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Damn! This Shit Is Funny!

The Damn! Show

The DVDs: The Damn! Show DVD Volume 1 and 2 and The Damn Show X (VHS)
Featuring: Yucko the Clown and a hell of a lot more
Distributed by: Damn! Show Productions
Rated X

Back in August of 2001 this guy Yucko the Clown made his first appearance on The Howard Stern Show. We soon heard that he was from something called The Damn! Show. I figured it was just some lame radio show down south somewhere. Then on November 2, 2002 I went to see a comedy show that Yucko made quite an appearance in. After the show I got to meet Yucko and his partner Waco from The Damn! Show. Waco threw me a copy of ''The Damn! Show DVD Volume 2'' to check out. I had no idea what to expect. I still had no idea what the hell The Damn! Show was. The next day I popped the DVD in my PS2 and watched the DVD. Holy shit! I laughed my ass off. I've been trying to come up with a description for what the DVD was like and the best I could come up with is that it's like Saturday Night Live on crack, heroine, pot and with a little bit of MTV's ''Jackass'' thrown in.

Even after watching the DVD I still had no idea what The Damn! Show was. I thought it might be a public access cable TV show or something but the quality of the video was even better quality. I e-mailed Waco and asked him what the hell they were. Waco tells me that they're a sketch comedy troupe but the majority of their show isn't live. They tape their sketches and edit them like a TV show. They take their stuff on the road and show it to thousands of college kids in bars and movie theaters that serve beer down in the Southeast. Okay, works for me. All I know is that this stuff is funny. I'm going to review this stuff out of order since that's how I watched it all.

In the DVD Volume 2 they have Yucko the Clown walking the streets of New York City insulting ugly fat chicks, ugly chicks and grabbing a woman's breast among other things. The first thing you see is this homeless guy they call Jimmy Gibberish singing something that's not even close to being the National Anthem. You need help understanding what he's saying in the song so they threw in some subtitles... it's still just gibberish though. That was just the beginning. The group does comedy bits that are R and sometimes X rated but funny. They do a spoof of ''The Osbournes'' and we get to see Yucko unmasked doing Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. He's got the Ozzy impression down pretty damn good too. There's also Cherokee the homeless guy who is completely psycho. He likes to call people ''mother fuckers'' and demonstrate his tai-kwan-do talents even though he's handicapped. They also have phony commercials, cartoons and a whole mess of other crap to keep you laughing for hours.

Damn! Show X was on VHS but it's the latest material they've got and it was hilarious. They have more of Yucko the Clown walking the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras insulting people which he's very good at. At one point he insults a woman so much that she gets pissed, grabs his big, red clown nose and almost rips it off his face. There's a ''Trading Spaces'' spoof that's great. If you've ever suffered through an episode of the real show, you'll really appreciate the spoof. There's more animation and ''Fun with Drive Thru's'' where the guys goof on the workers at fast food restaurants.

I did this all ass backwards. I watched The Damn! Show DVD Volume 1 last. I think it's best to watch them in order. Jimmy Gibberish made a couple of appearances in this one. Subtitles just help show how messed up this guy really is. Why are insane homeless people so funny? Speaking of funny homeless people, Cherokee the homeless guy made an appearance in this one too in ''What Would A Homeless Guy Do For A Dollar?'' Yucko was out on the town at the Sundance Film Festival 2001 making me laugh my ass off once again. They also have Regina Lynn, which is the guy who plays Yucko dressed up as the ugliest woman you've ever seen. She goes into stores and asks employees questions and has people looking at her like she's got a second head. I can't forget to mention ''The Gooks of Hazzard'' which is a spoof of ''The Dukes of Hazzard'' of course. It features a couple of Asian guys driving around in an orange Toyota Celica painted with the ''01'' and a Japanese flag on the roof. They call it the ''General Tsao'' instead of the General Lee. Another funny homeless guy they call Rack 'em Rack who loves saying ''rack 'em rack'' when he's having a conversation... which isn't much of a conversation because he rambles as much as Jimmy Gibberish. Of course we can't forget about Clay Porn 2 which features the Muppets characters as pornographic clay figures. Just what the kids want to see.

Check out just one of these DVDs or video tapes and you'll be hooked. Do it now! Visit to order. You can also get some free preview clips there.

The Damn! Show

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