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MarksFriggin Review of Stankervision - 7/16/2005

Yucko the Clown. You either love him or hate him. You've probably heard him on Howard's show insulting everyone from Howard to John the Stutterer. Now Yucko is appearing on TV regularly in a show called Stankervision which airs on MTV2 Friday nights at 9pm. It stars Yucko the Clown, Waco, Greg Epps, Zac Pope and Roger Black. Stankervision isn't all about Yucko though, it's a sketch comedy show with a few rounds of Yucko thrown in. Yucko goes out on the streets and insults people in ways that make me laugh my ass off. In the first episode of Stankervision Yucko goes up to a couple of not-so-attractive women and says ''Tell you what, you girls are going to get a lot of action.... if there's another tsunami and all of the attractive girls die...'' So friggin cruel but it's great to see the reactions from the women when they hear that coming from a clown. Then there's one scene where he asks a street performer if he knows the song ''Shut the f*** up.'' The street performer looks at him in shock and backs away.

The sketch comedy bits are pretty hard core. In one commercial parody they showcase a product called ''The Nut Bra'' which helps keep your old, saggy balls where they belong. In another bit a group of guys use their roommate as a washing machine as he's having a seizure in the bath tub. The ''50 Cent Sprinkler System'' was another parody that was friggin funny. There's also some animation in the show in the form of ''Inebriated the Koala'' which is a drunken, talking Koala of course.

Stankervision is basically what was known as The Damn Show. I reviewed those shows which were available on DVD. I really enjoyed those DVDs so I was happy to hear they got a TV show out of it. It's worth checking out in my opinion. They show new shows Friday nights at 9 on MTV2 and then they rerun it at various times on MTV

UPDATE 07/31/05: You can check out some show video clips at One of my favorites is the ''Nut Bra'' segment.... and of course, anything that Yucko does on the street.

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