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  • Wrap Up Show - Benjy In Sharknado 2. 07/31/14. 10:15am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show talking about Benjy being there and how he could be an Emmy Nominated member of the show some day. Jon said they're going to start off with that. He said that Sharknado 2 was on against America's Got Talent last night. Gary said he missed the movie last night. He said he heard about what happened in the movie and how ridiculous it was. Jon said it's a lot of fun and a stupid premise. He said everyone was counting the cameos in it. Jon said he kept waiting for Benjy to come on. He said Mark McGrath was in it and threw out a Jump the Shark line. He said he was walking his dog and he came back and as he walked in the door he heard screaming and he knew it was Benjy. Jon said he missed his part but he rewound it and saw it. He said Benjy did a good job but he looked so different. He said he was a bit heavier in it. Jon said they way they took his head off was great.

    Benjy said that there is going to be a flashback with him in the third Sharknado. Benjy didn't even see the part where his head got taken off. He said he doesn't want to spoil anything about the future though.

    Benjy said he was so excited to be in the movie. He said it's stupid and fun. He said people are treating it like it's supposed to be something different. He said it's ridiculous and he's getting a lot of praise for it. Jon said he thought he was really good in it. Gary said the movie makes you laugh because it's so goofy.

    Jon said Matt Lauer and Al Roker really stood out in it. He said they were really funny. He said that they're in the whole movie and Al made him laugh a few time. Steve Brandano said he got some laughs too.

    Steve asked if Jon or Gary were asked to do the movie. They weren't. Steve said they had a lot of cameos in it and Gellman was even in it. Jon said maybe Benjy had some kind of rider in his contract saying no one else could be in it. Benjy said he didn't.

    Jon said that he really appreciated the Mark McGrath line about jump the shark. Benjy said Mark tweeted out that he did that as a shout out to the show.

    Gary said he did Hollywood Squares and he gets residual checks from that. He said Benjy might see those too. Benjy said he didn't even think about that. Gary said he's in SAG and he gets all of the screeners that are nominated for an Oscar. He said that it's a lot of money to join though. Gary said he gets his health insurance through them. He said that he gets his dental through there.

    Benjy said he got the letter from SAG and he was so excited. He said he was told he could join at any time. Gary said that it's good to have it. He said that if you're not in SAG you have to join if you are going to be in a movie. Gary said he has always held on to the SAG card hoping that someone would hire him but no one has.

    Steve asked Gary if he cashes the checks he gets in the mail from SAG. Gary said he does with some. He said some of them are like 48 cents and it cost them that much to mail it.

    Benjy said he heard that they're going to be in 83 countries with the movie and he could get checks because of the airings all over the world. Jon said he's not sure how that works but he should look into joining.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he hated Sharknado 2. He said he's shocked that Howard let him be in it. Benjy asked if he saw the first one. The caller didn't. Benjy said the movie is so fun and funny though. Jon said it's a bad movie but in a very good way. He said if you don't appreciate those kind of movies you won't like it. Gary said it's almost like an Ed Wood kind of thing. He said it's almost like it's being forced down your throat too.

    Benjy said that he doesn't think that anyone could hate the movie. Gary said it's not worth it to him to hate it. Jon said sometimes people hate it just to hate it. Steve said he gets why people hate it but he got some laughs out of it too.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked Benjy how he got back on the Wrap Up Show. He said he was one of the dopes who thought that he was late yesterday. Jon said they got a lot of Tweets and emails about that. Jon said Benjy was banned for a while back then. Gary said he earned his way back. He said he stopped coming in late and he worked his way back on. Jon said he really appreciates Benjy being on the show and he's happy he's on. Benjy said that it's one of his favorite things in the world to communicate like that.

    The caller asked if Benjy is keeping in touch with anyone from the movie. Benjy said he does with Pepa and he met Ian Ziering last night. He said he met Robert Klein last night but he made it kind of awkward. He said he was talking to Ian and he's Jewish. He said he was the hero of the movie and it was very exciting to him. Benjy said he was excited about it.

    Gary said Benjy used to do the research for the show and he would come in once a week and he'd come in and tall them about someone being Jewish and he would get so excited. Benjy said he is excited about it but he puts it on a little bit too. Benjy said that Howard is too but he knows the audience doesn't care.

    Benjy talked about going to camp as a kid and he loved going because everyone was Jewish. He said his family was like the only Jewish family in town.

    Jon said the other thing about Benjy talking to Ian is that he had a shark head on his head. He said he put that on toward the end. Benjy said Ian is in really good shape too.

    Benjy said he has met Chaz Palminteri before and he's friends with his sister. He said he realized that he was talking to him and mixed him up with Joey Pants.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that the movie was horrible. He said that the best part about it was Al Roker and Matt Lauer. Benjy said they're writing more of the movies. He said it's fine to hate it but there are more coming and he's going to be in them. Jon said it was time for a break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - More Benjy. 07/31/14. 10:40am
    After the break Jon said he didn't know Mark McGrath had such a big part in the film. He said he was like the second biggest role in it. Steve said he could be nominated for an Emmy. Jon said Benjy could get one because anyone could be nominated. Gary said that he could send out notes to people and copies of his scene. Benjy said he could go door to door.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said she loved the movie last night and laughed her ass off. She said that the only problem is that she had to watch it on a smaller TV set. She said that they don't have SyFy on her regular cable. The woman asked who Benjy was in the movie. Jon told her who he played and she was mistaking Judah Friedlander for Benjy. Benjy said he played Sam the Prophet. The woman said she remembers that now. Benjy said the actress who helped him up was his niece. Benjy said his sister is friends with people at the production company.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked why Benjy has become the center of the Stern universe. He said a few months ago Howard hated him. He said he's not sure what's going on. Benjy said it has been a phenomenon. Gary said when Benjy shot the movie he thinks Howard was impressed. Jon said Howard loved it. He said Benjy was in the movie which aired last night so that's why they're talking about it now.

    Gary said rerunning it all month long they'll be able to say 4 million people saw it even though it's like 40,000 people at a time. Jon said that he wants to see how it did in the ratings. Gary said he's sure they were good. He said you don't need a lot to be a hit on cable.

    Gary said he's not sure Matt and Al wanted to be in the movie. He said he thinks that it started as an obligation. Jon said he agrees with Gary. He said that they had fun with Al and Matt at the Birthday Bash. He said Al keeps growing on him as a comedian too.

    Gary said you have to Google Al Roker's son appearing on the Today show. He said it's very cute. They went to break a short time later.

  • Wrap Up Show - Even More Sharknado And Benjy Talk. 07/31/14. 10:55am
    After the break Jon took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn. She said she saw My Man is a Loser and that was great. She missed Sharknado last night. She said that she'll see it eventually. Mariann said that Enrique Iglacias was there last night at AGT and that's whose song she wrote her ''All I Need'' song from. Mariann said that she thinks she's back in the groove of AGT and she thinks that she could be in Sharknado if they want her.

    Gary said that Mariann is very democratic about who she has in her box at AGT. He said she's very organized and she organizes the Wack Pack. Mariann said she's glad he appreciates that. Mariann said she had a bunch of Wack Pack there the other night. Jon said she tries to bring in a lot of fans. He said she does a good job with that. Gary said he's going to try to get there a few times this season.

    Jon said they're not just blowing smoke. He said that she's really great at what she does. Gary said if High Pitch were to die in his apartment she would be the first to know.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he wanted to tell Benjy he loved the movie. He said he thought he was hilarious in it. The caller asked if they think Howard could get upset if Sharknado beat AGT in the ratings. Gary said he thinks he'd be more irritated if it was on a weekly basis and not just one time. Jon said they'll have their answer today about the ratings.

    Benjy was telling the guys some of the cameos in the movie and Gary put a stop to that. Benjy said he had a funny thing happen last night. He said that he saw a black woman walk in and he yelled out ''Pepa!'' but it turned out it wasn't her.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he was one of the people who missed Benjy's scene when he walked his dog. He said it would be great if Benjy was nominated for his part. Gary said he could get that. He said that he's campaigned for people he likes. He said that he does take it seriously when he votes for the president of SAG though.

    Jon said Lisa G is there with some news headlines. She ran through those quickly. Jon wrapped up the show after that. Benjy was plugging the movie people like crazy. They ended the show around 11:05am.


-- Wednesday, July 30, 2014 --

  • Unnamed Vacation Special. 07/30/14. 6:00am
    Howard is off today since he worked late last night on America's Got Talent. They played some random segments to fill in for the live show. Once again they weren't listing dates on the PDT so I'm only going to post what I can figure out from my archives.

  • Benjy Is Late - September 16, 2010. 07/30/14. 6:00am
    First up today they played a segment where Benjy showed up late and Howard threatened to fire him. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Benjy Shows Up Late Again. What Now? 09/16/10. 6:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: Beetlejuice's ''Beetle'' song, Bon Jovi performing ''Help'' live on the Howard Stern Show.

    Howard started the show talking about how he has an empty seat this morning so he has to fire Benjy. He said that he's got to at least throw him off of the Wrap Up Show. Robin said he just got back on two days ago. Howard said he's like Dad around there and he hates that aspect of the job. Howard said he really does hate that. Robin asked if he thinks that something really went wrong. Howard said if he was in a car accident then he's okay.

    Howard asked Robin what he should do. Robin said that he's not being too harsh at all. Howard said he's not sure what Benjy is thinking. He said he must have many other job offers. Robin said he's just irresponsible. Howard said he told him to get there a half hour early. He said he just can't do that apparently. Howard said you have to do whatever you have to do to hold onto a job in this economy. Howard said Benjy thinks he's kidding around. He said he doesn't want to fire the guy.

    Robin said if he fires him then he might be hurting himself. He's only got a few more moths there. Howard said he doesn't mind hurting himself. Robin said maybe he can write from outside the studio and keep him off the Wrap Up Show again.

    Howard said he's going to do anything he can except fire him. He said he's not sure where he is. Robin said maybe he just stayed home thinking he's fired.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he can't fire him. He said that he has given him so many chances. Howard said it's just ridiculous. He said he must have a mental illness. Howard said he thinks it's almost like death by cop. He must not want to be there anymore but he can't tear himself away. He said that really upsets him because he doesn't like firing people. Howard said when you want something then you show up on time.

    The caller said that bowling is not a sport either. He said anyone can throw a ball down an alley and knock down pins. Howard said that it is just as much of a sport as baseball and games like that. Howard said you have to be consistent when you play and it is a skill. He said it's no different than Golf.

    Howard took another call from a guy who said that Benjy probably heard the opening song of Jon Bon Jovi singing ''Help'' at the start of the show and jumped off a building. The guy said he hated the song. Howard didn't even know what song he was talking about. Howard had Fred replay it since he didn't hear it. Robin said she liked it and said it was a beautiful version of the song. The caller was also saying that Benjy is just crying out and he's only been on the Wrap Up Show for 3 days.

    Gary said Benjy just got there and he ran straight to the bathroom. He said he might have a kit he has set up for late mornings and he may come out with fake blood on his face. Howard said that Benjy has done it to him again and now he has to deal with this.

    Howard asked Benjy what he wants him to do. He said he must not want this job. Howard asked why he has to be the bad guy and why he can't just quit. Howard said he obviously wants to move on and now he's embarrassed him on the air by not firing him. Howard said he's okay with calling it quits.

    Benjy said he doesn't want to quit. Howard said he has to come up with another punishment. Howard said Benjy just kept cutting it closer and closer and now he's late. Howard asked what he's supposed to do.

    Benjy said he hit the snooze button and he didn't get up on time. Howard said all he does is ask him to be there on time. He doesn't ask him to stay late. He doesn't ask him to do anything extra there. He has a cush fuckin' job. Howard said the guy is just fuckin with him. Howard said if he re-signs there he's going to have to fire Benjy and hire someone more reliable. He said that's only if they re-sign there which he said would be a miracle.

    Howard said everyone gets to work on time except for Benjy. Howard said he can't remember being late. Fred and Robin haven't been late. Fred said he was late once. Howard said he wouldn't even approach Fred about that. Robin said she had some experience where she was late a few times. She put herself on probation and stopped going out so late. Howard said Benjy lives blocks away. He said he shouldn't be late.

    Howard said he doesn't know what to do. Howard told Benjy he can't write in the studio anymore. He said he has to stay off the Wrap Up Show for the rest of the time they're there. Howard said he really doesn't enjoy this and he's making him look like an asshole. Howard said he doesn't know what to do.

    Howard said he doesn't know what to do so he asked Benjy what he would do if he was him. Benjy said he doesn't know what he would do. Howard said he has told him over and over again not to show up late. Now he's spending the first half hour of the show on this and he doesn't want to deal with it. Howard said he had things he wanted to get to this morning. Howard said he was going to play staff impression contest entries. Now he's spending 30 minutes talking to Benjy about being late.

    Howard said he's really not good at confrontation. He said he was listening to the Intern Show and he was going to talk about that this morning. He said he was going to have Gary tell Steve about some things he could do different but he told Gary to tell him instead. Howard said that's how much he hates confrontation.

    Howard said Benjy is giving him mixed signals. He said he can't do this. Howard told him that he has to stop with this routine because it drives him nuts. It's really disrespectful to him to show up late. Howard said all he's asking is that he show up for four and a half hours. That's it. Howard said he should have read two newspapers by now. Howard said he should be there 45 minutes early to prepare for the show. Howard said if he worked for any other show, they get in way before the boss. Howard said they come up with ideas and jokes before the boss is there.

    Howard told Benjy to go that extra mile. He said he's really not putting any effort into it. Howard said he's done doing this crap. Howard said he couldn't deal with Jackie anymore either and that's where this is going. Robin said he should fire him then. Howard said he thinks that Benjy really doesn't want this job. Howard said he's too much of a wimp when it comes to this stuff. It breaks his heart to fire the guy but he obviously doesn't want this job.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he shouldn't torment himself so much. Howard said he can't help it. The caller said he drives a truck for a living. Howard said he wishes that Benjy had to do that for a week to see how great he has it. Howard said he wishes that Benjy was up late writing jokes last night but that's just not happening.

    Howard said he gets there on time and he's the one that could actually fuck off. He said that Jackie was the guy who would walk off the show and leave them sitting there holding the show together just so he'd have a job when he came back. Howard said he never saw what Robin was talking about. He said it finally hit him though and he saw what Jackie was really doing.

    Howard said he wasn't able to find a newspaper this morning when he got there. He was scrambling around looking for one. He said he thought about that and how he always gave SIRIUS his best while he was there. He said he's been there 5 years and he's always prepared and has performed well. He takes pride in his job. Howard said Benjy could say he gets paid a lot of money but he's always been into his job even when he was getting next to nothing working at radio stations. Howard said he was on the radio in Westchester and he took pride in that. He said Benjy just doesn't do that. The caller said he takes pride in his job too. He said he drives a gasoline truck and he has to get the gas to the gas stations because they rely on him. Howard said he respects the caller for that. He said he doesn't care what a man does for work. If you have a job then you do it the best you can. He said you can't just take money for nothing.

    Howard said he's never asked Benjy to do anything for the show. He doesn't have to stay late or anything like that. Howard said he's very loyal to people and there are a lot of people out there who would love to be working for this show. Howard said every show has writers and they shuffle them around and fire people all the time. Howard said Letterman always has new people writing over there. Howard said they're ready to replace them if they don't put out. He respects them for that.

    Howard said Benjy doesn't even has a resume. He hasn't written anything for anyone else. Howard said he's just breaking his balls... ''the fuck.'' Howard said he's not sure why he keeps getting into this. He said he shouldn't even keep him around. He should fire him.

    Howard said he doesn't know what to do. He took a call from a woman who said she doesn't get to listen much. She said she's heard this same conversation about 5 times. She said he doesn't deserve that much time on the air. Howard said he knows. He said he was talking to Kidd Chris about how he feels bad about letting people go from his show and that's how he's going to feel if he has to let people go. Howard said they have a pretty reliable job there and they get renewed every 5 years. This is the kind of job that people dream of. Howard said Jackie thought he could go write for a million shows but he never did. Howard said maybe Benjy thinks he can do that too. Howard said he bets Benjy has tried to get other jobs. He said maybe he should be trying to move on. Howard said he bets he's failed at getting other jobs. Now he's fucking him over showing up late.

    Howard asked Benjy if he sees what he's doing to him. He said he's not joking about this. He said that Benjy is fucking him over and he hates him for this. Howard asked what the fuck is wrong with him and what he wants him to do with him. Benjy didn't have an answer for him.

    King of all Blacks called in and said that Benjy sounds like he's sitting there getting off on this. Howard said he is. Howard said this is now his problem. He asked Gary if he has a spot for Benjy to sit at writing jokes. Gary said they were setting it up now. Howard said he feels bad but he has to send Benjy out of the studio to write.

    Howard said he got into radio so he didn't have to be nauseous going to work. He said he hated that feeling on Sunday nights thinking about going to school. He said it was like torture. Howard said he had to go to school and get beat up, choked and all of that. He said he's not a warrior like Chuck Zito. Howard said he's just not that guy and every day his parents put him into that situation. He said that was all backwards and he was supposed to be ''the man'' and he was the one who should have beating up the black kids. Howard said he was stuck in that shitty school and finally got out of it and went to another school where they thought he was nuts. He had to take drugs to self medicate. Howard said he's still fucking up every day and he's stuck in a nightmare. Howard said he has a pretty decent job and it's supposed to be stress free. Now he has this clown.

    Howard said he's got Benjy making things bad for him and there are other people there who are making it tough for him. Howard said he got out of there yesterday and tried to go see his daughter out on Long Island. Howard said he gave himself 2 hours to get out there and he was cutting it too close.

    Howard said he will do anything for the people who work for him but this guy is just pissing on him. He said he's trying to keep this job going but this guy is just pissing on him.

    Benjy said there are lots of times that they haven't gotten along well. Howard asked what the fuck he's talking about. Benjy said that he's always said that Howard is the most loyal, supportive person. He said he really hasn't looked into other jobs. He said he loves working there. Howard told him to just go look for girls on Craigslist. He said Benjy is a bullshit artist. Howard asked what he's supposed to do with him and how is he supposed to punish him. Benjy thinks that he should give him a financial fine. Howard said he can't do that. He said he's not going to come up with some calculation.

    King was making noise on the phone because he was busy making his lunch. King said that he's going into work early this morning. Benjy told Howard to fine him $1,000 every time he's late. Howard said he's not going to do that. He said he doesn't have a pot to piss in and he's not going to fine him. Howard said maybe he should change his hours. Howard said he can't take money from Benjy. Benjy said it would be him wasting the money. Howard said he's not going to do it.


  • Hottest Regular Chick Talk Up - June 6, 2007. 07/30/14. 7:25am
    Next up today they played a Hottest Regular Chick contest talk up segment. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Hottest Regular Chick Contest Discussions. 06/06/07. 6:20am
    Howard said he spent a lot of time with Ronnie yesterday because he's been driving him around this week. He said that he was out to dinner with his daughter and he felt bad for Ronnie because he was out all day with him. He said he shouldn't worry because he doesn't work all that hard. Ronnie came in and said that he's not upset about anything and he likes his job. He said that he doesn't get it when Howard talks like this.

    Howard said they have a great show today. They have Cabbie coming in for a visit. They have the Hottest Regular Chick contest coming up as well. Artie said he has a chick coming in but she's 40 years old. Ronnie found a chick who is 50 but very hot. Ronnie said he saw this chick and asked her to come on. She started to get a little wobbly when she heard what they wanted her to do. Howard said they asked the guys on the show to go out and find the hottest chick they could and bring her back to the show. They have a $5,000 prize for the winner. They need a normal chick who isn't in show business.

    Artie said they had to go out and find a chick who they didn't know. He said that he had one girl who was really hot but he already knew her. Artie said he had another strange experience when he went up to a chick in the lobby and asked her if she was interested in being in the contest. He said the girl turned out to be an intern on the show that had just started. Artie said he really needed that Wrap Up Show thing yesterday because he's been called a 1.5 by one of the other interns.

    Ronnie said that he almost cock blocked Artie yesterday with that chick Jen when she came into the studio. He said Artie was going to get her number by calling her missing cell phone and Ronnie was going to just use his phone instead.

    Howard said that Fred had trouble finding a hot chick when he went out to find one for this contest they have today. Fred said he got a lot of strange looks from the chicks he was asking to be part of the contest. Howard told Fred that's because he's kind of scary. Fred said he was ready to go off to Europe with Artie after Howard went off on him.

    Artie said that he was offering the chicks to take the whole $5,000 to get them on the show. Fred was doing the same but Gary was making strange deals where he was only going to give the girl $1,000. Gary said that he had a reason for doing that. He said he found one girl who would have been perfect for it but she started to back out so he had the ability to bump the money up and up instead of just blowing his load right off the bat.

    Howard asked Fred about not being able to find a chick. Fred said he was asking girls to do it and then he'd find out that they weren't over the age of 18. He said he was throwing out the show name and the money to the girls and he still wasn't able to find anyone. He said he thinks that all girls should have to wear signs that say that they're over or under 18. Howard said Fred isn't alone, JD wasn't able to find a girl either.

    Fred said he was sent down to Columbus Circle to find a chick but there were none there. Howard said that some of the guys could go to Hooters to find girls. Fred said he thought that wasn't allowed. That's what Artie thought as well. He said he was under the impression that the girls couldn't use their looks to have made money. Jason came in and said that he told the guys that the girls couldn't have modeled, that's it. If they were just a waitress, that would be fine.

    Howard said it's not easy to go up to women like that and find someone willing to be part of the contest. Artie said he found a 17 year old in Times Square and asked her to be part of it. He didn't know she was that young. Gary said that he wasn't telling the women what the name of the contest was either. He was telling them they were just looking for the hottest ''girl next door.''

    All of this was shot for Howard TV so they had audio of JD going out to find chicks. He was asking girls if he could ''borrow them'' for a second. JD said he had two chicks lined up but they both backed out. He played a clip of JD asking a girl if she was interested in coming on the show to be part of the show. Howard listened to that and told him he was a loser. He told him that he doesn't know how to talk to people. He said that he should have told her about the money right up front. He was telling the girl that ''the worst thing'' she'd have to do was get into a bikini. That scares girls off. JD said that it's easy to sit there and tell him that now. Howard played some more clips of JD asking various hot chicks if they had been models or actresses. Quite a few of them were turning him down right away.

    Howard played one clip where JD said he was going to do a walk around like a kidnapper might do. JD said he was just trying to be funny for the show. Howard played more of JD's stuff and we got to hear him asking to talk to the girls for a couple of seconds and the girls just walking off saying they didn't have time.

    Howard moved on to Fred after that and played some of his attempts to find a girl for the contest. He wasn't having much luck, just like JD. Howard was goofing on him a little bit so Fred shot back at Howard telling him that he looks like a character from a Tim Burton movie. Howard said he's just trying to help Fred out and he's sabotaging him. He said that he didn't bring a girl in so obviously he was scaring them away. Artie said that he brought in a girl but it was the last one he tried so it wasn't so easy for him. Howard had to go to break a short time later.


  • Snoop Dogg - December 14, 2009. 07/30/14. 7:50am
    Next up today they played a Snoop Dogg interview segment from 2009. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Snoop Dogg Visits. 12/14/09. 8:35am
    After the break we heard a prank call Sal and Richard made to a flower shop using clips of James Brown to ask for a card to be filled out. Fred also played some Snoop Dogg ''Gin and Juice'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and had Snoop Dogg come in. Howard said he's rumored to be worth over $100 million. Howard asked Snoop if he was high when he made that song ''Gin and Juice.'' Snoop didn't say but he said he's still using the green. He said he can't give that up. Howard said that the guys were saying he smells of weed this morning.

    Howard told Snoop that he could get cancer from that smoke too. Snoop said something is going to kill you so why not enjoy it now. Howard asked if he's worried about cancer. Snoop said he's not worried. He said that he's on medical marijuana and he has that for his migraines and blurred visions. He laughed as he was talking about that.

    Howard asked Snoop if he would start his own store if they legalized pot. Snoop said that he would have a place called ''Snoopy's'' and he'd sell all kinds of stuff. Howard asked how he's not in the business already. Snoop said that you have to have real symptoms to get the medical card. He said that the doctor told him he had all of these problems he didn't even know he had. He said that once they prescribed that stuff he was feeling so much better he didn't have to go to the hospital anymore. He has to fill his prescriptions like 3 times a week or so. Snoop said that this thing he has is with him for life so he doesn't even have to go back to the doctor.

    Howard said that Snoop is doing something there at SIRIUS XM where he's going to have his own channel for a couple of weeks. Snoop said that he wants to have it 24/7 there and he's hoping that works out. Howard said he thinks that would be a lot of fun. Maybe this is a trial balloon for that. Snoop said that's exactly what it is.

    Howard said that Snoop has been doing stuff with SIRIUS for a long time now. Snoop said that he was there before a lot of them started there. He said that he was able to say whatever he wants to on this service. Snoop said he likes the clear signal and how he can listen anywhere in the country. Howard said he agrees and he loves the service. Robin said she doesn't listen to terrestrial radio anymore. Snoop said there is no reason to.

    Howard read that Snoop went to school at the same place Cameron Diaz did. Snoop said that Cameron went to a hood school. He said she didn't live in his neighborhood but she was loved at the school. He said that she was under his class and he didn't pay much attention to her back then.

    Howard asked Snoop about going to school and found out he graduated on time with a 2.4 GPA. Howard said he was in a gang though. Snoop said that he was but he also had a mom at home who was tough on him. He said he had to do well in school to make her happy while he was doing the gang thing. Snoop said that he's seen people get shot and he's had to shoot at people too. He said that's part of growing up in that life. Robin asked if he shot somebody. Snoop didn't say he had. He said that Robin likes to say that kind of shit.

    Snoop has gotten picked up for gun possession so Howard asked why he never had to go to jail like Plaxico Burress. Snoop said he's not that retarded. He said he could smoke for 9 months and his aim wouldn't go anywhere near him. Howard said that Burress had the gun in his sweat pants so you just can't hold it in there. Snoop said that they clamped down on celebrities in New York and that's why Burress had do time. He said they were looking to make an example out of him. He said there's no reason for a football player to have a gun on him in a strip club.

    Snoop said that he liked how Plaxico's buddy was trying to hide his gun for him too. They talked about how Plaxico had to go to Riker's island too. They didn't let him off easy, he had to go to a hard core prison. Snoop said that if he has the wrong attitude in there then he's going to have problems. Snoop said that he's sure they made an announcement about why he was in there and how much of a dumb ass he was for shooting himself.

    Howard asked Snoop if he's been in prison. Snoop said that he was in jail and they ended up expunging the stuff from his record but then a year later he had an incident and they opened up his records again. Snoop said that they set him up for that though. He said they hit his house and him at the same time. He took the fall for his family so they wouldn't get into trouble.

    Snoop told Howard he has denounced gang banging lately. He said that he's an inspiration to the gang bangers out there because he was able to make it out. Howard asked about going through the hazings that he had to go through to get into the gang. Snoop said that they used to beat up the new guys but these days it seems like you can just put on a rag and get into the gang.

    Snoop said that when he was in the gang his intent wasn't to go around killing people. He said that's what would end up happening but the guys in the gangs weren't bad guys. Robin said that's what happened when kids get into gangs and are out of control.

    Howard said when Snoop got into his gang and went through his hazing he had two of his homies beat him up. Howard said it was like they were trying to toughen him up. Snoop said that it made sense because he learned to fight two guys at a time. Snoop said he didn't get hit with bat and chains like Howard thought. He said they were testing his heart to see if he was willing to go all the way and if he was going to fight back. Snoop said that he had to fight two guys that were his age and not the bigger guys. Snoop said that he got socked in the face by one guy and another guy would hit him from behind. Then he had to fight back and it lasted for 2 minutes. He said it was the longest 2 minutes of his life. He said if he couldn't make it through that, he wouldn't have made it into the gang.

    Howard said he was reading about how Snoop was a police informant and that's why he hasn't gone to jail. Snoop said that's not the case, he's just too slick to go to jail. He said that getting caught with a gun was just him protecting himself. He's not going out and causing any problems. He said he could go to jail for smoking weed too. He said that he's been banned from London because of the weed. He said that he likes the people over there but they're all caught up in 1800s with their laws and stuff.

    Howard read that he had been busted for busting up a duty free shop over there. Snoop said that sometimes the people there aren't quite as first class as he is. Snoop told that story and how they got into a scuffle with the Bobby's over there.

    Howard said he didn't know Snoop was worth $100 million. Snoop said he didn't know that either and he might have to borrow some money from himself. Howard asked Snoop if he's surprised about the whole Tiger Woods thing. Snoop said that Tiger has that clean cut personality and no one expects him to do stuff like that. Snoop said that he's the kind of guy that's expected to do that. Howard asked if he still has his pimp thing going on. Snoop said that he had to give it up and pass it along to Don Magic Juan. He said he had 60 girls at one point though. Snoop said if you service the right people the cops will never find out. He said he never had any problems.

    Howard asked Snoop how his wife and kids are doing. Snoop said they're doing just fine. Snoop said that his wife is raising the kids and he's still going around doing his thing. He said that he has to be discreet about what he does and she has to be discreet about what she's doing. He said that's what Tiger should have been doing. He said that Tiger's wife should just raise the kids and let Tiger go out and do his thing. Snoop said that Tiger is going to eventually come home and be with her and her alone. Snoop said that he wants to go out and do his thing while he wants to.

    Snoop said his wife knew about all of that pimp stuff when he was out here. He said that it's hard with him and his wife now but things are all about respect now. Snoop said that he has to be discreet about what he does and not do it in clubs and stuff. Robin asked if he's saying that he just hides it now. Snoop said that he doesn't even do it anymore because he respects his wife so much.

    Howard said that Tiger was having sex with these broads without a condom. Robin said that they're saying that he could have kids out there too. Snoop said that some of these scandalous bitches will collect his stuff and get pregnant. Snoop said he can't just go and talk to bitches. He said that Tiger can't do that either. Snoop said that he had to have a guy getting the women for him. He thinks that it was just one person too. Snoop said whoever that person is should be spotlighted. He said that's the guy who brought those women to Tiger and he's responsible for that. Howard said Snoop is right about that. There was a guy he read about who was booking hotels for him and things like that.

    Howard asked Snoop how you make sure a woman doesn't talk. Snoop said it's all about the relationship with the woman. He said that Tiger may not have an a good relationship with them so they all came out. He said that you have to tell the girls what's going on and how you have to make sure they're going to keep it discreet. Snoop said that it can be done discreetly and kept a secret.

    Howard asked Snoop about a quote he had where he said that there was KKK money behind the whole Obama campaign. snoop said he thinks that they did that so they could put the blame of George Bush's mess on Obama. He said they want him to fail and that's why they got behind him.

    Howard gave Snoop a plug for Snoop Dog Nation that will be on SIRIUS channel 40 and XM 67 starting today. He mentioned the Roll Call thing and asked Snoop if he had ever heard of it. Snoop said he hadn't heard about that. Howard said that's what he wanted to hear. He said he wouldn't even get into that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked Snoop about the Nation of Islam and about being a member in that. Snoop said that's been nothing but good for him and he has nothing bad to say about them.

    A caller asked Snoop about what his favorite kind of weed is. Snoop said that his favorite is Grand Daddy Purple. He also talked about how much he loves that and learning how to grow his own. He said there are a lot of books out there about how to do that.

    Howard asked how much he smoked this morning. Snoop said he smoked two blunts with some of his people. Snoop said that he had the guys from the Man Cave show hook him up with a Man Cave. Snoop said that he loves to play video games. He said he loves Madden or NBA 2K10.

    Howard played a song that Snoop has out from his new album ''Malice N Wonderland.'' Howard was impressed that Snoop did this all off the top of his head and didn't write anything down. Snoop said that's the way he does things these days. He said that he used to write stuff down in a journal but not anymore.

    Howard asked Snoop if he has ever smoked with Beyonce. Snoop said he hadn't. He said he has smoked with 50 Cent when he was a youngster. Snoop said he's a businessman now. Howard said he's worth a lot of money because of that Vitamin Water stuff.

    Howard played more of Snoops song and said he's really impressed with that song. Snoop was singing along with the song and Howard was impressed by that too. Snoop told Howard how much he likes coming on the show and how many good times they've had in the past. He said that he had Beetlejuice on his TV show one time and that guy is a fool.

    Howard said they ran a 5 part series for Beetlejuice on his Howard TV channel. Snoop laughed at what Howard told him about that series.

    Howard and Snoop talked about Chris Brown and Rihanna. Snoop said if that was his daughter his foot would be so far up Chris' ass that they'd have to call a fire truck to come and get it out. Snoop said that if Chris was a gangster rapper then that would have been part of his M.O. and record stores would have no problem selling that album.

    Howard asked Snoop if he's doing any acting. Snoop said that they want him to keep playing the same parts and he's looking to spread out and do other stuff. He said he's not the yes sir kind of guy so he's not going to do that. Howard said he wants to play a villain in a movie. Snoop said that's what he'd like to do too.

    Howard told Snoop he had a good time with him today. He said they have to do this again. Snoop said that Howard is great and he has a picture of him hanging in his house that he still hasn't taken down.

    Howard asked Snoop which girls in Hollywood are hot right now. He said that bitch from Transformers, Megan Fox, is hot. He said he thinks about her naked whenever he watches that movie. He likes Kate Beckinsale too. Howard gave him some more plugs and played him out with his song ''I Wanna Rock.'' They were going to go to break but Howard asked to see Snoops eyes to see how wasted he was. He said Snoop looked really wasted but he could still remember all of the lyrics to his song. He was singing along to the song as it was playing. they went to break a short time later.

  • Hottest Regular Chick Contest - June 6, 2007. 07/30/14. 8:45am
    Next up today they played the Hottest Regular Chick contest segment. Here's my rundown from that day:

    The Hottest Regular Chick Contest. 06/06/07. 7:45am
    As they were coming out of break we heard a Gary Garver interview with Lawrence Taylor. Howard came back right after that and mentioned that the guys were all sitting around talking about how hard it would be to find some hot chicks to come up to try and win some money. It turns out it's not all that easy.

    King of All Blacks came in as a judge this morning and he was limping from a knee operation he had. Howard said he was looking thinner but he was wearing a tight shirt that didn't look right on him. Howard said Ralph is also a judge today and then moved on to talk about how the guys all went out to find chicks around the city who would be willing to be part of this contest. King interrupted and said he needed some volume in his headphones. That led to Howard asking the guys to show the guests how to do that when they bring them in.

    King of all Blacks said that he had a problem with his wife last night when she bought their daughter a white doll. He said that's just wrong. Howard said that maybe a 2 year old black girl should have a black baby. King said that he threw the doll out the window and that's when all hell broke loose. He said the doll came in on a white horse too. Howard said it would make sense if the doll was black. King said he's be fine if the doll was Dora the Explorer or something since she's Spanish. King said he doesn't mind the straight hair on the dolls, he kind of likes that. Howard wondered why the baby doesn't have an afro. King said they just don't do that.

    Howard got back to the game and talked to JD about his failure to get chicks to come on the show. JD said he had two girls but they both backed out. Howard played the audio of JD asking some girls if they wanted to be part of the contest and getting rejected. Howard pointed out how creepy he was talking to these chicks.

    Howard asked Artie where he met his hot chick. Artie said he found this chick out in front of the building. She was with a guy who was a big fan of the show. He said that she was very pretty but she is 43 years old. Howard asked him how he worked the money deal. Artie said that he just told her she could have all of it. It was up to each of the guys to split the money with the girls the way they wanted.

    Artie told the guys that his chick had a couple of kids too. She came in a short time later. Her name was Diane. Ralph saw her and said ''next'' when he saw her. Howard said she had big boobs and was thin and he thought she looked good. Diane said that she listens to the show all the time and she's a big fan. Howard said that Robin, Ralph and King were all going to vote on the contestants. Howard asked Diane what she considers herself on a scale of 10. She rated herself at a 7. Ralph asked her if her top was going to come off. She said that she'd lose her job as a college professor if she did that. She teaches psychology so Howard asked her what she thinks about Artie leaving the show. She doesn't think leaving the show is going to help. She thinks he needs a vacation and some changes in his life though.

    Howard said that Ronnie the Limo Driver found this woman Amy who rates herself at an 8. She came in and said that Ronnie wasn't creepy at all when he approached her. She said that he was very smooth and very chilled out when he introduced himself. She gave his rap and King started to laugh. He said that Ronnie thinks that he's real smooth and had to laugh at that. Amy is a sales executive and has a boyfriend. She said that she thinks she's an 8 on a scale of 10. Ronnie said she can have the whole five grand if she wins. Amy said that was a huge incentive. Ralph asked her if her top was going to come off. She said no just like Diane did. Ronnie said that he told her she didn't have to take her top off but she could if she wanted.

    Howard brought in the next contestant which was Gary's girl Jessylyn. Gary said he found her walking around outside on the block they work on. He said he was going to split the $5,000 with her even though he had told her it was only $1000 at first. Gary said that he's spoken to her since he met her and she's so sweet that he figured he'd just split it with her. He said he found her as a waitress at Hawaiian Tropic. She's never appeared in print or modeled for anything. He said that she wants to dance and she's working there to pay her bills. She came there from Ohio. Howard asked her why she doesn't dance at Scores. She said that she doesn't do that kind of thing, she's a regular dancer. Jessylyn said she thinks she's about an 8 on a scale of 10. She said that everyone is beautiful there and she's not sure if she can win. She's only 22 years old. Ralph didn't think it was fair that he found this chick where he did. Gary said the rules were discussed and this girl fit in there.

    Howard moved on to Benjy's girl, Jamie. She came in and said that she thinks she's about a 7 on a scale of 10. She has a baby voice so Howard talked to her about that. She's only 21 years old. Howard asked Benjy how he found this girl. Benjy said that he saw her and found her stunning. He said she was going in to apply at Hawaiian Tropic. She said that he was a very nice person and she wasn't freaked out by him at all. She said that she did get a job there and she's training as a hostess now. Jamie's last name is Hilfiger and she is related to Tommy Hilfiger. She said that he's her uncle. She said he gives her nice presents and stuff but she can't live off of it. She said that her father bought her a C Class Mercedes as a gift as well. She said that her old car got stolen and her father helped her out.

    Howard told Benjy that Benjy's chick qualifies for the contest. There were some arguments about whether or not she should be in the contest. Ronnie said that she was on TV but Gary said that was his girl. He said that his girl had applied for the show but didn't get on. The guys were fighting with this Jamie girl and Howard had to ask them to stop. Ralph said that he had a lot of 7's written down but if someone's top came off, that might change. Benjy said that he only offered Jamie $500 of the $5,000 grand prize. She really doesn't need the money according to some of the guys there. Will said that Jamie was telling him that she would date Benjy if they were both single. She has a boyfriend though and Benjy has a girlfriend.

    Howard went around the room and asked the judges who they feel should win. Ralph said that Amy just went up a point with the nice ass she has. Howard gave a plug for the World Extreme Cage fighting that airs on Versus since they were the sponsor of the contest. He asked Robin for her vote first. Robin said that she had to pick Gary's girl Jessylyn. Howard asked Ralph for his pick. Ralph said he was going with Jessylyn as well even though he didn't think it was that fair. He said he thinks she needs implants though.

    Howard asked Jessylyn to dance for them since she is a dancer, or trying to be one. Fred found a song to play for her and she started to dance for them. Howard said she was really good too. Will danced with her a little bit and then Howard asked King to get up and dance with her as well. They were dancing to a Beyonce song. Howard told King that he shouldn't be touching the girl though. He had everyone sit down a short time later.

    Howard asked King for his pick. King said he was going to pick Tommy Hilfiger's niece. He said that he had to give it to her. Fred went with Jessylyn. Howard said he was going to pick her as well so she was the winner. Howard said it would be nice if they could give prizes to all of the girls but they only had the prize for the winner. They had this guy Urijah Faber come in to present the check to the winner. He's one of the fighters in this WEC battle. He said that his fight is going to be on Versus tonight so people should check that out. He said that he actually went to school but ended up fighting.

    Gary is going to split the money with Jessylyn. Artie was still pissed that Gary found a girl the way he did. Gary said that he stayed within the rules. Artie said that girls like that don't walk around the streets, they belong to some kind of society that picks them up to make sure no one sees them. Howard gave away a few other prizes courtesy of for the girls who didn't win.

    The guys talked to Urijah for a few minutes about his fights. He told them about how brutal the fights can be. He was saying that he's 19-1 so he doesn't lose very often. He said he only weighs about 153 so Artie said that he doubles his weight. Howard wrapped up a short time later and congratulated Gary on his win. He got in a few plugs and then went to commercial break. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Wendy Voicemail - March 20, 2008. 07/30/14. 9:30am
    Next up on today's special they played a segment where Howard played some Wendy the Retard voicemails where she was vomiting. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Wendy The Retard Vomit Voice Mail. 03/20/08. 7:15am
    After the break we heard a Sal and Richard prank call to a pharmacy using Steve Langford ''rectal itch'' audio clips. Fred played some Neil Young ''Down By the River'' too. Howard came back during that song and said that he had a voice mail from Wendy the Retard where she called in vomiting. She claims she was vomiting because of her period.

    Howard said that he doesn't think that anything on her is being taken care of. He said that he knows that women have a lot to do down there when they have their period. He remembered the big sanitary belt that his mother used to wear. He said that he remembers seeing those things when he was a kid and he felt like Beavis and Butt-Head wanting to get one just to see what it was. Fred played some of the Beavis and Butt-Head laughing clips for Howard when he brought them up. Howard said he still doesn't know what a sanitary belt looks like. Every time he'd bring that up Fred would play the laughing clips.

    Howard played Wendy's vomiting voice mails and got a few laughs out of that. She was really heaving pretty hard. Howard said it sounds like she's possessed. She eventually flushes the toilet and hangs up. Then she called back to explain why she was puking. She said that she's been sick for a couple of days and blamed it on her ''You know what'' (period). She said she'd call back when she feels better.

    Howard said that they may have done an ''Ask the Retards'' where she talked about her period. He played that bit that the guys had put up on his screen. In the clip they have a woman bring up how she gets diarrhea whenever she's on her period and both Gary and Wendy the Retards talked about that subject. The two of them were arguing about the right thing to do when a woman has that problem. Howard said that bit is so good. He said that he knows that there's a lot of confusion with a woman's period.

  • Robin's News - September 16, 2010. 07/30/14. 9:40am
    Finally today they played some of the show from the day Benjy showed up late in 2010. That led into Robin's news. Here's my rundown of some of what they played:

    Howard 100 News And Wrap Up Show Previews. 09/16/10. 9:50am
    Howard said he's really having a bad day because of Benjy. He said he feels upset about the whole thing. Robin said that's understandable. Howard said he wants Benjy to apologize. Fred said he really should. Robin said that Howard is right.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he's being too hard on Benjy. The guy said Benjy isn't doing this on purpose. He said he gets up late too and he probably shows up late to work as much as he does. The guy said that some people just can't get up. Howard said there's nothing wrote than the alarm going off but he gets up. The caller said that some people just can't do that. Howard said he feels he has to get up right away so he can get to work on time.

    The caller asked how many times Gary has been threatened with his job. Howard said it's been many times. the caller didn't remember any of those but he has fired Gary many times but he just won't leave.

    Howard said he just feels bad and it was a tough day for him. Jon asked why he feels guilty. Howard said he doesn't like all of the bad vibes. He's not comfortable with it. Howard said things are bad with him and Benjy now and he hates rocking his world like that. Howard said he asks the guy to be on time and he won't do it. It's the same broken record all the time.

    Jon also talked about how Benjy has been banned from the Wrap Up Show for life. He said he'd like to talk to him today but he's going to respect Howard's wishes. Howard said he hates that this had to happen. He didn't want to ban Benjy from the show but he has to do something. Howard said he's resentful either way. He said he has bad feelings now and Benjy is making him feel this way. He hates that.

    Ralph called in and said that Benjy has some kind of mental problem. He said it's kind of like Jeff the Drunk and how he gets something from this. Howard said he's getting attention. Ralph said that it was obvious that he was going to do this again. He's been saying that since the last time he showed up late. Ralph said he's just being too nice of a guy. He said Benjy should have just stayed home and not shown up.

    Ralph said Howard has to make up his mind if he's just going to let it slide or get worked up over it. He said he has to do something. Howard said he might have to get rid of him.

    Gary said that Jason was saying that it's hard for all of them there. Gary said he looks at his clock at 4:13 in the morning and he can't just hit snooze. He said it's not fair to everyone else who shows up on time. Fred asked who else has been late in the last 3 months. Howard said he wouldn't even know. He said Benjy is in the studio with him so that's why he gets so upset with him. He said that he only knows he's late because he's in studio. Fred said it is a big distraction. Howard said it's a distraction when Gary is late too but that doesn't happen so often.

    Gary said that if Will showed up late he'd be pissed. He wouldn't have his breakfast if Will was late. Howard said Will is reliable. Howard said if he lets this slide then people like Will will wonder why he doesn't get a pass on being late. Howard said he doesn't feel so bad after that conversation. He said Benjy is out there crying and carrying on. Fred said his daughter is like that when they take away a toy.

    Jon said Benjy brought this on himself. He said he's had to fire people and it's a horrible feeling. He said it's not easy to do that. He said you have to do it sometimes. Gary said he has only ever fired one person in the history of the show. He said the guy cried and it traumatized him.

    Robin's News. 09/16/10. 10:10am
    Howard had Fred play Robin into her news with a Dan the Song Parody Man song parody. Robin started her news with a story about Drew Barrymore and how hot she's looking. Howard said she's looking great in those photos. He said he's not sure if she looks like that in real life though. Howard said the picture was very sexy. Robin said she saw her on David Letterman and she didn't look that good.

    Howard said Beth just did a shoot where she's on a bicycle in a bikini. Howard said she's not airbrushed at all. He said that's not fair because people must think that she's airbrushed. Howard said he'd almost guarantee that Drew Barrymore is airbrushed. Howard said he's calling for a ban on air brushing.

    Howard took a call from Al Rosenberg who said that he cant' believe that anyone would want to be late working on that show. He said that they have to feel sorry for Benjy being a crazy fuck for not showing up on time. Al said that you just show up and do your job. He said no other employer is going to let him get away with it. Howard cut Al off saying that he was getting worked up again and he had to stop.

    Today's vacation special was over around 10:10am.


-- Wrap Up Show Wrap Up --

  • Wrap Up Show - Late Benjy Discussions. 07/30/14. 10:15am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show going over what they replayed this morning. He mentioned the segment where Howard got pissed at Benjy for showing up late. He said Howard had banned Benjy from the Wrap Up Show for life but that ban was lifted. Benjy was sitting in this morning.

    Jon asked Benjy what made the difference after that so he doesn't show up late now. Benjy said it's still a struggle. He said he thinks he felt like he was on the verge of being fired. He said he has had times in the past where he had to take care of a bunch of things before leaving for work. Now it's more absolute in his head that he doesn't have to wash his butt before he comes to work now. He said he doesn't worry about stuff like that anymore. Benjy said people were saying he wanted to be fired. He said he loves food and overeats but he doesn't think about it in the moment. He said he doesn't think about the consequences. He said he's the same with leaving for work. He said he doesn't think about that.

    Jon said that it will bite you. He said Howard kept saying he wanted to fire Benjy. He said he meant business that day too. Gary said Benjy does a good job and he keeps doing it. He said if you do that no one wants to think about replacing him. He said once he's the fly in the ointment then they start thinking about it.

    Jon said Scott has been threatened to be fired and so has Gary. He said everyone knows Howard doesn't want to do it but he came close that day. Jon said if someone shows up to work late it throws Howard off. He said that's just not where he wants to be. Gary said Howard also starts to see it as a power struggle. He said it's like a sign of disrespect. Gary said that's what Howard is asking himself when that happens. He's wondering if it is a power struggle.

    Benjy said it's a broken promise. He said he broke his promise and it's disrespecting Howard. Benjy said he feels wrong about that.

    Jon said Benjy has been on time since then and he's even early at times. Gary said Benjy seems more understanding of it now. He said he thinks Benjy is one of those guys who likes to dance on the edge. He said it's like he gets a thrill getting there at the last minute. Gary said he will wait to get in the shower until the last minute when he goes out. Benjy said it's not the thrill. He said he hates wasting anything. He said he figures he can do something in those 3 minutes before he leaves.

    Jon asked Scott Salem what he does to get to work on time. Scott said he'll leave two hours early to get someplace just to be sure he's on time. He said he and JD are there very early all the time. He said Benjy showing up so late didn't make sense to him. He said he does everything he needs to do at night and then he can leave for work right on time.

    Benjy said this isn't an excuse but he has to think about himself like this. He said he's a little retarded about lateness. He said someone tweeted to him that on time is actually 15 minutes late. He said he loves that. He said he needs to learn to value that more.

    Sal came in so Jon asked him about Benjy showing up late. Sal said people thought he was really late again today. Benjy said he heard that and he thought the show was live this morning. He thought they might be live.

    Gary asked who they think didn't know they weren't live today until late yesterday. Jon guessed Robin. Gary said that's right. Gary said Robin never seems to know what they're doing. Scott said he sent an email out last week and he told someone to make sure Robin knew there was no show on Wednesday. Gary said he thinks that happened but Robin didn't realize it until late in the show yesterday.

    Gary said Robin has come into work when they're off before. He said they send out a schedule to everyone in January. He said Robin never seems to be able to get on their system to check that stuff. Gary said it's gotten to the point where he has to notify Robin separately.

    Sal said one time when he first started with the show Columbus day came and he didn't come in. He said the show was on and Gary called him asking where the fuck he was. Sal said that turned into a whole catastrophe.

    Jon said Sal never worked there before so it's not the craziest thing. Sal said that was crazy. He said he should have known because he was a fan 12 years before that.

    Jon said he didn't think Sal was going to know the Long Island Railroad was on strike that week they were. Sal said he didn't find out until Saturday night. Jon said he told Sal that he could drive himself in. Sal said he had a plan but he could have been mugged. Sal said he was going to drive to Queens and park in a garage. Gary said he used to do that early on.

    Jon said that they took Benjy out of the studio and banned him from Wrap Up. Gary said they thought about putting Benjy in the green room and kicked around a lot of other ideas about what to do with him. Jon said Benjy sat in the bull pen that day. Benjy said he cried that day.

    Benjy said he had a lot of people tweeting him today thinking they were live. He said that he remembered how he felt that day in 2010. Benjy said this is a case where it's healthy to care. Gary said this is one of those things that people have a very strong opinion about. He said they think of it like a sign of respect and they get so angry. He said he had a guy email him today about this and he used to have a guy like that who he'd send home every day until he got it.

    Jon said people realize how special it is to work there and they think they could do Benjy's job as well as he can. Jon said he has this great job and he's pissing it away because he can't show up on time. Jon said that did not happen this morning though. He said they weren't live this morning but they are now.

    Gary said he was talking to a guy who worked with them in TV there. Gary said he was telling him about how they had someone showing up late like 100 times in a year and Human Resources had to get involved and fired him.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked if Benjy has been late since that time. Benjy said he knows it's been several years and he hasn't been late. He said he's glad and he hopes he can keep it going. Scott said Benjy has been close. He said he's been on time as far as he can remember. Sal said that's saying a lot since Scott is so busy back there and he can't have time to be checking on someone.

    Jon said if Sal came in late he can sort of work his way into it. Sal said there have been times when Gary asks him for something and it can turn into a shit fest.

    Jon said Richard was in there last week talking about jerking off on a flight. He said he mentioned Sal goes to the airplane bathroom with a magazine. Sal said he does if he has to take a shit. He said you get bored in there and you need some entertainment. Gary asked why you need entertainment. Sal laughed. Gary said when he goes to the bathroom on a plane he makes it as quick as he can. Benjy asked if they're saying it's not proper to bring a magazine in. Sal said it takes him 10-15 minutes to go. He said he has to read.

    Gary said he's going to tell Sal some things he's sure he's unaware of. Gary said he never shits on an airplane. He said some people make it a mission to never go on a plane. He said Jason has only peed on an airplane once and never shit. Gary said Sal can go to the bathroom there at Sirius and he's invisible. He said if he's on a plane with 200 people he's going to be tying up the bathroom for 15 minutes. Sal said there are 4 bathrooms on a plane. He said if he has to go what is he going to do? He said he can't hold it in. Jon said he's shocked that it takes so long for him to go. Sal said he knows how long it takes and he'd like to read a magazine.

    Benjy asked Gary if he thinks it's wrong he's doing it or showing people he's doing it. Sal said he had people waiting in line and Richard was banging on the door making it seem like he didn't know him. He said he pissed everyone off on line. Richard said he told the flight attendant to make sure he was okay because he was in there so long. Sal said Richard pretended he didn't know him and he made it seem like he was the bad guy. Sal said the bathrooms are there for a reason. He said he had to poo and he did.

    Gary asked Sal if he tries to go to the bathroom at the hotel before getting on a flight. Sal said he will try to do that but he has a problem with his backbone if he tries pushing before he has to go. He said his backbone hurts and it's an odd feeling. He said that's why he won't do it.

    Jon said there's a lot involved there other than the bathroom. Sal said he came to work one morning and he showed up at 6:05 and went to the bathroom. He didn't get out until 6:20. He said it's like his asshole is punking him. He said he shits and then he feels like he has another one coming. Benjy told him to try the Squatty Potty because it really helps. Sal said he may have to try that. They went to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Bathroom Etiquette And Flying. 07/30/14. 10:45am
    After the break Jon said they have gotten off Benjy's lateness and they're talking about airplane etiquette. He said he has never taken a dump on a plane. He said he has a hard time fitting because his ass is so big. Sal asked if he's ever dislocated his arm trying to wipe that big ass. Jon said he has not.

    Jon asked Richard about his bathroom etiquette. Richard said he was at an airport and a pilot came up to them and told them that they had better not jerk off on his plane. He said he must have heard them talking about it on the show. Richard said he doesn't do it every time. He said he did it that once when he was trying to calm himself down.

    Gary said he was flying from Chicago back home and some guy recognized him at the desk. He said he got bumped up to first class. He said he started feeling sick that morning. He said about an hour into the flight he had to throw up. Gary said he was sitting next to a pilot who was on his way somewhere. Gary said he bolted up out of his chair and threw up in the bathroom. He sat down and he felt sick again. He said he was afraid the guy might think he was a terrorist. Gary said he was sweating like crazy and he was very nervous. He said about an hour later he bolted to the bathroom again. He said he figured he was going to get thrown off because they'd think he was a terrorist.

    Benjy asked if he was afraid of that because of his looks. Gary said he did. He said when he's sitting there he is thinking about his looks. He said he was acting so suspicious that he was the definition of ''If you see something, say something.''

    Jon asked Sal if he ever has those problems. Sal said Richard laughs every time because security pulls him aside and frisks him. Sal said the Iron Sheik can't even speak English but he goes right through security. He said they ask him to sit right down.

    Gary said he will get pulled aside at the airport and anyone who looks anything like him will get pulled aside too.

    Sal said he gets mistaken for being Indian sometimes. He said he goes to a bodega where they thought he was Indian and tried to give him a free coffee. He said he turned it down.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he's a pilot and he won't even shit on an airplane. He said he wants to get out of the bathroom as quick as he can. Sal said it's like a nice getaway to go in the bathroom. He said it's like a little spa to him. Richard said sometimes there's more room in there than there is in the seat. Jon said he feels confined in there. Sal said Jon would feel confined in a meat locker.

    Sal said he was on a flight once and the floor had piss on it. He said there was toilet paper all over it too. He said he puts his shoes on when he goes. He said Richard goes to the bathroom with his socks on. He said Richard told him he had his socks on and it was fine. Richard said he doesn't eat with his feet. Sal said he stepped in piss though. Richard said it doesn't bother him.

    Gary asked if they can start ranking the grossest bathrooms in the world. He said he thought it was a bathroom in an airport. He said he talked to Artie about this years ago. Gary said the grossest bathroom he's ever seen was the bathroom at Comic-Con. He said it was 80 percent men and 20 percent women. He said he went to pee and half the urinals had hairs all over them. He said at one point he had to pee and went to a restaurant instead.

    Benjy said it's really gross when someone goes and doesn't flush and then people pile on top of it. Richard said he and his band mates did that once. He said 8 guys shit and it came out the top of the toilet. He said it was really gross.

    Sal said he heard a story from Kirk Hammett about shitting in a bucket. He said everyone does that and they puke in it too. He said if someone passes out they pour it on them.

    Gary said there was a time when someone was vandalizing the bathroom at K-Rock with shit. Benjy said it was really nasty. Gary said they were shitting on the walls there.

    Jon said he went to a bathroom in Nebraska and there were flies all over and the smell made you want to hold it in.

    Sal asked if Jon has ever gone on the side of a road. Jon said he hasn't. Sal said he had a friend who shit on the side of the road and a cop showed up. He said his friend used his sock to wipe and he had it stuck in his ass when the cop showed up. He said he told the cop that he was trying to change a tire but the cop asked why he had a sock sticking out of his ass.

    Gary said they went to the Grand Canyon once and they had a hole to piss and shit in. He said it was the most horrible smell he's ever smelled.

    Richard said he has worked in construction and they shit in the craziest places. Richard said they used to have pipes out in the open and guys would shit and piss in the pipes that they had to pull wire through. He said they'd put a vacuum cleaner on it and a turd came flying at his head. He said he started vomiting all over.

    Sal said there are Japanese farmers who will shit in the fields to fertilize. He said that's pretty interesting. Richard asked if Sal ever shits in his garden. Sal said he hasn't.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said that guys just have to whip it out and go to piss. She said they have to sit down. Jon said that women's bathrooms are usually like palaces compared to men's bathrooms. Gary told the caller that men have hairs all over the toilets. He asked if the caller has that. She said not usually. She said that they did some testing and found that the bathroom door is one of the dirtiest things there is. They went to break a short time later.

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  • Wrap Up Show - Bathroom And Sex Stories. 07/30/14. 11:05am
    After the break Jon said Richard told him a story during the break that he should tell. Richard said he lived in a house that had an outhouse. He said they had pigs and one was named Pigpen. He said it fell down the toilet in the outhouse and his mom heard it squealing. He said his mom freaked out and got a dip net and started screaming that it fell in there. The whole town thought the kids had fallen in there. He said his mom pulled out the pig and Pigpen was fine. He said it was like a legend in their town for a long time.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he can't believe they glossed over this thing so quickly. He asked Richard how he steps in piss and just says ''Oh it'll dry.'' He asked if he thinks about that shit. Richard said he used to walk barefoot and step in dog poop all the time growing up. The caller said that's gross. He said it's not good to do that. Richard said it makes you tough and builds up your immune system. He said a little bit on your foot won't hurt. Richard said he thinks you have to be careful stepping in dog poop. He said you can get ringworm.

    Jon asked if anyone there has ever done the mile high thing. None of the guys did. Jon went to each guy individually. Shuli said he worked at the airport in Las Vegas and he never banged on a flight but he did bang a chick in the airport. He said it was in a bathroom there. He said the chick was drunk when he was pushing her around. She had a broken ankle and missed her flight so she had to stay the whole night. He said she asked him to hang out with her and when she sobered up a little bit they banged.

    Jon asked Benjy about the premiere of Sharknado 2 that he's going to tonight. Benjy told Jon what he'll be doing there and mentioned who will be at the premiere. He said he has a scene with Pepa from Salt and Pepa. Gary said she's a friend of his. Benjy said she's great. They spent a little more time on that and then Jon forgot that Shuli didn't get in his news headlines. He had him do that and then had the guys finish up their plugs. They were done around 11:10am.


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