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The following story was submitted by a fan of The Howard Stern Show who wanted to share their ''Brush with Greatness'' with others.

Submitted by: Benjamin Logan - 12/13/00

The story...

Hi there allow me to introduce myself I am Benjamin Logan the very person that was on the Howard Stern show on 12/12/00 @ 8 a.m. I think you wrote a artical about me,

(This is from the News Archives)
Ben Thanks Howard For The Show. 12/12/00. 8:00am
A 21 year old fan of Howard's by the name of Ben Logan came in to thank him for doing the show. He just wanted to tell Howard that he appreciates the show and thank him for doing it. He had also typed up a letter to Howard that he gave him. Howard said it was very long so he didn't read it right then and there. Howard spent a short time talking to Ben. Ben said that he had to mention that his mother married DJ Porky Chedwick who works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where Ben lives. Howard spent a couple of minutes goofing around with Porky's name before wrapping up the segment. Howard said the kid was waiting around the station for 2 days to come in there.

I actually fell into your site by accident a few weeks ago back and I found it quite informing because I don't get to listen all the time to the show so I read you page and just check up on what I missed. The story on how I got onto the show in itself is quite amazing.

I wrote the letter about a week ago and decided to give it to Howard personally because we all know what happens to them if you send them via snail mail. I felt this letter was way too important to just send that way. Anyway I got into NY about 10:30 pm on Sunday and woke up about 2 a.m Monday. I got to the station about 3 where the guard said I just couldn't go up. I waited till about 5:30 am until Robin first arrived in the back of the building. She drives a black jeep and she passed a glance my way. It was quite funny I was able to catch her without her makeup. The guard told me I wanted to speak with K.C so I waited and waited. I even caught a glimpse of Howard in the security moniter. Fred Norris came through the front and I told him my story and he said we will see what we can do and get ya up there. K.C came after that but looked pissed so I let him go feeling defeated. Soon thereafter Howard's driver Ronnie who is also his bodyguard came up to me and asked what I wanted. I told him I had a letter I wanted to give Howard and he said alright you can come up but no guaratees you will get on the radio which was fine by me. So I get up there and saw the guy who was going to get thrown up on. I talked to him for a bit then I saw Dido come in and some fan got a picture with her. I shook her hand and all that. K.C came out and interviewed me on the camera and I did my little bit. I never got on that day they just said come back tommorow. The whole event lasted from 3 am - 10 am I was beat.

So the next day I get there and go up early about 10 to 6. I saw Howard through the glass door but got sent back down until 6 on the button. I then went back up with the 2 porno guys and sat. Finally I was allowed into the green room where the porno guys went ahead of me. I felt like they were going to forget about me again until Sal came in. There were half dressed girls all over the place. So 8 rolls around and I go in. I finally got to talk to Howard. It was weird because it was tough to see Howard, Jackie, and Fred. Robin was right next to me. I am sure you heard the show so I won't go over what was said..all in all it was a great experience. Oh ya I do plan on going out to Son of the Beach and audition.

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