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-- Friday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - AC/DC. 11/21/14. 10:15am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show talking to Sal who was pretending to be Gary Dell'Abate. Jon ran down the list of segments that they replayed this morning and said he wanted to start off talking about AC/DC. He said a while back Sal and Richard wanted to do something crazy when they came in. Sal said it was called Cock Guitar. He said they thought it would be funny if they came in and played guitar with their cocks. He said they thought they would be honored by that. Jon asked if they were going to dress up like AC/DC in school kids. Sal said they were going to be close to being naked.

    Sal said they were going to play it by ear and see how it was going. Sal said he and Richard asked if it was the right time to do it. He said Gary said it might be the right time. He said they were going to smack their cocks against the guitar. Sal said they were ready to go and Richard had the amp and he had the guitar. He said they opened the door and Howard looked at them and waved them off. He said they were happy and ready to go in there and Howard just told them to get out.

    Jon asked what they were going to play. Sal said they were going to play ''Back in Black'' and ''You Shook Me All Night Long'' He said they practiced. He said he could do it right now if he wanted to see it. Jon said unfortunately they didn't get to do that but they gave a great interview anyway. He said they give a great interview. He said they have the best attitude. Jon said they've made some classic tunes too. He said he thinks their energy is unrivaled.

    Sal said he remembers listening to their song ''Back in Black'' back at the pizzeria. He said he was totally blown away by that song right away.

    Jon asked who picked the songs in the jukebox there. Sal said the guy who came in loaded it up. He said his sister would pick some songs too. Sal said he picked a few. He said his dad didn't care. He said he didn't even pay attention.

    Jon asked if he had to pay for the songs. Sal said he would steal the quarters out of the cash register sometimes. He said they'd put in like $30 in quarters so it would play all day long. Jon asked Sal if he knew that song was about a car. Sal said it could be a woman too. He said it's easily perceived that way.

    Jon asked Sal what concert he went to for the first time. Sal said it was a Hot 97 concert and it was a whole mix of people. He said he was 17 at the time. Sal said Paul Shaffer's band was in it and Donna Summer came out and she was great. Jon asked who he was hoping to see there. Sal said he had called in and won the tickets. Sal said he thinks that helped him develop his prank call skills that he has today. He said he would dial and hold and see what happened. Sal said he'd do that over and over again. Sal said that was the only one he actually won though. He said he got through and won the tickets.

    Sal said he saw Run DMC with LL Cool J and got front row to that. Jon asked if he had to wait on line for that. Sal said he got them at a record store. Sal said they got the tickets right away and it was front row at Madison Square Garden.

    Jon asked if he was the president of the Beastie Revolution at the time. Sal said he may have been. He said that the Beastie Boys concert was actually the first one he went to, not the Hot 97 concert. He said he forgot about that.

    Jon asked who Davey DMX was. Sal said he was an amazing DJ back then. He said that they have Skrillex now but that was the kind of DJ they had then. Sal said he was amazing.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks AC/DC is the best show he's ever seen. He said he's seen other bands and AC/DC is always the best. Sal asked if he's going to see Ace Frehley. The caller said he is not. Jon asked why he's asking about that. Sal said he just went to see him last night. The caller said he saw them with Def Leppard years ago and their lead singers both stopped singing about halfway through the concert. He said they lost it. Jon said Brian Johnson still has the pipes and he's able to go the whole night. He said Angus is a great guitar player too and he goes all night. Sal said he would say that Rush is the best he's seen. He said that because Jon is a fan. Jon said the best concert he saw was Pink Floyd. He said the stage show is amazing and he loves going to see them live. Sal said Billy Joel is great live too. Jon agreed.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked about how Howard becomes a sports guy when he has someone like Al Michaels in there. Jon said that Howard has to roll with it when he has a sports guy in there. Jon said they do keep Howard up to date on some of the local sports teams. He said that Al has one of those voices that's legendary. He said as soon as you hear him say one word you're transfixed. Sal said he has a way of telling a story that's great. Jon said he loves talking about his farcical call thing too. They had to go to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Benjy's Interview With Beth. 11/21/14. 10:35am
    After the break Sal did more of his Gary impression as they were coming back. Benjy was sitting in so Jon asked him how he's feeling about the job he did with the Beth interview. Benjy said he still hasn't heard it. He said he can only go on how he felt being there. Jon asked if he's getting negative or positive feedback. Benjy said it's been a tremendous amount of positive. He said he does get negative feedback too though. He said this time it's great that he's getting so much positive.

    Jon said Howard told him he delivered. Benjy said he did give him a B+. Jon said that once Benjy got a hold of something he didn't let go of it. He said that's the one thing that he thought was his downfall. Benjy said he does have a tendency to do that. He said in that situation he has no idea when it's going to be over or how much time he had. He said he could have more finesse if he knew he had more time. Jon said he'd think he'd want to hit more stuff if he thought he was limited on time. Benjy said he thought he had something there so that's why he kept going. He said he'll listen to it eventually and maybe learn from it.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that he has been a listener of the show since WYSP. He said Benjy is one of those guys that he can love or hate. He said he gives him an A for effort but what irritated him was Ralph calling in and giving his two cents. He said Ralph has the experience and Benjy seems to be emulating Howard. He said if they were in the studio together he doesn't think that he'd do that great of a job. Jon said he thinks that Ralph would be more comfortable with Beth because he's at Howard's all the time. He said Ralph critiques everyone too.

    Jon asked Benjy if he was trying to be like Howard. Benjy said not consciously. He said he may have tailored some things for his show. He said he must have some influence on him though.

    Sal said Jon will never be Howard. Jon said he tries not to do that. He said that you need to put your own stamp on things. Sal said he thinks Benjy did. He said he was in a tough situation. He said he was interviewing Howard Stern's wife. that's his boss's wife. He said he thinks he handled it perfectly. He said he thinks he put Beth at ease. He said he thinks that Robin interjecting was unfair. He said it threw a monkey wrench into the mix. He said they should have stayed quiet and let him do his thing.

    Jon played a clip of Robin interrupting and Benjy yelling at her to shut up. Jon said that Benjy was joking but he was also saying he wanted to keep going without hearing from anyone. Benjy said he did. He said he's talking to Jon now and it's like a truck coming in and honking its horn. He said it would make it harder to hear him. Jon said he wouldn't say that it's like a truck honking but he gets what he's saying.

    Benjy said he wants to interview people. He said he thinks he's good at it and he can get better. He said he thinks there are people who would like it. Jon said he must agree that there are people who do interviews better than others. Benjy said he's going to like things that other people don't like. Benjy said that some people don't like Leno but he was tremendously successful.

    Sal asked Benjy who he thinks is the most overrated interviewer. Benjy didn't have a straight answer for that. Jon said the answer is Sal Governale.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said that Benjy should work on his voice. She said that she had to turn the channel because he tends to get really aggressive and in your face. She said she thinks that Howard has talked about how he worked on his voice and that's something he should consider. Benjy said that's something he can improve upon. Benjy said when he's calm people have said he has the best sounding voice on the show. Sal said he agrees. Sal said he likes it that when he's so calm he doest even speak.

    Jon asked the caller if she thinks that's true about Benjy's voice. She said that she won't say that about his calm voice but it does sound better.

    Benjy said he likes Jim from Raleigh's voice. He said that draws him in. He said it's the accent and his rhythm. He said he thinks he has a bit of that himself. Jon said they had to take a break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Benjy, Lisa G And Hanzi. 11/21/14. 10:50am
    After the break Jon took a call from a guy who said they were talking about road rage yesterday. The caller said he wanted to suggest to Jon that if they don't get out of his way he'll get around them and then get in front of them and wash his windshield for about 30 seconds. He said it's gratifying when they have a nice clean car and their car gets so wet they have to clear their windshield. Jon said he has actually done that before. He said it's a subtle revenge move. Benjy said it's like shooting the bird at someone. Jon said he's fine with that.

    Sal suggested taking a Frosty from Wendy's and throwing that on the guy's window. Jon asked Sal if he has ever done anything like that. Sal said he just closes his eyes when he's in the car with Jon or he might have a heart attack. Jon said Sal is a pussy. He said that he tailgates a lot and he's very aggressive. He said that he obeys the rules of the road and it makes him crazy when other people don't. Sal said that he's had to hold the steering wheel when Jon has had to text. Jon said he would never do that. He said that's illegal. Sal said he's right, he'd never do that.

    Jon said he wanted to move on to something else. He talked to Benjy more about his interview with Beth. He asked Lisa G if she enjoyed it. Lisa said she didn't think she learned anything new. She said she thinks that he got off point. Sal asked Lisa if she could learn more. Lisa said she wanted to be in there and help. Lisa said she hopes that he has more respect for them now. Benjy said he had respect before. He said it's not more now. Benjy said there are things that Al Ragone can do that he can't do. He said Lisa can do things he can't do too. He said he already had that respect.

    Sal asked Lisa if she thought it would be her. Lisa said she wanted to know so many things. She said she should have recorded herself talking to the radio. She said she wanted to know how she deals with Howard when he's in a bad mood and things like that.

    Jon said he wanted to talk about Hanzi losing his virginity. He said that's a big deal for anyone. He asked Benjy if he remembers his first. Benjy said he does. He said it wasn't the best. He said it was fun but it was painful and he bled a little bit. He said it was fun though. He said it's a big deal when you're that age and it finally happens. Jon said you do remember it forever. Jon congratulated Hanzi for losing it finally.

    Jon said they had to end the show so he had Lisa G run down her news headlines. She had a few that she ran down. Lisa also got in a plug for today's Leiberman Live. Jon got in a plug for Sternthology and the guys got in a couple of plugs as well. They ended the show around 11:00am.

-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Hanzi's First Time. 11/20/14. 10:15am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show with Gary and JD sitting in with him. He went over what they replayed this morning and said he wanted to start off with Hanzi's big announcement that he lost his virginity. Jon said he thinks Howard thought about what he had said and then realized it was a love connection of some kind. He said some of them thought it was a paid connection but Shuli confirmed it wasn't. Gary said it wasn't a love connection. It was someone willing to do a favor for someone in need. Jon said that might be a pity fuck but when it's your first time you don't care if it is.

    Gary asked JD if his was a pity fuck. JD said he doesn't think so. Jon asked JD how he found the girl. JD said he had talked over Myspace. Gary asked how old JD is. JD said he was 25 at the time. He said they talked for a bit and she knew Dennis from the Bunny Ranch and she came up with them even though she wasn't a Bunny Ranch girl. He said that's how it went down.

    Jon asked JD if he was leery of her. JD said he was a little bit but not as much as he is now. Jon said this was before the fame thing. Jon said that's what JD is saying, not him. Gary asked if he was on the air and known as the guy who hadn't had sex yet. JD said he thinks so. Jon asked if it lived up to his expectations. JD said he didn't remember what they were. He said that he had only ever done it by himself before. JD said it must have lived up to his expectations. He said they met up the night before and walked around. He said they went to dinner and then went back to his place.

    Gary asked how long it lasted. JD said it was a few minutes. Jon said that's pretty impressive. He said it's usually seconds. Gary said if he broke 10 seconds himself then he was a champ. Gary asked if he felt a rush like a rolling roller coaster. JD asked what song he's doing there. Gary said it's ''Oh What a Night.''

    Jon asked JD if he did a second time with that girl. JD said he thinks so. Jon asked if he stayed in touch with her. JD said he did kinda. Jon asked if they ever met up again. JD said maybe. He didn't remember.

    Jon said with Hanzi it's almost immortalized. He said you definitely get a renewed sense of confidence when you get it finally. Gary said he remembers his first time but also remembers the amount of time after that before it happened again. He said he was in first class and then moved back to coach.

    Gary said the girl he lost his virginity to was someone he knew in grade school. He said she was kind of fat but had a cute face. He said he met her later on and she was smoking hot and out of his league. Jon said that's a great way to start.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said this is his first time getting through so he's going to get out a lot. He told Gary how great he is and how great Jon is. He said JD is a funny mother fucker. The caller said they're a fucking riot but Benjy is the funniest fucker on the show since Artie left. He said he got a big revelation from her about her cheating on every guy she's ever been with.

    Gary said he thought that was interesting but it wasn't a giant revelation. Gary said Benjy threw a bunch of darts at the wall and hit on a few things. He said it was interesting though. Jon said they will talk about things that they've talked about in the past and people put it in the present tense. Jon said that they don't know what happened with her and the boyfriends. Jon said that Benjy wouldn't let go of that for the next 15 minutes. He said that's the problem. He said you have to let the person move on to something else. He said you can circle back to it later on like Howard does. He said he thought that's what sunk Benjy in the interview.

    Gary said he heard that Whitney Cummings had interviewed Beth on AOL and he found out that she hasn't driven a car in 25 years. Jon said a lot of people who live in the city don't drive. Gary said he can't imagine not driving for 25 years though.

    Jon asked JD how much he drives. JD said he doesn't drive much. He said he did recently and he was kind of nervous. He said he got right back into it though. Gary asked how far he went. JD said it was probably 10 minutes. Jon asked if it was stick. JD said he doesn't know how to drive one. Gary said he learned by buying a stick. Jon said he can drive a stick and he enjoys it.

    JD said he was driving because when you're with a girl the guy will usually drive. Jon said he doesn't have to. He said some people think that's a little sexist. JD said it's not sexist. JD said his girlfriend has driven because she's the one with the car. Jon said he likes to be the one driving.

    Gary asked if his wife offers to drive and he takes her up on it. Jon said he won't let her drive. Gary said he will let his wife drive and he actually feels safer. Jon said he doesn't.

    Gary said that he drove with Jon once and he's the worst tailgater in the world. Jon said his wife is going to hear that and go off on him about that. Jon said that the left lane is the passing lane and you should get out of the way if you're in the left lane and someone is behind you. He said that they were in a rush that day too. He said he will take his moods out by driving fast. He said that he'll do that to get his mood out and it's his passive aggressive way of doing it.

    Gary said he will flash his lights in the morning when he's going to work. Gary said if he gets flashed he gets angry. He said most people will just move over. Jon said if someone doesn't get out of the way he will tailgate them. He said he will pass on the right and eventually cut them off and hopefully they'll learn their lesson. Jon said he has driven JD many places and many times. He asked if he thinks he's a poor driver. JD said he's an aggressive driver and he loves it sometimes.

    Gary said for the longest time Jon would drive out of his way to pick JD up and drop him off like he was his kid. He said that it's like a father and son thing. Jon thanked him for pointing that out. Jon said JD lived in an area that he had to go out of his way for but he likes JD and likes talking to him. Jon said he was happy to do it. He said he gets to hold that over his head too. JD said he's offered him money and he refuses to take it. Jon said there are other people he drives that have never offered to pay. Gary asked if Sal ever has. Jon said he did once but he thinks that's about it. Jon said they have some great conversations in the car though. He said they had to take a break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Jon Stewart And Concert Stories. 11/20/14. 10:40am
    After the break Jon said Jon Stewart came in this week and it was great to see him. Gary said he had been trying to get him to come in. He said he asked him to come in about 2 years ago and he finally did. He said he's glad he finally did. He said he had cornered him at a Springsteen concert at the time.

    Jon asked Gary about how many times he's seen Springsteen. Gary said he's been maybe 65 or 70 times. He said Ross has been about 200. Jon said he has gone to see Rush a bunch of times but he won't go a bunch of nights in a row. Jon said that a lot of people shit on the band and everyone there bonds because they all love the band.

    Jon asked JD if there's any band like that for him. JD said he likes a lot of bands like Metallica and Nine Inch Nails. He said he's been to some Christian band concerts with family. He said his first concert was a Metallica concert. He said that was pretty intense. He went with his dad so Jon asked how that was. JD said it was good that he was around because there were some crazy people around. He said he was 14 at the time.

    Gary said he went to see Led Zeppelin for his first concert. He said that was in 1975 and he was in 8th grade. He said that the concert was great.

    Jon said he saw America for his first concert. Then he saw Crosby Stills and Nash. Gary said he saw Jethro Tull for his second concert. He said that was about 3/4 full and it wasn't as crazy as Led Zeppelin. He said they don't all have that kind of energy that Zeppelin had. Jon said that the band has to bring it. He said some bands just stand on stage and perform. Gary said that don Henley had a good lighting guy who made the show look amazing even though he just stood there.

    Jon took a call from a guy who told them when his first time was. He said it was at The Pines. He said that was a bad motel. Gary wasn't familiar with that one. He said he knows of places that sound similar to that. Jon said that there are a lot of those around. Jon asked JD if he knew of anyplace like that. JD said if there was he didn't know about it. Jon said a lot of people went to the Mt. Airy Lodge in the Poconos when he was growing up.

    Scott Salem came in so Jon asked if he ever went to see Jethro Tull. Scott said he went to see them 3 or 4 times and the venues were full when he went. Jon asked if he plays air guitar. Scott said he played air flute. Jon said they had to take a break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Scott The Engineer. 11/20/14. 10:50am
    After the break Jon asked Scott to tell a story that he remembered about him seeing the band Chicago at Jones Beach. Scott said they had a guy come out to sing a song and the microphone wasn't working for him. He said halfway through the song they gave him another microphone. He said that they told the fans to come back tomorrow to hear the song if they wanted to. Scott said he didn't want to come back the next day so he just yelled out ''Play it again! Now!'' He said that he had to say something. He said they didn't play it again though. He said he didn't go back and he never will. He said that people around him were laughing at what he said and they were with him on that.

    Gary said Scott is a Tull fan and a Chicago fan. He also bought a box set of Barry Manilow. Scott said he might have. He said in the 80s and 90s he was part of the voting group that voted on the Grammys. He said he would order as much as he could to just have it. He said he could get stuff for a dollar and it was worth it. Jon said that would make him a fan if he bought a box set. Gary said that his brother got Gary Lewis and the playboys Greatest Hits as his first album. He said that was thanks to his brother getting stuff from Columbia House.

    Jon asked Scott about dealing with Howard Cosell back in the days when he worked at WABC. Scott said he was on an ISDN line and they could hear him talking to his wife and grandson. He said he wasn't the friendliest person you'd meet but he was more human when he was with his family. Gary asked if he ever heard him yelling at his wife. Scott said he didn't but he did hear Cosell yelling. He said one of the funniest things he ever said was something about one of the girls they had working there. He said she had huge tits and Cosell said ''What a set of tits on that one.'' Scott said he was very not friendly when he would come in to record stuff live. He said he always had a cigar in his mouth too.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that he has to congratulate Gary for the shows this year. He said they've been great. He said that he knows it's a team effort though. He said that he bets next year will be even better. Gary said they have more great guests coming up this year. He said they're not done yet.

    Jon took another call from a guy who asked how many times Jon Stewart said ''Yeah, yeah, yeah...'' Gary said he didn't notice it until someone told him about it on Twitter. Jon said he thinks that Jon was excited about the conversation he was having. He said Jon is a fan of the show and he hadn't been there for a long time. He said he got excited about sharing. Jon played a clip of Howard and Jon talking about his possible retirement.

    Jon asked Gary if he can see Howard letting it go and saying he's just done with radio. Gary said he can't see the day coming but he can see Howard doing it eventually. He said he may pop by and do a show here and there. He said he thinks Howard is going to let the legend live and just go off into the background like Carson. He said he may lay low.

    Jon said Howard talks about how angry he is all the time. He said he wonders if it will go away once he stops doing radio. He said he doesn't want it to stop though. Jon asked Scott if he thinks that when he retires he'll let go of some of that anger. Jon said he thinks that people do have tension at their jobs. Scott said he sees some tension being received but then there are other things you have to figure out for the rest of your life. He said he hopes he can do that in his life. Jon said he gets that. He said his dad was a workaholic and he could never see the day when he would stop working. He said his dad stopped and he was done. He said when he sees Howard contemplating it he doesn't know. He said he thinks Howard loves doing the show. He wonders if he can shut that off and stop doing it. JD said he can see it both ways. He said he thinks he can see him saying he did his thing and he's done.

    Gary said he wonders about Howard being obsessed with is weight because he's in the public eye. He said if he goes off and retires he may get chubby. He said that's what Carson did. He said he didn't get fat but maybe Howard would do that too. He said if he's not in the public eye then maybe he won't care. Jon said he thinks that he'll keep doing it because he wants to live a long life. Gary said he thinks that he can treat himself to a couple of things.

    Jon asked Gary if he would do that. Gary said everyone does take pictures and shares them on the internet. He said that's why he tries to stay in shape. Jon asked JD if he thinks about it. JD said he does but only when he sees pictures that people put out there.

    Gary said when JD goes to an event then he knows people are going to photograph him. Jon asked Scott if he's that way at all. Scott said he's been wearing casual clothes all his life. He said he wants to look okay. He said he tries to maintain a decent appearance. Jon asked if he will let himself go at all. Scott said he doesn't think so. He said he won't let himself go totally. He said he will try to maintain a reasonable amount of health.

    Jon asked Shuli to save them with his Howard 100 News preview. Shuli ran down a few headlines they'll have on today's news. He mentioned one thing about Ronnie celebrating 29 years at the show. Jon said that's an odd number to celebrate. Shuli also got in a plug for Leiberman Live. Jon got in a plugs for today's Sternthology and wrapped up the show. They were done around 11:10am.

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