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Mark's Friggin'... Another Night of comedy at The Stress Factory - September 1, 2002

I know a lot of you enjoy reading these stories but I don't want to go too far overboard so I'm going to keep this one short. The main reason I'm writing this one is because I got some good video of Rev. Bob Levy doing his infamous ass eating thing at the end of his show.

I went down to The Stress Factory in New Brunswick, New Jersey to see Rev. Bob Levy ( once again. This time he wasn't with anyone from the Stern show. He was headlining at the club and, as usual, I knew that it would be great. I hung out with Bob and his buddy Jimmy Graham ( who, I thought, was going to be working that night. He just drove Bob there and home. They told me a couple of great stories before I went back to my table to eat dinner.

Opening the show was Julian McCullen whose name I'm probably misspelling. He worked the crowd for a couple of minutes and then made a prank call for someone in the audience. This is what they do to open up the shows down there. The audience makes suggestions for what to tell their friends or family members and they make the call while the audience listens in. Julian made a call to the father of a 20 year old woman in the crowd. He told the guy that he was calling to set up an appointment for his daughter who had auditioned for an adult film. The father ended up getting really pissed and hung up on him. Julian called back and tried to talk to him again but he had to let him in on the joke because he was really getting upset thinking that his daughter was going to appear in an adult film. The crowd loved the call.

After Julian did his thing the first comedian came up. It was Don Jamieson ( who appears on Jim Florentine's ''Terrorizing Telemarketers Vol. 3'' CD. He was great as most of these guys usually are.

Up next was comedian Eric McMahon ( The guy killled. The guy was really funny and may show up at another show Bob is doing in September. I later found out that Bob and Eric have been friends for many years.

Don Jamieson went back up and did a couple more minutes of material before bringing Bob Levy up on stage. Bob was amazing as usual. He continues to impress me with his quick wit and one liners about audience members. I've seen his act now, what, six times now, and it still makes me laugh hard like I'm hearing it for the first time. My friend Lori and my girlfriend were also loving it. It's fun for everyone.

During Bob's act he was doing shots with this cute woman sitting up near the stage. When he got around to doing his ass eating segment the crowd suggested that the shot girl get up there to do it. She was very hesitant to get up there. She asked if Bob could get her in to meet Howard Stern if she did it. Bob swore that he'd do that for her so she went up there. She wouldn't pull down her pants even as the crowd cheered her on. She eventually got off stage to some boos from the crowd. Someone suggested that Bob get this other woman up there who had been talking about her purple dildo earlier. The woman didn't waste any time. She ran right up and started unbuckling her belt as she took her first steps up there. Bob went ahead with his act pouring and then licking some blue cheese dressing out of her crack.

After the show I brought my friend Lori up to meet Bob Levy who was sitting at the bar. She was still laughing and giggling as she met the guy who had just eaten something out of a woman's ass crack. We all hung out and talked for, what must have been, another hour or so. I met Don Jamieson who told me that I was a ''pioneer'' in the way I update my web site. I love hearing that shit! My girlfriend, who had a few drinks in her, was hugging everyone. Jimmy Graham told me I had quite a catch there but I told him she only gets that way after a few drinks. She even hugged the first woman Bob had up on stage for some reason. I heard that girl tell Bob Levy that she doesn't like the way she looks! She was cute! I showed her the video I had of her and she said she wouldn't have gotten up on stage if she knew someone was taping. I'm still wondering why my girlfriend hugged her...

We all hung around until the employees of the club started turning out the lights. It was the night before Labor Day so I'm sure they wanted to get home. Once again, it was an great night of fun. Go see Bob or any of these guys when they're in your area. Just check their web sites for upcoming dates.

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