Brush with Greatness


The following story was submitted by a fan of The Howard Stern Show who wanted to share their ''Brush with Greatness'' with others.

Submitted by: Dave D. 10/18/00

The story...

I have actually had a few brushes with greatness with the stern members. I live on Long Island and I'm sure geography plays a big part of it. My brushes have been quicker and less intrusive then the one on the site but interesting I still think...

Gary (a few years back like 6-8 I think)
While getting my tux fitted for my prom with some friends in walks Gary with his fiancee and the time. She was tall and he well the "teeth" were definitely there. I said Hi and told him, I enjoyed the show. He was quite pleasant but ended up trying on every combination of tuxes and most didn't look good. As I was leaving I suggested he try a blue one with the ruffle shirt. He smiled and wished me good luck at prom while his future wife did not look thrilled.

Jackie (3 yrs ago)
I was sitting in Oyster Bay at Mario's pizza and in walks Jackie in the late afternoon. Supposedly he comes in once a week after getting back from the show. He was driving his wife's black Volvo sport wagon. He ordered a chicken parm hero and a slice to go. He was so giddy to be recognized that he gave autographs out to everyone who asked. After getting mine I asked him, "how much do I owe you?" He said, "its OK don't worry about it." He then realized that I was making fun of his cheap nature and got a bit of a chuckle.

Fred the elephant boy (2 years ago)
I met Fred while he was eating spaghetti at the Long Island Chasse Cake factory. He was with his mom and the spaghetti was all over his face. I don't think you should ever order spaghetti on a date or if you are Fred. As I faked a bathroom visit I walked by his table and said, "Fred, big fan" he smiled and mumbled "thank you." I think he was generally happy for being called Fred and not elephant boy. I left him to wipe his face.

Mike Gange (last week)
I passed Gange on his cell phone leaning against a wall on 34th and 5th. He was way chubbier in person then I would have thought. I waited for him to finish his call and walked over to say hi. I said, "Your on the stern show right?" He nodded, I continued, "Doug (Goodstein) big fan." He was noticeably not to thrilled to be mistaken for someone else. He walked away but it was not mentioned on the show which was my intention.

Doug (Goodstein)
I have met Doug a number of times out in NYC before he got married he was always pleasant and since I was with a group of girls he would always get me to try and mention he was on the show. I usually plugged his game and he was happy although he never scored with any of them.

While working as a Flower delivery boy, (where Howard Stern has an account) I had a delivery to Robin from Howard and family. Allison had called in the order and the card read something like, "thank you for blah blah love Howard Allison and family." I of course got the delivery it was to the show but to be delivered after 11 when they were off the air. Not only was I expecting a big tip but the chance to meet Robin. I got neither when I had to leave the delivery with a secretary.

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