Brush with Greatness


The following story was submitted by a fan of The Howard Stern Show who wanted to share their ''Brush with Greatness'' with others.

Submitted by: Fred - 11/3/00

The story...

I have had a number of sightings and/or interactions with several Stern Show members, although none involving Howard or Robin. Same for Jackie, but who cares?

My first sighting was way back in the summer of 1991, when I was walking one night in Greenwich Village on a dark side street. I saw this tall guy with a girl firmly attached to his hip coming toward me. As I prayed they weren't muggers, I noticed in the dim light an odd, zombie-like expression on the guy's face and immediately pegged him as being Fred, with the Princess at his side. He was much taller and scarier-looking than I would have figured.

A year later was the biggest mass sighting of Stern folk I have had. One Saturday morning, a bunch of them were appearing at a local dance hall to sign autogrpahs. Badly hungover, I nevertheless straggled over to meet Stuttering John, long hair but pleasant; Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, pleasantly odd; and Underdog Lady (remember her?). Too weak to leave, given the gallon of alcohol sloshing around my stomach, I sat down in a seat and was eventually treated to a full Underdog Lady performance, in all its weirdness.

A few months later, Baba-Boo-hi was signing photos at a local mall. I went and met him, chatted briefly, told him the show was great (to which he replied: "Yeah, we have a lot of fun doing it."), and made an effort to examine his face. Big teeth. They are, indeed, choppers.

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