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Mark's Friggin' At The Best Damn Comedy Show Period, House of Blues A.C. - Friday, February 13, 2009

Yes it's yet another story about lil' ol' me going to see a comedy show. It's always interesting when I go though since I don't get out much. This time I went to Atlantic City, with my wife, to see ''The Best Damn Comedy Show Period'' featuring Rev. Bob Levy, Jim Florentine, Colin Quinn and Nick DiPaolo.

One day I mentioned to Bob Levy that I ''might'' be coming down to see the show. He was kind enough to put me on the guest list as he's done so many times in the past. Bob is great that way. Awesome actually. Then my wife surprised me by making a reservation for that night at the Showboat Casino which is where the House of Blues is located.

We headed down to A.C. on Friday afternoon, walked around the casino for a while and went to dinner at the House of Blues Restaurant. About halfway through dinner my wife, Jen, whispered to me that Nick DiPaolo and Colin Quinn had just been seated at the table right next to us. I felt funny about bothering them while they were there trying to relax and eat so I just finished my dinner. I figured I'd get to talk to them later on anyway so I was just going to leave them alone.

At one point Colin Quinn got up to go to the bathroom. I figured that when he walked by me on his way back I'd introduce myself. I kind of knew that Colin was a fan of my site since I'd heard him mention ''MarksFriggin'' during a Howard 100 News brief last year. It was a good way to break the ice when I stopped him from going to his table. Instead of some creepy stranger stopping him in his tracks, it's ''creepy Mark from MarksFriggin'' stopping him.

I stopped Colin and luckily he was very cool and a fan of the site. We talked for a minute and I got in a quick hello with Nick DiPaolo who I had met at a couple of Stuttering John comedy shows in the past. I don't think he remembered me but I'm not complaining. Colin even gave me some suggestions for a book I could put out with content from the site. He didn't think I was taking him seriously at the time but it actually was an interesting idea. I've been a fan of his for years so it was kind of surreal to have him pitching ideas at me.

After dinner Jen and I were out playing the slot machines at the casino. The wife won some money, I lost of course. After playing for a while we were wandering around wondering what to do next when I heard someone yell out my name. It turned out to be Gina (who is on Superfan Roundtable quite often) and her husband Joe who I've met at a couple of other comedy shows.

Gina and Joe are friends with Bob Levy and his wife. The next thing I knew we were back in the House of Blues restaurant having dinner with Chrissy Levy. It was great meeting her. I don't know how I've missed her over the past couple of years of going to Bob's shows.

After our second dining experience of the evening we got our tickets and headed up to the comedy show. Jen and I had some great seats thanks to Bob Levy. We were 4 rows back from the front just off the side of the stage and right in front of the massive speakers. They got a little loud a couple of times during the show but that was my only complaint.

The comedy show was great. It was just the four comedians with Bob Levy hosting. Bob killed as soon as he came out. He did his time up there and then Jim Florentine did his thing. Then it was Colin Quinn and finally Nick DiPaolo. Everyone was great and there wasn't too much heckling going on. Gina had told me earlier in the evening that sometimes the crowds in the casinos can get a little nasty. Not this crowd though. DiPaolo was annoyed by one or two ''annoying twats'' as he put it.

After the show Jen and I caught up to Gina and Joe and they helped get us hooked up with wrist bands for the after party. I wasn't sure I'd even be into going to that party but it turned out to be pretty cool. They held it in a private club called The Foundation Room at the House of Blues. As usual I felt out of place and awkward.

We hung out at the after party for a while. Bob seemed very happy that I was there. He kept yelling out that ''MarksFriggin is here!'' and making a big deal that I was actually there. That was kind of cool actually. I really have to get out to more events like this.

Mrs. Friggin wanted to go back out and gamble some more so we didn't stay at the after party too long. I didn't have any money left to gamble with so I sat around and watched instead. That's how I spent the next hour instead of hanging out at the after party. And that's how my night ended.

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