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What Really Happened Between Bob Levy And The Miserable Men Show? June 28, 2010

Earlier this year comedian Rev. Bob Levy ( disappeared from the Miserable Men Show which is a Howard 101 show he and Sal Governale created a few years ago. The cast, originally Bob, Shuli and Jim Florentine, were picked by Bob. Many people have wondered what actually happened since his disappearance seems to be shrouded in mystery. When Bob's name is mentioned on Miserable Men these days all we hear is a cryptic ''He's moved on...'' or something to that effect. Below is Bob's explanation of what happened.

MarksFriggin: Bob, you quit the Miserable Men Show and you've been banned from the Stern Show. Can you tell me what happened and how it all got started?

Bob Levy: Well it all started when Howard (Stern) accused me of my plugs being too long. Since his people where making more then he paid them (when the Stern Show guys were doing comedy shows) I thought I was helping. Then one morning doing Miserable Men we had a regular on and he said ''dude it wasn't you plugs its was chuck Zito's plug for a charity he was doing.'' Proving once again what a pussy Howard has become and he was crying about it for 3 days. So on the 3rd day I called in and said ''what's the problem?'' and he said ''I have no problem with you.'' I said ''you took away my plugs and you fired me from my show on the air.'' Howard said he did not. He is full of shit. When I got on the phone with Will (Murray) I said ''Boy, what are you guys out of material? You gotta cry about me for 3 days?'' He laughed.

Bob: Shortly after that I invited Jim Norton (a regular on the Opie and Anthony show) on Miserable Men. Jim posted a Twitter (that he'd be on the show) but before that Tim (Sabean) said he is not allowed on. I said ''Isn't Sirius and XM one company now?'' Tim said ''well, not really. It's kinda weird...'' Then Norton was told he couldn't come on (the Miserable Men show) and he went on Twitter to say so. I called Tim and said ''You guys are making a big mistake by showing fear...'' So he let him back on but we were told not to mention the Opie and Anthony show on Miserable Men.

Bob: Also, I argued about my plugs, that I made a deal with when we first got there. Tim said we gotta get you paid for the roasts and stuff (that Bob had done with the Stern Show). I said ''I don't want any money, I make my own. Just give me 2 plugs at the end of the (Stern) show.'' So Tim said he would ask Gary and then Howard. Later that week I got a call saying it's fine, 2 plugs a week. Then, all of a sudden (years later), Howard said on the air ''how did he (Bob) get these plugs?'' No one knew, it was like they just appeared. I guess Fred is my best friend.

Bob: This is were it gets crazy. Tim said he would give me one plug back if I didn't go on the Opie and Anthony show. I said ''Tell Howard to fuck off... O and A have been good to me and I had been going on for a month before that.''

Bob: I was also a writer for the show. They would never admit that either. My last bit was the bit with Ellis and Sal.

Bob: Then we had a big (comedy) gig in Chicago. It was a chance to bring in a lot of money for us all, especially Shuli who just had a baby. I asked (Gary if I could) come on and promote it (on the Stern Show). Gary said ''We need to come up with a bit to make you interesting.'' I said ''Your bits do the opposite...'' I said ''Put Shuli on then, so he can make some money for his family...'' The monkey said ''Don't put that on my back...'' So Howard won't put Shuli in for 20 minutes but he will give him the Artie chair? OK. Soon after that I got a call from Tim saying ''Gary's upset...'' I said ''Fuck him, he insulted me. I don't take shit like that from no one.''

Bob: These people are losers who can show some power because all their life they have been picked on and teased. Just look at them and say I'm wrong. They feed on other people's problems and then say ''are you alright?'' You know how many times they had Beetlejuice cry before his appearance on the show? I had to yell at Howard TV and say ''Do the pre interview after he's done.''

Bob: I also got a email the day after I quit (saying) that Sirius Canada will not promote any show I am on. Like we need them. I had to pull 2 of them off my cock when I was there. ''Haha... Oh Bob you are great! We love you...'' Don't worry, Canada, I will bring you a show you will never forget with all headliners... not coffee getters...

Bob: I also got a email that day saying the Killers of Comedy will not be replayed because I was on it. Here, 1,500 bucks for nothing. Thank Bob Levy hahahaha.

Bob: I quit both shows and for them to say I was fired is slander, and not true. I quit Miserable Men because it was turning into a chick show and I had to step it up by yelling make it move. All the tricks, or what you may call them, played on the (Miserable Men) show I know about, or wrote. The only one I didn't know was when Amy called as Mike's wife. That's the only one. I did all this work for $100 a week! When I asked Tim for a raise I was told they didn't have any money. There is definitely money to be spent. I was also told by Tim that we were eventually going to replace Bubba. HOWARD HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? Remember, Pelican, things come around and go around. Karma is a bitch and now its on your back.

Bob Levy is now doing a show on (or go through, called Levyland, Monday-Friday Noon to 4pm and Tuesday nights from 8-11pm. He doesn't hold back when he's doing these shows. Tune in and check it out for yourself.

MarksFriggin: So I guess sometimes things are not all pleasant up there at the Howard 100 and 101 channels. Some people might find Bob's story hard to believe... maybe not, but I've had my own dealings with people over there. Because of what I've experienced myself, I believe Bob's side of the story. I wrote about one of those experiences in 2004 when I was asked to write for Howard's web site. My name has been erased from the write ups from the few days that I did write for Howard's web site in 2004. Like I never existed. I assume that they'll do the same with Bob now that he's quit Miserable Men. Even though he was one of the three original creators of the show.

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