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-- Stuttering John On ''I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!'' --

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    Stuttering John is on the new ABC reality TV show ''I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!'' and he wants to stay on as long as possible to win money for his charity The Spinal Chord Society. The show starts airing Wednesday, February 19th at 10pm and airs every night for 2 weeks after that. Check out's ''I'm a Celebrity'' web site to find out when to watch and how to vote. I'll try to cover as much of John's participation in this wacky show as it goes on.

    UPDATE: 2/19/03. In the first episode Stuttering John and the 9 other celebrities (Maria Conchita Alonso, Tyson Beckford, ''Downtown'' Julie Brown, Bruce Jenner, Cris Judd, Robin Leach, Melissa Rivers, Nikki Schieler Ziering, Alana Stewart) were brought to their camp out in the Australian rain forest. The audience will be interacting with the show by voting via phone or web site and we'll choose who does what and, eventually, who stays in the camp. The final votes will be happening in the final week of the show. John was voted as the next person to do ''The Bushtucker Trial'' where he'll have to try and win food for the rest of the group. Melissa Rivers was the first to volunteer for ''The Bushtucker Trial'' and completely freaked out when she had to pour all kinds of insects and other creatures into some giant, clear plastic, clown pants that she had to wear. She broke down in tears after feeling that the show was just out to humiliate all of them. Tune in nightly to see how John is doing.

    UPDATE: 2/20/03. On the second episode of ''I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!'' John ended up getting lost along with Maria Conchita Alonso after failing to check the compass he had with him. They eventually found their way. John also had to face ''The Bushtucker Trial'' where he had to stick his hand in a bunch of giant containers filled with some nasty insects to win meals for the rest of the celebrities. John seemed very freaked out by the whole thing, sticking his hand in the containers and whipping it out faster than you can imagine. John even spit on the bugs to get them out of the way. He only managed to get 6 out of the 10 meals. He apologized to the host about ''screaming like a girl'' on national TV and headed back to camp. The rest of the celebrities were fine with John only having gotten 6 of the meals. That was about it for John's part on this episode.

    UPDATE: 2/21/03. Episode 3. Stuttering John didn't get a lot of attention on this episode. Alana Stewart and ''Downtown'' Julie Brown stole the spotlight with their constant arguing and fighting at the start of the show. Then Nikki Schieler Ziering had to attempt her Bushtucker Trial in a pit full of crocodiles. That caused some controversy that freaked everyone out to the point that they were ready to walk off the show. Plus, as ''Downtown'' Julie Brown pointed out, Nikki ''ruined her manicure'' doing that stunt. Oh, the horror! They continued to cover the Alana vs. Julie fight throughout the show.

    UPDATE: 2/22/03. Episode 4. Nikki Ziering came under fire for her behavior after her Bushtucker Trial in the croc pit. Everyone seemed to think that she put on a show when she cried after coming back from the trial. She was voted, once again, to do another Bushtucker Trial on this episode. They teased us with John asking the celebrities some interesting questioons. We won't know the answers until tomorrow night's show. The celebrities discussed their constipation problems for a short time. They also discussed toilet paper use... 4 sheets per wipe! All kinds of stuff like that. Stuttering John was very reluctant to join in on a lame punishment they had for not getting the correct answer to open a reward box. John also started getting home sick and wrote his wife and two kids' names on his shirt to let them know he misses them. Later in the show the celebrities put on a fashion show. John and Nikki came in dressed as Tarzan and Jane. John's ass was fully visible to the other celebs, luckily it was blurred for the viewing audience. John got a Marilyn Monroe dance from a possibly intoxicated Nikki Ziering after they received a couple bottles of wine. John had a puzzled look on his face as Nikki did her impression of Marilyn singing ''Happy Birthday Mr. President'' to him.

    UPDATE: 2/23/03. Starting off this 2 hour special was a review of all of the celebrities who are participating in the show. John was one of the last to be profiled. They had Robin talking about John for a few seconds.John talked about his celebrity questioning and stuff like that. John's wife, Suzanna, also had a few words to say about him too. They also reviewed all of the ''luxury items'' each celebrity brought. John was holding a bottle of beer and said he hoped to bring a case of it with him but instead brought a pad of paper and a pen. Nikki Ziering brought her eyelash curler, others brought more essential items. After that we saw video of Stuttering John sharing a story with the other celebrities about getting his penis caught in his zipper when he was a kid. Later in the show we learned that Melissa Rivers got her breasts enhanced back in November. Nikki shared stories about her seven breast surgeries after complications caused some infections and other problems. The two of them shared boob stories for a couple of minutes. Toward the end of the show they had Stuttering John asking the other celebrities questions about their lives. He asked Cris Judd about his failed marriage to Jennifer Lopez. Cris said he wasn't pissed at Jennifer, just disappointed. John also asked Robin Leach if he was ever in love. Robin said he was in love with a woman but when she demanded he marry her, he said no and they broke up. John also asked Nikki Ziering if she had sex with Tyson Beckford the night before. She said she dreamt about it but didn't do anything. John shared stories with ''Downtown'' Julie Brown about being punched and hit by celebrities he's interviewed. Toward the end of the show everyone was learning how to Salsa dance and John was in on that for a few seconds. John lucked out and didn't get voted to do another ''Bushtucker Trial.''

    UPDATE: 2/24/03. Conditions in the ''I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!'' camp are getting worse. Rain (they are in a rain forest after all) has been flooding the camp and, until this episode, everyone was living out of sleeping bags. Robin Leach put together a list of demands which included everything from toilet paper to dry clothes. The celebs were threatening to leave early on in the show. Tonight was the final day for people to vote for the Bushtucker Trials. Starting tomorrow the votes will be to keep their favorite celebrities on the show. John and Julie Brown were out hunting down some wood so they spent some time talking to each other out in the woods. Julie seems to be a fan of John's because he's been keeping things light and funny. Poor Julie was supposed to endure five minutes in a bath full of leaches to win her Bushtucker Trial. She was screaming in pain from about a dozen leaches sucking the blood out of her thighs. She didn't make it through the five minutes though. She lasted about two and a half. The celebrities eventually demanded some kind of cover for the camp site because of the massive amounts of rain. A few of the celebrities were ready to walk but John said there was no way he was going to walk off the show. The celebrities eventually got some of the stuff they demanded. Robin Leach still wanted to walk off the show. By the end of the show, everyone was still there.

    UPDATE: 2/25/03. The celebrities were still talking about the possibility of walking off the show. The rain finally stopped and the celebs started to cheer up a little bit. We learned that tonight is the first time we get to vote for the celebrity we want to stay on the show. The celeb with the least amount of votes gets kicked off on tomorrow's show. Nikki Ziering got yelled at by Robin Leach after sticking her (clean) fork into the food they were cooking. A little later they showed Tyson Beckford freaking out and demanding to see his manager. Bruce Jenner held his own Olympic games. Stuttering John pole vaulted over Robin Leach who was laying on a cot. Later in the show Julie Brown had to sit out in a completely dark jungle for an hour and 40 minutes. She managed to do that but her preparation for the event caused some problems. She used candle wax to block her ears and got some stuck in there. She had to go visit the doctor to take care of it. Robin Leach blew a fart that sounded like an elephant to Stuttering John. Julie Brown said Stuttering John farted on her leg at some point so she told everyone about that. They showed a very quick clip of Stuttering John and Bruce Jenner having a discussion about Tyson Beckford but they didn't let it go on too long. By that time the show was coming to an end. The host told Julie Brown that she was once again picked for the Bushtucker Trial. She'll have to enter a snake pit. That will air on tomorrow's show.

    UPDATE: 2/26/03. The celebrities prepared for the worst on this episode. Someone was going to get voted off so they decided to make Alana Stewart the leader for the day. They figured it would be the best day to do that (maybe they figured she was going to get voted off?). It caused a lot of problems though. It looks like the celebrities are getting agitated very easily now. The women in the camp were getting worried that all of the men would be voted off and they'd be left alone. Stuttering John and the guys suggested that they start to teach the women how to keep the camp going just in case they're all gone. Alana and Nikki seem to think they wouldn't have a problem if all the guys were gone. Robin Leach was talking up a storm trying to prepare everyone for the worst and it was putting some people to sleep. He was talking to the women like they had no clue about what to do. Maria Conchita Alonso, Alana and Tyson Beckford got into a little argument about hygiene. Alana ended up crying over the whole thing. Julie Brown was picked to do the final Bushtucker Trial and she got pretty upset after being picked. She was supposed to pull 10 stars out of a snake pit. She actually got 7 of the 10 out of there. The celebrities later did impressions of each other. Robin Leach did John and it was pretty funny. John did his Robin Leach impression and had everyone laughing. The first celebrity to be voted off was announced by the host, John Lehr. He told everyone who was safe that they were staying. It came down to Bruce Jenner and Robin Leach. Lehr then broke the news to Robin that he was the first to go. Robin did a quick interview at the end of the show before he left. John Lehr also showed Robin some highlights of his behavior there in the camp. Robin seems to think that there will be a lot of suffering going on in camp starting tomorrow. I'll be watching until John gets his ass kicked off the show.

    UPDATE: 2/27/03. Robin Leach was kicked off the show last night by the voting audience. Robin thought that he was one of the stronger members of the camp and he let that be known after leaving the camp. Melissa Rivers also thought that he was pretty strong. Alana Stewart didn't miss him too much because he was a bit harsh on some of them. Tyson Beckford was a bit upset he was gone too. Stuttering John was voted to be the leader of the camp for the day after Robin left. Julie Brown said that John is one of the funniest guys she's met. They showed him telling some goofy jokes like ''What's the difference between snot and spinach?'' Bruce Jenner says ''What?'' and John tells him ''Kids won't each spinach.'' He also asked ''Who's bigger, Mrs. Bigger or Mrs. Bigger's baby?'' Jenner says ''Mrs. Bigger'' and John says ''Mrs. Bigger's baby is just a little Bigger.'' John is also shown talking about how before sex, he farts in his wife's face and that she loves it. John was also showing a little ass crack at camp one night when he was posing for the rest of the camp. They showed tape of Robin badmouthing some of the celebrities and saying some nice stuff about the others. He seems to like almost everyone. Bruce Jenner was picked to do today's Bushtucker Trial. He had to run up a stream, with waterfalls, and grab a bunch of wooden stars on his way. He managed to do that and won the camp their food for the day. John asked Nikki Ziering if she was going to start getting plastic surgery when she got older. Melissa told John that her mother Joan is 68 and gets freshening surgeries once in a while. John also goofed on Bruce Jenner's hair saying that it looked like a ''multi-level mullet.'' He also asked Bruce if he wears makeup. Bruce Jenner farted at one point and John said he bets that when he farts, a flag comes out. That got Julie Brown laughing pretty hard. A little later a snake invaded the camp so a guy was sent in to take it out for them. Tyson Beckford almost got bitten by the snake when he stuck his hand near the snake. That caused John to freak out later when Tyson accidentally touched John from behind while they were sitting down talking. After that the next person to be voted off the show was announced. Alana Stewart was that person. Host John Lehr spent a few minutes showing her highlights of her stay on the show after she was told she was next to go.

    UPDATE: 2/28/03. Starting off the show the celebrities got upset with Nikki Ziering because she was using the drinking water to wash her hair. Tyson Beckford confronted her on the subject and told the rest of the camp what she was doing. Nikki apologized but Tyson went off on her for the rest of the day. They eventually made up and hugged. Since Alana had left the day before the celebrities were kind of happy she was gone. The celebs cleared her cott and found a hidden avocado. She claimed that she hadn't left it there though. Julie Brown talked about how happy she was that Alana was gone. Cris Judd had to do the Bushtucker Trial for the day. He had to pull stars out of a giant tank filled with eels... He had to do it with his mouth. He was able to do it though. Tyson shared a story about how he didn't talk for a year after his brother was killed in a robbery. He told everyone how his brother didn't want to give up his money so the robbers beat him with the butt of the gun and ended up shooting him in the head. Melissa Rivers also told the camp about her father's suicide and how messed up he was at the time. She said he told her he'd see her the next day and killed himself that night with an overdose of pills. She said he left tips for all of the employees that were going to have to deal with ''the mess.'' She told everyone how she found out about the death before her mother and how she had to tell her mom. Later in the show Stuttering John was talking about how Bruce tells long stories and goes off on tangents that never get back to the original story. Someone asked Bruce what he did with the money he got from the Wheaties box payoff. He went off and told a long story about how he bought a gold Porsche and kept it for 17 years. Stuttering John was goofing on him and started telling stories as if he were Bruce. Bruce kept making the mistake of telling Cris Judd that his son looks just like Ben Affleck. Cris used to date Jennifer Lopez and she's going to be marrying Ben Affleck soon. John said that he doesn't think Bruce is aware of that. Later in the show Tyson and Cris carved the initials ''RL'' into a log. That led to some of the other celebs fighting over the log. Nikki was trying to get some other people's initials on the log and Tyson went off on her. Nikki pulled him aside a little later and broke down crying because she didn't think Tyson was respecting her and listening to what she had to say. They made up a short time later of course. Cris Judd told a story about a practical joke that was played on him one time. That led to John telling the guys about some of the jokes he's pulled on Scott the Engineer. He told them about the phone prank he's played and the time he tied a string to some money and dragged it away from Scott when he went to grab it. Later on Tyson Beckford ran through the camp without any pants on. Host John Lehr entered camp later to reveal who the latest celebrity would be to leave. John Lehr told Stuttering John that he's staying. He went through the rest of the celebs and it came down to Tyson and Maria Conchita Alonso. He broke the news to Maria that she was next to go. John then spent a few minutes showing her tape of her stay in the camp and interviewing her about her thought's and feelings about them.

    UPDATE: 3/1/03. Bruce Jenner was put in charge of the camp for the day. When he gives his speeches Stuttering John pretends to fall asleep just to ''bust his balls.'' Stuttering John was starting to snap at some of the people according to Bruce. Later in the show John was seen singing and drumming with some sticks. Shortly after that a rain storm hit the camp and almost put out their fire with put everyone in a bad mood. Melissa Rivers stripped down to her bra after getting soaked. Nikki pulled down her pants to warm her ass for a minute too. Stuttering John and Julie Brown went out to find the reward chest. John joked that he was hoping there was a gun in the chest so he could blow his brains out. Whatever was in the chest was very heavy and the two of them had a very hard time getting it back to camp. They dragged it, dropped it and slid it back to camp. After all of that they screwed up and didn't win the reward, they got a copy of Robin Leach's cook book. John and Julie told the cameras what they were thinking about all of the other celebrities. The two of them had some fun talking about the others while they were on their own out in the woods. Tyson was voted to do the Bushtucker Trial so he and Cris Judd ran off without even saying goodbye. He had to go into a pool where there were tubes full of ''surprises'' including balloons, rubber snakes and a real snake. He ended up with just 1 star after accidentally tossing two of the stars into the water. Julie Brown got a little annoyed with some of the stuff Tyson was saying. He was saying that his challenge was tougher than the other challenges. John argued with him and said his was tough and Julie's, with the leaches, was the toughest. Later in the show Bruce Jenner and Stuttering John had a little argument after Bruce asked him a question that John had already asked. They made up a short time later. John said Bruce just doesn't listen to what people tell him though. Later in the show host John Lehr went into camp and told the celebrities who was leaving next. He told everyone but Stuttering John and Nikki Schieler Ziering that it came down to the two of them. Lehr then told Nikki that she was the next to go. Nikki headed out and spent a few minutes talking to John Lehr about her stay in camp. Her sister was there to greet her as they wrapped up the show.

    UPDATE: 3/2/03. Another 2 hour show here. They seem to do a lot of recapping during these (way too) long 2 hour shows. It all ends on Wednesday though. We learned a lot about camp life, a lot of stuff that was shown on previous episodes. There were clips of farts, burps and other bodily noises. Cris Judd and Tyson Beckford played a practical joke by tying everyone else's hats up above the camp with string. Tyson also painted ''I Love Tyson'' on Nikki's bunk and mirror. She didn't realize what was going on even though it was right in front of her. We saw tape of Robin Leach taking cooking lessons before going on his trip. There was also a lot of recapping of Robin's stay in camp. Robin returned to talk to host John Lehr. He had a ''No Fart Zone'' sign to send back to camp but John told him it wasn't very ''jungle like'' so it probably wouldn't be going. Robin also shared some crocodile meat with John. Later in the show John had Alana Stewart and Robin Leach talking about their differences while in the camp. There were words from the very tan George Hamilton about how tough Alana is. Bruce Jenner was in tears talking about how much he misses his kids. Melissa Rivers said she misses her son. John's comments, at this point in the show, were rerun from a previous episode. Nikki leaving the camp got Julie Brown crying. Nikki was interviewed out of camp and she talked about each of the other celebrities in the camp. She said that she could see herself falling in love with John because ''He's such a doll.'' The celebrities had a digery doo so Cris Judd was using that as a fart machine. He and John played around with that for a little while. Cris and John both had very nice things to say about one another. John also talked about how he and Julie have become very close in camp. He talked about how he used to watch her on MTV when he was a kid and how he didn't know she was so funny. John was even shown singing a ''Downtown Julie Brown'' song as he drummed on some sticks. Bruce Jenner later did the day's Bushtucker Trial. He had to stand under clear boxes full of disgusting things that can be found in the forest. He had to catch a star as it fell from the same area. He had some kind of goo, meal worms, crickets, beetles, cockroaches and turkey feathers dropped on him. He made it through the whole thing. A little later Stuttering John came across a very large spider crawling on him. One of the sound guys, who isn't allowed to speak, pointed to the spider which was crawling up his chest. He freaked out, brushed it off, and continued carrying wood with Cris Judd. John later helped Bruce Jenner wash off all of the crap that was still on him from the Bushtucker Trial. Later in the show John was pretending to be the Croc Hunter when the celebs got a video camera of their own to play with. John ran over to a sleeping Melissa Rivers and woke her up. He also played with Tyson for a minute. Croc Hunter John took the camera over to the bathroom where Bruce showed the camera how he changes the shitter. It was probably the most entertaining moment in the past 12 days. A little later the celebs got their food... Two unplucked, dead chickens. They had to pluck and gut it themselves. Tyson yelled at Julie Brown and Cris when they were gutting the thing. Tyson took it the wrong way and confronted Julie later on. He also went off on everyone about the way they were treating him after he blew his Bushtucker Trial the night before. Later the celebs got letters from home. Each celebrity read someone else's letter. John read Julie's letter and Julie read John's. Suzanna was very sweet. She said that after seeing him on this show she fell in love with him for the third time. A short time later his eyes welled up and a tear started to run down his face. Touching. Melissa was also upset but it was more anger than love. She was upset that her mom told her to show more boob. Cris and Tyson later talked about how special the letter from Suzanna was. Cris said he started to cry when he saw John's eyes welling up. Cris told Tyson he's ready to move on from his failed relationship with Jennifer Lopez. After that John Lehr headed down to the camp and let everyone know who was leaving the camp today. It came down to Bruce and Tyson. John told Tyson that he was next to go. He headed back to the camp where John Lehr interviewed him for a few minutes.

    UPDATE: 3/3/03. It's almost over. Five down, five to go. Melissa Rivers, Julie Brown, Stuttering John, Cris Judd and Bruce Jenner are all that remain. Stuttering John said he still wants to be the last one there. Tyson Beckford was talking about Robin Leach as his ''mentor'' and that he could be President of the United States. He even broke down crying as he talked about him. He had some nice words to say about Stuttering John. He's proud of John even though he looks like ''trash'' because he's always dirty, burping and farting. Later in the show the celebrities talked about how stinky they're getting. Bruce talked about how dirty Stuttering John looks all the time even though John was saying that he's the cleanest in the camp. Cris Judd and Stuttering John had a conversation about Cris' relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Cris said no one ever asked him if he was pissed at Jennifer when she broke it off. He said it was a great question. He and John had a conversation down by the bathing pool and Cris said he'd go out with John wherever he wants. Cris later got picked, by drawing a low card out of a deck, to do today's Bushtucker Trial. He had to carry some snakes from a box across a path over to another box. He got some tips on how to pick them up before doing the trial. He did the five snakes and host John Lehr told him his dancing experience may have helped him with the run across the rough terrain. Stuttering John said he wished he had that challenge because he really doesn't want to eat bugs or anything like that. He was really worried because he said he'd do the final challenge. Bruce said he would do the challenge for John if he didn't want to do it. Bruce didn't help things when he told John to make sure he chews the caterpillars (if that's what he has to eat) because their little legs have prickers on them that will scratch his throat on the way down. Later in the show Melissa told Cris Judd that she was very glad he was there. She sweet talked him for a short time. Later the remaining celebrities had a volleyball game and Bruce was getting upset that he was losing. He fell a couple of times and lost the game. Stuttering John and Julie Brown beat Bruce and Melissa Rivers. Bruce said he'll probably never live it down. John mooned Bruce after the game. The celebrities had a competition where they had to get blindfolded and smell each other. Julie got them all right. When she smelled John, she held her nose and said ''John!'' When it was Stuttering John's turn, Bruce took Cris and put him on his shoulder so his ass was facing John's nose. John sniffed his ass for a few seconds and they removed his blindfold. John laughed hysterically and said something about it smelling like Bruce. The camp got quail to cool for dinner. They had Robin Leach's cookbook so they used that to help them make the meal. Julie Brown said that John sucked down about four of the quail. After that host John Lehr headed into camp to reveal who the latest person was to be voted out of the camp. Julie was the unlucky one and she ran off before saying goodbye to John. He looked hurt by that. Julie and host John Lehr had a discussion about her stay in the camp and the anger toward Alana Stewart. They also showed tape of Julie and John talking together. They talked about her friendship with John for a short time and then Julie's Husband showed up to greet her.

    UPDATE: 3/4/03. Since ''Downtown'' Julie Brown was voted off the show yesterday she spent a few minutes talking about her stay there from the hotel. She said the only person she was really friends with in camp was Stuttering John. She said it was ''fate'' that brought them together on the show. She said she hated every minute being in the jungle and said she'll never go back again. Bruce Jenner and Melissa Rivers were sent on a wild goose chase looking for their reward chest. The chest was right near camp but they went on a long journey to find it. Later in the show Stuttering John explained to the remaining celebs how bad his stutter has been in his life. Cris Judd didn't think John stuttered that much now that he's met him. John said he doesn't have as much pressure on him these days so he doesn't stutter as much. He told Cris he still stutters sometimes but not as much as he used to. Stuttering John volunteered to do the final Bushtucker Trial on today's show. He knew he was in for something bad. He headed out to meet host John Lehr over a rope bridge. He was chanting to himself that everything was going to be okay. He finally got to the challenge area and John Lehr told him what he had to do. He had to dive for a bunch of boxes, pull them up and remove the stars that were in them. Stuttering John said he was terrified. An animal expert warned John about the dangers of the eels and other things that were swimming around in the pond. John was very uncomfortable looking while he did this. He had a very determined look on his face when he was pulling out the boxes. Inside the boxes were a couple of eels which seemed to really bother John. When he opened the third box a fake duck head popped up which really pissed him off. He ended up kicking the box after failing. John Lehr asked him if he was hurt. John said ''Only my ego.'' The celebrities had a ''crayfish challenge'' where they had to find some crayfish. Melissa ended up getting pissed because only one of the guys shook her hand after the challenge. She got so upset that she said she was ready to leave. She told John why she was pissed but he said he didn't realize he'd done that. She cried later so Stuttering John ended up goofing on her doing an impression of her crying. All of the celebrities had a trivia challenge with each other. Bruce quizzed Stuttering John on some of the stuff he'd talked about in camp while they were there. John didn't remember much so he got kind of pissed. Bruce said he has to do something about anger management. John said it pissed him off that Bruce was going to bed happy after that game. Later Bruce Jenner was given a copy of his Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game. John goofed on him about that but the whole group ended up playing the game. John said he'd rather play Candyland. He joked that they only made 12 copies and ten of them went back. He said the only people who bought them were Bruce and his Mom. After that they got back to live TV and host John Lehr went down to camp to tell the next celebrity who was next to go. He kept them in suspense for a minute then told Bruce Jenner that he was next to go. They showed tape of every celebrity talking about what a great guy Bruce is. He and John Lehr then spent a couple of minutes talking about his stay in camp. Tomorrow is the final show. John is in the final 3. Hopefully he'll be the last one standing.

    FINAL UPDATE: 3/5/03. Yay! Final show! I can definitely say that I won't be watching any further ''I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!'' seasons. It's come down to Stuttering John, Melissa Rivers and Cris Judd. This two hour finale was filled with recaps of previous shows. They went over everyone who was voted off any replayed a lot of tape that was already shown. Later in the show Stuttering John came back to camp later and let Melissa and Cris that they each had to do a final Bushtucker Trial. John's trial had to go across a log-type tube to get himself a meal for the night. Below the log was a muddy pool of water filled with snakes and eels. He had to jump up to grab some stars hanging above the log but the log moved so it was near impossible to do. He did manage to get them all down when some of them fell without him actually touching them. He was thrilled that he got them down of course. Cris Judd had to transfer eels from a tank of water to another tank. He failed when a couple of them ended up on the ground. Melissa had to stand and let some stick insects climb up her body to her head. There were ten insects and she had to wait for five to climb to her head. She managed to do it, no problem. More highlights from previous shows followed those challenges. After an hour of that host John Lehr prepared to head into camp to let the next celebrity know they were leaving. They played tape of some of the celebrities revealing their deep, dark secrets (stuff already shown on previous shows). Cris Judd revealed a little more about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez and how he handled the media attention and fans. John Lehr headed into camp to let the next person know their time was up. Unfortunately, it was Stuttering John who left. He didn't make it to the final two. A short time later John joined John Lehr in the studio to talk about his stay in camp. Stuttering John said the worst part of the stay was the fighting and Bruce Jenner's long stories. John Lehr told John that he and his friends were rooting for him to win. They're apparently big fans of his. Lehr showed John some highlights from his stay in the camp. John got a few laughs while watching the tape. Lehr also asked John about some of the celebrities he stayed with in camp. He said he liked Robin Leach, Tyson Beckford and Alana Stewart but Tyson was a little bit wacky and Alana just didn't belong there. John told Lehr that he wanted Cris Judd to win this game because he's been through so much with the whole Jennifer Lopez thing. John's wife Suzanna showed up to greet him when he was done. As they walked off there was a couple bottles of beer and some champagne for them to drink. John grabbed a beer and started to guzzle it as they cut to commercial.

    Since John was voted off the show, I'm going to bed without watching the rest of the show.

    The next day I zipped to the end of the show on my TiVo and saw that Cris Judd ended up winning. Anything that happened between the time John got kicked off and Cris winning I didn't watch.

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