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  • Wrap Up Show - Royals Talk With Richard Christy. 10/30/14. 10:10am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show introducing a heart broken Richard Christy who was sitting in with him. Jon went over the things they replayed this morning and said he wanted to start off with the Kansas City Royals losing last night. Jon said he missed all of the craziness last night but he saw it this morning. He explained what happened in the game last night and how crazy things got for the Royals.

    Jon asked Richard how he felt last night at that point. Richard said it was pure chaos. He said the place exploded. He said it was real somber until then but then that happened. Richard said it blew their minds. Richard said he thinks they made the right move.

    Jon asked if Richard thought it was over then. Richard said he thought it was their destiny. He said they've come down to that before and gone into extra innings. He said the game was still amazing. He said he's proud of the Royals. He said they lost by one run and they came so close. He said it was awesome.

    Richard said everyone was cheering and doing the Royals chant. He said they didn't think they'd make it as far as they did.

    Gary said that someone came up to Richard saying sorry for the loss but he thought he was in Giants colors. Richard was actually wearing his Halloween colors. Gary asked if the orange on his arm is from the shirt. Richard said it's probably from Cheetos. He said he'll eat anything orange in October. Richard said he had orange yogurt every morning this month too. Jon and Gary named some other orange colored foods that he could eat.

    Jon asked Richard if he spoke to his dad yet. Richard said they did talk. He said they were looking at the positives last night. He said they were talking about Halloween coming up. Richard said he thinks that KU is going to do really well and the Chiefs are doing well too. He said next year the Royals may be great again. He said he's hoping for that.

    Jon said he knows how Richard feels. He said the Pirates have come close to getting there too. He said they get so close and then they don't make it. Gary said the Mets have been there too. He said it's been close a few times since 1986.

    Jon said Howard doesn't get it when they're into this stuff so much. Gary said he understands that. He said none of the New York teams have any chance of getting a championship this year and that's unusual. Gary said Howard goes to the Knick games all the time. He said they're supposed to be better this year. Jon said the Yankees had a system that worked and they were always in the playoffs. He said you have to respect that.

    Jon played some audio of Howard talking about all of the sports talk. He was talking about how stupid people sound when they're so vested in sports.

    Jon asked Richard if he was yelling about it last night. Richard said he tries not to curse a lot but the F-word was flying around last night. Jon said he can't see him getting that way. Richard said he was mad at Baumgartner and he was frustrated that the Giants were doing so good. He said it was frustrating. Jon said he feels for him.

    Jon said now Halloween is coming. He said that should pick up his spirits. He asked what he's going to do. Richard said they're going to try going North to see the fall foliage and go to some Halloween events. He said he'll be watching a bunch of movies like the first Halloween, Halloween 3 and a movie called Trick or Treat from 2008. Then there's also a Trick or Treat from 1986 that he likes to watch. Jon asked what that was about. Richard told Jon and Jon was laughing at how ridiculous it sounded.

    Gary asked how many Halloween movies there are. Richard said there are like 12. Gary asked why he likes those two. Richard said they're just the ones he loves the best. Richard said he only has time for a certain number on Halloween.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he knows Howard isn't into sports but are their wives into the same teams. Jon said they're all married so they can answer. He said Beth is into sports. Gary said she grew up on it so she tends to watch. Gary said Mary isn't really a sport fan. He said she just got a bunch of Jets shirts she can wear though. Gary said she looks at it like Howard does.

    Jon asked Richard how his wife is. Richard said she's into the Eagles big time. He said that she listens every weekend to her phone to hear the games. Richard said she's a die hard fan. He said those games are a blast to go to. Jon said his wife is a Michigan fan. He said she got a new Steelers shirt the other day and she knows what a big fan he is.

    Gary said his wife asks if he's going to watch football all day and he says yes. He said there are games that go on all day long. Gary said last week there was one on at 9 in the morning and he could have watched it all day long. His wife wasn't too thrilled with that.

    Jon said he went out to dinner to a place that had a TV to watch the game on last weekend. Richard sent Jon a picture last weekend of Stryper saying he was watching the Steelers. They were wearing old style uniforms that made them look like Stryper. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Amy Poehler. 10/30/14. 10:25am
    After the break Jon said he wanted to talk about Amy Poehler. He said he knew she was a fan of the show but he wondered if she'd ever come on the show. He said Gary told him that she was afraid that she wouldn't be a good guest. Gary said that she's insanely funny and she has a leg up on everyone because she knows the show. He said she knows it so well that she might outthink herself. He said she was talking about how she was rehearsing the interview in her head.

    Jon said Amy has a book out and that can make things easier. He said that he liked when she realized her dad was listening to the show while she was on. Richard said his wife's mother listens to the show too. He said he doesn't want to say anything too crazy. He said it does matter when you know a family member is listening.

    Gary said he had that issue when he'd date someone or something. He said there are people who love to deliver the bad news to people about what was said on the show. He said the only people who listen are his wife and his son Lucas is secretly listening. He said his brother in law listens too. He said Lucas will say something that happened on the show and he'll ask how he heard it. He said he'll say a friend told him. Gary said he knows he's listening.

    Richard said that when they moved to Sirius he told his parents he was getting them a radio and subscription as long as they never questioned what he did on the air. He said that they accepted the deal. Richard said they have a good sense of humor about it. Richard said it was weird thinking about how they were going to be listening to him licking Sal's testicles.

    Jon asked if he talks to his parents about that stuff at all. Richard said they know he's a responsible person so it doesn't worry them. Gary said when Richard started dating his wife she must have known he was that wacky guy. Richard said she was a fan and she liked what he did on the air so she was cool with it.

    Jon said it must be weird to go on the first date and have her asking what Sal's balls taste like. Richard said it was.

    Jon said people will always hear the news through people who didn't even hear the show directly. Gary said the person reporting it always makes it sound the worst. Jon said he was thinking of JD and how that's playing out on the air for him and his girlfriend. He said that they're hearing it unfold live. Gary said his girlfriend sounds fairly mentally healthy. He said she hasn't gone off the deep end yet. He said he has seen that happen before.

    Jon asked if JD is handling this stuff the right way so far. Gary said he thinks he is and he's playing both sides of the fence.

    Gary said he dated a girl once and she didn't come up to the studio. He said Howard and Fred found out about it and they morphed it into her being so ugly that he didn't want to bring her up. Gary said the woman called him so upset about that. He said it wasn't about that but it sings when it comes out on the air like that. Gary said she was really hot too so that was the fucked up thing. Gary said he didn't bring her up because of that. He said she was too hot to bring up.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks Amy's interview was one of the greats. He said she was really genuine and she opened up about her sexuality and all of that. He said that gave her a bit of an edge. He also thought she was really attractive. He said they seem to frumpy her up on Parks and Recreation. Jon said he thinks they do. Richard said Jon frumps himself up for this show. Jon said he does.

    Gary said when someone sits on the couch with Howard then you get to know someone in a new way. He said that's what happened with Lady Gaga. He said they found out how interesting and talented she was. He said not everyone can do that and some people know they can't be interesting.

    Jon played a clip of Amy Poehler talking to Howard about leaving JD and his girlfriend alone. Jon said they're going to take a break and get into that. They went to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - JD And His Girlfriend. 10/30/14. 10:40am
    After the break Jon said JD was joining them. He said JD must be busy back there. JD said he's busy with a bunch of nonsense. He said he's doing work stuff. Gary said that's not nonsense to them. JD said it's not being the president or something. Jon told him not to belittle what he does. JD said they love to slice up everything he says. Gary said JD could have just said hello. JD said he was just trying to be entertaining.

    Jon asked if what Amy Poehler said about leaving him and his girlfriend alone meant something to him. JD said he knows nothing will change. He said that life is so weird. He said when he moved to New York City he went to see Upright Citizen's Brigade. He said he went to see this show and this was over 10 years ago. He said Amy was in the show back then. He said it's weird that she now knows him and his life. He said it's very strange. He said it was very nice to have her support. JD said he knows nothing will change though. He said it could get even worse.

    Jon asked JD if it's weird to JD that he's famous and he knows who Amy is and Amy knows him. JD said he's not on the same level as her. Jon said that he is sort of in a comparable level. JD said that he's not on TMZ or Access Hollywood or anything. He said that's not what he needs though. Gary said that JD and this show are as important to people's lives as Saturday Night Live might be to JD.

    Jon said Amy brought it up herself so clearly JD is on her mind. JD said it's nice to be on Amy Poehler's mind. He said he's glad to have her support.

    Gary said he and Jon love Parks and Recreation. He said he met her once briefly and when you like someone so much that you don't want them to disappoint you and she didn't. He said he was going to take her around for the full tour when she was there but she had to leave. He wondered if JD would make the full turn to say hello to her. JD said he would have. Gary said sometimes he only opens his door halfway to give a hello. JD said he might be in the middle of something. He said he tries to be nice to people but he doesn't know what to do. He said he's not good with that sort of thing.

    Jon said he was sort of bummed about something. He said he loves Amy and he likes to do the IDs with people. He said Gary came in and did the IDs with her and sort of rushed her out. Jon said he was so bummed that he didn't get to do that. Gary said he really had to breeze her through it. Jon said he's looking forward to having her back.

    Jon said Howard asked Amy if she didn't like someone on the show and she brought up Sal. Jon said she had some issue with what Sal does. Gary said you can blame it on her being uptight but she's really not based on that book she wrote. He said that she's just not into that Sal weirdness. Gary said Sal doesn't understand just how weird some of that stuff is.

    Jon said Sal had a unique take on the situation. JD said Sal talked to the news about this and he thinks that Amy is into him. Gary said he thought that with her no means yes. JD said that's what it's like. Gary said she was creeped out by him a little bit. Jon said they'll get to that more tomorrow.

    Jon said Brett Larson is there so he asked him to give his Howard 100 News headlines. Brett ran down a few stories and mentioned a list of the top 5 FOX News anchors that JD came up with. They talked to JD about that for a minute.

    Jon got in a plug for today's Sternthology and Leiberman Live and then wrapped up the show. They were done around 10:50am.

-- Wednesday, October 29, 2014 --

  • Gay Ramone Getting Married. 10/29/14. 6:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A books on tape ''Street Classics'' parody bit featuring street people reading classic books, a Baba Booey song parody by Daniel Mendelson, a clip of a guy talking about Howard Stern's CBS TV show, Chris Cornell performing a cover of Led Zeppelin's ''Thank You'' live in the Howard Stern Show studio.

    Howard started the show taking a call from Gay Ramone. Ramone said he's getting married but it's very difficult down in North Carolina. He asked Howard if he could help and get Mark Consuelos to marry them. Howard said it made sense to be married by him for him but not for Ramone. Howard said he doesn't have a connection to Ramone. Howard said Mark doesn't do that regularly. Howard said he did see him up there the other day. Ramone said he's fucking hot.

    Ramone told Howard he uses the Squatty Potty and for power bottoms like him it works great. He said the shit comes right out. Howard asked if he has AIDS. Ramone laughed and said no. Howard said he thought he had heard he had AIDS. Howard said must be thinking of someone else. Ramone said he never said that on the show. Gary told Howard it's Gay Tony and not Ramone. Ramone kept saying he didn't say that on the show. Howard said he knows, it's gay Tony. Ramone said he's in good health.

    Ramone said he moved and left everyone, including his kids, up in New York. Howard asked how he has kids. Ramone said he's told him about that before. Howard said he didn't remember.

    Ramone said he still watches straight porn. Howard said he had a friend over the other day and the guy is a nice guy. He said he is a homosexual and they were talking about watching porn. He said the guy told him he watches straight porn too. Howard said he thought he was trying to fit in with the guys but that's not his M.O. Howard said it's apparently true though. Howard said that he gave the guy such a hard time over that. Howard asked why he would do that.

    Ramone said what turns him on is when it's a black guy fucking a tight white pussy. He said he looks at the dude. Howard said he tries to block the guy out.

    Howard said he doesn't think that Mark can do the wedding thing but he wished Ramone luck. Howard said Mark is probably listening. Howard let Ramone go a short time later.

  • Bobo Calls In. 10/29/14. 6:10am
    Howard said people are wondering where Casey Kasem is. Howard had Casey's corpse on the phone. Casey said he's in a haunted house right now. Howard and Robin spent a few seconds talking to him and then let him go.

    Howard took a call from Bobo and Fred played a theme song Little Mikey did about not picking up on Bobo. Howard asked what his question was. Bobo asked who he thinks could finish a 5K run on the staff. Howard said he sees Bobo on the line at 5:45 in the morning. Howard said that Gary told him that they talked about that on the Wrap Up Show yesterday and Bobo can't even come up with an original question. Howard said Gary told him that they went over that and now Bobo is bringing it up. Bobo said he's doing that on Howard's show.

    Howard played some clips of people talking about Bobo being the worst caller ever and to never call in again. Bobo said he hates these people. He said they're not fans. Bobo said Howard has said he isn't going on Twitter anymore because of people like that.

    Howard told Bobo that Fred showed him the email they get about Bobo and how people are coming out against him and hoping that Bobo and Mariann go away. Howard said that Bobo did get some positives though. Howard told Bobo about one where a guy said he appreciates Bobo's enthusiasm for the show. He had one from a guy who said he's a high school drop out and Bobo makes him feel smart.

    Howard said he got a couple of other positive emails. He had another one where the guy says that he wants him removed from the air now. Howard played the clip of Eric Andre goofing on Bobo when he was in the office last week.

    Howard said he gave Bobo a good whooping. Bobo said that was great. Howard said Bobo didn't like that. Bobo said these emails have to stop. He asked if Fred is doctoring them up. Fred said he was actually being easy on Bobo. He said there are more. Howard read more of the email and said there are people who do like his calls. Howard read one about a guy who was happy that Bobo was having problems with his hair down in Florida.

    Howard said there was a pro Bobo rally yesterday. Howard played a clip of nothing but animals making noise. There were no people in the clip.

    Howard said Bobo does have some admirers. Bobo said these people have to calm the fuck down. He said a true fan enjoys the good and the bad. Howard asked if Bobo is the bad. Bobo said he's not. He said Howard has wondered why people hate him on the show too. Howard said okay to that. Fred played the ''Really Bad Toupee'' song by Little Mikey.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he loves Bobo. He asked if he was still on the line. Bobo was still there. The caller asked if he still has his shrine. Bobo said he does. He said he posted it on Twitter. Howard let Bobo go a short time later.

    Howard said Bobo is like a bald lightning rod. He said his wife called into the Wrap Up Show the other day. He had some audio of that. Robin said she's never heard her before. Bobo's wife, Dawn, was talking about what Bobo is like when he doesn't get on the air and things like that. She also talked about how Bobo kept a secret about being a huge Howard Stern fan.

    Howard said Bobo had to break the news to her about his toupee like she didn't know. Howard said that it looks like a patch of straw on his head. Howard said there's no way that woman didn't know that was a toupee. Howard said that's so great. He said he loves Bobo.

    Howard played another Bobo song parody to the tune of ''Lola.'' Howard played more of Bobo talking about the toupee thing. He told Gary and Jon that he would do whatever Howard wanted him to do with it over what his wife wants him to do.

    Howard played a clip where Bobo talked about what the humidity does to the toupee. He talked about the trouble he has to go through to take care of it now that he's in Florida.

    Howard said those are Bobo's problems. Howard played a prank call the guys made to a radio show using Bobo audio clips. They had him talking about the lesion he had on his liver.

    Howard said that's funny on so many levels. He said they probably never get any calls. Howard said they tell him that he's better and he's going to be fine. He said it's so irresponsible. Howard said then they're telling him not to curse. Howard said they want to talk to him but he isn't allowed to curse. Howard said it's all so great. He said that call was ''off the roof''.

  • FOX News Chicks, Baby Wipes And More. 10/29/14. 6:25am
    Howard said Mike Tyson is coming in today. He said he's promoting this new cartoon he has out. Howard said Norm MacDonald plays the voice of a pigeon. Fred said he loved it. He said it reminds him of the old Scooby Doo cartoons. Howard said Robin has to watch it. Fred said it's very high brow. Robin asked if it really is. Fred said it is.

    Howard said that he has to take a break. He said he had some dreams last night that he has to talk about in therapy. He said his psychiatrist is going to think that he will ruin it if he talks about it with Robin. Howard said he has to save it.

    Howard said he was watching FOX news yesterday waiting to see if anyone noticed what he said about their anchors. He said no one said anything. Howard said there's this guy Greg Gutfield that he likes and he has a co-host that's really hot. Howard said the guy seems to be enamored with her. Howard said he thinks the guy has beaten off a few times to her. Howard said they have a blond and a dark haired woman on there. JD said that it's Kimberly Guilfoyle. Howard said she's hot too. JD mentioned another one who is really hot on there. Howard said he likes the other two.

    Howard said he listens to that guy Greg and some other guys on FOX News. Howard said that the women know stuff and they're hot. Robin said they may not know a lot. Howard said he thinks they do. He said they can't be feeding them all of that stuff. Howard said that he can't pay attention when a hot chick is there. He said hot chicks cloud his judgment. Howard said he would have deep conversations with strippers. He said they didn't care but he was learning about them. Howard said he was busy talking to women who were willing to take their clothes off for him.

    Howard said FOX News is all of these hot chicks and monstrous looking guys. He said they should start their own network like that. Gary came in to talk about something. Howard told him to hold on. He said he had a meeting with Gary yesterday about what he wants done and he may have confused him.

    Howard said he came right between Ebola and the ISIS story on FOX News. Howard said he was talking about something and he forgot thanks to Gary coming in.

    Howard said he was going to tell Robin about the story he saw about using baby wipes. Howard said he hates that because he has to use baby wipes. Howard said he has to walk over to get the wipes. Howard said he's so proud when he has a doody that comes out nice. He said he waits until the last minute to take a doody. He said he's so proud of himself. Howard said he walks over to get the wipes and he pushes his finger all the way up his butt hole. He said he makes sure it's all out of there. Howard said he doesn't want any doody in there. Howard said then he realized they have chemicals on those things. Howard said he was thinking about that. He said that they must have some that don't have chemicals on them. Howard said sometimes when he's painting he cleans up with them and they pull the paint right up. He said that's what he's wiping his asshole with. Howard said he uses water colors and the palate gets messy so he uses the wipe to wipe it up. Robin said people are using those on babies too.

    Howard asked Robin what she does. Robin said there are disposable wash cloths. Robin said they're thicker than paper towels. Robin said they're dry. Robin said you can just run some water. Robin said she has a waste can that she uses. Howard said Robin's poor house keeper. Robin said it's lined with plastic. Robin said that she doesn't have as much as Howard but that's what she does. Robin said she uses toilet paper first. Howard said he would do that but he has to be able to flush. Robin said she uses these wash cloth things to clean up. Howard laughed. Robin said all this woman has to do is take the plastic and throw it away. Howard said he has a lot of brown. He said it looks like a Rorschach. Howard said he didn't know that's what Robin was up to.

    Howard said he has to come over and see what Robin is up to. Howard said he's thinking of going in a litter box. Howard asked who ties up her doody bag. Robin said it's not a whole doody. Robin said it doesn't smell or anything. Robin said she observes what's going on. Robin said the woman wears gloves. Howard said he flushes his baby wipes. Howard said he knows it will clog up his cesspool. Howard said he doesn't care though. Howard said the first one is the worst. He said animals are able to shit without making a mess. Howard said he doesn't get it. Howard said the Squatty Potty gives him a full elimination but even then he has to clean up. Howard said he has the Toto toilet with the water jet. He said he still has to check and he still finds a ton of doody. Robin said she doesn't have that issue. She said it's a minor thing. Howard said she's a show off.

    Howard said he saw there was a recall for some baby wipes. Howard said he wanted to check them but he didn't want to go up and do it. He said he's too lazy to check. Howard said he just keeps using them. Howard said he rarely has a recalled item that he owns. Howard said even with the Tylenol recall he didn't have to worry.

    Robin said Howard has to be careful with those wipes. She said skin is an absorbent thing and it will take those chemicals in even if he's not sticking his finger up there.

    Howard took a call from a guy, Zach, who was calling from the shower. Zach said that the show has been fantastic lately. Howard thanked him for that. The caller also thanked him for playing his song yesterday. That was the ''Rear Entrance'' song that they played. Howard played it again since he mentioned it. Robin said everything about it is bad. Howard said that's what's great about it. Howard asked how long that took him to write. He accidentally hung up on Zach. Howard asked Gary to get him back real quick. Howard said he wanted to ask about how long it took.

    Howard said he's not sure if Zach knows he's funny because he's so bad at singing. Robin said he goes wrong from the first note. Howard replayed the song again. Howard said he really had to take a break. He told Gary to forget about getting him back. They went to break after that.


  • Robin's Housekeeper, Jeff the Vomit Guy And More. 10/29/14. 6:50am
    After the break we heard a prank call Sal and Richard made to a pest control service about a werewolf attacking their chickens. Fred also played The Beatles ''I am The Walrus'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he was watching the Foo Fighters special ''Sonic Highways'' and it's really good. He said he thought it was going to be boring but it turned out to be really interesting.

    Howard read about how Jose Canseco shot his finger off with a gun. He wondered what he was doing with a gun.

    Howard had Robin's housekeeper on the phone. Howard picked up and had a woman doing a voice playing the part of Robin's housekeeper talking about how she has to clean up Robin's ''sheets'' paper. Howard said it's amazing that she does this. The housekeeper said Robin goes about 8 or 9 times a day. Howard asked what she makes of that. The Housekeeper said she's not sure how she does it. She said she has a TiVo and a fax machine in her bathroom. Howard heard a voice in the back so he asked if that was Captain Dennis. She said it was.

    Robin said that this isn't anything that she didn't do for others. Robin said she was a nurse and had to clean up after people. The housekeeper asked the government to deport her to get her out of this. Howard thanked her for calling and let her go.

    Howard said Mike Tyson will be in soon. Howard said he played a David Bowie clip the other day. Howard said he played the Beetlejuice behind the scenes clip and one of their fans did a mash up of Bowie and Beetle. Howard played that and said ''Wow!'' when he heard it. Howard said Richard actually put that together.

    Howard said he was talking about FOX News and the hot chicks on there. He said Megyn Kelly looks hot. He said he has a scene they'd like to hear on FOX News. Howard played a clip of Megyn talking with a guy beating off to her as she's talking to him.

    Robin asked if Howard knows how she spells her name. She said she must be really taken with herself spelling it Megyn.

    Howard said Jeff Levy the vomit guy called them about the Ebola thing. Howard said that he's afraid to have anyone vomit on him now because of the Ebola. Howard played a clip of Jeff's voice mail. He said he really misses that hot puke. Robin said she might vomit hearing that.

  • Big Foot's Latest Sexual Encounter. 10/29/14. 7:05am
    Howard played a clip the guys put together with Eric the Actor audio clips. It was ''Night of the Living Eric.'' Howard said that brought back some memories. Howard said they're trying to keep his memory alive by putting him in as many bits as he can.

    Howard said they're going to create a 5 minute sitcom where they take clips of dead Wack Packers and put them in it. Howard said they really have to put Big Foot into those. He said he loves that guy. He said they did an interview with Big Foot for Howard 100 News. JD said something over his intercom and no one knew what he said.

    Howard asked JD if he likes the attention he gets with his girlfriend on the air. JD said no. Howard said he thinks he does. Howard said she must want the attention too. JD said they can think what they want to think. Howard said she answered those questions they gave her. JD said she did that for him because they asked him to do it.

    Howard said Big Foot revealed he had sex with a she-male the other night. Howard played the clip of Big Foot talking about how he had sex with a woman who has a dick between her legs. Big Foot said she has tits and no fucking ''agina''. Howard said that's a guy, not a chick with a dick. Howard said that if she has no ''agina'' then she's not a woman.

    Howard said the story became even more interesting. Howard played a clip of Big Foot talking to Jon Leiberman who asked if he was proud of it. Big Foot said he's not proud. He said he doesn't usually do that with a he-she. He didn't use a condom and he fucked her in the ass. Howard said god knows where this is all going on. Howard said he wonders where he lives. Robin said you wonder who these people get to sleep with. Howard said just imagine what the he-she guy looked like. Howard said the plot gets even thicker. He played a clip of Big Foot talking about how he met the guy at a Dunkin' Donuts. Big Foot asked him to go back to his place. Big Foot paid him with a movie and a poster from Jersey Shore Massacre. Big Foot

    Howard said that was a fascinating story. Robin said she still has questions. Howard said they could do 2 hours on that.

  • Howard Takes A Few Calls. 10/29/14. 7:10am
    Howard took a call from Tommy from Malden who said he has theme songs of his own. Howard asked what he can do for him. Tommy asked why he makes fun of Richard when he cries. Howard said he would like him to cry over something genuine and not over the Royals or Metallica. Howard said it's too much. He said it's like it's his natural state to be crying. Howard said it's just too much. Tommy said he loves Richard. Howard said he does too but he doesn't have anything to cry about.

    Tommy asked if Richard hooked his father up with World Series tickets. Howard said he doesn't know and he has to go. Howard played him out with a theme song about Tommy.

    Howard read a story about the baby wipe recall. Howard said they are contaminated with bacteria. Howard said they investigated after people complained about an odd smell. Howard said his smell bad but after he uses them.

    Howard took a call from Wheels who asked what would be worse, Beth being pregnant or Howard having cancer. Howard said of course the cancer is worse. Howard said no one should have cancer. Howard said that Robin got lucky and beat it. Howard said he's not sure that he could beat it. Robin said it's difficult to beat it even if you do.

    Howard said the cancer thing must have fucked with her head. Robin said she never thought she was going to be dead. She said other people did. She said people were feeling a lot worse for her than she was for herself. Robin said it wasn't going to be a big deal for her even if she didn't make it. Howard said he was being a big pussy with Beth because of Robin.

    Wheels asked when Beth last had multiple orgasms. Howard said he thinks that it was recently. Wheels asked if he was there. Howard said now he's just trying to be funny. Wheels asked if he's ever had his face 3 inches from his wife's clit. Howard said he has but he doesn't look that closely at it. Howard said he does what he has to do. Wheels said that's what he's worried about. He asked ''what about her?'' Howard said he really has to go. He wanted out of that conversation. They played a theme song for Wheels and went to break.


  • A Minute With Hanzi, Audio Clips And More. 10/29/14. 7:20am
    After the break Howard came right back and played a phony phone call Sal and Richard made to a restaurant asking if they could deliver food to someone who has Ebola.

    Howard said they must really need the business at that place. Howard said they're willing to deliver to the Ebola house. Howard said the were willing to lower the guy into the basement with the food. Howard said that's pretty wild. Robin agreed.

    Howard read an email from someone who asked if they got rid of the Halloween decorations in his building after he complained. Howard said he thinks that Zacharly and Elvira are his landlords.

    Howard said yesterday was Ronnie's birthday. He turned 65. He said he went out and played Bingo and when he blew out the candles on his cake his teeth fell out. Howard said Ronnie was on the Wrap Up Show talking about the age difference between him and his girlfriend. Howard said he's not having a good time with his 65th birthday. Howard said he's a little bit deeper than they think he is.

    Howard said they were talking about Prince playing an 8 minute song on SNL this week. Howard said someone wrote in saying that even Phish thinks that's excessive.

    Howard said they were talking about Hanzi cumming in his shirt and comparing it to countries. Howard said he did one this week to see if he could cum in the shape of Hawaii. Howard picked up on Hanzi and Hanzi had no idea what he was talking about. Hanzi said last time he said it looked like Prince Edward Island. Howard said he has to see what shape that is so he knows what Hanzi's cum looks like.

    Howard said Hanzi got a lot of hate mail yesterday. Howard said people are upset with him for being such a bore on the show. Howard read an email from someone who said that he's a boil on the ass of life.

    Howard asked Hanzi what he has today. Hanzi asked if he really thinks that Greg Gutfield is funny. Howard said he is. Howard said he likes him. Hanzi said he's a racist asshole. Gary came in with a picture of Prince Edward Island and said that it's huge. Howard said Hanzi must have some load. Howard said it's really big. Howard said that's something. Robin was impressed. Hanzi said she should let him fuck her.

    Hanzi asked if he's going to have C.M. Punk on his show. Howard told him to stop asking about that. Howard said he has had enough of him. Howard said he doesn't even know who that CM Punk guy is. Hanzi said he does too. Howard said he really doesn't. Howard hung up on Hanzi.

    Howard said he has a new song parody about JD from Daniel Mendelson. Howard played the song which was a bunch of mumbles. Howard said he loves it. Robin did too. Howard said it's better when JD is in there.

    Howard said he was talking about how to make baseball more exciting. He said that he mentioned putting tigers on the field. He had a clip the guys put together to show how that would sound. Howard said he would watch that.

    Howard said he has a headline about Melissa Rivers hiring a law firm to find out how her mother died. Howard said he'd like to know what happened. Robin said it sounds like there was a lot of confusion there. Howard said he doesn't like law suits and he tries not to do that but sometimes you have to. Howard said that when someone dies you really have to file a lawsuit.

  • Conan O'Brien Audio And NY Jets Discussions. 10/29/14. 7:35am
    Howard said Conan O'Brien did an interview with this guy Blake Griffin about Donald Sterling. Howard said he thinks it's great. Robin said she's just glad they're talking about Conan for a change. Howard said this guy Blake is talking about Donald Sterling having a ''white party'' at his house. Griffin talked about how Sterling would show up in all black to his white party. Blake said he was about 20 years old at the first party he went to. He said Sterling was walking him around holding his hand like a child. Howard said he's had that happen to him before too. Howard said you don't know where to go when you walk. Robin said you're not sure what to do with your hand. Blake said that he would go around talking to people and Sterling would grab his hand and take him to the next group of people. He said they had the same conversations with different groups of people.

    Howard said that's such a great story. He said not everyone wants to hold the owner's hand. Howard said it's crazy stuff. Howard said he loves that clip. He said he loves those kind of guests who tell you everything. He said they don't give a shit.

    Howard asked what's going on with the NY Jets. He asked how a New York team can be so bad. Howard said he thinks they want a great team but they're not doing it by spending money. Gary came in to talk about that since he's a Jets fan. Howard said it's weird to him to hear grown men screaming about this stuff. He said there are fans who get really upset. Howard said Mike Francesa was talking about it and screaming like a baby. Howard said he doesn't get that. He said that it's not worth getting so upset about. Howard played a clip of Francesa talking about the Jets. Howard said he's like the Rush Limbaugh of sports radio.

    Gary said there are guys who end up throwing shit in bars when they are watching a gam. Howard said they need help. Robin said this is how sports becomes so lucrative. Howard said we sound so stupid when you're talking about sports like this. Howard said you can enjoy it but not start yelling about it. Howard said you can love it without getting so upset. Howard said you have to mellow the fuck out.

    Gary said he has seen men cry when their team loses. Howard said he knows. He said Will went to a game and beat up a woman at a game. Howard asked Will if that woman was pregnant. Will came in and said that they used to do horrible things to people at games. He said he doesn't think that woman was pregnant. He said that she was wearing a Vikings jersey and he just jumped on her back. He said she started screaming and he just ran off. He said this was a very long time ago.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said people will spend so much time writing something negative over something positive. Howard hung up on her in the middle of a sentence.

    Howard took a call from King of All Blacks who said he felt bad for Ronnie yesterday. He said that he hates to be blunt but she's wasting her life with him. Howard said that's what Ronnie is feeling. Howard said it was a very heavy discussion on the show. Howard said he told Ronnie he was proud of him for showing some empathy for her.

    King asked if something happened to Ronnie like he died. He said she's not going to get another old guy. Howard said he's not sure if she would or not. Howard said it sounds like Ronnie was trying to reconcile the whole thing and make it so he can leave her something without any conflict if something does happen to him. Robin said they could do with his body like they have with Casey Kasem's body. Howard asked if they have any word from Casey. Gary said he's working on getting him on.

    Howard said Ronnie must be out helping get Mike Tyson in there. Howard said he'd ask him to come in if he was around. Robin said she went into Scott's studio yesterday and Ronnie was giving her a hard time. She said she just told him to sit there and keep aging. Howard said he thinks it's funny that Ronnie is Mike Tyson's security right now.

    Howard took a call from Casey Kasem's corpse who said he's at the Playboy mansion and he's getting a blow job from a 22 year old. His cock broke off in her mouth as he was talking to Howard. Howard said the playmates thought he was Hugh Hefner. Casey confirmed that and said he'd talk to him soon. They went to break after that.


  • Mike Tyson Visits. 10/29/14. 7:55am
    After the break they played a bit about Bobo using clips from the Eric Andre prank call. They also played a Jack and Rod Show bit with a haunted house expert being interviewed with Wood Yi playing a guy in prison. Fred also played Black Crows ''Hard to Handle'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said that Mike Tyson is there to promote his new cartoon ''Mike Tyson Mysteries.'' Howard said it's very funny. Mike said Howard should do the show. Howard said he might have to. Howard said he has Norm MacDonald on the show with him. Mike said he hasn't met the guy yet. Howard said he knows Norm well and he's a very funny guy. Howard asked if they all get together to act it out. Mike said they do periodically. He said if they're in Los Angeles they do it together but not Norm. He said that Norm never comes in. Mike said he's not sure what he even looks like. Howard said he used to be on Saturday Night Live. Howard said what they're not telling Mike is that Norm is actually a pigeon.

    Howard asked who masterminded this cartoon thing. Mike said it must have been some execs at Warner Brothers. He said this guy came to his house in Las Vegas and told him about this cartoon. Mike said he didn't want to do a carton. He said the writers said they didn't want to do that either. He said they did a few episodes and he was half assed at it. He said when he saw the footage he was blown away. Mike said he got into it after that.

    Howard said he loves that he's dressed up as a cowboy. He said they can knock that stuff out pretty quick and they come back with it. Mike said he has 20 more episodes left to do.

    Howard asked if he's a cartoon guy. Mike said he is. He said he grew up on Popeye and Tom & Jerry and stuff like that.

    Howard said a lot of people do a Mike Tyson impression and it's always a high voice. Howard asked if he's upset by that. Mike said most don't do it very well. He said Jamie Foxx does it well. He said girls do it better because of his high voice.

    Howard asked if it's true that Jamie Foxx is going to play him in a movie. Mike said he has had meetings with Jamie already. He said he came over with his honchos and they discussed it. Mike said Jamie did him in front of him in 86 or 87. He said he was an up and coming comedian at the time. Mike said this was at a stand up thing where he just started doing him. He said he was in the audience at the time.

    Howard said he read that he wants Kevin Spacey to play Cus D'Amato. mike said he never said that. Howard read that Helen Miren would play his adoptive mother. Howard asked if that's true. Mike said he has no idea. He said all he knows is that they want to do it. He said Martin Scorsese was mentioned but that's about it. He said that's as far as it's gotten.

    Howard said Mike has made millions for people and he still needs money. Howard said that Mike made all of this money and he doesn't have much now. Mike said that he isn't bitter now. He said he's just going on with his life. He said he's there with Howard now. He said at one point he wanted to kill Howard. Howard asked why. Mike said he was talking some shit about him. Howard said he would have loved to have talked to him at the height of his career. Mike said this is the height of his career.

    Howard said Mike converted to Muslim and he wonders what he thinks about these people using the name of Islam. Howard said there are people who are getting self radicalized there in this country. Howard asked Mike if he's livid about this. Mike said he's just appalled at what they're doing by cutting people's heads off. He said he doesn't know anything about it. Mike said it's just bad stuff.

    Howard asked Mike if he goes to a mosque and things like that. Mike said he does. He said that it's putting a black mark on the Muslims but not everyone is like that. He said that you can't help but love and respect the people you meet who are Muslim. He said there are people who are Christians who are in the KKK. He said religion isn't bad, it's the people who make it bad. Howard asked if he has a Muslim name. Mike said it's Malyk. He said that he loves his given name though.

    Howard asked Mike if he's mentally ill. Mike said he's there talking to Howard so he must be. Howard asked if he really does suffer from it. Mike said he thinks he does. He said that he gets into his depressed modes too. Robin asked if he's on medication. Mike said he's not. Howard said that stuff makes him blow up.

    Howard said Mike knew Robin Williams. Mike said he has been at meetings with him. He said that people with their condition end up meeting. Mike said he met Robin and he knew all of these people he knew who were drug dealers. He said they all know the same people.

    Howard asked Mike if it scared him that Robin killed himself. Mike said it did. He said you never know what could happen. He said that when you're depressed of course you think of depression. Mike said that Robin killed the wrong person. He said it's supposed to be about killing that depression. Mike said drugs are like food to depressed people. He said he's clean now but it's a constant fight. Mike said that dog is going to come back and knock on the door.

    Howard asked Mike if coke and heroin is like food to him then he needs to eat. Howard said it seems really insurmountable that he was able to kick it. Mike said that you have to be in the fight with everything you have. Howard said Robin must have lost his fight. Mike said it's a bad situation and he doesn't like to look at it that way. Howard asked if it's weird to be in a meeting and get up to talk. Mike said you feel very safe there. Howard asked if he worries about a tape recording coming out. Mike said that you can't have secrets. He said you have to be honest.

    Howard asked if it's tough seeing Robin Williams there. Mike said there are people in those meetings that are even more successful. He said it doesn't matter how rich or famous you are. He said addiction just wants you to be miserable.

    Howard asked if Mike hates it when people call him ''champ.'' Mike said that it's very cliche. He said that you want to get away from that and do something different.

    Howard said he never hears anyone talking about boxing anymore. Robin said other than Floyd Mayweather that's true. Mike said someone needs to get into some trouble and then it'll bring attention to it. Howard said it was great when Mike was fighting and he seems to have been the last big draw. Mike said that he hopes it comes back. He said that Floyd is still the best paid athlete in the world.

    Howard said he can't even throw a punch properly. He asked if Mike wonders how that's possible. Mike said they all look at fighting and they think of it as something spiritual. Howard said you can't just do it though. He said someone had to teach Mike. Mike said that's true.

    Howard asked if Mike got hypnotized before fights. Mike said he did. He said the guy is like 100 years old now and he used to put him under. He said he's been doing that since he was 14 years old. He said Cus D'Amato could do it too. He said he was an amateur hypnotist. Howard asked what they would tell him to do when he was under. Mike said it's all about how visualizing things. He said he was made into a killing machine. Howard asked if that was a secret weapon. Mike said it wasn't a secret. He said everyone knew about it. Mike said some people can't be hypnotized so they couldn't do the same thing. Howard asked if there were fights where he wasn't hypnotized. Mike said there were a bunch.

    Howard asked Mike about how he took a picture with a guy who turned out to be a wanted man. Mike said this guy took a picture with him and a few weeks later the FBI came to him. He said he wondered what he did wrong. He said he went there and they told him that this man he took a picture with was a murderer. Howard said it's weird that he had a legitimate job. Mike said he was a reporter and he took a picture with him. Howard said it's a good thing that the guy liked him.

    Howard asked where that guy is now. Mike said he's doing some serious time. He said he's a very interesting guy. He said he was very funny and interesting and you'd never expect it.

    Mike was talking about how he's still a kid inside. He said that he still plays video games and stuff and he hates to be interrupted. He said that he'll tell his wife to tell someone to call him back later while he's playing.

    Mike is a boxing promoter now and Howard said Mike didn't need that when he was a big draw. Mike said some people need that. He said that you have to push them to do some things. He said they just want to go in and fight.

    Howard asked if he understands Don King now. Mike said that Don wasn't doing it in the right way. He said he wanted to be rich and famous.

    Howard asked Mike about helping a guy in a motorcycle accident. Mike said you never think that's going to end up in the newspaper. Mike said this guy went down on his motorcycle. Mike said he went down once and it wasn't the same way. He said this guy went down quick. Mike stopped riding after his crash. Mike said he still has pain in his shoulder from his accident. He said he had jeans and boots on. He said when it threw him he was sliding and his pants were shredded when he was done sliding. Howard said that's frightening. Howard said that he is scared when he sees guys riding. Mike said it makes you feel like superman with the rush from riding.

    Mike said the guy who crashed that he saw really hit hard. He said he made the guy stay on his back and told him not to move. The guy was in a lot of pain. Mike said he did stop for a second and asked ''Is that Mike Tyson? Am I dead?'' He asked to take a selfie with him. Howard asked if he's afraid of getting into a law suit when he tries to help someone. Mike said all he knew was the guy needed help. He said he's a motorcyclist himself so he knew he needed help. He said a car drove him off the road and people don't see bikers. Mike said he knew this guy was in pain so he had to help.

    Howard asked if he gave George Clooney advice. Mike said someone asked him what he had for advice and they put that in an article. Mike said that he didn't say it to George in person.

    Mike said he and his wife have had a lot of arguments about their flaws. He said that they have learned to ignore their flaws.

    Howard asked Mike about being in Europe and how they didn't let him into London because of his criminal record. Mike said they let him know in advance so he didn't even go. He said he was supposed to do promotions and stuff over in London.

    Howard asked if he's still smoking. He said that bothers him. Mike said he smoked when he was boxing but not all the time. Howard asked if he is afraid of cancer. Mike said this is something he can't beat. Howard asked how many a day he's smoking. Mike told him to stop asking him those questions. Mike asked how many times he whacked off today. Howard said he won't say today but this week he might. Howard asked if Mike whacks off. Mike said that can be fun because you don't have to deal with anyone else. He said you don't have to kiss and do chores and stuff. Howard said that's right.

    Howard asked Mike if he has ever been on YouPorn. Mike hadn't heard of it. Mike asked if you have to put in your name and stuff. Howard said it's all free. Howard said it's all right there. Howard said you don't need more than 15 minutes so that's how long the clips are. Howard said they have it all there for free. Mike sounded like he was thrilled by that news. Howard said Mike needs a friend to tell him about that. Howard said he doesn't have a lot of male friends but they all talk about porn. Mike said he had to go to sex addicts anonymous. He said he was an addict at one time but not now. Mike said that his wife won't let him get away with anything. He said her phone is connected to her's so he can't get any pictures or anything. He said a real marriage is a good form of growth. Howard said it is. Howard said he's found that the person in his life is more important to him than the random affair or sex act.

    Howard said Mike's book ''Undisputed Truth'' is out in paperback now. Mike said he's not sure what the difference is and why they put new stuff in it. Howard said that many people don't get the hard cover because it's more expensive.

    Howard said Mike Tyson's Mysteries is great too. He said it's on Monday nights on Adult Swim. Howard said that they have some cool shows on that network. Howard said this cartoon is great and he watched the whole thing. Howard said Norm is very funny as the pigeon character. Mike said he likes that too. Howard gave Mike a plug for the fight he's promoting. Howard said you can get tickets for the fight at

    Mike told Howard he saw Ratso and he got a new hip. He said he's very limber now though. Howard said that Ratso helped him out with his book and Mike with his book.

    Howard asked Mike how old he is. Mike said he's old... he's 48. Howard said that's not that old. Howard had to wrap up with Mike after that. Mike said he wanted to stay. Howard said it's great seeing him and he congratulated him on the new cartoon and all of that. Mike said he loves being there. He said people always tell him how great it is when he's on. Howard said he's glad he's not pissed at him and doesn't want to kill him anymore. Mike said he's glad too. They went to break a short time later. As they were going to break they played a Jack and Rod Show bit where a guy was doing an exorcism on Crazy Alice audio clips.

  • Yoko Ono Audio Clips. 10/29/14. 8:50am
    After the break Howard came back as Fred was playing a Baba Booey song parody. Howard said he was listening to a Bush song. He said he's not sure which one it was. Howard figured it was Swallowed after Fred threw that one out to him. Howard played some of that performance they did on the show years ago. Howard said they have the first episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries on their web site. Howard said it's 11 minutes long.

    Howard said that Casey Kasem's corpse is back on the phone. Casey said he's in Atlantic City and he looks better than half the losers walking around there. Howard thanked him for the call and let him go.

    Howard said he admires Yoko Ono for caring about the environment. He said that she got up at this concert though in Glastonberry. Howard said she just sings those songs like she thinks she's the Beatles. Howard said he doesn't hate her but it's mystifying why John Lennon loved her so much. Howard said he thought she was an innovator in music. Howard said she was doing her thing about fracking at this event and that's cool but then she sings. Howard said it's the medium that's the problem.

    Howard played the clip of Yoko talking about the fracking thing and she's up there with a whole band. Howard said he thinks that she might be mentally ill or something. Howard said it sounds like an insane asylum. Howard said sometimes they lock people up for being too free. Robin said they were talking about who is to say what's good music the other day. Howard said the crowd there are standing there shell shocked when they hear this. Yoko just starts yelling. Howard said that transition is pretty harsh. Howard said she's talking and then she starts to screech. Howard replayed the part where she goes from speaking to screeching. Howard said this sounds like Benjy being fingered by Perez Hilton.

    Howard said there are dudes there who are shocked by this. Howard played more of the audio of Yoko doing her yelling thing. Howard said he thinks she's like 81 years old. Howard said this next clip is Yoko singing a song. Howard said that it sounds just like her screaming though. Howard said it's a mystery how John Lennon got into this. Robin said he must have heard something. She said that he was a genius and they hear and see things we can't Howard said he definitely saw something he can't see.

    Howard played a clip of Yoko singing another song. Howard said it reminds him of Lou Reed. Howard let that one play for a few seconds and made up some of his own lyrics. Howard said he has another song where Yoko sings about this daughter she had that she never sees. Howard played that awful song next. Howard sang that one along with her for a short time.

    Howard said he thinks that if John Lennon had lived he'd be on wife number 4 and everyone would have forgotten about Yoko by now. Howard said this song is a love song to her daughter Kyoko and he wonders what a hate song would sound like. Robin said it all sounds the same. Howard played more clips and continued to goof on Yoko. Robin was getting in on it and singing just like her.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that was a great interview with Tyson. Howard said they had a good time. The caller said they got some great information from him. He asked if Howard is getting in all of these interviews because this is his swan song before he retires. Howard said yes. The caller asked if he thinks JD's girlfriend will break up with him when Howard retires. Howard gave him a short ''no.'' Howard let the guy go after that.

    Howard had some audio of Maria Menounos laughing that he played as a song he made with her. It was sort of like the Yoko stuff.

    Howard said he mentioned the other day that David Lee Roth should join Phish. Howard said he has a clip of what that would sound like. He played the clip of a Phish song with Roth singing the lead.

  • Robin's News. 10/29/14. 9:05am
    Howard said it's time for news. They played Robin in with a Halloween song parody about Robin. Howard said that was ''off the roof'' as Bobo would say. Howard said it's almost Halloween. Howard asked who did that one. Fred said he thinks that was Richard Christy. Howard said he thinks that's who it was.

    Robin stated her news with a story about the board game Operation and the guy who invented it needs an operation and he doesn't have the money for it. Robin said he needs $25,000 and he doesn't have it. Robin said the game has generated about $40 million in sales since it came out 50 years ago. Robin said he sold the rights for $500. Howard said he thinks Sal must have advised him on that deal. Robin said there's a crowd funding thing going on with that right now. Howard said the guy who invented the game Sorry wasn't really that sorry. He said maybe they should let the guy get his operation but they have to use those tongs from the game on him. Robin said it's also interesting that the guy sold the rights to the guy who came up with rubber vomit. Robin said that guy also offered him a job after college but that never materialized.

    Howard said he knew a guy who figured out how to find trends and go through stuff trying to figure out what kids wanted. Howard said it was really tough to figure that stuff out. Howard said rubber vomit is great but you'd never think it would be a hit.

    Robin asked Howard how many women he's slept with in his life. Howard went through the list. Howard said he had maybe 15 before his first marriage. Howard said most women would leave him after sleeping with him once or twice. Howard said he was pretty good at getting women into bed but then they'd leave. Some of them left crying. Howard said they were just disgusted. Howard said he may have had more. Howard said his wife was 16 and then Beth was 17. Howard said he had others between the marriages. Howard said maybe another 15. Howard said he was such an asshole. He said he was stupid and he apologizes for that. Robin said there's a new study that finds men who had sex with more than 20 women will have less of a chance of developing prostate cancer. Howard said that's good news. Robin said they say that it lowers the chance of cancer by 1/3. Howard said he doesn't understand. Robin said in monogamy you have less sex. Robin said the number of partners increases the amount of sex. Robin said they say that men who have sex with more than 20 men actually increase the chances of prostate cancer. Howard asked how it knows. Robin said the penis just knew. Robin said that this might be a good way to tell your wife that you need a hall pass. Howard said this really makes him think. He said now he's going to worry about prostate cancer.

    Robin read about the Allman Brothers and their farewell tour. Howard said he saw them years ago and no one knew who the fuck they were. Howard said they were so great. Howard also got in a plug for the Rob Zombie concert that will be on Howard 101 on Friday night. He did a live commercial read and then went to break.

    After the break, around 9:25am, they came back and Howard read an email from someone who asked what Yoko would sound like on the Sybian. Howard played a clip of the Sybian and Yoko moaning on it. Howard asked how sad it would be if Yoko was silent in bed. Robin said that would be so sad.

    Howard took a call from Casey Kasem's corpse who said that he's in the pyramids in Egypt right now. He said he hopes they take him out of the sun soon.

    Robin read a story about a haunted house in Denver that's supposed to be the scariest in the country. Howard said we have too much free time in this country. Howard said these are adults going to these places. Robin had audio of a woman talking about just how scary this place is. Howard said he bets Richard has been there. Robin said no way.

    Howard had Richard come in to talk about the haunted house thing. Richard said he has been there. It's called The 13th Floor. Howard said Richard's wife goes along with all of this nonsense. Howard asked if he does anything that she likes. Richard said she's running the NYC Marathon this weekend. Howard said he doesn't run with her though. Gary said Richard waits for her to finish and then jumps up and congratulates her. Richard said he goes to the beach with her too. He said he hates the beach but he goes for her.

    Robin went through some other haunted houses asking Richard if he knew of them. Richard knew them and had been to a couple. He said that at The Beast in Kansas City is scares the shit out of you. Howard said he would be scared just walking in a maze. Richard said you have to feel around in the dark in many of the rooms. He said they have things breathing on your neck and things like that. Richard said he and his wife got lost in one room for like an hour and eventually someone had to tell them how to get out.

    Howard said if he really wants to be scared he should do like Jim Carrey did and go out into the dessert all alone. Richard said he loved hearing him talking about that. He said he'd love to do that. Richard said there's a place in New York called Black Out and they put a hood on you and put fingers in your mouth and simulate defecating on you. Howard thanked Richard for that and let him go.

    Robin got back to her news and read about Halloween make up and what experts say you should be careful of this Halloween.

    Howard took a call from High Pitch Eric who said that he's down to 344 pounds. Howard said he's a liar. Eric said that his t-shirt just went on sale too. Howard told him to get out of there when he started to plug the shirt thing. They played him out with a theme song. Howard said he's doing a commercial and they have enough of that. Howard said Eric tells him what he weighs and then he comes in there weighing 20 pounds more.

    Robin read a story about kids who don't like to be scared and how Halloween can be a problem. Robin had some audio of someone talking about what parents can do to help their kids out with that.

    Robin read a story about Charles Barkley making some controversial comments about how unintelligent blacks are keeping the black community down. Robin had some of the audio of Barkley talking about that.

    Howard got the audio of Richard at this 13th Floor haunted house. In the clip there's screaming and people scaring Richard as he's walking through. Robin said that sounds like a nightmare.

    Robin read a story about how they have been naming portions of roads after famous people. Robin said she was on Peter Jennings Way the other day and didn't even know it. Robin said George Carlin has a section of road named after him. Howard said some church people were upset by that. Robin said that's what she was going to say. She said that they were upset that kids might look him up and read some four letter words. Robin said he ranted and raved about religion too. Robin read about how there's going to be a James Brown Way too. That will be up in Harlem.

    Robin read about a guy who exposed the secret service going to prostitutes being accused of going to prostitutes himself.

    Robin read a story about people who see stock information before other investors. Robin read about how the SEC gives out information early and that might give investors an edge on the market.

    Robin read a story about how retail robots are coming to a hardware store in California. Robin said that this could lead to job loss. Howard said kids should get into robot repair now. He said that's what people will have to be doing for work.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he hopes that JD marries this girl he's dating. He asked Howard if he would go to the wedding. Howard said no. He said he's not available that day. Howard said he's probably sure he's not. JD said he doesn't want him there anyway. Howard said watching him get married would be funny. He said Gary's wedding was funny because he's shorter than his wife. Gary said he was asked if he wanted to stand on a box during the photos. Howard asked if he did that. Gary said no way. Howard said that's pretty funny.

    Robin read a story about Johnny Cash's son who was arrested in New Foundland, Canada after he missed his flight and stripped down to his underwear. Robin said they found he was intoxicated. Robin said he wasn't charged with anything.

    Howard asked if JD has met his girlfriend's parents yet. JD said he hasn't. Howard said she must have to prepare them for meeting him. Howard said she'll have to tell them that his name on the internet is ''DaBadAss''. Howard said they're going to ask if he's the guy who cums in his t-shirts. JD didn't seem to like them talking about that. Howard made up more stuff that the girlfriend would have to tell her parents.

    Howard said he heard JD talking about walking a lot lately. He wondered where he's walking. JD said he walks to and from work. He wasn't sure how far it was but he said it takes a good 30-45 minutes.

    Robin read a story about a man who beheaded his mother and then threw himself in front of a moving train. Robin said it happened last night on Long Island. Robin said the man's body was found about a mile away from where he was hit.

    Robin read a story about how you can find allergy free foods at homes with teal pumpkins. Robin said that's how they're letting people know what kind of candy they have. Howard said he wouldn't let his kids eat anything without checking it. Robin said maybe don't take the kid out trick or treating.

    Robin read a story about how Google is working on some medical technologies. Robin told Howard about something they're working on now. Howard said that sounds cool. Howard came up with a Kosher pumpkin thing that they could do to let people know they have Kosher foods at homes.

    Robin read a story about the Pope really shaking things up. Robin said that the theories of evolution and the big bang theory are correct and that doesn't mean there is no divine leader. Howard said that's good. He said some people reject science and this is good that he's saying that. Howard said if you deny it then it makes you think the whole world has gone batty. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about the nurse who was in quarantine and is still complaining. Robin said she was on her side at first but now she's getting annoying. Howard said that we are in a beginning phase of this and you have to quarantine someone who comes back from this crisis. Robin said she was upset about the conditions. Robin said the problem is that this woman seems like a trouble maker. Robin said she has run off with her boyfriend and gone underground. Robin said you're supposed to be somewhere that they can find you but this woman is not available. Howard said that's unfair to the rest of us. Howard said this person did sacrifice and he admires what she did to go to help in one of these countries. He said when you come back here you have to abide by the rules. Howard said asking someone to be quarantined isn't out of line. Howard said she should just do it. Robin said she's saying that she will only do it for 2 weeks and she has to be with her boyfriend.

    Howard said on the phone he has a woman who is in quarantine right now. He played the clip he played yesterday where he had a woman moaning and a vibrating sound going along with that. Howard said he's mistaken, that's actually Yoko Ono's new song.

    Robin read about how YouTube is going to have a video service and they will be ad based. Robin said they are looking to generate more revenue. Howard said people should figure out how to steal everything without commercials since that's what YouTube did. Howard said he loves YouTube though. He said it's the greatest thing ever but they do have stuff that's stolen on there. Howard said their defense is that they don't know where it came from.

    Robin read a story about a guy who is the half uncle of the half niece he's married to. Robin said they say that is legal. Howard said he knows a cousin who married his first cousin. Howard said that was like 100 years ago. Robin said that she knows someone who married a first cousin and they love the holidays because there's just one family they have to deal with.

    Robin read about a video that's out about what it's like to be a woman walking down the street. Robin had some audio from that video. Howard said that guys just say shit to her as she's walking down the street. There were dudes just saying all kinds of things to her. Howard said his wife got pushed into a wall once because the guy was just angry at her for being attractive. Robin said every woman gets that. Robin asked what makes them think they can talk to just anyone in such an uninviting fashion. Gary said one guy was walking next to this woman and she just keeps walking. Gary said one guy gets all angry when she doesn't answer him. Howard said that's why this guy pushed his wife into the wall. Howard said he's seen guys with Robin too. He said he's seen guys ask Robin to marry them. Robin said you just want to keep going and don't want to get engaged with them. Robin said this is what happens to all women. Howard said he imagines a woman sitting at home listening and thinking there's something wrong with her because this has never happened to her.

    Howard asked Nicole Bass (Fred) if he gets that. Fred did his impression of Nicole and said sometimes she does. He said once they get a look at her clit they run away. Then she hears this sound... and Fred played a car peeling out.

    Robin read a story about this Dr. Strange character in the comics. Robin said that she wasn't aware of Dr. Strange. Howard said he's a big deal. Robin said they're going to make a movie about him and Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play the part. Robin read about some of the movies that Marvel studios will be bringing out over the next few years.

    Robin mentioned Hillary Clinton so that led to Howard playing a political ad that they made where they were coming out against Hillary's granddaughter for the election in 2056.

    Robin read a story about a gay woman who is using her gay son in a political ad. Robin had the ad she was talking about so Howard played that. Howard also played a Clay Aiken commercial they made by editing clips of Clay's voice.

    Robin read a story about a warning in Lake Tahoe. Robin said they are saying not to take selfies with bears. Robin said that's the warning from rangers who said that's what people are doing there. Robin said they're high risk photos. Robin had some audio of an official talking about that.

    Robin read a story about how Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin breaking up. Robin said they kept their relationship under wraps for the few months they were rumored to be dating.

    Robin read about how Taco Bell has an app out for smart phones so you can order through the phone. Robin said you can order and pay for the meal and then pick it up at the drive thru or at the restaurant. Robin said you can walk right through and pick up without going through the line. Robin wrapped up and ended her news. Howard ended the show around 10:20am.

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-- The Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Crying Sports Fans. 10/29/14. 10:20am
    Jon Hein started today's show going over what they were going to cover today. Jon said he wanted to start off talking about the sports fans who get worked up over games because he's one of them. Jon said he knows how immature it is. He said that's just who he is. Jon said he thinks a lot of people are like that. Jon also mentioned the Yoko clips and said that it's sort of amazing that she was so close to a musical genius like John Lennon. Jon said he doesn't get her music but there are critics who think it's good.

    Jon said that Richard talked about going to the haunted houses and he's in all his glory with the Royals in the World Series. He said that his passion for that and the haunted houses is incredible.

    Jon said Richard feels about baseball like some people think about football. Jon said Howard thinks they're just wasting their time. Gary came in and said that he has had games bother him for way longer than they should have. He mentioned which games they were and how they just crushed him. He said he was pissed for a week. Jon asked if he has ever cried. Gary said he hasn't. He said he can shed a tear of joy but not crying over a team. Jon said he has cried tears the other way around. He said once was over a hockey game with the Penguins and the Islanders. Jon said the second time he cried was when he was older. He said it was when the Pirates were beaten by the Braves. He said he was just crying.

    Jon said Richard will cry at the drop of a hat. He said he can't tell what he's really into. Gary said they have a Richard's Dad This or That game coming up soon and Richard's dad likes everything and he can't pick one or the other. He said you realize that's what Richard likes too.

    Jon played a clip of Howard talking about the sports fans who shouldn't be yelling about the games. Jon said he's saying you can love it but don't be over the top with your emotions. Gary said Howard wants everyone to think the way he does. He said he understands that but it's not happening. Jon said that just about everyone there is a sports fan who is passionate about their sport. Gary said he thinks it's the way they were raised. He said Howard didn't really get into it because he didn't go to a lot of games. Gary said that he and his family would go to games all the time. He said he watched baseball with his dad every weekend during the summer. Jon said he'd get betting lines from his dad. He said that's how into sports he was. Gary said that he and his dad stayed in touch over sports until the day he died.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he loves it when Bobo calls. Jon said he did get some support from other callers. Jon said you want some reaction from the fans so he's sure Bobo would be happy with that. The caller said he loves it when Howard hangs up on Bobo the best. The caller said he hates those microphones that Gary and JD are on every day. Gary said that he thinks his is fine but they are going to switch JD's out. The caller said they sound like shit. He said Robin is in another room and she sounds like she's right there. Gary said he was irritated at JD's so they're going to make some changes.

  • Wrap Up Show - Robin's Wipes. 10/29/14. 10:30am
    Jon said the bigger issue they had today was with the wipes. Jon asked if this is going to be a problem. Gary said he doesn't know. He said some people freak out when they hear things like that. Gary said he's not sure Howard's were affected. He said some people won't give a shit.

    Jon played a clip of Robin talking about what she uses to wipe. Robin mentioned throwing them away in a waste can. Jon said that's a huge revelation. Gary asked if she wets them or uses them dry. Jon said they may be moist before hand. He said maybe she dampens them. Gary said that his initial thought was the old days when they used cloth diapers and sent them out to be cleaned. Gary said he'd suggest that Robin get a diaper genie or something to get rid of the smell.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that they understand the passion of a sport but Howard doesn't get that. He said he never participated. Gary said Robin is a big sports fan. He said that she has a passion for her teams. Gary said Jason doesn't play sports but he's a very passionate sports fan. The caller said he gets that. He said he thinks that there is something missing with Howard and it's that passion. The caller said he thinks that Howard has the same feeling after nailing an interview that the sports fans have about their teams.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked what the difference is between Howard crying over the band Cream breaking up and them crying over sports. Gary said that Cream is important. Jon said that people have passions for different things. Gary said that Ralph will goof on him about his cartoon cells and he'll ask him why he thinks that his action figures are any more important. He said everyone is different.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that sports are a big thing for a lot of people. Jon said he wasn't saying don't watch them. He said it was just about not going over the top for them. The caller said that Bobo and Mariann go over the top for Howard's show. He said there are people who take it to that extreme. Gary said he and Jon are into sports but they're not going to go in and debate it with Howard. Jon said there's no way to win that debate. They went to break after that.

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  • Wrap Up Show - Richard Christy. 10/29/14. 10:45am
    After the break Jon said that they were joined by Richard Christy who is on the edge of his seat over the Royals. Gary asked how he's watching. Richard said there's a bar in the neighborhood that's full of Royals fans. He said that they have killer beers there and he's just freaking out. Jon asked if he's wearing the same clothes that he wore last night. Richard said he will be but he's washing his underwear. He said he hasn't washed his shirt because of laziness. He said he has a Royals shirt and hat he wears. Gary asked how he got up this morning after watching that game last night. Richard said he's tired but he had to watch. Richard said if they win tonight he's staying up all night. He said he'll end up crying and drinking if they lose.

    Jon said they were talking about Richard going to the haunted houses earlier. Jon asked what he likes about them. Richard said they have special effects that are like movies now. He said it's crazy. He told them about a place he went a few weeks ago where they had this 30 foot monster reaching out to grab people.

    Jon asked Richard about his love of Halloween and if he's prepared for that. Richard will be ready to go after this World Series is over.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said there is nothing wrong with being emotional about games. He said that we're all different that way. He said that he loves Richard too. He said he's a great guy. Richard thanked him for that. He said that they said ''Strong men also cry'' in The Big Lebowski.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he loves Richard too. He said he was curious what his affiliation is with the Royals. He said they're in Missouri. Richard said they were only an hour and a half from where he grew up. He said they're right next to Missouri. Richard said that they were about the closest.

    Jon asked what the difference is between Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. Richard said they're really just on the other side of the river from each other.

    Jon asked how Sal puts up with all of that. Richard said he has to put up with Sal smoking those fake cigarettes. He said that Sal got the pumpkin spice scented stuff and he'd blow it over toward him. He said he doesn't know what's in that stuff. He said he doesn't know that there has been enough studies about the second hand vapor. He said he puts up with it though.

    Jon asked if Richard is going out trick or treating. Richard said they aren't but they have the trick or treaters coming to their apartment.

    Jon said Howard asked Richard about the things his wife does with him and what he does with his wife. Richard said he does go to the beach with his wife. He said he wouldn't go if she didn't go. He said he burns up in the sun. He said he's gotten burned in 5 minutes. Richard said he's had things removed and he goes to a dermatologist every 6 months for a check up. Gary said he knows a guy who has the same complexion as Richard and he's always covered up. Richard said he has to wear a big sun hat and a long sleeve shirt. He said his wife won't walk next to him. He said he carries an umbrella in the sun. Gary asked what a sun umbrella is. Richard said the sun umbrella reflects the sun and it's UV rated. He said it's usually him and a bunch of Asian women carrying them in the summer. They went to break after that. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Wrap Up Show - Mike Tyson. 10/29/14. 11:00am
    After the break Jon said that Mike Tyson was in today and he's almost become a regular on the show. He said he used to want to kill Howard. Gary said he's sure whenever mike was out someone would ask if he heard what Howard said about him. Gary said the cartoon is great. Jon said that it sounds like the biopic might be happening too. He said that Mike's life was crazy so that should be good. Gary said that Mike Tyson was must see TV when he'd fight. He said you'd wonder how fast it would be over. Gary said some of the guys were nobodies and some were big deals. Gary said that when he fought Michael Spinks you know what was going to happen.

    Richard said Mike Tyson's Punch Out was a big deal in his life when he was growing up. Jon asked how far he got in it. Richard said he beat it. He said he may have called Nintendo's help line to help him out.

    Jon said when Buster Douglas beat him he was shocked. He said he never thought Tyson would lose. Jon said Mike is a boxing promoter now and he does things differently than it was done in his day. Gary said that he has some sensitivity with how he feels with the boxers. He said that Mike got ripped off like 20 times. Gary said he remembers what he was spending monthly when he was at the height of his fame. He said it was a lot of money with all of the employees and cleaning the tiger cages and all of that.

    Richard said he thinks that it's more intimidating now with Mike's tattoo. Gary said he gets a hug from Mike every time but he's always afraid of saying the wrong thing even though those days seem to be behind him. Jon said he's right, you don't want to poke the bear.

    Jon played a clip of Mike and Howard talking about whacking off. Jon said Mike rolls with things really well on the show. He said that people think he's not that sharp but he really is very intelligent. Gary said at some point Howard will ask you what site you use for porn no matter who you are. Gary said no one ever says that they're above it.

    Richard said he liked that they were using the term ''whack off'' today. Gary said that's very 1980s. Lisa G mentioned the ''jack juice'' term that Mike used to. Richard knew what that was.

    Jon took a call from a guy who told them a name they were looking for earlier when they were talking about Punch Out.

    Another caller said that he's a huge boxing fan and boxing doesn't get the exposure that it used to. He asked why they think no one watches it anymore. Gary said he used to watch boxing all the time but then there weren't any exciting boxers. He said that UFC seems to be drawing people now. He said that's what people are into instead of boxing.

    Jon had Lisa G give her Howard 100 News headline preview. Lisa ran down a bunch and got in a plug for today's Leiberman Live. Jon had the guys get in some plugs and then ended the show. They were done around 11:10am.


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