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Howard Stern's Move To SIRIUS Satellite Radio

08/11/2005 (Updated 01/07/06) - Howard is making his move to SIRIUS satellite radio soon. Here's what we know so far...

  • Howard 100 - 101 Schedules.
    For those of you who have been wondering what's on Howard's channels, I've thrown together this list for both channels. The schedule is subject to change since they're still working out where to put everything.

    Howard 100 Show Schedule (Eastern Time):

    • The Howard Stern Show: 6am - 11am
    • The Wrap Up Show: 11am - 12 Noon
    • Howard 100 News (Live): Noon - 1pm
    • Howard 100 News (Reruns): 1pm - 6pm
    • Howard 100 News (Live): 6pm - 7pm
    • Super Fan Round Table (Thursday): 7pm - 8pm
    • Howard 100 News (Reruns): 8pm - 9pm
    • The Howard Stern Show (Rerun): 9pm - 2am
    • Various Programming: 2am - 6am

    Howard 101 Show Schedule (Pacific Time):

    • The Howard Stern Show: 6am - 11am
    • The Wrap Up Show: 11am - 12 Noon
    • Howard 100 News (Live): Noon - 1pm
    • Bubba The Love Sponge (Live): 1pm - 5pm
    • Howard 100 News: 5pm - 6pm
    • Super Fan Round Table (Thursday): 6pm - 7pm
    • Howard 100 News (Reruns): 7pm - 12 Midnight
    • Various Programming: 12 Midnight - 6am
  • The date for Howard's start on Howard 100 is January 9, 2006.
  • Howard's show will air from 6am-11am Eastern on Howard 100. The show will air on a 3 hour delay on Howard 101 for West Coast fans (or anyone else who wants to listen later). The show may also be rerun at 9pm Eastern.
  • The phone number for the show will be 1-888-9-ASSHOLE.
  • A preview of Howard's new studio is at
  • A Howard 100 and 101 programming guide is available at
  • Howard Stern 100 and ''Howard Stern 2'' channel 101 went live on September 29, 2005. New shows like 'Howard 100 News' and the Super Fan Roundtable shows have been airing since then.
  • Howard will be programming 2 other channels (one for now) which will be on SIRIUS 101 and 102. (According to Howard) - 08/25/05 SIRIUS announced 2 Howard Stern channels, 100 and 101. 101 is currently being called ''Howard Stern II.''
  • Howard and the crew will have a 4 day work week (Monday - Thursday) with Fridays off. Howard says he has plans to do something special for those Friday's that they're off.
  • Howard's radio show will be videotaped and shown on iN DEMAND (On Demand) digital cable starting in April, 2006.
  • Howard's radio show will not be broadcast on the web through the web site. If asked, SIRIUS will e-mail back the following statement ''Unfortunately Howard Stern will not be available online due to copyright laws. We do offer our 65 channels of commercial free music for free.'' (Thanks to DJ for the info.) Or... ''Thank you for your email regarding Howard Stern online. At this time he will not be available online. Until he signs a contract to be broadcasted online we can't do it. We understand any frustrations this cause, but at this time we cannot do too much. We suggest checking out our website for further updates and more information. Thank you again.'' (Thanks to Michael for the info)
  • Todd ''Bubba the Love Sponge'' Clem will be one of the many personalities that Howard will have on his stations. Bubba's show will air on Howard 101.
  • SIRIUS radio costs $12.95 a month or $499.99 lifetime, for over 120 channels of content. Additional subscriptions for tuners 2-4 are $6.99 a month.

If you're going to follow Howard over to SIRIUS, you might want to check out my reviews of a couple of SIRIUS satellite tuners. You can find those here:

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