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Mark's Friggin' At The Stress Factory Comedy Club - Saturday, April 30th, 2005

''Best Show Yet.'' That's what I'd call this friggin comedy show. I laughed my ass off all night when I went to see The Reverend Bob Levy, Sal ''The Stockbroker'' Governale and Paul Dell'Angelo at the Stress Factory on this Saturday night. All three of them killed at this 8 o'clock show.

I went down to the Stress Factory with my fiancee, Jennifer, a little early to get some food and some good seats for the show. Once again we were seated in the front row. Luckily we knew all of the comedians so we didn't have to worry about being picked on. Bob Levy showed up about a half hour before show time so Jen and I went back to the green room to hang out for a few minutes before the show. Sal the Stockbroker hadn't shown up yet so I didn't have a chance to talk to him before the show. After that we went out and enjoyed the show for the next hour and a half or so. Like I said, all three of the comedians killed. When Sal was done with his time on stage he have me and my site a shout out which he really didn't have to do. I appreciate it but I don't really like having 300 people looking at me wondering what a ''marksfriggin dot com'' is. Levy also mentioned my upcoming wedding and used it as part of his act when he told some jokes about marriage. Once again, it was cool but I must have turned dark red from embarrassment.

After the first show Jen and I went back to the green room to hang out for a few more minutes. We didn't plan on staying through the second show but we didn't know just how much more fun we were going to have. A few regulars from Bob's message board,, were hanging out in the green room. The green room is pretty small so I was almost ready so Jen and I were going to get out of there so we wouldn't take up any room in there. Little did I know that the fun was just starting. One of the posters from KMS, ''Chesty LaRue,'' may have had a few too many drinks during the show. She was kind of stumbling around and slurring her words like any drunk person would do. She was just having a lot of fun hanging out with Bob and the guys. After a little while Chesty sat down in a corner of the room and passed out. She was really friggin out of it too. No one could wake her up by talking or yelling at her. Now the fun was about to start.

With Chesty passed out in the chair the guys started talking about what they could do with her. There was talk of putting body parts on her face and taking pictures. Then Sal threw a napkin on her face and started to have some fun with her. Levy is starting to videotape some stuff for an upcoming DVD he has planned so he had Matt from KMS whip out his camcorder to start getting some of this on tape. That's when things got crazy. There were plates of food sitting on a table in the room so Sal started to place pieces of food in Chesty's hand. Then he hung a couple of french fries in her shirt, put a ketchup bottle and salt and pepper shakers in the crook of her arm. She didn't move. Then he drew a ketchup smiley face on her chest. That wasn't enough though. Everyone was dying laughing as this was going on so Sal kept going. He put some ketchup and mustard on Chesty's chin and eventually a cigarette in her mouth. Matt caught it all on tape and I shot a bunch of still pictures that you can check out below.

Chesty Passed Out 2 Chesty Passed Out 5 Chesty Passed Out 6 Chesty Passed Out 7 Chesty Passed Out 8
Chesty Passed Out 10 Chesty Passed Out 11 Chesty Passed Out 12 Chesty Passed Out 15 Chesty Passed Out 16

Chesty didn't move while all of that went on. Sal must have felt bad for her so he wiped the condiments off her face and pulled all the food out of her hands so she wouldn't even know what went on when she woke up. A little later on Sal thought it might be funny to show some of the video of her on the big screen TV in the club so everyone could see what goes on back stage. They were able to make that happen during Bob's act so he shared some of the hijinks with everyone. It was all a hell of a lot of fun. I'm still laughing as I'm thinking about what went on. I didn't want to leave because I wanted to see what was going to happen with Chesty. Luckily she had ''Artie'sManBoobs'' there to call her a cab and help her get back to her hotel. She woke up around 12:30 in the morning... or I should say, she was awakened from her coma by Artie'sManBoobs. Chesty was passed out for a good 2 hours or more! She never did throw up even through all of this. She had her head in a trash can for a while but that was just a precaution. No one wanted any vomit on the floor.

As I'm writing this, people are posting Photoshopped versions of some of the pictures on this site on Chesty may never live this one down. It was great to meet some of the people from the board. Matt, RasberryRain, ArtiesManBoobs... all cool people. Oh, and to this dude Mike who came up to me after the first show to tell me how much he liked the site, thanks!

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