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-- Monday, April 24, 2017 --

  • Vacation Replay Show - Day 1. 04/24/17. 7:00am
    Howard is on vacation this week so they're replaying segments from the past couple years. Here's what they played today:

  • Richard's Bachelor Party - November 1, 2016. 04/24/17. 7:00am
    First up on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked to Richard about his bachelor party with Sal. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Richard's Halloween And GWAR On Wrap Up. 11/01/16. 7:00am
    Howard started the show talking about it being the day after Halloween. Robin asked if they had a lot of trick or treaters. Howard said what they do in the building is have you sign up if you want to give out candy. Howard said he wouldn't do it but Beth wants to so they sign up. Howard said they stick a giant bowl outside the door with candy. He said they say help yourself and at 5:08 he heard screaming and yelling outside the door. He said they were screaming that they hit the jackpot. Howard said he looked out the peephole and they had dumped the entire contents of the candy. He said they took almost all of the candy. Robin said he didn't date open the door. Howard said he's very famous so the kids would freak out. Howard said they left it up to the kids to be honest but that doesn't work out. Howard said they don't know they're doing the wrong thing.

    Howard said that was Halloween. Howard said Richard is really into Halloween and he has to watch certain movies. Robin said he had an orange wristband on his watch yesterday. Howard said they leave their front door open and you can walk into their apartment and see their decorations. He said it's darkened out in the foyer and they have a record player going with scary music playing. He said they have dry ice packed into the foyer so the kids can experience that. Robin said it's like a haunted house. Howard said he's not sure. He said it sounds like the beginning of an episode of Law & Order. Howard said that's what's going on over there.

    Howard had Richard come in. He asked if his wife burned her hand on the dry ice. Richard said she did. He said if you put it in a bowl with water it makes a fog. He said he made sure the kids didn't touch it. Howard asked if he was in costume. Richard said he wasn't. He said he has in the past. He said he didn't want to scare the kids this time. He said it's a friendly thing. Richard said they had pumpkin beer for the parents and they kept coming back. Howard asked if that's even legal. Richard said he doesn't know.

    Howard asked what kind of candy they had. Richard said they made up bags with a bunch of different types. He said they ran out so they had to go out and get more. Howard said it was like a speak easy.

    Howard asked about the movies Richard has to watch. Richard said he starts watching in August. He said he has 50-75 movies he watches. Howard asked if he writes them down on a calendar. Richard said he does. He said he watches the Halloween series and the Friday the 13th movies and things like that.

    Gary asked Richard about movies he watches the rest of the year on holidays. He watches horror movies for St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's day and the 4th of July. Howard said it's like a very organized waste of time. Richard said he does work on his laptop when he's watching. He said he's seen them so many times. Howard said Richard is keeping the shitty movie business in business.

    Richard said he watches all of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror specials every year too. Howard asked if he likes Evil dead. Richard said he loves it. He said the show ''Ash Vs. Evil Dead'' is a great series too. Howard said they had GWAR on the Wrap Up Show yesterday. Richard said he saw that. He said he walked by and it smelled like a Halloween store with the smell of the costumes they have. Howard asked if they have a new singer. Richard said they do. He said the original one passed away.

    Howard said GWAR remade his song ''Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes'' but it's not recognizable. Howard said they took a lot of liberties with it. Howard played a clip of them performing the song that didn't sound anything like the song other than the intro. Howard said it was still a cool song though. He said they play in full costume too.

    Howard played his original ''Silver Nickels'' and said they didn't even go with the lyrics. Howard said he could have helped them with it if they didn't understand them. Howard got back to GWAR and played more of the song. They did have some of the lyrics in it. Howard said maybe they did get it. Howard said he does like it. Robin said they are saying the lyrics. Howard said he takes it back. Howard said he was afraid they weren't being liberal. Howard said it's not bad.

    Howard asked what kind of costumes they had. Howard said he thinks they cover their hands and all. Richard said the hands are over their actual hands but they look like dinosaur costumes. Howard said when KISS stopped wearing their costumes it kind of ruined it. Richard said Gene Simmons used to cover his face when he'd go out without his costume on.

    Richard said GWAR has huge penises that shoot jizz out on the crowd. He said some people wear white shirts so they can get blood and jizz on the shirts. Howard said that's what Richard would do.

    Howard said Gary said they've had so many people cover ''Silver Nickels'' that they could do a tribute album. Howard played Jewel covering the song. Howard said it's sexy when she does it. Howard said it's a different kind of sex with GWAR.

    Richard asked if Howard owns the publishing for his song. Howard said he guesses he owns it. He said he wrote it. Howard said no one else is willing to take credit for that. Howard said it would be great if Jewel had a hit with it. He said it would be great if he had to write her other songs. Howard said he tired journaling years ago and he tried to write a song as a tribute to OCD. Howard said he wrote the lyrics but not a song. Gary said Steve Brandano said if he gives them the lyrics they could have about 10 bands record it within a month. Howard said he did it a couple of years ago and he'd have to go look it up. Howard said his problem is the music.

    Howard said they had William Shatner record ''Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes.'' He played some of that cover. Howard said they almost have a tribute album. Richard asked who did the music on that one. Howard said it was Teddy. Fred also helped out on that one.

    Howard said he'd play that one while making love with Robin. He told her where he'd enter her and where he'd finish and it was about 2 seconds. Howard said he has done that with a woman. He said he was in her for a second and he was done. Howard said he went in and thrust out and he was done. Howard said he figured they'd never be together again. Richard asked Robin if it's an honor that a woman can do that. Robin said no. She said they want to have a good time too. Richard said he has a tongue. Howard said Robin did that story yesterday about HPV and it had him so fucked up. He said he felt all phlegmy in his throat this morning. Howard asked Robin not to do those stories anymore. Howard said now he has to go to a doctor to get examined.

    Howard said when he was single he was with a lot of single hot chicks. He said they get a lot of guys so he'll be checking off the planet in the most painful of ways. Robin said he's been fine so far. She said he doesn't have anything. Howard said Michael Douglas didn't get it until he was much older. Howard said Douglas smoked though. Howard said he thinks back about it and how he did the pussy eating because he had to please the woman after finishing so fast. Howard said he was never good at it. He said he doesn't really know what he's doing down there. He said he never studied the pussy or anything. Richard asked if he knows where the clitoris is. Howard said he knows that. Howard said he knows it's on the top.

    Howard said he would just rub his tongue around and some girls will moan. He said he's not sure if they're into it or if he was doing it the right way.

    Howard asked if you can get HPV from blowing a dude. Robin said sure. Howard said maybe Robin has it. Richard said Robin doesn't do that though. Howard said she has. He said she does what she can. Howard said he just looked it up and you can get it. Howard said he's so sorry he ate pussy now. Robin said he is not. Robin said you can't go back. Howard said there was nothing in it for him. He said he's going to die from eating pussy. He said he knows it. Richard said he thinks he'll be fine. Howard said he would rather smoke cigarettes and get it. Robin said he did both.

    Howard asked if they want to hear from Spoken Word Robin. Howard said she has something to say about Lenny Dykstra. Howard said he has some Lenny clips too. Howard played one of Lenny talking about voting and how he'd vote for Trump even thoguh neither of the candidates are that great. He said he thinks Trump is better because he likes pussy. Howard had a clip of Lenny talking about how he'd fuck Howard Stern in the ass before he'd fuck Hillary in the pussy. He said that's how bad it is.

    Howard said he'd fuck him in the ass and make him enjoy it. Howard asked how that would happen. Howard said he's not going to enjoy it. Howard asked how he's going to make him enjoy that. Richard said he's going to eat his pussy all the time.

    Howard picked up on Spoken Word Robin who was rapping about Lenny Dykstra. Howard asked if that was it. They played more of Robin talking about fucking Lenny Dykstra. Howard said she's doing spoken word and not poetry. Howard said he has to say that. They played Robin laughing hysterically after she talked about Lenny. Howard let her go after that. Richard said it's fun to watch Robin while that's playing.

    Howard said that that's pretty interesting what Richard does. Howard said they keep the door open all night. Richard said it's just one night a year. He said his uncle had an awesome haunted house and he wanted to do that too. Howard said goodbye to him in the middle of that. He said it's enough of that.

    Sal And Richard's Bachelor Party And More. 11/01/16. 7:30am
    Howard asked if Sal is there today. Howard said he was out with diarrhea yesterday. Richard said he is back. He was afraid of getting Howard sick. Howard said he doesn't even see Sal. Howard said Richard doesn't see him that much anymore either.

    Sal came in and said he's fine. Howard asked what the fuck he wants. Sal said he doesn't know. He said he wants to get him sick and piss him off. Howard asked Sal if he would save Richard or Larry Caputo if he had to save one on a sinking boat. Sal said he'd save Larry based on what Richard just said. Richard said he didn't say anything. Richard said Sal hangs out more with Larry on the weekends. Sal said he sees Richard at work every day. He said he tries to hang out with him. Howard asked if he would save Richard or Larry. Sal said he would save Richard because if Larry dies he could use his wife to communicate with Larry. Howard asked what he talks to Larry about. Sal said he talks about the show. He said Larry loves the show.

    Howard asked if Sal is still watching the sleeper cell in his neighborhood. Sal said he'd rather not talk about that. Gary said his wife has told him not to talk about that on the air anymore. Sal said his wife flips out on him when he talks about that on the air.

    Richard said Ronnie loves Larry. Howard said he heard that Sal and Richard got a couple's massage at his bachelor party. Richard said they did. He said he wanted to keep it simple. He said they went to Atlantic City together and got the massage and a steak dinner. Sal said the spa they were hanging out at was a gay spa. He said they had a bunch of gay guys there dangling their cocks in front of them. Richard said one guy came over and he was hanging out in front of them with his balls hanging there in front of their faces. Sal said one of his balls hung much lower than the other. He said he'll never forget that. He said the guy was asking what they were doing there and they said they were there for a couple's massage. He said the guy must have thought they were a couple because he left them alone.

    Howard said that's such a gay thing to do. Howard asked if they had guys massaging them too. Richard said he thinks so. Howard said he never got a massage from a man in his life. He said he wouldn't want one. Richard said he had a massage once and the guy ran his hand up his thigh. He said he was almost massaging his butt hole. Howard asked how this took 5 years to get on the air. Sal said there are some things he'd rather not talk about.

    Sal said he thought they were going to get raped in the jacuzzi. He said the guy had a look on his face when he got in with them. Howard asked if they were nude in their room together. Richard said they were in boxers. He said they had some champagne and watched some TV. He said they may have had strawberries. Sal said Richard planned all of this. Howard said he would have gotten right the fuck out of there.

    Howard took a call from a guy saying he was the guy who met them in the jacuzzi. The guy said he has never seen two guys go at it harder. He said they were blow jobbing each other and all of that. Howard said he's not buying that. He hung up on the fake caller.

    Howard asked if Sal and Richard did any cuddling or spooning. They said they didn't do any of that. Sal said the closest thing was when Richard passed out once and he jerked off into a shirt in the bed with him. Richard said he didn't even know that. Sal said he left that jizz shirt in his room and the next day Craig Gass told him he found the shirt and put it in his luggage. He had been staying in the room next door.

    Sal said Richard would make out with him if he asked him to do that. Sal said he would say no himself but Richard would say yes. Richard said he's not into doing that. Howard said if Sal started rubbing his ass what would he do. Richard said he would stop him. Howard asked why he let the massage guy rub his thigh. Richard said he was good at it. He said that was his job.

    Howard asked if they have showered together. Richard said they did on Bubba's show. He said he pissed on Sal's leg in that.

    Howard said that bachelor party is really shitty. Howard did his Richard impression and talked about what Richard asked Sal to do. Howard said that's just weird. He said he wouldn't go to something like that. Sal said he was looking forward to hot chicks and he realized he was Richard's hot chick. Howard said it's so strange. He asked if anyone woke up with morning wood. Richard said probably.

    Howard asked if they had breakfast together. Richard said they had brunch. He said back when this happened they almost got kicked off the train for drinking on the train. Sal said Richard had a picnic basket full of stuff he brought on the train. Howard said this is what a couple would do. Richard said he and his wife had an awesome honeymoon.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he was Sal's son. He was freaking out over what Sal did with uncle Richard. Howard said Sal is into sharing beds with dudes. Sal said he's not into sharing beds with guys. He said he did once but they had to. He said he's only done that twice. Howard said Larry wears really small underwear. Sal said they are very tight. Robin asked in what world he has to share a room. Sal said when times are tough you have to do that.

    Howard asked if Sal would give Larry or Richard a hand job. Sal said neither one. Then he picked Richard because it would be funnier. Howard asked Richard if he had to blow Sal or fuck him in the ass what would he do. Richard said probably in the ass. He said he had a prostate check so he knows it's not too bad. He said he'd just pretend he'd get a prostate check. Sal said he'd pretend his ass was a pussy.

    Howard asked what they did when they got out of the tub. He asked if they showered. Richard said he hopes he did. He said that tub was kind of a soup. Sal said he remembers Richard asking him to get naked in the hot tub. He said he did it but he's not sure why.

    Howard asked if they have ever jerked each other off. They haven't but Sal said he did get his cock painted by Richard and he got chubbed up a little bit. Robin said they'll eventually end up doing something.

    Howard said that they still pee together. Sal said they will go together at times. Richard said it's funny to watch Sal wipe his penis with toilet paper. He said they have shit in the same bathroom at the same time too. Howard said he thinks they're gay. Robin agreed. Robin said they're in love with each other. Sal said they're not gay they're just comfortable together.

    Howard asked about their massage and what the masseuse wears. Richard said they're dressed. Howard said they don't bother telling them that they're not gay. Sal said they don't have any reason to do that. Howard asked how far up Richard's ass the guy went that time he had him rubbing near there. Richard said his hand ran up his crack near his bunghole. He said he clenched up and he thinks the guy knew he wasn't into it.

    Howard asked why Richard didn't get a woman to massage them. Richard said he never thinks about that. He said he takes what he gets. Sal said Richard planned all of this so he just went with it. Howard said he never got that comfortable with a friend. He said he'd never do that with Dr. Lou.

    Gary said they went to Jason's dad's memorial service and Sal and Richard peed together there. Howard said that's weird. Richard said he can see why people would think it's weird. He said they like each other. Howard said he thinks they're gay. Richard said they're not but he can think what he wants.

    Sal said Richard licked his balls once. Richard said Sal licked his taint. Sal said they don't have to bring that up. Richard said it was on the air. Sal said he knows but they don't have to bring it up.

    Howard said he can't believe the bachelor party. He said he's completely freaked that it was Richard's fantasy. He said he dreamt that up. He said they got in a tub naked together. Howard said they did a couple's massage. Howard said this is the last thing he wanted to do before getting married. Sal said the last thing he wanted was pussy. Robin said you're supposed to be saying goodbye to pussy.

    Howard asked Sal if he ever thought about how gay this was. Sal said he did but he loves Richard and he wanted to do what he wanted to do. He said Richard didn't want women. He wanted to be with his best friend. Howard said maybe Richard doesn't know what gay is. Richard said he knows. He said they've done enough things on the show to know.

    Sal said sometimes he'll hear Richard laughing hysterically and he'll look over and see Richard watching gay porn where some guy is pissing in another guy's mouth. Richard said one time he was doing a bit with Wood Yi and he had to watch the gay porn with him. He said Steve (Wood Yi) just put his head down as he was watching it. He said it was so funny.

    Richard said he was on tour once with his band and they went to a strip club that had men and women. He said he didn't know it at the time. He said they stayed when they found out because they had already ordered their drinks.

    Howard asked if Richard thinks about just fucking Sal once before he dies. Richard said he doesn't think about it. Sal said Richard calls him honey and sweetie all the time. Richard said he thinks his phone learns it from him texting Sal and the heart Emoji comes up all the time.

    Howard said Richard used to get really drunk and he'd call Will and talk about how he wanted to fuck him. Howard asked how he explains that. Richard said he can't. Howard said he thinks that's because he's gay. Howard said he doesn't think Richard is being honest with himself. Robin said she thinks it'll be 10 more years until Richard says he's gay.

    Howard asked if Richard has had a sexual dream about Sal. Richard said it wasn't sexual but he's had dreams about Sal. He said his dreams are about zombies and monsters so they were fighting them in the dream. Robin said she thinks any psychologist would say that means he wants to have sex with Sal. Howard said they say that you are your truest self when you are drunk. Howard said Richard calls guys and talks about fucking them.

    Howard said he thinks Sal is putting the brakes on the fucking thing. Robin said she thinks Richard is gay and he'll eventually figure it out.

    Howard played a clip of Richard calling Will and leaving a message for him where he was pissing in the street and talking about how Will turns him on. He said Will just wishes he could have a lick of that red hair. Richard said he knows Will loves it.

    Howard said come on. Richard said that was a long time ago. Sal said when he gets drunk he doesn't call guys. Howard said he's been drunk and that just doesn't happen. Howard asked how he says that's not gay. Richard said he has a good point. He said he can't defend that. Howard said maybe he's a repressed gay man. Richard said he knows he doesn't desire to have sex with a man. Howard told Sal to grab his cock. Robin said it might take some tactile interaction. Howard said Richard was 30 when he made that call. Richard said he went through an experimental phase in his 30s.

    Howard asked if Richard ever thought he was gay like when he was single for 10 years living in a storage locker. Richard said he never did. Howard asked Fred what he thinks. Fred said he doesn't think he's gay. He said it might just be a fantasy. Robin said she has said it about other people and it's always come true. She thinks Richard is gay.

    Howard said Richard has said he would be gay for money. Richard said all guys would do that for money. Howard said not everyone. Howard told Richard to kiss Fred now and see how gay he is. Richard said he would do that in a second. He said that would be funny. Sal said it won't be when he's laid out.

    Robin said Richard being gay is fine. She said he's from Kansas and it was frowned upon. Richard said not really. Robin said he wouldn't identify as gay even with all of this. Howard said Richard has tongue kissed a guy. Gary said they did that off the air at a show and his wife was freaked out by that. Richard said that was before he even met his wife. Jason said it was in 2007 so he was with his wife. Richard said it was in 2005 or so. Jason said he's looking at it right now and it was 2007. Richard said it happened when they were at K-Rock. He said Jason may have put it on the web site in 2007 though.

    Howard said he can't believe he didn't know about the bachelor party. Jason was still going with the 2007 date. He said it took place while they were watching Transformers which came out in 2007. Sal told him to drop it already. He asked if he has a sandwich to eat. Sal said he really doesn't think Richard is gay.

    Howard said Richard lived with Will and he came next to Will and his girlfriend at the time. Will said Richard was with a girl and he was laying next to them and he asked if she wanted him to cum on her face or on her chest. Howard said that's some choice. Howard asked which he would prefer. He asked if he really asks that. Richard said he did at the time.

    Howard said he's still reeling over there from the bachelor party story. Howard said there must have been other moments that they did stuff. Sal said not really. Robin said if Richard is willing to do this at an advanced age she'd like to know what he did as a teenager. Howard said he's told some stories. Howard said he bets that he's done some gay stuff. Richard said he used to bite fart bubbles with his friend in a tub. Howard said he approves of the gay lifestyle so he has no problem with this. Howard said being in a tub and biting bubbles is gay. He said it's very simple. Howard asked why he was in a tub with another boy. Richard said he may have been in junior high. Howard said he has never had any of this shit go down. Richard said he used to stay with his friend.

    Howard took a call from the guys in the back and one of the guys was doing Richard's dad and talking about the tub thing. He didn't stay on the line for long.

    Howard asked Richard who brings up taking a bath together. Richard said his friend probably did. He said it happened so many times he doesn't know. Howard asked where his feet and legs are. Sal said around his head. Howard said it had to be a small tub. Richard said he probably had his foot up his ass. Howard said they had to be very close in the tub. Richard said they didn't do anything. He said there were many times he could have done something but he didn't. Sal said he didn't do anything but bite his fart bubbles.

    Howard asked if they had toys in the tub so it didn't seem so gay. Richard said no. Richard said they used to talk about girls in the tub. Sal did his Richard impression and said ''Your asshole feels like a pussy.'' Howard asked if they scrubbed each other's backs. Richard said they did get clean. He said they'd stay in the tub for 20-30 minutes. Howard asked if Richard told his parents they were doing this. Richard said they were there so they knew. Howard said Richard came down and his parents were hanging from the rafters from embarrassment. Howard said they take it hard in Kansas.

    Howard asked if they would towel each other down. Richard said they didn't do that. He said they had their own towels. Howard said if he was 16 and in a tub with his friends that would be a major story. Howard said his dad didn't care what he did but his mother would have been way up his ass over that.

    Fred said he doesn't know how they'd even get in the tub together. He said he used to have to take a bath with his brother and that was tough. He said he couldn't wait to stop doing that. Howard said he thinks Richard is gay or at least bisexual. Richard said he's really not.

    Fred asked whose idea it was to do the bath thing. Richard said he thinks it was the parents idea. He said they had well water so they had to save water. Richard said they never bathed at his house. He said this was over at the other guy's house. Richard said he'll have to ask his friend about it to get more details.

    Howard asked how big the tub could have been. Fred said he doesn't even know how he could have done it. Howard asked if Richard has wrestled in the nude. Richard said he doesn't think he has. Richard said he and Sal have wrestled naked on the show. He said he doesn't remember doing it when he was a kid.

    Howard took a call from Mrs. Christy who said Richard is not gay, he just likes to have fun. She goofed on Richard messing around with his friend. Richard said that sounds a lot like Shuli. Howard said he likes his Mr. Christy better. Shuli went into that impression for a second too.

    Howard said everything with Richard is just a big goof. Richard said we're only here for a short time. He said they have to have fun. Robin asked why he hasn't tried gay sex. Richard said he has no interest in it.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said they should have Richard take a lie detector test with Ed Torian. Howard said that's a good idea. Howard said he thinks they can hook that up. Howard said he thinks they can put Sal in there too. Sal said he's going to pass on it. He said it's not an accurate thing. He said it if comes out he's gay even if it's wrong he's going to regret it. Howard said if the lie detector says it then they might as well do it.

    Howard asked Richard if he had to have sex with someone on the staff who would it be. Richard said it would be Will. Howard said it was anyone on the staff so he should have said Robin. Richard said if he was forced to he'd pick Will. He said if you have to do it then you might as well have the good looking guy. Howard said Memet is kind of feminine looking. Richard wasn't saying he was into him. Howard said they haven't taken a break yet so he has to get to that. Howard said they've spent an hour and a half on gay stuff. Sal said George Takei just went straight.

    Howard said he got a note saying Richard used to jerk off to Will and his girlfriend having sex. Richard said he did that at least one time. He said he was living with Will and his girlfriend and he would hear them having sex.

    Howard said he never thought about taking a bath with his friends. Howard said one of his friends asked him if he wanted to jerk off in the same room and he said he can't sleep over anymore. Robin asked if anyone else there has done anything like this with their friends. No one was saying. Robin said there is no reason for Richard to bathe with a friend. Howard said go back to high school and think of your friends. Howard said if he had even proposed such a thing as bathing with a friend it would have been a major thing. Richard said they were just conserving water.

    Howard said he has to take a break. He asked if the other kids knew Richard bathed with his friend. Richard said probably not. Robin said he knew it wasn't what everyone did. Howard said if he's gay he should just come to grips with it. Richard said he knows he's not gay.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he's gay himself. He said Richard and Sal are like guys he grew up with who he had sex with but ended up getting married to women and having kids. He said they were into it at the time. He said he thinks Richard and Sal have a loving relationship but either one could be seduced by a gay guy in a second.

    Howard said bathing with another boy is something you just say you're not going to do. Robin said Richard said it happened a lot too. Howard said he thinks Richard would have touched the guy's cock. Richard said the guy did ask him to put on a condom and jerk off in front of him but he turned that down. Howard asked why he wanted him to do that. Richard said he just wanted to see what it looked like. He didn't do it though.

    Howard said one of the questions he wants to ask with the lie detector is if he got hard in the tub with the friend. Richard said he didn't. Howard said he bets he did and he giggled about it. Howard said he can imagine Richard doing that. Sal said he can't wait for Ed to ask those questions. Howard said Sal has to do it too. Sal said Howard should do it too. Howard said he'll do it no problem. Sal asked if Fred would do it. Fred said no. Howard said Fred isn't sleeping with Larry Caputo in his underwear. Howard said he slept in the same room with Fred and he was very uncomfortable. Fred said they were in separate beds. He said it was uncomfortable. Howard said he's not comfortable now with Fred. He said no one was talking. He said he's not sure why they were in the room. Fred said they were recording an album together in New York. Howard said those were the bad old days. He said it wasn't even a nice hotel. He said it was a shithole of a room.

    Richard asked what album they were doing. Howard said it was an awful album called ''50 Ways to Rank Your Mother.'' He said it wasn't good. He said the whole thing was misguided. Sal asked if Unclean Beaver was after that. Howard said that was the same album but it was bought by a company and renamed. Richard asked if Gary has it on vinyl. Howard said he's sure they have it. Sal goofed on Gary about that and Gary came back at him about how there are no pictures of him out there kissing the head of anyone's penis. They spent a little more time on that before Howard went to break.


  • Speech Impediment Man - September 27, 2016. 04/24/17. 8:20am
    Next up on today's replay show they played a segment where Speech Impediment Man called in to talk about his wife leaving him. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Speech Impediment Man's Wife Leaves Him. 09/27/16. 8:00am
    Howard said Speech Impediment Man says his wife left him. Howard took the call and Speech Impediment Man said that he came home from work last night and his wife left a note saying she got a lawyer and it's pretty much over. Speech Impediment Man said he's afraid she's going to take all of his money. He said he has some money. Howard said he figured he didn't have any. Speech Impediment Man said he sold his house in Nashville and he had it in the bank. He said he has to go to the bank today to see if she cleared him out. Robin asked how long he was married. Speech Impediment Man said it'll be 3 years in October. He said he's sorry for bringing the show down but he has to get some help.

    Howard asked if he gave her his bank accounts. Speech Impediment Man said he sold his house in Tennessee and he didn't make a lot of money. He said he only makes like 20,000 and she makes like 65,000. Howard asked why he didn't just pay the bills himself instead of giving her access. Speech Impediment Man said he wanted to do that. Gary said Shuli knows a little bit about this. Gary said they're trying to figure out if she's from this country. Speech Impediment Man said she's from Detroit. Howard said

    Shuli came in and said he's not sure why this is a surprise to Speech Impediment Man. He said he's gained a lot of weight and he's always out alone. Speech Impediment Man said he met her on Howard said he must be the fish. Shuli said that Ass Napkin Ed also trolls women on that site. Howard said the first thing he has to do is call a lawyer. Speech Impediment Man asked for someone to suggest a lawyer. He said he's in Dallas, Texas. Howard said he has a guy on the phone who says he's a lawyer. Howard picked up and the guy was doing a voice like Speech Impediment Man. Howard asked him to talk to Speech Impediment Man about this. Speech Impediment Man asked for help and the ''lawyer'' mumbled something to him. Howard said he has the number 1 practice in Texas. The guy wasn't even making words at this point.

    Speech Impediment Man was asking them not to make fun but the ''lawyer'' was still doing his impression of him mumbling and throwing in a word here and here that made sense. The caller had Howard cracking up. Howard said it would be great if Speech Impediment Man had a lawyer with a speech impediment. Howard said he'd be a Speech Impediment Lawyer. Howard said he's not sure what to do here. Speech Impediment Man said Howard talked a guy off a ledge from jumping. Howard asked where his wife is now. Speech Impediment Man said he has no idea.

    Speech Impediment Lawyer mumbled something. Howard asked what his retainer is. Speech Impediment Lawyer said it's 30,000 dollars. Robin was cracking up. Speech Impediment Man said he's glad they think this is funny. Shuli said they didn't call him. Howard said he likes the new character Speech Impediment Lawyer. Speech Impediment Lawyer was still mumbling like Speech Impediment Man.

    Howard said they have to get down to business. Howard said he was married for 3 years and he wasn't paying attention to his wife. Howard said he gave her his bank account information. Speech Impediment Man said he was stupid. Howard asked why he had her on the accounts. Speech Impediment Man said he wanted to have her on the accounts in case something happened to him. She was the one who suggested it.

    Howard said Speech Impediment Lawyer is there in the studio now. Howard asked how he got there so fast. Speech Impediment Lawyer mumbled something about how he got here and said he has his diploma. Howard told him to get out of there. He said Speech Impediment Man just lost his wife. Howard told him to get back on the phone.

    Shuli said he wasn't even sure he was actually married until he heard this. Howard asked if she was hot. Speech Impediment Man said she was to him. Howard said he knew something was up with this marriage. Howard said he let himself go and he was running around doing all of this stuff. Shuli said he went balls to the wall with her. Shuli said Speech Impediment Man said she wanted to be on his account because she was afraid something might happen to him. Howard said he didn't have to put her on all of his accounts. Howard said he could have given her some money but not all of it.

    Howard had Speech Impediment Lawyer back on the phone. Speech Impediment Lawyer asked if Speech Impediment Man a question about his Social Security Number. Speech Impediment Man said he does. He asked if he has his mother's maiden name and some things like that. Speech Impediment Lawyer said they can steal her identity together.

    Howard said he wants to go through this. Speech Impediment Man said he won't get married again. Howard said he doesn't think he has to worry about that. Robin asked if he had no idea she moved out. Speech Impediment Man said yeah. Howard asked what the note said. Speech Impediment Man said this is a 30 day notice and she has talked to a lawyer and she's going to talk to the landlord and he has 30 days to get out. Howard asked if he has to leave the apartment. Speech Impediment Man said it's in her name. Howard asked how that happened. Speech Impediment Man said when she moved down there to Dallas first he was still in Tennessee. He said they had to rent that house out.

    Howard asked Speech Impediment Lawyer if he has the upper hand there. Speech Impediment Lawyer said he has to get some white out and white out her name. Speech Impediment Lawyer said he has lost every case but he thinks he can win this one.

    Howard said this is horrible. He said Speech Impediment Man has done everything he could do wrong. Howard said he has to go to the bank and get on the phone to lock up his money. Howard said there are plenty of lawyers in Texas. Speech Impediment Lawyer said he's the best in the world. Speech Impediment Man said the money is in a T-bill. He said that's at the bank. Howard asked how she can have it. He asked if she has the access to it. Speech Impediment Man said it's in an account. He said he knows what's in it. He said he has to see if he can get her name off of it.

    Howard said Brent thinks that Speech Impediment Man is screwed. Brent came in and said he has had one divorce himself. He said he's completely screwed. He said once you put names on joint accounts it's both of your money. He said that she can go and take it all out and it's legally her's. Brent said it sounds like she has a plan already. Howard asked if he can take the money out. Brent said he can. He said when you go to family court the guy ends up getting screwed. He said if they go into mediation then they might be able to split the money equally. Howard said all he knows is that Brent lost his hair in that deal.

    Howard said they know nothing about this but what should he do. Brent said he has to open an account in just his name. He said he has to file for divorce immediately too. He said then you can freeze assets and all of that. Brent said he has to go if the apartment is in her name too. He said there's nothing he can do about that. Howard asked what he thinks about Speech Impediment Lawyer. Brent said he should retain him because that's all he'll be able to afford. Brent said that the credit cards could get run up too and it'll be on his credit. Robin asked if he can close the credit card accounts. Howard said Brent used to work on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show, he doesn't know.

    Howard asked if Speech Impediment Man still loves her. Speech Impediment Man said yes but he can't trust her. He said it's over now. Howard said he feels blind sided and he'd be afraid to be with her now. Howard said he thinks Brent gave him some good advice. Howard said Speech Impediment Lawyer gave him some good advice too. Speech Impediment Lawyer said that wasn't free. He said he owes him some money.

    Howard took another call from a lawyer who was doing a Speech Impediment Man impression. Speech Impediment Man said this guy sounds worse than the other one. This lawyer said the other guy doesn't know what he was talking about. Howard said he sounds legitimate. Howard asked if he practices in Texas too. This lawyer said he has only lost half of his cases. He said he loves watching Gotham like Speech Impediment Man does.

    Howard said Speech Impediment Man was trying to find love and he found it in Mexico. Speech Impediment Man said it was in Michigan. Howard said this kind of thing happens every day. Howard let Speech Impediment Lawyer number 2 go after that. He said now Speech Impediment Man has two lawyers. Howard said the previous lawyer says that he has impeached his credibility and he wants to respond. Howard got Speech Impediment Lawyer back on the line and had the two Speech Impediment Lawyers arguing unintelligibly. Howard said maybe the two Speech Impediment Lawyer can work together as a dream team. He said he has to get them off the phone now.

    Howard said in all seriousness he has to say that this sounds like it came out of left field and his wife was prepared. Howard said he has to go out today and find a lawyer. He said he has to find out where his money is. Speech Impediment Man said right. Howard said he has to get a referral for a lawyer. Howard said this is the part where they act like they are concerned. Howard said it's 5 hours of goofing and then this. Howard said half of the marriages in this country end in divorce. Howard said all Wack Pack marriages end in divorce. Howard asked if they know any who haven't gotten divorced. Shuli said Bobo is married but he did get one divorce.

    Howard said they have to be optimistic here. Howard said maybe everything is fine with the bank account. He said maybe she's not looking to hurt him. Brent said that is possible. Speech Impediment Man said if he gets all of his money back he's happy. Howard said she got 30 grand in 3 years so she's not living high on the hog.

    Shuli asked what he got for the house he sold that he got 30 grand out of it. Speech Impediment Man said it was $145,000. Howard asked why Speech Impediment Man can't check his balance online. Speech Impediment Man said he doesn't know how to work that. He said that's why he's going down at 9 o'clock to check his balance. They goofed on Speech Impediment Man about not knowing his own bank account number and not knowing how to check his balance.

    Howard said this isn't funny. Shuli said it's heart breaking. Brent said divorce is very sad. Howard said Angelina Jolie is free. He asked when he last had sex. Speech Impediment Man said about 2 weeks ago. Howard said there was no indication then. Howard said maybe she isn't going to take his money. He said he's jumping to conclusions.

    Robin said he did say that he gave her money to pay the bills and she didn't pay the bills. Robin asked what he thinks happened. Speech Impediment Man said he has a little temper. He said if she's not paying bills on time he gets upset. Brent said imagine being berated by this guy. Howard said a lot of marriages end over finances. Howard said now he has Speech Impediment Man's banker on the phone. Howard took the call and had another guy doing a Speech Impediment Man impression as his banker. Howard had to cut him off after he said something he didn't want on the air.

    Howard told Speech Impediment Man to call him tomorrow to let him know what's going on. Shuli said he's sure it's going to go just fine. Howard said get down to that bank. Speech Impediment Man said he will. Howard said he doesn't even know his bank account balance. Howard said he's with him on this though. Shuli said he'll try to get some connections for him from a lawyer there in New York. Howard said Shuli has a steel trap mind when it comes to the law.

    Howard let Speech Impediment Man go and said that's the worst. He asked Shuli if he's going to cover the divorce. Shuli said he has known him a very long time so he will. Howard thanked Brent for coming in to help too. Robin said she thought it sounded good. Howard said it all sounds good until Brent throws shit into a fan and sprays you with shit and liquid ass. They went to break a short time later.


  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan - November 29, 2016. 04/24/17. 9:00am
    Next on today's replay show they played a Jeffrey Dean Morgan interview. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan Visits. 11/29/16. 7:25am
    After the break they played a phony phone call the guys made to an internet radio show using clips of Sal Governale talking about why a white girl could have a black baby. They also played a Lenny Dykstra clip where he tells Robin why she should let him give her oral. They played Lorde's ''Royals'' as they were coming back. Fred played some Robin singing clips over the song.

    Howard came back and asked what this chick's name is. Robin said it's Lorde. Howard said it's a good song. Howard said Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Negan on The Walking Dead. Howard said he had to meet him. He said he scared the shit out of him. Howard said he was a big fan of his on The Good Wife. Howard said he was like the nicest guy on that show. Jeffrey said it's kind of a flip flop.

    Howard said he has to ask a question. He asked about Andrew Lincoln and if he's Australian or something. Jeff said he's British. He said he talks with that accent on the set and he'll slip into the British accent. Howard asked if Andrew has to stay in character. Jeff said he does. He said he likes to stay under his skin like their characters. Howard asked if he only answers to his name on set. Jeff said it's not like that. He said he just puts himself in this place where he doesn't want to fuck around. Howard asked if he picks on him about that. Jeff said he does. He said he likes to get him screaming and swearing.

    Howard said it must be confusing with people like that. He said it's like Daniel Day Lewis staying in character as Lincoln. Jeff said that's part of the process for some people. He said it's mostly with the European actors. Howard said he admires how they switch accents. Jeff said Andrew's American accent is better than his.

    Howard said The Walking Dead is a phenom. Howard said Jeff comes into shows as they're doing okay. Howard said it's a tough position to come into a successful show like that. Jeff said if the story doesn't work then he might take the blame. Howard said he felt that way too. Howard said when he went to America's Got Talent he thought it would tank and he'd be the asshole. Howard said the show had been on too long already. Howard asked if Jeff was afraid that he was going to fuck up the show. Jeff said the role is a big, ballsy role. Howard said it really is. Howard said he doesn't think he could do that. Jeff said he has to talk a lot. He said Negan talks a lot and Rick grunts. He said it's a lot of monologue. He said he gets pissy when he has to talk that much.

    Howard said Jeff was on The Good Wife and while he was on the show he was contacted and asked to play a role on The Walking Dead but they didn't say which one. Howard asked what that's all about. Jeff said everything on that show his shrouded in secrecy. He said it's awful for him because he has so much to say. Howard said they only get the script 48 hours ahead of time. Howard asked if he can memorize all of that in such short time. Jeff said he got the call for that role and he was so glad he didn't have to audition for it. He said ever since he did Grey's Anatomy he hasn't had to audition for anything. Howard said that has to be great. Jeff said that was taking a chance on their part. He said he had been seen in The Good Wife or Grey's Anatomy.

    Howard asked if he knew what he was going to play. Jeff said he knew it was Negan based on the comic book and where they were in the story. He said a fan came up to him and said they had just introduced the character. He said that was 5 years ago. Howard asked if he was at Comic-Con for Watchmen. Jeff said he's been going for a while. Howard said it's great that he was picked for the role like that. Jeff said if you look for it you can find him playing a bad guy in things. He said he's not sure if they had seen him in that. He said he knows Kirkman had seen him in a show that he liked.

    Howard said Jeff said that Negan thinks of himself as a good guy. Jeff said he did. Howard said he doesn't see himself as a bad man. He said that's interesting to him. Robin said she hears that from other actors too about the people they're playing. Robin wondered what he found about Negan. Jeff said if you put yourself in the world of that show you see that they all have done bad things. He said he killed a couple of people with a baseball bat but Ricks's people killed 30 people while they slept. He said it's not so bad.

    Howard asked if Jeff gets a lot of negative stuff from the fans. Jeff said they do. He said they puff up their chests around him and he's like ''Fuuuuck.'' Jeff said he gets really weird fan mail from female fans. He said they want to be beat up on and it's crazy shit.

    Howard said he thinks they added a lot of new energy in the show. Howard said it's cool. Howard said this to him is maybe a career changer. Howard said he's one of those guys that his father told him about. He said he didn't give a shit about acting. Howard said he went to L.A. and he was 18 or 19. Jeff said he was about 20. He said he wanted to be an artist. He said he painted. Howard asked what he painted. Jeff said he did pastels and he painted all kinds of things. He said he would sell his paintings at his friend's rock shows in Seattle.

    Howard said Jeff was going to be a basketball player. Jeff said he's 6'1'' and he wasn't good enough to be a pro. He said in his head he was. Howard asked if he had an accident. Jeff said he got the shit kicked out of him at college. He said he was coming home from practice one day and some guys pulled over. He said they beat the shit out of him and maybe he didn't fit in at the time. He said it was kind of a backwards town. He said they pulled a knife on him and he hurt his knee playing ball. He said he had high hopes of coming back. He said he got the knife from the guy and put it through their forearm. He said there was like 5 guys there. Jeff said they took off after that. Jeff said the team went looking for them. He said he left college and went to New York. Howard said this is kind of like Footloose. He said that they tried to take them on and he got one of them. He said that's kind of cool.

    Howard said Jeff quit college and then what. Jeff said he quit and his parents weren't happy. He said he was hanging out with his friends in Seattle. He said he was hanging out with the guys from Mother Love Bone. Howard said Grohl must have been around. Jeff said that wasn't happening yet. He said that the guys from Alice in Chains and Mother Love Bone were around. He said they'd all hang out in a bar together. Howard said Jeff tried to play but he sucked. Jeff said he had the look but he wasn't able to play.

    Howard asked if he hung out with Chris Cornell. Jeff said he did meet him. He said they go back a long way with his first wife.

    Howard asked if he ever thought about acting at all. Jeff said at that point no. Howard said someone suggested that he audition for a Roger Corman movie. Jeff said he had a friend who had a connection with a casting director. She got him an audition and one of the first things he did was that. Jeff said that turned out to be awesome.

    Jeff said he got a role in a Roger Corman movie and he was kind of like a Negan type. He said he played a pimp. He said he remembers driving down Hollywood Boulevard in a convertible filming a role. He said he figured he had it and it was a done deal. Howard said that must have been great for his parents to hear. He said they must have been thrilled.

    Howard asked about him being fired by his manager. Jeff said he was told he was too old at 37. He said she told him that he got 3 shows in a row after that. Howard asked if he has run into her after that. Jeff said he has. He said that she dropped another guy who does a ton of huge movies. Jeff said he got Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural and Weeds the day after she fired him. He said he got a new manager after that. Howard said he loves this story. He said he got 3 jobs after that. Jeff said Grey's really changed his career. He said he got P.S. I Love You and then Watchmen after that. He said that was a great job too. He said that's when he first got into the comic book world.

    Howard asked Jeff about running into that manager after she dropped him. Jeff said he ran into her at a movie screening and he told the story in a magazine and she was pissed about that. He said she's going to be really thrilled about this interview.

    Howard said they killed off his character on Supernatural. Jeff said fans were pissed. He said it was year 2 of the show and then the show exploded. He said a year later he had done Watchmen and he got a call about bringing him back. He said that he wondered how they were going to do that. He said they had Katie Heigel having a brain tumor in the show and that's how they brought him back. Howard said they had her on and she was talking about how upset she is about what she said about Seth Rogen. Jeff said she was great to work with.

    Howard asked Jeff about being hired for Walking Dead and getting Negan. He said that he had to memorize that whole speech. Jeff said he did. Howard asked if he watches his own work. Jeff said not usually but this time he did. Howard asked if he wishes he had more time to think about the character. Jeff said that's the world of TV. He said he knew enough about the character not to be totally blind going in.

    Howard asked if he was freaked out going in. Jeff said the cast was very welcoming. He said off camera they're all in tears. He said they shot for 2 nights doing that scene. He said he was kind of freaking out until it was happening. Howard asked how hard it is to remember the lines. Jeff said he can't read them with his wife. He said his wife can memorize all of the lines before he can memorize his own. He said he just walked around his farm looking at the lines.

    Howard asked about his farm and the Alpacas he has. Jeff said they have them and they sheer them once a year to sell the wool. He said he has a no kill farm. Howard asked if he's a vegetarian. Jeff said he's not but the cattle there are safe. He said they're really neat animals. He said he has Skyland Cattle and they're amazing.

    Howard asked if he will eat a steak at a restaurant. Jeff said he will. He said he'll eat the guys he doesn't know. Howard asked what else he has there. Jeff said he has more Alpaca coming in. He said they have cats, chicken and dogs and ducks too. Howard said he should see what's going on at his house. He has cats. Jeff said that's awesome too.

    Howard said when he was doing Weeds did he date Mary Louise Parker. Jeff said they did. He said they almost got married. He said when that was over he was invited on a blind date and he met his wife.

    Howard asked Jeff about shooting The Walking Dead and if they shoot two versions. Jeff said they do. He said they shoot some with the cursing and some without. Jeff said in the graphic novel his character loves the word ''fuck'' so they shoot that take. He said they do both. He said that it's a pain in the ass.

    Howard said he watched last night's episode but he wasn't in that. Jeff said he's big in the mid season finale. Howard said he is really good in the show. Jeff said it's fun to do. Howard said he thought he was great in The Good Wife too. Jeff said Julianna got him into that. He said she lives upstate too. Howard said Jeff and Paul Rudd own a candy store up there. Jeff said that's a whole other thing. Howard said Jeff goes up there when he's not working. Howard asked who else is up there. Jeff said they all get together at times. He said that he's kind of put painting aside for now. He said he has a kid so he spends time with the kid. Jeff said the farm takes up a lot of his time. He said he has about 100 acres. Howard said that's awesome. Jeff said it used to be a thoroughbred farm. He said he has dirt bikes and side by sides and all of that stuff too. He said he does man stuff up there. Howard asked if Paul Rudd does man stuff. Jeff said his stuff is less manly. He laughed.

    Howard asked if it's not so expensive up there. Jeff said it's not bad. He said they have a nice farmhouse that his wife fixed up. He said they bough some other property and they have 3 houses. He said they have some barns too. He said he has a pool too for his son.

    Howard said Jeff's wife was on One Tree Hill. Jeff said he's one lucky dude. He said she still looks great. Howard said Paul and Jeff were walking through town and they saw a candy store that was going to shut down and they wanted to keep it open so they bought it. Jeff said this guy was the first guy he met in Rhinebeck and he loved him. He said he passed away 2 and a half years ago. He said they were out to dinner one night and they decided to keep the store open. He said they bought it and they have a guy named John Traver running it. He said the guy has been working there since he was 15. Howard asked if they have certain types of candy. Jeff said he's sure they have it all. He said they are making money with it too. He said between Ant Man and Negan they're doing okay. Howard asked if they have candy cigarettes there. Jeff said they do. He said that's the one his kid wants too. He said that's been a lot of fun. He said his wife was just there yesterday decorating it for Christmas.

    Howard asked if the employees there want raises all the time. Jeff said they get bonuses based on how the store does. He said they're doing just fine.

    Howard asked if he goes to the store a lot. Jeff said that he stops in. He said he was just there the other day. He said Paul was there doing a radio show from the store.

    Howard asked if he's ever had to fire anyone. Jeff said John handles that. He said they hire a lot of high school kids and it's kind of a high school hang out kind of place. He said it's been a lot of fun.

    Howard asked how often he gets up there. Jeff said his son is in school full time up there so he has to go up there. He said his son is in school about 40 minutes from where they live. He said he's there as much as he can be. He said his son used to go to jobs with him. He said the farm thing isn't conducive to going away a lot. He said that his wife gets resentful about it. Especially when he gets 6 more Alpaca. Howard said he wants to see the Alpaca. Jeff said they all scream and spit at you when you sheer them once a year.

    Howard asked Jeff about working with Julianna on the Good Wife. Howard said back then he must have been able to fuck any woman he wanted. Jeff said he probably could have done okay but you work 16 hour days. He said he's 50 now and he goes home and goes to bed when he's done. He said he's also married now. Howard said his wife is 16 years younger than him. Jeff said she is and she's smarter and wiser than him. Howard asked if he worries about not being able to keep up with her. Jeff said he does. He said he goes home and he worries. Howard said he has a lot to do. Jeff said he knows she rolls her eyes at him but she has patience with him. He said he's lucky.

    Howard said The Walking Dead is going on and he can't talk about how long he's committed to it. Jeff said he knows he'll be around for season 8. Howard said he knows he's in the finale. Jeff said the whole season is done. He said they finished a week ago. He said he watched most of the first episode back. Howard said he had to watch it because it was all him. Jeff said that's why he wouldn't want to watch it. Jeff said he will second guess his performance if he watches it. He said that it can make him nuts. Howard asked if he has ever asked them to get him the script a couple of weeks ahead. Jeff said he has. He said that the schedule is weird. He said they think they're going to take off or leave town or something. Howard said they must be secretive because they don't want to spoil anything. Jeff said he was a fan of the show and he's been watching it. Howard asked if they were really crying at the end of some of the characters roles. Jeff said they were. He said they're so tight on that show.

    Howard said he loved when he bashed those heads in on the show. Robin asked what he was really hitting. Jeff said that Greg Nicotero creates those things and it's realistic. Howard said they had some really wild stuff. Jeff said they shot some stuff that was much grosser. He said they might put it on the DVD. Howard said he must have had a good negotiation. Jeff said he was okay. He said just to be a part of the show for him was good. Howard said don't talk like that. Howard said it's so great when they just pick you to be a part of the show. Jeff said it went so fast that he only had a couple of days to think about it.

    Howard said there was a video online that leaked with Maggie getting her head smashed. Jeff said he did kill shots with everyone. He said they were afraid that something would get leaked. He said there are people whose sole purpose is to spoil the show. He said that there is a web site where people try to spoil it.

    Howard asked if he's gone on Talking Dead too. Jeff said he did. Howard asked what the fuck is going on there. Howard said he feels like a douche watching the show. Jeff said he felt like a douche being on it. Robin said they talked about how Chris Hardwick was telling everyone they'd be alright. Howard said we know it's TV characters.

    Howard said this is a good situation for Jeff to be in. Howard said he worked with Julianna Margulies on The Good Wife. Howard said he used to goof on her for turning down that big money for staying on E.R. Howard said she looks good. Jeff said she's great. He said he did a lot of love scenes with her. Howard asked if he ever got wood with her. Jeff said no. He said it's not easy to get wood on set. Howard said that's not his story. Howard said he had wood in every scene with a woman on his movie. Jeff asked how old he was when he did that. Howard said he was like 43. Jeff said that's pretty good then.

    Howard said Jeff is Negan and he's killing it. Howard said he applauds this role. Robin said that the people on the show are so beloved. Howard said it was awesome when he smashed the red headed guy's head. Howard said it played well. He said he's playing the role just right. Jeff said it's a tough role to play. He said he's trying not to over do it. Howard said Jeff kind of dresses like Negan too. Howard asked if he's becoming Negan. He said he might become so crazy he becomes Negan. Jeff said his son would love it. He said his son is 6 and he loves it. He said he's not watching the show but he's aware of him. He said one day he saw his son dressed up like Negan with a Lucille baseball bat coming out of the chicken coupe. .He said he asked what he was doing in there. He was playing Negan and knocking the hens off their perches playing Eenie meanie minie mo with them. He said the hens were fine though.

    Howard asked Jeff about going to Comic-Con and those kind of things. Jeff said that he's done a few of those. He said that sometimes he wants to shoot himself after that. He said it can be kind of strange. Howard said he heard he had a woman yell at him thinking he was like Negan on the show. Jeff said Norman Reedus has some great stories about that. Howard said he must be banging a ton of broads. Jeff said he thinks he's doing fine. He said he's not the youngest guy either so he has to go home to sleep. Howard asked if he comes up to hang out in upstate New York. Jeff said Norman bought a house in the area up there. He said they all ride motorcycles together. He said they ride down in Georgia too. He said Norman has like 100 bikes. He said he hasn't come to the candy store yet though.

    Howard asked if he hangs out with Andrew Lincoln. Jeff said he has a couple of kids so he doesn't have a lot of time to hang.

    Howard said he wants to work on The Walking Dead and get a place in Rhinebeck. He said he doesn't want to ride motorcycles though. Howard said it sounds like Jeff is having fun. Jeff said he's living the dream right now.

    Howard said he can't believe he didn't get wood with Julianna. He said she must be insulted by that. Jeff said maybe she is now that he thinks about it.

    Howard asked if Jeff can kill Carl as Negan. He said it's time to get rid of him already. Jeff said he thought they were going to cut the kid's arm off in that one episode. Robin said he already lost an eye.

    Howard asked Jeff if he has to take care of the kid when his wife is working. Jeff said he does. He said she did a show in L.A. and he had to take care of his son. He said they don't have a nanny or anything up there. Howard asked Jeff about doing full time child care. Howard asked what he makes for dinner. Jeff said his son is a big pasta guy so they eat a lot of pasta. Howard said that's something. He said he's not a narcissistic actor. Jeff said he puts a lot on Hillary when he's working so he wants to do his part. He said his son is in school all day and he's gone from 7:30 until about 4. He said they have to drive him there but that's fine.

    Howard said Jeff is doing a great job on The Walking Dead. Howard said it's one of his favorite shows. Robin said it's his favorite. Howard said it is. He said he hopes he's in the last two episodes. Jeff said he is. Howard said at some point Rick has to kill Negan. Robin said the moment he showed up you know he has to be taken out. Jeff said that's right. He said that you never know who is going to take who out though. Howard said he could get a spin off show.

    Howard said Jeff didn't even want to be an actor. He said Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the guy. Robin asked why he has 3 names. Jeff said there was a Jeff Morgan in SAG so he had to throw in all 3. Howard gave him some plugs for The Walking Dead. Howard said they don't even need a plug. Howard said they have to have like 30 million people watching. Jeff said the numbers are big. He said it's fun to be on a show that people watch. He said he's been on some that people don't watch. Howard thanked him for coming in and went to break. As they went to break they played John Mellencamp doing a medley of songs in the Howard Stern Show studio. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Shuli & Wendy Road Trip - August 10, 2016. 04/24/17. 10:00am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked to Shuli about his road trip with Wendy the Slow Adult. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Wendy The Slow Adult Visits. 08/10/16. 7:50am
    After the break Howard came right back and asked if Robin saw Wendy the Slow Adult outside. Robin said she did not. Howard said Wendy drove up from Florida and Shuli rode along with her and her mom. Howard said they have her coming in to do a music special. He said she showed up in a full Freddy Krueger outfit. Howard said Gary asked her why that is and Wendy thinks Robin likes Freddy so that's why she's wearing it.

    Howard said they talked to Wendy yesterday and found out she has a gambling addiction. Howard said he's not sure where she gets the money for the lottery tickets but she's doing it. Howard said it should be against the law for her to play. He said she doesn't know how to handle money. Howard said he should have her in.

    Robin said she was wondering what would happen if Hugh Grant ran into Wendy. Howard said it won't happen. He said she'll be ushered away so Hugh Grant will never see Wendy. He said there's no chance of that happening.

    Howard had Shuli come in to talk about his trip with Wendy and her mom. Shuli said they got in yesterday afternoon. He said it's Wendy's mom who doesn't like flying so that's why they drove up. Howard said he pictures her doing the Tom Cruise dance when Wendy isn't home. Howard said he feels so bad for her mom. Howard said her mom has to argue with her about going to buy lottery tickets. Shuli said he's been around addicted gamblers and Wendy is hooked. He said she had a stack of cash on her. He said he has no idea how. He said he doesn't know where it came from.

    Howard had the guys bring Wendy in. she was in her Freddy Krueger outfit including a mask. She said she would cut Howard like a fish. Howard said she looks just like Freddy. Howard asked her to take the mask off. He said they're going to play some tapes of her but he wants to talk to her about her addiction to gambling. Howard asked if she knows what that means. Wendy said she does. She said it's like when you buy something and you scratch it. Howard asked where she gets the money from. Wendy said it's from what her mom gives her. She said she gets some extra cash on her too. She said she'll ask people for change or a dollar. Howard said then she goes and buys a ticket. Wendy said she buys a burrito first. Then she'll go buy tickets.

    Howard asked Wendy if it's fair that a retarded person is allowed to buy scratch off tickets. Howard said she's losing money. Wendy said they don't know that she's half retarded. She said she's mostly lucky. Wendy said last month she won $1000 on a ticket. Howard said she's probably spent 10,000 though. Shuli said they have vending machines though. He said you can buy them from the machine.

    Howard had some tape of Wendy's mom telling Wendy not to buy tickets. Howard played the clip and Wendy's mom said she would rather scratch tickets than eat. She stopped her from going to get something. Wendy said she's so mean. Wendy just wanted to go get lottery tickets. She said they take EBT tickets there.

    Howard asked Wendy about saying she's half human and half retarded. Wendy said that's right. Howard said he's worried about her. He said she has to stop gambling. Howard asked what part of her is human and what part is retarded. Wendy didn't know.

    Howard said they got in yesterday afternoon and they went straight to eat something. Shuli said every stop they had they had food and lottery tickets. Howard said Wendy likes Mountain Dew and sweet tea. Howard said he's worried about her weight. Wendy said she thinks she's about 240 pounds. Howard said that might be low. She puts 6 packs of sugar in her sweet tea. Shuli said she just grabs a handful of sugar. He said you just stand back and let her do her thing.

    Howard said he saw video of her meal at Denny's and she had cheddar cheese in her mashed potatoes. She had a ton of food to eat too. Howard said it must have been a massive dump.

    Shuli said she had an accident at one point in Jersey. He said he went in to get her at a rest stop they were at. He said she wanted to get something to drink. He said she went right to the machine to buy tickets instead of going to the bathroom. Howard asked if she shit her pants in the car. Wendy said she did. Howard said she looks so proud. Shuli said when he went in to get her he watched what was going on. He said he was standing by her and he could tell something was happening. He said he could smell it. Howard said it was wet and loose. Wendy said yes to all of that.

    Howard asked if Wendy is always loose. Wendy said she is. Howard asked if she minds sitting in it. Wendy said she doesn't mind. She gets diaper rash sometimes but not all the time. Shuli said the last hour of that drive was rough.

    Howard asked Wendy about shitting her diaper and if her mom throws her in the shower. Wendy was saying ''yes'' to everything. Robin asked if they throw the diaper in the trash in the room. Wendy said yes to that.

    Shuli said she has very little control of her bowels when she's laughing. Howard said she made that clear in this clip. Howard played a clip of Wendy telling Shuli about her body telling her she has to go to the bathroom and that he shouldn't make her laugh. She said she might pee and poop if she laughs. Shuli said it's like a time bomb.

    Howard said Wendy got there and then went out to dinner. She said she went to Subway for a sweet Teryaki chicken sandwich. She said she had a foot long and a couple of cookies and chips. Soda too. Wendy said she had a large Coke. Shuli said she gets sodas that you need help carrying.

    Howard asked Wendy about what it looks like when she shits after eating that. He'd ask questions and Wendy said yes to everything.

    Shuli pointed out she has no teeth on the bottom or the top now. Howard asked if she eats like a fly. Wendy said yes to everything. Howard said no wonder the Subway sandwich comes out looking the same as it did going in.

    Shuli asked what her favorite part of the trip was. She said that she liked when he lost his straw at Denny's. Shuli said she was cracking up at that.

    Howard asked if Wendy misses her teeth. Wendy said yes. She said she might get implants. Howard said she can't lose those.

    Howard had some audio of Wendy ordering food at Denny's. She was asking for an extra sized portion. He said the waitress wasn't going for it though. Wendy ordered another side with that because she was hungry. Then she asked the waitress if she could try the sweet corn. They were wiling to bring anything to her. Shuli said she was pissed when they couldn't give her a bigger portion.

    Howard asked if it tasted good. Wendy said yes. Shuli said she thinks she's Italian because she likes spaghetti and meatballs. Howard asked if she combines it all. Wendy said she does. Howard asked if she is attracted to Shuli. Wendy said yes. Howard asked if she wished that she was Mrs. Shuli. Wendy said yes to all of that. Howard asked her about what she'd do on the wedding night and all of that. Howard asked if she can imagine him taking her clothes off and she finally said no. Howard asked if she fantasizes about him helping her with her diaper. She said yes.

    Howard asked Wendy if she ever says no. Wendy said no. Howard asked her about fucking the guy she was fucking. Wendy said they broke up and he went off with someone else.

    Howard asked if there is a plan to make doody today. Shuli said he is taking her under his wing today. He said she is diapered up. Wendy said yes when she was asked about that. Howard asked if her mom has a diaper bag. She said no. Howard asked who carries the diapers. Wendy said they're in the luggage. Howard asked if she has eaten yet. Wendy said not yet. She started with a Mountain Dew though. Howard asked what she would like for breakfast. Wendy said she'd like some hot Krispy Kreme donuts. Howard said it might not be the best thing for them to feed her. Howard asked what her mom is doing today. Wendy said she's probably laying down reading the paper.

    Howard said maybe he can get her some oatmeal with raisins today. Wendy said she'll eat anything. Howard said maybe a cold glass of water. Wendy said yes but Shuli said she'll tear that place up if they feed her that.

    Howard asked Wendy if she's in love with Shuli. She was staring at him. Wendy said she wishes he was single. Shuli said he will be some day.

    Howard said Wendy is there to record her music special. Howard said she's going to play her favorite songs and talk about them.

    Howard said he eats yogurt for breakfast with some granola over it. Wendy said she eats yogurt too. Howard asked if her mom ever has to wipe her. Wendy said she does. Howard asked if she will ask Shuli to help her with that. Wendy said yes. Howard asked if there was ever a time she had so much doody in her ass that it was impossible to dig out. Wendy said yes. Howard asked if she ever gets it on her finger. Wendy said yes and yes to smelling it. She said yes to everything he was asking about smelling it and if she thinks that Shuli might get it on his fingers.

    Shuli asked her to demonstrate how her mom lays her down to change her. Howard figured she just stands up. Wendy said that's what she does.

    Howard asked if Wendy has ever used a lottery ticket to wipe with. Wendy said yes. Robin asked if she's ever used a winning ticket. Wendy said yes and she said she'll turn it in too.

    Wendy said that she was leaving and her cat didn't want her to go so she was climbing on her. Shuli said she thinks there's a cat thief in the neighborhood. Howard said maybe she should make sure they stay inside because they might just run away. Howard asked if she ever wipes with her Freddy shirt. Wendy said yes.

    Howard asked if Wendy is a Trump supporter. Wendy said she is. Howard asked if that's because her mom listens to Rush Limbaugh. Wendy said it is. She said Trump says he'll change things and he'll be better than Obama because he messed up.

    Howard told Wendy not to eat too much. He said she should have what he has for breakfast. Wendy said okay. Robin asked when they head back home. Shuli said they head back on Friday.

    Wendy said she really, really... Howard sensed that something was going on. Howard said she might shit her pants. Wendy was laughing and she may have made doody. Wendy said she didn't make doody but she did pee a little bit. Howard said it's time for a diaper change Shuli. Fred played the Jaws theme music.

    Howard said Wendy has something to ask. Wendy said she had a bunch of DVDs and some other stuff stolen from her. Howard said that means her mom threw them out. Wendy said she wishes that someone would give her money so she doesn't have to ask Howard for it anymore. Howard said normally he'd believe her but no matter what money she has she buys lottery tickets. Wendy said she would like to hang out with her fans and go shopping with them. Howard said he thought she was going to talk about starving Africans but she is only talking about herself. Wendy said she likes hanging out and going shopping. She wishes her fans lived in Florida. Wendy said she's jealous that Howard and Beth are together.

    Wendy did an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. She said ''It's not a tumor'' and ''I'll be back.'' Howard asked her to do Freddy Krueger too. She did that. Howard said he heard she's in love with Jason Kaplan too. Wendy said she is and then she started laughing. Howard asked if she shit herself. Wendy said she did. Howard made her laugh more and Wendy said she was still shitting. Howard said he has to get a new couch before Hugh Grant gets there. Howard said Shuli has a job to do now. Howard let Wendy go after that. They went to break a short time later.


  • Beetlejuice Song Game - October 3, 2016. 04/24/17. 10:45am
    Next on today's replay show they played a Beetlejuice Song Game segment. Here's my rundown from that day:

    The Beetlejuice Song Game. 10/03/16. 8:15am
    After the break Howard came right back and took a call from a woman who said she was listening earlier and he talks so horribly about himself. She said he has to stop talking about his hair and all of that. Howard asked if she wants to try to win $500. She said sure.

    Howard said he has a game to play. The caller, Peggy Sue, is going to play for 500 bucks from Howard said he has a Beetlejuice Song game to play. Howard sang a song he made up as he went along for the game. Howard sang about Peggy talking and how he didn't understand what she was saying.

    Howard said he has a practice session first. Howard said they start singing to Beetlejuice and they see if he can fill in the next word. Howard played one where Richard Christy sang the alphabet song. He gets up to F and they stop. They want to know if Beet will know to sing ''G'' in the song. Peggy said that he will know. Howard said it's weird that he's got a big penis and a small head. Howard played the song and Beet knew G but he made up his own lyrics after that. Howard said Beet always ends up in some sexual rant in these songs. Howard said Peggy would have gotten that one right.

    Howard said in the next one they sang Three Blind Mice. He played some of Richard singing it to Beetlejuice. Howard asked if he will know the next line. Peggy said yes. All he had to know was ''Mice'' in the song. Howard played his answer and Beetlejuice asked if Richard was a blind mother fucker. Howard said that was a no.

    Howard said the next one was this. He played Richard singing Pop Goes The... Howard asked if he'll know ''weasel.'' Peggy said she doesn't think so. Howard said he'll write that down. Howard played Beetlejuice singing ''Weasel.'' He got that one right. He added something about him having a cock in his ass. Howard replayed that so he could hear it again.

    Howard said Peggy has to get the next 3 right. Howard played the next one which was Richard singing ''It's a small ----- After All.'' Howard asked if he will know the word ''World.'' Peggy said no. Howard played Beetlejuice singing ''Ain't no small world here man...''

    Howard said Peggy did not make it through. Robin said he knows a lot more than they think he does. Peggy was fine with not winning. Howard let her go after that.

    Howard replayed Beetlejuice singing the Small World thing and talking about something black and white. Howard said poor Peggy Sue didn't win.

    Howard took a call from a guy, Angelo, and asked if he wants to play the game. Angelo said he thinks he can do better than Peggy Sue. Angelo said he thinks Howard's hair is gorgeous. He said he was talking to his friends all weekend and doing his Speech Impediment Man lawyer impression. Howard said he wants to get to the game. He said it's time to play.

    Howard played Richard singing ''Humpty Dumpty sat on a...'' Howard asked if Beetlejuice will know that one. Angelo said he will not. Howard played Beetlejuice rambling about a cock and fucking a deer or something. He didn't get the wall.

    Howard played the next song which was ''Hickory Dickory...'' Angelo said he will not know that one. Howard said he thinks saying no is a safe way to play the game. Howard played Beetlejuice answering that one and he did say ''dock'' along with a lot of other nonsense.

    Howard played the next one which was Richard singing ''Here comes Peter... up and down the bunny trail.'' Howard asked if he will know that one. Angelo said no. Howard played Beetlejuice giving the answer of ''Cotton ball.'' Howard said Angelo has two right and one wrong.

    Howard played Richard singing ''Twinkle, Twinkle Little...'' Howard asked if he'll know the word ''star.'' Angelo said he will not know that one either. Howard said he thinks he'll know that one. Robin said he has surprised them every time. Howard played Beetlejuice rambling something about being in a carriage. Howard said Angelo just won $500. Angelo said he's going to take that money and give some to his kids so they can have a good day. He said his son asked why Beetlejuice has such a small head. He said he told him he had Zika before anyone.

    Howard asked if they know how Zika got started. He said Beetlejuice bit a mosquito and gave the mosquito Zika. Howard got in some plugs and put Angelo on hold so they could get his information. They went to break after that.

    Today's show was over around 11:05am.

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