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-- Monday, August 31, 2015 --

  • Morning Coffee, New Bits And More. 08/31/15. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A prank call Chris Wilding made to a radio show called ''Live with Cathy'' using Jon Leiberman and Rappin' Granny audio clips, The Bloodhound Gang's ''The Vagina Song'', a Dice Clay parody, ''Ol' Black OJ'' song parody, James Taylor performing ''You Can Close Your Eyes'' in the Howard Stern Show studio.

    Howard started the show talking about today's bonus show. He said he's not sure what that means. He said today's show is a bonus because they weren't supposed to be on the air today. He said they were supposed to be off this week but he said ''No, we're coming in.'' Robin said she wasn't told about this. Howard said that's what it's going to say on her tombstone. Howard said Robin is never going to die. He said she's indestructible. Howard said he knew she was destined for greatness. Howard said she kicked Cancer's ass. Howard said she never even cried. Robin said she did cry. Howard said that's right. Robin said she did get tough though.

    Howard said everyone is excited that they're there but the only downside is an extra day with Benjy. Howard said hello to Benjy who just gave a ''What's up?''

    Howard said that he had his coffee this morning and consumed it in about 10 minutes. Robin said she was thinking about that. She said there's no reason to actually drink it that fast. Howard said there is. He said it gets cold. Robin said you can heat it up. Howard said he thinks people who drink it slowly don't actually like it. Robin said she likes it. Howard said he bets she puts milk in it. Robin said of course she does. Howard said she doesn't put milk in her wine. Robin said she likes coffee with milk. Howard said he is a purist. He doesn't add milk to it. Robin said he must not like eggplant if he adds stuff to that. Howard said of course he doesn't like it. Howard said Robin does not like coffee. Robin said she wants to take a little bit of the acid off of the coffee.

    Howard told Fred to play the clip of Robin's upcoming concert tour. Fred played the bit where they had Robin singing a bunch of songs off key. They made it sound like a special they had coming up on SiriusXM. Robin asked where they got her singing that Smokey Robinson song. Howard said that's a hit.

    Howard said he likes to put together a movie from the internet once in a while. Howard said this Straight Outta Compton is number one for the third week in a row. Howard said they have one called Straight Outta Danbury which is about Jon Leiberman. Howard played that commercial parody next. They had Jon Leiberman singing his awful rap songs in that.

  • MTV Video Music Awards Clips. 08/31/15. 7:10am
    Howard said he watched the MTV Video Music Awards last night. He said music was his savior when he was growing up. He said he's having an old man moment now. Howard said he appreciates Miley Cyrus being almost naked. He said that he loves that. He said it's so strange to see this Nicki Minaj who has so much fucking attitude for doing so little. Howard said she didn't really do anything. Howard said she supposedly had a fight going on with Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Howard said that Nicki claimed she wasn't nominated for an MTV award because of racism. Howard said she came out like a wrestler last night and it doesn't even sound real. Howard played a clip from the awards where Nicki was speaking and throwing the microphone down when she was talking about Miley. Howard said it sounds like a wrestling show.

    Robin said people are constantly fighting on Twitter. She said they can get right on and say they heard something about them. Howard said that's why he doesn't like Twitter. Howard said they used to have power. He said everyone has Twitter now. Howard said he had MTV on and wasn't really watching closely. He said he was watching peripherally.

    Howard said Justin Bieber has a really weird hair cut. Howard said he thinks that it's like a chick's hair cut. Howard said Justin was performing a song and he does a rap in the middle of it where he gives his wisdom. Howard said listen to this piece of shit. He said he egged someone's house not so long ago and now he's giving his wisdom. Howard played the clip of him doing his song and then talking about life and giving his wisdom. Howard said he has no right. Howard said that kid is so fucking weird. Robin said he started crying at the end of his song. Howard said he's so fucking weird.

    Howard said Kanye West was making a speech and he sounds like he's mentally ill. Howard said he's never heard a rant like that before. Howard played some of the audio of Kanye giving his speech. Howard said he got a 2 minute ovation because he just stood there letting the audience do that. Howard said then he was giving this rambling speech that made no sense. Howard said it's like they gave Crazy Alice an award. Howard played more of Kanye rambling. Howard said this guy is really full of himself. He claimed that he's no politician. Howard asked why people are afraid to say this guy is an idiot. Robin said because he'll get up and rant like this.

    Howard said Kanye has to pick a point and stick with it. Howard said his father would yell at him if he did something like this. Howard said you have to get to your point immediately. Robin said Ben was saying that to him at 6. Howard said he was 6 and his father wanted him to tighten up.

    Howard played more of Kanye rambling and wondered about him saying ''Bro'' instead of ''Brah.'' Howard said Bro was cool but Brah is if you're really tight. Howard played more of Kanye and he was saying he's confused by award shows. Robin said he's the craziest man on earth. Howard said he thinks Hanzi is the craziest. Robin said he might be right about that. Howard asked Robin if she would ever go braless for the show. Robin said no way. Howard asked if she went braless when she had her boob reduction. Robin said Mr. Skin has a shot of her braless. Howard said she should get back to that look.

    Howard played more Kanye and goofed on him. Howard said he's not sure why he goes to these shows if he doest understand the show. Kanye said he's conflicted. He said he just wants people to like him more. Howard said this guy is out there. He asked how old he is. Fred said he's 38. Howard said he thinks part of his speech is about how he's a Millennial but he's over 30 so he's not. Howard said he's no Millennial. Howard asked if that's for people who are in their 20s. Fred said he might be in there. He said he was in his 20s in the year 2000. Howard said he might be right. Howard told Fred to stop thinking so much.

    Howard said Miss Teen USA said that he made a lot of sense to her. Howard said he declared that he's running for president too. Howard played that clip too. Kanye said he's running in 2020. Howard said he doesn't buy it. Howard said his mother was an English professor so he has to be putting that voice on. Howard said his grammar can't be that bad.

  • Keith Richards And Motorhead Music. 08/31/15. 7:25am
    Howard said he read about Keith Richards over the weekend and Keith has a new album out. Howard said he was reading what Bob Lefsetz was saying about the new album and he doesn't like it. Howard said he has to disagree. He said he really likes the song. Howard said he played the song about 500 times this weekend while he was painting. Howard said the song is called ''Substantial Damage'' and it's really good. Howard played it and said it's got a sexy groove. Howard said he likes that whole groove. Howard told Robin to get undressed with him. He said that song is really good. Robin said that must not be the one she played for him. Howard said maybe it's not.

    Howard said he liked Keith Richards song ''Take it So Hard'' and played that. Howard said he wants him to come in and play that live. Howard said he wants him in there. Howard said he probably doesn't care about selling records. He said he just wants to keep making records. Howard said he loves that song.

    Howard said he doesn't know much about Motorhead but he discovered a cover of ''Sympathy for the Devil'' that he really liked. Howard played that too. He said he listened to that a bunch of times this weekend too. Howard said it has a bit of a Jeff the Drunk vibe to it.

    Howard said the other song he was listening to was the 5 Seconds of Summer song that was a hit. Howard said he likes it all. He said he's all over it. Howard said those kids are good. Howard asked Gary what the name of that song is. Gary said he doesn't know them. He said maybe it's ''She's Kinda Hot.'' Howard said that's it. Howard said that's a good song. Howard asked Robin if she knows it. Robin said she doesn't. Howard said it's a catchy tune. Howard said he'd think that would be able to find. Fred said he thought so too. Howard said that was on his playlist with Motorhead and Keith Richards. Howard had Fred play the song. Fred said he's trying to. Howard told him to get it going. He said he has a radio show to do. Fred eventually got to it. Howard said the guy is bitching about his girlfriend but she's hot so he puts up with her. Howard said they have a band and they play and sing. Robin asked who put them together. Howard said they did it the old fashioned way. He said he thinks they were friends. Fred said they were. Howard said they'll rock out.

    Howard had some of the lyrics wrong. Robin corrected him about ''We're alright though.'' Howard said he thought it was ''We're a rhinegold'' or something like that. Howard said he was going to start saying that but he's glad Robin corrected him. Howard said even Beetlejuice is writing original music. Howard said those are his musical picks.

    Howard said this weekend is the big Baba Booey 25. Howard said on Labor Day weekend they'll have the biggest moments from the past 25 years and on Labor Day they'll change Howard 100 to Booey 100. Howard said they'll be playing Baba Booey songs all day long. Howard said it's going to be great. Howard said he has a preview. Howard played some of Casey Kasem doing some of the Top ''Noine'' songs. Howard said that they have that crazy radio production for all channel that day.

    Howard said when he was coming up in the business he knew this guy Charlie Tuna and he was learning about electronics from this guy Ricky. Howard said that Ricky aced his FCC test and it was very fishy. He said that test is hard and he passed it even though he seemed to know nothing.

    Howard played the clip of Casey Kasem doing the Top Noine songs. Howard said all of your favorites will be played this weekend. Howard said then on Labor Day they'll turn it into Booey 100. Howard said they'll have it all On Demand on the SiriusXM app too.

    Howard played a Baba Booey song parody and then went into a phony phone call someone made to a flower shop using clips of Gary from his take-me-back tape to give the woman the details of the note he wanted to send to his girlfriend. They also played a new version of ''Booey Maguire'' with that woman repeating Gary's lines from the tape. They went to break after that.


  • Beth's New Book, Periscope And Jeff The Drunk. 08/31/15. 7:50am
    After the break Howard came right back and said they have to listen to Jeff the Drunk's Periscope. Howard said they've been monitoring that. Howard said Beth has written another children's book. Howard said every dime goes to the North Shore Animal League. Howard said that his wife is so into these animals. He said that he gets aggravated at times but he knows she's just trying to help. Howard said they're trying to create a cage free environment for these animals. Howard said that the book is called ''Yoda Gets A Buddy'' and the book is a very upbeat thing. Howard said that it will be released December 1st. Howard said that you're making a donation if you buy the book. Howard said the book teaches kids to see with their heart.

    Howard said he thinks that Periscope is a great technology. He said that people ask if he's being paid by them to mention it. Howard said he only gets paid by SiriusXM and NBC. Howard said he only has 3 more weeks of America's Got Talent though. Howard said he has to work for the next 3 weeks so he figured he'd come in today and do this bonus show. Howard said on Tuesday and Wednesday he has to work on America's Got Talent.

    Howard said Howie has Periscope and he heard him talking about how he doesn't like him using him on it. Howard said Howie did it again though. Howard said Howie was behind him announcing he had his Periscope on and he's treating him like he did with Piers Morgan. Howard said he got pissed and said he was going to shove the phone up his ass. He shoved the phone out of his hand. Howard said he told him next time it's going up his ass. Howard said he is in the middle of a live broadcast and he's not sure why NBC is allowing that. Howard said he's not there to play fucking games. Howard said the guys have tape of it. Howard said he doesn't want to promote it but he played the clip anyway. In the clip you can hear Howard telling Howie he's going to shove that phone up his ass. Howie said he'd turn it off but Howard knocked it from his hand.

    Howard said it's really going to go up his ass and he must want it up there because he's told him it's going to happen and he keeps doing it. Howard said Howie looks at him and tells him ''That was good'' like it was funny.

    Howard said Jeff the Drunk's show is going to make Robin think it's the best ever but it's really just a little bit of his hours and hours of material.

    Howard said Jeff has a Wishlist on and he put like 100 things on there and 50 of the items were purchased. Jeff said he calls his followers his ''Lil Bitches.'' Shuli came in and told Howard what people bought him. He said he got an Xbox One which is about 3 or 400 dollars. Shuli said he told Jeff to put an actual home on his wishlist. He said someone sent him a toaster, a cutting board and more. Shuli also said that Jeff is almost tied with Howie Mandel with viewers.

    Howard said The Lump is on the phone. He picked up on him and The Lump was talking about Jeff walking around in his underwear that has piss stains in it. Shuli said he takes his clothes off if it gets hot in his trailer. Howard asked if he has Air Conditioning. Jeff said he sweats his ass off entertaining people. Howard said he predicts he'll be dead within 2 years. Jeff said he used to give him a week.

    Howard said now he realizes that the Amazon employees are upset at work because they have to ship stuff to Jeff the Drunk. Shuli read more of the items that people have purchased for Jeff. The Lump said that you need two hands to play Xbox. Jeff said he's played it before.

    Shuli said that Jeff tweeted out for people to follow this news anchor on Twitter and she was so happy that she called Jeff. He said that Jeff was serenading her on his Periscope. Howard said they're making it sound a lot more interesting than it is. Howard said he has a catch phrase of saying ''Chello'' when he picks up calls.

    Howard said they have to listen to some clips. Howard played one clip of Will Murray calling Jeff and pranking him. He said that he told Jeff they had a $5,000 prize for Periscope but they had to give it to Wendy instead. Will told Jeff it was 5 grand and Jeff got all pissed off. He said that Wendy isn't even on Periscope. Jeff said he should have gotten it. He said he's changing his name from Jeff the Drunk to Jeff the Periscope King. Will told Jeff if he makes his show really professional looking then they might be able to give him the money. Jeff said he can do that.

    Howard said they wanted to see if Jeff would be motivated to do work on his account but they found that he did absolutely nothing. Howard said he did the same shitty show. The Lump said that Jeff is like a slug. Howard said he knew there could be $5,0000 if he changed his show and he did nothing.

    Howard said Jeff appears to have a cut on his head. Jeff said it's from his accident in 1986. Howard asked how he has a cut on his head from that long ago. Jeff said it's a scar. Howard said it's still bleeding. The Lump said he must be playing Xbox with his forehead. Shuli said that Jeff's account is growing so fast that it's causing some issues with other Wack Packers. Howard said he might have some audio of Joey Boots calling in and getting Jeff pissed. Howard played the clip of Joey calling Jeff and asking if he can help High Pitch Eric get some followers. Jeff said ''Fuck High Pitch!'' Joey asked why he's jealous of Eric's fame. Jeff kept hanging up on Joey.

    Howard said he hates that Jeff is doing the ''Chello'' thing. He said he used to make that clicking noise. Howard said now he's doing that. Howard played a clip of Jeff starting his show the other day and moving people along like they're boring him. Howard said Jeff also coughs a lot. He said that's the funny stuff on his show. Howard played another clip where Jeff started coughing after taking a call.

    Jeff said that his Lil bitches want him to make a Chello t-shirt. He asked if he'll get in trouble for that. Howard said he doesn't give a fuck what he does. Howard said he can't kick him off a show he calls into for free. Howard said he's not going to lose his job. Howard kept saying ''Jello'' but Jeff yelled that it's ''Cheello.'' Howard said he's not even spelling that right. Howard said it's either Chello or Cello.

    Howard said that Jeff smoked weed on camera and he must want to fill those lungs with even more crap. Howard played that clip next. Jeff lights up and starts coughing as his phone his ringing. He took some calls and kept coughing as he was trying to talk to his callers. One guy asked if he had hooked up the Xbox yet. Jeff said he's waiting for his new TV first.

    Gary came in and said he's wondering where this scar is from because they have a picture of him on the couch and he has no scar on there. Jeff said it's from the accident. Howard said maybe it's a mood scar. The Lump said he's good friends with the scar. He said maybe it's the lighting in his trailer.

    Howard played a clip of Jeff burping while he was talking to a guy. Shuli said it's fun to watch Jeff drink. He said he puts the cup up and he opens his mouth when the cup is about a foot away. Jeff said he doesn't want his coffee to spill. Howard asked how that stop it from spilling. The Lump said that he has one brain cell so give him a break. Howard said The Lump is on fire today.

    Howard asked Jeff why he doesn't get upset about coughing the way he does. Jeff said it's just a way of life. Howard said he has another clip of Jeff singing and he gets upset when he gets the lyrics wrong. Howard played that and Jeff got upset when he fucked up the lyrics. Shuli said he tells him to do that so it's entertaining. Howard asked what's sadder, Jeff or the people who tune in. Shuli said when you hear some of the callers you hear who is sadder. The Lump said Jeff is always worse than anyone else. Howard said he figured out that Jeff is the worst. Shuli said Jeff was complaining about having trouble with his iPad. Shuli said he doesn't even have one.

    Howard said High Pitch Eric is upset because Jeff is getting so much attention. Howard said he has some audio of High Pitch Eric talking about how he needs a Macbook Air and an iPad so he can Periscope. He said if they send stuff to Jeff then they can send it to him. Howard said he has another clip where Eric threatens to go on strike. Jeff said the difference is that his fans told him to make his Wishlist. He said Eric is just demanding stuff.

    Howard played the clip of Eric threatening to go on strike if people don't send him the computer and iPad. Joey and Eric were talking about how they're not on as much as Jeff is because they have things to do. Howard said Jeff must be on to something. He said that they're calling him out. Jeff said that he has like 640 followers. Howard said the only people who care about this stuff are Jeff, Eric and Howie Mandel. Howard said Howie has even less followers though.

    Howard asked where the fake High Pitch Eric eating a corpse thing is. Howard played that clip a short time later. It was Joey Boots and High Pitch Eric at a funeral home. In the clip the High Pitch Eric and Joey Boots impersonator, Matt Jacobs, had Eric eating a corpse at a funeral home. Howard said if he did that for real on periscope he'd have a lot of listeners.

    Howard asked how many followers Jeff has. Jeff said he has like 37,000. Howard asked how many Eric has. Jeff didn't know. Shuli said that Howie has like 80,000. Shuli said Jeff and Howie have about the same number of people watching at the same time. Howard said he just heard Howie has 57,000 followers. Jeff has just 20,000 less.

    The Lump was still throwing out jokes about Jeff and the cockroaches in his trailer adding to his listener count. Howard said they made a phony phone call using Jeff's voice. Howard played the clip where they called into a religious show called Holy Shift. Sal called in and told them that his dad has a Karaoke machine and wanted to sing ''Stand By Me.'' They had Jeff yelling that his machine was a piece of shit. They had him coughing and cursing all over the show. The host had to hang up on him.

    Jeff said he had the most viewers to date the other day. He said he had 3400 people watching. Howard said he might have to follow him and see what's going on there. Howard said he knows JD will watch it and pull clips for it. Jeff said he's waiting for Howard to call into his show. Howard said he should get a guest to come up to his trailer. Shuli said he told him to do that with a neighbor. Howard said he should do that. The Lump said his next guest is going to be the Grim Reaper.

    Jeff said that his Wi-Fi doesn't work outside. Howard said he can go out and get someone and bring them in. Jeff said he ain't doing it. Howard said that's because it's work. Jeff said he ''ain't gonna ask nobody'' to come in. Howard said that doesn't make any sense at all.

    Jeff said he has a web site. He said it's The Lump kept interrupting the plug.

    Howard said they called that Holy Shift show and tried to see how many times they could say ''Holy Shit'' before they hung up on them. Howard played the call and Richard was the one calling in and saying Holy Shit over and over.

    The Lump said that Jeff took a holy shit in his pants. Howard said he's sure Jeff shits in his pants all the time. Jeff said he never does. Howard said that's bull. Howard said he has to put his shitting on Periscope. He said it has to be a disaster. Shuli said he got him to show his ass on Periscope once. Howard said he knows how hard it is to clean his ass with two hands. He said Jeff can't be getting it all out of there. The Lump said he should put a bidet on his Wishlist. Howard said he probably doesn't even know what one is. Jeff said he does too. He said it's something that shoots water up your bunghole.

    Shuli said Jeff made a tomato sandwich the other day and he slathered on so much Mayonnaise. He said he has a container made for a family of 12. He said his refrigerator broke down too and he started taking stuff out and cooking it so it wouldn't go to waste.

    The Lump and Jeff went back and forth with insults for a minute. Howard said he has to let them both go. Jeff tried to get in another plug for his web site. Howard said he just looked at that web site and it's just a link to his Amazon Wishlist. Howard wrapped up with the guys and went to break. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Phone Calls And New Mark Harris Songs. 08/31/15. 8:40am
    After the break Howard came right back and took a call from a guy who said he has a cure for his Mandel problem. He said what he does is write his cell phone number down on a piece of paper and hold it up when he comes near him on Periscope. Howard said he's going to do that. Howard said he's going to write down his cell number on a piece of paper and he'll hold it up if he puts him on Periscope. Howard thanked the caller for the idea.

    the caller told Howard that Jeff is unwatchable. He said Bree Olson is the best one on Periscope. Howard asked if she says ''Chello?'' The caller said she doesn't. Howard said he can see why a porn star would have followers. The caller said she's been out of it for 5 years now. Howard said he doesn't think there's even money in porn anymore. Robin said the computer and free porn put an end to that.

    Howard said he beat off to an older lesbian seducing a younger lesbian. Howard said there's no story there. He said lesbians take their time too. He said guys only need 3 minutes of anything to get off. He said he doesn't even get past people undressing sometimes. Howard said it's ridiculous.

    Howard said he tried beating off to another clip but it wasn't any good. Howard said the description was about a teen seducing an old geezer. Howard said he turned it on and they were foreigners. Howard said that there are no subtitles either. He said he also watched a fake agent seduce a woman into porn. Howard said he loves that scenario. Howard said it turns him on when girls pretend they're not into it. He said he has definite preferences. Howard said you beat off and then you're back to your life. Howard said he hasn't beat off in weeks. He said last night his load was all over. He said it must have been his last moment in the sun. He said he had 3 tissues and he wondered what the hell was happening. Howard said he isn't that fastidious about wrapping his cock in the tissues these days because there's not that much coming out. He said last night it hit the wall.

    Howard said he has new Mark Harris songs. Howard said Mark is a guy who was married to Martha Raye. He said Mark is bi-sexual and he's a staunch republican. Howard said that strikes him as kind of weird. Howard said they're against gay marriage. Robin said that's what's interesting about Caitlyn Jenner. Robin said Bruce was a republican. Howard said that it is kind of weird to put up with that when you're gay.

    Howard said that Mark seems to be a Trump supporter. Howard said he wrote a song called ''Vote for Trump'' and his songs are on iTunes now. Howard played his song about Trump and Gary said Jason got an email from Mark saying that Trump's people told him that Trump heard the songs and really appreciates the support. Howard said if Trump really thought that then he'd play the song.

    Howard played another Mark Harris song where he sings about Hillary Clinton. Robin said he's really not even trying with these songs anymore. He doesn't try rhyming at all. Howard replayed some of the song which was to the tune of Old MacDonald. Howard said he has one called ''Dear Marco Rubio.'' Howard played that one too. It's the same song that he's done about other people in the past with the words changed.

    Howard asked who feels that passionately about Marco Rubio. Gary came in and said that Marco is at like number 8 in the polls. Howard said that Mark has it in for Marco Rubio. He played more of his song about Marco.

    Howard said Mark has a lot of thoughts. He said he put some time into the lyrics. Howard said he feels bad for Martha Raye. He said that she worked hard to finance this stuff. Gary said he doesn't think there's any of that money left. He said he thinks Mark is producing it with the money he gets from Social Security.

    JD told Howard to play one of the songs because it sounds like Mark sang the song before he had the music bed. Howard played that one too. Howard asked if Mark has someone he works with on this stuff. Fred said he can't be doing this on his own. Gary said he has the sound beds so he could do it himself. Howard said Gary is giving him too much credit. Howard asked if he could sell 10 of these. Robin said no.

    Howard said Mark has a song about Ted Cruz. He also has another one about Hillary. He played the song about Hillary where he says goodbye to her and Obama. Howard played the song about Ted Cruz too.

    Howard asked if all of these songs are just one take. Fred seemed to think they were just one. Robin said when you're perfect then you don't need more than one.

    Howard said there's no songs about Lincoln Chafee. Gary told Howard about a prank call they have where they play songs for an internet radio show and the woman won't hang up on him. Howard played that call where Chris Wilding called a show and played Mark Harris songs for her. She asked the singer to stop singing and said she can't get him off the phone. She said she doesn't allow any political stuff on her show. She said it was in poor taste. She asked what's the matter with all of her listeners. She told that guy not to call in again. Then he calls in again with another Mark Harris song. She told the guy to get a life.

    Howard said you'd think she'd be thrilled that someone is listening to her show. Howard said she should let anyone call in and talk about whatever they want.

  • Vinnie Favale Calls In. 08/31/15. 9:05am
    Howard took a call from Vinnie Favale who said that he still emails Mark Harris. He said that he wants to be on the first Colbert Late Night show. Vinnie said Mark has 12 songs and he has to play another one. Howard said he's played 6 already. Howard brought up the play that Vinnie has been putting into his play. He thought it was around $200,000. Gary said it's closer to half a million from what he's heard. Howard said he could have put that money into something else. Howard said if they put Mark Harris on the Colbert show he'd watch. Vinnie said they'd get canceled after one show.

    Howard played Vinnie singing his song ''Restless, Restless'' and said he likes Dear Marco Rubio better than that. Howard played some of that song too.

    Howard asked how often Mark emails Vinnie. Vinnie said it's like 5 times a day. Howard said he heard that Jimmy Fallon has Justin Bieber in for the whole week when Colbert starts. Howard asked if he's worried about that. Vinnie asked if that's even relevant now. Howard said Bieber has fans. Howard asked who will win the first week. Vinnie said they'll get a huge turnout for that first week. He said they're looking forward to later in September when the networks run their new shows. Howard said he wants to know who is going to win that week. Vinnie wouldn't commit. He said they're going to be close. He said they're going to be competitive. Howard asked who is better. Vinnie said they're better and it's going to be great. He said he will predict that they'll be very competitive. Howard said he has to pick a winner. Vinnie said he can't pick.

    Howard asked who will have better ratings in that time slot, Dave or Stephen Colbert. Vinnie said Dave's were very high toward the end. Vinnie wouldn't answer so Howard said he's a pussy. Howard said you want to know if he'll go up or do the same number. Vinnie said they'll do the same number as Dave. Howard said way to compete. Vinnie said they are going to be very competitive. He said that it's not just Fallon and Kimmel. He said there's a lot going on at 11:30. He said it's more than Howard realizes.

    Howard asked if he'll be over or under a 3. Vinnie said he doesn't know. He said it's also the day after Labor day. Howard asked if he keeps saying ''Kimbel'' when he mentions Kimmel. Vinnie said he said it wrong the first time and thought it was funny.

    Vinnie asked if Howard is going to watch the first night. Howard said he will. He said he'll DVR it but he will watch it. Howard said he was awesome in there when he came in for the interview. Howard said Colbert is very funny and very interesting. Vinnie agreed. Howard asked Vinnie what he's doing on the Colbert show right now. Vinnie said they're getting ready for the show. He said there's a lot of tech work going on. He said he's more involved in this because it's a CBS show. He said Letterman's wasn't a CBS show. Howard let Vinnie go a short time later. He said he was getting bored.

    Howard said Vinnie is playing it close to the vest. Robin said he always has. Robin said he won't trash talk. Howard said he'd say ''My guy is going to win'' if he were Vinnie. Howard said he didn't sound very confident. Robin said that's the new cool. Howard said he never thought that's what they'd say about Vinnie.

    Howard said he just read that Justin Bieber won't be on Fallon that week. Jon Hein came in and said that Bieber is going to be on the Today show all week, not Fallon. He said he'll be on this Wednesday. Jon said he thinks Colbert will do well but he won't beat Fallon. He said he thinks they'll do good numbers. Jon said it's a younger demo for Fallon. He said it's going to take Colbert a while to build an audience. Robin said he had one with the Comedy Central show. Jon said he did.

    Jon said that Fallon does really well and he doesn't think Colbert will beat that. Howard said Jon knows what he's talking about. He said you can tell from looking at that ass he has from sitting down so much.

    Howard mentioned the Labor Day special they have coming up for the Baba Booey 25th anniversary. He said he has a lot more clips to play but he had to take a break.


  • Howard Takes Some Calls. 08/31/15. 9:25am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he has some email there. Howard said someone wrote in about Yucko's Cookie Monster impression. He got some email about Ronnie and how he drives. Howard said he has some email about the clip of Dr. Ruth saying ''Robin'' in her very special way. The writer told them to never stop playing that.

    Howard read some email where someone referred to him as Howie and he wasn't happy about that. Howard had some email about Gary and some new names they could use for him. Howard said someone was upset that Bobo is going to be back soon. The writer was talking about how Bobo angers them and they don't want him coming back. Howard got some positive feedback about Patrick Stewart too.

    Howard took a call from Gay Ramone who wasn't there when he picked up. Howard moved on to Mariann from Brooklyn. She said that she's glad Robin came in today. She said there are 6 more AGTs. She said that she's not sure how Heidi put her ring back on after the regurgitator swallowed it. Howard was ready to move on but Mariann brought up how weird it is that Howie was treating him the way he was. Howard said they have a countdown clock there and it wasn't working the other night. He said that Howie used up his time and it's hard to get out anything in 15 seconds. He said he was pissed. He said Howie knows he did wrong but he apologized to him later. Mariann said he's getting on her last nerve lately. Howard said he's the only one with an ear piece. He said he's asked to go before Howie from now on. He said he has something to say and he doesn't want to sound like a blathering idiot. Howard said the producers said okay to that. Howard said he'll take all of his time and leave Howie with 5 seconds. Howard said he takes notes and wants to have 30 seconds to do it. He said he's so fucking out of there. He said he has 3 more weeks and he's done.

    Howard said he doesn't want Howie looking at him telling him he didn't know how much time he had. Howard said he was getting irritated over that. Howard said it's enough already. He's done in 3 weeks. Then Simon Cowell can take over. Howard said he sees that they're spinning the story already. He said he was done with the show anyway. Howard said he had fun doing it and they have top notch people doing the show. Howard said they have a great crew there. He said he always thanks them when he's leaving. Howard said it's enough though and it's time to go. Howard said he hopes they enjoyed his time there.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he wanted to ask if they have seen the new show Narcos on Netflix. Howard said he's on episode 5 and he can't put it away. Howard and the caller told Robin she'll love it. Howard said they have this new series called Narcos and it's the story of Pablo Escobar. He said he was the 7th richest man in the world because of drug dealing. Howard said he offered to pay off Columbia's debt if they let him come back. Howard said they had so much money that they had to bury it in the ground. Howard said that he was brilliant at what he did. Howard said he was making $60 million a day. Howard said the show is about DEA agents trying to catch Pablo Escobar. The caller said the show is so good. He said that they mix in real stuff. Howard said he likes the subtitles on the show.

    Robin said Kurt Sutter has anew show starting. She wondered if Howard is going to be into that. Howard said he's not sure. He was into Sons of Anarchy but he may not watch this show. He said he was into The Walking Dead but he doesn't watch Fear the Walking Dead. He said he doesn't have a lot of time.

    Robin said they're bringing ''Heroes'' back too. Howard said he's not excited about that either. Howard said the show was flawed because everyone had powers. He said you can't have a world filled with super heroes. He said they have to get with it. Howard said people don't get it. Robin said she can't believe they're trying to revive it.

    Howard took a call from Jim from Raleigh who asked what he thinks about the NY Daily News using the killer's images on the cover of the paper. Howard said that's a problem. He said the country is in the worst shape it's been in. Howard said we have no respect for anything. Howard said the reason we have police is because it's our last hold on society. Howard said there are lots of bad people out there. Howard said you need police. Howard said the whole idea of saying ''fuck the police'' is a mental illness. Howard said we have rules. He said some cops get carried away with their power but try to fucking behave.

    Howard said that guy who shot the reporters and the guy who shot the cop are all taping themselves. Howard said the question is if the media should police itself. Howard said he was reading about that guy who shot the reporters and he had a lot of issues. Howard said he would suggest that media outlets not glorify these guys. He said that it glorifies and sets off more of them. Howard said the answer to the question is simple. NO more glorification of these people. He said don't show the videos. He said that it's not helpful.

    Howard said that some guy called Bill O'Reilly and said that they believe that Trump will be picking Howard Stern for vice president. Howard said that he would have to turn it down. He said he doesn't want that because it seems like a hassle. Howard said that he doesn't believe that Trump wants to be president. Howard said he gets annoyed doing America's Got Talent. He said that's easy compared to Vice President. Howard said he's happy to sit in his room and paint all day. He said he's not looking to be at any functions.

    Howard said they asked him at America's Got Talent to shoot something on Tuesday afternoon at 5. He said now they've changed it to 3 and he's annoyed over that. He said imagine that he's annoyed by that and what it would be like if he were Vice President. Howard said he really needs to see his shrink. He said he hasn't been around for a month and he won't be back for another week or so.

    Robin asked if he ever imagined he'd grow up to be a curmudgeon like his father. Howard said he'd better with kids than his father was. Howard said his dad is like 92 now and all he does is watch the baseball game. Robin said everything annoyed him in his life and Howard is like that. Howard said he knows what is right and wrong though. He said he can see it.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if he has seen the video of the Virginia shooting. Howard said he did. The caller asked if he thought it was a hoax. Howard said he did not. Howard said there is no hoax there. The caller said he thinks it was a hoax. He said when the woman got shot at point blank range she ran away. Howard said the woman is dead. He told the guy to stop it. Robin said she doesn't even know what he's saying. The caller said he thinks it was blanks and it's just like everything the government does and it's all controlled. He said he thinks they're setting up for gun control. Howard said good if that's the case.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said Howard used to say ''How can I help you?'' Howard said he doesn't say that. Howard said he doesn't want to do anything for him. The caller said he's a voice over talent and he has a demo he sent to Steve Brandano. Howard said he has an ethnicity to his voice. Howard said he can tell he is black. Howard said if he wants to do powerful voice over work then he has to eliminate that. Howard said he needs to take some elocution classes. Howard said you have to get rid of that affect. The caller said he can get rid of it. Howard had him demonstrate it. The caller did it and Howard said it was better. The caller asked if he has to work with casting directors. Howard said voice over work is a crazy business. He said a guy who delivers the mail could be a voice over guy. Howard said that the greatest was Orson Wells. Howard said he would suggest that he become an actor to learn how to emote. He said it's not just about reading. He said it's an art. He said you need an ear for it.

    Howard told the caller to get a job at a radio station and practice announcing there. Howard said he went to WRNW where no one wanted to be. He said he made $4 an hour and got practice there. Howard said he wasn't a good announcer so he started talking about his life and doing comedy. Howard said he odes live commercials but that's a personality thing. Howard said the caller wants to do straight work. He said he knows a guy who is on Broadway but does commercials every day and makes a fortune doing it.

    The caller said he's a guitar player too. He said he wanted to play a Billy Joel song for him. Howard told him to go ahead. Howard cut him off after a couple of lines. Howard said he's a better voice over than that. Howard said his singing is horrible. He said his guitar playing was horrible too. Howard told him to get busy with his work. The caller said he has no one behind him. Howard said he didn't either. He said that he had to make it on his own. He said he worked at a dump of a radio station. Howard said it's all hard work. He said nothing is handed to you.

    Howard asked how old the caller is. The caller, Kevin, said he's 51. He said Howard has him by 10 years. Howard said he started at 18. Howard said you have to get in there and put in thousands of hours. Howard said that he has to get better. Kevin said he can do commercials. Kevin said he's told he needs a home studio. Howard said that's not true. He said the big time commercials are done in a studio with a director. Howard said he doesn't know what he's talking about. Howard asked if he has a real job. Kevin said he is a karaoke host. Howard said that's a terrible job. Kevin said they pay him to do it. He said he's paid nightly to do this stuff. Howard said he should chop off one arm and get a Periscope account. He said that worked for Jeff. Howard let Kevin go after that. Howard said when you hear the commercial guys doing their thing they know what they're doing.

  • Audio Clips, AC/DC Concert Interviews And More. 08/31/15. 9:55am
    Howard said he has some fuck up clips to play. He played one where a British announcer said ''fuck'' when he was live on the air. Howard said he has a CBS announcer saying ''black cocks'' instead of ''Blackhawks.'' Howard played that one too. Howard said she got it right twice but then fucked it up.

    Howard said he has a Baltimore Orioles announcer saying a player is ''retarded.'' He played that clip and the guy meant to say ''retired'' but said retarded instead. Howard said that guy sounded like a real announcer. He did an impression of the guy and Robin wondered why they sound like that. Howard said he really doesn't know. Howard exaggerated the voice and kept it going for a short timed.

    Howard took a call from Marianne Garvey from the NY Daily News. Marianne said the show is amazing today. She said she has a question for him about Caitlyn Jenner talking about how she wants to be with a man who treats her like a woman. Marianne said Howard said that he thinks Caitlyn will be into men eventually. Howard said he will. Howard said he thinks he wants to blow a guy. Robin said he's totally into women. Robin said he might blow a guy but he will have relationships with women.

    Sal came in and said that he asked the guys in the office if Bruce will go to jail with female or male prisoners if he is convicted of manslaughter. Howard said it will be a female jail even if he has a cock. Gary said they'd have to make special accommodations for him. Howard said they've all seen enough TV shows and how it all works. Gary said she has a penis. Howard said they'll put a jail cell around his cock then. Howard said it'll be a bird cage. Howard said he wants to put Gary in a cage too.

    Howard let Marianne go. Howard said Sal is going to love this upcoming Booey 25 weekend. Sal said he has gotten a sneak peak and it's fantastic. Howard said he has some clips to play. He said he has some Booey songs.

    Howard said they were outside the AC/DC concert and Memet was asking questions about Caitlyn Jenner and if they'd buy Playboy if she was in it. Howard played some of the answers they were getting from the AC/DC fans. They were all against seeing that. Howard said some guys go crazy if you ask anything about gay or transgender things.

    Howard asked Memet if there were any girls at the concert. Memet came in and said there were very few. He said it was mostly old guys. He said that he thought Harlem was scary but this concert was something else. He said he'd rather be in Harlem.

    Howard played a clip of a guy talking about how he does a thing called The Joker where he takes a woman's tampon out wit his teeth and swings it back and forth so he looks like The Joker. Howard asked what's wrong with this guy.

    Memet said these guys were out tailgating. Howard played a clip of a guy who claimed to have smoked crack before the show. Memet said goodbye to the guy and the guy said ''Fuck you'' when he walked away. Memet said he got a pit in his stomach before talking to that guy and those are the kind of guys you want to talk to.

    Howard played another clip of a guy who was talking about One Direction and how he hopes they die in a fiery cataclysm. Howard had another clip of Memet getting hit by a beer can when he was at Belmont. Memet said some people can get crazy if you ask them questions about gay people. Howard said he should be careful out there. Howard said that people are killing themselves over being transgender because of attitudes like that.

    Howard played another clip of Memet talking to some more fans at AC/DC and one guy was talking about Beetlejuice but not knowing his name so he called him Buckwheat.

    In another clip Memet was asking people the names of candidates other than Donald Trump. No one knew more than a couple of names.

    Howard played a clip of Memet asking a guy about Bill Cosby and the guy was saying ''fuck those women'' or something like that. He was Hispanic and kind of hard to understand. Memet said there were a lot of Hispanic fans there. He said they have a big Hispanic following. Howard played another clip of the guy talking about Donald Trump too. Howard said you can barely understand anything that guy is saying.

    Howard said that Memet is a big Trump guy. Memet said he is. He said anyone who gets people to stop bullshitting is great. Howard asked if he's for kicking people out of the country for being there illegally. Howard said that's not racist. Robin said that he said they were all rapists and murderers. Howard said he didn't think it was ''all'' of them. Howard said he's thinking about being Vice President.

    Howard said that Bill O'Reilly couldn't stop talking when someone brought up how Trump might make Howard Stern his Vice President. Howard played that audio and O'Reilly kind of ignored what the guy said.

    Howard asked Memet if he got laid on Tinder over the weekend. Memet had walked out. He came back in and said he's taking a break from it. He said he was kind of striking out so he's taking a break for a while. Howard said a ton of dudes were talking about how hot Memet is. Memet said he has a gay roommate and he uses Grindr. He said that last night in the time he went out to grab food his roommate met someone on Grindr and he was done fucking by the time he was back home. Howard said that's dangerous stuff. He said Memet has to get out of that apartment. Memet said he's actually in a new apartment now with new people. Howard asked if the guy hits on him. Memet said no. Howard said he heard that Memet doesn't shave his bush. Memet said that he doesn't have to. Howard said he has hair longer than his penis so he has to trim his hair. Memet said he doesn't have that problem.

    Memet said that Sal and Richard shave completely and that's kind of creepy. Howard said he's not sure who they're doing that for. Robin said that it shouldn't be like a forest.

    Gary said he heard that Memet eats weird too. He said he heard he puts a lot of salt on his food. Howard cut him off and asked Memet if he'd be turned off by a woman with a full bush. Memet said he would but he thinks that a man having hair down there is more acceptable. Howard said sex is better when you're shaved down. Memet said shaving also makes you look bigger down there. Howard said sex is really disgusting. He told Memet to be careful when he's out there.

    Howard took a call from a woman who asked if The Flash or Superman would be faster in a race. Howard said when he was a kid they had a comic book where they did that. Howard said they had a race around the world and The Flash was faster. Just a little bit though. Howard said all he has is running fast. He said it was a millisecond or so. Howard said Superman has it all though. He said he's the best super hero to be.

    The caller asked if she could get a moment with Fred. Howard said no to that. Robin asked when they had a good Superman movie. Robin said it's been a long time now. Howard did a live commercial read and then went to break.


  • Robin's News. 08/31/15. 10:25am
    After the break Howard came right back and played a new song parody for Robin. He said that Paul Simon has been sending in some great songs lately. That song was a parody of a Paul Simon song.

    Robin read about how Noel Biderman from has had to step down. Robin said he lied about cheating on his wife apparently. Howard played a commercial parody about how they're handling divorces now. Howard said that something good comes out of something bad. Robin said that people are upset about the leaks and how the company isn't protecting their privacy. Robin said it's causing lots of problems. Robin said they're being sued now. Robin said they say they're standing by their commitment to their customer base.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked how he would remake himself if he moved on from satellite. Howard said it's almost irrelevant. Howard said content is king. Howard said the future is streaming services. He said radio's biggest strength is that you can listen to radio in your car. He said any jerk off can have music. He said the curation of music is important too. He said his SiriusXM receiver went dead and he had to listen to cable music. Howard said every channel sucked. Howard said the content blew so he won't listen to it. Howard said their spa channel is much better than cable. Howard said Apple music isn't taking off because they hired a world DJ. Howard said in order to make things happen they have to have content. Howard said he told XM that and they lost to Sirius. Howard said that it's all about content. Howard said it has to be easy and you have to have content. Howard said Sirius has all kinds of receivers and they're in the cars. Howard said it's not easy to do.

    Howard said that caller was a truck driver and he wants all the best content. Robin said the user friendliness is also a big part of that. Howard said she's right.

    Howard asked Robin what other news she has. Robin read more about the AshleyMadison thing and then Howard took another call. High Pitch Eric called in and said that he has a problem with Jeff the Drunk saying ''fuck you'' to him. Howard said Jeff is being a little arrogant now that he has this Periscope thing going on. Eric said Jeff has that Wishlist thing and he doesn't. He said he only asked for two things and that's it. Howard asked how his weight loss is going. Eric said it's going up and down. Howard said he sees what he's eating. Howard said he orders French toast and he has more syrup than toast.

    Howard played a clip of a memorial special they created for Eric or when he dies. Eric said that's not going to happen. Howard said it could. Eric said that he knows it won't happen. Eric said he went to visit Joey in the hospital. He said he had a blood clot in his leg. Howard said the two of them are enabling each other. Howard asked if he ate Joey's hospital meal. Eric said he didn't. He said he got Joey a pack of cigarettes. Howard let Eric go after that.

    Robin read a story about marriage and why people get their photos taken for their engagement. Howard said that's so in 30 years when you can't stand each other you might look back on better times. Robin said that the guys are participating in all of this. Howard said it's so you can pretend to be a movie star.

    Robin read about how David Spade admits he was dating Lara Flynn Boyle and they were at some party and Jack Nicholson walked up and asked her out in front of him. Howard said he gets that with his wife. Howard said he's married to her. Howard said a celebrity asked her out right in front of him. Robin said that Spade says that Boyle told him that she would never think about dating Jack but then she got into an accident in a car with Nicholson and the National Enquirer called David to get a statement from him about that. Howard said he and David were just emailing and he's coming in sometime in December so they'll have to talk to him about that then.

    Howard said he went out to eat with David and Lara once. He said that they had to act like they weren't a couple at the time. Howard said she was pretty hot back then. He said she was super hot. Fred said she's not that hot anymore. Howard said everyone gets older. He said he's not as hot as he was either. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about Zac Efron having a movie open this weekend and it only made $1.8 million. Robin said it's the worst major opening of all time. Gary said maybe he should have come on and it would have helped. Robin said that Warner Brothers is disappointed with the movie. The movie is called ''We Are Your Friends.'' Gary said he saw a preview and told Howard what it was about and how Emily Ratajkowski is in it. Howard said they don't know what to do with her. Gary said she's the lead in the movie and she's not even good in the trailer. Howard said it's kind of fun that it's doing so poorly. He said it's like the prom king and queen not making it. Gary said that Emily chick doesn't show her tits in the movie. Howard said it's all about her tits. Howard said he hates to tell her that. Howard said maybe she should have stuck to modeling. Howard said someone may have talked her into trying to act. Howard said the thing with her should be that she's topless in every movie she's in. He said she should demand it. Howard said she should have a two topless scene minimum. Howard said her claim to fame is that she has perfect tits and they're not implants. Howard said she ain't doing Shakespeare. Robin said she's not sure why people stop doing what makes them famous.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked him to do a rock band bracket with him. He asked Beatles or Stones. Howard said that's ridiculous. Howard said he can't pick between the two. He went with the Stones. Robin went with the Beatles. The caller went through a bunch more and Howard said you can't pick one over the other so he gave up on it. Howard said the Stones are some band. Robin said you want to hear everybody. Howard said that those guys are all great. He said he can't pick. Howard said he'd be any of those guys. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about Caitlyn Jenner and had some audio from her show to play. Howard played a clip where Caitlyn talked about how it would be nice to have a guy treat her like a woman. Robin said he's trans and he can't even figure out what to say. Howard said this is exhausting. He said that everyone knows what she meant but people get upset by her saying ''normal.'' He said that's like the new N-word. Howard played the clip a few times because they played a piano key when Caitlyn said something that they seemed to feel was wrong. Howard said it's like a buzzer when someone says something wrong. Howard said Fred should play the Benny Hill theme song, ''Yakety Sax'', instead of that piano note. Howard told him to try that. Fred found the song and tried it but it didn't come in at the right time. Howard told Fred how he wanted it to sound and had him try it again. Howard had Fred make it start when the saxophone starts. Robin got a laugh out of that. Howard said he knew it would work. He said he wants to produce this show. Howard said that's good music for that. He recreated that clip doing the voice himself. Howard said they should use that music during the debates too. Howard said that song is called Yakety Sax. Fred found the original version of the song. Howard said he needs lyrics to that song. He said he wants to release it as a single. Howard tried making up some lyrics but he said it was hard.

    Robin read about the MTV Video Music Awards which were on last night. Robin had some clips of some people like Taylor Swift accepting their awards. Howard said she's hot. Robin said Kanye West won the Video Vanguard award and announced he would be running for president in 2020. Howard said he should play Yakety Sax behind Kanye's speech from the show last night. He and Fred tried that. Howard said it works.

    Robin said Justin Bieber cried after his own performance. Robin had Howard play some of that. Howard said he must be mentally ill. Robin said he was moved by his own performance. Howard said you'd never see Axl Rose or Slash cry after a performance. Howard said Neil Young never had to learn to dance to his own songs. He said that these guys are fucking pussies.

    Robin read a story about a kid who offered his shoes up for a kidney transplant. Robin said Kanye offered to replace his shoes if that happened but it's illegal to accept money or goods for organs.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if he thinks that the Jews should be thrown out of Israel because they're there illegally. Howard said the guy is an idiot and hung up on him. Howard said that he should have played Yakety Sax behind that moron. He said he doesn't get it. Howard said that Howie Mandel had to apologize for talking about Anorexia during America's Got Talent. Howard said that was another time when he took some of his time. Howard said he joked about the regurgitator making bulimia fun. Howard said people got upset about that. Howard said people are going too far with being offended by everything. Howard said he told Howie that he didn't have to apologize but Howie felt that he had to. Howard said he was going to apologize for his apology but he didn't want the show to be about him.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he likes that Emily Ratajkowski chick. He said he's fine with her being in a movie. Howard said she should be naked though.

    Robin read a story about the reporter, Alison Parker, and cameraman, Andy Ward, who were shot and killed on live TV last week. Robin had some audio of someone talking about how they need better mental health coverage in this country. The guy was speaking at the funeral of the reporter who was killed. Robin said the father is going to dedicate himself to sensible gun control laws in this country. Robin had some audio of Alison's father talking about what he wants to do.

    Robin read a story about a baseball fan who fell from the upper deck at an Atlanta Braves game when he was yelling at A-Rod. Howard said the guy can't hear you up there. Howard said the guy fell right off the balcony. Robin said they say he fell on the concrete behind home plate. Robin had some audio of a police officer talking about the scene at Turner Field. Robin said it's the third death there in a few years. Howard said maybe people should stay seated.

    Robin read about Oliver Sacks dying. Robin said he's a neurologist who wrote Awakenings and others. Howard played some Yakety Sax for him. One of the songs he played was a Baba Booey song parody so he got in a plug for the Booey 25 special.

    Robin read about Wayne Dyer passing away. Robin said he was a self help guru. Robin said that they have not revealed his cause of death yet. Robin said he was on Oprah Winfrey's network OWN many times. Robin said that Ellen Degeneres also said he was an incredible man. Robin said she read his self help book and it was the first one she read.

    Robin read about Wes Craven dying too. Robin said he wrote A Nightmare On Elm Street and did some other horror flicks. Robin said he had brain cancer. Robin wrapped up and Howard ended the show around 11:15am.

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-- The Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Bobby Moynihan Sits In. 08/31/15. 11:15am
    Jon Hein started the show talking about what they heard on today's show. He mentioned that Bobby Moynihan will be coming in soon. He also asked Rahsaan for today's poll. Rahsaan said that they're asking ''Whose Periscope Can You Watch the Longest?'' and the choices are:
    • Jeff the Drunk
    • High Pitch Erik

    Jon said that Bobby Moynihan is there. He talked to him about the Periscope thing and how they have Jeff the Drunk and High Pitch Eric on there. Jon asked who he'd rather see on there. Bobby said that Jeff seems to have a more performance based show. He said that listening to that cough is the worst though. He said no one wants to hear that especially first thing in the morning. Jon said part of watching them is seeing what a mess they are. Jon said that Jeff has that Amazon Wishlist and half of it has been filled. Jon said it gives you an incentive not to work. Jon said that you need to have some character trait to do that. Bobby said you have to be okay being in the Wack Pack to do that. He said he has a feeling there's some kid out there who dreams of being in the Wack Pack and getting an iPad some day.

    Jon said he gets the rivalry between Jeff and Eric. He said that they may see it as a zero sum game. Bobby said he'd like to see what would happen if he came in and gave one of them four iPads. Bobby said he would watch Beetlejuice on Periscope if he had one. Jon said he has done it before. Jon said he'd never get tired of that. Bobby said he loves how confident Beetle is with his wrong answers. He said he'd love for him to come forward some day and say it was all a sham.

    Jon said Jeff the Drunk had a cut on his head and he claimed it was a scar from the 80s. Bobby said it's like a vampire scar that disappears in pictures. Jon said Jeff has the entertainment value in his Periscope. Bobby said Jeff might be a better singer than he is. Jon said it's like watching a car accident. He said you can't just pass it by. He said you eventually have to but you have to have some staying power. Jon wondered what Jeff is going to do to keep people watching. Bobby said he's not sure what he could do. He said maybe full on music videos. He said he might have to wear a costume and get makeup done. He said he needs a laser light show or pyrotechnics. He said he'd also like him to write a 3 hour long film.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he was trying to watch Jeff on Periscope and he wrote ''Boring'' in his chat and he's no longer following Jeff. Jon asked if he was blocked. The caller said he was. Jon asked how long he lasted before he got blocked. The caller said maybe 5 minutes. He said it was tough. He said he likes Jeff a lot. Jon asked if he would stick with Jeff or High Pitch Eric longer. The caller said he hasn't seen Eric on there. He saw Medicated Pete popping up and that was terrible. He said he saw Pete at a concert and he doesn't talk much. He said he just looks at the camera and doesn't say much. They went to break a short time later - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Wrap Up Show - Booey 25 And Jeremy Sisto Drops In. 08/31/15. 11:30am
    After the break Jon said that Gary is there. He said Gary is 2/3 of the way through Booey 25. He said on Monday they go to Booey 100. Gary said he's not that excited. Bobby laughed when he heard that. Gary said he will listen to some of the songs this weekend but he's not into listening to the love tape or the pitch thing again.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said Gary sounds down about the Booey 25 thing. He asked how different things would be if he didn't have that. He said he thinks that maybe his career is helped by that. Gary said he's not always happy about the way he's known. He said he gets older and thinks about the things he did. Bobby said he did it for the show. Gary said he did. He said Sal is still like that but he's starting to out grow it. Gary said that he doesn't regret it but he does think about how he should have thought about it for a half a second. Gary said he loves the notoriety and being part of something historical. He said he feels like he's a part of that. Gary said it's sort of tongue in cheek when he says that.

    Jon said that if people only knew Bobby as drunk uncle maybe that would get old. Bobby said he can imagine that. Gary said he doesn't feel like he's pigeon holed as one thing. He said that you hear more than that. Bobby asked Gary if he's ever thought about turning it into a Saturday morning cartoon. Gary said he has not.

    Jon said that Jeremy Sisto just dropped in. Jeremy told the guys that he's such a big fan. He said that it's so great that he's there. He said that he became a fan shortly before they moved to Sirius. He said it's amazing what they do there. Gary asked how he got turned on to it. Jeremy said the movie came out and his girlfriend at the time, who is an awful person, told him about how great it was. He loved the movie and that was it for a long time. Then he started listening to it and got hooked.

    Jon asked if Jeremy is listening to the Booey 25. Jeremy said he has been listening and he has mixed feelings about it. He said it's good though. Jeremy said he heard the segment over the weekend where Gary gave Howard the Sega thing and Howard got upset about that. Gary said that one still pisses him off.

    Jon said Gary has been the producer of the show for 25 years and you're always reminded of your fuck ups. Gary said that one of the reasons people like him is because people have a Howard and they take the same shit from their boss. He said he's sure they have people like him at work too.

    Jon asked Gary about people like Bobby and Jeremy saying this nice stuff about him is better than getting it from the guy at the supermarket. Gary said that the guy at the supermarket doesn't sit down and talk to him for a few minutes.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said there is no way he would ever work for Howard after hearing the beatings he takes from Howard. Gary said he enjoys working there. He said the beatings aren't so bad. Jon said they're not fun when you're taking them. Gary said it can be hard. Gary said they had a guy who had a radio show in Rhode Island and the guy called his producer Baba Booey so Howard called him and said that's the name he uses and it's not what you call a producer. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Periscope And Jeff The Drunk. 08/31/15. 11:45am
    After the break Jon mentioned that they have chaos going on in there. He mentioned that Jeremy Sisto was in and he was in a lot of great shows. He said Bobby Moynihan is there too.

    Jon said they heard some Mark Harris songs today and they haven't heard any in along time. Gary said he loves that guy. He said he loves everything about him. Jon said that people may not know the whole Martha Raye story. Gary said she was old when that whole thing started. Gary said Martha Raye was his dad's pinup girl in World War II as a goof. He said that's how old she was. He said in the 80s she was old and they started sending someone to events and Mark was there. He said he was a big fan of the show and that's how they got to know him. He said Mark inherited something from her and they're still not sure how much that was.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he follows Jeff the Drunk and watches him on Periscope. He said he has a lot of food on his Wishlist too. Gary asked why he'd buy something for Jeff. The caller said he saw he wanted some green peas so he got some for him. He said it's like 8 bucks so why not? Gary said Eric the Actor had a crazy list on Amazon. He said he had like 4000 cases of water and they were going to get everyone to send it all at once. Jon said that Jeff is getting into that territory where he's expecting it like High Pitch Eric does. Gary said he can't blame him for that. Jeremy wasn't familiar with the Wishlist thing. Gary told him what people are buying him from the list. Jeremy said that's so weird.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he's very sad that Eric didn't live long enough for Periscope. Jon said he's so right. He said he was doing the Johnny Fratto Network thing. He said he would have more than thrived if he had been around for that.

    Jon asked where Jeff and Eric are going to stop with their requests. Gary said that they could ask for a car if they want. Gary said he has 32,000 followers. Jeremy said that's insane. Jon said that it's hot right now but in a month from now who knows what will happen. Gary said he could listen to him cough all day long. He said it sounds like something is coming up but nothing does.

    Jeremy said it's really interesting to watch people not knowing that they're on. He said they forget and it's really interesting. Gary said Jeff doesn't forget and he performs the whole time. Gary said he'd kill to watch Jeff make a sandwich.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he was at a golf tournament a month ago or so and he was on the putting green and Keegan Bradley was about 25 feet away. He said Mama Monkey and Keegan looked over and smiled. He said that everyone loves Booey. Gary said Keegan is the guy who loves that stuff. Gary said he pretty much started that whole thing on the golf course.

    Jeremy asked if Gary feels bad about the 25 years. Gary said he doesn't feel bad. He said some stuff bothers him but not all of it. He said he's not even sure what's in the special.

    Jon asked Jeremy if he laughs at Gary or with Gary when he listens to the love tape. Jeremy said he's laughing along with Howard and the other guys. He said that he gets making fun of him. Gary said he would do that to someone else too. He said he gets that. Gary said he's had women say to him that he's a fucking pussy so who needs that shit?

    Jon got in a plug for today's Sternthology and let Bobby and Jeremy get in some plugs before they ended the show around 11:55am.

    Mr. Skin

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