom some body wash for Christmas. Howard said his mom is very attractive. Howard asked Christine if he heard about this. Pete said she understands. Howard said tell her what he just said. Pete said he uses the soap to pleasure himself. Howard said he uses that soap to get aroused. Christine said okay. Howard said he's just telling her not to use the soap and get her own bar. She said they'll have to chat after. Howard said at least tell his mom that she can have her own bar of soap. Christine said she doesn't use that soap.

    Howard asked if Christine has ever slipped in his jizz. She said okay. Howard said he'll let her out of this. He said Pete is on the naughty list. He said he's so sorry. He asked if Christine is glad he told her. She said she is.

    Howard said that he must feel guilty about that. He said he's rubbing his balls on the soap. Pete said that it's something you have to do. Howard said he could get his mom pregnant. Pete said that wouldn't happen.

    Howard said he was jerking off in the bathroom and then what. Pete said he was going into the shower and he was hard. He said he was thinking about women and being with them. Shuli said he warms up for 10 minutes before getting into the shower. Howard asked if he sticks a finger up his ass. Pete said sometimes he might. Howard said he strokes his cock with the other one. Pete said he will. He said for the most part he doesn't do the ass thing. He said that's a specialty thing.

    Howard asked if he soaps his finger with the soap. Pete said no. He said he's not sure which bar she uses. Howard said he must soap up his finger. Pete said he does. He said he has a tight ass so he can't get much finger up there.

    Howard asked Pete if he thinks about women he's met or famous women. Pete said he thinks about women he's met. He said he thinks about no one in particular. He said he thinks about one girl in a wheelchair he dated. Howard asked if he thinks about her in the chair or out. Pete said it's sexy in the chair. Howard asked why they didn't like him. Pete said it was crazy to him. He said the girl had an issue. He said that if she had an issue then they should have no issue with him. He said he's not sure what made it more of an issue than what she has. Shuli said they banged a lot too. He said they would meet at hotels. Pete said the sex was awesome. He said she had feeling down there. Pete said she had Cerebral Palsy. Howard said oh wow. Pete said the sex was beautiful. Robin said she's not it was beautiful. Pete said he hasn't been able to talk to her in 5 years.

    Howard wondered why the parents didn't like Pete. He said Pete is a good guy. Pete said he's not sure what the whole problem was. Robin asked if he was there all the time. Pete said he wasn't. He said they were in Pennsylvania. He said he wasn't able to be there all the time.

    Pete said he's very frustrated. He said he has to get laid. Howard asked if he would care if the woman was obese. Pete said not overly obese. Howard asked if he would date someone without a head. Pete said he's not sure about that. Howard asked about a girl with a face transplant. Pete said no to that too. Howard said he's with him. He said it's a hot face but it's crooked. Pete said possibly.

    Shuli asked about a girl who has facial hair. Pete said he could not do that. Howard said how about a girl who just died 10 minutes ago. Pete said no. Howard said that's a good answer. Howard asked about a woman who used to be a guy. Howard said she has a man made vagina. He said there's a transgender on Supergirl. Pete said that he could possibly be with one. Howard said how about a transvestite. Pete said he saw one this weekend. He said he thought it was a woman. He said he looked pretty good. Howard asked if he would bang Caitlyn Jenner. Pete said possibly. He said make a phone call. Fred was laughing and said this is killing him. He asked who the man is in that relationship. Howard said Pete would be.

    Howard said in all seriousness lets say that he sees this woman who is really hot, like Heidi Klum, but then it turns out she has a dick. Pete said he doesn't know about that. He said he's definitely not going to blow him. He said she'd have to blow him. Howard asked if he would jerk her off while he fucks her. Pete said he doesn't know. Pete said he might eat her ass. Howard said it's funny that he'd do that but he has to wash his hands for 15 minutes.

    Howard asked Pete about his penis injury. Pete said he was walking toward the sink and he's hard. He said the thing is huge. Howard asked how big it is. Pete said he's like 8 or 8 and a half. Shuli said it might be bigger than that. He said he showed it to him and he got angry. He said he was like ''Fuck that shit.'' He said he loves showing it off. Pete said he would strip down now if he could but his mom is out there. Howard said she may have left. Howard asked if he wants to show it to Robin. Robin said she's seen it. Fred asked to see it. Pete said no but Fred said he's talking about it like a mythical thing. Howard had him do his thing. Pete went over to Fred and showed him his penis. He was hoping his mother wasn't watching. Howard said she's not watching.

    Shuli told him to just whip it out. Pete took it out and Fred said it's a little shy today. He said it's been spoken about so much and it's not that big. He said it's just okay sized. Howard said his dad is pretty big too. He said he's 95 now. Howard told Fred that was his Christmas bonus. Fred said it was okay flaccid but he doesn't want to see it at full staff. Shuli said that wasn't as big as he's seen it. Howard said that's because when he's home alone with him he's erect.

    JD said he saw him get hard at some even they were at and he was pretty big. Robin said he knows how to chub up so he should do that. Howard said maybe if Shuli talks to him as Tan Mom. Shuli did that and tried talking sexy to him. Pete said it's not working.

    Howard asked Pete how he got injured. Pete said he was on his way to the sink and it's hard. He said he was washing his hands and his dick was getting in the way and it banged into the sink. He said it indented and he got all worried that he had injured it. Howard asked if it wasn't that bad like his shaving incident. Pete said it was. He said he thought it was injured. Howard asked if he called his mom. Pete said he didn't. Shuli said he texted some chick.

    Gary said both Richard and Benjy have offered to come in and tickle his cock to get him hard Howard said that's not right.

    Howard said he has a woman on the phone who is into his cock. He took the call from Chris Wilding again who was doing the voice of a woman for Pete. ''She'' was telling Pete what she was wearing and how she looks like Emily Ratajkowski. Howard asked if Pete is into Kelly. Kelly asked Pete to take his cock out and rub it on the microphone. Howard said he's had enough of that. He said that was a dude by the way.

    Pete said he gets all of this hypersensitivity from that. He said that's what he's got. Shuli said that's all he's got. Pete said that's why he doesn't want to fuck it up. Howard said the CP chick must have loved it. He said maybe that's why her parents didn't want him around.

    Howard said please don't use his mom's soap. Pete said he wont. Howard said she can't be watching out there. Gary said she actually is. Howard asked if Pete has any girls on the horizon. Pete said no. Shuli said he's hoping for a dating game on the show. Pete said they did it once. He said he didn't go out with the girl. Howard said he has to get him laid. Pete said it's been like 4-5 years since the CP girl. Howard said he dated a hot blonde. Pete said that was at the start of the whole thing. He said that was when he started there. Pete said he's thinking after all this time that she was just in there for the 15 minutes. Howard said he was on the show every day back then. Howard said she was real normal. Pete said she was a school teacher. Howard said he was at the height of his fame and powers. Howard said he should give him another shot of being on the air every day and that will get him laid. Howard asked if he'd fuck Tan Mom. Pete said sure, why not.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked to please have Benjy in there to hold his penis. He said he has to see that. Howard asked if Pete would allow that. Pete said he doesn't think so. He said he loves showing it off though. Robin asked where he shows it off. Howard said at the library. Pete said he goes to a gym and he loves showing it off.

    Howard asked if Medicated Pete wants to show it off to Richard. Pete said he's not sure. Richard came right in. He said that he'll sword fight with him right now. Howard said he's not sure they want that. Richard showed off his cock but Howard told him to put that thing away. Richard asked to see Pete's cock. Howard told him to save that for Cocktober.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he guarantees that Pete is getting his dick sucked at the gym. Pete said he's not. He said he wants a girl. The caller said he's not saying that he's gay but he likes going into the sauna. Pete said he just likes showing off his cock. Howard said maybe he should go to a nudist colony. Pete said he likes showing off his dick to guys and girls. He said the gym is in Red Bank where he lives. He said he walks around in there every day for 15-20 minutes. Robin asked if they have naked swimming in the pool. Pete said he wishes they did.

    Howard asked if Pete ever goes to a nudist beach. Pete said he has thought about it. He said he was going to go this past summer. Howard said you can't pop a rod though. He said that's a no-no. Pete said it's a state park and the rangers will kick him out. Howard said you have to act like you're not looking at anyone.

    Howard asked Pete if he can control it. Pete said he's not sure. Howard said he has to jerk off before going. Shuli said his day would be over because it takes so long.

    Pete was trying to come up with the name of a girl he jerks off to. He was thinking of Rachel McAdams but he wasn't able to come up with the name. Howard had to figure it out.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn and asked if Pete would bang her. Pete said why not. Mariann said Pete is one of the nicest guys out there. She said that she wanted him to do something with his plight in schools. She said look how far he's come. She said there has to be someone out there who will give him a break. Mariann said Howard has 238 more shows left. She screamed that so Howard hung up on her.

    Pete said he has to get an EKG once a month. He said he's a hypochondriac. Howard said he has had enough of this. He said they found out Pete is in love with his bar of soap. He asked what brand it is. Pete said he loves Dove soap. Howard asked if he aims his cum in the drain. Pete said he does. Howard said that way his mom doesn't slip on it.

    Howard asked if that's it. Pete said he's looking for sex. Howard said okay. He said this was a complete waste of time. He played a Medicated Pete song parody.

    Howard took a call from Ralph Cirella who asked if he runs around the gym naked an no one makes a move on him. Pete said they actually do. He said that he's not into guys though. He said he has a towel and he moves it around. He said he's constantly moving it around. He said he just likes showing it off. Howard said he opens and closes it. Pete said he likes giving a show. Howard asked if he gets hard. Pete said he does. He said he likes showing it off. Howard asked if it feels good. Pete said he likes showing it off. Pete said yeah, right. Ralph asked if he ever lets a guy touch it at all. Pete said no. He said guys tell him they like it. Shuli said that guys never say anything to him but he thinks they like it. Pete said he can just tell. Shuli asked if anyone has said anything to him about his penis. Pete said they tell him it's nice.

    Howard asked Ralph what's going on here. Ralph said he thinks he likes showing it off and he thinks he messes around and he thinks it's not gay because he's not finishing. Pete said he loves the compliments. He said he's flattered about it. Ralph said he can just admit it if there are guys touching it. Pete said they're not and he's just showing it off. Howard said he could do this all day. Pete asked why hold it back if you have something going. Ralph said think about the big thrill they'd get by touching it.

    Shuli asked if he had the choice of showing it off in a girls or boys locker room which would it be. Pete said it would be the girls. Shuli said he was just making sure.

    Ralph asked if there are other guys showing off in there too. Pete said he thinks so. He said he can tell. Howard asked what makes his penis so nice. Pete said it's overall presentation. He said that's what he's been told. Howard said he has to get to news.

    Howard asked if he manscapes. Pete said he does. He said he has some hair down there. Shuli asked if he uses a razor down there. Pete said he does. Shuli said that's crazy with the ticks he has. Howard said go down to Jersey to see his cock if you want. Pete said that Ralph can come check it out. Ralph said he wishes he could go in there and see what actually happens.

    Howard asked if Pete would date a guy who looked like a girl. Pete said he probably would. Ralph asked if he would let a really pretty guy touch him at the gym. Pete said it depends. Howard said the more this goes on the gayer it gets. Howard asked Pete who he thinks is a pretty man. Pete said he likes John Stamos. He said he's the kind of guy you'd like to hang out with. Howard said he's the kind of guy you want to hang out with and show your cock to. Howard said he'd get Stamos in there to touch his cock but he's a dad now so he can't.

    Howard asked Benjy why he wanted to come in there and touch his cock. Benjy said it is impressive. He said he was thinking that it was a nice cock when Fred was checking it out. He said he's impressed by it. He said he thought it would be funny to touch it. He didn't want to do it alone though. He said if Pete pulls his pants down he'll blow on it to see if he can get it hard. Howard said he's a genius. <>Howard asked Pete if he's interested in that. Gary said he wants to see this so bad. Howard said Richard said he would help. Howard asked what the contest is. Benjy said they'll blow on his cock to see if they can get it hard. Howard asked if Richard is going to help. He said maybe he can go first and then Richard can go. Robin said Pete is sweating. She said his shirt is completely wet.

    Pete asked if he looks out of shape. Howard said not at all. He said he doesn't look fat. Benjy said he looks like he works out. Pete said that's another one of his things. Howard said he has to get to news at some point so hurry up.

    Howard had Benjy and Richard do this thing. They went over to Pete and Benjy told him to think about something sexy. Then he blew on his cock. Ralph was cracking up. Howard and Robin were laughing too. Benjy started blowing faster and harder. Pete said the air feels good. Richard got down there and did his thing. Howard said Pete's mom is out in the lobby waiting for him. They were blowing like crazy like they were blowing up a balloon. Howard said they've started a fire. Richard said his pubes are blowing off. Benjy said it's getting bigger. Richard said it is. Howard said he's had enough of this. He said this it he weirdest thing he's ever seen. He said what a show.

    Howard said Benjy is going to pass out. Benjy said he's fine. He said the middle got bigger than the head. He said look at his pants now. Pete said that was interesting. Howard said Fred just came. Gary said the best part was Benjy trying to get up after that. He said he was light headed.

    Howard thanked Pete for sharing his story. Benjy said Pete could get laid. He said just tell every woman that you're Medicated Pete and you'd like to have sex with them. Howard said he'll get arrested for that. Howard cut them off and took a call from a guy who said this is the gayest this show has ever been. Howard said he's not sure how they got to this point. He said now they know Pete is gay and Ralph is gay. Howard said they did a great segment his morning and then Benjy is blowing on someone's cock. He said this wasn't what he wanted to do.

    Howard asked Pete if he wanted to do a song on his way out. Fred had started playing ''Purple Rain'' so Pete sang that. Pete sang and Fred played a woman gagging on a cock sound clip. Howard said he has to get to commercials. Howard tried saying goodbye. Pete kept saying goodbye.

    Howard said that was something. He did a live commercial read and went to break after that.


  • Staff Holiday Party Talk. 12/14/18. 8:05am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked to the guys about their upcoming holiday party. Here's my rundown:

    Memet Losing Sleep Over The Staff Christmas Party. 12/12/18. 7:00am
    Howard started the show talking about how nice that holiday music is. He said Rob Zombie's original composition being done Christmas style. He said there you go. He said he let that play all the way through because he felt people were liking it. Robin said it put her in the holiday spirit. Howard said this is their Christmas week because they're gone the rest of the year. He said Merry Christmas everybody. He said on Monday on their channels they'll have the best of 2018. He said on 100 they have the best interviews and on 101 they have the best of everything else.

    Robin asked if Howard thinks there are some interviews that are left out. Howard said they're whatever they consider to be the best of the year. Robin said she's sure there are people who will wonder why they were left out. Howard said they didn't leave anyone out.

    Howard said there's so much Christmas stuff going on. He said he has a meeting before the show for at least 40 minutes. He said they review what they want to do with the show. He said in the middle of the meeting Jason says to him that Memet is very nervous about sitting down at the table with him at the Christmas party. He said he forgot all about that. Robin asked why he can't just come over and introduce his girlfriend. Howard said he wishes Memet could feel his pain. He said he's been doing this for so long. He said he just wants to hang out and have some nice conversation before going home. He said Memet is all nervous about it. He said he's just going to call it off.

    Howard asked where Memet is. He said Robin better help him with this. He said he doesn't want to sit there alone with Memet and his girlfriend. Memet came in and said he's really tired. He said he doesn't' want to screw things up and do it wrong. Howard said he's making too much of this. He said just come over and say hello. He said even when they're mingling he can do it. He said don't worry about it.

    Howard said you sit down at the table and he had no one sitting with him. He said he had to ask Shuli to come over. Howard said if Memet wants to introduce his girlfriend then come over and say hi. He said that's all there is to it. Memet asked what changed. Howard said nothing changed. He said just come over and sit down.

    Howard had notes about this. He read that Memet has had his stomach in knots over this the whole time since they said they were going to sit with him. Howard had Memet do a practice run. Memet introduced his girlfriend Mary. Then he had nothing to say. He said that she'll be the one talking. Howard said he'll bring up the tittie dress if he wants. Memet said there's no reason for that. Howard said he can ask her about her job and tell her when she has a nip slip.

    Memet said he doesn't want people to be mean to her. Howard asked who is going to be mean to her. Memet said the usual suspects. He said he could see Gary maybe not being nice to her because he was being braggadocios about her. Howard said that's ridiculous. Gary said he's crazy thinking that he'd be rude to a stranger because of him. He said he's going to be nicer to her because of him.

    Robin said he looks terrible today. Memet said he was up last night doing cards so he was up late. Howard said he likes Memet and he works there because of that. Howard said he gets reports on everyone there. He said it's not just Memet. He said he'd be happy to sit with him and talk to him but it's not a big deal. He said he's happy to see them at this party. He said he wants to thank them for being there and being supportive.

    Memet said he'll try to be supportive and try to get a nap too. Robin said the problem is when people want too much attention paid to them. Robin said he's going to fuck up because he thinks it's something difficult.

    Howard asked if it's true he was thinking about where to sit so he can get to him quickly. Memet said not at all. He said everyone was giving him advice on all of that. Howard said he's going to go to the Sushi bar and get something to load up on. He said then people can come over and say hi. He said he'll ask Ralph to move over.

    Memet said he was thinking about taking his girl to the party and he wants to introduce her to the boss. He said he's afraid he's going to say ''not now.'' Howard said he's not going to do that to him. He said this party is for the guys who work on the show and he'll be there to talk. Robin said he can come over and say something to be introduced to people like Jim Meyer.

    Howard had Memet's inner voice on the phone. He picked up and the inner voice was going on and on with the questions going on in Memet's head.

    Howard said if this is going to make him crazy then he can call it off. Memet said he'll just stop by for a minute. Howard said he can stop by for as long as they want. He said it's just whatever.

    Howard asked Memet what the t-shirt is he has on. Memet said it says ''Turn in your weapons and your government will protect you.'' He said it has an American Indian on it. Howard said he's all for that.

    Howard said Memet isn't all that young anymore. Memet said he's 31. He said he knows how to talk to people. Howard said he was 10 years in the business at that age. He said he heard about him getting all nervous. He said he heard he's going to wait to get high until after he's done talking to him. He said that's good. Memet said he will never do that before sitting with him. Howard said he's putting a lot of thought into this. Memet said he's his boss.

    Howard said he saw that he took a picture with Macaulay Culkin and he got all nervous about that. Memet said he was star struck and wasn't able to talk. He said he was the biggest thing as a kid. He said his girlfriend asked for the picture. He said he would have said no to him. Memet said she likes talking to people and everyone likes her so he's glad she's coming tonight.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked when Howard's world started revolving around Memet. Memet said it doesn't. Howard said he just told him to come talk to him as a buddy. The caller said he's doing well on the show and he doesn't have that self confidence. Memet said he just wanted to do it the right way. Howard said they just sit around have some meals and drinks and go home. He said it's simple.

    Howard said he's not the boogy man. He said he can come over and talk. He said any time he wants to come over he can do it. He said he doesn't have to worry about it. He said if Jim Meyer is there talking to him he'll tell him to shut the fuck up so he can talk to Memet.

    Howard said any time he wants to come over he can come over. Memet was asking for specifics. Howard said he can come over any time. Memet asked if he's at the front door when he comes in is that his time. Howard said no. He said that's his way working over to the buffet. Robin asked if he's worried about how to first greet him. Memet said he'll just wave. Howard said he'll tap his fork 3 times. He said just come over and talk. Memet said he knows he'll figure out the wrong time. Howard said he's going to tell him to get the fuck away from him.

    Howard said whenever Memet wants to come over he can come over. Memet said he's making it much better. Robin said that's unless he's talking to Fred. Howard said no, he can interrupt that. Memet said it kind so sucks Ronnie won't be there. Robin said she didn't know he wasn't going to be there at all today. She said she was saying goodbye to him yesterday and realized that he won't be there.

    Howard said Sal will pick up the slack. Robin said he's been kind of a dud the past couple of years. Howard said his wife won't be there this year so he might be a little less of a dud. Howard said Beth has to stop at some charity thing on the way to the party. He said that he asked her not to do that to him. Memet said he's nervous to meet her too. Howard said she's the nicest person in the world. He said even if she thinks he's an asshole it won't change anything at work.

    Howard said he sees that Richard's wife isn't coming either. He said that she can find a babysitter for Wing Bowl but not this. He said he spends a fortune on this party and now she can't come. He said Sal's wife can't come and Richard's wife can't come. He asked if Fred's wife is coming. Fred said she is.

    Howard said he even put meat back on the menu for Jon Hein who is a big baby. Howard said then he hears that Sal and Richard's wives aren't coming. He said he's paying all of this money no matter who shows up. Gary said Sal's son is in a major concert at school. Howard said who cares. Gary said that Benjy would like to come in and explain to him that the format isn't correct. Howard said fuck him. He said this is a guy who does nothing for anyone. He said he's not talking to that blobby face.

    Memet said they know a year ahead of time when the party is. Howard asked why he's wasting this money on the party if they're not going to come. Howard asked why Richard and his wife can't get there. He said he and his wife love to drink. He said if it's a drag then please save him the dough. Howard said this party is just way too expensive. He said they close down the whole restaurant.

    Benjy came in and Howard said he's looking for trouble. He said he'll tell him right now that it's free booze and food and they get to hang out. Benjy asked why it's a drag to him. Howard said it's a drag when their wives don't show up. Benjy said it's sweet that he does that. He said it's a nice gesture. Howard told him to get to it quickly. Benjy said it's way too loud and it's hard to talk. He said it was better last year but it's still loud. Howard said he agrees about that. He said he's not sure why it's so noisy. Howard said that he can agree with.

    Howard asked why he's spending all of this money if the spouses aren't going to show up. He said he's sensitive to the fact that they have partners and the wives should be included. He said his mom was insulted that her dad's company didn't have the spouses. He said he's sensitive to that. Howard said he's sensitive to the fact that Memet has a girlfriend and that Benjy doesn't.

    Gary said that he has to listen to him for a second. Howard said this makes him think that this party is a drag. Gary said the sentiment in the back office is that they don't want Benjy to fuck this up for everyone. Howard said he's annoying him so get out.

    Howard said he doesn't want this to be obligatory. He said he's doing it as a nice thing for them. Benjy said the party is always noisy. Howard said lets not have it then. Benjy said he would rather not show up if there were no ramifications. He said it's not really that fun. Howard said this is the last year for the party thanks to Benjy. He said if it's not fun and it's an obligation then he's not going to do it anymore. Gary tried to say something but Howard kept going. Gary said as Benjy was speaking there were people yelling out ''No! No!'' in the back. Howard said they never get to hang so he got everyone out there to this lavish meal. He said they have all of their favorites there. Robin said they get to speak to everyone and hang out. She said she would love to see a real conversation with Benjy but he doesn't have any. She said she's never had one with him.

    Jason came in and said that Richard is an asshole with this stuff. He said that he's not sure why his wife won't be there. Howard said he pays a lot of money for that party so everyone can come. He said he's not sure why he's paying for all of this if his wife isn't coming. Jason said if it was a football game then they'd find someone to watch the baby.

    Jason said the party may not be fun for Benjy but it is for everyone else. He said last year they had to wear name tags because of Benjy. He said he tries to ruin it every year for them. Jason said he cheered when he heard the meat was back this year. Howard said they'll have that for everyone. Jason said the meat at that party is so good. He said it melts in your mouth. Howard said he's doing what he can for the staff.

    Howard took a call from the Hulk who said ''fuck Benjy'' who doesn't speak for Hulk. He said he has to get loaded and eat shrimp.

    Howard said if this party isn't that fun then why do it. Robin said it is fun for some. Howard said JD just said he doesn't care if he cancels the party. JD said he's not a party guy himself. Howard said he goes out to dinner with Ronnie and the guys. JD said those are stressful for him too. Memet asked if he leaves the party thinking he didn't have fun. JD said no. He said just leaving his house is hard for him. Howard said this is the last year for the party.

    Howard asked Richard why his wife isn't coming. Richard said his wife's mom can't make it to watch the baby. He said they don't use babysitters. He said they have her mom watch their son. Howard asked how they manage to get someone for the baby when they have a football game. Richard said they plan all of that and they planed all of this. He said that he can't make it. Howard said get a doggy bag so he can bring some home to her. Howard said everyone gets a babysitter for their kid. Richard said not them. He said Carson is the second coming for them.

    Howard asked if Richard shit his pants today. Richard said he might have. Howard said he walked into the morning meeting saying he may have shit his pants. He said he didn't even know. He said he's 43 years old. Richard said he didn't want to miss the meeting. He said he wanted to wait to check. He said he was waiting for the train to pull in and he farted when the train came in. He said he pushed a little hard and he might have shit his pants. Howard told Richard to check it. Richard said he may not have. He said it feels wet but it might be sweat.

    Howard had Benjy check him. Richard pulled his pants down and farted on Benjy when he looked. Benjy said it looks like he has a clit down there. Howard said it's probably a hemorrhoid.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he has a Christmas party the same time of the year. He said they had the party on Saturday and he spends maybe 2,500 bucks on it. Howard said he wishes that's all his was. The caller said that he had 25 people not show up. He said Howard shouldn't have it if they don't appreciate it.

    Howard said he tries to do this thing so they can all enjoy it. Howard asked Richard how he can't have a babysitter. Richard said they don't trust anyone around. He said they don't have a friend who could watch him. The caller said when they don't show up you don't invite them next year.

    Howard said Jason's wife worked at a nursery school for years and Richard won't let her watch the kid. Howard asked what's wrong with her. Richard said his wife's mom watches their son and that's it. Howard said he doesn't get that. Richard said he thinks Jason's wife hasn't shown up before. Jason said one year out of 10 she didn't make it because she had a concert to perform in.

    Howard said Richard is bizarre. He said if you care that much about your kid then give up drinking. Richard said he's pretty much given it up. Robin told him to be quiet. Robin said that one of the worst influences on that kid is Richard. Richard said Robin knows a lot about kids. Robin said she was a pediatric nurse. She said she knows plenty. Richard said he knows a lot about diapers.

    Benjy said he knows how to solve this. Howard said he already has. The caller said he's going to give his 2500 to St. Judes instead of having a party. Howard said good.

    Benjy said that he could solve this by having 5 minutes for every person. Howard said that's not how you do it. Will came in and said Benjy is a fucking moron. Will said all they do is work all the time. He said they bust their ass there. He said it's one time a year they get together and let loose. He said now Benjy is talking about wanting face time with Howard. He said don't come to the party then. Benjy said most people don't get face time with Howard. Howard said they do too. He said he sees Benjy sitting there not getting off his fat ass to talk to him. Benjy said he does too. Will said Benjy comes there looking to get people to notice him. Will said for him it's getting together to celebrate the year. He said it's all about getting to Howard for Benjy. Howard said that he's yelling and it's upsetting him. Howard said next year Benjy can have a party at a bar. Howard thanked him for coming in. He said how about showing up for a meeting once in a while. He said that would make him happy.

    Benjy said Howard wants to leave as soon as he gets there. Howard said he loves the guys who work there. He said he wants to do something nice for them. He said they do it together there. He said that was the concept of the party. He said he wants to honor these guys and their partners and wives. He said they're part of what they do too. He said it stresses him that they don't come to the party after he sets it up. Benjy said it's not honoring them when he gets upset that they don't come. Robin said all he does is picks things apart. Howard asked about Memet. Benjy's said Howard gave good advice a coupe of years ago. He said you focus on making it fun for everyone else there. Robin said he certainly did that today.

    Gary said Richard may be back there crying. Howard said stop it. He said he's a maniac. He told him to get in there and cry. Richard came back in and said he did get pretty emotional. He said Jason was really nice to come up and tell him that he didn't know he was that upset about what he said. He said when it comes to their son he can't even talk about it. He said they love their son so much. Will said more than other parents apparently. Howard said he didn't love his kids because he had babysitters? Richard said he didn't say that. He said he and his wife would be worrying about their son the whole time if they had a babysitter. Howard said you have to trust a couple of people. Richard said they've heard so many horror stories about nannies and stuff. Richard said their son loves his mom so much. Howard said this is going to be some party.

    Howard asked Will if he leaves his kids with a babysitter. Will said sure. Howard said the kid fell out of a window. Will said the kid was with mom that time.

    Howard asked if Richard is going to keep the kid at home instead of going to school. Richard said they might home school him. Will said Richard still gets black out drunk once in a while. Richard said don't anymore. Howard said he thinks this kid should be raised feral. He asked what if the teacher hits him or something. Richard said they might home school him. Howard said don't let him go to other kid's houses either. He said that's life when things happen. Howard said don't teach him to swim because he might drown. Richard said these are all hypothetical's.

    Will said that he asked Benjy to come to his wedding and he asked if there were going to be hot chicks there. He said he would only come if there were hot chicks there. Benjy said he was getting to bed at 9 back then and that's why he didn't go.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that Benjy doesn't speak for the masses. He said that Memet has to relax too. Howard said he's a fucking asshole who got into radio. He said he's not sure why anyone is intimidated by him. The caller said it's a party so just go there and relax. Howard said that's all he wanted. He said if he's going to rent the whole restaurant and people aren't going to show up then he's not sure why he's doing it.

    Howard said Richard is sitting there eating the shit wings at some bar but he can't get his wife to the party. Howard said he heard that Richard wants to be at JD and Jon Hein's table. Richard said that's the table that Howard called the cool table. Howard said he said that sarcastically. He said Sal's wife can't make it to the party either. He said he's done with the party.

    Howard took a call from Richard's grown son from the future. Future Carson said he's like a veal and he's never seen the sun. He said they taught him everything he knows. He said he loves beer and he has only seen these four walls. He said he never has babysitters because they kill.

    Howard said he has to take a break. He said Richard was crying but he should have done it on the air. Howard said he can't believe that Will had a babysitter for his kid. Will said he'd give that kid to anyone.

    Richard said he won't drink too much this year. Howard said this is the time to drink. He said he has an open bar. Howard said this party is weird. He said he's not the principal. He said you do what you want. Richard said he thinks they have audio of him farting and worrying about it this morning. They played the fart but Howard just moved on without even commenting on it.

    Howard said they get on a train for 5 days to go to a haunted house but they can't find someone to watch the kid for one night. Howard said that's life. He said this fucking guy who went to a hotel to get tucked in by elves. He said he found a way to do that. Howard said they can't leave their baby with anyone. Robin asked who this baby is going to grow up to be. Howard said he'll save the planet some day. Howard said 20 years from now he's not even talking to Richard. He said he'll move to the West Coast to be away from his dad. Howard said his dad just shit his pants getting on the train.

    Howard said he wants to talk about the song Robin recorded after the break. He said he wants to tell people who Robin did the song with. He said he has to wait. He did a live commercial read and went to break.


  • Robin's Singing. 12/14/18. 9:10am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Robin revealed she's retiring from singing on the show. Here's my rundown:

    Robin's Retirement From Singing. 12/11/18. 7:00am
    They started the show with a special Christmas version of ''Great American Nightmare.'' Howard started the show talking about how he loves the Christmas music. He let the song play for a little bit. He said Rob Zombie originally wrote that as a Christmas song.

    Howard said he has a big announcement to make. He said they're going to have High Pitch Erik find out if he's gay today. He said they'll have a lie detector test. He said they'll also have an extra special show tomorrow. He said they're going to have their biggest Christmas gift yet. He said their own Robin Quivers will world premiere her new song where she has a duet with a superstar. He said you will be shocked by who she's in the song with. He said she's being taken seriously now. He said that will happen tomorrow. He said he's going to keep that a bit of a secret. Robin said she's retiring after this and she won't be singing anymore. Howard said she will sing again. Robin said this is her swan song. She said she's not enjoying it. She said she was loving it but her producers and her aren't getting along anymore. She said there was no fight but they have a vision that's not her's so they're having creative differences.

    Howard said this doesn't sound like the evolved Robin. Robin said she may have to find some new producers. Robin said this is the new Robin. She said she doesn't enjoy the process. She said she was blaming it on her personal irritation that day but she also thinks that this isn't what she signed on for. Howard said he didn't know she had a philosophy about that. Robin said of course she did.

    Howard said this is a diva moment for her. Robin said this isn't her first. Howard said he's shocked. He said this sounds like he has to unravel this and find out what was going on. Robin said that person had nothing to do with it. Howard said wow. He said she's retiring over that experience. He said he wants to hear more about it but he'll wait until tomorrow. Howard said the international superstar may have found the same thing.

    Howard said they're going to find out if High Pitch Erik is gay today. He said the only confusion seems to be coming from Erik. Howard said that he spoke to Robin's producer and he thought things went great. Robin said that's a problem. She said here was no time to say anything. Fred asked if it was the material. Howard said according to the producer Robin was laughing the whole time. Robin said she was laughing because it was so ridiculous. Howard asked Robin if she's unraveling like Sinead O'Connor. Robin said when she rips up a picture of the Pope you can say that.

    Howard asked if it was the choice of song. Robin said no. She said when she goes into the studio it's usually her idea. She said that wasn't the case this time. She said the fact that there was so much direction is the problem. She said it wasn't something she was doing, it was something they thought she should do. Howard said he was told it was jovial in there. Robin said she just wanted to get in and get out of there because she was in a rush.

    Gary said he's kind of bummed about this. He said he had no idea she didn't want to do it. Robin said you don't want to do everything that they want you to do. She said that's what it is. Howard said it's like Phil Specter. He asked if there were any #MeToo moments in this. Robin said no. Howard said this is what happens in the music industry. He said if she's not handled the proper way it can go horribly wrong. Robin said they've lost a bunch of people that way.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said they have to keep Robin singing. He said this is worse than when the Jonas Brothers broke up. Howard said they'll have to talk about it tomorrow. He said they'll talk to the superstar and Robin. The caller asked Robin to please just keep singing. Robin said what did it was hearing herself singing Cocaine. She said that was just something she did. She said no one could tell her to do that.

    Howard said how about they tell them not to give her direction. Robin said she doesn't want to suppress anyone. Robin said that Sinatra hated ''Strangers in the Night'' but it was one of his biggest hits. Robin said it could turn out very well but she'll never like it. Howard said she might be her own worst enemy. Robin said she can sing for herself. Howard said he thinks there was a lot of pressure in this situation. He said that your mind is going to be blown when you find out who she was singing with. He said there was a lot of pressure in this.

    Howard said he's going to say something to Robin. He said it was her mother who told her not to sing and now she's going to let her win. Robin said she will always sing for herself. Howard said he's mystified. He said tomorrow they'll talk more about it. He said Robin did the right thing by telling him about this. He said you have to be bold and make your statement.

    Howard said he thinks that the superstar has experienced this too. He said that this is going to be a very interesting show.

    Phone Calls And Email. 12/11/18. 7:15am
    Howard said High Pitch Erik showed up extra early this morning. He said they have a lot to talk to him about today. He said his weight has been going up since his stomach stapling so they have to talk about that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he wanted to congratulate Fred for not fucking up the show this morning. Howard said he got a lot of email about yesterday's show where he went off on Fred about that. He said he thinks Fred needs some discipline once in a while. He said they didn't hear any screw ups this morning.

    Howard found some of the email and people were going off on him about how he treated Fred. He said people were taking it out on him for Fred's screw up. Howard had a few about how grouchy he was at the start of the show. Howard said he's sorry if he upset Fred but he heard that keyboard clicking and had to find out who it was.

    Howard said they're moments away from finding out if High Pitch Erik is gay. He said he's sure he's looking forward to finding out for sure.

    Howard took a call from Little Mikey who said he wants to be Robin's producer. He said he has a studio in his room. Robin said now she has to go to his room. Howard said he'll put that out to Robin in a private manner. Howard said Mikey is killing it with his songs. Mikey said he sent in a few for Christmas. Howard asked if they have any of those ready. Gary said they don't have it yet. Howard said hurry up. He said they only have one more show before Christmas.

    Howard took a call from Jeff the Vomit Guy who said that more women should come forward and vomit like Amy Schumer. Howard said she's pregnant and she puts out video of her vomiting. He said he's a little shocked by it. He said he's not sure what she's saying. Robin said people over share these days and that's what she's doing. Jeff said maybe she's doing it to turn him on. He said she thought it was doing it for his purposes. He said he has jerked off to that video. Howard said he's going to throw up from Jeff. He said he has to go.

    Robin asked if his vomit friends are excited by it. Jeff said he certainly was. He was going into a long explanation so Howard cut him off and played the audio of Amy vomiting. Howard asked if Jeff likes that. Jeff said he does. Howard played another clip of Amy vomiting in a public bathroom. Howard said ''Holy mackerel.'' He said he just hit the jackpot. Jeff said he wouldn't mind being under her while she's doing that. Howard asked if that's like the holy grail for him. Jeff said yes because that's someone willing to come forward and sharing something like that. Howard asked if the vomit community is going crazy over that. Jeff said he can speak for himself and say yes.

    Howard said Jeff is a vomit community all in his own. Howard said he's not sure how you talk to this guy. He had hung up on him by that point. Howard said that guy nauseates him. He said he's fascinated by him too though. He said he gets excited by someone vomiting on him.

    Howard said Jeff cut a vomit tips for Kwanzaa bit but he's not sure he wants to hear it. He played it anyway. Jeff had some tips for this vomiting thing. Howard said it's not even funny. Robin was laughing. She said he's hysterical.

    New Phony Phone Call And Fake Sarah Sanders. 12/11/18. 7:25am
    Howard said before he gets into the lie detector test he should play a phony phone call. He said this is a Jack and Rod Show bit where they have a rabbi on with fake Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Howard played the bit that Sal and Richard did where they spoke to this Rabbi talking about Hanukkah and then Sarah calls in and argues about Christmas being the better holiday. The rabbi said he wanted to end the conversation but Sarah went on and on about Christmas. He stayed on the line to argue for a couple of minutes.

    Howard said that was something. He said you know you can't win an argument with Sarah Sanders. He said he was trying but it's very difficult. He said she drowned him out with her Christmas songs. Howard said that was a real Rabbi but not the real Sarah. He said it certainly sounded like her.

    Howard had another bit to play. It was a ''Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sings Christmas Songs'' commercial parody.

    Howard said there you go. He said that was a good one. He said she's not going to retire from singing. He said she didn't have a problem with Robin's producer.

    Howard had fake Sarah on the phone so he spent a little time talking to her about Christmas. She was on for a minute or so before Howard let her go.

    Howard said he thinks it's time to move on to High Pitch Erik. Robin wondered if he'll be able to answer the questions. Howard said they will find out right after these words. They went to break after that. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Miley Cyrus. 12/14/18. 10:00am
    Next on today's replay show they played the Miley Cyrus interview from this week. Here's my rundown:

    Miley Cyrus Visits To Debut Her Duet With Robin. 12/12/18. 8:30am
    After the break they played a ''Delusional Singer Syndrome'' commercial parody about Sal's singing. They played a phony phone call the guys made to a guy with Bigfoot trying to get a job as Santa. They played Marvin Gaye's ''Let's Get It On'' with Beetlejuice singing along as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he has Miley Cyrus there. He said he's very excited. Robin was singing along to the Marvin Gaye song. She said she will continue to do things like that. Howard said Miley is there and she's very busy with Saturday Night Live and other things. He said that he was promoting her as an international recording star. Miley said thank you very much. Howard said it was very nice of her to do the song with Robin. Miley said it was an honor and a privilege. She said she did a song with George Clooney and Bill Murray and that was great. She said Rick Ross was supposed to be playing Santa but he never showed up. She said they were Santa-less. She said that they did the song and had fun doing that.

    Howard asked if she likes recording songs like that. Miley said she prefers working with Robin who just goes right for it without warming up. Howard said Robin was intimidated a bit with Miley. He said that she took 20 minutes to do the song. Miley said she was doing amazing ad libs and things. She said that is the meaning of soul and she didn't worry about anything. Robins said Howard often asks how many takes it takes and she says it's just one.

    Howard asked Miley about doing the duet with Elton John. He said he watches that frequently. Miley laughed thinking about that. Howard said he really does that. He said he's also into this new video she has out. He said you can see her ass in the video. Miley said you can use that to your advantage. She said it makes people watch the video. She said you lure them in with the ass. She said she always uses the ass. Howard said that's what got him but the song was good too. Miley said they flew to Ukraine to do the video. She said they work hard over there. Miley said they got to do it for real instead of CGI. She said everything is so fake now and they were able to do all of this stuff where they shut down roads and bridges. She said they had some stuff drawn up for the video and they had an ass shot and they had to do it. She said her ass was freed. Howard said he likes this song a lot too.

    Howard said he likes this new song (Nothing Breaks Like a Heart) with Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus. He said he's going to be working with Mark soon. Miley said she heard that from Mark. Howard asked why it's ''featuring'' Miley. Miley said that she went in and wrote this in a couple hours and she was gone. She said the night before it released he was still in there perfecting it. She said he had some ideas for the song. She said she wrote the verses and she made it more authentic. She said that it has a country root and some disco feel to it. Howard asked if this is what she's doing on Saturday Night Live. She said they are. She said they have Sean Lennon there with her too. She said it's goose bumps all over the place with the song.

    Howard said he always hears that Sean is a musician but to see him with her on Saturday Night Live is fantastic. He asked how that came about. Miley said she did an album with the Flaming Lips and he's close with them. She said they did a song with Yoko. She said he sings on that and he sounds like his father. She said that makes it hurt in the best way. She said that it's just so true to where they are now when they sing that.

    Howard asked Miley about her house burning down in the fires in California. Miley said she hasn't had time to think about it. She said she hasn't gone back there yet. She said she was traveling at the time. She said she was in Ukraine and filming in South Africa. Howard asked if she's filming Black Mirror there. Miley shook her head but said she can't say what she was doing out there. She said that she's got a lot of lawsuits so she's trying to avoid one. She said that she has been sued over so many of her songs and things. Howard said it costs a fortune to fight that too. He said that has to be a bummer. Miley said she came home and her mom threw her a party. She said she didn't want to be distraught over her house. She said she didn't want to see it for her birthday. Howard asked how her mom is doing. Miley said she's great. She said to say hello. Howard said she still looks great. He said she looks like she could be her sister. Miley said she knows and it's depressing. She said that her sister went out with her and some guy was hitting on her. She said that it helps a lot though. She said her mom would get things done for her so it helped. She said her mom stood up for her and almost punched someone for her. She said the DJ said the phones don't light up for her like they do with the Jonas Brothers. Miley said her mom almost jumped over and punched the guy.

    Howard said Miley was crediting her mom with getting her back into smoking weed. Miley said she did. She said that in an interview and her mom got on her about that. Howard said she was trying to get off of it and then her mom got her back into it. Miley said her mom was having fun and partying with it and she was having more fun than she was. She said she was so funny and laughing and it looked fun.

    Howard asked if it was a big deal when she got back into it. Miley said it wasn't a big deal. She said it's like riding a bike. She said she used to smoke weed and go sky diving. She said she could never do that again. Howard said she sky dived? She said she did one time. She said she had a reporter smoke weed and jump out of an airplane to torture him. She said she agreed to do that interview based on being able to do that with him.

    Miley said that you do the sky dive and you can't believe you did it when you land. She said when you have the chute pulled it's really jarring. She said she kind of fell when she landed. She said the guy fell on top of her. She said that was the worst part. Howard asked if she was thinking she could die. Miley said she was saying some crazy stuff up there. She said you think about a lot when you're falling. She said that she was quoting a bunch of weird stuff falling. She said she got too deep.

    Howard asked Miley about her house burning down and how she gave half a million dollars to help people rebuild their homes. Miley said that there are a lot of people who live there who don't have a lot of money. She said that some of those houses are a lot older and they pass them along for generations. She said there are a lot of locals. She said they're all displaced now and it's the holidays. Miley said she's lucky that the schools made it through the fires. She said she wanted to make sure the kids had a normal life and they can keep going and seeing their friends every day.

    Howard said she has 7 dogs and some horses. She said she has 2. She said she has some pigs and 3 cats. Howard asked what happened with them during the fire. Miley said her boyfriend, Liam, is so great. She said that she learned that this is why you pair up. She said that he put two pigs in crates and took them out in crates. She said he was able to save them all. She said she was glad she wasn't there because you think it's a crying wolf when you hear about a fire out there. She said she felt she got this sense of community and relationship from this. She said she doesn't have that a lot. She said she feels more connected to humanity now.

    Howard said that the good part is that at least she was affected as everyone else. She said she was. She said you have to remember that when you're in this industry. She said she's been lucky to have her mom there for her. She said that she would protect her from people. She said she was always right about those people.

    Howard asked when she gets to see her boyfriend. Miley said that it's tough. She said they're both very busy. She said that things are tough out in Malibu right now. Howard said it has to be tough losing all of those things in the house. Miley said she had her song writing book in the house. She said she lost that. Howard asked why her man didn't save that. Miley said he saved his camera and his laptop. She said they do have a lot saved on the computer. She said that he saved her cats too even though one of them ran away. She said that he was able to save both. She said he got a lot of action from that. Howard asked how that works. Miley said that's what Facetime is for when they're not together. She said that she went home to have sex with him too though.

    Howard asked if she has ever thought about taking a year off and just banging and having some time off with the animals. Miley said she has taken time off but it's maybe 2 months. She said she has an amazing life. She said they have to have Howard over if he's ever out there. She said they have an amazing chef. She said Liam can eat and eat and he gets more ripped. She said it's not fair. She said he will wake up not being able to open her eyes from eating too much salt. She the brothers can run for miles and not be out of breath. She said that she went on a bike ride with him and this woman who looked 104 went flying by her.

    Howard said she has to be in shape for her videos. Miley said she'll work out hard for like a week. She said they made this video that was kind of political. She said that she's doing promotion for it and she's on Instagram again to promote it. She said she was off of it for a while. She said she rebooted that. Howard said she has like 74 million followers or something so that's a big business. Miley said she just wanted to start fresh. she said she started back on Instagram and she realized that photos were getting like 6 million views when she was walking in shorts. She said if you show little girls playing with bullets and things like they have in the video they weren't getting views. She said it's really disappointing. Miley said it's something she has to go home and think about. She said it feels like she did a social experiment without trying.

    Miley said he likes coming to his show because she feels that Howard is really listening to her. Howard said he is. He said that he watched her video for her ass but he is listening to her.

    Howard asked if this Saturday Night Live thing is big for her. Miley said she's just the musical act today. She said that she may be in a sketch but she's not sure. Howard asked if she's going to get advice from Pete Davidson about his relationship with Ariana. Miley said she should get some. Howard said they were up there and then they broke up. Miley said it must have been Howard that caused the break up.

    Miley said that she has asked Ariana to do tuff with her and she's done a bunch. She said that she's always there for her. Howard asked if she's really a friend. Miley said that they text things and they'll go back and forth talking about things. Howard asked if she wrote her after her breakup with Pete. She said she did but it was a bunch of Emojis. She said a picture can say it all. She said that Liam doesn't use them though. Howard said she's a poet and she's not using them in texts. Miley said she has no one's number saved in her phone so she doesn't know who is texting her.

    Howard said his kids will send him Emojis and he doesn't know what they're saying to him. Miley said you don't have to know. She said that's what's great about Emojis.

    Howard asked what she sent to Ariana. Miley said she sent pussy hearts so it almost looked like she was hitting on her. She said Ariana wrote back clouds. Howard asked what they mean. Miley said she has no idea. She said she thinks that she was saying she was okay and she's here. Howard said maybe her head was in the clouds. Howard said he doesn't know what to write back to people so maybe he'll send clouds. Howard said he finally gets Emojis. Howard said it hits him like a ton of bricks.

    Howard asked Miley about going to Saturday Night Live and the meeting over there. Howard said she may be in a sketch. Howard said she's doing the Mark Ronson song. She said Mark will be there. Howard played some of the song Nothing Breaks Like a Heart. Howard said he feels like her style is changing. He asked if she knows the lyrics. Miley was singing along with it. Robin said that's a great mix. Miley said Mark is genius at making a classic song sound modern and new. Howard said he's hoping he can do that for him too. Miley said that it sounds like something you've heard but it also sounds like something you don't hear right now.

    Howard asked what she'll be wearing there. Miley said she likes to balance that feminine and manly thing. She said she'll be wearing a men's track suit with no shirt under. She said she'll send pictures to Howard. She said then he can send her some Emojis.

    Howard asked if she rehearsed with Sean Lennon. She said she has and they're going to record the song today and put it out. She said Mark asked him to do it with them and that's how they got that set up. Howard said it's weird being John's son and wanting to sing. She said it's almost a no win. Miley said he's so talented though. She said that he inherited the magic. Howard said he's looking forward to seeing this on Saturday Night Live.

    Howard said Miley and Mark's new single is out now. He said that she's going to be on Saturday Night Live this week too. Howard said the real reason she's here is for the song she did with Robin.

    Howard said he's a little jealous of Robin. He said he doesn't sing as good as Robin. He said that she has a very special style. Howard said she announced that this was it for her. Robin said this is it because it won't get better than this. She said this is her first retirement. Howard said she didn't have a good experience in the recording session. He said she was given a lot of direction and she didn't like that. Miley said that she sounded so free. Robin said she had all of these heads and voices. Miley said she gets that. She said it has to be fun.

    Howard said Robin powered through and magic happened. He said he's excited to play this now. Miley said she hasn't heard it yet. Robin said she hasn't either. Howard said this is it. He said it's a holiday classic. Howard said they should fly to Ukraine and film a video for it with Miley's ass hanging out.

    Howard said this is for the first time ever, Robin Quivers and Miley Cyrus singing Silent Night. Howard played the song and started laughing right away. Miley started the song off with her amazing voice and then Robin comes in with her off key mess. Miley said she likes that Robin had no care for timing.

    After the song Howard said congratulations to both of them. He said they have chemistry that can not be beaten. Howard said this was the best Christmas gift ever. Miley said she can't wait to play this on repeat forever at home. Howard said Robin is available for Saturday Night Live if she needs her. Robin said sure, why not.

    Howard asked if she would ever do a movie like A Star is Born. Miley said that she is exciting about the project that Howard mentioned earlier. Howard said that's Black Mirror. Miley said that she says she never wants to do something and she ends up doing it again. She said she's been working on her music a lot. She said she can't say too much but she hates anything she does. She said she hates anything she has ever done. Howard said he is happy to hear that. Miley said she doesn't hate what she did with Robin though. She said that job she was talking about was a job she loved. She said she left there thinking she had a great time and did a great job. She said she can't wait for them to see it. She said that she learned a lot during that time. She said that she might love it for the memory she has for it. Howard said he'll have to watch it. Miley said it's the first thing she's proud of.

    Howard asked if she took one of the kids from The Voice and paid for their house. Miley said that Janice Freeman should have won the show. She said people love the stories on the show. She said she had so much struggle. She said she's been going through breast cancer and lupus treatments at the same time. She said she's a little older than the kids on the show. She said she didn't have a house of her own and she was sleeping on the floor at one point. She said she didn't want to use that story on the show. She said she did that song Shine on the show and she was doing rock songs and they weren't sure America was ready for that. She said that they're working on a new record with Brandi Carlile and she's sticking with her. She said she has to stick with her. Howard said she really believes in her. Miley said you end up with 20 people on your team during a season of the show. She said that she hates confrontation and that kept her from doing Howard's show for so long. She said that the shittiest part of the show is that if you don't turn your chair around they turn you around at the end of the show. She said she doesn't like that because you have to tell the person why you didn't turn around. She said sometimes you can't see the magic. She said the voice may not match up and you really should see the person and hear the singing.

    Howard said it's great that she's helping that woman out. Miley was talking about how there are shitty people out there and she has been very lucky. She said that she hasn't had anyone do things to her like this #MeToo movement is bringing out. She said she felt her age and not so much her gender the whole time.

    Howard said she's only 26 now and she's been around a long time. He said he would think she was older based on how long she's been around. Miley said she was 13 and had people telling her what she should be wearing. She said that she was the one who was picking that stuff. She said that people are kind of afraid of her.

    Howard asked about the house burning down and he heard that she lost her wigs and she was upset about that. Miley said that they're all fake and she just said that they were probably flammable and they made the fire worse. She said the one thing that she lost was her Elvis shrine. She said she's been collecting that stuff a long time. Howard asked what she lost. She said she lost a Harley Davidson motorcycle doll thing. She said that her grandfather had passed that down. she said she had some cool photos of him too. She said that she would say good night to Elvis every night and that probably upsets Liam. Howard asked if she really likes him. She said that she does. She said that her dad would play his movies and music and that reminds her of her dad.

    Howard said he's going to watch her on Saturday Night Live this week. He said he'll sit in front of the TV to see her. He thanked her for doing that song with Robin. Miley said that Robin can't retire. She said the industry can't lose a voice like that. Howard said that's what he told her.

    Howard asked if Miley gets nervous doing shows like Saturday Night Live. She said she got nervous doing Howard's show last time. She said she likes performing with other people. She said that way you're not stranded alone. Howard asked if she has hung out with Elton John. She said she did in Vegas and he's the best.

    Howard asked if she has legal pot that she smokes. Miley said she was growing it out in California. Howard said he heard her mom wants to start her own weed company. She said she's doing weed candles. She said that her mom hates that she tells all of this stuff. She said she told her to call it Miley's Mama's. Howard said how about Hanna cannabis. Miley didn't seem to like that. Howard wrapped up with her and went to break a short time later.

    Today's show was over around 11:00am.

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