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The book: Getting To Howard
The Author: Dan Wagner
Published by Ilicium Books 1998

I usually don't do book reviews.. Shit, I don't read many books so that explains that. The last book I read was Howard's ''Miss America'' back in 1995 when it came out. Before that was Howard's book ''Private Parts.'' I guess the only books I'm willing to take time to read are books that have something to do with Howard.

''Getting To Howard'' came to my attention when the author, Dan Wagner, decided to advertise it on my site. I thought it was just going to be a picture book with some short explanations of what the pictures were. Well, I was wrong. What it turned out to be is a very well written and entertaining book about how the author worked his way into the Howard Stern domain.

It takes something pretty entertaining to keep me interested and this book did it. The first chapter explains how Dan got addicted to hearing his faxes read on the air by Howard and Robin. I could relate to this since I did the same thing a few years back. The only thing is that Dan took it many steps further than I ever did.

Other chapters in the book tell how Dan tried to get near Howard himself. He went to one of Howard's book signings, entered contests and came up with schemes to fool Howard. He even gave Howard an Emmy award to get himself on the show.

One chapter explains how Dan was able to tape Melrose Larry Green bad mouthing Howard. Dan then was able to get on the show to explain how he got the tape. It was pretty cool to see that prick Melrose brought down a notch.

Dan must have taken some pretty intense notes right from the first fax because he has all the dates and times for most of his actions. It kept me interested right through the last page of the book and that's saying a lot.

Other interesting things in the book include Dan's day with Fred the Elephant Boy, a day with Kenneth Keith Kallenbach and his girlfriend, meeting Fred Norris and meeting Jackie. And finally, learn how Dan made it into Howard's birthday show.

''Getting To Howard'' can be ordered directly from the author. Just e-mail Dan Wagner at

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