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This is an outdated collection of a few Stern related web sites. If you find a cool site that's not on here, let me know so I can add it. The sites must not contain any copyrighted material from the Stern show. No pictures, audio or video from the show. ''Why is that?'' you may ask. Well, after being threatened by Howard's lawyers I was forced to remove any links to sites that contain any copyrighted material from the Stern show. Here are the few sites I'm able to link to directly:

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Recent Web Site Plugs

Close To The Show

    • Richard Christy's official web site.

  • Sal the Stockbroker
    • Sal the Stockbroker's official web site.

  • Artie Lange
    • Artie's official web site.

  • King Norris Band
    • Fred's band King Norris official site.

  • Benjy Bronk
    • Howard's writer, Benjy Bronk, has a web site of his own that went up sometime around July 5, 2005.

  • Morrie The Prank Caller
    • Morrie has made a couple of the most memorable prank calls for Howard's show. The OJ Simpson prank call to ABC news with Peter Jennings and a call to WABC after the Colin Ferguson railroad shootings.

  • Melrose Larry Green
    • Excentric older guy who is best known for holding up giant poster boards promoting the Stern show on Melrose Avenue.

  • Jim Florentine

  • Captain Janks
    • The infamous phony phone caller's personal web site.

  • Richard Jeni
    • The late Richard Jeni appeared as a guest in the ''Jackie Chair'' and you can find more about his life and death at his web site.

  • Greg Fitzsimmons
    • Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons has appeared as a guest in the ''Jackie Chair'' and you can find out more at his web site.

  • Craig Gass
    • Comedian Craig Gass who does impressions of Sam Kinison, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Gilbert Gottfried and many, many more.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Wack Pack

Popular Guests

  • Lisa Lampanelli
    • ''The Queen of Mean'' comedienne Lisa Lampanelli. Visit her web site

  • Rev. Bob Levy
    • A comedian and winner of the World's Meanest Listener contest. Perhaps the funniest comedian around. Also check out Bob's site

  • Beetlejuice The Dwarf
    • Head over to to see tons of bizarre pictures of the tiny headed man.
    • WARNING!!! The Beetle Uncensored video is available now! It is 100% never before seen footage. This home video was edited by professionals with music by Lyrical Lizard and Smutt Peddlers. It is the most hilarious video you will ever own! This is the tape that competitors do not want you to see! Go to to order!
      The All New!
      See Beetlejuice banging chicks and more!

  • Drunken Jamie (Beetlejuice's friend)
    • Visit Beetlejuice's friend Drunken Jamie.

  • Dr. Sal Calabro
    • The plastic surgeon who donates breast implants to the needy women appearing on the Howard Stern Show.

  • Kendra Jade
    • The hot porn actress/stripper Kendra Jade who has offered up anal sex to listeners.

Fun Stuff

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