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Mark's Friggin' Atlantic City Adventure 2005 - Friday, November 25, 2005

My first real brush with greatness happened down in Atlantic City way back in 2002. That's when I met a bunch of the guys from the show, thanks mostly to comedian Craig Gass who got me back stage. If Gass hadn't gotten me back stage, I may not have met Jim Florentine who let me hang out with them for the whole night... and that eventually led to me meeting The Reverend Bob Levy, Artie Lange and many of the crew from the show.

Fast forward to 2005 and I find myself having flashbacks to that great night down in Atlantic City. It all started when I decided to the Killers of Comedy show down at The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. The Killers of Comedy show featured Rev. Bob Levy, Craig Gass, Jim Florentine, Sal the Stockbroker, Richard Christy and Gary the Retard.

Richard Christy, whose act I'd never seen, was first up on stage. Richard hasn't been doing stand-up comedy for all that long but he was actually pretty good. He did have one disturbing routine about playing Russian Roulette while masturbating, but I was laughing my ass off at it. Sal the Stockbroker was up next and did great with his act as did Craig Gass, Jim Florentine and Bob Levy. Bob brought up Gary the Retard for a couple of minutes at the end of the show to have some fun with him. Gary got to see some ''boobies'' that an audience member revealed after Levy requested it.

During the show my wife and I saw that Jeff (Mutt) and Kim (Kimba) from were sitting in the crowd. Once the show was over we went over to say hello. Jeff had been hanging out back stage with the guys so he brought us over to the green room where Sal the Stockbroker was hanging out. Sal gave the okay to the bouncer to let us into the green room where the other guys were hanging out.

My wife and I met Sal the Stockbroker's wife Christine, who is every bit as hot as everyone says she is. Sal's parents were also hanging out back stage for a few minutes. Richard Christy was getting smashed and showing some raw footage from the ''Supertwink'' movie that he's working on for Howard Stern On Demand. Jennifer ''Miss Amputee 2004'' was also hanging out back stage but I never introduced myself. I'm very intimidated by really hot chicks so I don't even approach them... low self-esteem issues.

Everyone got chased out of the green room after a while because the Borgata employees wanted to punch out and go home. We all headed out to the casino floor but got kind of separated for a short time. Mutt had organized a get together in one of the bars inside the casino so we hung out there for a little while just bullshitting with everyone. As usual, I was just hanging in the background just observing. I'm not much of a talker, just a typer, so I let the wife do most of my networking for me. She never stops talking, it's a good match.

The ''famous guys'' were getting their pictures taken by some fans in the bar so I was trying to get out of the way so I wouldn't spoil their pictures. Then one woman came up to me and said she wanted to take a picture with me because I ''looked important.'' I swear that's what she said. Turns out her husband is a Stern Fan and was there to see the guys from the show, she had no clue who any of them were because she's not a fan. It was still nice to have someone ask me to take a picture... even if they have no idea who I am. There were a couple of people who knew about the site and said a few nice words about it. That was much better than being asked to take a picture by someone who doesn't even know who I am.

The plan that the guys had earlier in the evening was to go out on the casino floor to gamble a bit. That never really happened though. The guys wanted to find a $10 blackjack table but it was almost impossible to find in there. We walked around looking for some tables but never found them. We ended up going back to the bar a couple of times and ended up hanging out there instead.

I had a nice conversation with Craig Gass who told me he's been using my site quite a bit lately while traveling around the country doing comedy shows. He's been visiting the site for many years. Jim Florentine was also telling me and my wife some funny stories about his girlfriend and her new dog ''Hello Kitty'' who has taken over as the most important thing in her life. Jim also hung out with us for quite a while just like he did back in 2002. We wandered around the casino looking for Sal the Stockbroker who was nowhere to be found.

As things were winding down we ran into Gary the Retard one more time. Jim ended up asking Gary if he was interested in getting a hooker that night. Gary said he'd like one so Jim asked him what he'd do to her. Gary shared his thoughts on what he'd like to do and that included looking at her boobies and eating her out. It was a very strange conversation to be having with a 53 year old retarded man. A drunken Richard Christy had come over around that time and gave Gary some advice, telling him to wear a condom if he did get a hooker that night.

After the run in with Gary the Retard everyone went their separate ways. It was a lot of fun as usual. I have to get out to more of these shows.

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