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The following story was submitted by Sal the Stockbroker. (

Sal the Stockbroker's Night of Comedy with The Murderers Row. August 30, 2002

I have been very touched (not in my balls) and motivated by Marks Friggin reviews of the Murderer's row shows, so much in fact that I decided to participate (without permission by Mark) and give my own personal review of the Murderers row show on Friday Night August 30th at the Comedy Cellar in Medford, LI.

When I pulled up at 7:45 I noticed a pack of people in the parking lot outside..drinking and smoking and having a good time. It was reminiscent of my days back in 1987 when I graduated high school hanging out by the dumpsters at 7'11. Little did I know but it was the whack pack itself with none other than master comedian Rev. Bob Levy. The crew included pornoween king Joey Boots, prankster master Zolar, legendary High Pitched Eric, and a song parody writer who many may not know except Stern insiders known as ''Dan The Song Parody Man'' (Dan wrote the music for the CBS Sat. night show and the intro music for the Cabbie/John fight.) Also on hand was a Stern Fanatic by the name of Kearakat and her very cool Husband Ian.

I had the honor of getting a spot on the murderers row that night and was a bit intimidated by Bob. I heard so much about the guy and heard his material so I felt like Emanuel Lewis touching Michael Jackson's balls for the first time when I met this guy. Bob put me at ease right away as he handed me a custom wino bag containing vodka, and a few original laughs. From that moment fwd..all I could think of was Marks past reviews making perfect sense.

Along with Bob was superstar Jimmy Graham, Jimmy is a teddy bear with a body like a cement warehouse. It seemed Jimmy and HPE (High Pitched Eric) got along great as they decided to skip the booze fest with Boots, Zolar, myself and Bob and hit the IHOP next door instead!! LMAO! They were there for over an hour! All the while Zolar was in IHOP writing material for HPE to rip on KC when he hit the stage. It was a whack pack comedian festival within the murderers row!

So fast fwd to the show and first up is host Jimmy Graham... brilliant shit man. Jimmy does not miss a beat, his wit and delivery is so natural and smooth that the laughs come without a hitch. Jimmy then introduces Scott Demo. I loved Scott's style..he has this schoolboy shyness about him and at the same time rolls with some twisted and hilarious shit! That motherfucker was great.

Next up was yours truly... The sweat was dripping from my forehead to my balls but the ''M row'' made me feel so at home that my act went off without a hitch. It was nice to get lots of love from the M row when I got off stage for a job well done.

After myself came Sean Sexton, this guy... Oh man. Please just see go see Sexton.. All I will say is he has a wifle ball bat and a mask.. And if you think you can put it together, believe me you can't. Amazing shit and ass ripping funny!

After Sean is the one and only KC Armstrong. Funny tidbit about KC. As we were drinking with Bob in the parking lot laughing our asses off, KC pulls up with his arm hanging out of his car holding a pair of pants! The pants are wet and he's gonna wear them for his act. Rev Bob shouts..''Hey KC did you wet your pants again!'' Very funny.. You had to be there ya asswipes! So KC hits the stage and based on Marks past reviews I was ready for a spine tingling experience. I must say that KC breaks the offensive kid shit in slow (to be honest he can skip that whole piece) and by the time he's at the molestation shit it's not even so offensive because he has won the crowd over with his funny ass jokes on every other topic. I must say that KC truly impressed me.

After KC was the headliner, and this is a man that redefines the term headliner. Rev. Bob Levy. You can hand this man a pile of shit with the said virus in it and he can swing you 100 jokes back about it. Bob was smooth and at the same time relentless, he has a way of putting you down and patting your back at the same time. You will never understand this until you see this genius of comedy in action. My fucking jaw still hurts and I'm sure that the fat guy, big headed guy, the Italian/terrorist guy, the Chinese lady, the black lady and so many others will never, ever look at themselves the same way again after the Rev fixed their asses! And of course the grand finale..the ass eating! It's true! The guy is a master at persuading chicks to drop their draws, and have a condiment poured down their crack and eaten out by Bob. It all happened right before my eyes! I felt like a kid again going on the lightning loops at Great Adventure when this sphincter eating ceremony took place.

Like Mark has said time and time again. PLEASE go see the murderers row, you will NOT be disappointed! It is beyond a comedy show. Its something that must be observed in person.

Sal the Stockbroker

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