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-- Monday, July 6, 2015 --

  • The History Of Howard Stern - Day 1. 07/06/15. 7:00am
    Howard is off for the next two weeks so they're playing The History of Howard Stern. This appears to be an edited down version of the four part, 7 weeks worth of winter vacation specials that ran from 2007 to 2010. Act IV ended with the 9/11 shows in 2001. This special is supposed to end with Howard leaving K-Rock in 2005 so they may have added a little bit of ''new'' material.

    I won't be listening to this whole special trying to figure out what they left in and what they edited out. What I'll have posted here each day will be wherever they start that day's edited down version of this special. I'll link to my archives of the 4 acts if you're interested in seeing what they covered. Below is my rundown of the first day from Act 1, day 1 in 2007.

  • The History Of Howard Stern - The Early Years. 12/17/07. 6:00am
    Howard and the guys are on their holiday vacation so this week they're playing a History of Howard Stern special. Today's chapter was ''The Early Years.''

    The special started off with an intro where the announcer, Jim Forbes, talks about what this special was going to be about with many clips of Howard and the other guys on the show talking about some of the stuff that's gone on over the years.

    After the intro they went back to January 12, 1954 when Howard was born. Then Howard's mother Ray Stern came on and talked about the day Howard was born and explained how she wasn't allowed to have Ben in the hospital room with her. She talked about how he was told they had a boy. Ben also had a few words to say about that and how he was the one who came up with the name Howard. He said he liked that name and told her that's what they were naming him.

    Up next was Howard's sister Ellen who talked about how thrilled she was to have a brother. She was 4 years old at the time. Howard talked about how great his relationship was with his sister over the years. He said that she never looked for the spotlight while he was always looking for it. He would take any attention he could get while she stayed quiet.

    Ray talked about living in Jackson Heights and how they knew they had to move from the small home there. She said that they wondered where to go and friends told them to move to Roosevelt because that's where they were all going. They bought a split level house there for $14,500. Ben said that those were the days. Ben said that they moved there when Howard was just a few months old, in June of 1954.

    Howard talked about some of the stuff he remembered from living in Roosevelt. He remembered crapping his pants and running home to take them off and burying them in the back yard.

  • Howard's Friends. 12/17/07. 6:10am
    We heard Ben talking about how happy Howard was as a child. He said that he had a lot of fun and he was always entertaining them. Ray said he was happy and he was always very busy with his friends. She said that he didn't have a lot of friends but he did have some. She thought he was doing very good.

    Jim had some of Howard's friends, Jerry Dickowitz, Milton Little and Margie Sickles, talking about growing up with Howard. Each of them talked a little bit about Roosevelt and what they remember of it. They described the town, how big it was, how much traffic there was there and things like that.

    The friends talked about Howard's house being red and what it was like to hang out with Howard. Howard talked about those friends and how they were all good friends and a lot of fun to hang out with. Margie talked about how great Howard's parents were. Milton also said that they were great people and they always made them feel good when they were hanging out with Howard. He said they were just ''honest, decent folks.''

    Margie said that there were a few families there that would hang out and do things together in that neighborhood. Ray was also saying that they were always involved with the things going on in the world and in the neighborhood.

    Margie was talking about the families hanging out and how she used to watch the adults at night just hanging out and they were always having fun and laughing. She said that Ben was always very funny and Ray was always laughing at his jokes.

    Howard said that his father really was the life of the party from what he remembers. He said that he was always very well read and up on the news. He said that his mother was always laughing at what he said too. Margie said that Ben telling all of those jokes were probably a big influence on Howard and his career. Howard said that his father was always no nonsense and very opinionated. He said that there was a certain dynamic there that reminds him of his radio show.

    Ray talked about how she would volunteer Ben's services to do things at their church and he'd be dressed up as a woman quite often. She said that Howard saw that and that probably made it easy for him to see stuff like that. Ben said that he used to play many female roles in those plays they'd put on at church.

  • Howard's Fear. 12/17/07. 6:20am
    Jim talked about Ben's job working at a recording studio in the city. That led to Ben talking about the strange hours he had working that job. Ray said that he had a job that allowed them to go out and go to movies on the weekend.

    Ben said he used to record himself singing at work and he'd bring home the records for the kids to listen to. He said that he had Shirley Jones come up and record in the studio one time and he sang for her. She told him that it was an awful performance though.

    We heard an interview clip where Howard was asked about his father and what it was like growing up with him. In the clip we heard Howard talking about how his mother let him have a Playboy magazine when he was a young boy. He said that sex wasn't that big of a deal in his house. Ben and Ray came on and talked about how they weren't uptight about those things back then.

    We heard a clip from Howard's show where he talked about his mother and how she always told him that he should be fearless but then she'd put fear into him when she'd tell him about how people died back when she was a little kid. Howard talked about the things that shaped him into the person he is and how she put all of this fear into him. He was doing an impression of his mother while talking about the crazy stuff she told him. He said he lives in a world of fear because of that.

  • Howard And His Sister Ellen. 12/17/07. 6:25am
    Jim went on to talk about Howard's sister Ellen and how she used to use her advanced years to fool him and take advantage of him. She once made an agreement with him to let her watch the TV she wanted to watch for a full year. Howard didn't know what a whole year meant at that point though.

    Howard said that his sister had some friends who were really hot and she'd bring them back to the house. He said he had a crush on one of them, Sharon Landis or something like that, and he always liked when she'd come over.

    Howard said that some of her male friends weren't so great and they used to try and scare him all the time. He said that he and Ellen did get along though and things went pretty well for them over the years. He said that there were times when he was a little overwhelming for her though.

    Ellen said that she didn't see Howard a lot when they were growing up because they were off doing their own thing most of the time. She said that they didn't really fight that much though. Ray said that Howard was good to her as a kid and he's kept that up. Ellen said that he's still wonderful to her and her kids. She said that he's also there for his own kids and she's very lucky to have him.

  • Howard The Puppeteer. 12/17/07. 6:30am
    Jim moved off of Ellen and onto Howard's love of puppets, or marionettes as Ray reminded Ben as they were talking about them. Ben talked about how much fun Howard seemed to have doing these puppet shows for the family and friends.

    Ben said that he could see Howard had fun with the marionettes. Ellen said that he would put on shows for his friends and he really kept people entertained. Margie was on again talking about Howard's comic book collection and things like that as well. She said that she would go over and read his comic books with him and watch his marionette shows that he put on. His other friends also talked about the stuff that they used to see over at his house when they were there. One of the guys said that he saw a nude magazine for the first time at Howard's house.

    One of Howard's friends said that they actually got out of class to go do puppet shows and write them for class. Ben said that he used to help him out with that stuff and they did the Fiddler on the Roof puppet show at one point.

    We heard another clip from Howard's show where he was talking about those years when he was doing his puppet shows. He said he did a lot of dirty puppet shows when he was around the age of 7. He said that he'd have pirates raping women and things like that. He said that it all got very perverted.

    They also played a clip from ''Private Parts'' where Howard is doing a puppet show and having the characters having sex and then having them taken away from him.

    Howard's friends said that they think that Howard was exaggerating about the puppet sex shows. They didn't remember that happening and it was much more innocent than he made it out to be.

  • Howard Discovers Radio. 12/17/07. 6:40am
    Jim said that those puppets led to Howard getting into radio. They played some clips from some various radio shows from back in those days. They had clips of Cousin Brucie, Murray the K, The Good Guys and many others. Then we heard Howard talking about listening to the radio back then. Ben also talked about some of the stuff that was going on with radio back then and how they'd sit around listening.

    Ben said that he brought Howard to temple to see one of these radio guys because he knew that he was kind of interested in radio stuff. Ben remembered talking to Howard about radio and what they thought was good and not so good about it back then.

    We heard another clip from ''Private Parts'' where Howard's father was bringing him to his studio to watch him work.

    Ben said that he used to bring Howard in to work to watch him work and they would see guys like Don Adams, Larry Storch and Wally Cox doing their thing for cartoons. Then we heard another clip from Howard's show where he was talking about the recording sessions and how some of them ended up on a Tennessee Tuxedo DVD that was released not too long ago. He played some of the clips where Ben was instructing the people in the studio on what they were doing. Howard said that Ben was very official sounding in those clips.

  • The Stern Family Recordings. 12/17/07. 6:45am
    That stuff led to them talking about the personal recordings that Ben did with the family. The family recordings ended up being played on Howard's show. They became instant classics and also gave Howard ammunition against his father about verbal abuse.

    Ben talked about how he would record the family at these sessions and Howard would get out of hand sometimes. He said he kept all of these tapes locked up for years. He said that if he knew that they'd turn into what they did, he never would have given them to Howard to play on his show.

    We heard a clip from Howard's show where he first revealed the family tapes where he had his father yelling at him. Howard talked about how they all had to perform when they'd go there. He said his father would perform songs and stuff so he played some of that. That's when we heard Ben's ''Shut up, sit down!'' for the first time. In the clip Howard said that he could never yell at his kids like that.

    Howard said those were some confusing things going on back then. He said that it was like his parents were asking him ''isn't this exciting?'' and then saying ''Don't get excited!'' Howard's mother asks ''what's wrong with you?'' during that clip so Howard explains that he was just a kid back then. He was just being a kid.

    In that bit Howard said that his parents humiliated him on a daily basis. He went on to play some of his father singing and Jackie started laughing his ass off. Howard talked about how his father was laughing in that bit but he wasn't always laughing, he was miserable most of the time. Howard played the ''Shut up, sit down!'' clip a few times and then forwarded through the tapes and tried to find some other stuff. He heard himself playing the piano and screwing that up. He said he wishes he could still play that song that he was playing. He said he wouldn't give his kids piano lessons, he wouldn't want to have to sit and listen to that crap.

    In another clip Ray was singing a song and Ben was yelling at her that she wasn't on the microphone. Then Howard forwards the tape and finds an interview that Ben did with him, when he was about 7. Ben asked him about why kids should go to religious services. Howard didn't know what to say and fumbled over his words and didn't say much of anything. Ben then asks Ellen what she thinks about the local football team. She talks about that for a minute and then Ben asks what they think about the United States remaining in the United Nations. Howard gives a goofy answer and Ben tells him ''I told you not to be stupid you moron...'' Howard laughed and said that he was just doing some funny stuff and his father freaked out on him. Jackie said that this was like a sitcom.

    Howard continued to play the clips of his father asking all of these goofy questions. Ben asks some political questions and has Howard rambling about nonsense. He also talks to Ellen about the same stuff and neither of them gave good enough answers so he straightens them out on that.

    Jim Forbes said that Ellen didn't think that Ben was like that all the time. She then comes on and said that he wasn't always yelling at Howard that way. Ben also had some things to say about that as well. He said that if he had tape of what Howard was doing before he yelled at him, then he'd have something to prove that he should be able to yell at him.

    After that we heard more of the Tennessee Tuxedo recording sessions when Howard played them on the show. Howard talked about the way his father was so official and would tell him not to do anything stupid when they'd go into those recording sessions. He and Artie also talked about Ben's job and how he never made a huge amount of money. He did okay but he didn't get rich off of what he was doing.

    We heard one of Howard's friends talking about how Howard wanted to get into radio. Ray said that he was talking about that stuff all the time. One of the friends said he didn't remember Howard talking about it all that much at all but he did think that Howard was going to get into show business because he was so funny.

    They played another clip from Howard's show where Artie was talking to Howard about his father being in the radio business and how Howard had said that he really wasn't in the business. Howard said that his father doesn't get upset about that stuff and doesn't question him about things he says on the air. He said that they don't get that personal. He said that his father used to call him an idiot if he said that he was going to get into the radio business and make millions. Howard talked about how his father invested wisely in stocks and that's how they live the way they do now.

    In another clip we heard from one of Howard's friends, Seth, who said that Howard's father freaked out on them when they were playing around with the reel to reel recorder that Howard's father had. That led to Jim introducing some clips that had never been played before. They had Howard singing some songs from the 1960s. He was singing a bunch of songs that were hits at the time. He was going on and on during the recording. They had to slow down the recordings because Howard had recorded them to make it sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    We heard Howard talking about what a big deal those tape recorders were to him back then. They went into some more of those personal recordings where Howard was doing a Batman show all by himself. He was doing the voices, making the sound effects and playing the Batman theme song. He even had some audio from the real Batman show that he threw into the mix.

    Howard said that he would make up shows on his own when he was young. He was a fan of Soupy Sales at the time and he would have some of his characters on these shows he did. That led to another clip where Howard was a kid doing these recordings and doing an interview with a friend. It was very short though. They went to commercial break after that.


  • Howard Goes To Camp. 12/17/07. 7:30am
    After the break they were up to the year 1964 and talking about Howard going to camp Wel-Met. We heard from Ray about Howard wanting to go to the same camp that his sister went to. That's where Howard met his friend Lou Weinstein. They had him talking about what it was like going to camp and how it was great just hanging out with the other kids, it wasn't the camp itself. They talked about how it really was the greatest time of their life out there.

    Ray talked about how she never went to camp and Ben only went for about a week when he was a kid. Ben talked about going to camp himself. Ray said that Howard was always a little shy about his first time going but he made friends with his friend Lou so that helped. His sister was there as well and that helped. She said that he did enjoy it once he started going.

    We heard from Howard talking about going to camp and how he had some nice friends there. They were people who accepted him and he fit in there at camp. Dr. Lou had some stuff to say about Howard and how he was a lot of fun to hang out with at camp. He said that they weren't all that great at sports but they still had fun playing. He talked about how they used to play softball and they'd try to knock Howard down by throwing the ball at him instead of letting him get a hit.

    They played another clip from Howard's show where he was talking about going to camp and what they'd do there. He said that they didn't have all that many activities there other than sleeping out in the woods. He said he hated doing that because of the bugs and stuff. He said the camp was crappy and you'd have to make doody in the woods. He explained what it was like to lash two logs to a tree and dig a hole to crap in. He explained to Robin about how he would have to hold in his doody for 2 days and how uncomfortable that was. He also talked about making a lean-to and using a tarp to do that.

    Howard said that they had one kid fall into a fire and then roll out. They had to pour milk on him to put the fire out. Howard said that the camps they have today are more like going to a hotel than when he was going. Howard said that camping to him these days is going to a second rate hotel like a Ramada Inn and staying for a night.

    Howard's friends from camp talked about how Howard would fart a lot when he was a kid and he always found it amusing. One of the guys explained the farting thing and how much he'd do it. Howard said that he loved farting and it always came naturally to him.

    Ray talked about Howard and all of the positive things that his camp counselors would write about him. She said that they told her that Howard was a leader but he didn't use his skills there at camp.

    Howard's friends talked about Dr. Lou and how he was on his way to being a doctor even when he was a kid. They also talked about Howard using that Wallensack recorder that he had to do interviews and stuff so it was almost obvious as to where he was going.

    The friends talked about the band that they created as a goof. Howard had a drum set and they used to play songs but they were really horrible. One of the guys also talked about how Howard had this girlfriend by the name of Irene that was very pretty. One of the guys wasn't sure how Howard got her because she was so good looking. He said he's not sure how far he got with her back then. Things were much different back then.

    Ray said that she remembers Irene and how sweet she was. She wasn't sure but she thought that she lived in Queens or Brooklyn so they weren't able to visit each other after camp. Ray said that Howard always respected girls and would defend them if his friends were in the car making fun. Ray said that one of Howard's friends in college told her that Howard was ''one of the girls'' when they were hanging out.

    They went into another clip from Howard's show where he was talking about Irene and how she was his first love. He said that she was only 13 but she had big boobs and she was hot. He said his friend Dr. Lou told him he should play the field and that led to him breaking up with Irene. Lou told him that there would be tons of chicks after that so he broke things off with her. The next day she had a boyfriend and every guy wanted to date her. He didn't have any chicks to go to after that. He said he's always thought ''what if...'' ever since then. He said he'd like to get her on the show but she doesn't want anything to do with him now. He said he thinks that she's still pissed at him over the break up.

  • Howard's Band And Living In Roosevelt, Long Island. 12/17/07. 7:50am
    After that we heard a clip from a news report about a boycott that went on at a school in Roosevelt. They talked about how people were moving out of Roosevelt and people weren't sticking around while black families were moving in.

    Then we heard Howard's friends talking about what happened to Roosevelt and how they were in school in the integrated school that was in town. Some of the families thought that it would be best to get out of town before their kids moved into junior high. The town changed and most of the white people in the community moved out.

    Howard's family stuck around Roosevelt long after most of their friends had moved out. Ben said that Howard used to write and draw to keep himself busy back then. Ray said that Howard liked chess, reading MAD magazine and things like that. She said that whatever he was interested in he'd put his time into.

    Howard's childhood friends talked about how Howard would go to camp and come back and tell them what they should be doing. They learned a lot from him about stuff that they didn't know about when he'd come back from camp.

    Howard's friends talked about the band that they created and how one of their friends ended up moving out of town first.

    Ben said that Howard got interested in music so he got him an electric keyboard and a clarinet. He said that Howard didn't last too long with that and he was the worst clarinet player ever. He said that he sold the clarinet for him and had him take piano lessons.

    One of Howard's friends talked about the keyboard that Howard had and how it sounded like a crow walking when he'd play it. That led into a clip of Howard playing some of the tape he had of his band playing when they were kids. They were originally called The Plumber's Union and eventually became Electric Comic Book.

    In the clip we heard Howard talking to Robin about the people who were in the band and how they had a couple of go-go girls come out and dance for them while they played. Howard was going to play Psychedelic Bee for Robin during that discussion. She was afraid that it was going to be one of the world's worst songs and it would be stuck in her head all day long.

    Howard played the song and Robin picked it apart. Howard tried to explain it to Robin but she was laughing and just going along with whatever he said. Howard said for a 6th grader it wasn't so bad. Robin continued to laugh at him and goofed on the song.

    After that we heard more from Howard's friends who said that they didn't really play many gigs. They only played about 2 or 3 songs at a bar mitzvah. They went back into another clip from Howard's show where Howard talked about another song that he wrote as a child. That song was ''Silver Nickels Golden Dimes.'' Robin was already picking it apart before Howard even played it. He played the song and goofed on it himself when he heard the intro.

    Robert Carger, one of the guys in the band, called into the show that day and said that he wasn't sure that he should be taking credit for the music because he helped out with that. Howard and Robert talked about the old days in the neighborhood for a few minutes after that. Howard said Robert kind of abandoned him and never called him after he left. Robert said he was afraid.

  • Howard Becomes A Man. 12/17/07. 8:10am
    Up next we heard Ray talking about how Howard wasn't a great student. His friends talked about what he looked like back then. One of the guys said that Howard really was one of the funniest kids that he knew. He also said that they knew this guy who had some kind of handicap and they used to call him ''Screwy Louie.'' One of the other friends talked about how Howard helped her win the class president election one year when he was her campaign manager.

    Ray talked about how Howard used to show her his muscles on his arm as he was getting older. Ben said that Howard used to show off his strength by lifting him up. He'd have bruises on his arms from that and he'd tell people at work that he was getting abused at home.

    Jim mentioned that Howard got bar mitzvahed in 1967. Ray talked about how Howard got kicked out of his class for the bar mitzvah. She said that he eventually did it and he did just fine. She said that it was very low key and they did it in the neighborhood and it went just fine. Some of his friends were there and so was Irene.

    Howard talked about how horrible Hebrew school was for him. He said he wasn't into it. He said that it was a guy who got up and sang in a foreign language that made no sense to him. He just wasn't into it. One of his friends said that Howard is actually 100 percent ''Hebe'' contrary to what some people think.

    Howard said that he only did well because of performance pressure. He said he didn't give a crap about the bar mitzvah back then and he still doesn't feel much for the religion. While all of this was playing we heard clips of Howard singing his Hebrew songs and doing a thank you to a family member.


  • Howard's Family Stays In Roosevelt. 12/17/07. 8:35am
    After the break Jim Forbes talked about Howard going to High School and then going into a clip of his friend Milton talking about going to school with Howard. He said that they were all striving to do well in school. He went on for a couple of minutes about why they were trying to be successful after growing up in the area they did. Howard also had some things to say about that and how he experienced that struggle of trying to get out of that middle class living.

    Margie and Dr. Lou also talked about the changes that happened in Roosevelt and how tough it must have been for him. Dr. Lou said that Howard had a really tough time growing up there. He wasn't sure why Howard's parents hung on as long as they did in that neighborhood.

    We heard an old news report about the ''white flight'' that was going on at the time in Roosevelt. That story came from Newsday in 1968. That led to more discussions about the way the families were bailing out of that neighborhood and moving. It was like a domino effect with one family after the next just leaving.

    Jerry Dickowitz talked about how he remembered that Ben and Ray were like the only family that didn't move out of that neighborhood at the time. Everyone else left at the same time.

    We heard a clip from ''60 Minutes'' where Ed Bradley was talking about Howard's move away from Roosevelt and how his parents kept him there even though he wanted to leave. In the interview Howard said that it was horrible living there. He said that he had to fend for himself in school and his mother had no idea what was really going on. He claimed that sometimes a kid would just turn around in class and punch him in the face, just because he was white.

    We then heard a news report about Martin Luther King Jr. being shot and killed. Then we heard from Ray about how she was told to go get Howard from school the day that King was killed. She didn't do it and she said that may have been a mistake. She said that he did some home unharmed though. Ben said that he got calls too and he let Ray handle it that day. One of Howard's friends said that it was a very awkward time for Howard because of what was going on in school.

    We then heard an old clip from Howard's show where he talked to this guy Dennis who was the only other while kid who stayed in Roosevelt back then. Howard and Dennis talked about how it was very dangerous to go between their homes. Howard said they didn't hang out that much. He went on to talk about how the real estate agents were the ones who decided who was going to move into which neighborhoods and that's how Roosevelt went from white to black just about over night. Howard said that the problem was that they'd move in like 5 families into one house instead of just one family.

    Dennis said that he got beat up the day after the Martin Luther King Jr. Shooting. He didn't get beat up as much as Howard did in school though. Dennis said that's because he played football and the kids would leave him alone. Howard said that he wanted to stay home after that shooting but his mother said she wasn't afraid to send him to school. Howard said he didn't get beat up the day of the shooting but the next day he did. He said that a math teacher also got stabbed.

    After that we heard more from Howard's friends talking about what went on after the Martin Luther King's death. One of the guys talked about how there were riots there in Roosevelt and businesses were burned down. He said that it was a very tough time for them there in town.

    In another clip we heard from Howard's friends about what happened when they moved out of the neighborhood. They talked about how there were a few families that tried to stop what was going on. It didn't work and the families had to move out of the area. Some of Howard's friends would get reports about what he was up to even after they moved.

    Ray said that they didn't want to move but it was tough for Howard to stay in school getting accosted for money all the time. She said that she only knew of getting hit one time, by a garbage pail. She said that Howard had befriended a black boy back then and he was told that he couldn't be friends with him. Howard got hit in the face over that and that's when they figured they had to move out.

    We heard a clip from Howard's show where he was talking about what was going on with the old high school that day. He also talked about some of the stuff that went on shortly before they moved out of Roosevelt. He said his mother wondered why they were beating up the one white kid who actually wanted to stay in the same neighborhood with them. Howard said that they weren't that well thought out. Robin said it sounds like his mother wasn't that well thought out either. Howard and Robin spent some time talking about that situation and how they really didn't think it out ahead of time.

  • Howard Leaves Roosevelt, Long Island. 12/17/07. 9:00am
    Jim said that in June 1969 the Stern family moved out of Roosevelt and into Rockville Center. Howard still had things to overcome out there. Ray said that Howard was out of place there and he didn't adapt very well. He stayed to himself quite a bit there. Howard's friends talked about how tough it was for Howard there too. They learned that Howard had grown his hair really long and was starting to use drugs.

    One of Howard's friends from Rockville Center talked about how Howard was devoid of many basic skills and he was very awkward. He said that he wasn't able to run or jump in gym class and they used to call him ''Gunkard Stern'' because he was so awkward.

    Ray talked about her son and how different he was when he came home compared to what he was like at school. She said he was relaxed at home but not in school.

    They went into another clip from Howard's show where he talked about high school and being in Key Club. He said that they took him in shortly after he moved there from Roosevelt. He talked about how miserable he was in Key club and doing stuff for them. He said within a few days he was standing outside collecting money dressed up like Santa.

    They played another Howard clip where he was telling Robin about the move his family made out of Roosevelt and into Rockville Center. He called it a despicable little town that was a hot bed for anti-Semitism. He said that the first guy he laid eyes on was this guy Dave Lucy who had the whitest skin and the bluest eyes he had ever seen. He said that's what he should have looked like. He said the guy talked to him a couple of times but not all that much. He said that the only people who would talk to him were the 5 biggest nerds there. He looked awkward because he had long hair but was wearing slacks and loafers because his mother wouldn't let him wear jeans. He said that she was a very sick woman and she had no idea she was.

    Howard said that the 5 guys he made friends with were the biggest douche bags in school. He said they were losers but he was uncomfortable going to any other tables in the lunch room. He and the guys spent a few minutes talking about that time in school and how Howard had nothing going on for himself at the time.

  • Howard's Relationship With His Mom. 12/17/07. 9:15am
    Howard's friends talked about how raunchy Howard was when he was growing up and how he'd belch and fart for them all the time. That led to some talk about Howard's stained underpants and how Howard's mother used to clean them out for him.

    We heard a clip from Howard's show where he talked about his mother cleaning his dirty underpants that were stained with doody. He said that she'd do it in front of him and make him watch as she was cleaning them. He said she'd leave them in the sink soaking so they could see the accident. Gary asked how old he was at the time. Howard said he could have been 12 or 13 but it went on his whole childhood. Howard's mother called in during that segment and said that it never happened, she never cleaned his underpants in front of him. Howard went on to tell her about what he remembered her doing and how she scrubbed the underpants. She said that he had to be dreaming this.

    Howard also claimed that his mother used to hit him with a wooden hanger when he did something wrong. She claimed she didn't do that either and she'd be willing to take a lie detector test to prove it. Howard said he'd take one as well. They went back and forth about that stuff for a few minutes.

    Howard eventually told his mother that he made all of that up and he was actually a happy son. Robin asked Ray if she thought he was actually a happy person. Howard said it really doesn't matter what she thinks. Robin said that she thinks that Howard is miserable.

    After that bit they went to another commercial break. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Howard Goes To Camp Part 2. 12/17/07. 9:45am
    After the break we heard more about Howard's time at Camp Wel-Met. Ray talked about how much Howard loved going to camp and how she would threaten not to let him go if he didn't get good grades. A few of his friends talked about how much fun they had there as well and how they wouldn't even talk about Roosevelt there.

    They went into another clip from Howard's show where he talked about those six weeks of the year where he had fun at camp. He said he was surprised that his parents didn't send him to a black camp or maybe a prison for those six weeks.

    In another interview clip we heard from one of Howard's friends who talked about not going on a Western trip with Howard. Ben and Ray also talked about that trip. Ben said he wanted Howard to go up to Boston and do some stuff up there so he could get in some acting work. He decided to go on that trip instead.

    After those quick interviews they went back into Howard's show clip where he was talking about that Western trip and how he didn't try to pick up any of the campers even though one of them wanted him. He was 19 at the time and this 16 year old was coming on to him. He didn't go there with the girl though. He said that he could have gotten into some trouble if he had.

    Howard talked about going out to Kansas and sleeping in a corn bin out there. He said that it was a lot of fun. He said that all of the kids were getting it on back then and he had a counselor who just wanted to be his friend. He said that he asked her to get it on with him but she told him no. He said he whined and nagged her to zip her sleeping bag into his and she eventually did it. Then he begged her for hours to kiss him. He said he thinks that she French kissed him and that was it. Gary asked if the girl ever told him to get lost. Howard said that's what she did all night.

    A couple of Howard's friends talked about working in the kitchen at camp and how that went for them. They shared some stories about that before they went into a tape from Howard's show where he talked to one of the guys he was in camp with. Howard and Kenny talked about the old days and how much fun they had at camp. They had more clips of Kenny talking about what went on back then and how he had pulled a prank on ''Howie'' one day and dumped a bucket of water on his head when he came out of the kitchen.

    One of Howard's buddies said that Howard loved lighting his farts on fire. Then we heard Howard talking about how much he loves farting and how his father got him interested in that stuff when he was younger. One of the guys talked about blowing up a toilet at camp with a firecracker.

    One of the guys talked about how they missed out on Woodstock which wasn't too far from where their camp was. They could have gone if they had known about it. They found out about Woodstock after some of the other camp counselors had gone up there but it was too late by then. One of the guys said that they once broke into the canteen there at camp and stole some food so that was the start of Howard's life of crime.

  • Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll. 12/17/07. 10:05am
    One of Howard's friends talked about the drinking they did back then. They talked about the bottle of rum they got one time and how they poured the whole bottle of rum and just a little orange juice into this mix. They drank it all within 15 minutes or so. Howard ended up getting really sick and went back to his bunk puking. He said that he can't drink rum to this day because of that.

    Howard's parents still think that Howard didn't do drugs as much as he said he did. Howard said that he was an unhappy kid and he may not have ever recovered from that whole experience. That's why he was self medicating. He said he was doing pot, hash, mescaline and qualudes and stuff like that in high school. Kenny said that Howard introduced him to qualudes and that was the first drug he ever tried, thanks to Howard.

    Kenny said that he told a friend of his about how the first time he ever smoked pot was with Howard Stern and that got him into some trouble with Howard. That led to them playing a clip from Howard's show where he calls Kenny on the air and goes off on him for spreading stories about him.

    In the clip Howard calls Kenny and asks him not to spread these stories about him. Kenny gets on the phone and Howard asks him why he's going around telling these stories. Kenny said that he didn't tell more than one person the story. The two of them spent a few minutes talking about the old days in camp and talking about the good ol' days.

    Howard's friends talked about the girls that Howard did get and that led into another Stern Show clip where Howard spoke to one of the girls he went to camp with, Karen. She brought her husband with her so Howard spoke to the two of them for a few minutes. Howard said that he likes to humiliate women on the show because of the way he was treated when he was young. He said that Karen wasn't into him at all and she didn't want him. She said that Howard waited for all of Lou's rejects instead of getting his own girls. Howard figured that Karen regrets not having sex with him back then because she could have had quite a story to tell. She said she did.

    Howard talked to Karen about some of the wild things he gets to do today and how she could have been part of that if she was his wife. He told her she blew it. He said that he would have jumped on her bones in 2 minutes and would have worshiped her. Howard said he hopes that she gets a terminal yeast infection along with all of the other women who rejected him in his life.

    Kenny talked about Howard coming to him one day and told him to smell his finger because he had gotten there with some chick. Ray said that Howard was always very open and thought he had syphilis at one point and told her about it. They took him to the doctor but he was fine, he didn't have anything. Howard said that the relationships he had were very spotty. Sometimes he'd get a really hot chick, then he'd have nothing for a while. He said that he thought that 16 was late to get laid but some other guys have told him that they didn't get any until they were like 18 or 19. He said he did have some women but it wasn't all that many.

    Howard had sex with a woman by the name of Robin back when he was 16. Jim said that Howard recounted that moment in his book ''Private Parts'' and then we hear Crackhead Bob reading the excerpt from the book. It was unintelligible so Jim said that the interpretation was that Howard finally got laid.

    One of Howard's camp friends, Howie B, talked about this Succah that they built in the back yard of his parents house and how they had customized it to be a club house. They set it up so they could go play cards, drink beers and smoke cigarettes. He said they did that for a few years and then they'd eventually have some people back to the club house to drink and smoke. He said that Howard exaggerates the story about that clubhouse though. That led into another Stern Show clip where Howard talked about it.

    In the clip Howard talks about the Succah and how he and Howie built it. He said that they used to get laid in there and they used to smoke weed and get loaded in there. He claimed that they'd tell Howie's parents that they wanted to get into the religious part of the whole thing when they were really trying to get high and laid.

    Howie said that Howard wasn't doing much kissing in those days. He said he has embellished that story quite a bit in his opinion.

    Jim talked about Howard's love for Rock and Roll after that. Howard was talking about how much he loved the Beatles back then and how the kids in school would make fun of him for liking that stuff. He said that he was also into Mountain back then. He talked about how phenomenal their music was to him. That led to a quick interview with Leslie West where he talked about what he knew about Howard and his love of the band. They also played a clip from ''Private Parts'' where Howard is listening to Mountain and getting high.

    They were about to go to break but they had a quick favorite moment from the show from Dee Snider. He talked about the Baba Booey mistake that Gary made on the show. They went to another commercial break a short time later.


  • The College Years And The King Schmaltz Bagel Hour Show. 12/17/07. 10:45am
    After the break Jim talked about Howard graduating high school and going to college at Boston University. We heard Howard talking about how he missed out on a lot of things back then because he wasn't as into learning as he is today. He said he thinks he'd enjoy college more now than he did back then. He also said that he took a test back then and his guidance counselor told him that he should be a speech therapist. He said they also wanted him to go to an all girls school that they had just opened up to boys.

    Howard also talked about going to college and feeling a responsibility to do well for his parents because they were paying for him to go. He said he ended up graduating the second highest in his class. He said he did very well there.

    Howard's mother Ray said that Dr. Lou and Howard shared living quarters in college. She said that Howard's friendship with Lou meant a lot to him. Howard met his first wife there and he was very happy as far as she could tell. She wasn't sure if it was because his father was paying so much money for him to go or not. She talked about how much writing Howard did and how that's when he really opened up at that point.

    Dr. Lou talked about going up there and getting a call from Howard who had a really weird roommate. Lou had one too. He said that Howard came to visit him and loved the dorm he was in so they made a switch and he moved in with him for that first year.

    Ray said that Howard came out of his shell at that point and he really opened up. Dr. Lou said that Howard fit in very easily there and he was able to relate to some of the other guys at school.

    They played a Stern Show clip where Howard was telling Robin and Gary about going to school and what it was like in the dorms and going out to clubs and stuff. He said that it was tough for him being so tall because he stood out in a crowd. He said he tried smoking cigarettes to look cool but that really didn't help. Corey Feldman was in the studio at the time so he was talking to Howard about that stuff. Howard said he'd go to the clubs with his friend but he was always the one who wanted to leave the party early.

    Howard told a story about this beautiful woman hitting on his friend Dr. Lou at a part and Dr. Lou ended up leaving the party early with the girl. He was kind of upset that Lou left him behind there. He also wondered why none of the girls came up to him at all. He said that even the ugly girls weren't approaching him.

    We heard another clip of Dr. Lou talking about Howard getting some blotter acid and how he really didn't want to do it but Howard ended up taking too much of the stuff. He said Howard ended up flipping out when he took it because he was so freaked out by what he was seeing. Dr. Lou said he put on some Grateful Dead song and that made Howard freak out even more. He put his hands over his ears and screamed at him to stop it. He said Howard ended up being awake for the whole night and he had to stay up with him. Howard never did acid again and stopped the experimentation at that point.

    Howard's mother talked about the Transcendental meditation that she's done for many years and how she got Howard into that. She said that Howard has told her that he gets a lot out of that and he's able to come up with great ideas while he's meditating. She said that the whole family believes in it and they all benefit from it. She said they start their day off with it and end their day with it.

    Howard said that his mother had become very depressed when her sister died and that's when she started doing the TM thing. He said it was like overnight she got rid of her depression. He said that led to him going to a TM meeting with his mother and he started to get into it himself. He said he's always liked it. After the show is over he goes into his office for at least 20 minutes and he feels totally refreshed. He said it's not a religious thing, it's just a technique like brushing your teeth.

    Jim talked about Howard working at Boston University's radio station WTBU. Then we heard a couple of clips from those days when Howard was doing his thing and introducing some songs. Dr. Lou talked about how it was a big break for Howard to get into that station and do some stuff on air. He wasn't trying to be outrageous at the time, he was just doing a regular DJ thing.

    Howard said that he met this guy Bob Petrick while he was working at WTBU. He said that he was very key in his career. We also heard Bob talking about meeting Howard back then and what had gone on back then. They talked about what they could do with the free time on the air that they had and started talking. Howard said that Bob knew two guys Bruce Katz and Joel Cohen who had a show that they did together. Bob asked him to work with those guys. Howard said that's when the King Schmaltz Bagel Hour came about.

    Howard said that he and the guys tried to create a show that turned out to be very similar to what he does today. That led to them playing a commercial that Howard had done for the King Schmaltz Bagel Hour. Then we heard a clip of Howard talking about the history of the King Schmaltz Bagel Hour and how he was hired by Bob Petrick to do the show. The clip was very old and Howard didn't sound much like Howard.

    We heard more of the King Schmaltz Bagel Hour show where Howard was speaking in some kind of bizarre accent. Then he gets on as himself and talks to Bob Petrick and then to their co-stars Joel Cohen and Bruce Katz. They talked about what show used to be on and how they shortened it from 4 hours to 1. The guys said that they were out to offend someone that night and if they didn't, they were going to jump off a building. They tried to get some people to call in but the phone wasn't ringing.

    Howard asked the guys to explain what King Schmaltz was. One of the guys explained it as being a ''sticky substance'' but then said that it was radio for the viewer and they were going to be doing giveaways every week. They had a vinyl disk to give away that day.

    Howard took a phone call from a guy who was just trying to find the station on the radio. Howard told him that they were on 640 AM.

    Lou said that Howard's first show was probably his most nervous show and that was the one that he remembered most. That show was almost the last show. Bob Petrick said that they were just horrible radio people and they couldn't get their act together that night. He said that they were cutting in and out, they had problems with the phone and stuff like that. Bob said that the guy who ran the station heard what was going on and called in to let them know what he thought.

    They played the audio where Howard takes the phone call from the guy telling them to guess who he was and they had 3 tries. Then he tells them ''you're fired!'' when they can't guess who it was. Bob said that he can remember that call and how he felt that night. He said that he knew that they were going to be banned from radio for life after that night.

    Howard said that he remembers that night too and how he and Bob ran out of the studio scared for their lives. They wondered if they were really fired. Bob said that they were afraid they were going to be turned into the FCC and they were going to be banned forever. They wanted to convince people that they were really trying to do a good show.

    Howard said that Bob was able to talk to that guy Hank and let him know that they were really trying to do something new. Howard said that he thinks that Hank really hated that show and what they were doing because he was afraid that they were going to get in trouble. He doesn't know how they convinced the guy to let them back on the air but they were back on the next week.

    They played some audio of the second King Schmaltz Bagel Hour show where they talked about getting into trouble with the FCC after that first show and had two citations from them. Howard said that he should have asked those guys to go out and do radio together right then. He said it's probably best that he didn't because he was still working on his delivery and stuff.

    Jim said that the King Schmaltz show ran for 9 weeks and set up Howard for doing many things such as Godzilla Goes to Harlem. That led to Bob Petrick talking about that bit and how it came about. He explained some of the stuff that was in the bit and then they went into that bit from 1975. The bit is Howard doing his WABC announcer voice and introducing a song. Then they break in with a news report from New York City where they talk about the strange monster that was in the city. They go to a couple of reporters who are doing reports from Harlem. They have one guy talking to Godzilla and trying to mug him, asking for his wallet.

    Bob said that these guys were in their late teens, early 20s and they were basically talking to a tape recorder. He said they still had their wits about them and they were able to come up with this stuff. There was another bit that they did where he was trying to be a serious news man but he ended up being the one who couldn't stay serious and would laugh when he'd read this name ''Ellie Tubs.'' He said that they had to do about 17 takes to get it down.

    After that description we heard some of the outtakes from that recording session. In the clip we could hear Howard talking to the guys about where they were sitting. Then they start the session and Bob tries to get through his script but breaks up laughing when he reads the ''Ellie Tubs'' name. Then they do another take and he cracks up again. Howard tried to get him under control but Bob kept laughing.

    Dr. Lou said he thinks that there were about 3 listeners back then and they included him, Howard and the guy next door who had to listen because he had the radio turned up so loud. He said that not that many people were listening because they were in Boston and had so many other stations to listen to.

    They went into another clip of Howard doing a bit on The King Schmaltz Bagel Hour. He took a call from a guy who said that he wanted to know how he could beat off some guy who was ravishing him. Howard told the guy that he had a potty mouth and couldn't call in again. He told the guy to be more original and not just curse on the air trying to get a laugh.

    We heard more from Bob Petrick who said that he's pretty sure that not many people heard the show and no one would remember it, but he and Howard kept tapes of the show and they thought it was something special. We also heard from Ben and Ray Stern who were talking about the stuff he was doing back then and how they told him that he had to cater to the outside audience and not just goof around with the guys in the studio.

    We heard another Stern Show segment where Howard talked about those days at WTBU doing the King Schmaltz Bagel Hour thing that got his father all pissed off at him. He said he just sat there belching for hours and his father got all upset with him over that. He had some tape of that and said that he sent it to his father when he was in school and his father didn't like it at all.

    Howard was talking about how that was revolutionary stuff because they were doing that in 1975. He said that his father told him it was horrible and if he had any brains he would have told him that it was great and he should keep going with it. He said that he was crushed when his father told him what he thought of it.

    Ben and Ray talked about how they think that they straightened Howard out by telling him that stuff. Ben said that everything that Howard did after that was good.

    We heard Howard and the guys from the King Schmaltz Bagel Hour show saying goodbye in their last show. They were pretending to cry and humming ''Auld Lang Syne'' as they were saying their goodbyes. They went to commercial break after that.


  • Howard Meets Alison, Gets His First Real Radio Job. 12/17/07. 11:50am
    After the break Jim talked about how Howard had started dating Alison Burns when he was up there at Boston University. Dr. Lou said that he and Howard had a friend by the name of Elise who had introduced Howard to Alison. Their first meeting wasn't much of anything from what Dr. Lou remembers. He said that there were no bells going off and there was no rain like there was in ''Private Parts.''

    Jim said that Howard had put Alison in his movie for his cinematography class. Bob Petrick said that the movie had a bunch of Howard's friends and Alison's roommates in it. Bob played Jesus Christ in the movie. He explained the movie as they were playing the audio in the background. Bob explained where they shot the movie and how he was supposed to have been chopped up into pieces and thrown over the roof of a building. He said that it was actually kind of frightening and if people had seen it, they might not think of Howard the same way. He said he hopes that Howard eventually airs it so people can see it.

    Up next was another Stern Show clip where Bob Petrick was sitting in the studio while they were doing the show. He joked that Bob was going to be giving them the gay point of view but he was just kidding about that. Howard also talked about how Bob was the guy who was a sperm donor who was making donations at a sperm bank to make money while they were at school. That led to Howard talking to him about how many kids he must have out there now.

    Jim explained how Howard graduated from college in 1976 and went out to find a real job. That led into another clip from the Stern Show where Howard was talking about leaving college and going to find a real job. He said he panicked when he got out of school because he was filled with insecurity. He said he knew that he was going to be on the radio but he never did anything other than college radio. He said that no teacher ever wanted to offer him a job. He never even had an internship. He said he went home to his parents house and told them he was going to find a job. He got a suit and put it on and went out with a briefcase filled with resumes trying to find a job.

    Howard said that he went out and got his hair cut because that's what his professor told him to do. He eventually went out and found a job in Newton, Massachusetts and they hired him up there.

    We heard from Ben and Ray again in the middle of that bit. Ray said that she didn't remember much about that story, she just remembers that they had to buy him a car.

    They got back to the Stern Show clip and Howard said he got the job up there and they refused to pay him because he was so bad on the air. He went on to talk about some of the stuff that he was doing up there and how he was the laughing stock of the station. He said that he was trying to do a voice when he was on up there and he sounded a lot like Kermit the Frog. He met a bunch of people in the business while he was going out and doing interviews.

    Howard said he was going out trying to find jobs all over the place and found a couple of guys who wouldn't even return his calls after he contacted them. He said that his life was a mess for a few years there. He was driving all over the place trying to find a job and thought that he could get something in Altoona, Pennsylvania. He talked about a guy that got a job that he wanted and he figured that he was screwed at that point. He started going into the city on the train and went around giving out his resume to everyone he could. He said that everyone had something to do, but not him.

    Howard said he put the pressure on himself to find a job because he had just gone through 4 years of college. He said he was afraid that his father was going to yell at him about what he should have done. He thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown.

    Howard came home with a lottery ticket one day and his father gave him a hard time about that telling him that only unemployed people buy lottery tickets. Howard said that he found a job with Bloomingdale's and figured that would work. He didn't think that it could be that big of a deal to take that job. He said he got really depressed and couldn't find a job so he'd go home and tell his parents that he was out interviewing and stuff.

    Howard said that at one point a guy drove up to him and asked him if he wanted to come to a meeting and hear ''the plan.'' He said that he must have stuck out like some kind of loser target. He took the address and found out they were Amway guys. He said that it was really depressing that he was getting stuck with that kind of stuff. He eventually got a job as a media buyer at a real business.

    Howard said that his boss was telling him what to do that day and he kind of freaked out and was in tears not knowing what to do. He said he was in way over his head and didn't know what to do. He said that one of the guys there told him he'd help. He said he was asked to do a bunch of things and he really didn't know what to do. He did try though. He said that there were a lot of really talented people working there and he was there busting his balls trying to figure out what to do.

    Ben Stern came on and said that Howard hated that job and they told him to leave the job. His mother said they told him to get out of there if he didn't like what he was doing.

    They got back into the Stern Show clip where Howard was talking about his job history. Howard said that his father ended up finding a job for him so he went in for an interview for that. He was told he could be a salesman but Howard didn't want to do that either. He gave him a tape and that guy told him he'd give it to Larry Miller who was running WKTU at the time. He wasn't hearing from him but eventually got a call from the guy telling him he was horrible.

    Howard said he went in and quit his advertising job and didn't even give them notice. He said that very day he got a call from Benton Bowles to work in their film division. He said that was a big break for him but the advertising job screwed things up for him. He said that they heard about him quitting the advertising job at Benton and Bowles and fired him on the spot. He said that he looked so bad to them that they canned him that day.

    Howard losing his job there was good fortune for his friend Ken Fried who got hired there after they fired Howard. He was told that Howard ''left'' after a day.

    Howard said he went in for another job interview at a place where he saw a guy putting perfume under his arm pits. It was another advertising job and he was told he should go out and sell advertising but trade for it, not even sell. He said he went in and quit that job and the place was being raided. He wasn't sure what that was about but he had to go back and explain to this one Chinese guy that he had spoken to about advertising. He went back and told the guy not to advertise on radio because it won't work. He said he felt so alone after that he wanted to crawl back into his mother's womb.

    Howard said that Alison told him that he should call back the guy at the radio station that wanted to hire him. He got some fill in work and asked him for that job. He got the job.

    Jim said that tomorrow they'll be talking about Howard getting into radio and meeting people like Fred and Robin along the way.

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-- The Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Brian Koppelman Sits In. 07/06/15. 11:55am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show introducing his co-hosts Gary Dell'Abate and Brian Koppelman. Jon said he wants to talk about the early years. He said thanks to what Howard's dad did for a living they have audio from those times. He said that they have Ben calling Howard a moron and things like that. Gary said Howard's dad yelling at him a lot was funny. Jon said they have him doing the Batman stuff and that was so much about what he became.

    Brian said he can't get past the ''Don't be stupid you moron.'' He said you say it to your friends and it becomes part of your vernacular. He said everyone wants to say that to their kid at some point. He said these days you can't even say ''don't.''

    Jon said that Howard said that this went on in his life but they didn't know it was true until they heard the tapes. Gary said when you hear Howard back then you can hear that he may have been a little bit of a pain in the neck.

    Jon said that kind of upbringing doesn't leave you. Brian said that Howard has the ability to remember it, process it and then bring it to us to make you think you're living it with him. Gary said he knows that Roosevelt was as bad as Howard said it was. He said it was like ''don't go that way'' when he was growing up. Jon said that he moved to Rockville Center and it got worse. Brian said it's like Howard's own Super Hero origin story. He said he got the microphone and that was his super power. He said that's what day one is. Jon said you get a taste of what Howard did at Boston University too. He said they talked about the acid trip Howard took too.

    Jon said they heard some of Howard's early days on radio and how different his voice was. He was on WRNW and at Boston University. Gary said that Howard didn't give a shit about the music and this other guy was probably trying to get out. He said he was over annunciating and he was just trying to fit in. Jon said Howard says that he was horrible early on. He said when you hear those songs that's what it was like back then. He said they were playing music. He said people weren't talking like Howard eventually did. Brian said when Howard is doing his thing and talking in that higher voice in the movie it was really incredible.

    Gary said that he worked at WLIR and the people there really lived the lief. He said Howard was going to bed instead of going out.

    Jon said Howard goes to WCCC and meets Fred Norris and he starts building a following. Jon said Howard was in Detroit and he didn't fit in. then they change formats and Howard becomes a DJ at a country station. He said he thought that was one of the funniest parts of the movie.

    Jon said everything was a battle for Howard. He said that it stayed that way until he got to K-Rock. Brian said he had his battles there too. Gary said there are still some battles going on right now. He asked if they think he needs that to keep going. Jon said that he might need that. He said that helped fuel his fire back then but he may not need it as much now. Jon said he's not the guy who he'd want to get into a fight with. Gary said he knows that but he keeps doing it. Jon said today was the early years and they will soon move on to DC and K-Rock and all of that. Jon got in a plug for today's Sternthology and mentioned that Irene the Leather Weather Lady will be in that. Jon and Gary talked about her for a minute. Jon said that it's been one hell of a ride so far. Brian said Howard has been part of his life since he was 16 years old. Jon gave Brian some plugs and ended the show around 12:10pm.

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