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-- Wednesday, February 24, 2021 --

  • The Greater The Ignorance... 02/24/21. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: An announcement about Tom Morello being on the show today.

    Howard started the show talking about how you can't help but dance at the start of the show. Robin said something fell out of her head last night. She said that she hasn't been going to the dentist and she was waiting and waiting and all of a sudden she bit down and felt something crunch. Howard asked what she did. Robin said a cap came off or something. She said it's not in the front. Howard said he can see it on the side. He said she has to go to the dentist. Robin said she's going today. She said she did have some blood while brushing her teeth.

    Howard said he spoke to Dr. Agus and told him he hasn't been to the dentist in a year. He said he usually goes every 3 months. He said Dr. Agus told him that people are getting vaccinated and the dentists have good protocol so there are no known cases of contracting Coronavirus at the dentist. He said it should be okay. He said Robin has to go. He said she reminds him of Tom Hanks in Castaway when he had to do his own dentistry. He said he used a rock though.

    Howard said that Dr. Agus is so good. He said he reads his book ''The Lucky Years'' when he's in the bathroom. He said he gets in and out of there quick so he doesn't get hemorrhoids. He said he feels okay reading a little bit in there. He said he likes to wait until he's about to crap his pants before going.

    Howard said he found this quote in Dr. Agus' book that he liked. He said ''The Greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.'' He said he liked that quote. He said people are so fucking dogmatic when they're ignorant. He said they're the people you just can't argue with. Fred played a clip of Sal saying that his dog visited him. Howard said that's right. He said another example of that is people who refuse to wear masks because of ''carbon monoxide.'' He said they think that's going to kill them. He said then you tell them that every scientist and doctor says you can cut down on the Coronavirus and other things by wearing a mask. Robin said she had a 12 hour surgery and the doctors had to wear masks for 12 hours. Howard said they somehow manage to do it. Robin said these people can't even wear it to an ice cream shop for a few minutes.

    Howard said smokers don't care what goes into their lungs but then they're worried about these masks. Robin said it's like Meth addicts who won't take the vaccine.

    Howard said he was watching a Minister Farrakhan video where he was telling people not to take the vaccine. He said he's fascinated by that guy. He said the other thing is when people tell you to show them something in the bible that agrees with something. He said that book was written by man to get people under control. He said you know the crowd. He said that they're the ones saying that God made Adam and Eve but not Adam and Steve. Robin said they don't know that he didn't make Steve too.

    Howard said there are 13,000 rules in the bible but they on;y know the one that says men don't sleep with men. He said that everyone has the rules they like. Howard said he liked that quote about ''The greater the ignorance...''

  • Howard's Evening. 02/24/21. 7:10am
    Howard said they're going to have Tom Morello on the show later. Robin said she's not sure how she never got to see them in concert. Howard said that's because their bed time is 7 at night. He said Gary asked if he ever saw them perform in a concert they did at K-Rock. Howard said he goes to bed so early. He said they ate early last night at 5. He said he did his work out early too.

    Howard said he had a very sexy workout. He said yesterday was Hannah Corbin day. He said he doesn't think she even knows how sexy she is. He said she wears that Peloton Apparel. He said he was looking at this work out that was at a 7.5 level. Robin asked if that's on a scale of 100.

    Howard asked Fred what he was doing with the music. Fred said he was trying to do something with some sexy music but he changed his mind. Howard said he can do whatever he wants because he doesn't want Fred to shove him in the trunk of his car.

    Howard said that his daughter was telling him about some guy who calls himself Quentin Quarantino on the internet and he does memes. He said he found that name kind of funny.

    Howard said he was watching this Hannah Corbin and she's so sexy. He said that there are guys on The Bachelor who are in the hot tub with really hot chicks and they don't get up with boners. He said that he would be so good on the show because he'd get up and have a boner. He said he's not sure how they do it. He said they must be doing something to keep it down. Robin said maybe they have a special effect to cover it up.

    Howard said Hannah was his instructor yesterday. He said she was in a grey Peloton bra top and tight leotard pants. He said they were like Yoga pants or whatever. He said she was so hot. He said she can tell when people are on with her and she was bending over to see who was doing the best and you see her ass in the mirror. He said her tweets are even hot. He said she posts about the classes she's going to run. He said he could watch that like a pornography class. He said she has an ass like a peach.

    Howard said he doesn't need to be turned on. He said he's biking. He said he's not sure if she knows she's hot. Robin said she has to know now because Howard is always telling her. Howard said when you go to work and you have to have security people around you then you must know.

    Howard said he was wondering what she looks like naked when she bent over and had her ass there. He said he was thinking that he'd explode if he put just a little bit of his penis inside her. He said she'd be so disappointed with him. He said he'd shoot his load barely past her lips. He said as he's biking she's humiliating him telling him how shitty he is in bed in his mind. He said this is while he's biking. He said he's breaking up with her and she's so disappointed in him sexually. He said that she's giving him a Ferrari to drive and he's fucking up.

    Howard said then in the second shot he gets his penis in all the way and explodes again. He said she'd think he's such a loser. He said he thinks about how fantastic this is. He said he'd have a bad break up and he's done with her after one date. He said he visualized the entire relationship during that class. He said he doesn't want to go through it. He said there's no way he could handle being in the sack with her. He said even in his fantasy life he's miserable.

    Howard said the other thing she does that shows she knows she's hot is talk about her husband all the time. He said she was also talking about the wonderful day she had with her husband having bagels and lox. He said then she did a work out with Jenn Sherman. He said she also talked about the other crazy food she was eating. He said that she doesn't count her peanuts. He said that she's not eating Chinese food and bagels and lox. He said she probably had one noodle. He said she probably had one teaspoon of brown rice. He said that he had to talk himself out of that whole relationship.

    Howard said the other thing they do is act like they're musical experts. He said they talk about their play lists and the music they play. He said he's telling them to shush and just work out.

    Robin said they should have her on as a guest. Howard said he might. He said he wants to watch her eat a bagel and lox. He said they can just watch her eat. Robin said she probably doesn't even bother to put it in. Howard said he had some workout. He said he loves that he went out with her, had sex with her and then broke up in a 30 second period of time. Robin said they say that your brain doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy so he actually had that relationship in his mind.

    Howard said he's reading about the things Hannah ate. He said that he'll eat whatever she's eating if it'll give him an ass like she has. Howard said he has a flat My Pillow back there right now.

    Howard read more about the food she eats and said she must have a lot of farting going on back there with that food. He said that veggie bowl is probably the size of a pea.

  • Calls, Gender Reveal Parties And More. 02/24/21. 7:25am
    Howard took a call from a guy who said he has to know about the breakup of Rage Against the Machine. Howard said he will ask Tom about it when he comes in. Howard said Zack left the band but he's not sure why. He said he's a great singer. He said that Tom has his own stuff out where he sings too. Howard said that he thinks the singer had a manager and the rest of the band had another manager. Howard said he has a lot of questions for Tom about all of that. He said they got back together right before the pandemic but it's been a lot of years in between.

    Howard played some ''Killing in the Name'' and some ''Bulls on Parade'' while they were talking about that. Howard said they can wait until he's in there to talk about all of that.

    Howard said they have to stop with these gender reveal parties. He said he someone died from one. Robin said there have been a few more deaths. Howard said hey have cause forest fires too. He said the problem in this country is that everyone wants constant excitement. Robin said they have to have things to video. Howard said they have to have events.

    Howard said this death is the second one this year so far. He said it's only February. He said it's such nonsense. He said some of the fires in California last year were caused by these parties.

    Howard said the travel industry loves this stuff because you have to travel. He said they have these people at their parties who put the video out to everyone. He said that you'd think it would be a private thing. He said sometimes shit goes wrong and you might have to get an abortion or maybe you'll have a miscarriage. Robin said maybe you don't even know what the actual gender is until years later. Howard said they blow up a forest for this kid and then years later you find out their gender isn't what you thought.

    Howard said it seems like the guys don't want to be part of this as much as the women. He said the guys are the ones going out and getting fireworks and stuff to make it more exciting. He said he was never into that kind of stuff. He said he has friends who get fireworks for the Fourth of July. He said they're adults but they want to play with fireworks. He said they feel like they're in the FBI or something going out to get them from some secret guy. He said they're not even good fireworks. He said these guys love to tell you these stories because it's as close as they've ever been to being in the Mafia by going to this guy to get the fireworks.

    Howard said this whole thing is bizarre to him. He said the guys really get into this stuff though. He said there was a family named the Grucci family that set off fireworks. He said these guys think that's who they are. Howard said he had 3 daughters and didn't throw parties. He said he was just happy. Robin asked why something has to explode. Howard said the explosion happened inside his pants.

    Howard said some guy died making something for a gender reveal party. Robin said he was putting together the explosives. She said he was the dad and this thing explodes while he's working on it and it kills him before he gets to reveal the sex of the baby. Howard asked what this thing was that he was working on. Robin said it was some device and it blew up with the blue powder that came out of it. Robin said now the guy is dead and he'll never get to see his child grow up. Howard said how about have a blue or pink coffin. Robin said they can put him back in that thing and shoot the guy off.

    Howard said it below up the garage, killed the guy and injured his brother. Howard said it's like an IED. He said the least interesting thing about you is that you're having children. He said anyone can have children. He said people in a coma have had children.

    Howard said now the kid is an orphan. He said at least the mom is still around. Robin said now she has to raise the kid on her own. Howard said not everything is a milestone. He said crackheads can have kids. He said he should take a break. He said he hasn't been taking enough. Robins said they haven't talked about Tiger Woods. Howard said he'll get to that. Robin said he seems like such a sad person. SHE said he's had back problems and now he was in this accident and he has a broken leg that was broken at the top and bottom. Robin said that watching the videos of him as a child shows that he was tortured. She said he was on TV at 2 years old and he kept his head turned because he didn't want to be there. Howard said he sees it as tragic too. He went into a live commercial read and then talked more about Tiger. He said he thinks the guy has like a billion dollars. He said he should have a driver. Robin said she wouldn't let him near a car. Howard said if he had that kind of money he'd never look at a car again.

    Howard did another live commercial read for NutriSystem and gave an update on Jason who is on it right now. Howard said Jason told him they gave him a tip. He said he likes this tip. He said when you have these cravings you can eat as much broccoli, cauliflower and mustard as you want to. He said Jason has lost like 19 pounds. Jason said that he's been on it about 5 weeks now and he did lose 19. He said he feels better physically too. He said he's very happy to be on it.

    Howard asked if he's used to the reduction in food. Jason said he is. Howard asked if he can see his penis yet. Jason said not yet but he's working on that. He said maybe by 2022. He said it's getting there so it's on the horizon. Howard said he's grilling his broccoli too. Jason said he loves that. He said he's doing a lot of that. Howard said Jason has a person he can reach out to and get advice from a consultant. Jason said it wasn't a huge weight loss and they told him that it's not a straight scale down. He said they make you feel good about how things are going. He said they talk you off the ledge.

    Howard said with losing weight it's weird. He said you think it's easy but then there comes a point when you're the same weight. Jason said this diet makes the most sense to him for how he thinks about food. He said he's not just throwing whatever tastes good on his plate. He said it's teaching him a lot about how to put a meal together. Howard went to break after finishing up the live commercial.


  • Kim & Kanye, Kennedy Lobotomy And More. 02/24/21. 7:50am
    After the break they played a Mariann from Brooklyn song parody, a phony phone call Richard Christy made to a woman about things she had for sale, a song parody about Ronnie the Limo Driver being insane and Tracy Bonham's ''Mother Mother.''

    Howard came back and asked if it's true that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are worth $2.1 billion combined. Robin said that can't be. Howard said he was asking the guys about it and they think Kanye has more than Kim. Robin said he just did a bit endorsement deal with one of the big clothing companies. Howard said they poled the staff and they think Kim has more money. He said he's not sure why they're polling the staff. Robin said she has her own clothing thing going on too. She said she has a couple of businesses.

    Howard read about what Kanye did that got him into trouble with Kim. There were a few things. Howard said he doesn't see anyone trying to take over his financial empire like they did with Britney Spears. Robin said they did that with Francis Farmer. Robin said they labotomized her. She said that Kennedy kid was institutionalized. Howard said she was a slow adult and she had sexual feelings so they took out a piece of her brain. He said she was probably just masturbating or something. He did his Kennedy impression and talked about how they can't have that going on in the Kennedy family. Howard said that girl died in 2005. Robin said that Wendy has sexual feelings too. Fred played Wendy saying ''Someone rape me for crying out loud!'' Howard did more of his Kennedy voice and had them talking about the family and how they can't have a slow adult having sexual feelings.

    Howard said when he read about that part of the family history he read that her father never visited her at the home she was in. He said Rose Marie was very outgoing but they fixed her with that brain operation. Gary said what happened is that they threw her into the institution and they stuck something into her brain and took out the brain while she was reciting the lord's prayer and things like that until she wasn't able to say them. Then they knew they had taken out enough.

    Howard said the way the girl got so slow is that they didn't have the doctor available so they tried to halt the birth and they kept the baby inside the birth canal for 2 hours so she had a loss of oxygen so she ended up being a slow adult. He said that's how they screwed up her life. Howard went into the Kennedy voice again and told mother to close her legs. He said when that baby came out it was like coming out of the Amazon jungle with so much hair down there.

    Howard had Kennedy doing the ''Er-ah'' thing and said every Kennedy says that. Howard kept going with the impression for a few minutes telling stories about the Kennedy family. He said they were very upset with Rose Marie acting out sexually. He said they went to the doctor and they said they had to cut out the part of her brain that makes pussy juice. He said that he thought it was crude but he figured it would work.

    Howard said father used Rose Marie's brain as a paper weight on his desk. He said thank god father never did that with his brain. He said he suggested just sewing her pussy shut instead of giving her a lobotomy. Ted said that father told him to shut up. Robin said it's odd that the father had a stroke and was barely able to speak. Howard had Ted saying they should have given him a lobotomy.

    Howard had Ted talking about the buckets of drool they had to deal with. 'Ted' said that times were different and if they found out a slow adult was touching herself then the family may not be able to run for office. He said that's why they had Rose Marie's brain removed. 'Ted' said that he suggested sending her off to the circus but the family didn't want to do that. Howard said he can't believe Ted is having this conversation. He went back into the impression and talked more about Rose Marie and how she had so much drool they had to wear galoshes in the house. 'Ted' said that the Kennedy's love their women quiet and not drooling. He said if they don't agree with them then they drown you.

    Robin said they could have just taken her sexual organs and left her brain alone. 'Ted' said she was touching herself and they can't have that as a Kennedy. He said imagine if she had acted out sexually. Robin said the guys all acted out sexually. 'Ted' told Robin to shush. He said they can't have it in their house.

    Robin said what a life they had. 'Ted' said that his sister was so horny that she'd sit on everything in the house. He asked how you can have that and be a Kennedy. He said they said his brother John had a bad back condition and when Rose Marie was living with them he slipped on her drool and hurt his back. He said it was brutal. He said they could not be embarrassed by that girl. He said that butter knife did the trick. He said no more touching herself. Robin said they were assholes.

    Howard said that was one of the biggest scandals that was completely brushed aside. He said she wasn't even that slow. Robin said it wasn't like she didn't function. Howard said that they could do that today and just claim ''fake news.'' Robin said today it's a badge of courage to have a kid with special needs.

    Robin said she was thinking about that when he talked about Britney Spears. Howard said Britney has a conservator but not Charlie Sheen or Kanye West. He said it doesn't make sense. Howard said he wants to talk to Tom Morello so he has to take a break. He went to break a short time later.


  • Tom Morello Visits. 02/24/21. 8:20am
    After the break they played a phony phone call the guys made to a guy using clips of Bobo, a ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' song parody, a ''Private Parts'' movie clip, a phony phone call Howard made to Wendy the Slow adult asking her to loan him some money, a ''Breaking News Radio'' bit and The Clash's ''Should I Stay Or Should I Go.''

    Howard came back singing along with The Clash. He said he's very excited to have Tom Morello on the show today. He said he does a show on Lithium there on SiriusXM. He said he loves the show he does and he has turned him on to so much music. He said he loves when he gives facts about the songs that relate to his life. Tom said he appreciates him talking about the show from time to time.

    Howard said he noticed that he has a picture of him with Bruce Springsteen up there in his office. He said he loves the performance he did at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He said he thinks Bruce gets such a charge out of him. He said there's some type of energy there that he thinks Bruce wants him to be in his band. Tom said he played in his band for 6 years. Tom said hi to Robin and then said that he came to Bruce late but he went all in and then they became acquainted. He said that they did the cover of The Ghost of Tom Joad. He said they became friends and he did play in his band.

    Howard said when Tom talks about being a fan of Bruce's he even gets his fanzine and things like that. Tom said yes he does. He said they are friends but he's also a friend he subscribes to a fanzine about. Howard asked if he has to control his enthusiasm around him. Tom said the first 20 times or so maybe but it's more comfortable now. He said they played that song for the first time in 2008. He said Bruce asked him to play in the E Street Band and he said he had to do it. He said they jammed on The Ghost of Tom Joad. He said that he went down to rehearse with the band and he was really nervous about it. He said he has never been more nervous about anything.

    Howard asked what the nervous part is. He asked if he rehearsed. Tom said he over rehearsed. He said that he had rehearsed in a way that they weren't doing it. He said it wasn't going great when he got in there and did it. He said that he didn't know how to play it. He said Bruce saw him and put a hand on his shoulder and said ''Tommy...'' He said he looked him in his eye and said they were going to do it in this key and it was going to be great. He said that calmed his nerves a little bit. He said that he can sing the song and play a guitar solo. He said that they surprised him with the key so he had a surprise for them. He said during the rehearsal he didn't give anything away in the guitar solo. He said he walked on stage and played a version of the song that took them all by surprise. He said Bruce wanted him to keep going with the solo. He said the roof came off the place. He said that he told Bruce he was right about the key after all.

    Howard said his solo is out of this world in that song. He said it comes out of left field and it's so fucking original. He said this solo was something. He played some of that solo. He said Bruce looked so happy to be up there with him. Tom said the audience didn't really know his work. He said that he played with them for 6 years after that and they played all over the world. He said that Bruce's commitment to excellence is complete. He said they see the same fans all over the world. He said that no one is more excited to be up there than Bruce is. He said you have no idea what the next song in the set is going to be.

    Howard said he can't comprehend that kind of set list. He said he calls and audible on stage. Howard asked how that works. Tom said that's not in his wheelhouse. He said he doesn't have that kind of catalog that the band does. He said he had to learn 250 songs just to be prepared for whatever came. He said that wasn't enough. He said he'd take requests from the audience. He said they'd play songs that weren't Bruce's songs. Howard asked how you orchestrate that on stage. Tom said the craziest thing is that your ear takes over. He said he's played maybe 50,000 hours in his life and it just takes over. He said someone may suggest a song he heard on radio in the 80s. He said he had about 3 seconds to learn it. He said that he had to play it in a stadium somewhere in the world.

    Tom said in the last run they did 34 shows and played 184 different songs. He said in one of the last concerts they had six songs that they had never played with the E Street Band. He said one of them was ''Jump'' by Van Halen.

    Howard asked how the dynamic works. He said he knows that Bruce is the boss but they have so many guys playing guitar up there. He said it's like a traffic jam up there. He asked how it works for Tom when he's up there. He asked if he feels any resentment from the band. Tom said they're all lovely guys. He said they have people in the band who have been in there so long. He said they were so helpful to him learning songs. He said that he has never had aspirations to be in someone's side band. He said he'd only do that for Bruce. He said he couldn't contain himself when he was in the band. He said he'd suggest songs to play and Bruce seemed to like that.

    Tom said they were in the city where Bon Scott was born and he went to his grave to visit because he's a big fan. He said he went back and asked Bruce if they could fit an AC/DC song into the concert. He said Bruce was up for it. He said they opened the show in Australia with an AC/DC song and Eddie Vedder singing on it. He said that was a pretty awesome moment.

    Howard said that Tom could never say to Bruce that he wants to be in the band permanently. He said Nils Loftgren did that. He said he was willing to say screw my individual vision and just played with Bruce. Tom said he's a great guy. He said that he's there an hour or two before everyone else when they go to rehearse. He said he's prepared for anything that may come up.

    Howard said years ago he played basketball against Nils. He said Nils kicked his ass. He said it was humiliating. Tom said that doesn't surprise him.

    Howard said that when he looks back on Tom's career he sees that he went to Harvard and he wasn't a very good guitar player. He said when he was in Harvard he was practicing 8 hours a day to get better at guitar. Tom said he started at 17 and that was old. He said that Robert Johnson was one of those guys who started late. He said that the thing that was challenging was that he was going after an honors major. He said he wasn't ignoring his studies either. He said he had a calling to play rock and roll. He said he knew he had that and at the same time he was the standard bearer and he had to exceed there too. He said he was practicing 4-8 hours every day without fail. He said he'd get that 4 hours in every day no matter how he was feeling.

    Howard asked if he had a teacher helping him. Tom said he had a lesson. He said that he would go to the guy to learn some things. He said that this guy he went to was out one day so he went to another guy who was playing like he had never seen before. He said that guy gave him a lesson that helped him out a lot. He said his name was Michael Angelo. He said that was his stage name. He said that gave him a template to practice every day. Tom said he wanted to be a guy who could make records. He said there was a psychological itch he was trying to scratch. He said he had a lot going on in his life. He said the only determining factor about his playing guitar was his will. He said he had a lot of will. Howard said he really did. He said that will is the thing.

    Howard said he knows a guy who is very good at drawing a gun and shooting a target. He said he asked how you get so good and he told him that you go slow and slow is good and good is fast. He said the only way to get good is to start out slow. He said you can't start out fast.

    Tom said he got advice in high school. He said that there are a lot of kids who are better than you. He said that he had a teacher who told him that you have to do an hour a day and do it every day. He said that he saw that it worked so he worked his way up to 2 hours a day. He said he was so determined that he just kept working at it. He said there's a difference between musicians and artists. He said he was unable to write music that he liked. He said he could play like the people he admired. He said when he was in Harvard he was dressed in full metal outfits. He said he was in Spandex and listening to metal music.

    Howard said its crazy because he's at Harvard and doing that but he could be cashing in on that Harvard diploma. Tom said it was a calling. He said he had many interests but once he played guitar he knew that's what he had to do. He said he went all the way in. He said getting better incrementally was great too.

    Howard said it's true of any artist. He said he learned from an artist who said that he was horrible at drawing when he was young. He said that he wanted to be a great artist and he drew every day and got better and better. He said he's the guy selling paintings now and those other kids don't even do it. He said you have to find your own style and your own way.

    Tom said it takes a spark too. He said he grew up on Metal but there was something about it. He said he would listen to Punk music and that was as good as any band he'd heard and you could be in that band no matter what. Howard played some Sex Pistols ''Anarchy in the U.K.'' and said you can play that. Tom said that you hear a damp basement like he was living in.

    Howard asked if Tom could live in a mansion now that he has some money. He asked if that would be going against who he is. Tom said that hasn't been a part of his life. He said that he has lived in the same house for like 25 years. He said he's very comfortable in his own skin. He said all of the bands he's been involved in have been successful but he's played as many concerts for charity as he has for money. He said there's a mission there and the band is one way to help with that. He said that he'd like to change the world to make it a decent place.

    Tom said one day he went into high school drama club and he didn't know how to play a note on guitar. He said he announced he was starting a punk band. He said he starts this band with a group of guys and they're the worst. He said there's a band called Destiny and they were the most beautiful guys in the school. He said the girls go mad for them. He said then there's Epitaph who plays Sabbath and then there's his drama club band The Electric Sheep. He said Adam Jones from Tool was in the band with him. He said that the band Destiny is like a jukebox with their sound. He said meanwhile he and Adam can't tune their own guitars. He said they came out to do a concert for the school and the band starts playing the wrong notes and he has a poorly tuned guitar. He said he has a track and field background so when the chorus comes in he leaps off the riser he was on and the roof comes off the auditorium. He said it was like rock and roll is happening. He said he senses this and he starts rocking out and they destroyed Destiny's ass. He said he realized that's what he wanted to do that night. Howard said he realized how theatrical a band is. Tom said that's right and he was able to hang on to it.

    Howard said he was interviewing Elton John recently and he said he has no musical instruments in his home. He said he figured he'd want to work on stuff at home but Elton said no. He said that he doesn't' want anything near him. He said he doesn't see Tom that way. Tom said his son is a guitar player at 9 so he has guitars around. He said most of the playing he does is teaching his son stuff. He said that usually he would only have an acoustic guitar in his house. He said he's always written his heaviest riffs on acoustic guitars in his house.

    Howard said he's picturing him being a father who wants to teach his son things on guitar and that's a very loving thing to do. He said he's not yelling and screaming at him. Tom said you have to let him come to it too. He said that he's 9 and they jam together. He said they trade off solos and stuff. He said he sees in him the thing he didn't have in him at 19. He said that he'll get on Zoom with his friends and play something. He said he smells blood in the water too.

    Howard said that's such a loving picture to him. He said that brings up his upbringing in Libertyville. He said his mother was a missionary and his father wasn't around. He said his father was a bit of a revolutionary. He said his parents meet and fall in love and then they have him. He said his father leaves when he's like 2 and he moves to Kenya. He asked how a guy who has experienced that shitty situation where his father took no interest in him, how do you learn the skill to be a good father.

    Tom said they say that no good art is made without a chip on your shoulder. He said his mom would write to his father about what he was doing and what he was up to and they wouldn't hear back. He said he wasn't really conscious of what was happening. He said he never had a second parent so he didn't know what he was missing. He said his mother is a force of nature and she covered all the bases. He said he has her on his show all the time. Howard said he has heard her. He said he hears that show and she'll talk about some interesting experiences she's had with Tom and all of that. He said it's very entertaining.

    Howard said his mother was a good mother and father. Tom said he never felt he was lacking. He said there were challenges there. He said it was difficult for his mother to find a job. He said she taught all over the world but she had a hard time finding a job there in Libertyville because they were a mixed race family. He said that they told her she could teach there but they can't live there. He said they had to go around asking the families there in the neighborhood if it was okay for them to live there. He said that they had to make it like he was something special and not the usual American Negro. He said that works until you're old enough to date their daughters.

    Howard said he grew up the one white kid in a black community. He said that you wonder why his mom made it so tough on him. Tom said she wanted him to have a good life. He said there were some great things about living there. He said he has life long friends that he met there. He said he had great teachers there. He said there would occasionally be a noose in his garage and he heard the N-word a lot.

    Howard said Tom was the one half black guy in town. Tom said there is no half. He said they weren't thinking about the white half when they hung the noose in the garage.

    Howard said there was a guy who told him to get in his truck. Tom said he was 15 and he was walking down the street and the guys told him to get in the car and swung a noose at him. He said they invited him to get in the trunk. He said years later he passed by that parking lot and there were people yelling out that they love him. He said he has a complicated relationship with that town. He said it's a big part of who he is now though.

    Howard said he must have some great feelings about how they're still there in Libertyville and he has this great career. Tom said he still goes back to the town and it's more ethnically diverse than it was. He said at the night of Rage's fame he was put in handcuffs for walking down the sidewalk. He said that he was walking down the street to go home and the police pull up and he knows he just has to live through it. He said they wouldn't tell him then why they put cuffs on him. He said he asked if there was a curfew or did he commit a crime. He said he did later run into that cop in a civilian environment and asked about it. He said he's not bitter about any of that. Howard said he can't get past that stuff. He said he still gets angry about his childhood.

    Howard asked if Tom ever went into therapy. Tom said not really. He said there was a tremendous amount of resolve and confidence that his family gave to him. He said he always had this sense of self worth. He said that he was like a unicorn in town. He said the kids there had never seen a black person. He said they'd touch your hair and look at your hands to see the color of your palms and things like that. He said through all of that he never felt lesser. He said he never questioned himself. He said he felt like he was as good as anyone else.

    Howard said he became an introvert because of his childhood. He said Tom must have been a great student and his spirit wasn't dampened.

    Tom said he has changed color over the years. He said that there was no one who doubted he was black as a child. He said that as he got older his skin color has changed and there are people who still freak the fuck out when he says he's black.

    Howard said he's one of those guys. He said he read that he was black and he as surprised. He said he didn't know he was black. He said he thought he was a white Italian guy with that name Morello. Tom said a lot of that is based on stereotypes. Robin said even seeing you they don't think he's black. Robin said they don't even see it. Tom said there's a discomfort with it. He people identify with the music and then people are confronted with the truth and the have an issue with it.

    Howard said he must identify with Barack Obama because they have similar backgrounds and grew up in Illinois. Tom said they were doing it at the same time too. He said the parallels are nuts. He said his jaw was on the floor when he heard him tell his life story. He said he was going to be president and he was the same kind of guy.

    Howard asked Tom about getting into Harvard and how that happened. He said it fascinates him. He asked if he's ever had his IQ tested. Tom said he has not. He said he did alright on the SATs. Howard said he must have done exceptionally well. Tom said it wasn't an aspiration. He said he applied to Harvard, Yale and Northwestern. He said he didn't aspire to go. He said he would have been fine if he didn't go to any of those schools. He said he was going to do it at CLC if he had to. He said his mom was really pumped though. He said no one from his school had ever even applied.

    Howard said the other thing that he marveled at is that he graduated Harvard and he gets out and he's a musician. He said he wasn't able to get a job. Tom said he moved to Hollywood and he wasn't able to get a job. He said he worked at the Renaissance Fair. Howard said he worked for a senator too. He said he realized that he didn't want to get into politics after that. Tom said he worked for Alan Cranston for 2 years. He said the job was asking rich guys for money and that was his job. He said he had to make sure he had enough rich guys on the phone to pay for that. He said the thing that really turned him off was when he got a call one day from a woman who was complaining about Mexicans moving into her neighborhood. He said she wanted the senator to do something about it. He said he called her a racist and hung up the phone. He said he got yelled at for two weeks after that. He said that he has been telling racists to go to hell ever since.

    Howard said he had to have a day job to pay his bills. Tom said he wasn't able to get a job in a band. He said he'd try to get into a band and they'd ask how long his hair was. He said that he didn't have long hair so they didn't even want to jam with him.

    Howard said Tom was working in this senator's office and not making a lot of money and not able to practice playing guitar. Tom said he was looking to get into a band and he was hanging up signs to find someone. He said he joined the first band that would have him. He said if you do things then things happen. He said the band was no good but the local band heard him playing through the walls and that led to him getting a job and a record deal.

    Howard said that he remembers getting a job and his dad telling him to do what he had to do once he got into it.

    Howard said Tom goes to Guitar Center and tries to get a job there. He said they turn him down. Tom said his resume was like juggling and fencing. He said every music store turned him down.

    Tom said that his dad did come around eventually. Howard said he came round when he was 30. Tom said it was before that. He said that one of his half brothers discovered him and it went from there. He said one thing his father had never done was see him play. He said his brothers would show him pictures and he came around. He said his father didn't know what he did for a living not knowing that he could make a living doing that.

    Howard said his father was out of his life and he achieve what people may never achieve. He said his father comes around and he finally speaks to him. He asked if he had the courage to ask his father if he was curious and if he cared. Tom said he met his father in Kenya and his father apologized to him and thanked his mother for raising him right. He said he asked for forgiveness. He said that he wanted him to see him play and he had never done that. He said they played with Bruce in Capetown so he got to see him there. He said his dad was a very formal guy because he's an ambassador for Kenya. He said he comes to see them play and they're sitting in the hotel bar after. Howard asked what he calls his dad. He said he calls him the name they use for grandfather. He said he doesn't call him dad.

    Tom said that his dad comes into the hotel bar and Bruce goes over to him and asks what he thinks. Tom said he's looking down and his father said that it appeared that the audience had high expectations when they came in and they were met. He said that was the full review. Howard said that he seems to really have it together and has it in perspective. He said he might be better off not being raised by that guy.

    Howard said he's fascinated by this time he spent as an exotic dancer. He said he remembers when Rage went on stage nude once and stood there for 15 minutes. He said they were protesting this PMRC censorship thing. He said that the fans didn't appreciate it. Tom said it was titillating for 5 minutes for the audience. He said they eventually started throwing quarters at their dicks. Howard said that he could never do that. He said that he has a tiny nub for a penis. Howard asked if they all have big penises. Tom said they were pretty deep into the interview before getting to that. He said sometimes you have to suffer for your art. He said they had a discussion about it and they were doing it in Philly because it was close to New York. He said they had all of the record company there at the concert too. He said they did that 15 minute thing and then the record company guys came and thanked them for that. He said if you hire Rage Against the Machine you get Rage Against the Machine. Tom said they did that for a very good reason and they were showing that you can't take hearing that kind of music lightly.

    Howard asked about the exotic dancer thing. Tom said he and his roommate thought it would be nice to have a hot tub in their living room so they figured out how much it would cost to buy something like that. He said they worked toward that with this extracurricular activity. He said having a 3 and a half foot tall 10 foot diameter 101 degree roommate is not a good thing.

    Howard asked if women were throwing stuff on stage for him. Tom said he was doing Bachelorette parties. He said he wasn't on stage. Robin said women get really touchy feely. Tom said it was weird and not awesome. He said they were just trying to make some money for that hot tub.

    Howard said to get on Saturday Night Live as a band is great exposure. He said he thought it was weird that a band like that was on Saturday Night Live with Steve Forbes. He said he was the guy from a very conservative family. He said that they were outraged. Tom said they were just Rage Against the Machine. He said they had a fracas about what they had on the stage. He said 25 seconds before they played Bulls on Parade they had a thing with the flag up there. He said they didn't get to play the second song because they were outside on the sidewalk by that time. He said they haven't been asked to come back. He said they had told them not to do the flag thing in rehearsal.

    Howard asked why Tom doesn't cut his strings. Tom said he thought it looked cool in his high school band. He said someone told him to cut them and he did it but they said he wasn't in the baddest band in town. He said he did it years later because he was in the baddest band in town.

    Howard said he likes the way he wears his guitar way up high. He said that some guys play really down low to look cool. He said Tom is comfortable playing up high. Tom said it's the same height it is when he's sitting down. He said that way he can play the way he practices. He said it may not look cool but it works.

    Howard asked if the type of guitar he plays really matters. Tom said he doesn't think so. He said that he wanted to have a custom made guitar when he was starting out. He said that he got one made after getting a check from the Senator's office. He said he went through so much equipment and he wasn't able to make things sound the way he wanted them to sound. He said then one day in 1988 or so he was twiddling knobs and trying to get it right. He said he was obsessing about it and he decided to never think about it again. He said then he just wanted to be creative. He said the amp is still there in the room with him. He said he marked the settings he had in 1988 and they're still set at the same settings. He said he no longer burdened himself with that stuff. He said he put all of his energy into imagination and creativity. He said he has 3 pedals that he's been using for 35 years. He said embracing those limitations has helped him creatively. He said he just worries about pushing the boundaries. He said that he found his voice on the instrument when he got into Rage. He said that he started practicing mistakes instead of the scales every day. He said he'd be playing along with a song and something would happen and it would feel incongruous and he'd play that 16 times in a row. He said he was learning sounds that weren't from the book of Chuck Berry or Eddie Van Halen. He said it was like low hanging fruit and he saw things through a different lens. He said he was making different sounds on his guitar and that's like a new language.

    Howard said he considers him to be one of the best players in the world. He said he hears him about to make a mistake and he just brings it back in. He said he thinks he gets what he's saying about the sounds. He said he thinks Hendrix would embrace wrong notes too.

    Howard said you see a guy like Eddie Van Halen building guitars and Tom rejected that. He said it was just a distraction for him. He said it was fucking him up. Tom said he already had 20,000 hours of playing and he embraced the weird sounds like helicopters and chicken noises.

    Howard asked how he wrote his songs. Tom said songs are written in many different ways. He said the thing is chemistry that makes the band work. He said they were blessed in Rage to have that. He said that they had Tom and Brad as the rhythm section and Zack as the singer.

    Howard asked Tom if knowing how hard it is to have a hit record and a band like that he sees that they break up. He said when he sees that he thinks you have to do everything in your power to keep it together. He said it's so rare to have a band like that. He said AC/DC finding a second singer is so rare. He said Van Halen finding 2 lead singers is rare. He said they had to negotiate that. Tom said they came back in 2011 and they were about to do their first show 10 yeas from that. He said that he treasures all of that. He said rock bands are rock bands. He said sometimes they have differences and they outweigh the moment. Howard asked if it was the money. Tom said they're not going to get into that because it's completely in the past.

    Tom said he's not the spokesperson for Rage. He said that it has to be all four of them in the same room. He said that Howard is right. He said they should treasure it and they have. He said they have reunited and they will reunite again. He said the world needs bands that speak with authenticity. He said they need to connect with the audience. Howard said a band with core values maybe. Tom said yeah.

    Howard said that he thinks Pete Townshend wishes he didn't need Roger Daltrey. Tom said he doesn't think he thinks that. He said that he has been in a band with Zack de a Rocha and with Chris Cornell and Bruce Springsteen. He said he has had a meaningful solo career too. He said those opportunities are there because fans come and go. He said he's made 20 records that he stands behind and each experience has been great. He said that he has attacked them all with all of his creative power.

    Howard asked if he got upset when Rage broke up. Tom said they all went to Rick Rubin's house and hung out there listening to music there. He said Soundgarden was great with Chris because he was smart and poetic. He said that Chris also embraced riff rock. He said he and Rick Rubin went to talk to Chris. He said they went to this house that Chris was living in and he's driving an old Astro van and Rick only drives Rolls Royces. He said that they get to Chris' house and he lives in a spooky mansion. He said he and Rick pull up and the doors open up like Addams Family style. He said Chris comes out as this lanky 6'2'' tall guy and he lopes down the steps and Rick says ''Lets get the fuck outta here.'' He said it was kind of weird. He said Chris asked them to come in and have a cider. He said they did persevere. He said they did have the Audioslave records and he never stopped being a fan of his. He said that Chris had great lyrics and he would effortlessly create something great. Howard played some ''Like a Stone'' from Audioslave. Hard said that had to be a lot of pressure. Tom said it looked good on paper. Howard asked if he had to adjust as a guitar player. Tom said he did. He said he had to play with a melodic singer. He said it challenged the band. He said to let Chris shine they had to have this melodic counterpoint.

    Howard said he's had an amazing career. He asked if he's singing the backup vocals on the Bruce song. Tom said he was singing the lead. He said Bruce was also singing them.

    Howard said he really likes his radio show. He said that he was talking about Bob Dylan and he was talking about why he likes him. He said he heard that and he had never been a big fan of his. He said he gets it now that he explained it from a musicians's point of view. He said that's why he likes his show so much. Tom said he has a lot more shows coming. Howard said that the reason he's there is to plug his show. Howard asked who he thinks are the best guitar players out there. Tom said he'd put Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhodes up there. He said that his son is named after Randy. He said that he got the opportunity to pay with Ozzy once. He said that he is a huge Randy Rhodes fan and he got to play with Slash and Ozzy. He said that they were all doing their thing and they're going to play ''Paranoid'' at the end. He said Ozzy ends up doing a song the crew said he never does. He said this crew member is telling them to go out there because they need to play ''Mama I'm Coming Home.'' Tom said there's a crew member waving and yelling at them because they were sitting on the pyro and Ozzy was about to blow them up.

    Howard asked Tom about Slash and how great he is. Tom said he really is great. He said he plays on a song on his new album.

    Howard said his head is swimming thinking about him getting blown up at an Ozzy concert. He said that would be real rock and roll. He said that would have been awesome.

    Howard said he wanted to talk to him about Alice Cooper too. He said he needs to talk to him about so much. He said he wanted to talk about the rock and roll hall of fame. He said that he's so proud that he's part of this SiriusXM thing. He said that he has to talk about the hall of fame. Howard said Tom is one of the guys who selects who will be in the hall of fame. Tom said he is on the committee. Howard said he wasn't sure he'd even be into the hall of fame. Tom said that they used to ignore the heavy metal bands and there were a lot of bands that he was into that weren't in there. He said that one of the guys who runs the hall of fame is John Landau who is Bruce's manager. He said he told John that he had to fix the hall of fame. He said if bands like his doesn't want to be in it then there's a problem there. He said that John put him on the committee and he told everyone what he was thinking. He told Howard how the pick the bands. He said it's all subjective. He said they have guys like Dave Grohl, Steve Van Zandt and guys like that in there.

    Tom said that he thinks about who he wants to put in there and they're the pillars of rock. He said he wanted it to really matter. He said they only put in 5 bands a year so it's tough. Tom said he makes a presentation every year about who he wants in there and the first one he did was KISS. He said there are so many links to KISS in the rock community. He said that's the band that made him love rock and roll.

    Howard asked if you can separate yourself from the music and the politics. He said that Ted Nugent is one he's thinking about. He asked if he wouldn't want him in there. Tom said he and Ted are good friends actually. He said you could make an argument for him to be in. Howard asked if he can be friends with him based on guitar. Tom said for Ted's 60th birthday someone reached out to him and asked him to make a video for him. He said at the time Ted was known as this right wing caricature. He said he wasn't known as the guy who shredded on these albums. He said that he was wondering what video he could make for Ted. He said he made it about two things. He said it was the things they have in common and that included free speech and things like that. He said the second thing was the things that Ted taught a young Tom about sex. He said Ted called him after that and they became friends. He said they do have differences though.

    Howard asked about the rock and roll hall of fame and how the whole thing goes when they're picking bands. Tom said they take it very seriously. He said that they will argue for bands like Foo Fighters with Dave there and it's all taken very seriously. Howard said he'd make a pitch for Peter Frampton. Tom said he belongs in there.

    Howard said that this went the way he thought it would. He said that he's a great educator of rock and roll. He said he learns a lot from Tom. He said that he imagines that he has played with people they don't even know about. He said yesterday they were talking about people who have played on things they don't know about. He asked Tom if he's done that. Tom ran down a list of bands that he has played with. The list was long. Howard said he has to ask about Johnny Cash. He asked if that's because Rick Rubin worked with him. Tom said it is. He said he heard them mixing a Johnny Cash record at Rick's house and he got to play with him on ''Redemption.'' Howard asked how they pay him for that. Tom said that he doesn't think Rick pays him for shit. Howard said he was at Rick's house once and his dogs shit on the floor as soon as he got there.

    Howard said he knew he'd love talking to Tom after hearing his radio show. He said he puts so much work into that guitar. He said it's an inspiration. He said he's something else.

    Howard said Tom has an impressive list of things coming up. He said he has this One Man Revolution show on Lithium and he has 3 streaming channels and a podcast on SiriusXM.

    Howard asked Tom if he listens to the music or do they just play it. Tom said he curates it all but he just records the drops between the songs. He said he and his mom sit in the kitchen and do that. Howard said he would love to hear him just playing the music and riffing on it. He said he wouldn't mind if he interrupted a song and said ''Did you hear that?''

    Howard said Tom Morello has a podcast and 3 streaming channels with SiriusXM. He has his One Man Revolution show on Lithium and a show coming out on Bruce Springsteen's channel next week. He said he has a show called Radio Comandante. Tom said that's like his One Man Revolution but it's songs that fit that channel. He said they air on different channels. He said it's the format of that show and it fits on whatever station he's doing that week.

    Howard said Tom says he plays what he wants to play. He asked if they have a format for him where he could talk for 10 minutes or does he only get like 2 minutes. Tom said they haven't yet. He said he's completely in control and that's what he enjoys about it.

    Howard said next week he's launching 3 new channels on SiriusXM. He went through the list and one is Battle Hymns Radio. He said that he's trying to figure out Tom's politics. He said he can't stand Castro but Tom went and played in Cuba. He said that he's not sure if he loves him or not. Tom told Howard to stay on track and talk about the stations he has. Howard said he has a Heavy Metal Happy Hour Radio channel. He said that he has to figure out when he's on. He said he also has a Riffs, Rhymes and Rebellion Radio channel. Howard said he's interested in all of this. He said he loves it. He said he has a new podcast too and it's available wherever podcasts can be found. Tom said he's been locked down and taking care of his 97 year old mother and 9 and 11 year old kids so this is great that he can do that. Howard said he's very busy with all of that. He said he may have to give up music to keep it all going.

    Howard said Tom has a show called Tom Morello's Maximum Fire Power. Tom said on that one he sits down and talks with people from different bands. He mentioned Perry Farrell so Howard heard that and said that's got to be good. He said Perry is a phenomenon. He asked if he's ever sat down to write a song with him. Tom said he would love that. He said that they belong in the rock and roll hall of fame. He said he'd love to rock with him. Howard said Perry is so out there. He asked if you can be in a meeting with him. Tom said he's an artist and that's what's great. He said his show with him is about living his life as an artist. Howard said he can't wait to hear that one.

    Howard asked who the first person was. Tom said it was Serj Tankian. Howard said that has to be a good one too. Tom told Howard about how he went to an Ozzfest show and there were a lot of white power tattoos on people. He said each band had a non white person in it so he called Serj and told him they should create something to show that anti-racism is good. He said they formed Axis of Justice after that. He said they had some horrible edict in Santa Monica where they banned people from giving food to homeless people. He said the first thing he and Serj did was go out and bring as much food as they could hand out there. He said from that day forward they have been brothers in arms. Howard said he can see that being a great conversation. Tom said he'd hate to inflict his music on the audience. He said that he likes to go out and DJ at clubs so he can play whatever he wants. He said it's the other side of him that lets him let go and enjoy music fully. He said that's what all of these shows are. He said the talk stuff is like a night out at the Rainbow bar and grill. Howard said he loves it.

    Howard asked Tom what the best riffs are out there. Tom said the top 10 are clogged with Jimmy Page riffs. Howard said he's thinking Queen ''keep Yourself Alive'' is one too. Tom agreed. He said this is what they do on his shows. Howard said he's going to be on every channel there at SiriusXM. He said he'll end up on the catholic channel. Tom said he could do that.

    Howard said he bets that his music is used the wrong way all the time. Tom said that he has a lot of funny videos from the Capitol riots. He said they play Rage against the Machine music while embracing racism. He said it doesn't make sense.

    Howard said he thinks he may have too much Tom Morello in his life. He said he knows what time his show comes on Lithium and he has to listen while he works out. Howard said it's like the old days when he could play whatever he wanted on radio. He said he only worked at one station like that. Tom said part of it is like playing stuff for friends in his living room. He said he has things he can play that isn't out there and he can play whatever he wants and there are no rules for it.

    Howard said when he hears that song he did with Gary Clark Jr. it's really something. He played some ''Can't Stop The Bleeding.'' He said that's a great song.

    Howard said he's kept him long enough. He said it's been like 2 hours. Tom said remote learning is about to begin in his house. Howard gave him more plugs and thanked him for coming on today. He said he knows Bruce wants to start a band with him. He said he can tell by the way he looks at him while they're playing.

    Howard said he only has 2 channels there so he may have to talk to the front office. He said that Tom has a lot more than he does.

    Howard said it's great to see him doing all of this. Tom said Howard is a real advocate so he appreciates that. Howard said he really does listen to it. He said he loves having him do it.

    Howard said Jennifer Witz says that they have to wrap up because Tom is screwing around. He took a call from fake Jennifer who told them to wrap it up already. Howard let Tom go a short time later.

    Robin said there's such depth there. She said they only scratched the surface. Howard said he had a lot more to talk about. Robin said she wanted to hear a lot more about Rage and Audioslave. Howard asked what he's going to do. He said he looked like he had to pee so he can't keep him there. He said he has to pee too. He said he was really looking forward to talking to him today. He said he ran into Tom at Rick Rubin's house over 20 years ago. He said he was so shy that he may have only said hello. He said he just sat by himself. Robin said that's the usual Howard. Howard said he likes to go to parties and sit and think.

    Howard said it's late in the morning so he has to wrap up. He ended the show around 10:30am.

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