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MarksFriggin Review of Manhunt for Playstation 2 - 12/23/2003

This game is gruesome, unbelievably gruesome. I had to close my eyes a couple of times when I was playing the game. At the time of this writing the game was banned in New Zealand because of it's content.

Rockstar Games Manhunt You start off the game as a prisoner, James Earl Cash, who was supposed to have been put to death. You're kept alive to play a game where you have to kill hunters before they kill you. This means you do a lot of sneaking up on the hunters so you can strangle, cut, shoot... whatever it takes to kill these guys. The game is pretty bloody when you start bashing guys over the head with baseball bats and hammers. It's brutal. The first couple of times I smashed one of the hunters with a baseball bat, I had to close my eyes because the blood, brains and skull fragments splattered on the walls and screen around the character. This game is not for the squeamish.

Once I got used to the blood and gore I got into the game. It's pretty tough at certain points because if the hunters find you, they gang up on you and beat you to a pulp. Keep trying though and you'll eventually find some great weapons like shotguns and such. Just turn a corner as one of the guys is approaching and you can blow his head off, splattering it all over the wall.

All of your actions are being followed by someone who tells you what to do as you go along. He tells you what's coming up and gives you a couple of clues as to how to get through the game.

The game looks great and has decent sound effects. It's not breaking new ground when it comes to graphics but it does break ground for the level of brutality. This game makes Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City look like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I'd give it a ''Friggin Great'' rating.

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