Howard Stern On Demand Fact Sheet

What is Howard Stern On Demand?

Howard Stern On Demand (HSOD) is a first-of-its-kind subscription Video On Demand service that is the ONLY way for fans to see all of the outrageous, hilarious antics that occur during Howard Stern’s groundbreaking radio program. HSOD combines the ultimate uncensored collection of Howard Stern’s complete television catalog, which spans more than 11 years and includes hundreds of hours of never-before-seen footage, with his new television program once he starts on SIRIUS satellite radio. With HSOD, fans will get to see exactly what Howard sees including all of the beautiful women, crazy gadgets, insane stunts and his wild cast of characters.

What is subscription Video On Demand?

Video On Demand (VOD) is a service that is available to digital cable subscribers in more than 20 million homes across the country. With VOD, viewers use their cable remote control to select and watch programming at any time and control it with the same fast-forward, rewind and pause functionality of a DVD. A subscription VOD service is one in which the viewer pays a monthly or annual fee to receive unlimited access to the service’s content.

How much does Howard Stern On Demand cost?

The monthly subscription will be available for a great introductory price of $9.99 (SRP) per month. In mid-March, HSOD will add daily programs from Howard’s new SIRIUS satellite radio show. Beginning April 1, the price for HSOD will be $13.99 per month (SRP).

When will Howard Stern On Demand be available?

The service will be available beginning November 18th. 

Where is Howard Stern On Demand available?

Only cable television offers its digital subscribers Video On Demand technology. Currently HSOD is available on most Comcast, Cox, Time Warner Cable and Adelphia cable systems. Information will be updated continuously on

How much content is available on Howard Stern On Demand?

Viewers enjoy unlimited access to more than 40 programs. We expect this figure to increase to more than 100 programs by April 2006.

How often is the content refreshed?

Content is refreshed on a weekly basis. Beginning in April 2006, content will be refreshed daily with the addition of Howard’s new satellite radio programs.

Can I buy DVDs of Howard’s programming or watch it on the Web?

No. The only way to see Howard’s massive TV catalog and new TV programming is with Howard Stern On Demand.