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As of September 2001 Howard's syndicated Saturday night TV show, ''The Howard Stern Radio Show,'' was put to rest. There were reports that the show was canceled by CBS but Howard claims that they gave him the choice to continue that show or move on to other things like producing a new show called ''Kane.'' Howard says he gave up the weekly show to pursue the ''Kane'' show. It's apparently in production at this time due to air sometime in 2002. - That never happened either. (updated 11/22/05)

Archived information for previously aired ''The Howard Stern Radio Show'' is available here.

The Howard Stern Radio Show (Syndicated TV show)
Air Date Show Description
September 22, 2001 No New Shows Scheduled To Air
September 15, 2001 Local/national coverage of the terrorist attacks on America preempted The Howard Stern Radio Show

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