Brush with Greatness


The following story was submitted by a fan of The Howard Stern Show who wanted to share their ''Brush with Greatness'' with others.

Submitted by: Patrick - 3/4/02

The story...

I live in Cleveland, Ohio and I heard that Howard Stern was going to have his Book Signing at the Barnes & Noble in Mayfield Heights! I couldn't believe it. Well I went there to get my book signed at noon. I thought, hey, Howard is going to be there in a few hours (one thing I must tell everyone this was THE WORST Winter Storm we had all year it was around 5 degrees outside, BUT there was a blowing wind.. which made it even worse) so I thought no one was going to be there. Well was I in shock!!! There was OVER 10,000 people in line by noon!

The Barnes & Noble was on the corner. Well the line went ALL the way around the block behind ALL the ''other'' stores??!!! I couldn't believe it but, hey, this was Howard Stern and it was his new book ''Miss America!!''

Well I got in line and there were people that actually slept over night. Some had tents & cardboard boxes. I was in such shock by all this and learned a lot about the fans in line. Everyone was really cool.

There was all 3 Local News station reporting on it!! Well for 6 LONG hours with all the blowing wind and freezing snow I stood there and finally actually got IN THE STORE. As soon as we got into the store they had 4 policemen checking everyone with a ''Wand'' (to check for guns) Well we thought, hey, now that we are in this won't take long. Well we were wrong it was another HOUR!! But it was so cool to finally see Howard!!!! He was so cool and nice to everyone!!

The line was getting closer and closer to him and we were making eye contact with him!! THEN the worst thing happened we saw ''Howard's People'' & ''The off duty Police'' walk over to Howard and whisper something in his ear. Howard looked in shock and hurt!! Then he said something back to them and he didn't look happy. WELL about 2 minutes later the Police & another guy said to everyone in the store ''We are sorry to say this but the whole airport and town is CLOSING DOWN because of the weather So Howard is only going to sign a few more books.'' Well Howard looked pissed/sad... To remind you he had to leave because he had a David Letterman appearance the next day this was the one were Howard wore a dress.. with makeup,nails etc.

Well Howard actually stood up and said ''I am going to get an hotel and stay the night. I will sign everyone's book that is IN The Store!!'' Which was so cool and very nice. (He did this on his own) Well we actually got up there and we said ''thank you for staying.'' and Howard said ''this was the greatest crowd he has ever seen with this BAD Weather to stand out there like this I have to say Thank all of you'' which was so cool. He talked to everyone and was very nice and thanked everyone! You can tell he was really touched!!

Well we were so happy that we got in there and just leaving, seeing all the fans still inside the store (he must have been there for at least another hour) But the sad thing was going to the car and seeing so many people still outside in that awful cold and got nothing. They all looked like they were in shock. To this day I will never forget how cold it was there and just how nice all the fans were and what a nice guy Howard was!! Everyone always brings up 25,000 people in L.A. or the people in N.Y. BUT I feel over 10,000 in Cleveland in the worst cold/snow day of the year was the most shocking if you ask me.

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