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For the week of 04/25/2005 to 04/29/2005

  • The Best Of Stern. 04/25/05
  • Touch Tone Terrorists prank phone call.
  • Joe Walsh performing a quick version of ''Life's Been Good.''
  • Howard Tests Robin For ''Millionaire'' Appearance.
  • Robin Radzinski's Erotic Massage Story.
  • Gary Busey Comes In.
  • More Gary Busey Stories.
  • Ed McMahon Calls In.
  • Dennis Rodman Calls In.
  • The Best Of Stern. 04/26/05
  • Gary and Wendy the Retards Question people about the election.
  • Baba Booey Led Zeppelin song parody.
  • Naked Car Wash Girls.
  • Darrell Hammond From Saturday Night Live Comes In.
  • Alec Baldwin Calls In.
  • Porn Star Mary Carey Comes In.
  • Ben Stiller Comes In.
  • Jenny McCarthy Comes In.
  • The Best Of Stern. 04/27/05
  • Crank Yankers prank phone call by Wanda Sykes.
  • Another Crank Yankers prank phone call by Jim Florentine.
  • AC/DC performing ''You Shook Me All Night Long'' live in Howard's studio.
  • Tara Reid, Alyson Hannigan And Natasha Lyonne.
  • 13 Year Old Talks About Swinger Parents.
  • Howard Talks To Summer Altice.
  • American Idol's Brian Dunkleman Calls In.
  • Gary's Hollywood Squares Appearance Discussed.
  • Kendra Jade Vomits To Meet The Rock.
  • Wrestler The Rock Comes In.
  • The Best Of Stern. 04/28/05
  • Touch Tone Terrorists prank call to High Pitch Eric.
  • Sal and Richard Prank Call a woman as 2 deejays Jack and Rod.
  • Baba Booey song parody to the tune of ''Mississippi Queen.''
  • Ralph's Star Trek Quiz.
  • The Newlyweird Game.
  • Howard And Robin Argue About Nearlywed Game.
  • Gilbert Gottfried And Daryl Hannah.
FridayThis Week On E!
  • The Best Of Stern. 04/29/05
  • Captain Janks prank call after parking garage collapse.
  • Touch Tone Terrorists prank call.
  • ''I Will Always Love Drugs'' song parody.
  • A Baba Booey song parody by Sal the Stockbroker.
  • ''Scott From The Block'' song parody.
  • Jaid Barrymore Comes In.
  • Kathy Griffin And Her Husband.
  • Red Peters Pope bit.
  • Andy Dick Comes In.
  • Hank the Angry Dwarf Bear commercial parody.
  • Sir Anthony Hopkins Calls In.
  • Boxer Layla Ali Calls In.
  • Jason Alexander Visits.
  • Monday - World's greatest butt contest (R)
  • Tuesday - Guess who's the virgin with Gia (R)
  • Wednesday - Stupid bowl Part 1 (R)
  • Thursday - Stupid bowl Part 2 (R)
  • Friday - Scores strippers in vibro machine (R)
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