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Mark's Friggin' Another Night of comedy at the Stone Tavern & Brewery - August 22, 2002 (Alternate title: Damn! KC is Hot!... According to my sister.)

The Murderers Row

Back in June I saw The Murderers Row comedy show at The Stone Tavern & Brewery in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Because it was so great, and so close to home, I had to go see it again. The same guys were in the show this time so I knew it would be great. We had KC Armstrong, Rev. Bob Levy and Jim Florentine as well as a bunch of other great guys known as The Murderers Row (Jimmy Graham, Scott Demo and Sean Sexton).

This time I brought my girlfriend, my sister (both named Jennifer) and my buddy Clif to the show. Clif's friend Kevin also showed up a little later. My sister is in love with KC so that was going to be the highlight of her night. My girlfriend and Clif were really looking forward to seeing Jim Florentine.

We got there early so we could eat before the show. Rev. Bob Levy was up at the bar with host Jimmy Graham so I spent a few minutes talking to them before I ate. While we were eating Jim Florentine came in and said ''hi'' to us. We told him how great his new ''Terrorizing Telemarketers Vol. 3'' CD is. I've been playing it for people I know and everyone loves it. Even my parents, who are in their late 50's were almost pissing their pants when they heard some of the calls. Jim, who's really nice and fun to be around, talked about how great the feedback about the CD has been. He let us get back to our meal after hanging around for a couple of minutes.

KC and Scott DePace from E! showed up a short time later. I spoke to Scott DePace for about 30 seconds introducing myself. I didn't get the chance to do that when I was hanging out with those guys down in Atlantic City back in May. KC also recognized me from the last time we were there. He stopped by and said his hello's to us. He really is a nice guy. I think I saw my sister wiping drool from the side of her mouth when KC left the table. She couldn't take her eyes off his ass every time he walked by. He's got a great ass according to her.

I was hanging out at my table when this guy across from us tapped Kevin on the shoulder and asked him if he was Mark Mercer. Nope, wrong guy, but close. ''I'm Mark'' I said to the guy. He said he's been a fan of the site since the America Online days (1996-1997) and still visits the site very often. His friend was also a fan of the site so he shook my hand and let me know how much he liked the site. I'm still not used to getting that kind of response from anyone so I never know what to do. The first guy spent a few minutes talking to me about the site and whether or not I think I'll be able to keep it going. I let him know that I'm going to figure out a way to keep it going somehow. They were both really cool and said that they found out about this show on my site. I told them to make sure they told Bob Levy that's how they knew about it since he advertises on the site.

Jim Florentine was back at our table a short time later as everyone was waiting to start the show. About 4 little league players walked in and back toward the bar for some reason. KC, who does a lot of child molestation jokes in his act, was back in that area. Jim sees the kids and yells to KC ''KC your fans are here!'' which made everyone in the room laugh.

A little while later the show got started. Jimmy Graham started things off and then introduced Scott Demo. All of these guys tend to do material that's pretty much x-rated. Demo did a lot of jokes revolving around getting a colonoscopy.

After Scott Demo was done Jimmy Graham went back up, did a couple more minutes of his stuff and then introduced Sean Sexton. Last time I wrote about him I called his act ''disturbing.'' Little did I know he was going to read that... and then mention me toward the end of his act this time. His act was still pretty disturbing but the crowd was laughing, perhaps nervous laughter. I was laughing too, at least until he pointed me out in the crowd and called my site something like ''marksfriggin dot cocksucker.'' He mentioned the fact that I called his act ''disturbing'' and then said he was going to F-me in the ass out in the parking lot. Ouch! That's disturbing! I wasn't sure if he was serious or not. I was ready to call the cops to have them escort me out to my car after the show. The hot chicks at the table next to us had no idea what he was talking about. I overheard them saying ''What is he talking about?'' as he was talking about F-ing me in the ass.

Speaking of disturbing, KC Armstrong was next up after Jimmy Graham introduced him. KC is still doing his child molesting and rape jokes as well as his infamous ''YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE?'' stuff. It's funny but there were a few people sitting near us that were saying ''oh!'' every time he made a joke about raping a young boy or something like that. He is funnier than you'd expect though... and he's so hot! (According to my sister)

Jim Florentine was next up on stage. He had some great new material that I hadn't heard before. I've seen Jim perform a few other times and he's always great but this was his best stuff yet. The whole act was great.

Finally, Rev. Bob Levy went up and did his thing. As always he impressed me with his quick wit. He gets the audience going as soon as he gets on stage. He picks people out of the crowd and goofs on them like no one else can. Even though I've heard some of his material a bunch of times now, it never gets old. He interacts with the crowd and it seems like a new act every time I see it. At one point he was talking about how women don't know how to give guys a hand job the right way. A woman sitting at the bar said she knew so he had her come up on stage to demonstrate. She started to use the microphone to show her technique but Bob was ready to pull down his pants so she could show everyone with the real thing. When he unbuttoned his pants and started to unzip, she ran off stage. No hand job for Bob this time. He continued his show and at the end of it he did his ass licking thing again. He loves to eat hiney and during the show he tries to find women who are willing to let him lick stuff out of their asses. There was a girl who Bob had been talking to during his act who was an Asian/Indian/Arab mix... or something like that. She told Bob she loves the ass eating stuff and volunteered to let him do it. Another woman also agreed so he had two this time. I ran up toward the stage so I could snap a couple of pictures as Bob did his thing. I think he used A-1 Steak sauce on one of the girls. I was so busy trying to find a good place to take a shot that I lost track of what he was pouring down the other chick's ass.

Mark and KC The show ended after Bob did his ass eating thing. We all hung around and let the crowd thin out a bit. We then headed out toward the lobby area where all of the comedians from the show were hanging out. We hung out in the lobby for a few minutes talking to the guys. KC was cool and really nice. He posed with my sister for a picture which seemed to make her day. Sis and KC I have a feeling she's going to get a poster sized enlargement of that to hang in her living room. My brother-in-law may not allow that though. Sean Sexton, who's not quite as disturbing when he's off stage, approached me and told me he's a fan of the site. He said he was just joking in his act when he said he was going to F-me up the ass in the parking lot. Then he backed away and raised his eyebrow as if to say ''Maybe I wasn't kidding.'' Yikes!

I shot a couple more pictures of everyone and had one taken with me in the middle of them. All of the guys were really nice and approachable. They don't blow you off if you want to talk to them. Bob Levy and Jim Florentine were just as cool as they have been in the past. They were selling t-shirts and CDs in the lobby. KC was also selling his disturbing t-shirts at the door. I got my hands on one of those as well as one of Rev. Bob Levy's ''Got Hiney?'' shirts. As always, it was a great night of comedy and fun that I won't forget. These guys put on a great show.

The Murderers Row   Mark and The Murderers Row
Mark and The Murderers Row

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