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Mark's Friggin' Night of Comedy With Beetlejuice, Reverend Bob Levy, Jim Florentine And More - Friday, June 20th, 2003

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I had to meet Beetlejuice. I heard about this show months ago and figured I was going to have to go to get my ass down to Clementon, New Jersey once again so I could see the tiny headed dwarf. I'd just been to a show at The Millennium Comedy Club a few weeks before to see Yucko the Clown appearing with the great Rev. Bob Levy but I just couldn't miss Beet.

My girlfriend and I drove down to the club and got there early enough to have dinner at the New Century Diner which is above the club. After eating we headed down to the club which is a big banquet room. We ran into comedians Joe Kearny and Paul Dell'Angelo out back and then found out Bob Levy was in the dressing room so we went over to bother him for a little while. When we went in Bob was there with Beetlejuice and his manager Sean. A short time later Sean's wife Michelle and their latest addition to the family, Babyjuice, came in. Babyjuice, who'd just been on Howard's E! show the night before, is a Puerto Rican female dwarf. She played the part of Beetlejuice's wife on Howard's show. We all hung out talking about various things for a little while. Beetlejuice was sitting quietly in the corner against the wall not saying all that much. He'd just begun drinking though so it wasn't long before he started talking.

I've seen Beetlejuice on Howard's show many times in the past and I couldn't tell if he was putting on an act or not. Now, after meeting him, I know it's not an act. Once he had a couple of drinks in him, he started rambling and telling stories that made absolutely no sense to me, but made perfect sense in that tiny little head of his. I got to have a one on one conversation with him for about 15 minutes and my head is still spinning. Here are some of the things he told me... He was born in prison, it's still 1968, he was born in Jamaica, he went to prison, he knows a ''boo doo'' (voo doo) guy who can do amazing things with a ''boo doo doll,'' he's able to conjure up all kinds of scary ''boo doo'' spirits including himself... and a bunch of other crazy stuff that I wish I had on tape. I was worn out after that short talk I had with him. His stories are fascinating because he really seems to believe what he's talking about. Sean and Michelle would throw in some comments to get him on a roll about his penis size and stuff like that. He's got a comeback for everything although some of them make absolutely no sense at all. Once in a while one of the other comedians, like Eric Todd or Geno Bisconte, would come in and Beetlejuice would go off on them about one thing or another. He showed us his tattoos and had some wacky stories about those as well. It was constant insanity.

Beetlejuice and Mark Jim Florentine (the voice of Special Ed and Bobby Fletcher on Comedy Central's Crank Yankers) showed up a little while after I had my conversation with Beet. Jim sat down and got an earful of Beet's ramblings as well. Sean had Beetle telling him jokes that had no punch line at all. Michelle said the funniest parts of the jokes were the looks on Jim's face as he waited for the punch lines. Jim also got a copy of Beetlejuice's ''Uncensored'' DVD and asked Beetle to autograph it for him. I'd gotten one earlier as well and after Beetle signed it, he wouldn't let me have the Sharpie pen back. I didn't mind since it was Sean who gave it to be to begin with. The funny thing was when Jim had him autograph his, he used his own sharpie marker. Once again, Beetlejuice refused to give him the marker back. He snapped the cap on and shoved it in his pocket before Jim had the chance to grab it. He never did get his marker back.

Jim was also telling us about his recent experience with rapper Eminem. Eminem is a big fan of his character Special Ed on Crank Yankers and requested to do some crank calls with Jim for future Crank Yankers shows. Jim said he played Special Ed while Eminem was ''Special Em.'' You can read more about that on in Jim's Journal on

We were all heading toward the banquet room for the comedy show when I saw this mentally challenged guy doing magic tricks for Jim Florentine. I didn't realize it but it was this guy Retardini who was at the last show we saw at this club. He kept Jim entertained with some magic tricks for a couple of minutes. It was almost like a carnival in that place. Beetlejuice with his tiny head, Babyjuice the dwarf, a retarded magician... no elephants though.

After all of that insanity they got the comedy show started. Bob Levy brought Beetlejuice up on stage to start off the show. Beetle was talking to some of the hot chicks in the crowd (and there were a bunch at this show) and ended up singing Nelly's ''Hot in Here'' incoherently. He sang the whole song but about 10 seconds in he didn't know the lyrics so he just mumbled for the rest of the song... and they let him go through the whole song. After that Geno Bisconte took over as the host of the night. He did a few minutes of his act and then brought up each of the other (many) comedians. They included Steve Hombolt, Eric Todd, Paul Dell'Angelo, Liz Russo, Mike Rainey and local boy Joe Miskofsky. I didn't get a chance to get a seat on the very packed room so I was kind of standing in the door and on the steps leading down to the room. Since there was so much going on there, I didn't get to see all of the show. I heard that Eric Todd had a great 5 minutes and I missed it while watching Beetlejuice try to find someone to get him some food. It's amazing how fascinating such a simple thing can be when Beetlejuice is involved.

I did catch Liz Russo's act and thought she was great. I never did get a chance to introduce myself to her though. Every time I turned around she was busy talking to someone after her time on stage. Mike Rainey, who was great the last time I saw him, was just as great this time even though he only had about 5 minutes on stage. I didn't hear all of his stuff because Beetlejuice returned and walked into the club. This table of people toward the back caught sight of him and started taking pictures and yelling which was really distracting. Beet's manager had to come over and pull him out of there because he was causing such a commotion. Joe Miskofsky got about 5 minutes as well but, once again, I was distracted by some of the other crap going on in the doorway there. My own fault of course.

Reverend Bob Levy was up after that. He was his usual god-like self getting the crowd all revved up for Jim Florentine. He killed for a few minutes and then turned it over to Geno Bisconte who then brought up Florentine.

Jim Florentine went in and did his set which was great as usual. When he was done Rev. Bob and Beetlejuice went back up on stage to close the show. Levy did his infamous ass licking at the end of the show with a girl who had a great ass. While he ate some french dressing from that girl's ass, Beetlejuice ate some from Babyjuice's ass. I was too far away to see what was going on but I heard Florentine mention it. He said something about her pants coming all the way down or something like that. The 250 plus people that showed up got quite a show. Worth every cent if you ask me.

I heard Bob talking to Sean and Jim about doing more shows like this in the future so keep an eye out ( for them to be in your area. If you're in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania or in South Jersey, check them out at this place. It's only about an hour west of Atlantic City and really close to Philly.

On another subject, I got my hands on this ''Beetle Uncensored'' DVD that's available at It's a must see for any fan of Beetlejuice. He and his buddies end up pissing on each other, play practical jokes and run around hotels naked among other messed up things. I don't know how people live like they do. It really is constant insanity around them. Just go over to to check out some preview clips or to order the DVD.

The All New!
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