Stern Show Death Pool

On June 3, 1998 Howard and the gang started a death pool. Each person(or team) got a list of famous people picked from a hat. Each person put $500 into the pool. When one of those celebrities dies then that Stern show member gets the cash in the pool. Listed below are the celebrities that each person(or team) were dealt. The celebrities marked in Blue are show members or bloated attorneys. Celebrities that have died are marked in Red. Each dead celebrity marks another Death Pool win.

UPDATE: September 6, 1999. Jackie Martling won the first death pool when ''Candid Camera'' founder Alan Funt died at the age of 84. Howard decided to keep the Death Pool running with everyone keeping the same names and tossing in more cash.

UPDATE: September 15, 1999. Gary backed out of the game when he decided that he'd owe too much money to his partner Tom if Walter Matthau died.

UPDATE: July 1, 2000. Howard won the second death pool when actor Walter Matthau died. It was decided that this Death Pool would be canceled and a new one would be announced in the near future.

Robin Howard Tom/Gary(Backed out 9/15/99)
Kirk Douglas Jack Klugman Mr. T
Art Linkletter Carly Simon Johnny Carson
Grandpa Al Lewis Boris Yeltsin Gloria Vanderbilt
Gregory Peck Shelley Winters Jack Paar
Red Buttons Rodney Dangerfield Eddie Albert
Charlie Sheen Richard Pryor Nancy Reagan
Fidel Castro Liza Minnelli Glenn Ford
Marv Albert Ed McMahon Walter Matthau Died 7/1/00(Sold to Howard 6/16/99)
Ted Kennedy Buddy Hackett Don Knotts
Meat Loaf Russell Johnson Axl Rose
Joan Rivers Tony Randall Dan Aykroyd
Barbara Eden Robert Downey Jr. Tim Allen
Aretha Franklin John Travolta Drew Barrymore
Morgan Freeman Leonardo DiCaprio Mary Tyler Moore
Macauley Culkin Bob Vila Donald Sutherland
Gary Dell'Abate E! Crew
(Brian, Mike, Doug)
Ted Kaczynski
Walter Matthau Died 7/1/00(Sold to Howard 6/16/99)

Jackie E! Crew Fred
Muhammad Ali Ronald Reagan Jackie Martling
Alan Funt Died:9/6/99 Evel Knievel Howard Stern
Gerald Ford Katharine Hepburn Fred Norris
Jerry Lewis Charlton Heston Abe Vigoda
Dominic Barbara Peter Graves Yasir Arafat
Bob Dylan Dick Van Dyke Tom Cruise
Paul McCartney Marlon Brando Jesse Helms
Terry Nichols Larry Hagman Julia Child
Ozzy Osbourne Sid Caesar Mick Jagger
Jerry Springer Anthony Quinn Johnny Depp
Rush Limbaugh Charles Bronson Annette Funicello
Tom Chiusano Barbara Walters OJ Simpson
Robin Quivers Newt Gingrich Dennis Rodman
Fay Wray Ringo Starr Frank Gifford
Buddy Ebsen Mickey Rooney Bob Hope
Elizabeth Taylor Jack Lemmon Pope John Paul II

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