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-- Howard Fined By The FCC --

There is so much going on with Howard getting kicked off of Clear Channel stations and fined by the FCC that I had to create a separate page to direct people to. If you are looking for daily show information, click here for the daily updates. Below you'll find some of what has been written about Howard getting booted from Clear Channel and many links to various government web sites, e-mails and Stern Petitions as well as articles written about this debacle. For even more about all of this, check out All of this has finally inspired Howard to start posting stuff on his own site.

Write your senator and try to stop the indecency bill from passing! You can use this sample letter(courtesy of Custrel) if you are short on time:


I am appalled by the fines that are being levied and investigations being conducted in the name of protecting the American public from indecency - a subjective concept if ever there was one.

These tactics are nothing but governmental censorship and fly in the face of our most important Amendment: the right to free speech.

Because concepts such as 'indecency' are very personal and subjective, it is the on/off switch on each American's radio and television set that is the most effective and only tolerable form of censorship.

Strong arm tactics by the federal government to limit free speech on our public airwaves are no different than those of Iranian Imams and the theocratic demigods of the Taliban.

The true and sickening irony is that we have spent so much blood and treasure to grant rights to the inhabitants of countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq that our government seeks to strip from its own citizens.

Please vote no on S 2056.

Thank you.

Here's what started out as a quick report about Howard being kicked off the Clear channel stations. It has grown into a bunch of links to news and petitions as well as a few other things.

-- Howard Removed From Six Clear Channel Radio Stations! --

-- Contact links courtesy of Diane P. from Texas --

-- Sample Letters Courtesy of Diane P. from Texas --

The following are sample letters (Courtesy of Diane P) you may use as is or you may format and edit them as you see fit.

Suitable for congressional members, newspapers, magazines, the president, and the FCC:

Dear ______________________,

I want to let you know how upset I am at the recent moves toward censorship of the media. I am employed, have a family, and a voter. I am fully capable of monitoring the content of radio and television broadcasts that come into my home on my own and completely resent any moves towards your taking that responsibility from me. I have plans to vote against any politician who dares to take this right from me. Additionally, I plan to boycott any advertiser on Clear Channel stations by not listening to any of their programs. I have already dumped my stock owned in that company. If you folks do not understand the importance of the Bill of Rights, maybe hitting these companies in the pocketbook might bring the point home. I am a citizen of this country and demand these wrongs be corrected. A minority should not dictate what I decide to listen to or watch in my own home. There is a thing called an on/off switch that anyone can use. When I have my radio tuned into the Howard Stern show, my children are in school. When they are home, this program is shut off. I see more offensive material aired during prime time television in the programming AND advertisements but I choose not to let my children watch television at this time. I turn OFF the television instead of forcing those programs off the air. I would appreciate your not pandering to a minority who wants to take this country backwards. It is my duty as a citizen of this country to stand up to the tyranny of the minority.


________________________ (your name)

________________________ (city and state)

For Clear Channel:

Dear ________________,

I am writing to let you know that I will be boycotting any broadcast radio and television stations, and other products you promote due to your unseemly censorship of the Howard Stern program. I regret that I will not even be buying tickets to Ozzfest, as I have done for many years, since I have found out you are involved in this as well. It is my duty as a citizen of this country to stand up to the tyranny of the minority to which you belong. I have already sold my stock shares that I owned the day I heard of this censorship. You have no right to tell me what I can listen to in my own home. There are many more important issues in this world that corporate America needs to be addressing right now. I can tell you, censoring radio programs has now become a major issue of your doing. I make over $100,000.00 a year in income, I am a college graduate, and I vote. I will do everything in my power to prevent you from dictating to the majority. Thank you for this opportunity.


_______________ (Your name)

___________________ (city and state)

For news people, news papers, news programs:

Dear ______________,

I am so disgusted with your dismissing a very important issue of our day: the censorship of the Howard Stern radio program from six of Clear Channel's stations. The few reports that occured on the day this happened were inaccurate, to say the least, but now the item is completely ignored. In the midst of the government's attempts at removing Stern from the remainder of Viacom's stations, I would say this is one of the issues of the day. If you ignore this issue, regardless of your personal feelings of the program, you will only allow the tyrants in government to think it is okay. You will be next. Right now, George Bush thinks it is acceptable to remove a large segment of our population, gays, from our Constitution. Now, the FCC is pressuring broadcasters to remove Stern or else. Do you think your company is safe? You will be next. I will be boycotting your programming until someone starts bringing this issue to the front page. You are in the business of free speech, yet I can see that it is only important when it affects you directly. Maybe you will see differently when your bottom line speaks to you.


__________________ (your name)

___________________ (city and state)

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