Hello, my name is Mark and I'm a Howard Sternaholic...
I started this web site back in September 1995 because of my addiction (Listening since 1988!). I had way too much spare time to kill so created my own friggin web site dedicated to keeping Stern fans around the world informed about the show. I never thought I'd still be doing this crap more than 14 years later! It has snowballed into a life changing, time consuming thing that I never pictured myself doing.


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  • Eric The Actor Lynch Dead At 39. 09/22/14. 6:00am
  • Johnny Fratto Calls In About Eric. 09/22/14. 7:30am
  • Wolfie Calls In About Eric The Actor. 09/22/14. 7:55am
  • Is Watching Web Cam Girls Considered Cheating? 09/22/14. 8:05am
  • Benjy Crashes The Roger Goodell Press Conference. 09/22/14. 8:10am
  • Howard's America's Got Talent Future. 09/22/14. 8:30am
  • News Stories And Giant Asses Discussed. 09/22/14. 8:45am
  • Joey Boots Audio, News Stories And More. 09/22/14. 8:55am
  • Robin's News. 09/22/14. 9:30am
  • Wrap Up Show - Eric The Actor's Death. 09/22/14. 10:40am
  • Wrap Up Show - Eric The Actor And Big Ass Discussions. 09/22/14. 11:00am
  • Wrap Up Show - Jon Leiberman Remembers Eric The Actor. 09/22/14. 11:15am
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
Friday Latest Master Tape Theatre
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
  • Master Tape Theatre Is No Longer On The Howard 101 Schedule As Of 01/13/2014.

Coming Soon To The Stern Show - Jim Carrey, Lena Dunham, Martin Short, Robert Downey Jr., John Mellencamp, Sarah Silverman, Donnie Wahlberg, Smokey Robinson, Lenny Kravitz, Pat O'Brien, Neil Young, Brian Wilson, William Shatner, Amy Poehler, John Mayer, - and more!

Last Week On The Stern Show - Awful Terrestrial Radio. 09/15/14. 6:00am (Mon) - Howard's Art. 09/15/14. 6:10am (Mon) - Music And News Discussions. 09/15/14. 6:25am (Mon) - Calls, Howard's Eulogy For Joan Rivers And More. 09/15/14. 7:05am (Mon) - Mindy Kaling Visits. 09/15/14. 8:10am (Mon) - Miss America Pageant Clips. 09/15/14. 9:30am (Mon) - Robin's News. 09/15/14. 9:40am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Leiberman Fills In For Hein. 09/15/14. 10:50am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Howard's Art. 09/15/14. 11:05am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Mindy Kaling And More. 09/15/14. 11:20am (Mon) -

A Confusing Call From Bobo. 09/16/14. 6:00am (Tue) - JD's Girlfriend Update. 09/16/14. 6:10am (Tue) - Masturbation And Free U2 Music. 09/16/14. 6:55am (Tue) - Yucko And Eric The Actor Promote Brickleberry. 09/16/14. 7:10am (Tue) - Wolfie At The KISS Convention. 09/16/14. 7:30am (Tue) - Slash, Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators Perform Live. 09/16/14. 7:45am (Tue) - Mike Tyson Clips, Phone Calls And More. 09/16/14. 8:55am (Tue) - Robin's News. 09/16/14. 9:15am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - JD's Webcam Addiction. 09/16/14. 10:00am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - ''I Love You'' Discussions. 09/16/14. 10:20am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - Eric The Actor. 09/16/14. 10:30am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - Slash And Caring For The Elderly. 09/16/14. 10:40am (Tue) -

Unnamed Vacation Special. 09/17/14. 6:00am (Wed) - RIP Johnny Ramone - September 17, 2004. 09/17/14. 6:00am (Wed) - Jackie's Phone System - February 9, 2000. 09/17/14. 6:35am (Wed) - Ben Stern Game - August 22, 2005. 09/17/14. 7:25am (Wed) - Marc Maron - May 1, 2013. 09/17/14. 8:25am (Wed) - Tommy Ramone - September 17, 2004. 09/17/14. 9:20am (Wed) - Artie Game With Wolfie - January 17, 2007. 09/17/14. 9:35am (Wed) - Robin's News - May 21, 2002. 09/17/14. 10:00am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Jackie Showing Up Late. 09/17/14. 10:20am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - More Oversleeping Stories. 09/17/14. 10:40am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Tommy Ramone. 09/17/14. 10:50am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Howard's Dad And Marc Maron. 09/17/14. 11:00am (Wed) -

Wrap Up Show - Mindy Kaling. 09/18/14. 10:00am (Thu) - Wrap Up Show - Song Parodies And More. 09/18/14. 10:15am (Thu) - Wrap Up Show - America's Got Talent. 09/18/14. 10:25am (Thu) -

Wrap Up Show - Rabbi Potasnik. 09/19/14. 10:00am (Fri) - Wrap Up Show - Riley Martin. 09/19/14. 10:10am (Fri) - Wrap Up Show - JD's ''I Love You.'' 09/19/14. 10:20am (Fri) - Wrap Up Show - JD's Girlfriend And Director's Special. 09/19/14. 10:35am (Fri) - and more! Featured Pages

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