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Mark's Friggin' Comedy, Comedy and Even More Comedy - Friday and Saturday, September 12-13, 2003

Little did I know that I was going to end up hanging out with Opie from the Opie and Anthony Show when this weekend started. More on that later...

As always, I needed a laugh fix and the perfect opportunity came when Rev. Bob Levy scheduled a show in Dunellen, NJ, about a half hour from my house. The line up was supposed to be KC Armstrong, Bob Levy, Beetlejuice and Jim Florentine. I can always count on those guys to make me laugh so I headed down by myself to just hang with the guys on Friday night. The show was at the Dunellen Theater in Dunellen, NJ. The theater is part of this bar called Zupkos so you can grab a drink, get drunk and watch the show.

I spent a while hanging out with Beetlejuice, Babyjuice, Beet's manager Sean and his wife Michelle. Beet seemed to be in a pretty good mood this night. He and his fiancee Babyjuice were pretty much dry humping each other on the couch in this theater where the show was. It kept me entertained for a while. KC Armstrong and his buddies Sean Sexton and Scott Demo came in a little later and hung out for a while before the show started. Bob's driver, and comedian, Paul Dell'Angelo was there as well. Paul was the guy who set up the big Jokes and Jams concert/comedy show that was held down in South Jersey a few weeks before. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to that show.

Bob Levy does a radio show every Sunday night from 7-9pm on WJSE in the Atlantic City area. One of his co-hosts, Tara, was at the show this evening. I didn't really talk to her but, damn, she's got a chest like you wouldn't believe! See for yourself in the pictures below. I'd heard her on Bob's radio show before and didn't think she'd be that hot. I later heard that she did some modeling for Playboy Lingerie.

Enjoy a few pictures from the Dunellen shows... You can see Beetlejuice, Babyjuice (bent over half naked), Rev. Bob Levy and his radio show co-host Tara almost taking down her pants. There's also a shot of a nameless woman who got on stage with Bob on night 2. She had a great ass!

Beet, Baby, Bob and Tara   Beet, Baby, Bob and Tara   Nice Ass!

Comedian's Jimmy Graham and the lovely Liz Russo were also there to do the show. I hung out with Bob through most of that show. They had to rush out of there after the show because they were heading into New York City to do another show at Caroline's on Broadway. I just headed home since it was around 11 and I didn't think I could make the drive in and back without falling asleep at the wheel. I got the chance to spend a couple of minutes talking to Liz Russo before I left. I'd seen her down at the Millennium Comedy Club a couple of months before and didn't get a chance to officially meet her until this show. Like everyone else I've met at these things, she was really nice and pleasant to hang out with.

Saturday Night I did the same thing. This time I planned to watch the show and then head down to the Stress Factory in New Brunswick to try and catch comedian Jim Norton's late show. I hung out with Bob and Paul again before the show. Jim Florentine showed up shortly before show time so I stuck by his side for a while and ended up hanging back stage with him. His friend Chuck Mignanelli (who plays ''Grandpa'' on Terrorizing Telemarketers) was there as well. I was able to stand at the side of the big stage and watched the show from there. There was a lot of shit going on back there so It was hard to pay attention to the show. The audience seemed to be enjoying it though from what I could hear.

Chuck Mignanelli was putting on his own show while he was talking to Levy's co-host Tara and her friend who were back stage. KC was there as well joking around with everyone. KC and I had a nice talk and he was joking around telling me he was looking for someone to ''gay off'' with that night and he was looking at me when he said it. He even rested his head on my shoulder at one point. No wonder the guys think he's gay. NICE!

All of the guys had to rush out after the show because they were doing another show at Caroline's again. When they all headed out I ran down to The Stress Factory to catch as much of Jim Norton's show as possible. I'd been watching Norton on ''Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn'' for months and thought Norton was one of the best guests on the show. I'd also heard him once or twice on Opie and Anthony's show when they were still on the air so I was looking forward to seeing his stand-up act. I got to the club about an hour into the show so I missed a little bit of his act.

Norton performs. The great Vinnie Brand, owner of The Stress Factory, was outside the club when I showed up. He generously allowed me to go in and catch what remained of Norton's show since I'd gotten there so late. I grabbed a seat near the entrance of the club and watched Norton's act. He was recording it for his next comedy CD. The guy is funny and the crowd was going nuts for him. It was obvious that the crowd were Opie and Anthony fans as well because when Jim mentioned Opie, who was there at the club, the crowd went nuts cheering and chanting for them. I was amazed at the reaction they got.

For those who don't know, Opie and Anthony have been called Howard Stern ''clones'' by Howard and some others out there. Some call them the next great radio stars and say that they're better than Howard. I'm somewhere in between. I believe that they have a similar style to Howard's but they do there own thing... but that's just my opinion.

O&A have been off the air since Infinity Broadcasting canceled their show after one of their bits went a little too far, at least according to the religious nuts out there. They'd be back on the air except for the fact that they have to wait out the remainder of their contract with Infinity. Jim mentioned that there's a light at the end of the tunnel for O&A though because their contract is up in June of next year.

The great Clubsoda Kenny was also at the show. He came over and said hello to me during the show and said he'd talk to me after the show as well. Once the show was over Kenny was out preparing to sell Jim's new CD ''Yellow Discipline.'' I ran out to watch that process. I knew it would be fascinating because anything Kenny is involved with is fun to watch. Jim and Opie came out a short time later so Kenny introduced us. I then stood back and watched the CDs flying out of the boxes at 15 buck a pop. Kenny was yelling in his amazingly loud voice for people to come over and get a copy. He'd entice them saying that they'd get a poster signed by ''The Super Star'' standing next to him. Opie helped out a bit as well giving Kenny some stuff to throw in like the fact that people were getting the poster and that the $15 price was 25 percent off the regular price.

After the CDs were all blown out the guys headed back into the club. Kenny invited me to come back in and hang out a bit. I talked to him for a little while and then got a chance to talk to Opie for a few minutes. We talked about how crazy the radio business is and stuff like that. The guy was really cool to me and told me he'd actually checked out my site a couple of times in the past. Nice to know.

I hung out for a little while with those guys but they had a bunch of chicks asking them to hang out with them so I figured I'd get my ass out of there and leave them alone.

I had some great times over those two nights of comedy shows. I have to thank Bob Levy and all of the other guys again for everything they've done for me over the past year or so. Without them, I wouldn't have had half the fun I have at these comedy shows.

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