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-- Friday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Brendon Small Sits In. 10/09/15. 11:10am
    Jon Hein started today's show introducing his guest Brendon Small. He said he's the mastermind behind Metalocalypse. Jon said that Richard Christy was on the show. He asked if a lot of metal fans are Howard Stern fans. Brendon said that they are. They talked about some of the gusts Howard has had on the show over the years who Brendon is into. Brendon said that he remembers an interview with Eddie Van Halen from 2005 or so. He said that was one of his favorites. He said he had an encounter with Eddie himself around that time. He said Eddie had just gotten well from cancer. Brendon asked Gary what he remembers about that. Gary said it's weird that guys who make a living talking into a microphone don't know how to talk into a microphone. He said he remembers Eddie walking around the studio and how he had to follow him around with a wireless microphone to get him on. He said that he isn't sure if Eddie knew he was even on the air. Gary said it was super interesting to him.

    Jon asked Brendon what he remembers about that interview. Brendon said he remembers him walking around the studio too. He said that he had just gone through cancer and he said he cured it by illegal means. He said he wasn't sure what that meant. Gary said he didn't know either. Gary said he thinks Eddie had an electric guitar on and it wasn't plugged in. He said he remembers following him around and he was playing but no one could hear it playing except a couple of people a foot away from it.

    Brendon said this was like 2005 or 2006. He said his friend asked him to go see Tenacious D and he went with his friends. He said they had a sky box with a butler guy there. He said the guy said they have a nice bathroom in the sky box next door. He said the guy said they had to be cool to use that. Brendon said that he had to take a leak so he went over. He saw the Osbourne kids there and Dave Grohl too. He thought that was pretty cool. Then he got straight armed as he walked in. He said a guy asked who he was. Brendon said he was nobody. Brendon said the guy mocked him and he said he was going to the bathroom anyway. He was with the people from Gibson. He said then the light catches the guy's face and it's Eddie Van Halen. He said he thought he was going to get into a fight with this guy. Brendon said he's like 100 pounds heavier than he is and he could have ended up in a fight with him. Brendon said he had a Van Halen shirt on under his hoodie. He said he showed Eddie and he lost interest in him immediately.

    Gary asked if he walked away from that with Eddie being a dick or being a goofball. Brendon said he thought that the people around him were looking at him like ''Here goes Eddie again...'' Brendon said he thought it was pretty cool. He said later on one of Eddie's friends came out and apologized to him for Eddie's behavior.

    Gary said he had an experience with Pete Townshend once at K-Rock. He said he was in a chair up in the office and he was in a chair with wheels on it. He said he was introduced to Pete and he told him what a big fan they were up there. He said Pete took his entire hand and placed it over his face and pushed him back. He said the people who were with him just said that's the way Pete is. He said he had a big smile on his face and acted like it was a big goof. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Van Halen Discussions. 10/09/15. 11:25am
    After the break Jon talked to Brendon more about Metalocalypse and some of the people who have done the show. Jon asked Brendon if he would want anyone else from the Stern show on the show. Brendon said he thinks Howard Stern would be a good voice over. Jon said that Howard has played guitar on the show recently. Brendon said he thinks that's really cool. He said he's teaching heavy metal to 11-17 year olds with Scott Ian. He said he thinks he saw Scott tearing up when he saw the kids playing.

    Jon said that Brendon is a fan but his wife is the big fan. Howard said they are a Stern Show couple. Brendon said his wife knows more than he does in some cases. He said she knows some of the drops he doesn't know. Gary asked who turned who onto the show. Brendon said he listened in Boston for years. He said his wife has been listening since 1994. He said it's part of her every day life. He said she loves the interviews. He said the farting and shitting segments are his favorites.

    Jon said they were talking about Van Halen earlier. He asked Brendon about some of the other interviews Howard has done with Van Halen. Brendon said he has a friend who made him a mix tape and gave him an interview with David Lee Roth from 1986 or so. He said that was when he creating a new band. Gary said that was back when they were shaming David into coming on the show. He said they became friendly after that. Gary said Dave came in with a good sense of humor about the whole thing. He said he was a great friend of the show for a period of time.

    Gary said that David Lee Roth likes to talk. He said there were two incidents that stand out. He said David did the show once and he came back to the office and David was there talking to Stuttering John. He said years later he went to the MTV music awards and David was in the bathroom. He said hello to him and David will talk to anyone about anything. He said he thinks that's just a fun thing about him.

    Jon said Howard has talked about how those guys can't get it together to do a tour. Gary said they keep trying. He said they forget about what happened 2 years ago and try again. Gary said even Oasis has stopped trying. Jon said he loved when they had David and Sammy together. He said you knew that was going to crash and burn.

    Jon took a call from a guy who brought up the Mets and that got Gary talking about how he's going to a couple of games next week. Jon said that Scott Salem is going to game 3. He said that Gary may not want to go to that one. They spent a little more time on that.

    Jon took a call from a woman who brought up Steve Rannazzisi and his apology tour. She said she can't stand that. She said the thing that weirded her out is getting too much information. She said it grosses her out when someone has a compulsion to lie. Gary said a compulsion to lie would mean to him that they have to lie every time they open their mouth. Gary said he doesn't think that's the case. He said he's not sure it's a compulsion. Jon said he knows Steve as a really good guy and he knew that's where the interview was going to go. Howard didn't say it was okay. He said Steve was just explaining where it all came from. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Metal Discussions With Brendon. 10/09/15. 11:40am
    After the break Jon asked Brendon about his show and his tour. Brendon explained what they do and who he goes on tour with. He said they play along with images on a screen so you get a show with that. They spent a few minutes talking about that.

    Jon asked Brendon about Howard playing Caninus on the show. Brendon said the dog is really good. He said the band is too. He said to play metal you have to be really good at your job. He said he likes Howard because he's good at his job. He said that's why he likes metal too.

    Jon said he's right about the metal. He said it's very hard to play that quickly that well. Gary said the drummers really blow him away. He said even when they went to see Rush seeing that guy play drums for that amount of time is insane. He said it's like a two and a half hour marathon at full tilt. Jon said they went to see Richard play in a concert once and the guys there were the nicest guys in the world. Brendon said that the fans are the nicest people in the world. He said they're so polite too. They spent a few more minutes talking about drumming and metal.

    Jon took a call from Michael Rapaport who was disguising his voice saying he was his lawyer. Michael said he wants to know who is saying what because he had a discussion with his son's science teacher who said they were ripping him a new asshole. He said he wants to know what the fuck is going on. Michael said they're questioning his sexuality too. Gary said he wasn't as big of an asshole as he could have been toward Michael. Gary said some people are very happy that Michael lost. He said that some people think it's fun for Michael to get angry. Gary said that he did get a message from Michael talking about how he was going to be standing outside his house with duct tape and Vaseline. Gary said Michael explained that it's a bug repellant. Gary asked if it bothered him that he lost. Michael said of course it did. He said it was horrible that he lost. Gary said he's not going to get into it but there were some rule changes that made him lose some points but it had nothing to do with the outcome. He said Michael is screaming like a banshee anyway.

    Michael said that Jon has to stop acting like he's his friend. He said he lost to Gary and it's fine. Gary asked why it's fine. Gary said Michael says he has to beat him in the rest of the season. Michael asked Gary how many hours of sleep he lost over that game. Gary said he didn't lose any. He said anything can happen. Michael asked if he checked his phone when he got up at 2:30 in the morning. Gary said he got up at 10 to 5 and he checked his phone and then went to work. Michael asked if he made in his monkey diaper. Gary said he did not shit his diaper.

    Michael said Gary has confirmed that his house warming party is on at his house in a few weeks. He said he sent him a list of things that he's requesting there. Jon let Michael go after that.

    Jon got in some plugs for today's Sternthology and for Brendon before ending the show. They were done around 11:50am.

-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Antony Starr And Jonathan Tropper Sit In. 10/08/15. 11:05am
    Jon Hein started the show introducing his guests Antony Starr, the star of Banshee, and Jonathan Tropper, the creator of Banshee. Jon mentioned that the show is ending this season. Jon said it's one of the best shows on TV. He said you should catch up on Cinemax if you haven't seen it yet.

    Gary said Antony took this so seriously he got makeup for radio. Antony said he'd see what he could do with it. Jon said Antony kicks a lot of ass in his episodes. He said it's so sad that the show is coming to an end. He said he hopes that people come to it now like they did with Breaking Bad. Jon congratulated both of them on the show.

    Jon asked the guys if they know how into the show Howard is. Jonathan said that he does hear about it from people who hear him mention it. Jon said the show has all the elements. He said it has tons of hot chicks. Gary said he's heard they have tons of nudity too. Jon said it's what the show should be. He said Antony's character is great but he's not a nice guy. Antony said it's been an amazing show to be a part of. He said it's a bitter sweet thing that they have to wrap it up.

    Jon asked Antony if people are surprised by his accent when they hear it. Antony said some people are. He said some people believe he's American. He said some people can tell from watching the show. Jonathan said they know how he really talks and they can hear it sometimes. He said if you don't know how he really talks then you might not hear it.

    Gary said he watches Homeland and he ran into the guy who plays Brody, Damian Lewis, one day up there and started talking to him. He said he had no idea he was British. He said he does a great American accent. The guys talked about how they don't have American's doing the same over there.

    Gary said TV has changed so much and now you can watch TV even if you missed it the first time. Gary asked if they can make money off the show if it has a second life. Jonathan said that it might for someone but not for them. He said that it might be the cable companies. Gary said he has too many devices in his house. He said he still can't find shows. Jonathan said Netflix doesn't show their shows on there because they're a competitor of Cinemax. Gary said that he got the greatest news this morning. He said Virgin Airlines is going to start streaming Netflix on their flights. He said that's a game changer. He said that's what he'll be flying to L.A. from now on.

    Jon said one thing he'll say about Banshee is that people are going to Cinemax for original programming now. Jonathan said that he thought he was going to get an HBO show at some point in his life. He said he ended up on Cinemax and they were the flagship show over there for that. He said that's something he's really proud of. He said they were the first. Jon said he should be proud of that.

    Gary asked how long Jonathan has been listening to Howard. He said pretty much his whole life. He said from back in the NBC days.

    Jon said that Howard was doing his parents voices this week. He said people love when he does that. Jon asked if they think Howard has become his parents after doing that all these years. Jonathan said it's a New York thing that everyone from New York does. Jon asked if Antony has become like his parents. Antony said he has distanced himself from them enough that he hasn't. He said he loves his parents though.

    Jon said his kids were getting on his nerves and he ended up doing just what he never wanted to do by yelling at them like his parents did. Jonathan said that they let their kids walk all over them trying not to be like their parents.

    Gary said they had to take their son's car privileges away from their son and it ended up being a punishment on them instead. He said that he had to drive and pick up his son and it was on him instead of his son.

    Jon said Antony has a daughter on the show. He said he ends up going out and doing crazy shit. Antony talked about that and how he wouldn't win any parenting awards there. They spent a minute talking about Banshee and then went to break.


  • Wrap Up Show - Howard's Parents. 10/08/15. 11:20am
    After the break they came back to a Eliza Dushku intro and the guys mentioned that she's going to be on Banshee this season. Jon said that Banshee wins a lot of Mr. Skin awards. He said they should talk about the casting director there. Jon said the whole cast is cast very well. Jonathan mentioned the person who casts the show and said she got the show from the start.

    Jon said Antony has the greatest job in the world. He said he has all of these gorgeous women coming in. He asked if it feels like work. Antony said it really doesn't. He said he doesn't have a job really. He just dresses up in funny clothes and talks in a funny accent.

    Gary said Howard is fascinated with actors doing sex scenes and not getting aroused. Jon said that Antony has done a lot of scenes with naked women. Antony said they do the scenes with a team of people watching and it's hardly a closed set. Jonathan said they do have a black screen up so the P.A.s can't see what's going on. Jonathan said that everyone loves the strip club scenes though. Gary said Emily Blunt was on the show talking about how the set wasn't closed for her and they would just watch from outside the window.

    Antony said he thinks about Donald Trump playing football when he has a sex scene. He said he hasn't gotten aroused yet but it's a huge compliment if he does. Jonathan said one actor said that he apologizes if he does and he apologizes if he doesn't get aroused.

    Jon took a call from a guy who brought up Howard's parents and how it seems like his dad's voice has been adjusted as his dad ages. Gary said he guesses he is since 30 years ago he was doing his dad at 55 and now he's doing him at 85. He said of course that's going to change as his dad does.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he noticed when Howard talks to the staff it sounds like he's talking like his mom. Jon said he thinks Howard does that with Gary and with JD at times. Gary said his mother has been very sure of herself and very direct so Howard can be like that.

    Jon said that Jonathan and Antony are there for Comic-Con and he wondered if they enjoy that experience. Antony said the first one he went to was after season 1 or 2 and it was a fantastic group of people. He said it was nothing but adoration and it was great. Jon asked if anyone dresses up like his character. Antony said that would be in jeans and a t-shirt. Jonathan doesn't think that they could do cosplay with. He said he'd love to see that but he hasn't yet.

    Gary asked if they find people know more about the show than they do. Jonathan said they did San Diego a couple of years in a row and people ask questions about episodes that he can't remember. He said they've only had 38 episodes so it doesn't get that bad though. Jonathan said they spend a lot of time naming their episodes. He said no one ever knows the title names though. He said the fan boys do though.

    Jon said the opening sequence is something he pays attention to. He said after the credits there's a quick tease or tag and sometimes they reveal some major stuff in those. Jonathan said they like to leave those Easter eggs in there. He said they always put something in after the show ends. Gary said he is always blown away but what resonates with the fans. He said that they'll bring up something he has no recollection of.

    Jonathan said he remembered when Howard's dad would tell him to shut up in the childhood tapes. Gary said those tapes were some of the best things they ever discovered. They had to take a break a short time later.

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  • Wrap Up Show - More Banshee Discussions. 10/08/15. 11:35am
    After the break Jon said Howard was very disappointed to find out that Banshee is ending after this season. Jonathan said they knew the show was going to have a shelf life. He said that in the first three seasons it was just a matter of 4-5 months of time that passed. He said that they didn't want to keep repeating themselves. He said they moved to Pittsburgh and started figuring out the season. He said to reinvent the show he felt like they were going to become like BJ and the Bear. Jon said it must suck for Antony since his non-job is coming to an end. Antony said it's been a great 4 years. He said the best thing is that season 4 is a very different road they're going down. He said the last season is about consequence. He said it's sad to see it go but he thinks the fans will be happy. Jonathan said that they tried to leave everything out there for every episode they did.

    Jon said Claire Danes was in this week and he thinks that cable TV has the best TV programming out there now. Jon asked if Jonathan ever thinks about making Howard show up in the show at all. Jonathan said they have had other celebrities who have expressed interest. He said they don't put anyone too familiar in the show. He said if Howard had called he thinks they could have found something for him. Gary said maybe Howard doing a funeral for the Pittsburgh zookeeper would be out there.

    Gary said he's not sure how network shows operate anymore because cable shows can have cursing and nudity. He said he thinks that people gravitate to that. He said that he and Jon love The Good Wife and the show would be even better if it was on cable. Jonathan said they don't have to whitewash anything on the show and that doesn't impede the story. Gary said they do the show they want to do. Antony said it's more than just nudity. Gary said it just makes it all that much more real. Jon said the fight scenes are great on the show. He said they pull no punches. Jonathan said Ant is really good at it. He said he sells these messy fights and they're really heightened. He said they have a great stunt team. He said they're really good at it. He said they spend a lot of time at it and make sure they don't repeat themselves.

    Jon asked if Antony gets hurt in the fight scenes. Antony said something goes wrong once in awhile. Jonathan said on the first day they shot they had an accident and Ant needed stitches from getting head butted. He didn't have time to go to the hospital so they just did it on the set of the show.

    Jon said Richard Christy was talking about going to haunted houses and Howard thinks it's frivolous. Jon asked if there's anything wrong with Richard doing that. Jonathan asked if he's taking his children. Jon said he doesn't have any. Gary told Jonathan about Richard going to a lodge and asking to be tucked in by elves. Gary said they didn't do it because it was too creepy. Jonathan said it might be time to stop. Antony said this country is so weird. He said they call them weird but then he comes up with that.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he is a big fan of Banshee. He said he's Native American and he likes the way they handle them on the show. He said wondered what he's going to do now that the show is ending. Gary said there must be nothing else on TV. Jon asked what kind of feedback they get from Native Americans. Jonathan said they have consultants on the show and they actually get great feedback.

    Jon said the new season of the show starts in January. Jonathan said the first 20 minutes of the first episode is going to blow people's minds. Antony said it's the same show but a different version of it. Jonathan said they have something deeper and more emotional for the fans.

    Jon wrapped up and got in a plug for today's Sternthology. They spent a minute talking about that and then ended the show. They were done around 11:50am.

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