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The CD: ''Everybody's Normal But Me''
The Band: Stuttering John
The Label: BMG/RAZOR & TIE
Reviewed By: Mark

I'll start by saying that I enjoyed Stuttering John's first album ''Stuttering John.'' There were a few songs on that CD that were pretty damn good. Unfortunately, I think John ran out of material on this, his second try. You may have heard Howard playing John's song ''Everybody's Normal But Me'' a couple of times on the air. The song isn't horrible but it isn't really something that would make someone buy the CD. As a matter of fact I almost decided not to get it because of that song but, since I enjoyed John's first album I decided to give it a try.

After listening to the whole CD I think that John's problem is that he doesn't know what kind of music he should be playing. Either that or he's trying to do songs for everyone. There's a song with a Rap guy, Omar Sharif, singing about how cabbies won't go to Harlem and another song that's kind of like a bad George Thorogood song called ''Money For Drugs.'' Luckily John doesn't have to take credit for writing that awful song. Someone else in the band came up with that. That doesn't mean that every song sucks though. There are a couple that are actually good. ''Will'' is one of the songs that I enjoyed. ''Pretty Girl'' was annoying the crap out of me but it's growing on me the more I listen to it.

Basically, John's singing sounds uninspired and boring. I really wanted to like this album but it just ain't happening for me. Other than a song or two there's nothing for me to listen to. That doesn't mean that everyone will hate it though. If you like music that's all over the place and boring then this CD is for you. That's just my opinion.

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