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Where Are They Now?

I've had many requests for something like this over the years. People wondering what happened to certain Wack Pack members, Stern Show Guests and more. I was finally inspired to get my ass in gear after hearing from Katie Spades who was a guest on the show on November 15, 2006. Katie had some medical issues and wanted to let everyone know what was going on. So here it is, Where Are They Now...

People have been sending in suggestions for people they'd like to find out more about. If you know any of these people and can get in touch with them, please let me know.

  • Raymond Norman
  • Gina Man
  • Evan Metropoulos
  • Elegant Elliot Offen
  • Speech Impediment Man
  • Quentin The Stutterer
  • Stacey Rucker
  • Big Black
  • Jasmine St. Clair
  • Joe Cancer
  • Darren the Foot Licker
  • Elisa (Cindy Margolis' friend)
  • Yaqi the Tickler
  • Colt 40 Feinberg
  • Dallas Deepthroat
  • King of all Messengers
  • Amy Lynn Baxter
  • Mark Berglass
  • Erica the Gymnast
  • Gay Rich
  • Stuttering Vic
  • Tempest
  • The Mad Russian
  • Slow Adam
  • Vin the Retard
  • David Peel
  • Uzo
  • Fadima the ''It Doesn't Matta!'' caller
  • Porn star Houston
  • Croix (Croy) the Wacky Old Broad
  • Ian the Drunk
  • Dr. Remulak
  • Elaina Beastie
  • Miss Howard Stern (The original, Elaine Marks)
  • Melissa the Intern
  • Rubberbaby (Howard's old cyber-sex partner)
  • Other suggestions? E-mail Mark.

  • Jasmine St. Clair (Updated September 14, 2007)
    • I have an alleged sighting of what Jasmine St. Clair is up to. Phil from Florida tells me... ''She was featured dancer at a small strip club in July or early August in Clearwater, Florida on Highway 19 near the Salvation Army.'' He didn't see her in person, just saw the sign.

    • Katie Spades (Updated April 28, 2007)
      • Katie Spades made her debut on the Howard Stern Show on November 15, 2006. You can read about that in my archives. In April of 2007, Katie e-mailed me and let me know that she was having health issues. You can find out more about that at

    • Kenneth Keith Kallenbach (Updated May 11, 2007)
      • Kenneth Keith Kallenbach may be best known for attempting to blow smoke out of his eye on Howard's WWOR (Channel 9) TV show back in the early 90's. He's appeared on the Stern Show many times over the years but hasn't been on so much lately. Below is a message from Kenneth himself...
      • May 11, 2007 - I'm going to be on a show called Human Giant this coming Thursday night on MTV at 10:30p Eastern time. That's May 17th. It's a sketch comedy show and I play a druggie named Flip and I have a bunch of lines and I'm hilarious in it. No doubt. Also my sketch comedy DVD comes out in stores everywhere on June 5th. It's called "American Icon". It will be available in all the stores everywhere DVD's are sold, Best Buy, Borders, FYE etc... and also on the internet everywhere DVD's are sold. etc....

      • April 30, 2007 - Well let's see I've been contacting the Howard Stern Show several times over the last year. I've been sending them tons of mail, and emails and phone calls and they don't seem to get back to me much. I released a DVD of my comedy sketches and clips of my band performing live on stage and my stand-up comedy and my phoney phone calls and many interviews with me and I contacted the Howard Stern Show about it but they didn't want to put me on.

        Last friday I did an appearance at Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia, PA with some of the guys from the show. It was me, Captain Janks, Ronnie The Limo Driver, some Scores Girls, John the Stutterer. I did great and did a bunch of crazy things. I peed my pants rubbed it all over my face and they filmed it. I blew smoke out of my eyes.

        I will be on a show on MTV called Human Giant either May 17 or May 24. I already filmed it and it turned out great. It's like a comedy sketch show like SNL. I play a druggie on the show, Flip is my name, and it's great.

        Last summer I had a speaking part in a new Stride Chewing Gum commercial that was all over TV. And I just shot another one in March that I speak in that should be out soon.

        I just wrote and recorded another great song about the Howard Stern Show called "Howard Sterns" and I sent it into the show but haven't heard back from them yet about it.

        I've been putting up tons of videos on YouTube. Many of my stupid comedy videos and TV appearances, etc... And that is at:

        My website is at: and that is where my DVD and my "Yeah!" CD is available. I also have autographed headshots and posters available.

        I'm still in the process of trying to become famous, get back on the howard stern show, get in movies, tv shows and commercials, record more great Kenneth Keith Kallenbach comedy rock music. Etc... Etc... Etc... Etc... Etc... Etc...

        Thanks a lot,
        Kenneth Keith Kallenbach

    • Who's Next?
      • Are you a former Wack Packer or popular guest on the Stern Show? Let me know and I'll add you to the list if you want people to know what you're doing these days.

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