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  • Ventura - Stern 2016? 06/10/13. 6:35am
  • Howard Takes More Calls. 06/10/13. 6:45am
  • Wendy Williams Visits. 06/10/13. 7:00am
  • Seth Rogen Visits. 06/10/13. 8:05am
  • Tony Awards And More Vegas Discussions. 06/10/13. 9:20am
  • Robin's News. 06/10/13. 9:45am
  • Wrap Up Show - Ronnie's Moustache. 06/10/13. 10:40am
  • Wrap Up Show - Seth Rogen. 06/10/13. 10:50am
  • Wrap Up Show - Wendy Williams. 06/10/13. 11:05am
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  • Various Audio Clips. 06/11/13. 6:10am
  • Various Audio Clips, Prank Calls, Song Parodies And More. 06/11/13. 6:10am
  • Batman And Superman Discussions. 06/11/13. 6:45am
  • Russell Brand Visits. 06/11/13. 7:00am
  • Ozzy Osbourne And Geezer Butler Visit. 06/11/13. 7:50am
  • Music Discussions And Catching Up With Audio Clips. 06/11/13. 8:50am
  • Robin's News. 06/11/13. 9:35am
  • Wrap Up Show - Scott DePace. 06/11/13. 10:40am
  • Wrap Up Show - Russell Brand, Scott's Kids And More. 06/11/13. 11:00am
  • Wrap Up Show - Ozzy And Geezer. 06/11/13. 11:10am
  • Farrah Abraham Discussions. 06/12/13. 6:00am
  • Derick The Actor Calls In. 06/12/13. 6:10am
  • Howard Takes A Call. 06/12/13. 6:25am
  • Various Audio Clips. 06/12/13. 6:30am
  • Ronnie's Road Rage And Batman Beard. 06/12/13. 6:45am
  • Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Visits. 06/12/13. 7:05am
  • Steven Tyler Running Late, Howard Takes Calls. 06/12/13. 7:55am
  • Steven Tyler Visits. 06/12/13. 8:25am
  • Robin's News. 06/12/13. 9:45am
  • Wrap Up Show - JD And Farrah Abraham. 06/12/13. 10:40am
  • Wrap Up Show - Ronnie's Driving. 06/12/13. 10:55am
  • Wrap Up Show - Steven Tyler. 06/12/13. 11:10am
  • This Date In Howard History (TDiHH). 06/13/13. 6:00am
  • TDiHH: Win Fred's Money - June 13, 2002. 06/13/13. 6:00am
  • TDiHH: Brother/Sister Incest? June 13, 2001. 06/13/13. 6:15am
  • TDiHH: Mark Harris - June 13, 1994. 06/13/13. 6:40am
  • TDiHH: Call To Gay S&M Club - June 13, 1988. 06/13/13. 7:05am
  • TDiHH: Artie's Eating - June 13, 2002. 06/13/13. 7:10am
  • TDiHH: Sal's Howard Obsession - June 13, 2005. 06/13/13. 7:30am
  • TDiHH: Louis CK - June 13, 2006. 06/13/13. 8:05am
  • TDiHH: Evil Dave - June 13, 2012. 06/13/13. 8:40am
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  • TDiHH: Brother/Sister Incest? June 13, 2001. 06/13/13. 6:15am
    Next up on This Date in Howard History they played a segment from 2001 when a brother and sister came in claiming they were incestuous. Here's my rundown from 2001:

    Phony Incestuous Brother And Sister Couple Come In. 6/13/01. 9:15am
    Howard had been promoting this brother and sister who make love to each other all morning. When they finally made it in Howard said it looked like the sister was going to cry. It turns out she had been crying for quite a while. The brother, who'd called in recently and said he wanted to get his sister implants, was all over the place. He was talking all over everyone and not letting anyone ask the sister what was up. It turns out the sister was brought there under false pretences. She was under the impression that she was going to be competing for implants on the show. She had no idea what her brother had done. Gary said that when he told her why she was there it looked like someone had punched her in the stomach. She never had sex with her brother and she thought the whole thing was disgusting. She ended up freaking out on her brother while he just rambled on and on about nonsense. He said something about her wanting to be a stripper at Al's Diamond Cabaret in Reading, Pennsylvania. She did say that was true but she couldn't get over the fact that he told Howard he'd slept with her. She told Howard she needs to pay for her schooling as a dental assistant and she wants implants to look a little better. Howard told her she was pretty hot and she doesn't need them.

    Gary came in and read part of the letter that this guy wrote to the show about his sister. In it he said something about how they wanted to have kids together but they can't. Then the sister says that she's got 3 kids but they're not with her brother. He's their uncle! That's one of the reasons she wants the implants. She thinks they sag after having the 3 kids and wants them lifted.

    The sister says that she now has to drive home 2 and a half hours with her brother and he's no longer going to be allowed in her home. She said he's not even going to be ''Uncle Alex'' anymore.

    Alex stuck with his story for a little while but eventually admitted he did it all just to get on the show. He gave a few shout-outs to his buddies at Airborne Express in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

    Howard did have the sister take down her top so he could see just how bad the breasts were. He and Gary both agreed that they're fine and she could dance with them just the way they are.

    After Howard was interrupted with the news of Bill dropping out of the ''Mitts on a Misfit'' game he had to wrap up the phony incest thing. The brother was way too annoying and unfunny to keep it going.

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  • TDiHH: Mark Harris - June 13, 1994. 06/13/13. 6:40am
    Next up on This Date in Howard History they played a segment from 1994 when Mark Harris visited.

    In the clip we heard Howard talking to Mark Harris about his life with Martha Raye. Howard asked why he hasn't just put a pillow over her face. Mark said they took her other leg off recently. She said she's without any pain at this time. He said she's rarely awake though.

    Howard asked Mark if he has a boyfriend in Berlin. Mark said he does not. Howard asked if he's lying. Mark said he is suing The Globe over some of the stories they've written about him. Mark said they say in an article that he said something about going to screw some soldiers. He said they are just not right.

    Howard asked how much money he's going to inherit when Martha dies. Mark said that it's almost all gone so it won't be much. Howard asked why he had a dance floor built for her if she doesn't have any legs. Mark didn't have an answer for that.

    Howard said he heard that Mark was on the phone with Caesar Romero the day before he died. Mark said he was. He said he was on his way home when he spoke to him. Howard said Mark must be in all his glory now that he's got an in with all of these old stars. Howard said Mark sings songs that are of that era. Howard said Mark must wish he could have been an actor in the 30s and 40s. Howard said he has a clip of Mark singing one of his songs. He was singing ''Dear President Clinton.''

    Howard said Mark is singing to the president about Martha getting a medal. Howard said Mark seems to think that Clinton should have done it immediately after getting into office. Mark said his lyrics are 100 percent true and accurate. Howard played a little more of the song.

    Howard asked Mark if he was home when he recorded this. Mark said he was at Leo DeLion's home. He said he knows Leo is listening to the show now. He said Leo is in his 60s or 70s. Howard asked if they recorded it on a tape player. Mark said they used work tape or something like that.

    Howard asked Mark if he has to share the bedroom with Martha. Mark said they have a very large bedroom actually. He said she's in a hospital bed. Howard asked if they share that bed. Mark said they do not. Mark asked Howard to continue with the song.

    Howard did his impression of Mark talking to another old star and trying to pick her up. Howard had him telling her that he'd make sure that her name lives on.

    Howard played more of Mark's song and wondered why Martha married him. Mark said Martha said that this has been the best time of her life. He said the nurses keep track of what she says and that's what they wrote.

    Howard asked if he thinks the marriage will be contested in court. Mark said it shouldn't be. He said he didn't want to talk about why but he doesn't believe it will be.

    Howard told Mark he could take Martha out with a pillow over her head. Howard played more of his song and laughed at what he was singing about.

    Howard said he feels bad for Martha. Mark said he does too. Howard said he should wait out of respect for Martha to do anything. Mark said he's not doing anything with the people he goes out with. Howard told Mark to repeat after him and say he hasn't had gay sex during his marriage to Martha Raye. Mark said he has had bi-sex during his marriage. Howard wrapped up with Mark a short time later.


  • TDiHH: Call To Gay S&M Club - June 13, 1988. 06/13/13. 7:05am
    Next up on This Date in Howard History they played a segment from 1988 when Howard called a gay S&M club.

    In the clip Howard made a call to this club where they had a message talking about the sexy gay club and gave out their specials. Howard listened to the message and they were saying that if you show your penis then you get in for half price.

    Howard said he's the one who gets called outrageous and this is going on out there. Robin said she can't believe that little ad there. Howard asked how she'd like to work the door at ''uncut night'' there. Howard said that you have to whip it out to get your half price entry. Howard said he'd keep it in his pants and pay full price. Howard said Fred could get in for half price on that night. Howard asked Fred how his girlfriend reacts to that thing. Fred said she gives him half off.

  • TDiHH: Artie's Eating - June 13, 2002. 06/13/13. 7:10am
    Next up on This Date in Howard History they played a segment from 2002 when Stuttering John gave a list of what Artie ate at a Yankee game. Here's my rundown from 2002:

    Various Stuff. 6/13/02. 6:05am
    Stuttering John and Artie went to a Yankee game last night. John came in to talk about what Artie ate when they went. He said the first thing Artie got was a shish-kebob with bread from a street vendor. He had a slice of pizza shortly after that. John was also eating some of this crap too. He said Artie then had a hot dog... and then 4 more in the sixth inning. As Howard was listening to this he said he must have some amazing bowel movements. Artie said that it's obvious that a man has been on the toilet when he's done. John continued the story and said that Artie had 7-9 Jack and water's but Artie claims it was only about 4. After the game they went to a restaurant and on the way there Artie got a slice of pizza. Howard said they have to weigh Artie now. They went to the restaurant and he ate more pasta and a salad. Howard seemed amazed by the amount of food he ate. John asked him if he ate when he got home from the game. He said he had one of these new big Kit-Kat bars that he loves. He said it was only one though.

    Artie continued to talk about all of the stuff he likes to eat. Gary came in and said he has a 10 pound Nestle's Crunch bar that he wants to sit next to Artie for a few days. Artie looked at the label and it said that it's 90 servings per container. The guys want to see how long that candy bar will last sitting next to Artie.

    Howard had Artie get on the scale they still had left from the Bally Total Fitness weight loss challenge. He weighed in at 214 pounds at the end of the challenge a few weeks ago. Today he weighed 230 with clothes on. He started the contest at 225 or so. The guys were amazed that he doesn't weigh more.

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  • TDiHH: Sal's Howard Obsession - June 13, 2005. 06/13/13. 7:30am
    Next up on This Date in Howard History they played a segment from 2005 when the guys talked about Sal's obsession with Howard. Here's my rundown from 2005:

    More Of Sal's Odd Behavior Exposed. 06/13/05. 7:30am
    Comedian Shuli called in to ask Artie some questions about the therapy he was in over the weekend. He asked how long the session lasted. Artie said it was 2 hours and he did break down and cry when he was talking about his father. He also said that he felt good after the therapy. Shuli said that he thinks Artie is a really nice guy and won't say ''no'' to anyone and he ends up hurting himself instead of hurting the feelings of others. Shuli also asked Howard a question. He wondered who Howard would leave behind if he had to leave out one of the three new guys (Sal, Richard and Dan). Howard said he would leave Sal behind. That led to him talking about how Sal asked him about a picture that was in Esquire magazine. Sal kind of knew where the picture \was from even though Howard didn't have a clue. Some of the guys in the studio found it kind of funny and Sal didn't understand why they were laughing. Sal said he doesn't get why it was funny and figured that Howard would find it kind of flattering that he'd know so much. Sal talked about the outfit that Howard was wearing that day and how he didn't think his shoes matched the rest of the outfit. Sal knew a bit too much about that day. He was talking about Howard's ''Hamptons Pose'' that he was doing in the picture and then went over that day that he was out there. Sal said that Howard had gone to see ''Legally Blonde 2'' that day.

    Shuli suggested that Howard line up 10 photos and have Sal tell them where they were taken. Howard said he doesn't want to do that. Sal was talking about Howard's calves and how he remembers seeing them in those pictures from the Hamptons. Ronnie the Limo Driver came in and said that Sal asked him if they could come and pick him up to go somewhere and sit with them wherever they're going. Howard told Sal that he's retarded when he does that stuff. He said that Sal scares him with that stuff. Gary then asked Sal if it's true he's been snooping around trying to find out who Howard's shrink is because he wants to go the same guy. Sal said he has a perfect explanation for that. He said that he's not going to blow up anymore and he's going to be a nice guy. He said that after Howard read an email on the air about how he needs to get some help, he figured that Howard's shrink would be best at trying to figure out his problems because he knows Howard's problems. Howard said that Sal is trying to be with him way too much and if he sees his shrink or even finds out his shrink's name, he's going to fire him. Sal asked Howard if it's a guy or a woman. Howard said it's a woman and he's being dead serious. He doesn't want to fire him, but he will if he interferes with his personal life. Sal said that it's his personal life too. Howard told Sal that he's got nothing to do with his personal life though. Sal said he is part of Howard and Howard is part of him.

    Sal said that he and Howard have similar thoughts so that's why the shrink would understand him like they understand Howard. Howard said that Sal wanted to be with him and Beth in the past, now he wants to be with him and his therapist. That led to them playing the ''Crazy'' song parody about Sal. Sal left the room while the song was playing. Howard took some phone calls after that and people were telling him to get rid of the guy already. They played another song parody about Sal's weird behavior. They had audio clips from when he was under hypnosis and was willing to touch Howard and service him if he had to. That was to the tune of Richard Marx's ''Right Here Waiting.''

    Sal came back in and told the guys that the hypnosis was the worst thing that ever happened to him. He mentioned that he did a comedy gig this weekend and someone asked him if it was real. Rev. Bob Levy was there and told the woman that of course it was real, when most people go under hypnosis they turn into chickens, when Sal went under, he turned into a homo.

    Artie asked Howard if it was true that he had invited Sal the Stockbroker to Scores last week. Howard told Artie it was true and explained to him how he got invited when Gary gave him a list of guys to invite. He walked out of the station wondering if he had just invited him. He'd also mentioned that Scott the Engineer was asked not to say anything to anyone when he left the studio. He was asking people if they were going after he was asked to stay quiet. Scott came in and said that he only said it to Ronnie the Limo Driver. Ronnie told Howard that Scott had said it to him but there were a bunch of people in the hall when he said it. Howard said that he almost didn't go to his buddy Ross' bachelor party because he didn't want Sal staring at him. Sal was telling Howard that he remembers seeing Howard wearing a light blue ringer t-shirt that day and that was creeping Howard out again.

    A listener called in and told Howard that he used to be friends with this guy who was kind of like Sal and ended up trying to kill him. Howard said that whenever Sal is around, he wants Ronnie around to keep an eye on him. The caller told Howard to get rid of Sal now before he does kill him. Howard said he might want Sal to wear handcuffs when he comes in the studio. Ronnie told Howard that Sal was talking to Gary about the shrink thing and Sal said that he has to go to Howard's shrink because he knows everything about him. Ronnie told Sal that he's got to stop with this stuff because he is going to get fired. Sal asked to please get out of the conversation because he was getting scared. Howard told him that it could all stop if he just stopped doing this weird stuff. He told Sal that he has to go to a shrink but not his shrink. He doesn't want Sal sitting anywhere near him today and not behind him at all. Howard and the guys spent a couple more minutes talking about that but Howard had to take a break. He let Sal go but took another phone call before going to break. A listener called in and told Artie that he's great on the show and he shouldn't feel like a lottery winner because he was chosen to be on the show, they didn't draw his name from a hat or something like that. Artie thanked the guy for that. Howard took another call from a guy who asked Howard if he has an appointment with Dr. Kervorkian (wink wink) so maybe Sal should be going to see him. Howard is afraid that Sal is going to wig out and kill everyone there but he'd probably be safe. He thinks of himself as Jodie Foster while everyone else there is Ronald Regan to Sal's John Hinckley. Howard figures he's safe but no one else is. He went to break after that. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • TDiHH: Louis CK - June 13, 2006. 06/13/13. 8:05am
    Next up on This Date in Howard History they played a segment from 2006 when Louis CK visited. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Louis C.K. Visits. 06/13/06. 9:25am
    Howard had the guys bring in Louis C.K. who was there to promote his new TV show ''Lucky Louie.'' Louis came in and told George that he met him over at Conan O'Brien's show one time when he was working there. They spent a minute on that and then Howard congratulated Louis on his new HBO TV show that took him 2 years to get on the air.

    Howard said he was reading his bio and a lot of fucked up stuff stands out. He claims that his parents sent him to a retarded kids camp one year, but Louis isn't retarded. He said that's similar to the story about Babe Ruth whose parents dumped him off in an orphanage when he was a young boy. Louis said that his parent made a mistake and dropped him at this camp not knowing that it was for retarded kids.

    Howard asked Louis if he could have turned that retarded camp thing into something special because he must have been the most popular kid at camp. Louis said that didn't happen for him. He was only in 3rd grade at the time, but he did go back for 3 years. He said his dad sent him to try and toughen him up because he though he was a little ''soft'' back then.

    Howard asked Louis if the people at camp ever asked him why he was there. Louis said that the camp was supposed to be for both retarded kids and regular kids but no one ever sent their normal kids there. His parents were the only ones who were dumb enough to send them there.

    Louis said he never put any moves on the retarded girls there. He said he never even kissed a girl until he was a freshman in high school. He also talked about going to see hookers in New York City. He said there was one time he was out looking for motorcycle parts and ran across one of these street hookers. That was a long time ago when he was much younger. Artie said he and some friends got a whore to blow them and he shared one chick with a friend. Louis said he was filled with shame after doing something like that and wouldn't want anyone else around to see it.

    Louis said he went to find this motorcycle shop and there was a woman hanging out the window and showing her tits so he waved back. She quickly came down and offered to blow him for eight bucks so he took her up on the offer. He had to give $20 to this guy to buzz them into the building which was condemned. The place was a mess and the windows were broken so the wind was blowing through the place in the middle of winter.

    Louis said the woman had chunks of hair missing out of her hair. She put a condom on him and blew him. Then he got up to leave and some guy started heading his way so he tried to get out of there as fast as possible. He somehow escaped and heard the woman say ''Oh, we lost him...'' He figured that they were out to kill him at that point.

    Howard read some other notes from Louis' bio and saw that there was a guy who lived in his neighborhood as a kid and would pick kids up in his Ford Pinto. He would offer teenage boys lunch so some kids would get in and go with him. Then he'd put his hand on their knee and tell them that he wanted to be their friend. Louis didn't get into that stuff though. He did said he got into drugs for a while.

    Howard asked Louis about what he's getting paid working at HBO and if they pay as poorly as he's heard. Louis said he's doing pretty good for what he's doing. He told Howard that they're able to talk about just about anything on the show and even called God a cunt during a funny scene with Jim Norton, who used the word about 40 times, and HBO never said a word about it.

    Howard read that Louis wrote the movie ''Pootie Tang'' so he spent some time talking to him about that. Louis told Howard about a meeting he had with the people who financed the film and how they yelled at him after seeing it for the first time. Louis said that all he wanted to do at the time was make movies and that dream was being ruined by these guys as they were yelling at him. He actually enjoyed having them yelling at him though and turned it into a good thing. He said surviving failure is an amazing thing. Artie said ''Tell me about it...''

    Louis said he remembers watching Siskel and Ebert reviewing the movie and talking about how awful it was. Howard wondered why they released it at all. Louis said they did so because Chris Rock was very hot at the time. The movie has made its' money back since then and it's become a bit of a cult classic.

    George Takei told Louis that his success is because of the attitude he has. His failures actually helped him get to where he is now. Howard asked Louis if he ever got any good looking hookers. Louis said he did have a couple, but he really didn't go to a lot of hookers.

    Louis talked about going to therapy and how he had to get out of that because he hated to keep hearing himself talking about all of his shit. What he learned in therapy is that his wife is nuts. He said that he hasn't had sex with his wife since about March. The woman who plays his wife in the TV show is attractive but he said he didn't pick her just because of that.

    Gary came in and asked Louis about an odd sexual encounter he had when he was 12. He read that he sat on a guy's back as the guy screwed the floor. Louis said that he was about 12 or 13 at the time and he had just jerked off for the first time and had something come out. A friend of his had just done it for the first time and did it in a strange way so he was asked to sit on the guy's back as he jerked off and he did it.

    Howard thanked Louis for coming in and gave him a plug for his show ''Lucky Louie'' which airs Sunday night's at 10:30pm on HBO. You can get more info about his upcoming comedy shows at

    Louis told Howard about the first time he heard his show and how, at first, he was pissed off that they weren't playing music on the show. He wondered what that shit was and then Howard called Yoko Ono on some talk show and prank called her. That's when he realized how great the show was. Howard wished him luck with his show again. Artie is also happy for him because he's seen him working so hard to get his stuff going over the years. He remembered a movie that Louis made years ago and how great it was. Louis said that movie was never released and the only copy is sitting under his bed. Howard wrapped up a short time later and went to break.


  • TDiHH: Evil Dave - June 13, 2012. 06/13/13. 8:40am
    Next up on This Date in Howard History they played a segment from 2012 when Evil Dave was on the show. Here's my rundown from 2012:

    Evil Dave Letterman Visits. 06/13/12. 7:20am
    After the break Howard came right back and had Evil Dave Letterman in the studio. Howard said that he stands up for David Letterman over jay Leno. Dave said he just wanted to say that he thinks Steve-O is much better to have sex with than George Clooney. Howard said one thing he loves about Dave is that he lets his hair down when he's in. Dave said he knows Robin had surgery but he'd like to fuck her scar. Robin said that's about as dark as he can go. Robin told him no when Howard asked if he could do it.

    Dave told Howard that he heard Drew Barrymore just got married so he'll have to get his car collection out of her vagina. He said he is a collector after all. Howard said Jay carries on with the cars all the time too. Dave said that he misses having sex with young college interns. He asked for some young women to meet him in Central Park today.

    Howard said Dave used to have sex with people he worked with but now he has to play it on the straight and narrow. Dave said he has to run from Mayor Bloomberg now because he's trying to stick a straw up his ass. Dave also joked about Sal's teeth. Dave said he can't believe that Howard made up with Kathie Lee. He asked if the next thing will be him giving Jay Leno a blow job.

    Dave and Howard talked about John Travolta. Dave said he'd like to be on America's Got Talent. He said he could wrap Howie Mandel's balls in tin foil and hum a Lady Gaga song.

    Howard said Dave is on CBS TV at 11:35 at night. Howard said he has been on the show many times and he always enjoys himself. Dave said what sucks is that he has 48,000 rubbers left after buying them at Costco. He said he never thought he'd be caught cheating. Howard said now he's stuck with all of those rubbers. He could sell them on eBay.

    Dave said he wants to vote for Obama but he's afraid that it will look like he has a fetish. Howard said he might vote for Romney then. Dave said he's going to call Jenny McCarthy's kid if she wants. He said he needs a hobby now that he can't cheat. Dave said he's willing to ''Ski-pipe'' with her kid. Howard said that's ''Skype'' but if he wants to ski pipe he can do that too.

    Dave said that AGT is one big production. He asked if there are some really plain looking girls on the staff. Howard said Dave likes the brainy, plain looking girls. Dave said that's right. He said sometimes when all of the X's go off on AGT they should finger Sharon. Howard said he might be up on charges if he did that. Howard said this is very edgy material.

    Howard asked Dave why he's not beating Jay Leno in the ratings. Dave said he's not sure. He asked what Sal did to his teeth because it looks like he has a toilet seat in his mouth. Dave asked if Robin could sell him her growth. Robin said she thinks that they cut it up and made it into slides. She said maybe she'll sell him one of those.

    Dave said he thinks he could be on AGT. He said he once stuck 136 chopsticks in his ass. Howard said he'd fit right in. Robin asked if he saw the squirrel water skiing last night. Dave said he didn't see that. Howard said he thinks that they did the right thing by not putting that act through.

    Dave asked what JD does at the block party shows. He asked if he just stands there getting fatter. Howard said that's a good question. He said that Dave seems to know every detail of the show. Dave said he does listen all the time. Dave said he thinks that Howie Mandel's head is so round and smooth that he could fit it in his ass with no problem at all. Dave asked if the studio has been disinfected since George Takei was there. He doesn't want to catch ''gay Asian.''

    Howard asked if Dave would have Jerry Sandusky on his show. Dave said it depends on what his agent would say. Howard said he doesn't think he has an agent. Howard said he may have a lawyer. Howard asked Dave to say hi to Paul for them. Dave said he'll do that. Dave said that Obama gets him hard like a white teenager. Howard said Dave is very edgy on this show.

    Howard said that Dave could get edgy like this on his show. Dave said he always gets hungry when he watches Jon Hein's Fast Food Mania but only from watching Jon's crotch, not from the food.

    Dave said the more he hears Rihanna talk the more sympathy he has for Chris Brown. Howard asked Dave what time he gets to the studio to work. Dave said he gets there around 10 and then he naps. He said then they do the writing and get things taken care of. Howard thanked Dave for coming in and wished him luck ''ski piping.'' Howard said it was good talking to him.

    Howard said he had a question for him on the phone. The caller told him to keep Dave on script. He said he keeps fucking up. Howard said this is all ad libbed with Dave. The caller told him to stay on script. The caller asked where Dave has been. Howard said that certain people are letting him come in today. Dave asked where his fuck room was and then said that kid Will has some ass on him. Howard thanked him again for coming in and let him go.

    Howard got back to Dave for a few seconds and asked if he had any more words. Dave asked Robin to be his tenderoni. Howard said Dave knows every reference on the show. Howard said for anyone who thought that was the real Dave, it was not. Howard said it's an illusion. He said he's not sure how many people know that.

    Today's This Date in Howard History was over around 8:55am.


    -- Friday, June 14, 2013 --
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