Brush with Greatness


The following story was submitted by a fan of The Howard Stern Show who wanted to share their ''Brush with Greatness'' with others.

Submitted by: Tom Donovan - 10/16/00

The story...

TIME: Tue. 09/19, 1:30PM
PLACE: "Coconuts" music store on 51st and Lexington, NYC.
EVENT: "F-Jackie" appearance and signing.

I arrived 90 minutes after it began, fully expecting to wait at least 20 minutes or so on line. I figured there would be the signing itself and a quick handshake as I was hustled on through a crowd -- so I didn't consider saying anything but, "Good to meet you Jack". When I saw the pitiful turn out I realized that he might actually want to entertain a question or two seeing as there was NO ONE on line behind me. So thinking fast I remembered Mr. T's last appearance on the show which was kind of scary to say the least. I asked him if he though Mr. T was genuinely angry that morning or if he thought it was all just a put-on for the show and he told me it was the real deal. Then I followed-up and asked him if he was scared and ready to protect himself for the worse case scenario. He suddenly lost his smile, looked down while signing and muttered, "I wasn't concerned, he was going after Howard".

Now it wasn't so much what he said -- it was how he said it. I sensed real animosity in his tone and it was as though he was kind of disappointed that Mr. T did not attack Howard. After that I just thanked him and went on my way, as my lunch hour was winding down.

Don't get me wrong here...

I really like Jackie and I though his new CD was very good but his resentment of Howard is no longer something I'll listen to them joke around about -- Now I know it's real.

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