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The CD: ''Straight From The Horse's Mouth''
The Artist: Sal The Stockbroker
The Label: HTJ Productions
Reviewed By: Mark

Sal the Stockbroker became known for the ''Horse Tooth Jackass'' phony phone calls made to Howard Stern's producer Gary Dell'Abate. He would call up the large toothed producer posing as various people and as he hooked him into a believing the story he'd call Gary a ''Horse Tooth Jackass.'' Well, Sal has taken his phony phone call skill and put out a CD featuring original phony phone calls. Not only that but he's included some original songs on the CD.

The phony phone calls start off with Sal calling to place a classified ad for some porno magazines. He gives the woman helping him some suggestions for the copy that are sexually suggestive but the woman just says they can't put that in the paper. Sal just keeps at it until the woman says they just can't run the ad. The calls just get better from there. One call he does a couple of times is call a pizza shop, place and order then puts them on hold. He calls another pizza place and tells them to hold on while his ''brother'' reads the order to him. The first pizza place reads back Sal's original order and confuses the hell out of both guys. The phony phone calls on this CD are very entertaining. I can't say the same about the songs though.

Sal was trying to give more entertainment value to the CD by including some goofy songs on it. With song titles like:

  • Sweet Vagina
  • Wonderful Women
  • Dead Girls
  • Xmas Time in Bensonhurst
  • 34 Double D's
  • Sweet Sensation Masturbation
You probably get the idea. To be honest, some of the songs are just plain bizarre and freaky. Why he sings about going to dig up dead celebrity women is beyond me. I know they're just parody songs but some of them are strange. There are 13 phony calls on the CD so if you don't enjoy the songs you can just fast forward past them.

''Straight From The Horses Mouth'' can be ordered through Sal's web site for $14.

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