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Mark's Friggin'... Two More Night's of Comedy at The Stress Factory - Friday and Saturday, June 18th and 19th, 2004

It had been awhile since I'd last gone to a comedy show. Stuff just got in the way and I wasn't able to get out to a show since February of this year. I always keep an eye on Rev. Bob Levy's comedy schedule because I know for sure that the guy is going to make me laugh. He was appearing down at The Stress Factory comedy club in New Brunswick, New Jersey with KC Armstrong so I headed down to hang out with them.

I had another agenda as well. KC Armstrong had been missing from the Stern show for almost 2 months and I had to find out what the hell was going on with him. Unfortunately, KC isn't able to talk about what went on over there so we may never know what really happened.

I arrived at the club right around the time that Rev. Bob was getting there so I hooked up with him and his girlfriend Kim outside. We headed in and hung out at the bar talking about Bob's week trying out for Stuttering John's job at the Stern Show. Bob got bumped on that day and didn't get to play his celebrity interview. He took it pretty well but was a little bummed out he didn't get his full 5 days. He had some interesting stories about working at the Stern show for the week and shared those with the small group of people that were there.

I met Comedian/Journalist Mike Morse who was there to do a some time on stage. He works for the magazine ''Steppin' Out'' with frequent Stern show guest Chaunce Hayden at the magazine. He and Bob have been friends for years.

I was just going to hang out for the first show but I found out KC wasn't coming until the second so I had to hang around for him. The first show went well. Julian McCullen started off the show doing a prank call. After that Mike Morse went up and did his thing and got the crowd warmed up for Bob. I've never seen Levy bomb either, the guy is really amazing the way he takes control up on stage. I've probably said that before but it's true.

I stuck around after the first show waiting for KC to show up. Club Soda Kenny showed up a short time before KC did. He told me that we were going to have some fun that night since I was there alone. He told me to take my choice of women from the group of young hotties coming in for the show. He was just joking around... I think. KC showed up with his hot girlfriend Anna a little while later. KC and I had a nice conversation about the many things that have been going on with him lately.

While all of that was going on, Rev. Bob's first wife showed up. I can see why he married her, she was extremely attractive. (Not as attractive as his current girlfriend of course) Bob and his ex seemed to get along okay now that they're not married. They were talking about the old days while Bob's new girlfriend was standing at his side. At one point Bob tried to get his ex and his new girlfriend to make out with each other but that wasn't happening.

At one point during the break between the two shows Bob got a phone call from someone claiming to be this reporter Lloyd Grove (a reporter for the NY Daily News that Howard had been complaining about earlier in the week). Grove was trying to find out if it was true that KC wasn't there for the comedy show that night and the night before. Bob told the guy that KC doesn't work the Thursday show and he wasn't scheduled for the 8 o'clock show but he was there when he called. Bob told the guy that he'd put KC on the line if he wanted. He called KC over but when KC found out who it was, he immediately got off the line. Bob got back on the line with him and made a crack about them going to the NY Post instead and the guy hung up on him. KC later told Bob to just drop the whole thing and forget about the guy.

The second show was even better than the first. The 10:30 crowd was great and they had a great time with all of the comedians. Bob killed again even though he was really tired from doing his week's worth of time in at the Stern Show. At one point in the first show he started to talk to his shot of Vodka as if it was the microphone. He wasn't even that drunk, he was just tired.

KC was being really cool to me that night. He was telling me about some video he had to show me that he and some of his buddies had shot. He told me I have to go visit him in the city sometime to check it out. Then he told me that I should come back the next night for the show and he'd have the video then. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it for the second night... but I ended up going.

Saturday night I headed down to the Stress Factory again. This time I brought my girlfriend. We hung out with Bob Levy and his girlfriend at the bar for a while. KC and comedian Paul Dell'Angelo were running a little late. Bob said he told them to be there no later than 7:30 but it was around 7:40 and there was no sign of either of them. The show was supposed to start at 8 and those two were supposed to be opening for Bob. He wasn't too thrilled about that.

Paul showed up just in time. He'd gotten lost on his way to the club. KC still wasn't there and Bob knew that he was going to be late because he's apparently late quite a bit. Julian opened the show and did his thing. Paul went up and did a few minutes after that and there was still no sign of KC who had called in saying that he was stuck in traffic. If he didn't show up within a couple of minutes, he wasn't going on stage for that first show.

KC didn't show up on time so Bob went up and killed once again. About five minutes after Bob got on stage KC came walking in with his girlfriend Anna. I told him that Bob was kind of pissed that he wasn't there on time. He later apologized to Bob for that. It looked like Bob wasn't too pissed at him but Bob's girlfriend made a good point and told KC that it might seem like a joke to him but it reflects poorly on Bob when they don't show up on time.

KC forgot the video tape he wanted to show me but he did invite my girlfriend and I to come to his place in the city sometime so we can go out to eat. He told us about a Korean restaurant he went to with his girlfriend earlier in the day. He wants to bring us to the same place. Sounds cool to me but I hate, really hate, going into the city. I told KC that I usually don't go any further than the Jacob Javits Convention center which is a block from the Hudson river. He said he's only about a block from there so maybe it won't be as bad as I thought. Stay tuned... That Brush with Greatness could be the most interesting yet.

Check out Bob's web site to see where he's appearing. Go see one of his shows already... you won't be disappointed.

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