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-- Tuesday, August 4, 2020 --

  • Summer Vacation Replay Show: Day 2. 08/04/20. 7:00am
    Howard is off for a week for summer vacation. They're playing replays of segments from the past year or so. Here's what they played today:

  • Hung Handsome Howard / Mad Dog Goes Nuts / High Pitch Erik Cameo / TV System Update - April 2, 2019. 08/04/20. 7:00am
    First on today's vacation replay show they played the start of the April 4, 2019 show where Howard talked about a bunch of things. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Book Promotion Problems And Phone Calls. 04/02/19. 7:00am
    Howard started the show talking about how much he loves ''Hey now!'' and how much he misses Garry Shandling. He said he had a busy day yesterday. He said he had a lot of book promotion meetings. Robin asked if anything was resolved. Howard said yes but he woke up to a lot of emails this morning that he doesn't have time to read. He said he just wants to be told where to go on what day. He said he's getting there. He said he has 5,000 emails in his box. Robin said they don't bother Queen Elizabeth with that kind of stuff. Howard said he'll get there some day.

    Howard said it's not going easily. Robin said she has not observed any of this. Howard said it's best she hasn't. Howard said he has to stop caring so much. He said people just get people to places and they don't trust that they can get there. He said he's too involved. He said he has to be treated like a cave man. He said he'll try tuning out and shut his mouth. Robin said he could ask for a list of things they want him to do. Howard said he has that too. He said he'd like to be treated like he's on the spectrum or like a slow adult. Howard said they have to treat him like they have to carry him to the interview.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he has to have them create an itinerary and cross off what he doesn't want. Howard said they did that but it's the execution that's not going well. He said he can't get them to CC his assistant.

    Howard said his assistant has to know. Robin said she should be in touch with them. Howard said he can't get people to comply. Robin said that's ridiculous. Howard said everyone wants to feel like those people aren't important. Robin said he hasn't given over that task. Robin said that's like them telling him he has to mail copies of the book. Howard said that's right. He said he was telling them he doesn't mail books. He said that's their job. Howard said he doesn't even have a copy of the book. He said he's not sure where he's going to get one.

    The caller asked if he was ever kind of done with the book and he had to go back and edit. Howard said a hundred times. He said he wrote this book over 2 years. He said he would do an interview and they'd tell him he had to include something. He said people will enjoy the book. He said if he could just get through this promotion he'd be good.

    The caller said he has nothing to read over his vacation so if he's mailing out copies he'd like to read it. Howard said you can pre-order it. The caller said he did that already.

    Howard said Hung Handsome Howard also wrote a book. He said that's him fight a big cock and really handsome. He said he wants to congratulate him on the book. Howard took the call from Hung Handsome Howard which was clips of himself that they had pre-recorded. Howard went through the script with himself asking questions about the book Hung Howard wrote. He said things come easily to him and he has all of the people who want to interview him in his living room. He said they all come to him. Oprah was even there. They had clips of Oprah talking to Hung Howard. He had clips from the audio book where a woman was moaning. Hung Howard said that was Meryl Streep.

    Howard asked if Hung Howard reveals anything embarrassing in his book. Hung Howard said he has been telling people he has a 9 inch penis but it's actually 10. Howard said he's so jealous of him. Hung Howard said Kate Beckinsale is blowing him right now. He said he loves life. He said goodbye to Howard calling him shrimpy dick. Howard said he's so jealous of that guy.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked how many titles he went through before he came up with Howard Stern Comes Again. Howard said there were a million. He said he had a memo with all of them on it. He asked Gary to have someone look that up. He said at one point he had 56 titles. He said that one was the best of course. He played a song parody about the book.

    The caller said he'd love to see a Tan Mom puppet. Howard said they discussed that. He said it takes months to create them though. He asked if there is one in the works. He said Shuli could work that puppet because he does her voice so well. Howard said they are thinking about doing other puppets. Fred played some Tan Mom clips and Howard had some fun with that.

    Mad Dog Russo Rant Clips. 04/02/19. 7:15am
    Howard said JD sent him some Mad Dog tape. He said he was screaming about stuff. Howard had to tell Robin who he was because she had him confused with Mancow. Howard said he has to talk to Mad Dog about what he's talking about on his show. He said he was bullying colleges into getting his daughter in their school. Howard said you have to hear him going nuts. He said he yells like a mad man. He said he really is Mad Dog. Howard said his daughter wasn't accepted into a few schools.

    Howard played audio of Mad Dog going off on these schools who didn't accept his daughter. Howard said he was really embarrassed by his SAT scores and he even took the practice tests. He said he got stupider as he took those.

    Howard got back to the clip and Mad Dog was talking about his daughter's board scores and how she was wait listed at BC and Holy Cross. He said she has far better qualifications than the wait list. He said they called them up and they said they didn't like her essay. He said it's ridiculous. Howard said it's really not. He said they didn't like the essay so that's it. He said it's over. He said they don't get to go to BC.

    Howard said Mad Dog is taking it like it's him and not his daughter. He said it's not about them. He said parents take it so seriously. He said he was thrilled when his kids got into school and graduated but he was happy for them. He said they were so much smarter than him. He said he was happy his DNA didn't ruin them.

    Howard played more of Mad Dog's rant about his daughter. He said his daughter wants to rewrite her essay but he told her not to. He said they're not going to go back to BC if they turned her down. Mad Dog brought up a point shaving scandal there at BC. Howard said that was back in the 70s if he remembers. He said Mad Dog sees everything through sports goggles.

    Mad Dog said he's not going to reapply his ass to those schools. Howard said he has to get a hold of that guy. He said he's saying he's not going to reapply. He said it's his daughter. Mad Dog said they can go to hell. Robin asked if he wants her to go to any college. Howard said maybe community college is in the future.

    Howard said she was also rejected from USC. He said he really went nuts about that. Howard said he loves Mad Dog but he has to get out of this dad business and let his daughter do her thing. Howard played more of the audio of Mad Dog going off on USC.

    Howard asked what his accent is. He said he says dollars funny. He said he's all fired up. He said he's going to have to have him on the show to talk to him about this.

    Howard played more of Mad Dog ranting about USC. He was questioning Mad Dog about stuff he was saying and asking why they applied there if he's so against them.

    Howard said he is on fire. He asked where he went to college. He said he was screaming so much he was yelling about Manila envelopes and he was calling them vanilla envelopes. He played that clip next. Gary said Mad Dog went to a college in Florida. Mad Dog said his daughter went to get the mail on Monday and there was a big ''vanilla envelope.'' Howard said it's a Manila envelope. He said he really has to have him in there.

    Howard said they're never going to let his kid in now that he did this. He said this isn't going to change their mind. Robin said this is using the bully pulpit.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if they were listening to Mad Dog or Sour Shoes. Howard said people really think life is unfair. He said that if you're borderline and you can write an essay with passion then you might get in. He said it has to be something that sparks the interest of the admissions person. He said it has to resonate in what the school is looking for. He said it can separate you from the masses. Howard said you accept the rules.

    Howard said he would hear so many radio guys complaining that they were being held back by management. He said they thought he was lucky that he got to talk. He said he was proving himself and getting ratings. He said he used to have to play records too. He said no one liked him. He said people don't like him. He said he doesn't give a fuck... He said he actually does but he's pretending. Howard said no one ever gave him anything.

    Howard said to get into college you have to write a good essay. He said he knows guys who are billionaires but they went to Adelphi. He said imagine the shame of going there. Fred played a Game of Thrones ''Shame!'' clip. Howard said you don't want to go around bragging that you went there.

    Howard said he went to Boston University and he was shamed when he went to some of the classes he took. Howard said he had to wear a helmet in class. He said he went there and it was a total hail Mary. He said they sat down and explained that if you took basic studies and took everything you took in high school and managed to do well they would let you in regular Boston University. He said it was humiliating. He said they had drool cups on each desk in that class. He said they knew what was going on.

    Howard said he really put his gigantic nose to the grindstone and worked his ass off. He said he got into the school of communications and worked his balls off to graduate. He said he could never get into any other school. He said it was for idiots.

    Howard said there were different things he could have been in but he had to go to basic studies. He said they had a guy who mastered in macaroni art. He said his father was paying for this and he had to work hard to do well. He said he was traumatized by the whole thing.

    Howard said he didn't get what he was doing in school. the caller said his high school mascot is Hill Billies. Howard said thanks to the caller and let him go.

    Howard said Mad Dog has to calm down with the vanilla envelopes. He said he might have to talk to him personally. He said he has to straighten him out with going off on the schools. He said he loves that man. He said he loves that rap but he's not sure his kid will.

    Howard said everyone with these colleges. Robin said they start in pre-kindergarten now. She said you have to get into the right one to get into Yale. Howard said he's telling you right now with peace and love...

    Howard said his kid will get into a good school. He said don't worry about it. He said everyone is so worried about college.

    Howard Takes Some Calls. 04/02/19. 7:35am
    Howard took a call from a woman who said she just pre-ordered his book and she can't wait for it. Howard had a song about the book that he played for her. the caller said that she wants to guess who his favorite interview was. She said she thinks that the Robert O'Neill interview was great and that might be it. Howard said that was a great interview. He said he gave a graphic and blow by blow of what it was like to put a bullet in Osama Bin Laden's head. Howard said he salutes that man. He said that he was wearing a full general's outfit that day.

    Howard said the caller is not correct about that. He said he did like that interview but it's not the one he thinks was the best. Robin said she's not sure who is in the book and she's not sure how far back it goes. She said it's almost like choosing from the world of 7 billion people. Howard said it was actually Chubby Checker. He was joking.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said they were talking about college but you don't need it. She said there are a lot of jobs that you don't need a college education for. Howard said she's 100 percent right about that. He said he knows a guy whose son dropped out of high school. He said he wanted to be a plumber. Howard said he kid went off and did his apprenticing thing and realized he hated it. He said he tried it for a year or two. Then he went and did the electrician thing. He said he got his license for that and then before you know it he was hiring electricians to go work for him. He said this kid is making serious money. Howard said college is great but it's not the be all and end all.

    Howard said college gave him 4 years before he had to go out and get a serious job. He said that's what it did for him. He said he was immature. Robin said it's a nice place to land for a few years. He said he enjoyed Boston University.

    Howard said it's great if your kid wants to go but they don't have to. The caller said they can't find bricklayers. She said they can't find anyone to do that. Howard said a lot of Italians would come over and do that years ago. He said they can't find anyone now. He said no one wants to lay stone. The caller said they don't want to work hard so they end up quitting. Howard said Ellen Degeneres dropped out. He said there are a lot of drop outs who did very well.

    Howard said everyone finds their path. Robin said it doesn't guarantee success if you go to college. Howard said Richard Christy skipped college and now he gets to drink wine through his asshole on national radio.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said she's been studying psychology stuff and parents have to let their kids just do things outside. She said they get stressed from doing so many things to get them into college. She said it's like a college arms race and it's killing them. Robin said the thing that kids have is a play deficit. Howard said he knew a guy who was a tremendous artist as a kid and his parents stopped him from doing it. He said his parents were afraid he was going to want to do it for a living. He said he knows another guy who drew as a kid and he became a master artist and now he can't pay his rent.

    Robin said they used to pass down kid's games but now they don't do that. She said they have to teach kids how to do those things now. Robin said they don't get out and play on the playground.

    Adam Levine Gets A Greeting From High Pitch Erik. 04/02/19. 7:45am
    Howard said Adam Levine wrote him a note. He said he's from Maroon 5 and The Voice. Robin said his hair is white now. She said he's constantly changing hair color. Howard said if you were that good looking you'd do that too.

    Howard said Adam's note said that for his birthday his buddy got him a personalized High Pitch Erik message. Howard said that's what a man who has everything wants. He said he didn't have a High Pitch message. He said he saw that Katie Couric is doing those message. He said that Erik is getting $75 to do those messages.

    Howard read the note from Adam and Erik had no idea it was for him. Howard had the clip of Erik doing his greeting. Howard goofed on Erik's voice. Erik didn't know it was for Adam Levine.

    Howard said his name is all over Erik's bio on that site. He said he wants to be clear that he's not making money off of Cameo and Erik's messages. He said Erik is even wearing a Sirius cap and things like that.

    Howard said here are a lot of famous people on that Cameo thing and they must be poor. He said Katie Couric asks for $400 to do a message. Howard said anyone who has anything going on can't be on there. Howard said Walter Cronkite was never on anything like that.

    Howard said Tan Mom is on there. He said you don't want to be on the same thing as Tan Mom. Howard asked who else is on that service. Gary said Norm MacDonald is on there and he gets $150. He said Dr. Drew is on there. Gary Busey is too. Howard asked what he charges. Gary said he gets $325. Howard asked what the cut is. Gary said he thinks Cameo takes 25 percent.

    Howard said he wants to know what they get if they take a 25 percent cut. Gary said that Perez Hilton is $27.99. Howard asked if Erik gets more than him. Gary said according to them he does. Gary said Pauly Shore gets $150. He said Flavor Flav gets $250.

    Howard said the Real Housewives are all on there too. Howard went through some names with Gary and Robin. He had a list of names and Gary said Gilbert Gottfried gets $150. He said Lance Bass is $199. Howard said that's kind of cute not making it 200. Howard said Ruth Buzzy gets $150. Robin said she kind of gets that.

    Gary said that Brett Favre is on there. He said he doesn't get why he's on there. Howard said High Pitch Erik shoots at a really unflattering angel. Howard asked what Anthony Michael Hall gets. Robin said $100. Howard said it's $200. Howard said Caitlyn Jenner asks for $2,500. Robin said she's getting on there if that's what she can get. Howard said Bella Thorne gets $150. Gary said Stormy Daniels is $300.

    Howard asked what Corey Feldman is. Robin said it's got to be a weird one. Howard said it's $122. Gary said he must have done the math and figured he'd get $100 even. Howard said Michael Vick is $1000.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that her fiancee got one of those Cameo messages for her to propose to her and Erik messed it up. She said he didn't get through the whole thing. She said she has the video that she can send into them. Howard asked her to do that for them and he'll play it.

    Howard said he's surprised Erik has time to do the messages. He said he's into this Facebook and Instagram thing where he's threatening suicide every day. He said that he's making the threats showing pictures of scissors and things. EH's threatening to starve himself too. Howard said he thinks what he's doing is to get people's sympathy. He said now he's threatening not to wear his CPAP machine and sleep on his back. Robin said that's what the Elephant Man did.

    Howard said Chris Wilding got really alarmed and reported all of these things to Instagram. Robin asked if he got thrown off. Howard said they said they don't violate their policies. He said if you show your tit they'll throw you off though. He said that's crazy.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said she would never do those messages for money. She said she does that stuff for free. She said it's not her dollar to take. She said it's 42 more days until the book release. She asked for a breakdown. She said she's trying to have a conversation with him about this. Howard said he can tell she's restrained. Mariann started to get worked up so Howard hung up saying he doesn't know what she's saying. Howard said he did tell these guys not to burn him out on interviews. He said he wants to be told what shows to do that sell the most books and he'll do them.

    Howard's TV Fixed. 04/02/19. 8:00am
    Robin asked if he got his TV fixed. Howard said they did fix it and they said that there was a problem with a connector or something. He said they say his system is old and isn't not working. He said they had to disconnect this PIC system. He said he's not even sure what they had to do. He said he's going out of his mind with this.

    Howard said his Apple TV was working all along. He said then it stopped working and now they say it doesn't work because his system is old. Gary said he's calling bullshit on this. He said it sounds crazy to him. Howard said he has to read it to him. Howard found the email from this guy and said he knows this is all bullshit. He said he has 100 emails about the book promotion. He had to read through stuff to find the email he was looking for.

    Howard said he can't find it. He said Jon Hein was telling him that these expensive units are too much. Jon came in and said that 10 years ago you needed a Crestron. He said you don't now. Howard said he can go around the house and watch stuff that he paused. Jon said you can do that with anything now. Howard said everything is on one remote. Robin said she can too and she doesn't need that. Howard said all he knows is that none of his shit works. He said it never worked right when it was new. He said the guy said there was a connector that they can't get anymore or something. He said they took a connector from his PIC system and now that doesn't work. He said he hates that system anyway. He said the movie companies send you movies over that. He said they sent him Shazam. He said they sent it that way so no one can duplicate it. He said it's sent digitally. He said they have his name all over the system. He said his name is huge and printed across the screen.

    Howard said he will not watch any of these movies on that screen. He said that he wants to see that movie but he will not watch it with his name all over it. Howard said he can't read the subtitle if they have his name all over it. He said just put a number on the screen or something. Jon said they don't even have to do that. He said they can trace that stuff easily. He said he's not sure why they want to piss him off. Howard said he's going to wait for it to come out on iTunes and he'll buy it. He said he's not going to watch it with his name across the movie the whole time. He said they say he'll get used to it. He said that's bullshit.

    Howard said the filmmaker doesn't want him to see the movie like that. He said he tries to show off with that stuff sometimes and then his name is all over the movie. He said they ask to see it and then he puts it up and his name is on it.

    Howard said every time he wants to watch TV it doesn't work. He said he has people over at his house and it won't work for him. He said if he's lucky enough and it works everyone sits down to watch it and then his name is all over the movie. He said it's embarrassing. He said being famous used to be great. He said now it's humiliating.

    Robin asked why he didn't go to TiVo and watch whatever it was he wanted to watch. Howard said he didn't think of it. He said he gets cock blocked every way possible when he tries to get into it. Howard said this is just his equipment not working. Robin said it has never worked.

    Howard said Jon has a full head of hair on TV. Jon said they use Topics on his hair. He said they stick to the real hair and it looks very natural. He said it's like putting pepper on. He said it's reasonably priced too. Howard asked why he cares about this appearance there but not at work there. Jon said it would take a lot of time. He said no one has really commented on it there. He said he would have to wear it every day and he would rather not do that. He said he's hoping to distract people with the beard instead.

    Howard said he has to take a break. He gave Jon some plugs and went to break a short time later.


  • Simon Cowell The Liar / Caller Dates Trans Person / Rapaport's Voicemails - December 11, 2019. 08/04/20. 8:15am
    Next on today's vacation replay show they played a segment where Howard played Michael Rapaport voicemails and more. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Howard's Beef With Simon Cowell. 12/11/19. 9:35am
    After the break they played DJ Snake Feat. Justin Bieber ''Let Me Love You'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and took a call from a guy who asked about this Simon Cowell hatred. He said he found out he was trying to steal his job so why is it fair to read the emails in the hack but not look at celebrity nudes. Howard said he didn't read the emails, he was told about them by several people including Simon. He said Simon called and said he wanted to tell him that it wasn't true and he wasn't trying to steal his job or undermine him. He said Simon said that. He said the beef he has is that he lied to him. He said he was caught red handed. He said it's no big deal that he took his job. He said he stayed a year longer than he thought he would. He said maybe it was 2 years longer. He said don't call him up and lie to him about it. He said if he needed that job it would have been a big deal. He said it's the lying he doesn't like.

    The caller sad that makes sense. He asked if he has any games. Robin said he already played it with her.

    Howard said he thinks people like when he hates someone and he's open about it. He said Simon is just a douche. He said it's like getting caught robbing a bank and being told he didn't rob a bank. He said Simon called his agent asking if they were all good. He said he thinks maybe he did speak to him on the phone. He said maybe it was through his agent. He said he didn't want to talk to the guy. He said Simon said to him that the Sony hack was all wrong and he'd never do those things behind his back. Howard said just admit it. He said he was only on British TV and he wanted to come back to the U.S.

    Howard said he knows when Simon got jealous. He said he was doing the show and Simon showed up to a taping of America's Got Talent and he saw him doing this thing and he was kind of the lead judge. He said he thinks Simon saw that no one gave a fuck about him there. He said the guy has no talent. He said he can just judge things and his judging show had failed there. He said he just had to get back on America's Got Talent. He said that's fine but he didn't have to go behind his back. He said he started a campaign behind his back about how he could do a better job for less money. He said it was a really desperate. He said that's all fine until he lies about it. He said he's a two faced prick who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Howard said it's just lame. He said he would have respected him more if he had just said he wanted his job.

    Howard said he did that job and it's not that hard. He said anyone listening to this broadcast could do it. He said you can judge people singing. He said it's not that hard. Robin said she has something to play later from The Voice and these judges are so over the top they don't know what to say anymore. She said they praise you so much they run out of things to say.

    Howard said Simon isn't good at judging anyway. He said he had him judge a singer and the guy was the actual guy from a band singing the song. He said he's an imbecile. He said Simon was a nice guy and he knows all of the right things to say to be a reasonable person. He said it was Josie Scott who came in there to sing.

    Howard said he was going to leave the show anyway. He said he would have gotten the job. He didn't have to write a single email. He said he told NBC that he'd do one more year. He said they asked him to stay one more season and he did it because they were so nice to him over there. He said he had such a pleasant experience over there. He said it was a mutual admiration. He said he was offered several programs to host there and at ABC. He said he was offered a myriad of projects. He said he wanted more free time and wanted to concentrate on the radio show. He said it was all very amicable and sweet. He said he wouldn't hesitate to work for NBC again. He said Simon is a different story. He said he's a weirdo.

    Robin said being in show business is a lucky thing and a great way to make a living. She said Simon makes it work for everyone else. She said he comes in and smokes where no one else is allowed to smoke. Howard said he knew Howie and Heidi were staying but he knew it wasn't going to be the same dynamic there. He said he can only imagine the nightmare of working with him.

    Howard said he's sure if he pumped a few drinks into Howie he's admit to some stuff. He said that you've read about the Sony hack and this is what Simon said. He said he read it in the paper.

    Howard said it's not that big of a deal. He said he didn't really lose a job. He said he was leaving it anyway.

    Howard took a call from fake Simon Cowell who said he feels so bad about hurting him. He said he has one thing to say. He asked if he will forgive him for trying to fuck his wife. Howard said he knew he wasn't sincere. Simon said he was being a jerk. He said he feels so bad that he has no talent other than stealing wives. Howard hung up on him after that.

    Howard Takes Some Calls. 12/11/19. 9:50am
    Howard took a call from a guy who said he voted for Trump but he feels like an asshole after hearing Hillary on the show. Howard said that interview drove him crazy. He said he thinks about the amount of experience she has. He said people say he hates Trump but he just thinks that Hillary would have been a great president. He said he would have voted for her over Obama the first time around. He said it's weird but the interview had that kind of effect. He said he's kind of glad it did. Robin said she got angry later in the day when she thought about the president they could have had. The caller said he thinks that she's lost her chance and he thinks that she would have been a good president. He said Eugene would be a better president.

    Howard said he was reading in the NY Post that Hillary might run again. He said his wife thinks that too. He said he just saw a poll yesterday that she'd be at 20 percent and Biden would be at 21. He said some democrats might think they can't do that again but he'd vote for her in a minute. He said someone else said it's too late to enter primaries. He said Bloomberg just made it. He said he's not sure if that's true. The caller said she'd have to get on more interviews. He said she isn't relateable on Saturday Night Live or anything like that. Howard said it looks desperate when a politician goes on Saturday Night Live.

    Howard said he is a fan of Saturday Night Live but in terms of Hillary he doesn't care if she's funny on there. He said he likes that she's a workaholic who is so smart and has devoted herself academically. He said she doesn't need to prove she's funny.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he's getting serious in a relationship and they were laying in bed and the guy told him that he wants to transition. He said he is kind of thrown by that. He said he's a gay man and he cares about this person but he's not sure if he can change what he's attracted to.

    Howard said if Beth told him she was going to become a man he'd have to leave. He said sometimes love transcends transition. He said the guy who created Sirius is now a woman. He said he's doing things in medical research now. He said the guy is amazing. He said he was Martin Rothblat and now he's Martine. He said his wife is still with her. He said Beth said that when he transitions she's not staying with him. He said he still loves her.

    Howard said Chaz's girlfriend stayed with him when he transitioned. He said he still has a vagina so there's something to go down on. Howard said this caller has to keep a penis if he's into a penis.

    The caller asked Howard about something he said to Whitney Cummings about using coke as a young man. Howard said he was in college and experimenting with drugs. He said it was mostly hash, pot, mushrooms and LSD. He said he was trying anything. He said he didn't think about the consequences at all. He said he really fucked himself up. He said he didn't know a lot about these drugs. He said a guy asked if he wanted to try cocaine and he said sure. He said the guy laid it out and he snorted it. He said he remembers having a reaction to it. He said it turns out it might have been heroin. He said he really doesn't know what he too. He said he could have fucked his life up. He said LSD is the worst thing. He said he's convinced that any drug is a waste of time. Robin said Howard has had to take a pain pill from time to time. Howard said of course. Robin said that's an opioid.

    Howard said if he's with a guy who has a cock he's going to want a cock. He said he thinks this caller wants that.

    Howard took a call from Ralph Cirella who said the Hillary caller and those like him make him nuts. He asked how stupid you have to be to hear her and change your mind. He said look things up and read about her. He said it didn't take time to see this shit wasn't true about her. He said it shows how stupid people are. Howard said he has leaned that elections aren't too far off from what happens in high school. He said the promises they make can't always be made true. He said you know this stuff isn't true. He said Trump knows he's not building a wall. He said people play people. Ralph said he thinks if you asked Hillary now if coming on his show would have made a difference she'd say yes.

    Robin said on Amazon they show that Howard's book is often bough with Hillary's book now. She said it's that and Rachel Maddow's book.

    Ralph said that interview was great with Hillary. He said Howard came off very smart in it. Robin said she's never heard him say that before. Howard said thanks to him for that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he agrees with gay ass Ralph. He said he thinks Howard brings out the best in anyone. He said if he has a conversation with them he brings that out. He said at the end of the day people have to do research but that Hillary interview was great. He said he isn't a fan of her's but the interview was great. Howard said he doesn't want a president with a personality. He said there are people who work hard and don't have a personality. Robin said she was looking for a doctor and someone asked what kind of personality she was looking for. Robin said she doesn't need a personality. She said she just wants them to do a good job.

    JD Vs. Michael Rapaport. 12/11/19. 10:05am
    Howard said they're kind of running out of time to talk to JD about Michael Rapaport. JD said there's not really a feud going on. He said Rapaport is just talking shit to him. Howard said he heard JD is putting a lot of effort into this whole thing. JD said he does put all of his energy into things like that.

    JD said he hates it when he's losing in the league and he has to hear shit talking. Gary came in and talked about how into it JD is and he had a phlegm issue so Howard asked him to clear it up. Gary said JD takes it very seriously and he stresses out over things. He said he takes it so seriously that if he lost he will be devastated for hours or days.

    Howard asked why he gets devastated. JD said he was playing against Ben Barto and he kept waking up every hour to see what happened in this game. Howard asked how much money is on the line. JD said it's $1,200. Howard said that's a lot of money. Gary asked what second place is. JD said he doesn't think about second place.

    Hard asked if Michael has his number. JD said he does but he leaves messages on his personal and work voicemail. Howard played some examples of Rapaport goofing on JD. He was pissed that he was being blocked.

    Howard said he loves that he's shocked that JD is blocking him after saying the things he says. Howard said he has more messages to play. He played a few of those where he was going on and on with the typical ball busting that he does.

    Howard said he loves that he keyed in on JD's work out. JD said he called him a couple of weeks ago and he said he was in the middle of working out and Michael laughed at him. He said that's where that came from.

    Howard asked what kind of responses he expects from him. JD said he doesn't know. He said the only reason he won last year was because one of Rapaport's players got injured and he wasn't able to score.

    Howard played another message where Rapaport went off on JD for not calling him back. Howard asked if he called him. JD said no. Howard asked how you're supposed to respond to that. He said he's like a psycho girlfriend. Howard played more of the voicemail where Michael was calling JD names.

    Howard played a clip where Rapaport's wife yelled at him to get off the phone and stop making fun of that guy. Rapaport denied that he was doing it but she called him a loser and told him to stop. Robin said then you call him back and make fun of him for that.

    Howard said a guy just called in to say they should give Sour Shoes the Gary puppet next week when he's there. Howard said that's a great idea. They went to break after that.


  • Sheryl Crow & Joe Walsh / Teacher Game - September 3, 2019. 08/04/20. 8:50am
    Next on today's vacation replay show they played a segment where Howard played a game. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Real Teacher Or Porn Teacher Game. 09/03/19. 9:15am
    After the break they played Pink's ''Raise Your Glass'' as they were coming back. Howard came back and said he has Sheryl Crow's new song that she did with Joe Walsh. He said he likes this new album. He played the song ''Still The Good Old Days'' from her new album ''Threads'' and said it sounds like a Joe Walsh kind of song. He said it's kind of funky. He said she still sounds good.

    Howard asked if Robin likes it. Robin said she does. She said she's thinking of JD and his wife with the lyrics. Howard wondered if Joe ever had sex with Sheryl. Robin said he's married. Howard said maybe before that. Robin said she was with that bicycle guy.

    Howard took a call from one of the guys in the back who was playing the part of a caller who was with JD's wife on the Sea Doo. Howard said it's none of his business what's going on with him.

    Howard said he's going to play a game but only with Robin. He said he was going to play it with a caller for a prize but he'll just do it with Robin. He said this is a game where you have to tell if it's a porn teacher or a real teacher.

    Howard took a call from a woman named Lindsay and asked if she wants to try to win. She said yes. Howard said he has an autographed copy of his book to give away. Howard asked Lindsay about what she does and found out she just called in to talk about a Baba Booey she heard. Howard asked if she's married. She said she's divorced. Howard said this conversation is going nowhere. He moved onto the game.

    Howard said you have to get 3 out of 5 to win. He asked if this was a real teacher or a porn teacher. He played the clip and this woman was telling a student he should be quiet. Lindsay said it has to be a porn teacher. Howard said it's actually a real teacher. He replayed the clip.

    Howard said this isn't so easy. He said she only got one wrong. He said she has 4 more chances. Howard played another clip where the teacher was saying she could help someone learn to write. Lindsay said that has to be porn. Howard said she's right. He said it was a porn teacher. Howard played the full clip where the student was reading a poem about jizzing on the teacher's chest. Lindsay said she thinks he wants her to think it's porn. Howard said he was just replaying the clip. He said he's just going to give her the prize and give up. He put her on hold. Howard said she was just slowing down the game. He said she thought this was a real teacher. He said he just gave her the answer and she still got it wrong.

    Howard played another clip of a teacher talking about how she's done with this and for the student to wipe the smirk off his face. Robin said that has to be a real teacher. Howard said she's right. He played the full clip of the teacher yelling at this student. Howard said he likes playing with Robin.

    Howard was talking about Robin going through chemo and still working. He said she said that she was energized by it. He said he wasn't even able to get through his colonoscopy. He said he tells people that Robin thrives and never complains, ever. He said she has the worst pain and says it'll just go away. He said she doest worry. He said he admires her. He said it's not in a condescending way at all. He said he really does. Robin said thank you. She said that everything is attitude.

    Howard said he was talking to his daughter this weekend. He said she's a nurse and he told her if anyone complains about anything then just send them to Robin.

    Howard played another clip of a teacher talking about not tolerating impolite. Robin said she thinks that's a porn teacher. Howard said it was a real teacher. Howard played the full clip and the guy was telling people if they want to yawn then go outside.

    Howard played another clip of a teacher talking about homework. Robin guessed it was a porn teacher. Howard said it was. He played the full clip and it was obviously porn when the teacher talked about this student's juicy pussy.

    Howard said he has one more. He played the clip of the teacher talking about how the rules are no talking and no phone. Robin said this is tough. Howard asked if it's porn or real. Robin guessed real. Howard said it's porn. He played the full clip where the teacher was cursing out the student and talking about licking her ass and pussy.

    Howard said he wants to see that one. He said it's got a long title that tells you what you're going to get. He said he would have clicked on that one immediately. Howard wrapped up the game and went to break.


  • Staff's Favorite Clips - January 8, 2020. 08/04/20. 9:10am
    Next on today's vacation replay show they played a Best of 2019 Staff Panel segment. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Staff Panel: Biggest News Stories Of 2019. 01/08/20. 10:05am
    After the break Howard came right back and Fred was playing some of the words Sal can't pronounce. Howard asked Sal to say Abominable. Sal got that one right. They had Sal pronouncing some things wrong. Sal got Ireland right after getting it wrong a while back. Howard had him try to say statistician. Sal still didn't have that one right. Howard said it and Sal was able to get it right when he heard him say it.

    Howard said they've heard that some listeners only get their news from the show. He said the panel is there to play their favorite moments from the news in 2019. Gary was up first with an R. Kelly clip where he was unhinged in an interview with Gayle King. Howard played the clip that Gary had pulled. Kelly was crying and yelling about his kids and things like that. Howard said they even made a song out of that. He played the song and said that's actually a good song. He said it sounds like Sal's dad's song.

    Howard said they always say if you're up on big charges you have to act like that. He said he screamed and yelled and now they're making songs about it. Robin said she knows about this because Lifetime is doing their third series on Surviving R. Kelly.

    Howard said Harvey Weinstein went into court with 2 cell phones and then pulled out a third. He said the judge was going to throw him out of the court room. Gary said the judge asked him if he wanted to spend the next 40 years reading a cell phone. He said Harvey took a breath and the judge said If I were you I wouldn't say another word.

    Howard said that guy is still so arrogant after everything he's been through. Gary said Harvey thinks he's innocent and he'll be exonerated. Robin said he's going to jail.

    Howard said he should go into court with a peg leg. Robin said he walks with that walker in a weird way. He puts it too far ahead of him and walks up to it. Howard said he doesn't use it right. He said he did lose weight though. Robin said he has had back surgery. She said he's not using it properly though.

    Howard asked if there's any chance he's getting laid. Gary said OJ does. He said he can't imagine the woman who would fuck him. Robin said she did read that he was at some club where they were showcasing artists and he was with some actress there. Howard said he can't do a fucking thing for her now.

    Howard asked Sal what he has for the greatest news moment of 2019. Sal said he has a drop that Fred has been using. He had him play the Greta Thunberg ''How dare you!'' drop. Sal said that's his favorite drop of the year. Howard asked if he'll use it in a phony phone call. Sal said he will. Howard said you could argue that the girl on Instagram and giving money to Australia is doing more for the world than Greta is. He said she asked for people to send her money and she'd give people nude photos. He said she has been doing it and that's really putting your mouth where your money is. Robin asked how you prove that she got $500,000. Jason said it's up to $700,000. Howard said her account is closed. He said they close you down for putting up nudes but Facebook won't take down the fake news ads.

    Howard played more of the Greta Thunberg audio and said he has a call idea for Sal. He said have her call up his dad and have her as another daughter they just found out about.

    Howard asked who's next. Memet said he's up. He said last year there were a ton of people in the presidential race and they had a President Trump impersonator call into the show to go through the candidates. Howard played the clip where fake Trump bad mouthed all of the candidates.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said she has a favorite moment from 2019. She wasn't there. Howard eventually got her. Mariann screamed that her favorite part was something about him calling her down. Howard said he called her down on Jimmy Fallon's show. He said he did that. He forgot about that. Mariann said he always forgets about her. She said something about a phony phone call he did winning the call of the year. She asked if he got her Christmas card. Howard said he did. Mariann was screaming so Howard hung up on her.

    Jason said he's up next. He said that fake Sarah Sanders called into the show to talk about what she said about Trump when she was interviewed for a religious show. Howard played the clip where fake Sarah was going on about how Trump was chosen by God to be President.

    Howard said he forgot about that. He asked who is up next. Gary said he's up. He said Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and found dead in his jail cell. He said Alex Jones called in to talk about the conspiracy with him. Howard said this is their Alex Jones. He played the call they got from Alex where he was explaining what went on with George Soros and Epstein.

    Howard said that was something. He said a lot has happened in 2019. He said maybe they'll continue this next week.

    Howard took a call from Tan Mom who wished them a happy new year. Howard asked where she celebrated the new year. Tan Mom said she did that with her best friend. She said it was great. Howard said she must have been so sexy that night. He asked if she was almost nude. Robin said she wants to know where her marriage stands. Tan Mom said she'd rather not go there. She said she'd rather be happy. She said she was wearing bra and panties from Victoria's secret for New Years. Howard asked Sal if he heard that. Sal said he did. Howard wrapped up and went to break after that.


  • The Black Crowes - November 11, 2019. 08/04/20. 9:30am
    Next on today's vacation replay show they played a segment where The Black Crowes visited. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Mystery Guests - Chris And Rich Robinson. 11/11/19. 8:45am
    After the break they played Van Halen's ''Jamie's Cryin'' and a phony phone call to a Traido show. They also played Julian Velard's cover of ''La Cunte Calde,'' System of a Down's ''Toxicity'' and a Gary song with Richard Simmons' voice as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he's excited today. He said he never thought he'd see what he's seeing in front of him right now. He said he's been quiet about his all morning. He said people think he's going to have Sonny and Cher in there. He said this is kind of crazy to him. He said sitting together for the first time in who knows how many years are the two founding members Chris and Rich Robinson who started the Black Crowes many years ago. Howard asked what they are announcing. Chris said they are announcing that he Black Crowes are getting together and going on tour next year.

    Howard said he loves the band and it's a miracle that two sons can write and perform music together. He said it's a billion to one shot. Rich said he thinks he's right. He said they share a similar experience with two different perspectives.

    Howard said Chris is the guy who sings and Rich came up with great riffs. He asked what the odds are. He said Mick Jagger and Keith Richards came up with something but they weren't brothers. Howard said he thinks about the guys in Oasis who weren't able to get along.

    Howard said he had Chris on two years ago. Chris said he said some horrible things. He said he has apologized to Rich about that. Howard said he came in there and said he didn't exist in his life anymore. He said now they're sitting together in his studio. Chris said he had a lot of things change for him in the last 2 years. He said he was dealing with a lot. He said he didn't know why he was saying bad things about his brother. He said he wasn't sure why he was saying things about John Mayer. Howard said he was there with his wife last time. Chris said it's show biz. He said things weren't happening. He said he has a new girlfriend and things are incredible. He said he's leaving behind some negative things. He said he's looking at depression and all of those things.

    Howard asked if he's in therapy. Chris said he is and he's going through all of that. Howard asked if he had an epiphany about it all. Chris said he wouldn't say that. He said he did think about his brother and what he was putting him through. He said it's all about change. He said their trajectory is different. He said he needed to go into the wilderness and work things out. He said he had to go through the good, bad and indifferent. He said his brother is doing the same thing. He said he has his own band too.

    Howard asked Rich if he missed his brother. He said he believes that their songs are amazing and his guitar playing is amazing. He asked if he missed his brother or was he fed up with the fighting. Rich said he was fed up with the fighting. He said it was unhealthy for a lot of reasons. Rich said he had put together another band and he was working on that. Howard asked if it upset him that his brother was doing Black Crowes songs. Rich said he was doing the same thing. He said it was the constant ragging that got to him.

    Howard said he thanks god he has a sister and no brother. He said he wanted attention from his parents and he didn't think he could share it with a brother. He said he gets it psychologically. Chris said something happened when they were kids and they got this great opportunity and did their thing. He said millions of people connected to it. He said then you're on this treadmill and he doesn't know how he got to the point he did with Rich. He said life still comes at you and there's still loss and joy in it all. He said they were just in a place to make money and keep it going. He said he and Rich never had that. He said they're complete opposites. He said he's always off the ground a little bit. He said they just didn't have any wherewithal to stop.

    Howard asked if anyone suggested couples therapy. He said it is a relationship. He said they weren't given the tools to have a brotherly love. Chris said they didn't know how to deal with success either. Howard said it would have been a good idea to go into couple's therapy. Chris said that was part of the shtick. He said people played up to that too. He said they made rock and roll music so it was about push and pull kind of stuff.

    Howard said what he liked about the Black Crowes was when they pissed on other bands. He said it was an attitude. Chris said it was like that for a lot of bands. He said they called it Georgia Guff. Howard said you don't want to be a sell out. He said you know your identity and you don't take any shit. Chris said it was defiance. He said today it's only compliance. He said they only promote things. He said when you get people in private you find out what they like or don't like. He said they were talking about how millions of people still want that kind of thing.

    Howard said he thinks back about what he said about people when he was starting out. He said he used to goof in Led Zeppelin and he loves that band. Chris said you have to destroy the thing you loved so much. He said when they started REM was the kind of band they would have looked up to because they were from Atlanta. He said they loved The Replacements and they would talk about them.

    Howard asked Rich if he got upset when his brother would go out and trash these other artists. Rich said it never drove him insane but the people around them were driven kind of wacky. He said you get out there and see the bands you love and there's a hurt there.

    Howard asked if they're friends with ZZ Top. Chris said he loves Billy Gibbons. He said they did a Rolling Stone interview in 1990 and he was shocked that these legends were playing with him. He said that he called out Robert Plant on using a backing tape on their songs in concert. He said that made him rethink how they did their show. He said that Joe Perry called him 2 years ago and asked him to write a song for him and he had trashed them too. Howard said he gets what he's saying when they're playing a tape when you go to see a live show.

    Howard said the guys are going to go on tour and do the first album in order. Chris said they didn't even do that when they started out. Howard asked what album they think is their best one. Rich said Shake Your Money Maker was their first and most successful. Howard asked if they will be on stage together and playing. Chris said they'll get along. Howard said he thought they would be wheeled out in cages or something.

    Howard asked how this came about. Chris said there's magic in the music they make and doing it on stage. He said they love rock and roll more than ever right now. Howard said they want to perform. Howard asked how this all came about. He said they hadn't spoken in 6 years. Howard asked whose idea it was. Rich said they have a friend who is in between them. He said his name is Greg. He said they called Greg. He said it was right around the same time. Rich said they were going out and performing Crowes songs and he has a lot of the guys from the band in his band. He said there was something missing there. He said it was a glaring omission which was his brother. He said for 6 or 7 years they were going through all of this.

    Howard asked if he was at Chris' wedding. Rich said no. Howard said he didn't even know Chris' kid. Howard asked if they saw each other when their father died. Chris said they were in the same room together.

    Howard asked if Chris is conflicted about his dad. He said he was a musician and his father would tell him he couldn't sing for shit. Chris said they were talking about that the other day. He said they were hanging out with Jimmy Page and he wanted to tell his dad about it and send him a picture.

    Rich said when Prince was on American Bandstand their dad thought that was terrible. Rich said he was a very old school kind of musician. He said what they were into wasn't what their dad was into.

    Howard said their dad didn't get them. Howard asked if he was physically abusive. Chris said not at all. Rich said he was just critical. Howard asked what song he had that was a hit. Chris said it's on the 50s channel sometimes. He said you can catch it.

    Chris said they both think that Shake Your Money Maker is their best stuff. He said that's why they're doing it on tour.

    Howard asked about this guy Greg who brought them back together. Howard said they should have brought him in. Howard said Greg thought it was the right time for them to talk. Rich said he told Greg he thought it was the right time and he told him that he had just heard the same thing from Chris.

    Howard said he thinks about the guys in Oasis and how they don't get along. Rich said they went on tour with them and they freaked those guys out with how bad they got along.

    Howard said they had a rule about fighting where they say they can't hit each other in the face. Chris said that is a rule they had. Howard asked who won most of their fights. Chris said no one won if you really think about it. Howard asked if anyone ended up in the hospital. Chris said not at all.

    Howard asked how bad their fights were. Rich said they got into a big one at one point when Chris showed up late to rehearsal. He said they were screaming at each other. Howard said it's hard in families to get along. Chris said if he had to do it all over again he wouldn't change a thing.

    Howard asked if they had a pain in their stomach's when they had to work together. Chris said they didn't have anyone from management around them to keep them separated. He said that they didn't have anyone around to tell them what to do. He said it was the two of them writing songs.

    Howard asked when they started writing together. Chris said they started as teenagers. Howard asked how it started. Rich said they weren't that good back then. He said he learned 3 chords from his dad and that's all he taught him. Howard asked how they did it. Rich said they were in a room together. Chris said they wrote ''She Talks to Angels'' at home in their parents house.

    Howard asked if the problems are exacerbated by drugs. Chris said booze, coke and heroin are far more worse. Howard said Rich never got into that. Rich said it would have freaked him out to do that stuff.

    Howard said Chris was into the drug culture. Chris said by the end of the 90s most of it was escapism. He said he loved drugs. He said he can look back at his time as a daily coke user and wonder what the fuck that was. He said when your heroes are Keith Richards and Jerry Garcia then what do you expect.

    Howard said he watched a documentary on Tom Petty and you don't realize how much drugs can fuck you up. Howard asked if he ever went to rehab. Chris said he just stopped using. He said that was the end of it. He said 72 hours later he was rolling around sweating in his loft. He said it wasn't so bad.

    Howard asked if he had to get clean. Chris said he thinks about the legalization of weed and how he used to talk about that. He said he can't smoke it now and perform these songs. He said he's almost 53 now and he can't do it.

    Howard asked if they have heard from any of the original members of the band. Chris said they are the original members. Howard asked if they had to do it all over again would they have hired musicians to work in the band. Rich said one former member said the scariest thing was when he and Chris got along because no one could stop them. Howard said they could control them in a way if they were separate. He said that's pretty devious.

    Howard asked if it was weird to go meet Rich's kids after all that time. Chris said not at all. He said it was normal. He said Rich has a bunch of kids and he hadn't met them. Rich said his 9 year old was curious. He said he'd ask to meet him. Chris said his daughter will be 10 and she didn't know her grandmother. He said he had to make some changes in his life. He said he was mad and upset. Howard asked what the anger was. Chris said he thinks it was disappointment in her. He said it may have been in his mind and he was feeling things about her that made him cut her off.

    Howard asked Chris about how he and Rich they got back together. Chris said they worked through a third party. He said he figured this could be the most punk thing they could do. Rich said they thought it could be cool to do this.

    Chris said they didn't want anyone from their past dealing with them. He said they wanted to start fresh. Rich said they wanted to do it with new guys so it was something new for everyone.

    Howard said at some point it has to get out of a theoretical thing and they have to see each other. Howard asked where they were. Chris said they were in New York. Chris said that they met in New York and they had their kids with them. Chris said that his girlfriend came too. Howard asked if that annoyed Rich. Rich said whatever makes him happy. Chris said it was a piece of the puzzle that she didn't know about. He said the first time they played ''Jealous Again'' was something they did too.

    Howard said they're going to take a break and they're going to perform a song. Howard said they're going to be out on tour doing their whole album from beginning to end. Chris said the tickets are on sale right now. Howard said they're announcing that they're back together right here in the studio. Howard said this is a miracle. Howard said he said if they start fighting he's not jumping between them. Howard said go to right now for tickets.

    Howard had the guys perform their song ''Jealous Again.'' After the song Howard said they still have it. He said that was a lot of fun to watch. He said go out and see them on tour.

    Howard said he likes to look over his notes while people perform but he had to watch this performance. Howard asked how they wrote that song together. Rich said he came up with the intro first. He said he wanted to write a song like Tumbling Dice. Chris said Keith Richards band performed that song and said it reminded him of something. He said of course it did because it was just like their song.

    Chris said he met Mick Jagger at a show they did right before they got fired from ZZ Top. He said Mick made a comment about how he was seeing himself from 1974 there. He said he was probably insulting him but he took it as a compliment.

    Howard asked Chris about hanging with Keith Richards and what that was like. Chris told Howard about what that was like. Howard ask if it was happening so fast they weren't able to take it all in. Rich said it was like that. He said they were able to hang out at Keith's amps while they were performing. Howard said that had to be the best school to go to. Rich said he and Chris had gotten into a big fight so he got hi sown bus. He said he didn't want to be in the same bus with him. He said he meditated for like 3 weeks after that. He said it was just to calm down. He said he let a bunch of shit go and he got to Europe and he let all of that shit go. He said they started getting along after that. He said then they got to tour with the Rolling Stones. He said on their days off they were playing with Jimmy and Robert.

    Chris said they did a show where they were with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. He said that was the best. He said Bob was his biggest hero. He said they were behind the amps watching and they were going to have Bob sit in. He said Mick had a long satin shirt and he remembers that but not his own social security number. He said Bob went out there wearing the same thing as Mick. He said they were playing a Bob Dylan song and then they come up to Bob's turn and Bob goes up to the microphone and doesn't sing anything. He said they went around again and Bob just turns away from the microphone. He said this goes on for half a verse. He said Bob finally goes to the microphone and starts singing something. He said they don't finish and they walk off stage and Mick and Keith came back stage. He said Bob gave them a big fuck you as he walked off stage. He said it was the best thing they had ever seen.

    Howard asked how it felt to do their song in there. Chris said it was good. Rich said they actually broke up in the middle of it and didn't tell anyone.

    Howard said he's thrilled for them and he's happy for them too. He said they should do another song for them. He said they're going to do ''She Talks to Angels'' next. Howard asked about writing that song together. Howard said when this album came out it was during the time that hair bands and Guns 'N Roses were big. He said that there weren't any other bands doing this kind of music. He said they weren't worshiping Metallica. Chris said he did have Kill 'em All. Howard said bands didn't understand what they were doing. Howard said the name of the band was Mr. Crowes Garden. He said the record company didn't want them called that and getting confused with Soundgarden. Chris said it just didn't fit with what they were doing. Howard said he loves their logo. Chris said that Mr. Crowe's Garden was a book and they had to keep the E in Crow to make it work.

    Howard asked if it was difficult to put this song together. Chris said it was all difficult putting their first album together. Rich said it was tough because they didn't have ProTools back then. Howard said the band had to hit it just right. Chris said it was take after take. Howard asked if they knew it would be a hit. Chris said not at all. He said they were always just trying to write songs to do their best with. he said they wanted to have a connection with someone.

    Howard asked if Rich had this intro first like he did with the other song. Rich said he had the whole song and he came up with the opening later.

    Howard had the guys perform ''She Talks to Angels.'' After the song Howard said that was fantastic. He said he's not sure what to say. He said that was exciting. He asked if it still feels good playing that song. Chris said it is. He said you have to get up and give it everything you've got on stage. He said to have this gift to be able to play music for a career is great. He said he still has people inspiring him. Howard said brothers who write songs together is so great. He said that song didn't exist and they sat down and wrote it. Howard asked if it shocks Rich when his brother comes up with that stuff. Rich said it does blow his mind after the fact. He said he always loved what he does and did. He said it was always great for him to write the songs and give them to Chris because he knew he'd write amazing things.

    Howard said it is amazing. Chris said he didn't know about the stuff in that song. He said he didn't know about it until later in life. He said it wasn't a dark song but he was singing about things he didn't know about. He said he added some things in there that were making up a story. He said sometimes those things just fall into your lap out of nowhere.

    Howard said there was a lot of pressure on them to do this stuff. He said their second album was great too. Rich said they didn't let the pressure bog them down.

    Howard said this is a miracle story to him. He said it's amazing that they're back together. Chris said he was adamant about them never getting back together. He said he was wrong about that and about John Mayer being in the Grateful Dead. Howard said he was a big Grateful Dead fan though so he gets why he'd be skeptical. He said he thinks that he liked that they became this cult jam band. He said Chris didn't like that John Mayer was in the band. Chris said he was trying to be funny but you look back on it and wonder who cares?

    Howard said Chris is fine with it now. Chris said of course. He said no one cares what he thought back then. Howard said he is an entertaining mother fucker to watch. He said the way he moves and dances is compelling. Rich agreed. Chris said he cut off his LSD Jesus hair and he wants to move. He said he thinks he dances quite a bit in the shows. Howard asked if he ever thinks about how filthy the stage is when he's in his bare feet. Chris said he doesn't worry about it that much. Howard said he gets into it in a way. He said that he could just stand there like the guys in Oasis or move around. He asked when he made that decision. Rich said it was born in Chris. He said he was always a dancer. Chris said if he wasn't so tall he could do the splits.

    Howard asked how he stays so thin. Chris said he wants to lose about 15 pounds. He said he's at the heaviest he's ever been. He asked if Howard can help. Howard said he can't help. Chris said he'd like to be thinner for the tour.

    Howard gave them a plug for the tour and said they're going to do ''Hard to Handle'' next. He said that's the only cover they did on the album. Chris said he loved Otis Redding. He said that it's inspiring because they're all from Georgia. He said that they weren't doing it as a cover really. He said they made it more rock and roll. Chris said to this day this is the gift Otis gave them. Howard said they have sold millions of albums and Otis' family must be thrilled. Chris said that makes him happy too.

    Howard said the guys are back together now and he never thought it would happen. Howard said he knows the Greg they were talking about. He said he's Cuz to him. He said the guys are going to do another song now. He said on tour they'll be doing their whole album. Howard said this band is very powerful too. He said it's nice to see them out there. Howard gave them more plugs for the tour.

    Howard said they're going back in time and this is what you'll hear when you go to see them on tour. Howard had the guys perform ''Hard to Handle.'' After the song Howard asked why they're laughing. They said Rich made a little mistake. Howard asked Rich about the guitar he had and Rich said it was flooded in Hurricane Sandy. He said he lost 70 guitars. He said he got some restored. Howard said those are like your children. Rich said he lost more in the divorce. He said he's happy he has that but everything has a connection.

    Howard said he was thinking about that album and how they were nominated for Best New Artist Grammy. He said that they didn't win. Chris said thank god they didn't win. He said that's the curse.

    Howard asked if they're in the rock and roll hall of fame. The guys said they're not. Chris said that Thin Lizzy isn't in it so they're not going to get in. Howard asked why they're not in there. Chris said there are a lot of bands that aren't in there. Chris said that there are a lot of groups they love that aren't in there. He said just to be a part of the whole thing is more important than getting an award.

    Howard asked if they don't want their legacy to be that they fought over stuff. He said he thinks money can ruin things like that. Chris said he just wanted to make it like it was before. He said they're not fighting now.

    Rich said they started the band as their band and they're doing that again. Howard said they sound fantastic.

    Howard said hello to the band and introduced Tim, Raj, Isaiah and Joel. Howard asked how they met them. Chris said they all just knew each other. He said two of the guys had their own band so they've ruined their band now.

    Howard said it was a different time back in the 90s. Rich said things just sunk back in the 90s. He said things shifted back then and it ruined the business.

    Howard asked the guys if they remember when they heard their first song on the air. The guys said it was Jealous Again. Chris said the most memorable thing was when ZZ Top fired them.

    Howard asked Rich if he was afraid he was going to lose his brother when he was going out with a Hollywood star. Rich said he didn't think like that. He said he knew Chris would be fine. Chris said he got to do some cool things. He said he got to smoke weed with Robert Altman at a party. He said that was something.

    Howard said he loves the Black Crowes with Jimmy Page. He said they did all of those songs and they were awesome. He said he thinks Chris did the songs like he wanted to. Chris said he was trying to do them that way but keep them like Led Zeppelin.

    Howard asked if they got nervous performing with those guys. Chris and Rich said they weren't. rich said they were so cool to deal with.

    Howard said it's so weird that Robert Plant won't go out and perform with the band anymore. Chris said that they loved all of those bands growing up. He said they also grew upon Muddy Waters and Stacks and all of these great blues artists. He said they were younger but they had the same records that launched all of those bands. Howard played some of the stuff Chris and Rich did with Jimmy Page. The guys talked about what that was like working with Jimmy.

    The guys were talking about working with Krist Novoselic from Nirvana and Howard thought they were talking about Chris Cornell. Chris said he just lost a band member to suicide a couple of months ago so that brought that band to an end. They spent a minute talking about depression. Howard thanked the guys for coming in and doing what they did.

    Howard had the guys bring in their friend Greg who brought them back together. Howard said he has to see him. He said he sees this guy almost every day and he didn't say a word about it. Howard wrapped up again and went to break.

    Today's show was over around 11:10am.

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