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The MarksFriggin-MAIL Newsletter... what the hell is it?

7/14/2003 - Okay, I've decided to start this friggin e-mail newsletter. Why? I don't know. At this time I'm planning on playing with a couple of ideas for the newsletter. I'm going to do a weekly mailing (and this may change in the future) that will include news about and/or The Stern Show. For example, if the site crashes and people think that Howard's lawyers have gotten to me (which just happened this week) I can e-mail everyone on the list and let them know that everything will be okay. I'll also include a quick wrap up of what happened on the show during that week and any other information that I feel should be included.

Daily Newsletter? - Maybe someday. I've had quite a few requests for a daily e-mail that would contain my daily highlights. Sounds like a great idea but, the e-mails would be quite large and might take quite a bit of time to download depending on what kind of connection people have. Then there's the cost. I'm assuming that thousands of you will sign up for this newsletter. Mailing out something every day of the week would cost me big bucks. The daily newsletter would probably have to be a pay service. Anyone willing to pay?.... That's what I thought.

Signing Up - When you sign up (below or to the left) you'll get a confirmation e-mail that you have to check to make sure you get added to the list. You'll be directed to a web page where it asks you for some OPTIONAL personal information. First of all, you don't have to enter any information there, it's all optional! Second, your e-mail address will remain confidential. I will not sell this list or use it for anything other than the MarksFriggin-MAIL newsletter.

IMPORTANT! - You may need to add my newsletter e-mail to your address book in order for your Spam or Junk Mail filters to allow this newsletter to get through to your inbox. The mail will come from

Suggestions - Any suggestions for the newsletter (within reason) please feel free to e-mail me. Now, go ahead and sign up for this friggin thing.

What People Are Saying - Here are a few comments I got after the second issue went out...

  • Yo, Mark---
    This was my first issue. I think that it was pretty friggin' good. I was excited when I got it. It saves me the trouble of trying to remember to go to the website to look something up that I missed.
    Now I am reminded automatically.
    Love and kisses,
  • I really like the newsletter Mark! You're doing a great job and providing a wonderful service to us Stern Fans. I applaud your desires to always improve and grow - this talent will serve you greatly.
    Big fan, big fan,
  • I think the newsletter is great! Keep it up!
  • I am loving the new letters. Keeps me in touch when I can listen from my desk..
    Keep up the great work !!
  • mark,
    just wanna say i like your newsletter. keep up the great work on keeping us updated on stern. you rule.
  • Hey Mark
  • Just like your web site, this newsletter is fantastic! Keep up the good work! I love how you had a link to each day's report.
  • OYeah, this is a good idea! Thanks!

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