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  • Wrap Up Show - Nick Zano Sits In. 03/27/15. 11:25am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show talking about how he's got a special co-host named Nick Zano who is on ''One Big Happy''. Jon said he's a fan of the show. Nick said he is and he's one of the big Stern fans on the West Coast. He said it's like the Dungeons and Dragons of cool people. Jon asked what kind of things they do. Nick filled Jon in on the kind of stuff he knows about the show.

    Jon played a ''What You Need to Know'' about today's replays. Jon said Nick was cracking up hearing Ronnie in that clip. Nick said he's scared by Ronnie. He said he can't believe he's security. Nick said he was thinking about his sex tips this week. He said he's not sure how he'd react if someone his age talked like that to him. He said Ronnie does seem sincere about that stuff though. Nick asked if Jon has ever been fingered by Ronnie. Jon said he has not but Ronnie is about meeting girls and about meeting guys. Nick said that he's thinking about an Embedded with Ronnie. Gary said that's a great idea. Jon said the worry is that you get Ronald instead of Ronnie.

    Jon also said they have a poll up today. He has Rahsaan announce what that was. They're asking ''What Was Your Favorite Wack Pack Moment This Week?'' There were a few choices including:

    • Hanzi's Meltdown.
    • Sour Shoes' Call to the show.
    • High Pitch Eric declaring his love for Donnie Wahlberg.
    Nick asked if Hanzi was just having a bad day this week. He said that's what he felt it was like. Gary asked who his favorite Wack Packer is. Nick said it's Eric the Actor. He said he became an Actor. He said he went from Eric the Midget to Eric the Actor and he was probably in SAG. He said he hated them for helping him too. Jon said he did. He asked which of his appearances did he like the most. Nick said he liked In Plain Sight. Jon asked which of the moments from this week did he like the most. Nick said the Sour Shoes thing was his favorite. He said that he liked hearing Bobo standing up for Mariann. He said he thinks that wins. He said Bobo saying he's going to fuck you up is funny.

    Nick said he loves conflict on the show. He said especially between the staff. Jon said Hanzi wants the same opportunities that Eric had. Gary said he used to get things for Eric but Eric would get himself there. He said that it's much different than flying Hanzi to San Francisco or wherever Wrestlemania is. Gar said that Hanzi fight was like they all went to a bar and a fight broke out and they all didn't know why. Gary said it came out of nowhere. Nick said he'd like to see Hanzi in Customs. Gary said they would too but they're afraid of what might happen.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he can't handle Hanzi. He said someone told him that he tried calling into another show. He said Howard does so much for these people and they're ungrateful. He said he's not sure why they put them on so much. Jon said if Hanzi was grateful then it would lessen the appeal. Jon said that's what Eric was like. Nick said there's nothing better than a guy who falls asleep on the phone calling into a radio show while he's living in his basement telling you what's wrong with your life. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - George Takei. 03/27/15. 11:35am
    After the break Jon said when he hear's Rude Jude's voice he sees an accountant. He said it's hard to put that voice with that face. Gary said when he talks it's a whole different person. He said Rob Bass was like that too. Gary said they had a guy booked on the show just because he talked like that. Nick said he liked that clip of Jude talking to Chet Haze. He said it was a white on white crime.

    Jon said he wants to talk about when George Takei visits the studio. He said he is beloved by everyone in their universe. Nick said he liked how sick he was and how Howard wanted him to turn away. Then George stopped coughing when he had the black penises in front of him. Jon said he did have some pep in his step while that was going on. Gary said when George coughs or sneezes it's a very dramatic cough. Nick said that's ''theater cough.'' Gary said that's it.

    Jon asked Gary if he thinks Howard will go to see George's play. Gary said he thinks Howard will feel guilty at some point and he will go see it. Jon said he'd like to hear Howard's thought process while that show is going on. Nick said they should load up the whole front row full of black penises.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks it's terrific when Howard talks about what a great guy Gary is. He said High Pitch Eric might be on his way to being the best Wack Packer ever. He said he is fascinating but also bizarre. Gary said he is one of their longest running Wack Packers. He said they come and go sometimes. He said that he'd take Crackhead Bob any day but he doesn't want to do the show. He said Fred the Elephant Boy has been the longest running Wack Packer but Eric is up there. Jon said this latest Donnie Wahlberg crush thing is very odd. Gary said they were talking about some of Eric's greatest hits. He said Eric called another radio station and left a bomb threat. He said you can't not know who it is leaving the message. He said that reminds him of Fred the Elephant Boy leaving a sex phone line message and then denying it.

    Nick said Eric will do anything they suggest. He said Eric the Actor would resist. He said that's why he stands by Eric the Actor being the best Wack Packer.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked how close they think George is to cheating on Brad. Jon said he doesn't cheat but he comes close to the line. He said that's why Howard pulls him back sometimes. He said he is mesmerized by a penis and he doesn't think that he's ever cheated. Gary said it seems to rejuvenate George. He said he must think he's 20 again when there's a penis in front of him.

    Jon said the play would be great if he acted out some of that stuff in his play. Nick said he would love to audition with no intention of doing it at all. He said he would love to see the play in real life.

    Jon asked Gary if he's going to do anything about his throat clearing. Gary said he doesn't think there will be anything different if he goes back to the doctor. Jon asked if it's curable. Gary said he doesn't know what it is and he's not sure what he'll do. Gary said he's sick of talking about it actually. Nick said he thinks it's funny. He said he thinks it's even funnier that Gary gets nervous when Howard enters the hallway and he concentrates on not clearing his throat. Gary said there was a period of time when Howard would bring it up every day. He said he'd get to a certain point on his way in to start thinking about getting to work and he'd start clearing his throat in the car.

    Jon said he remembers talking to Gary in the car and hearing him clearing his throat. Jon asked if Howard really did try not to bring it up for a year. Gary said he may have tried but he did bring it up. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Rude Jude And More. 03/27/15. 11:50am
    After the break Jon gave Nick some plugs for the shows he's been on and for ''One Big Happy'' which is on Tuesday's at 9:30. He said that Elisha Cuthbert and Kelly Brook are on the show with him. He told the guys listening to Google them to see their pictures.

    Gary asked if they had writers on ''Happy Endings'' that were Howard Stern fans because there was a Baba Booey reference. Nick said that was a very Howard Stern friendly set. He said he saw Adam Pally listening to Howard in his car because he had kids at home. He said the industry loves Howard and the guys. He said Howard recently told the Viet Nam stories and he is laughing by himself when he hears that stuff. He said Howard was talking about killing dolphins and he sounded so happy. He said there seems to be a Fred renaissance going on too.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that Sour Shoes threw in some Baba Booey references in during that Mike Francesca call. Gary said he threw a bunch in there. The caller also said he thinks that Eric the Actor is the best Wack Packer. Jon said he thinks that Beetlejuice is the one. Nick said that they had 2 days of shows after Eric died and they had some of the best two days of radio with those.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said what bothered her about Rude Jude was that no one in Michigan really talks like that. Gary said Eminem does. The caller said she doesn't think it's as extreme as Jude. She said even Howard grew up in a black neighborhood and he doesn't talk like that. She thinks that Jude has created a character and he's perpetuating it. She said it's a little bit annoying but he was funny and a good interview. Howard said he grew up in Pontiac so maybe that's where he got it from. Gary said she made a good point. He said he'd like to hear the other people in his class to see if they sound like that. Nick said it would be great if they did.

    Jon said that Jude has done some crazy stuff. Nick said he was surprised that he picked the threesome with two dudes.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked if they ever think of a Fred drop in their head and then Fred plays it. Gary said it happens all the time. Nick said he likes the Arnold drop where he talks to Robin. He said he thinks that Arnold should do the show once a month. Gary said they're working on it. Jon said you should listen to Robin's news and just listen for the Fred drops. He said that you'll be amazed. Nick said that he has a friend who wakes up her husband with the Richard Simmons ''Gary, where are you'' every morning. Gary said he had it as a ringtone for like a minute but he had to take it off. He said it was too annoying.

    Nick said he was in a flower store one day and Richard Simmons was there. He said Richard Simmons actually paid for his mother's flowers. Gary said if he heard he was buying flowers for his mom he's sure he would pick them up for him.

    Jon went to Rahsaan who had the results of today's poll. Here's what they had:

    • 27 Percent - Hanzi's Meltdown.
    • 36 Percent - Sour Shoes' Call to the show.
    • 38 Percent - High Pitch Eric declaring his love for Donnie Wahlberg.

    Jon wrapped up and gave Nick some plugs. Gary said they have to get Nick on one of the Celebrity Superfan shows. He said he really knows his stuff. Jon got in a plug for today's Sternthology and ended the show around 12:00pm.

    Mr. Skin

-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Sarah Colonna Sits In. 03/26/15. 11:15am
    Jon Hein started today's live show with Gary Dell'Abate and Sarah Colonna. Jon said he knows Sarah is out in Los Angeles. Jon asked how she started getting into the show. She said she started listening to the show and she felt like she had a friend. She asked if that sounds sad. Gary said not at all. He said there were a lot of New Yorkers out there when they got on out there and they felt the same way. Sarah said she had something to look forward to every day when she didn't have friends. She said she has friends now but it helped her back then.

    Jon said the interesting thing is that they used to start the show at 3 in the morning West Coast time so some people would get up then to listen.

    Jon played a ''What You Need to Know'' about today's replays. Jon said today's poll is about what nationality you think Gary Dell'Abate looks like. Jon said there has been some difficulty with that for a long time. Gary said he moved to 105th and Amsterdam when he was younger and a guy would start talking to him in Spanish immediately. He didn't speak Spanish. Gary said he used to date a girl and some guys would yell at him to leave their street and called him a ''dirty Spic.'' Gary said there was another time that he got in an accident and the guy said that all of you ''greasy mother fuckers'' are all the same. He said he never did figure out which group he was talking about.

    Jon asked Sarah if she's confused by Gary's nationality too. She said she is. Jon said Gary was at the Today show once had one of the reporters asked if he was one of the Chilean miners who was stuck in the mine. Gary said they were dressed similarly but he is full Italian. Jon said it should be interesting to see how the poll turns out.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said she wanted to hear the Danny Trejo interview again. She said that is one of the best she's ever heard. Jon said they'll throw that over to the Sternthology folks. The caller said that she never realized just how kinky George Takei is. Jon said they've known it for quite a while now. Gary said George is the best. He said Howard was asking him about the glory hole and he said he couldn't talk about it. Then 20 minutes later he had two cocks in his hand. Sarah said that she loved that he drew the line at glory holes.

    Gary said he told George that the penis contest was coming up and he told him not to touch anyone unless they say it's okay. He said George asked ''Where is this coming from?'' Jon said that George did want to touch them all. Jon went to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - George Takei's Coughing. 03/26/15. 11:30am
    After the break Jon gave Sarah a plug for her book ''Has Anyone Seen My Pants?''.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he wants to comment on Howard talking about Van Halen getting back together. He said he thinks that's the same thing as Howard bringing Jackie Martling back. Gary said he doesn't think so. Gary said if they did the greatest hits of Howard Stern Jackie would be in there but not dominate it. Gary said he thinks Howard has had a lot of great periods with and without Jackie. He said David Lee Roth is known as the best of Van Halen. Gary said there aren't a lot of people who are willing to see Van Halen without David Lee Roth.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked if George Takei was supposed to be in the rest of the week or just the one day. Gary said it was just one day. He said he's glad that he wasn't scheduled to be there the three days. He said Howard had the look of horror when he saw George coughing. He said he knows he was bumming out about that. Jon said that's the last thing Howard wants happening in there. He said Howard just can't get sick. Gary said Robin is a medical expert until Howard disagrees with her. He said maybe Howard should switch with Robin some day and go behind the glass.

    Sarah asked Gary how stressful it is for him. Gary said there's a great story from back at NBC. He said Al Rosenberg's wife had a cold and Howard had it 2 weeks laster and Howard blamed her for the cold for 5 years after that. Sarah said she felt so bad for George with Howard being so miserable with that cough.

    Gary said that Ben Stiller was on yesterday and he was so bummed that he missed George. He said Ben wants to come back and just hang next time George is in. He said people love George in ways that they don't love anyone else.

    Gary said George is so unfiltered and gullible. Gary said he wanted to get the real Arnold Schwarzenegger to cal in and have George saying that they can't fool him. Sarah said he seems to have this good relationship with Brad. Gary said he does wonder if George had a conversation with Brad about the contest. Sarah said she'd like to know what the ground rules are. Jon said many times during the contest Howard was reminding George about how great Brad is. He said George only had his eyes on one or three things in there.

    Gary asked if boob squeezing is the same thing as a gay may touching a penis. Sarah said that a dick is a little more and maybe a step further.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he loves Sour Shoes and he's the highlight when he calls in. He asked if they'll ever bring him back in for some live shows. Gary said maybe for his own show. The caller was hoping to have him in the studio. Gary said it would be very difficult to have him in the studio live with someone there to interview. Jon said Sour is always on and he goes non-stop. He said it can be distracting after a while. Sarah said she always assumed that his calls were the real guy. Gary said he thinks he would hang with them if they asked him to. He said he is all over the place though.

    Jon said Al just asked how long you can stick with Sour. He said maybe it only lasts 15 minutes. Gary said that there are people who want to hear all four hours with some of these guys. Gary said he had Sour Shoes beating Hanzi in his brackets. He said he had Big Foot beating him though.

    Jon asked Sarah what she thought of the Brackets thing. Sarah said she is fascinated by Big Foot. She said that there is just something about him that's so Wack Pack. She said she loved that Little Lupe phony phone call they did years ago. She said it's fascinating to her. She said he is just a winner to her. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Imagine Dragons, High Pitch Eric And More. 03/26/15. 11:40am
    After the break Jon said that Sarah will be at Gotham comedy club all weekend. He gave her another plug for her book too. Sarah talked about how she's doing her stand up for the next few months. She said it's pretty fun. Jon wished her the best of luck with that.

    Jon said they were talked in by Imagine Dragons. Jon said they got to know them pretty well on the show this week. Gary said he thinks it was a big interview for them too. Gary said he's not sure where else they could have done an interview like that. Jon said they are big fans of Howard too. Sarah said she's always liked their music. She said she used to think about getting fingered to the music but not now that she's heard the interview.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked them to explain to him the big deal about ethnicity. He said he remembers seeing Gary and thinking he was from the Mediterranean area. Gary said he is. The caller said he grew up in Indianapolis and he can't tell you where the Synagogues were. He said he only knew black or white growing up. He asked what it is about that. Sarah said it was the same for her in Arkansas. She said she never knew anything about anyone being Jewish. She said all they saw was black and white. She said there was no awareness of any of that. She said she wonders why we care now. Gary said Jon went to Michigan and he met some people who were meeting a Jewish person for the first time. Jon said he was in a card game and one person asked him where his horns were because they had never seen a Jew before. Jon said he thinks they get some of that from Richard and his family. Jon said it seems like the ethnicities have been taken to an extreme. Gary said it's not that there's an obsession there in New York but you are expected to know about them because they are a part of your life.

    Sarah said that she told her dad that she was dating a Jewish guy and he asked if he paid to go out because they're known to be cheap.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he feels bad for Gary because he's been in the same situation. He said he's Italian American as well. He said he thinks it might be the moustache that throws people off. He said he's had that with his. The caller also said when he hears High Pitch Eric on the show he is sickened. He said he has seen cases like him before and it's funny to hear but he just doesn't want any help. Jon said Howard has told Eric that he's going to die soon and Eric gives a look that makes it seem like it's in one ear and out the other. Gary said Eric has worked in his life but he doesn't have a crazy work ethic. He said he doesn't want to do anything hard. Gary said if he wants to lose weight he'd do it but it's too hard for him to do that. Sarah said that he was talking about the Fettuccine and asking for another Coke to drink with it.

    The caller said that people must get on Jon about his eating too. Jon said it's all the time. The caller said at least Jon understands it. He said he doesn't think Eric does. He said some people will listen and some won't. Jon said it might make him even dumber than Eric because he knows better and won't listen. He said Eric has had these issues with his health and he keeps ignoring it. Gary said they're also getting into a weird area because these guys are getting older. He said if Howard signs another 5 year deal they're going to lose more Wack Packers.

    Jon wondered if he would listen to Donnie Wahlberg. Gary said they will know very soon if they get that lined up. Jon said he thinks Donnie could get Eric to do just about anything. Gary said he thinks that he'd take of his pants and underwear if Donnie asked him to. Gary said that there's nothing gay about taking your pants off.

    Jon had Rahsaan in with the poll results. Here's how they came out:

    • Romulan - 10 Percent
    • Kazakhstani - 15 Percent
    • Egyptian - 18 Percent
    • Mexican- 26 Percent
    • Pakistani - 30 Percent

    Gary was surprised that the votes didn't go more for Mexican. They spent a minute on that and then Jon got in a plug for today's Sternthology. He wrapped up the show and ended it around 11:55am.

    Mr. Skin

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