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-- Tuesday, September 18, 2018 --

  • Betty White Emmy Clips And Getting Old Talk. 09/18/18. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A Baba Booey song parody, a ''Inside the Actor's Studio'' bit with Jeff the Drunk and Eric the Actor clips, Psych performing a song parody about Robin Quivers to the tune of ''Blurred Lines'' at the 2014 Howard Stern Birthday Bash, Robin Thicke performing ''Blurred Lines'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, a Ben Stern ''Proper modulation'' clip.

    Howard started the show talking about starting the show before his coffee wears off. He said it's all gone about 2 commercial breaks in. He said it drains out during the live commercial reads.

    Howard said he's not into doing the show today. He said he's not sure what to talk about. He said he watched a good hour of the Emmys and they didn't even mention Les Moonves. He said it's about Television and you'd think they'd bring it up. He said they talk about the #MeToo thing but they don't bring up Les. Robin said he's still powerful in some way. she wondered where that comes from. Howard said it's like during World War II with Hitler. He said people were afraid to talk about him because they were used to it. He said they didn't make one joke about Les on the Emmys. He said he was uninvited 24 hours from the time it aired and there wasn't one joke.

    Howard said he's not sure what's going on. He doesn't care about anything. He said he's just glad he has a radio show where he can come and talk about anything. He said it's happening and the whole world is changing. He said they're not changing but they're talking about it.

    Howard said then he was reading in the paper that Julie Chen resigned from The Talk. He said then you wonder why they don't talk about this stuff on The Talk. He said he's shocked that Sharon doesn't talk about this stuff. He said that she's the one who would do that. Robin said they'd have a 50 rating if she talked like she talks in there. Howard said Julie is starting her own show called ''I don't talk about anything involving my husband.''

    Howard said he's going to do a 2 minute puppet show to put on the app. Robin said this isn't something Julie wanted to do. She wasn't envisioning not being a part of it. Howard said this is for the app so you can watch it on the app. He said he could do them after the show but he's not staying longer than he has to.

    Howard said Betty White was on the Emmys and she's finally acting her age. He said she started to talk and no one knew what she was talking about. He said they should have 50 year olds playing older people. He said when a real old person comes out and they can't talk it's depressing.

    Robin said she saw Cher on some show. She said she has a new album of Abba songs so she's out promoting it. She said that she looks like Cher. Howard said she looks good. Robin asked how she does it. She said she must have a secret. Howard said she's 70 something and she looks good. Robin said you never see her walking anywhere.

    Howard played a clip of Betty White talking. He said he loves her like everyone does. He said she used to be witty and funny. He said he keeps saying he's going to retire but he may not. He said he may keep working and he'll come in one day like this. He said the guys will all lie to him and tell him he's still funny. He said the show will be funny for a whole other reason. He said you'll barely be able to understand him. He said he used to goof on Imus and he'll become Imus. Robin said Imus didn't leave on his own.

    Howard played a clip of Betty White talking on the Emmys. She was making some joke that she kind of stumbled over. Howard said he thinks she was making sexual innuendo there. He said when you get old you lose your super powers. Robin said her voice sounds like it's going. Howard said her timbre is gone. He did his father's voice when he said that.

    Howard played more of Betty White talking and she wasn't able to get her thoughts out. Howard said she gave him hope that he could be in his 90s and be sharp as a tack. He said then she pulls this. He played more of her bit and she was sounding really old.

    Howard said she's such a sweet woman. He said that she went to prom with Ronnie. He said he hopes he's in as good a shape as she is at 90. Robin said someone was on Bill Maher this week saying that the average lifespan is 70.9 or something. Howard said his dad is 94. He said he doesn't put them on the air anymore and there's a reason why. He did his impressions of the two of them. He said his mom used to be kind of positive but not anymore. He said everything is deadly. He said when he calls he wants to hang himself after. He said he can't take it.

    Howard said he tries to be positive with his parents. He said it's tough. He said his mom is still getting up at 4 in the morning. He said she says it's not helping. He said if she got up later maybe it would be better. He said she's not into that.

    Howard said it's just about how their friends are all dying or sick. He said it's no picnic being that old. Robin said her mom lived until she was 90 and she still had all of her senses. She said her body was starting to cave in though. She said she was still aware of everything going on with her body. She said she told her she didn't think she was going to make it to 100. Robin wondered why she would want to.

    Howard said Betty White was the light at the end of the tunnel. He said then she came out last night. Howard said she did fine. He said he just got depressed. Robin said Michael Douglas is looking a lot like his dad. She said that he seems like he should sound like his dad.

  • Howard's 2 Minute Puppet Show. 09/18/18. 7:20am
    Howard said he has to knock out this puppet show to get that out of the way. He asked Robin to talk to the Julie Puppet. He said he'll do this for 2 minutes. Howard did his Julie Puppet character and talked about leaving The Talk. Julie Puppet talked about them not mentioning her husband on the Emmys last night. She said that Les loved walking the red carpet and having people kiss his ring. She said that she loved it too. Julie Puppet said they didn't even watch it on TV.

    Julie Puppet made a statement about how she's standing by her man. She said her eyes have been opened and she's standing by her man. Julie Puppet said she's going to start her own show called Don't Talk. she said they just stare at each other. She said that she's going to resign from The Talk and Lisa Ling will be sworn in as the Asian anchor person. Robin thought that was news. Howard said he's making it up.

    Howard said Snoop Dogg was up there recording something for them and he heard him talking to the Julie Puppet and he thought it was him talking to some woman. Howard said he was just doing the Julie Puppet.

    Julie Puppet was talking about fucking Les and how it got her through things when she knew he was the most powerful man in TV.

    Robin asked Julie Puppet if she has had sex with Les since this started. Julie Puppet said she is Julie Chen Moonves and she stands by her husband. She said she wants to stand there to make sure he's not grabbing any women. She said she has to stand by her man even when he's old and creepy.

    Julie Puppet said she has to resign from the show or face the truth. She chose to resign. Robin asked if she will ever be able to do any other show. Julie Puppet said she will just say she's Julie Chen Moonves when she's asked about her husband.

    Robin asked how she's going to sign off when she leaves The Talk. She said she's going to sign off ''I'm Julie Chen Moonves.''

    Howard got the Les Puppet and had him talk to Robin and Julie Puppet. Howard had Julie Puppet talking about how she's leaving because the women on The Talk are all turning on her. She said that the women who are accusing Les are all liars. She said that Sharon is a traitor too. Robin asked why. Julie Puppet said that her husband used to drink. Robin said she's being a coward. Julie Puppet said she's not. Howard had Les Puppet telling Julie Puppet what to say. Julie Puppet said that all of those women wanted her husband and they all flirt with him. She said even the doctors. She said everyone. Robin asked about the assistant who was asked to give a blow job on her first day. Les Puppet told Julie Puppet what to say and had her lying for him.

    Robin asked if their son is going to school. Julie Puppet said they should go pay attn to him. Les Puppet said they'll tell him it was all lies. Julie Puppet said she's going to leave them with this question. She asked why a woman would go into her husband's office if she didn't want it. Robin said they didn't all happen in his office. Julie Puppet said if you go into an office with a man he's going to take off his pants and finger you at least. Robin said that has never happened to her. She said she's never been alone with Les though. Julie Puppet said she's standing by her man. She said it's smooth sailing from here.

    Julie Puppet asked if Robin would ever go into a man's office alone. Robin said sure. Julie Puppet called her a whore. Robin asked what happened to women sticking together. Julie Puppet said she's leaving The Talk. She said men get boners and that's how the world works. She said don't go near men if you don't want to be raped.

    Robin said she wants to go back to when Julie told her family that she was dating her husband. Les Puppet told her to come and drain his balls. Julie Puppet said she has to go do that. Julie Puppet said that they built a special internet for her parents and her son where her husband still runs CBS. She said they'll never know unless Robin tells them. Robin said that's an interesting idea. Robin asked if she minds draining her husband's balls. Julie Puppet said she's sticking by her man. Howard wrapped up the puppet show after that. He said Fred loves that. He said he's sitting over here drooling.

    Howard said not one mention of Les last night on the Emmys. He said he must feel good about that. He said one thing about Les is that if you ridicule him enough then he'll cave. He said it's the worst thing in the world for him. He said he's probably the only one doing it. Robin said they must think that he's going to make a comeback. Howard said he's banking on him never coming back.

    Howard said they went and asked black women what they think about Les Moonves. He said they asked if Julie Chen should stay with him. Howard played the clip of Sal asking women about that. Women were saying that they wouldn't stick with him. They were talking about how they'd be right out of there. Howard said the white women were standing by Julie's decision. He played a clip of the women talking about how they'd stand by their man like Julie is doing.

    Howard said Larry King was out walking with his wife and he was asked what he thinks about Julie standing by her man. He said Larry was all for it. Howard said he didn't know what was going on. He said he's been married like 8 times. Robin said he found one who would stand by him. Howard played some audio of Larry being interviewed about the Julie and Les thing. Larry said that she is his wife. He said he doesn't like what happened 20 years ago with Les but she's his wife. Howard said he seems to think that if you're married to someone that you have to stand by your man. Robin said there are women who stood by their husbands when they were accused of murder. Robin said they have to go visit them in prison. Robin said there are women standing by their men for greater crimes.

    Howard said lets say that all of the accusations are false except for the doctor. He said that the guy jerked off in front of the woman. He said that would make Robin leave. Robin said she would. Howard said Beth said she would leave if he did something like that. Howard said he wouldn't blame her for leaving. He said he'd push her out the door.

    Howard said that story about the doctor is the weirdest one. He said he should be in a mental hospital. He said that's bat shit crazy. He said Les admitted to that one. He said the doctor must have wanted to get out of the business.

    Howard played more of Larry and his wife talking about the Les and Julie thing. Larry started singing ''Stand by Your Man.'' Howard said if he did something like Les did with the doctor he knows that he'd hate for someone to see his penis. Robin said she has been through something like that. she said her mom stood by her father when he molested her. She said that she told her mom and she didn't leave. She said she got upset about it. Howard asked what she told her mom. Robin said she told her when she was in her 30s. Robin said she wasn't speaking to them. Her mom wanted to know why so she told her. She said they were only on letter writing terms so she wrote it down. Robin said she told her that she was 11 years old and dad would try to have his way with her when she would go out shopping. She said her mom wrote back saying she was so angry with him. She didn't leave him though.

    Howard asked if Julie can fuck another guy. Robin said all bets are off at this point. Howard said he doesn't think she should even say that she's Julie Chen Moonves. He said that's so insulting to the victims. Robin said she wasn't Moonves before all of this but now that he's accused of all of this stuff she is.

    Howard asked Robin about her mom and dad. Robin said she knew that her mom wouldn't leave. She said that her mom did accuse her of colluding with her father. She said that they got together and kept something from her. She said that's the way her mother was thinking. She said imagine her dealing with that at the age of 11.

    Howard said Larry King is on the phone. He took the call from the guys who had audio clips of Larry saying wacky stuff. They had clips from an audio book that they had edited together. Howard said this must be a senile Larry King. He said he'll go with that premise.

    Howard said one thing about Larry is he still has timbre. He let the guys keep playing clips of Larry saying the wacky stuff. Howard said this bit took like 17 hours to edit.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he is a staunch republican. He said he does believe that Les Moonves should be held accountable. He said that it should be held up by the law. Howard said the statute of limitations is up on all of that stuff. The caller said Les has a mental illness. Howard said if they're true he's as mental as Charles Manson. The caller said as much as he wants to play off the Julie Chen thing he thinks that he needs help. Howard said Les isn't going to go for any help. He said Julie should stand by him but the thing is that she said that Harvey Weinstein's wife should leave him. He said that's what he heard anyway. He said lets just talk about what they know. He said the whole idea of standing by your man is insulting to the 12 women who came forward. He said she should stand by her man if she wants to but if she makes a statement she should say she doesn't know the truth. He said she can stay with him and not comment on these women because they have a story to tell too.

    Robin said she thinks that what should happen in a situation like this is a couple should go see a counselor and get to the truth so you can see who you're standing by. Howard said there you go. Fred played Robin's news music. Howard said that's how you know she made a point.

    Howard said maybe tomorrow he can have a therapy session with Les Puppet and Julie Puppet. He did the voices for a minute as a preview for that.

    Howard said he's off the Les and Julie thing now. He said the Emmys should have spent more time on it. Robin said that Harvey Weinstein must have been mentioned after his thing. Howard said there must have been some jokes about him.

  • The Fred Wall. 09/18/18. 7:50am
    Howard took a call from a woman who said she is enjoying the app and she likes the big blockade in front of Fred. She said that's all she can focus on. Howard said Fred is blocked like Trump's wall so he doesn't have to look at him and the faces he makes. The caller said that they should have a dartboard in there. Howard said that exists because he hardly looks at Robin or Fred. He said he wants to just hear the two of them like the audience. He said if he sees Fred doing stuff over there he gets distracted. Fred said he's like that guy at the Trump rally. Howard said he has a button where he can lower his screen. He said he has not done it once. He said maybe he should do it. Robin said lets see what happens. Howard said it goes up and down. He asked where the button is. He found it and lowered the screen. Howard said this is for the app that they can watch tonight. Howard said he hopes it works. He lowered the screen and said they should play the 2001 a Space Odyssey theme. Fred played it. Howard said he should stick his head out. Fred showed his face.

    Howard and Robin talked about how distracting Fred can be when you see him making faces and stuff. Howard said it was very hard working with Fred when he first met him. He said they didn't have this technology back then. He said he's going to put the wall back up now. It was very slow but Howard said this is what Trump wants to do with the immigrants. Howard said this was not cheap either just like the Trump wall. Howard said he may never take that screen down again. He let the caller go after that.

    Howard said when he got there in 2006 he told the company that he wanted them to become more than just audio. He said the company listened even though he wasn't the only one saying it. He said now they have done video and they're more than they used to be. He said they can now show you what's happening in the studio. Howard asked if he should take a break. Fred said absolutely. Howard did a live commercial read and went to break.

    Artie Lange - Wanna Bet?: A Degenerate Gambler's Guide to Living on the Edge

  • Ronnie's Latest Acting Gig. 09/18/18. 8:00am
    After the break Howard came right back and asked what email that was where someone asked about a song Fred played. Fred said it was a Brandi Carlile song. Howard said the person said it was the greatest song ever and it was when Brandi Carlile was on. Howard had Fred play some of that performance. It was her performing ''Helplessly Hoping.'' Howard said this is what he should have done with his life. He said he should be singing and playing guitar like this. Robin said she should be harmonizing. Howard said they just didn't have any talent. He said Robin has talent but he doesn't.

    Howard said he knows every member of Bachelor in Paradise but not the names of the people in this band. He said that's just wrong. Howard let the song play and said they'll just enjoy this. He said this takes practice and discipline. He said they've been working at this their whole life. Howard told Fred to turn it off. He said it's making him ill.

    Howard said he once had an egg thrown at him at a bar. He said he was working in Detroit and he was forced to go out and do appearances. He said this kid who thought he was a punk threw an egg at him. He said he got the fuck out of there. He said he didn't want to be doing that stuff. He said the Program Director said they had low ratings and they had to do everything like that. He said he's not sure why they had eggs at a bar. He said they had them there to throw at people like him.

    Howard said Lady Gaga was on the show talking about being famous for being an artist and being famous for just being famous. He said an artist is a transformational thing. He said other people like the Kardashians don't do anything. He said Ronnie is famous but he's famous for driving.

    Howard said speaking of Ronnie he did this appearance on a show about a month ago. He said he's not sure if he's taking acting lessons or what but he sounds better. He said Benjy should go take lessons from this person. He said he was on ''Investigation Discovery The Perfect Murder.'' He said they must have thought it would be funny to get Ronnie into the show. Howard had him come in to set it up.

    Ronnie came in and said that someone he knew got him into the show. Howard said he's kind of subdued in the show. Ronnie said he was playing a high roller guy from Vegas. He said he was told to act like that. Howard asked if he's okay. Ronnie said that just wasn't the part. He said he was just getting into a limo with a hot chick. He said that he had cut a lot more and they cut it out. He said he wasn't yelling in that though. Howard said they must be talking to Ronald the Actor now. Ronnie said it's not.

    Howard asked how long he was on set. Ronnie said maybe an hour and a half. He said it was quick. He said he memorized lines. He said they had him in a lobby but they cut that scene out. He said the show is about true stories taken from real cases. He said they reenact the whole thing. He said they put hot chicks in it too. Howard asked if a hot chick was murdered. Ronnie said the hot chick was a limo driver. He said she was accused of murder. He said he was just a guy she picked up to take the airport. Howard said this hot chick is driving him to the airport. Ronnie said they weren't sure if she was involved in it at that point. Ronnie said he was just a customer. Howard asked if he has no fucking clue. Ronnie said he knows what happened. He said he was a character that had nothing to do with the murder. He said a lot of people saw it. He said it was on already. Howard said he wants to go home already. He said he's exhausted. Howard said he's just had it. He said he's questioning his life. He asked what he's doing there. Ronnie said he does that too. He said he questions his life at times. He said he has a plan if they do move away. He said Stephanie is a Vet Tech. He said if they move there you can open a vet hospital and you can hire a doctor to work there. He said his plan is to go there and open this hospital and he'll run the business end of it. Howard laughed. Ronnie asked why that's funny. Howard said he's just thinking about how it'll go. He said Ronnie has done fine with his business. He was still laughing at Ronnie though.

    Howard said he wants to meet the guy who went to medical school and answers to Ronnie. Ronnie said she'll be answering to Stephanie.

    Howard asked Ronnie why he thinks he can run a business. Ronnie said he has done fine. Howard said he has a security business and his only client is him. Ronnie said he had two dry cleaning business. He said he had a bread route too. He said then he had the limo business before Howard. He said that was 6 ears before Howard. Howard said Ronnie thinks he can run a hospital. Ronnie said he's not going to run it. He said he'll do the billing and stuff like that.

    Howard said Ronnie has been in a bunch of movies and TV shows now. He asked what about Mund Water or Mund steaks like Trump had. Ronnie said he wants to ''chill back.'' He said he will only have to work a few days a week. Howard said he only works a few days a week now. Robin said he has a new phrase of ''Chill Back'' that he could put on a t-shirt.

    Howard asked what's stressful in his life. Ronnie said he's just tired. Howard asked why he would open a hospital if he's stressed. Ronnie said it'll be a whole different thing there. Howard said he sees his scene as being fantastic. He said there will be chicks and strip clubs. He asked what he's going to do out there in Vegas. Ronnie said he has friends there. He said it's just a new life out there. Robin asked what's wrong with this place. Ronnie said it's just time to move on. He said that will happen in a few years probably. He said he'll come back to visit his grand kids. He said people do it all the time.

    Howard said in the hospital business you can't call people cunts. He said you have to get rid of that naked chick Twitter feed too. Ronnie said he'll get rid of it. He said he'll be in the background in the office. He said no one will even see him.

    Gary asked if he's going to be handling the correspondence and the billing. Ronnie said yes. Howard said imagine that. He and Fred were doing their Ronnie voices talking about stuff going on in the office.

    Ronnie said he's sorry this bothers everyone. Howard had Ronnie talking about having women showing their tits to get over their dog dying and stuff like that. Fred had him saying they can pay in blow jobs. Ronnie kept saying that he's sorry he has a plan.

    Howard took a call from a woman named Destiny who said that Ronnie is a good businessman. She said he knows how to leverage assets. She said he put a $20 bill into her bikini at the strip club. Ronnie said she's pretty fucking hot. Howard said Ronnie knows what he's doing. Destiny said that he wears glasses and he's a genius. She said she learned that in 8th grade. Howard spent a few minutes talking to her about Ronnie's business acumen.

    Howard said he didn't know that Ronnie was having a crisis. Ronnie said he's not. He said he just has a plan for when he leaves this place. Howard asked if he re-signs will he leave. Ronnie said he might. He said he's been thinking about it. Howard asked if this is because he's turning 69 next month and it's time to leave. Ronnie said he has been thinking about it. He said he has a young fiancee and he's not sure how many years he has left. He said he'd like to help her out and enjoy the rest of his life.

    Howard asked what his character's name was in the TV show. Ronnie said he doesn't know. He said it may have been Munt. He said he really didn't have a name. JD said he's listed as ''Paul'' on IMDB. Howard asked if that's what it was. Ronnie said they must have given him his name after he did the part. Fred said he was ''Guy with Boner.''

    Howard said Ronnie was being driven by a hot woman. Ronnie said she was very hot. He said she wasn't really friendly with anyone there. He said she was kind of snobby. Howard asked if she had a chip on her shoulder. Ronnie said he's not sure about that. Howard said he thinks that when a chick doesn't know him from the show then it's hard for him. Ronnie said he was just trying to have a conversation with her. He said he was only with her for 15 minutes. He said she had a mini skirt on.

    Howard asked if he rehearsed with her. Ronnie said he did in the car. Ronnie said that Joe the Cop plays a bartender in the show. Howard asked what kind of production this is. Ronnie said they just get people to play the parts. He said Joe was actually really good. Howard said Ronnie is rating people now. Ronnie said Joe has been playing a lot of parts in those kind of shows. He said that's how he came to get the part.

    Howard said that Joe told him that Ronnie is his best friend. Ronnie said he knows. He said he calls him his adopted brother. Howard said that rocked him when he told him that. Howard said he did say that Ronnie is a good dude. He said then Joe told him about losing all of his weight. Ronnie said when you see him in the shows he's not thin yet. Howard asked if Joe is his best friend too. Ronnie said he doesn't see him all that much but he is his best friend. He said you can always count on the guy. Howard said Joe is his best friend too. He said he sees him rarely and he never lets him down.

    Howard said that Ronnie should consider him his best friend. He asked who has treated him better than he has. Ronnie said he does think he's his friend. Howard said Ronnie said he never sees Joe. Ronnie said he never sees Howard either. Howard asked Ronnie to pick between the two of them if they were on a boat and he could only save one. Ronnie said that Joe is big enough to float. He said he'd save Howard because he can't float. Howard asked him to be serious. Ronnie was going to pick Joe so Howard said he should fire everyone. He said he should save him. He said he'd have to pick him over Stephanie too. He said he'll get him another woman even hotter.

    Howard said he loves Joe and he's a good dude. He said he should save him though. He said Fred would let his whole family drown over him. He said he's the most loyal guy there. He said that these guys here don't think of him to save. He said he doesn't even question it. Howard said he's disgusted with Ronnie. Howard said Gary would save Mary and his kids over him. Ronnie said ''drownding'' so Howard goofed on him about that.

    Howard said he should play this clip. He said Ronnie's acting was passable in this. He said they're in a limo and this hot chick is driving. Howard played the clip of Ronnie doing his thing. Howard said he might be better than the chick in the scene. He said he was good. Ronnie said he had to say his line a bunch of times. He said he tried different styles. Robin asked how many ways he saw his character. Ronnie asked what she's talking about. Howard said congratulations to him over that. He did a live commercial read and went to break after that.

    Mr. Skin

  • Howard Plays A New Phony Phone Call. 09/18/18. 8:40am
    After the break Howard came right back and said that some of the guys wanted to come in but they're afraid of Ronnie. He said they were saying he's horrible at English and horrible at math so he can't do the billing. Gary said Ronnie is out there yelling about how they know he's bad at math. Howard said he'll ask him to do math and he'll get it wrong. He said he just knows. Howard said he doesn't want to get started with that.

    Howard said he heard Ronnie has been checking out the real estate out in Vegas already. He said he goes out there and has a good time for a day or two but he's never lived out there. He said the reality is this isn't a well thought out plan. He said he thinks that things will be better for him out there. He said he'll still be Ronnie but in Vegas.

    Jason said that Ronnie gets to hang with his rich friends out there. Howard said he goes to Kurt Busch's house out there. Gary said Ronnie is yelling really loud out there. Howard said he thinks he's going to live like Kurt. Jason said he's going to have to live in a shack out there attached to the clinic.

    Howard said they took some of Jeff the Drunk's calls to them and made a phony phone call to an internet radio show. Howard played the phony call and they had Jeff asking the hosts when they made their bed and what their favorite color was. The host said that he sounds kind of wasted. They told him to cut back on the sauce a bit. Then the guys called back in with clips of Jeff yelling at them saying that he's never calling the show again. They had Jeff cursing him out and hanging up on them. They called back in again and had Jeff telling them that he's never calling the show again. The host told him he just called in six times that night. They were going off on Jeff about his dopey calls.

    Howard played a ''Bad News, Good News Radio'' bit. Howard said he loves that. He said he's a big fan of that channel.

  • Bobo Calls In With An Awful Question. 09/18/18. 8:50am
    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who asked if Julie Chen has a law degree to take care of her husband. Howard said they talked about that already. Howard hung up on her. He said Mariann wanted to talk to the puppet. Howard said he keeps her on for like 30 seconds and people still complain. He said he likes her. He said he's into her.

    Howard said people liked Shuli's investigation into Bobo in the email. He read some of the mail he got about that. He had some positive mail about Bobo in there too.

    Howard said people liked that so people are turning around. Howard had Bobo on the phone and he said this is unusual so he's not used to it. He said he's just going to do what he does. He said he's passionate for the show and for his safety. Howard said Bobo is taking it very well that he now has fans.

    Howard said he's sure Bobo has an agenda today. He asked what his question is. Bobo asked what he thinks about Jimmy Fallon going out to dinner and some fans were there and they didn't bother him while he was eating so he picked up the tab. He asked if that's too much. Howard said that Bobo has called the call screener with that for the past 2 weeks. He said the story is old. He said yesterday he was on with the Shuli investigation. He said today he calls in with that. He said for 2 weeks he didn't pick up on Bobo and then yesterday he called in for the Shuli thing. Howard asked if he has that question in a book or something. Bobo said he holds on to it. Howard said that story was from August. He just sticks with it. Howard asked what rating he gave that question. Bobo said he gave that a green or go. Gary said he called Shuli asking what's going on after Howard didn't pick up on him for a week and a half. Howard said he's not going to pick up for that question.

    Bobo said he just wanted his thoughts on that. He wanted to know if he thought it was excessive. Bobo said Howard isn't going to pay anyone anything. Howard kept asking Bobo to give his thoughts on that question and even Bobo didn't have a good answer for him. Howard said no one cares. They played a song parody about Bobo's awful questions.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he drives a truck for a living and there is no way that Bobo drove a million miles without an accident. He said he wants to thank him for being an idiot. Howard said Bobo has a lot of fans.

  • PornHub Awards Clips. 09/18/18. 9:00am
    Howard said he was thinking about Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. He said that they were on the red carpet talking about how they loved every outfit. He said he's not sure why that is. He said they couldn't possibly like those outfits that much. He said he has a montage of clips from the red carpet. Howard played the clip and Savannah and Hoda were telling everyone they love their outfits.

    Howard said he likes the E! channel better because they always have some gay guy fashion designer talking about how bad people look.

    Howard said our society has become so snarky that everyone who accepts an Emmy looks embarrassed to win. He said the thing was that it was fun when they took it seriously. He said now you've become so used to the awards being meaningless. He said it really doesn't matter if you get one. He said if it does matter to you then you can't express it.

    Howard said if you come out and accept an award saying you've been wanting one since you were a kid then you have people making fun of you. He said that it's not as much fun anymore.

    Howard said what he did enjoy was the PornHub awards. He said this is their first award show. He said this is for professional porn. He said they have dudes who have big cocks shooting ropes or whatever. He said they held this a couple of weeks ago. He said they determined the winners based on what people were jerking off to. Robin said it's like the People's Choice of Porn. Howard said that's exactly what it's like. He said it was broadcast live on

    Howard said they had Kanye West design the trophies. He said the teleprompter kept breaking. He said the host was Asa Akira. He said she used to be on Bubba's show all the time. Howard played a clip of her reading the teleprompter and it kept cutting out.

    Howard asked how that many people can be watching porn. She said it was like 31 billion people or something. Howard said there are only 7 billion people on the planet.

    Howard said this is Porn Star Leila Starr presenting awards. He said they weren't able to get the microphone levels right so they were going up and down. Howard played another clip of the levels going up and down. Howard said he's not messing with that. He said Les Moonves should produce this. He said they need help. He said you don't hear productions like that anymore.

    Howard said some of the winners took forever to get up to the stage. He said this one was 52 seconds. He played a clip of the 52 second wait. Howard said it was a good production. He said it was charming. Howard said they weren't even sure if she was there.

    Howard played another clip of a winner being announced and not getting up there very quick. They didn't know if he was even there.

    Howard said he loves that no one gave a shit about the production. He said no one cared about the award. JD said half the winners didn't even show up. Howard said that he didn't know that PornHub was the biggest porn site out there.

  • Email, Pat Robertson Clips And Looting. 09/18/18. 9:10am
    Howard said people loved the Gary the Conqueror Boy or Girl game they played yesterday. He read some email about that. Howard said he has mixed opinions on the Les Puppet. He said some people wrote in about how great it was and some didn't like it at all and told him to knock it off. Howard said some people asked for Less Les. He said that someone told him to shove it up his ass and it was signed Julie Chen Moonves.

    Howard said some people were upset about Julie signing off of Big Brother with Moonves. Julie signed off and said the evicted Big Brother roommate's name wrong. She said Brent and his name was Brett. Robin said they say that there's some speculation about how she may not return next season to Big Brother.

    Howard read some more email about the show. He said someone just wrote in and said thank god for Howard's show. He said they got a whole bunch of things. He said someone wrote in and said that Sal pretends to be stupid but he's a genius.

    Howard said he spent time talking about Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande and he got some feedback about that. He said he got a compliment for Robin about her comments about Serena Williams.

    Howard said that he played some Pat Robertson clips the other day where he prayed the hurricane away from his area. He said that it didn't do any damage so he's taking credit for that. Howard played some audio of Robertson asking his followers to put their arms out and pray to keep the hurricane away from the CBN campus. Robin said the level of sincerity there is off the charts. Robin said that they should nominate these preachers for acting awards. Howard said this guy always sounds like he's pushing out a shit. He did his impression of Pat and played some clips of him pushing out his shit. Howard had Pat Robertson talking about how he wants a storm to hit the Tony awards instead. He was going on and on as Pat asking for ridiculous stuff. He wanted god to punish the Howard Stern Show for last year's Cocktober.

    Howard said he's having a good time there. He asked if anyone is still tuned in. Robin said she tuned out.

    Howard said the hurricane didn't hit the CBN campus and Pat took full credit for it. He played a clip of Pat talking about that and how they wrote that the storm took an ''odd turn'' and he was taking credit for that. Robin asked why he can't pray for the whole country instead of just his little area. Pat said this is a miracle.

    Howard said god killed that infant in a trailer but he saved Pat and his followers. Howard played a clip of Pat talking about how they're in hurricane alley and it's only prayer that could have saved them.

    Howard said this was good television. He said this reporter was on a local station and she was trying to talk to looters at a Dollar Store. Howard said the looters kept looting and didn't stop. Howard played a clip of the reporter doing her thing. Howard said if he's looting he's not looting the Dollar Store. He asked what they have in there, pretzels? Howard played the clip and people were just stealing stuff so the reporter was telling them that. The looters didn't stop.

    Howard said she was just trying to be all brave. He said she's calling them out and they just keep going.

    Howard said High Pitch Erik told him he bought steaks at a Dollar Store. He said they should have interviewed some of those guys about their free bubble gum. He said that's the worst of humanity looting. He said that the poor owner is selling cheap crap in there and not making a lot of money. He said the fact that this guy got dishes he can sell for a dollar and they're stealing is just wrong. He said the guy can't be doing much better than these looters.

    Howard said this woman stood there telling people they were looting. He said that's what he would do if he was a reporter. He said he'd be the guy acting like he was getting blown around and acting like he's brave. He said that woman is lucky she didn't get hit with a bat. He asked what's more depressing than looting the Dollar Store. He said drop those Dollar Store stickers. Robin said they have those bolts of string there. She said you can get a bunch of them. Howard said the owner had to get that stuff for less than a dollar to sell it for a dollar. Howard said anything in that store is worth maybe 40 cents. He said he'd feel so bad he'd go protect the Dollar Store.

    Howard said being the owner of that store has to be horrible. He said he's selling plastic wine glasses and crap like that. Howard asked how he's going to get back on his feet. He said it has to be tough to find cheap stuff to sell for a dollar. Howard said these people are risking going to jail to steal 3 water guns. He said they're getting 2 prong extension cords and crap like that.

    Howard asked a looter to call in about what's going on that they have to loot a store like that. He asked what they could possibly be getting there that they need. He said maybe they got a Blackberry charger. Howard said fuck you. He said they have a box of 3 year old Junior Mints they stole.

    Howard said he saw on the news that they arrested 5 people over that looting. He said they should really give them the electric chair over that. Howard said they used the video to track down those people who were looting. He said it's just a misdemeanor though. Howard said he cares about that. He said it's ridiculous. He asked what they got out of that store.

    Howard said they should throw the book at those people who looted. He said that he has the owner of the store on the phone. He said he's completely devastated. He said they took the hula hoops and every flavor of Fritos. He said he's ruined. Howard said the margin of profit has to be very slim. Howard let him go and did a live commercial read. They went to break after that.


  • Tan Mom's Farewell And Prince's Family Sell Out. 09/18/18. 9:40am
    After the break Howard came right back and said tomorrow they have Tan Mom coming in for her farewell performance. He said she's moving to Florida. He said it should be shocking and heart warming. He said it'll be an emotional roller coaster. He said he suggested you do not miss it.

    Howard said Tan Mom is going to say goodbye to them tomorrow. Fred played some clips of Tan Mom saying some wacky stuff.

    Howard said he sees that Prince's estate ended up going to his brothers and sisters. He said he read that they all ended up with it. Howard said he thinks now they're running it and he can see they really understood Prince. Robin asked if it really matters. Howard said he sees that they sold ''Lets go Crazy'' to Capital One. Howard said they really understood the guy. Howard said he thinks people know how he thinks and they wouldn't do that to him. Howard asked if Prince wanted his stuff to be in a commercial. Robin said no. She said he was very protective of his music. Howard played the Capital One commercial that they played during the Emmys last night with the Prince song. Howard laughed as it played.

    Howard said he thought about how that's exactly what Prince wanted. Robin said they're trying to figure out how to make every bit of money they can. Robin said you have to think about all of the money that Prince spent. She said it's like the Michael Jackson story. She said Prince was much easier to manage.

    Howard said he thinks Prince would have been more of a Wells Fargo kind of guy. Robin said they're talking about a credit card and talking about going crazy. Howard said that's right. He said build up a lot of debt and see what happens. Howard said he didn't even know it was a credit card. Gary said he has it. He said you can use the points you build up for anything. He said it's kind of Prince's fault for not leaving someone in charge. Howard said he should have left him in charge. He said he seems to care more than his own family does.

    Gary said he used his Capital One points to go on a vacation recently. He said he used the ''points eraser'' feature.

    Howard said Prince had all kinds of rules in his life. He said he didn't want people even covering his songs. He said now he's dead and 3 weeks later they're using his music in a credit card commercial. He said Prince was all about this high and mighty shit and now Capital One owns his music.

    Robin said the thing is that his family didn't know him. She said they had to go through a whole process of weeding people out to figure out who his family really was. Robin said they had to do DNA tests. Howard said he thought they were playing a Prince song to remind people of his death but then it was a commercial.

    Howard said that's the wrong message for a credit card. Robin said she agrees. He said that they're telling people to go crazy with their card. Howard made up more things they could sell songs for.

  • Celebrity Greeting Video More Or Less Game. 09/18/18. 9:50am
    Howard looked for more stuff to talk about. He went through the list of things he had talked about already. Robin said if you want your stuff taken care of make sure you tell someone. Howard said Robin has a will, right? Robin said she does.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he had the same surgery that Erik had in July. He said they close off about 85 percent of your stomach. He said if Erik is eating 10 falafel then he's stretching it out and he's on his way back to 400 pounds. Howard said it's so screwed up. He said he's not sure if he learned his lesson. He said they tried to teach him. He let the caller go after he said he can barely eat a slice of pizza himself.

    Howard said he has a little quiz to go through. He said he's never had to go through this site called Cameo where celebrities sell personalized videos to fans. He said High Pitch Erik has been doing that for years. He said he does that. Robin said she had no idea. Howard said he was browsing the videos and they're not doing anything different than Erik is.

    Howard said he's going to name a celebrity and play the video greeting and Robin has to guess if it costs $100 or less.

    Howard played a Perez Hilton video and asked Robin what she thinks that cost. Robin said less than $100. Howard said she's right. He said that it was $25.25.

    Howard said you can get one from Kathy Griffin. He played one of her videos. Howard asked Robin what she thinks that would cost. Robin said less than $100. Howard said Kathy charges $500 for that so Robin is wrong.

    Howard said he's so glad he's not on this site doing this. He asked if Kathy really has to do this stuff. Robin said he doesn't know her financial situation. Howard said maybe she had a downturn in her income.

    Howard said Lance Bass can do videos for your kids. He played an example of one of his videos. Howard asked Robin what she thinks it cost. Robin said more than. Howard said he charges $150. She's right.

    Howard said you can get a video message from Bam Margera. He said he didn't put much effort into his. Howard played his clip and asked Robin what that cost. Robin guessed it was less than 100. Howard said it was 40 bucks. Robin said he put about that much effort into it. Howard said for 40 bucks he'd put up with that.

    Howard asked Robin if she wants to get into this business. Robin said it seems pretty lucrative. She said she might.

    Howard said Marla Maples will do a message for you. He played a clip of her doing one of these messages. Howard asked Robin if that was more or less than $100. Robin said that has to be less than. Howard said she's right. It was $93. He said he's not sure how they came to that amount.

    Howard said Tommy Lee does videos. Robin asked if it's the real Tommy Lee. Howard said it is. He said he did this one with a chick by the pool. He had his kid there saying something too. Howard asked Robin if it was more or less than $100. Robin said more. Howard said it was $250.

    Howard said Carmen Electra will make them. He played an example. He asked Robin if it was more or less than $100. Robin said it's got to be less. Howard said it's $100 on the nose.

    Howard said High Pitch Erik makes them. He played an example of him wishing someone a happy birthday. Robin said that has to be less than 100. Howard said it was $75.

    Howard said Fred the Elephant Boy is on there but no one has bought one yet. Howard said he has an example up there but he hasn't sold one yet. He played the example. He said you'd think that would go like hotcakes. Robin said he should be paying you. Howard said it's $100 on the nose for one of those. Howard said it's not easy making those work.

    Howard said that guy Balls who calls in is even on there. He played an example of his message. Howard asked what Robin thinks he charges. Robin said it has to be less than 100 .Howard said it's another $100 on the nose.

    Gary said Shuli was telling him that Erik used to do this in the past on his own and he'd ask people for some place to live with all of the email addresses he collected. He said that's the way he gets his rent.

    Howard had Shuli come in to explain that. Shuli came in and said that Erik has been living in a new place for 5-6 months and it's on the beach. He said that it's beautiful. He said it's unbelievable. He said he had an apartment that had a toilet in the bedroom. He got thrown out of that place because of the web cam stuff. He said Erik moved to this new place and the guy bounced a check right out of the gate. He said that he has to move again now. Howard said the guy had to have put a down payment or something. Shuli said he got infuriated seeing where he's living.

    Shuli said Erik sent out a email blast asking people if they have anywhere for him to live. Howard said he hopes that he finds something. He did a live commercial read and went to break after that.


  • Comic Book Talk. 09/18/18. 10:10am
    After the break Howard came right back and took a call from Balls who said he wanted to explain to him that thing was embarrassing as fuck. He said he worked for a company that made him do that. He said he was doing a podcast network and they made him do it. He said they wrote all of that shit for him. He said he thought it was ridiculous to charge $100 for that. He said that not one person asked for a message. He said he never did one. He said it was all ridiculous. He said if anyone ever did want one he'd do it for free.

    Howard said he was forced to do a Cameo video. He said he doesn't even understand that. Balls asked him a question about how long is the longest he's ever stayed up. Howard didn't bother answering. He let Balls go after that. He said that he stayed up on his trip there from Krypton. He said he loved that Superman's parents did that. He wondered how they did that. Robin said they were more advanced than we were. Howard said he would have jumped in that rocket instead of putting the kids in there.

    Howard went through the story of Jor-El and why he came up with the idea to put Kal-El in the rocket. He said he's not sure how Supergirl got into her rocket. Robin said the other option was to die there.

    Howard said that the other thing about Clark Kent is that Lois Lane was in love with Superman but he can't be with her until she loves him as Clark first. Howard said then he acts like the biggest douche. He said if he were Superman he'd like to think he would be neurosis free.

    Howard said the super monkey was a stowaway on the ship. He said there was none of that in the original stories. He said there are too many holes in that story.

    Jason said that they edited that into the Super Boy comic. Howard said he hated that. He said they had the monkey, horse and dog. He said there was even a cat that Supergirl had. He said fuck you to the super monkey. He said it's not fun.

    Howard said how about Superrodent. He said he'd believe that something like that snuck into the rocket. He said maybe a Supercockroach.

    Howard said his cousin Jack worked for DC comics and he drew all of the covers. He said he never remembers seeing a dog on the cover.

  • Robin's News. 09/18/18. 10:20am
    Howard said it's time for some news. He played Robin into it with a song parody that Sal did as Elvis. Howard said he let it play because he knows that Sal thinks he sounds good as Elvis and his lyrics are extra creepy too. He said it's not even funny. He said it's sick and next level gross. Robin said there was a gross one yesterday and Sal is right up there. Robin said he greeted her with a big smile this morning and then this comes out of him. Howard said he shouldn't be loose on the street.

    Howard asked Robin to start her news. Robin started off with a story about what makes a penis attractive to women. Howard said it's girth according to this article. He said he's not sure why he even read it. He said he remembers years ago when Jessica Hahn was in the news when she used to do the show she was dating Sam Kinison and she told him that he didn't have a long penis but it had girth like a beer can. He said he has neither girth or length. He said he just has a penis that's kind of there. He said he has 6 inches. Robin asked how big around it is. Howard said he's sure he picked up an inch by shoving it into his taint. Robin said they say that women aren't correct about if it's large and girthy. She said they give it extra proportion. Robin said she likes girth too. She said you want something that fills you up.

    Howard asked if Robin has been with really thick men. Robin said she's had men who are the normal thickness. She said she's not sure about a beer can. Howard asked if she has been with a man who was particularly thin. Robin said she has. She said you just take what you can get.

    Howard said his penis looks like it's anorexic. He said that's how he'd describe it. Robin said men get points for good grooming too. Howard said he used to shave it down but Beth may have thought something was wrong with him. He said she doesn't mind him having hair down there.

    Robin read a story about how taking an aspirin a day might not be that good for you. Howard said he saw that story. He said he took the baby aspirin and had to stop doing it. He said it was making him feel bad. Robin said they say that if you're healthy it may not help. Howard said he can't do it. Robin said they say that if you're 70 and older and healthy then there may not be any benefits. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about the first SpaceX space tourist. Robin said they have their first one and this guy has dreamt of going to space. Howard asked how much it's going to cost. Robin said they say this will happen in 2023. Robin read that the guy is worth $2.9 billion. Robin said they don't say how much the flight will cost. Howard did the math trying to figure out how far off it is. Howard said it's 2012 now... He didn't even have that year right. Gary said they said that it will cost around $72 million a seat. Howard asked if you land on the moon. Robin said no. She said you just circle it. Howard said he'd be afraid to go. He said he won't even go to Italy.

    Robin said that she's thinking about this #MeToo movement and how they're going after these moguls. Robin said imagine you're being harassed and it's McDonald's. Howard said that's the point. Robin said workers at McDonald's are asking for the sexual harassment to stop and they're going to be protesting by striking today. Robin said they're striking in at least 10 cities. Howard said that has to be the worst job and getting sexually harassed here has to be awful. Robin said the strike will also be for getting better pay. Howard said he's going to fly to the moon. He said he can see it from his living room and he's sure it doesn't look any different up close.

    Robin read a story about Page Six having these insiders telling them about Julie Chen resigning from The Talk. Howard said even if it's made up he loves it. Robin said they say that Julie is completely behind Les. She's all in. Howard asked what that means. Robin said it may mean that she's not questioning him. Howard said he's not sure if she is not believing the 12 women or just backing up her husband. Robin said she thinks that she doesn't believe the women. Howard wondered if they're still having sex. Robin said they don't have insiders that are that inside. Robin said the speculation is that she is all in because she's not coming back to The Talk. Robin said she heard from TMZ that this will happen today on The Talk. She said that she may announce she's leaving today. Howard said the women have something to talk about and now she won't show up.

    Howard said if he were Les he'd hire the people who made up Sacha Baron Cohen for his show and have himself made up to look different and just go back to work. Robin said he should get plastic surgery to look different. Howard said it can't be as much fun being married to the guy when all of that CBS empire is gone. Robin said they still don't know how this will all shake out. Robin said they didn't make fun of him on the Emmys last night so will he be allowed to come back? Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Howard said maybe Julie can move to an island with Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and Les. He said it's called Creep Island. He said that Julie is the only wife who went along. He said the island is shaped like an erect penis with balls.

    Robin read a story about the New York Magazine article about Woody Allen and Soon-Yi. Robin said that they were rough on Mia Farrow. Howard said she was a real nice woman. He said he felt bad for her after reading that. He said she was so loving and giving to adopt these kids and bring them into their home. Howard said Soon-Yi was eating soap in Korea. He said that Mia took her in and took care of her. He said that takes work to take the kids in. He said that article bummed him out for Mia. Robin said today people are picking apart that article. Robin said they have a picture of Ronan Farrow with a picture of Frank Sinatra. Howard said he looks like Mia. He said that Woody is his dad. Howard said he believes that he's his father. Robin said that he did pay child support for him. Robin said that Woody is saying that Mia wasn't faithful to him though. Howard said they should leave her alone. He said Ronan is making a name for himself and he's taking on all of this #MeToo stuff. He said he's a good looking kid too. Robin said there as a biographer who said Sinatra was impotent so it's not possible for him to be the father. Howard said he looks identical to Mia. He said he believes that she would tell the truth about who the father is. He said he thinks she's a very moral person. Howard said all of his kids are good looking. He said they lucked out and don't look like him. He said Sinatra wasn't that good looking. He said he wasn't a beauty. He said he was very bad looking. He said the ladies liked him because he could sing and he was wealthy. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who thanked him for such a great interview with Norm Macdonald. He said that it shows how these guys handle their guests on their shows. He said he has some questions about that. Howard said how about just leaving it at loving the interview. The caller wondered how they'd handle it on Howard's show. He was talking about how he thinks it could have gone. Howard said he thinks this caller is over thinking it. The caller was wondering how Howard would handle it if he had something like that happen. Howard said he would interview them. Robin said the only person they're pushing away is someone who just killed someone. Howard said he's not sure what to tell the guy. The caller thanked him for all these years of great radio. Howard said that was a nice call.

    Robin read a story about something they're going to take credit for. Robin said in 36 years this hasn't happened. Robin said Paul McCartney has a number 1 album for the first time in 36 years. Howard said how about that. Robin had some audio for Howard to play. Howard said he saw the new video and they have a hot chick in ''Back in Brazil.'' He said the girl gets to dance up on the stage with Paul performing. Robin said the new album ''Egypt Station'' debuted at number 1. Hoar said he has it on vinyl. Gary said he's so jealous. Howard said Chris Wilding said the best song is one that's on the album you can only get a Target. He said the song is ''Nothing for Free.'' Robin said congratulations to Paul for that.

    Robin read a story about Tom Arnold's new Vice TV show where they go after the Trump tapes. Robin said that everyone has been asking him if he has the tape of Trump saying the N-word. Robin said Tom had a pushing match with Mark Burnett the other night at some event. Robin said yesterday she saw that Tom was saying he was going to sue or press charges. Robin said he's claiming that Mark attacked him and Mark's wife is saying that Tom is the attacker. Howard said he knows both guys. He said he thinks Tom could beat up Mark. He said he's a bulky kind of guy who grew up in the mid-west. He said he can put together that fight if they want to duke it out. Robin said they asked Tom if he has the tapes from The Apprentice and Tom said that Ronan Farrow has them. Howard said Mark Burnett was in the British army. He said he may have to change his thoughts on the fight. Gary said he actually saw action. He said he was in the special forces in the Falklands war. He also saw action in Northern Ireland. Howard said he is a masculine guy. He said he was in the service. Robin said she's not sure if anyone has tapes but that's what Tom is claiming. Howard said this Ronan Farrow is something. He asked if he's become like Woodward and Bernstein. Robin said ''Well, yeah.'' Howard said that kid is on fire.

    Robin read a story about Roseanne Barr going out and telling everyone about how her character is exiting the show now that she's out and The Connors is going on. Robin had a clip from a podcast Roseanne was on talking about how they killed her off. She said they had her die of an opioid overdose. Roseanne said it wasn't enough to just fire her, she said they had to insult her. Howard said they should have had OJ kill her. Gary said she had an opioid addiction in the last season. He said it's not that out there. Howard said they should have done something funny like have a Sharknado take her out. Robin said she's not sure how a more dignified death would be better. Howard said he's not sure. He said maybe she blows herself up after being recruited by ISIS. Howard said she wouldn't be happy about getting killed off in any way.

    Robin read a story about the Emmys and how Colin Jost and Michael Che were hosting. Robin said they didn't mention Les Moonves but they did mention #MeToo. Robin had some audio for Howard to play. Robin said they say that people liked them as hosts. Robin said that they were relieved when all was said and done. Robin read about some of the big winners last night. She had a bunch of clips for Howard to play.

    Robin read a story about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh being on hold until they interview the woman who claims he assaulted her as a teenager. Robin said they will question that woman and it should be broadcast. Howard said he'll be watching that. Robin said then he's going to answer those claims. Robin said he's claiming it never happened right now. Robin said he's claiming he was never even there at that party.

    Robin read a story about Attorney General Jeff Sessions is saying that free speech is under attack on college campuses. Robin had some audio of sessions talking about how people being offended by speeches on campus are making it tough to have free speech there. Howard said there shouldn't be a reason you can't stage a protest.

    Robin read a story about Trump hitting China with new tariffs. Robin had some details about that. Howard said all of that shit he buys at the Dollar Store is going to go away.

    Robin said there's a station there on SiriusXM that has Laura Ingraham on it. She had one of Clinton's accusers on the show and she was talking about how tough it is for women to come forward. Robin had some audio for Howard to play. They spent a little time talking about that story.

    Robin read a story about a basketball player named Jason Maxwell who revealed that he had slept with 341 women. Robin said that was before and during his marriage to his high school sweetheart. Robin said he was on this show where they try to fix people's lives. Robin said the wife must have suspected something was going on. Robin had some audio from that show where the guy was asked how many women he's slept with in his life. He quickly blurted out 341. Fred played Ronnie's ''That's a amores'' clip after that. Robin said the host tells the wife to just move on. The wife thought he had been with 8 women. She said even that was a lot for her. She walked off the show. Robin asked if you really want to do that on TV. She said the host thought that would keep the marriage together.

    Robin read a story about how Bill Cosby's wife has filed a complaint against the judge in her husband's case. Robin said they claim that he was biased against Bill Cosby. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around 11:25am.

-- Monday --

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    • Bobo Stories With Shuli. 09/17/18. 8:55am
    • Howard's Need For Attention. 09/17/18. 9:35am
    • Speech Impediment Man's Dopey Questions And Advice For Gift Giving. 09/17/18. 9:45am
    • Email And A High Pitch Erik Update. 09/17/18. 10:00am
    • Robin's News. 09/17/18. 10:25am
    • To Be Archived Later This Friggin Week.
    • To Be Archived Later This Friggin Week.
    • To Be Archived Later This Friggin Week.

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