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Killers Of Comedy Show in Easton, PA. June 13, 2008

It's been a year?

I just realized that it had been almost exactly a year since I had been to a comedy show. I don't know exactly why I've avoided going. I always love these shows. I figured it was about time I get my ass out to see another one when I saw that Rev. Bob Levy and the Killers of Comedy were going to be at Levy's Comedy Club in Easton, Pennsylvania. It was too close not to go.

I got to the club, which is in a Hampton Inn, a little early. I ran into Joey Boots out front. Beetlejuice and Shuli were hanging outside as well. I spent some time talking to those guys and with Kurt from Eve the Queefer was also there. High Pitch Eric came rolling in a little later too. Yucko stopped to say a quick hello before he went inside to get ready for the show.

I hung out with Bob and Yucko as they sold their t-shirts outside of the club. After everyone was seated and ready to see the show I headed into the room and took my spot shoved into a corner trying not to get in anyone's way. Even doing that I still managed to have some dude crowding me no matter how much I smashed myself into the corner. Other than that minor annoyance the show was awesome. Everyone killed and the crowd was great.

Shuli was hosting the show. Richard Christy, Yucko the Clown, Sal the Stockbroker all performed before Bob did his thing. At the end of Bob's act they had Beetlejuice go up so everyone could wish him a Happy Birthday. Beet was having some fun with the crowd. People would throw out questions and Beet would answer them in his very unique way.

After the show I hung back and observed the insanity that goes on between shows. The guys are all very accessible and the fans all stop and take pictures with them. It's great to see how excited the fans get when they see Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice doesn't seem to enjoy the attention though and he'll refuse to take pictures with people if they don't buy one of his DVDs first. It's great to see him ''autographing'' his DVDs too. He'll scribble a bunch of unintelligible writing on the cover but then he'll write the letters ''BJ'' perfectly. I'd love to know what's going on inside that tiny head of his.

Shortly before the second show started I got to meet Yucko the Clown's wife Nicole. They had quite an appearance on the show this week talking about their unusual marriage. Nicole was very nice to me and I can see why Yucko wants to work things out.

I didn't go into the second show but I did get to hang out and talk to a bunch of great Stern fans in the lobby. I rarely meet any douche bag fans at these shows. Most of them are very cool.

I managed to talk to Richard Christy for a couple of minutes even though the fans were swarming him. He was right in the middle of the lobby hanging out and taking pictures with the fans and goofing around with High Pitch Eric and Joey Boots.

I ended up leaving around 1 in the morning. I never plan on staying so late at these shows but there's so much going on that I just can't leave. Part of that might be because I don't get out enough. It really was fun out there though. I have to get out to these shows more often.

Check out or to see if they're in your area.

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